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OC: Private RP between myself and Kyo.




The room was almost pitch black, save for the tiny slits of orange light cast from the early morning sun, peaking through between the slats of the blinds. An electronic cigarette rolled between the lips of the woman on the end of the bed. She took a long drag, making the light on the end illuminate. Then she exhaled slowly, blowing the harmless smoke-like vapour into the air. The woman was in her late-twenties, to early-thirties. Her messy hair was a dark brown that matched her tired eyes and stopped at her shoulders. She was slim, athletic and tall. The former two came from her police background.
Rubbing at her sleepy eyes, she asked gruffly, "What time is it?" Her voice was deep, authoritative.
The room replied in a gentle, feminine voice, "Good morning Sergeant Yume Akiyama, it is 5:43. A.M. September 26th, 2084."
"Wh...?" A quiet stirring accompanied a confused mutter.

Yume turned and looked back at her bed. Her wife, Shizu, was lying partially covered in their sheets, having attempted to - as she often did - kick them away some time during the night. Shizu had much longer, straight black hair and a more feminine figure. She was a lawyer employed by the government, a prosecutor. It wasn't long before they met, fell in love, and soon after they had a daughter together, Nyoko, who was now three.
"Ssh, go back to sleep, it's early." Yume replied.
"Mmm..." Shizu muttered, rolling over, "Don't forget... dinner... don't be late..." 
"I won't." Yume smiled, took one more drag of her E-Cigarette and then put it in the inside pocket of her leather jacket. Then she stood, gave her wife a kiss on the cheek who while still half-asleep made a kiss with her lips and then went back to sleep. Yume quietly crossed the bedroom and looked in the crib. Nyoko was still fast asleep, good. She didn't want to disturb her daughter, as she was often difficult to put back to sleep, so she just smiled and walked out of their apartment, closing the door quietly behind her and locking it once more.

The hall outside their apartment was a stark contrast to their living quarters. Inside, it didn't look too bad. But they had worked on it. A lot. They couldn't afford a big apartment in a nice neighbourhood, in inner-city Tokyo. In the police force, Inspectors made a damn sight more than she did. She was just a glorified team leader. As for Shizu, well, the money was in being a defence attorney. But Shizu was into putting criminals behind bars just as much as she was, so that wasn't a reality. The hall light flickered as she walked down the corridor, then she noticed a needle in the corner of the stairwell on her way down. We really need a better place, she thought. She picked up the needle using a clean tissue and smelled it. There was a bitter, vinegar-like scent to it. Heroine, or some other opiate. It definitely wasn't a diabetic syringe. She took a small plastic bag, found the needle cap and pushed it back on, then dropped the syringe in the baggie and put it in her outer pocket. She'd take it to work with her and have them analyse it. Maybe it would come up with a print and she could get one of the problem tenants arrested. 

Stepping out of the building was a secondary shock. Sometimes she forgot just how much noise the windows and doors in the apartment actually muffled. The pavement was crowded with throngs of people moving about their day, even at this early time. The sky was full of angry-looking clouds, it was likely going to rain later. Her assessment had been spot on. On her drive to work, she'd barely gone a mile before the skies opened and a heavy downpour blanketed the city of Tokyo. For all the advancements in medicine, science, technology and everything else, they still weren't able to predict the weather.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department - or the MPD for short - were a force of more than 60,000 in total. Policing a city with a population of over 21 million. The city had been restructured in 2046 to become 10 distinct districts. She was the Sergeant of District 6's Homicide department. It was a busy job, despite crime being lower than ever, at least that's what the higher up's claimed. The only department technically busier than hers was Cybercrime. They dealt with everything from online terrorism to the ever-growing issue of Augment crime. Augments were people who had - for whatever reason - augmented themselves with technology, hence the name. 'Technically' because although the statistics said that Augment crime was higher than ever, the Cybercrime department worked apart from the MPD, so she wasn't privy to the details. Most, if not all of Cybercrime's Officers were Augments themselves. Augmented Officers or AO's had to work apart from the rest of the MPD, it was just the way of things. They were considered mentally unstable, emotionally detached, prone to violence even. Their bodies were often more machine than human, with any number of dangerous augmentations. Couple all that with the significant amount of negative press and public scaremongering, they were kept apart, from both the main department, and the public at large. Only allowed out to perform their duties while under supervision from a government-mandated android 'guardian' that was designed specifically to be both assistant and chaperone. The brass would say all of this was for the 'safety' of the AO's. The fact was, however, that after decades of seeing Augs - and the occasional rogue AO - on TV, having committed terrible crimes, AO's were as hated by the general public as regular Augs.

The MPD building was tall, and in a city that was built with one layer on top of another, to maximise space in an age of overpopulation, it needed to be. The building was home to over a hundred different agents, from a dozen different departments. From Traffic, to Homicide. Yume drove off the main road that was so congested it had taken her nearly an hour to get to work, and into the MPD car park. She turned her car around and backed it into a car-sized elevator. A voice came over the intercom.
"Sergeant Yume Akiyama. Level 2, Homicide."
"That's me." She said to herself, the elevator doors closed and up she went. She watched through the glass opening in the front of the elevator, as she left the ground level of Tokyo behind. It was darker down there, it had to be, it was under two other layers of industry, each with their own pavements, traffic, buildings and a wholly different class of people. As she ascended into the second layer, the sunlight coming down cast less of an orange glow over everything, and felt a little more like natural sunlight. The roads were still busy, but traffic was constantly moving, and it looked reasonably less crowded. You had to have some serious money to live on the second level. Money she didn't have. But one day, she told herself.

Finally, the elevator doors hissed open, and she drove the car out into the second layer car park and got out. The car locked automatically as she walked away, and she entered her work place and looked around as she walked down the hall. At first, she saw the receptionist, giving him a nod and a smile. His name was Minoru. He was only 22, and eager to please. He wanted to do what he called 'real' police work, but because he'd scored low on one of his tests, they'd put him behind a desk. But that hadn't phased him. He was there, just about every day, working harder than most of the jerks in this building. Minoru nodded to her and ushered her over with a jerking hand motion while he was still on a vid-call.
"--yes, I know. We'll find your cat, Mrs. Ariwa..." Minoru nodded quietly as an elderly woman stood in front of him on his desk, no larger than an action figure. In her bathrobe. 
"I keep calling, and calling, and nobody calls me back, I don't know where he is!!" She turned and looked back to him expectantly.
"We're looking into it, Mrs. Ariwa. I'll call you back." Minoru ended the call and let out a long sigh, "Sorry about that, she calls now and then."
"What about her cat?" Yume asked.
"Oh, oh don't worry about that, Sarge." Minoru replied, laughing nervously, "She calls every now and then, her cat's been dead a year, but she has dementia and every now and then she finds a phone and calls us. She used to call us about her cat, so I guess that's how she remembers our number... but not her cat...?" 
"Memories are weird, Minoru, you're better off not dwelling on it. But good job, it's tough having the patience to deal with things like that, day-in day-out."
"Oh thanks, Sarge!" Minoru's face lit up, "Can I get you anything? Maybe a coffee, I could--"
"--I can get my own coffee. Thanks." She gave him another smile and then walked on through to the main office. 

The main floor was busy. A dozen or so Homicide cops made up her department. They were on vid-calls, or at their desk on the computer, or talking amongst themselves. When she walked in there was a general rumble of welcome. Everyone acknowledged her, and she returned the favour. Most of these guys were simple, hard-working cops. They expected the best. Because she was a woman, she had to work twice as hard to be noticed. But they respected her, hell, most of them feared her temper, but they had a good working relationship. She would take a bullet for any one of them. Yume walked up to her desk and sat down, stretching as she logged into her computer with an eye scan, but before she could get started, a voice summoned her.
"Akiyama!" The yell came from across the room, and made every man and woman in the place physically tense. Captain Honda. The Captain was a man with short, sharp hair and a moustache, with tired eyes and a gruff demeanour that matched her own at times. She got up, left her desk and made her way to the Captain's office.
"You called, Captain?" She asked, noticing someone she'd never seen before sat in one of the chairs opposite to her Captain. He was a short, muscular man, with very tan skin and slicked back hair with a greying streak through it. She might have even called him handsome, but for his obvious vanity. 
"Yes, sit down." The Captain ushered her into a seat.
"Who're you?" Yume asked, looking the man up and down.
"Play nice, Sergeant. This is Inspector Kagawa from District 4, he's been working a homicide that has apparently leaked into our district."
"Right. Our district. So this homicide is ours now, right?" Yume grinned, looking over at Kagawa. 
"Not quite." Captain Honda threw a folder onto her lap, and she picked it up with an audible growl and opened it, scouring the contents as the Captain spoke, "His name is Tsuji. It's the only name we have on record of him. No prior arrests, nothing. We ran his face through a scanner, but he's clean. However, he's been described by witnesses at over half a dozen murder sites."
"How do we have a name? And you're telling me," She turned to look at Kagawa, closing the folder, "That after a half dozen murders, with witnesses, you haven't caught him?"

Kagawa cracked the knuckles in one of his hands and smiled at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. "This guy stabbed every one of his victims and then fled the scene. We got a name because at least one of his victims knew him, called him Tsuji. But we got a tip that he fled District 4, hoping to evade arrest, because we were close to catching him."
"Good job." Yume clapped slowly, her face neutral. "So now you're here, and what... we're giving the case to this idiot, Captain?"
"No, i'm giving it to both of you idiots." Honda growled at her, "You're to work with Kagawa, he's told me he has a tip that Tsuji has been spotted at the Yamanouchi processing plant. I want both of you to go down there, now, and look into it. Even if he's gone, he might have left something behind that could give us a little more information on him."
"Right." Kagawa nodded, "Shall we go, Sergeant?" 
"... right." Yume rolled her tongue around in her cheek, then stood up, and they left together.
"So, Yume--" Kagawa started.
"We're not friends, Inspector. I'm Sergeant, or Akiyama to you."
"Hey--" Kagawa put his hand in front of her before she was able to open the door to the car park, "What's the deal here?" 

She scoffed in disbelief, "Every time there's something interesting in our department, some dickweed like you turns up and claims they got here first, and suddenly it gets taken out from under us. We've had more than a dozen cases taken from us, after we had most of the work done, and then someone swoops in and takes it from us."
"This ain't that." Kagawa defended himself, "I've been following this guy for a year, you've just got this case, I know this ain't my district, but damn if you Sixers aren't hostile."
Yume paused, considering Kagawa for a moment. Had she misread him? She shook her head at him all the same, "Come on." She muttered. They got into her car and left the MPD building. The drive to the Yamanouchi processing plant took nearly a half hour. They sat in silence in the car. Neither one wanting to be the first to speak. When they finally pulled up to the processing plant, Kagawa leapt out of the car and began pacing.
"What's the big deal? Calm down. You're like a rookie or somethin'..." Yume smirked at him.
"I can't help it. I've come so close to catching this guy, but every time he slips through my fingers, like he's made of sand. I'm a laughing stock back in D4, all because of this guy. Some random nobody that keeps killing while I chase shadows. It's hard being singled out."
"I can't imagine what that feels like." She replied, sarcasm hidden in her statement. The pair walked up to the large double doors, large enough for a shipping truck to enter. Kagawa motioned to her, and pulled his pistol. She did the same. She shook her head at the main doors, and jerked it at the small red door near the corner of the building. He nodded with a smile, and the pair quick-stepped up to side entrance.

'Ready?' He mouthed silently. She nodded. '1, 2, 3!'

Kagawa kicked the door in and charged inside, she was just a second behind. By the time her shoulders were passing the door frame, the deafening sound of gunfire already rang through the plant. Something sharp bit her in the shoulder, and she hit the ground. Hard. "Argh!!" She grit her teeth as the pain started to assert itself. It was white hot, burning. She'd caught a bullet in the right shoulder. She felt a pair of hands grab her by the jacket and yank her behind cover.
"It's a trap!!" Kagawa yelled, over the gunfire.
"NO SHIT!!" Yume snarled back at him, suppressing a yell. She pulled herself in tight to the machinery they had hidden behind. Several men were firing down on them from the second level. "Where's Tsuji?! Is he even here?!" She asked Kagawa. She couldn't believe they'd walked into this. This was beyond rookie. Something had gone wrong, and she didn't know what, but whatever it was it was going to cost them their lives.
"I don't see him!" Kagawa yelled back, "Are you alright?!" She shot him a look that answered that question. Kagawa recoiled as a bullet pinged off the edge of the machine next to his head. "Shit! That's getting close, they're moving!!" He looked around the other side, "Can you move?"
"I'm fine!" Yume growled, looking down at the blood oozing from her wound, "Gonna need a new jacket..."
"Funny!" Kagawa replied, but smiled despite his sarcasm. She smiled too. "Alright, circle 'round, i'll draw their fire, if you can get around the other side of this machinery, you should have a clear line of sight on the men on the platform above, I don't see a lot of cover up there." 
"Right, you ready?!" She asked, holding her pistol in one hand.
"Go!!" Kagawa yelled, and she leapt to her feet and started running.

Dizziness hit her immediately. She could hear how close the bullets were. As she ran, she heard Kagawa open fire on the gunmen. For a few seconds, their fire shifted entirely to Kagawa, she turned the corner, raised her pistol and got off three shots. The first hit the first gunman in the knee and he crumpled to the floor of the gantry, the second hit the second gunman in the head, dropping him like a puppet with it's strings cut. The last shot missed the final gunman who took notice of her immediately. He turned and fired on her as she ran for cover, but a bullet whipped through her right leg and she collapsed to the floor. She was expecting to hear one last shot. She made peace with herself. She thought of Shizu, and little Nyoko.
Then Kagawa was screaming at her, "Akiyama!" Slowly, she tried to pull herself to her feet, to look to Kagawa. Her head turned, and she saw Kagawa raising his gun to her. For a moment, her brain couldn't process what was happening, then suddenly she heard very clearly what he was yelling at her.
"Aug! Aug!! Aug!!!" Kagawa fired once, and she heard a metal pang. Then suddenly something grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her to her feet and she was deafened by a gun being fired at her ear. The world was spinning, she felt nauseous. She watched as Kagawa crumpled to the floor, and blood spill out over the cold stone.

A powerful hand wrenched the gun from her arm and spun her around. She recognised the face immediately. It was Tsuji. His eyes were wild with triumph as she wrestled to break free from his iron grasp, but it was no good. She managed to get one hand free and she punched him in the face and yelped as it felt like she'd just struck a metal wall. Tsuji punched her in her wounded shoulder and she gasped as a sharp, unbearable pain washed through her. She collapsed to the ground, but as she did so, she tried to reach for the gun she kept holstered at the back of her waist. Tsuji was too fast. He kicked her to the ground once more, and stomped on her back. She heard ribs crack. He grabbed her by the wrists and began to lift. She was in agonising pain as her arms were pulled back beyond their breaking point as her back arched, trying to compensate. Then at last, two loud snaps signalled what Tsuji was looking for. Yume wailed and fell limp against the floor, unable to move. She felt pressure, and she was being lifted effortlessly. The ground was moving beneath her, she blacked out. She was still being moved when she opened her eyes, then the ground opened way to a long drop. She saw people walking by far below. She had no idea how high up she was, but it was high enough.
"Oi, cop!" Tsuji shook her, making her wince, "Say hey to that shit Kagawa for me, he's a real asshole!" Tsuji laughed, and then she was falling. The last thing she saw was the ground rushing up to meet her, and then nothing. It was over, at least. Several people screamed as a body hit the pavement and they leapt back in surprise. Blood was already beginning to pool. Several began taking pictures while one man called an emergency air ambulance.
"Hello, yes a woman just jumped from the Yamanouchi processing plant, you have to hurry, I think she's still alive..." He leaned down and delicately opened her jacket, and there inside was a badge, "She's a police officer... Sergeant... Yume Akiyama, please come quickly, it's bad!!"



"Sergeant? Sergeant...?"
"Mmm...?" Yume groaned. Her throat was like sandpaper. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked around. The room she was in was a brilliant white, and there was a blinding light overhead. "Ugh, lights!" She muttered. Nothing happened. "Shizu... the lights... are playing up again..." She tried to lean up but found she couldn't move, it was as though she'd been tucked into bed so tightly that she was trapped. Then suddenly, everything came flooding back to her and her eyes shot open. She was lying in a hospital bed. There were straps over the top of her to secure her. Why, she didn't know. "Let me up..." She muttered, struggling.
"Hang on, Sergeant." She recognised that voice. Yume looked over and saw her Captain sat beside her bed.
"Oh, Captain, what happened?" Yume asked, "My throat is dry, can I have some water?" 
"Sure." Honda leant over with a plastic cup and let her sip from it, "You died." He said bluntly. She couldn't help but choke a little.
"What?!" Yume croaked.

"You lost a lot of blood. You had multiple gun shot wounds, broken bones, a fractured skull, your arms were a mess, several of your organs were mincemeat. I'm surprised they managed to save you, to be honest." Honda leaned in again, his face grave, "You need to be brought up-to-date, but..." 
"But what...?" She asked, blinking herself awake, "I feel... weird. Not terrible though..."
"I'm not the one to explain..." Honda excused himself.
"Hey, hey! Captain!?" Yume pleaded, but Honda was gone. A few seconds passed, she heard Honda say something outside in the corridor, but missed it. Then a minute later a man walked in. Well, that wasn't entirely true. It looked a bit like a man. But it was an android. "What the hell...?"

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A man walked through a long, brightly lit corridor. The walls and floor were pristinely clean and there was a note of antiseptic in the air. Other men and women bustled around, some dressed in scrubs, others in full body hazmat gear, and others in smart shirts and lab coats. The place had the feel of a hospital, but it was actually only one floor of the massive Rezo Technologies building in Tokyo. Rezo Tech were a manufacturing company who had their hands in just about every technological field in the world. The man walking down the corridor was Ishi Kurosawa, the Department Head of Rezo Tech's Robotics Division. He was an older man in a white labcoat, his salt and pepper hair combed back neatly. When he came to the end of the corridor he stepped inside an elevator and pressed the button for the 33B and began to ascend. 

When the elevator next opened on 33B, Kurosawa stepped out on to a wide, open plan area filled with a variety of complex machines. Giant servo motors hummed as large appendage type machines flew around attaching metal to metal, working in a production line to construct what was turning out to be the frame of a car. Lot's of scientists and engineers were busy making sure the machines were performing correctly, while small robots shaped like disks whizzed around the floor, quietly cleaning it and hoovering up tiny particles of dust and metal that would otherwise be gathering. Kurosawa paid them no mind and instead kept walking to the back of the floor where a younger man was sat at a desk. His hair was short but messy and his glasses were looking dangerously close to falling off his nose. 
"You should just get the laser surgery, Daniel." Kurosawa said as he approached. 

"Oh!" Daniel said as he jumped slightly, he hadn't noticed Kurosawa until then. "Uh, sorry I didn't see you there Mr Kurosawa." He said with an American accent. "And I'm not too fussed about that...I like wearing glasses."
"Well at least buy ones that fit." Kurosawa replied. "Anyway, I have a request form here. I need you to set up an AR-269 unit for immediate deployment." Daniel nodded momentarily but then paused with a baffled expression. 

"Wait, sir...a 269?" Daniel asked. "That's our latest model. We've just barely completed the beta tests. They aren't due for public release for at least a few months..."
"I don't make these decisions, Daniel." Kurosawa explained, and he handed Daniel the form. "We have distribution agreements with the government, and I'm afraid this is what they want."
"Well, if you say so." Daniel said with a shrug. He scanned his eyes over the form for a moment and whistled. "Wow...that's pretty tragic." He sifted through the next few sheets of the document. "Is this all in our database?"
"Of course." Kurosawa said. 
"Well then I'll get started right away." Daniel replied, spinning in his chair to face the three large monitors on his desk. With a few taps on the screen, followed by some typing on his keyboard he had located and copied a collection of files, and had set them to upload into an external data drive marked; AR-269 UNIT 002.

When the progress bar started to load he turned back to Kurosawa and stood up. "It'll just be a few minutes. If you follow me it should be done by the time we get there."

"Excellent." Kurosawa said with a nod and the two men left the floor and took an elevator down to a lower level. They emerged in another large room. This one was completely empty of people, and was dark other than the cool blue lights that were emanating from the screens that were outside what was, at least, several hundred person-sized pods. Daniel moved past the first pod, which was empty, and stopped at the second one. It was made of a clean, white plastic material and looked like a strange, giant egg.

“Here we go.” Daniel said, indicating to the screen in front of the pod that was showing a progress bar. No sooner had he done so, it had reached 100% and then there was a click and a hiss. The two men stepped back as the pod’s front parted down the middle and opened like a set of doors. Steam hissed out of the edges, before dissipating and slowly revealing the interior of the pod. Inside there was a series of black cables lining around to the back of the pod. Yet in front of that was, what appeared to be, a person.

While it looked to be human-like, it’s skin was a light grey colour, and it was completely naked and hairless. As the inside lights of the pod blinked on it became apparent that the skin wasn’t skin at all, but some kind of artificial material. The lean, athletic frame of the being resembled a male figure, but it had no genitalia. It looked very much like a doll, many of the unnecessary features of a human had been left out, such as nipples, or a belly button.

Yet the basic features of a human man were there. It was an android, it’s skin contoured in light and dark grey to give it distinction, but otherwise it was bald and featureless. Daniel reached out and ran his finger over one of the android’s arms. It’s skin was hard, but upon Daniel’s touch, the android reacted and suddenly came to life. It opened it’s eyes, revealing pupils with a slight orange glow, and irises that seemed to adjust in size in a way that seemed more like a camera lense than a human eye.

The android stepped out of the pod without a word, and without a breath. It then looked around, scanning over Daniel and Kurosawa for a moment. It paused, contemplating, it’s expression difficult to read. Then it lifted it’s head up and beamed a broad, genuine-looking smile. “Good Morning, Mr Ishi Kurosawa. Good Morning Mr Daniel Silverman.”

“Good morning Unit 2.” Daniel said, returning the smile. “Can you provide me with your health status please?”
“Certainly.” Unit 2 replied with a swift nod. It waited a moment, thinking. “Hydraulics are fully functioning. Servos and Motors are all operating within approved safe capacity. Artifical Neural Network is performing within working parameters. Emotional Response Network is operational. Safety Overrides are in place. All supplied data has been downloaded. I am detecting zero corrupted files.”

“Good.” Daniel said with a nod. “A few tests then. Can you tell me about myself and Dr Kurosawa.”
“Certainly.” Unit 2 said again. “Daniel Silverman. Age: 27. Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States Of America. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Religion: Jewish. Occupation: Senior Technician, AR Unit Team, Robotics Division.” Unit 2 turned his head to Kurosawa. “Ishi Kurosawa. Age: 57. Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan. Ethnicity: Japanese Asian. Religion: Atheist. Occupation: Head of Department, Robotics Division.”

“Excellent.” Kurosawa said with a soft smile. “Now, if you please, would you mind physically restraining Daniel, please?”
“I am afraid I cannot.” Unit 2 replied, shaking his head. “Daniel Silverman is not guilty of any criminal offences. Overrides in my system prevent me from any violent action, including physical restraint, against any law abiding citizen.”
“Well that’s a relief.” Daniel said, giving Kurosawa a hard stare. “Okay so, one final thing. Have you thought of a name for yourself?”
“I have.” Unit 2 said, and he smiled softly.

--- --- --- ---

“Good Morning, Sergeant Akiyama. I am AR-269 Unit 002. Please call me Gideon.” The android said with a polite nod. He had dressed himself in a light grey mandarin-collared suit, with black shoes and black leather gloves. “I hope your recovery is going well.”
"I'm fine." Yume replied politely, glancing at the android, "Can you get my Captain to come back in here, please. Actually no, first," She looked down at the restraints, "D'you mind?"

“I do not.” Gideon replied with a short nod and he walked towards the bed with his hands behind his back. He reached down and began unfastening the restraints. “Besides, such restraints are no longer necessary. I’m surprised they kept them on you.”
"Why were they necessary in the first place?" Yume asked, "And why are you here, Gideon? I don't need an assistant." She sat upright in bed, but a little too fast, and had to steady herself. "Well, aside from taking off those restraints. Thanks."

“You’re welcome.” Gideon said. “The restraints were necessary until I arrived. I am here now so they are no longer necessary. As for why I am here, you are indeed in need of my assistance.” He paused for a moment to think. “I was only born less than a day ago. I was activated for the express purpose of being your handler. Do you understand?”

Realisation dawned on her face. Yume leapt to her feet and almost fell over, it was like her centre of gravity had shifted. She carefully stood upright and clocked a full-size mirror in the corner of the room. The reflection she saw, seemed normal. There was nothing different about her body. She looked up, and tensed as if someone had frightened her. Her eyes were not brown. They were a bright blue. She pulled away from the mirror, the recently familiar feeling of nausea returned. Her eyes darted around the room and she noticed the adjacent bathroom. Pushing past the android, she walked to the sink and grabbed for the glass sat on the side. As she wrapped her hand around it however, it shattered.

"Shit!" She cursed, her breathing quickened and she grabbed the handle of the tap and tried to turn it, only to wrench it from it's housing. Water burst up into the air and slowly calmed as the pressure decreased. "What have they done to me?!" She noticed her reflection in the cabinet mirror and reflexively struck it. The mirror shattered in the centre and she slowly withdrew her hand, and saw that none of the mirror's glass had punctured her skin. "I'm an Aug..."

“Correct.” Gideon said as he stepped in to the room. He looked at Yume with concern but his voice and demeanor were calm and collected, even as he noted the state of the room. “Although it appears the sensors in your bionic limbs require proper calibration. I will arrange for someone to deal with that right away. Until then, while I understand this is a difficult situation to accept, I must advise that you try to remain calm and abstain from causing property damage.”

"I'm trying..." Yume spoke through gritted teeth. "Shit..." She shook her head and walked out of the bathroom and sat on the end of the bed. For a minute, she sat there quietly, trying to think. Then something caught her eye and she looked out of the window. She saw a man holding hands with his young daughter, and her mind wandered to her own family. She had to get home, to speak to Shizu about everything that had happened. "I have to go." She said simply, and stood up and began getting changed, ignoring the presence of the android.

“I would suggest that you remain here while further tests are conducted to ensure your new artificial body is operating properly.” Gideon said. “However, should you leave please be advised that I will have to be with you at all times.”
"I don't have time for that. If I know the department, they've already told my wife what's happened," Yume pulled her jacket on, noting it had been cleaned, but the hole from the bullet - naturally - remained. "She's probably freaking out. I have to let her know i'm alright." She walked towards the door and paused, looking back at Gideon, "Right... you can stay here, i'll be back later."

“You misunderstand, Sergeant.” Gideon said as he walked closer to her. “I am your handler. I am to accompany you and assist you at all times outside of designated compounds designed to house Augmented Humans. Should you resist I am programmed to restrain you physically if necessary. It is not my wish to do so, however, if it can be avoided.”
"Fine. Do whatever you want. I'm going to see my wife." She started walking down the hospital corridor, looking for the main doors, "They got you together quick enough," She muttered, looking at him sideways, "How long have I been out - a day? They couldn't give me a little time to adjust?"

“The Handler System has been ongoing for a long time, and several adjustments have been made.” Gideon explained as he followed. “For example, older models were programmed to provide an authoritarian attitude, however, this was shown to often aggravate the charges. I am a new model programmed to understand and replicate a wide variety of human emotions that are considered beneficial to positive relationships between myself and my charge. However, protocol dictates that a handler must be present immediately when an augmented human is enlisted in to the program. This is a risk reduction protocol, and I apologise if it is an inconvenience.”

"'Relationship', 'apologise', 'inconvenience'." Yume couldn't help but smirk, "Do you even have a sense of guilt? Do you understand what this feels like for me?" They left the hospital and had to look for several minutes to find her car. As she approached, the car remained locked. She stood next to it and waited. Nothing. "Hey!" She tapped the side of the door.

"Incorrect user, please step away." The car responded firmly. Yume let out a sharp breath of air and held her head in her hands and took a couple of steps back as she tried to control her temper. Gideon’s face creased in to a sympathetic smile.
“Guilt, anger, fear, sadness.” He said. “Those emotions only serve to hinder my function. However, I understand them conceptually. I am also capable of expressing happiness, humor, empathy, sympathy, as well as a range of lesser known emotions.” Gideon approached the car and opened it for Yume. “As a security measure, all of your privileged security access has been passed to me.” He tilted his head slightly, observing her. “I can see that you are experiencing signs of anger. To direct it at me is misguided, but is a preferable action to directing it at others. However, if you would please get in to the vehicle I will transport you to your family. I also feel I must warn you, you must limit your interaction with them for the time being. This cannot be helped.”

"'I must limit my interaction with them'?" She shook her head in disbelief as she watched Gideon get into the driver's seat. Yume walked around to the other side and went to grab the passenger's door handle, but thought better of it. She rubbed her fingers together and then gently grasped it, and opened it slowly. This time, she didn't destroy it. It seemed if nothing else, she needed to be more restrained in her movements or risk damaging the things around her. "What does that mean, exactly? I've got rights, y'know!? I'm still a person, I still have feelings."

“Of course you have rights.” Gideon said as he started the car. “However, so do they. Need I remind you that you just destroyed a bathroom? You have refused to stay and undergo necessary testing and calibration. You are unaware of the extent of your augmentation, and the upgrades that have been provided to you. Even with the best intentions, you stand significant risk of hurting the ones you love. It is easier to break a child’s bones than it is to rip a sink off the wall, after all.”

"How dare you..." Yume was horrified at Gideon's comparison, "I would never hurt my family!" Despite her conviction, she couldn't help but think of what had happened in the bathroom. She wanted her comment to go unanswered, "Can we change the subject, please."
“Certainly.” Gideon replied. “I have been made aware of your background, your current situation including a detailed list of augmentation that has been done to your body. If you have questions I am more than willing to answer them.”

"I wouldn't know where to begin..." Yume replied, staring out the window. She could see the slight reflection of her unusually vibrant eyes and tried to ignore it, focusing on what lay beyond. "... how long was I in surgery? What did they do to me, exactly? Do my family know? How long was I out?"
“You were in surgery for about 12 hours.” Gideon answered. “Your body suffered extensive trauma, broken bones and tissue damage. There was internal bleeding, and in a short space of time all of your internal organs failed.”

Gideon paused for a moment, as if unsure what to say, or how to say it. “A significant portion of your body has been replaced with synthetic parts. This includes synthetic organs, and augmentation to parts of the brain. It was decided that you would be placed in a chemically induced coma for several days while your body adjusted to the change. Your family were made aware after you came out of surgery.”

"I've been in hospital for several days..." Yume let the information sink in. She had been in a coma, she was no longer wholly human. Had her wife come to see her? Suddenly her mind raced with doubts. "Can you hurry up, please. I'm anxious to see my family."
“I am travelling within the designated speed limit.” Gideon explained. “I am unable to break any criminal laws as part of my programming. As such, I am only able to exceed the speed limit during an active police pursuit.”

"As androids go, you're not the most annoying. But you are annoying." Yume rubbed her temples with the back of her hand, "I knew an android once, humourless thing. You'd try to interact with it and it's response was always, 'I do not have that information in my database' or something like that... I suppose i'm an AO, now..."
“You are correct.” Gideon nodded, “And I apologise if I am annoying. However I am a brand new model fitted with state of the art virtual emotion technology. In addition my information database is exceptionally large, I feel you will struggle to find questions I am unable to answer accurately.” Gideon turned the car down a street and began to slow down. “It is my understanding that most humans find this situation to be quite stressful. I have made an intentional effort to maintain a neutral and calm persona in order to provide you with assistance, whilst allowing you to accept your situation without distraction.” Gideon stopped the car and pulled the handbrake up. “We are here. I must come with you, however, I will remain silent unless you request something from me. It isn’t much, but it is the best I can do to respect your privacy.” And with that Gideon got out of the car and closed the door, waiting for Yume at the side of the road.

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