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Arika Stack

Arika's Mind: The Aspect of Death (I deactivated my fb so I must write)

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I know that for all you know, I could be a 30 year old man in his basement, or a 15 year old kid with ambition, but I'm telling you right now, my name is Arika Stack, I'm the Aspect of Death (very cool job title I know) and I'm about to tell you the story of Zeke, my daughter, and the one person who could stand up to challenge me if I ever went the way of the last Death. 


To tell you about Zeke, I have to first tell you about Michael, and the endeavors of VF101, basically this story of when I saved the world by opening up portals and sending many thousands of nukes straight to hell. It's a novel, a real one, but I'll shorten it down to the essential details to give you an idea. VF101 is how I got introduced to this world you humans call Earth. For the first 7 centuries of my life, I was a resident of Cohtoa, a far away world, one very similar to the human ruled Earth. That is no accident, for Cohtoa was originally a ground for exiled gods, stripped of most of their power. It was a world without belief, and the humans there were more in tune with the vastly more powerful ley lines that coursed through the planet. It was truly a paradise for an Aspect who wanted to live without duty. 


I left Cohtoa, though. I left to hunt down the incarnations of the Aspects of Reality and Life, a man who called himself murder, and a woman who was dubbed murder. See, about 500 years ago, 200 years after I was born and 100 years after I had proven myself by destroying the original Death, Life and Reality decided it was time to retire, and use their essences to create intelligently designed versions of themselves. That was the plan. It turns out when you take an infinite and divine conscience and let humanity have its way of influencing it, it becomes a serial killer. 


Back to earth. Michael. He was one of the first people I came across on this planet known as Earth. He was in charge of the fighter Squadron VF101: The Grim Reapers. Normally I don't like people hailing essentially what I killed around my 100th birthday, but I understood what it represented. I met him on the battlefield, facing the horrible weapons humanity has created. I mean, not really. Cohtoan rebel-tech was fear itself. Human weapons, however, were oddly functional. 


I joined, and became the leader of what then became just the Reapers (I have issues with references to a failed Aspect), and we essentially saved the world like it was no big deal. I couldn't use my power beyond opening portals, or else the plane of reality would tear and... oops, I did just that. Michael, the brave soldier and amazing man, offered to jump through a tear of reality caused by my mistake, and hold off whatever was on the other side while I mended it. It turned out that Michael had a wife who was terminal, and his final wish to me was to take care of his daughter, who, unbeknownst to him, died in a miscarriage 2 days prior. 


Enter Yuri. While all traces of Michael were destroyed in the rift, his wife was still alive. All I had were a list of traits, a blank canvas, and no experience creating life. So, I did the rational thing. I sliced off a part of my soul, large enough to sustain itself and become much more than a typical recon-doppelganger, found his wife, and in one of the most terrifying things I have done, punched her in the stomach and let a god-sized helping of my perpetually in motion soul (all souls work like that but they can hardly create the amount of energy to create more soul). 


Fast forward 9 months, and the terminal disease spread to the resulting child. Fast forward 17 years, and the child died. That is when the links to mortality were discovered to not exist. 17 years and 9 months after that day, give or take a few months, I visited the daughter, Michael's daughter, and kept my promise. Yuri was dead, but in her short life, her soul already was strong enough to create her a new vessel, a body that was suitable for such power. 


Of course, I accelerated the process, and learned alot as well, but Yuri, or Zeke, was the first. All of her memories were in tact. She didn't speak english, because alot of my time on earth was spent in Japan -there might be some bad side stories there involving the Gunma drift scene and a white AE86 showing how displacement doesn't matter- hunting down Akane but she possessed the mind of an Aspect and picked it up quickly. I mean, for all intents and purposes, Yuri, or Zeke, as I call her, is my daughter. 


Now that you know the gist, let's go to where I met her for the first time, her deathbed. Of course, by now, the Reapers were openly hunted by some groups due to my... I sort of held the 1% of the world by the balls, and some of them united to hunt me using Reaper intel. That was a mistake to be fixed shortly after this scene. They heard that I was going to visit a place soon, that it was important, so they organized a highly paid, and vast militia to destroy it. 


The next chapter will be from mother's, and daughter's viewpoints. Stay tuned!

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