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U.A. High School

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U.A. High School


"We live in a world of superheroes...

... and supervillains.

All thanks to Quirks. Another word for 'superpower'. Around 80% of the population has a Quirk. These can range from the--"


The teacher, Miss Noda, had been writing on the board for over 40 minutes. The class was bored and restless, but she was oblivious. Her voice dissipated through the classroom, barely reaching the students in the back row. On the far left, sat in the corner by the window, sat Noriko Nakagawa. The 16-year-old girl was in all ways, unremarkable. She was not the tallest girl in class, in fact she was almost the shortest. She was not the prettiest, or the funniest. She was not even the smartest, or the most popular. But then, she didn't register to bullies either. She was just 'nobody'. And most of the rest of her class had Quirks. She, did not.

So Noriko sat there, staring out the window, trying to drown out Miss Noda's end-of-school lecture on Quirks and their importance to society. She said, "If you've got a Quirk you can use, you better be using it to benefit society." None of this applied to her. She let out a short huff and her eyes refocused on a figure stood by the school gate. She squinted, and saw the instantly-recognised outfit of a superhero. But not just any superhero, it was her older brother, Shinji. Known to most of the city as, 'White Lightning'. He had the power to move as fast as lightning. That, and his hair had turned white when he was 10 and his Quirk activated. Noriko's face lit-up at the sight of her brother. Her eyes darted from the window to the clock. School was almost out.

The moments ticked by while Noriko hurriedly bagged up her things, by the time the alarm bell rang, she was vibrating at her desk. She tried to get to the door first, but she was right at the back in the corner, so she was squeezed into the throng of fleeing students and was practically carried out onto the main courtyard where the students dispersed and she wheezed as she was dropped to the ground. There was a crackle of electricity and suddenly arms were around her, squeezing her tight.
"Let go of me, I feel like i'm getting hugged by a giant condom." Noriko growled, wriggling irritably.
"Right, right, sorry, Nori-chan!" Shinji's voice was deep and gravelly, but it hadn't always been. He'd spent a long time deliberately speaking deeper so that he had a more commanding presence, or so he claimed. "Listen, I don't have long, i'm still really busy--" His voice partially muffled by his helmet. 
"Ugh!" Noriko grimaced, "You smell like you live in that suit. Never hang it upside down, you'll be tasting your ass." Noriko flashed a toothy grin and held her nostrils closed.
"Well, since mum and dad saw fit to disappear when you were a baby, i've had to look after us, i'm not just doing the Hero gig, i've got to cook and clean the apartment, and look after you, and--"
"You don't have to look after me, I figured out how to get the cube in the square hole today." Noriko pushed her brother, it did nothing. He chuckled as she pushed her way past him and he fell into step beside her. She had to walk nearly twice as fast just to keep up with her brother's long strides. "So what's on our delectable menu tonight?"
"Sacré bleu!" They had curry every time her brother cooked. Noriko slung her bag onto her shoulder as they walked down the street. She glanced at his Hero outfit, the White Lightning costume was pretty simple overall but it looked ridiculous to her. It was all white, with a utility belt and a white helmet. Her brother reminded her of those suited martial arts shows on TV that kids love to watch. You know the ones, where they fight and win and then the monster grows, and then they fight and win again? Shinji loved those shows growing up. It didn't surprise her at all the first time she saw him dressed as White Lightning. Shinji was telling her all about how his day had gone. He'd stopped a bank robbery, rescued a cat from a tree, pulled a woman from a burning car and fought a supervillain. Her ears perked up. Bank robbery and saving cats was one thing. Supervillains though?

"What the hell are you thinking, Onii-chan!?" Noriko whirled on her brother and hit him with the full force of her schoolbag, books and all. 
"Ack!!" Shinji recoiled, "It was just the one!" 
"You told me you don't fight supervillains! You said it's too risky!! You pinky swore!" 
"I know what I promised!!" Shinji got angry and stopped walking, turning to face her. He reached up, and touched an imperceptible button on the side of his helmet and the darkened visor whipped back inside the helmet, revealing his face and a scruff of white hair poking out in places. His eyes looked red raw, like he'd been awake for days. "I didn't have a choice!" 
"You pinky swore, is nothing sacred!?" Noriko yelled, getting angrier and angrier.
"I can't help it, sometimes I have to intervene, it's not about--"
"--you don't think--
"--saving others, it's my respons--"
"--about me? You could get--"
"--you can't expect me to just--"
"--it's not about that you--"
"STOP!!" Shinji snapped, the visor clicked back into place, hiding his face once more. "I'm tired of having this discussion. We have it often enough." Noriko opened her mouth but Shinji held his hand up. "Hey, you feel that?" Noriko paused, listening and waiting. The sun was out, it was summer, she heard kids playing in the distance. She heard the regular hustle and bustle of the city. 

Her brother straightened up, "I'll be right back."
"I'm not done with you, spandex--" By the time she'd raised her finger, her brother was gone. A snap of electricity, and he was a blur. A few moments passed as she tried to process what had happened. She felt bad. Another argument. Why couldn't she just talk to him like anyone else? And he'd made dinner, even if it was curry again. She'd have to buy him his favourite dessert from that corner store on the way home.

An explosion rocked through the city. She saw an enormous plume of black smoke rising, birds scattering in all directions, car alarms whined in response and Noriko's heart sank. She started running, but by the time she arrived the police had cordoned off the building. It was an old apartment, and now it lay in ruins. A dozen people lay bewildered in the street, blinking and shaking their heads like they couldn't understand what had happened. One of them was naked, another was holding 3 dogs in her arms and looking at them as if she was unsure how they got there to begin with. It was her brother. It had to be. Nobody was that fast. Onlookers gasped and stepped back as a section of the building crumbled in on itself as the fires raged higher and higher. She kept waiting, staring at the blaze, until an officer came to ask her if she had been one of the resident's and she just broke down crying. He reached out to comfort her and she recoiled, "NO!!" She screamed, turning and managing to take a single step and then... pop. She was gone in a puff of black smoke.

A moment later... pop. She reappeared, smoke dispersing. 

She was falling. Noriko screamed in panic as she watched a building go rushing past her. Floor after floor, window after window. Her eyes darted all around her, she'd teleported to the end of the street but about 60ft up. Her mind couldn't process what was happening, she acted on instinct and reached out to access the ability to teleport once more and found it came naturally.
She hit the ground. Hard. It seemed momentum carried through her teleportation. Noriko gasped as the air was knocked from her lungs and her bones ached from the impact. But she was alive. That was the first and only time she had used her Quirk. She lay there, gasping, staring through her tussled hair. It looked like her brother's.


2 Weeks Later


"Special base of operations for the next generation of superheroes..." Noriko muttered, looking up at U. A. High School, "Smack dab in the middle of the city, for anyone to just walk up to and--" She pushed her against the door and it didn't budge. "Uh huh, what am I supposed to do, knock?!" Noriko looked up at the enormous double doors, "Eh..." She leaned forwards, staring into the keyhole. She could see a courtyard on the other side.
"Aaaand--" Pop! Noriko vanished in a cloud of smoke and reappeared on the other side. "Hah! Super-security and--" An electrical current shot up through her spine and she hit the ground, twitching and convulsing as she tried to turn onto her back so she could see her assailant. She saw a crotchety old man smirking down at her.
"Konnichiwa, Noriko-chan!! Welcome to U.A. High School, I trust you got your invitation and pass key in the post?" He beamed at her as the shadow of his body shaded her from the summer sun looming down on the courtyard. As the convulsions stopped, Noriko tried to straighten up and sit upright. A few seconds later, the doors opened with a beep as two students stepped through, each holding a pass. One was a boy, of average height and with a lean muscular build. He had shoulder-length, thick, jagged blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail, sides shaved. A permanent scowl sat on his face. Dark green eyes. He wore black high-top sneakers, 3/4 length black cargo shorts and a sleeveless basketball t-shirt black with yellow accents and a logo of a wasp emblazoned on the front.

As she stood up, the boy passed her. He was nearly a foot taller, and while he took notice of both her and the old man, neither of them seemed to register with him, and he walked on.
"Oh my, he's intense, huh?" The old man chuckled to himself, then turned back to Noriko, "Well then, no pass? Here, take this one." The old man pulled a small plastic card and handed it to her then, just like that, he walked off. "Dormitory 1-C!!" He called over his shoulder.

"1-C, 1-C..." Noriko muttered, walking past each of the doors, "A, B--" She came to a stop before the next door, "Ah, 1-C." She tried the door handle. Nothing. She wriggled it back and forth but nothing happened. She heard a voice from inside say something but she missed what, it could have been, 'Just a minute!' but she decided it sounded more like, 'Come in!' so instead, she just teleported inside. Instant chaos. A cat leapt up in sheer terror, ricocheting from the floor to the ceiling and clutching onto the ceiling light, making the light in the room spin and dip in and out as shadows were cast everywhere. "Yo!" Noriko held one hand up, as the boy from earlier stood staring at her, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. For a second, nothing seemed to register to either of them. Then the silence was broken as the cat unsteadily dropped from the light and onto a sofa with a soft 'thwump'.
"S-sorry!" She ran out of the room and slammed it shut behind her. Then noticed students walking past her to each of their rooms. It was a shared dormitory? She checked her details again. Yep. Room 1-C. She was rooming with the spiky-haired frowny-face, then. Super.

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The door behind Noriko swung open followed by a bang as it hit the wall inside the room. The young man she had just popped in on was stood in the doorframe, still in a state of undress. “Where d’ya think you’re going, dumbass!?” He barked, his teeth bared in a snarl, his eyes wide with narrow pupils. “What’s the big idea!? Locked door not a big enough hint for you, huh?” His fists were clenched tightly at his sides as he loomed over her.
"Force of habit?" Noriko raised her eyebrows and shrugged. "Cute boxers, by the way. Totally you." She glanced over his shoulder, "What's with the cat?"

“Just another extra.” He replied through gritted teeth. Then his expression softened only a bit as he examined Noriko, and the wheels started turning in his head. “Tch!” He cursed, turning and stomping back in to the room, “Figures I’d be stuck bunking up with a scrub and a house pet.” The main room of the dorm was a basic kitchen/lounge area with a sofa, a tv, coffee table, and a small area to sit and eat. Noriko pursed her mouth and followed the boy into the main room of the dormitory. Her eyes darted over everything, drinking in her new environment, then she noticed movement at ground level and she looked down just in time to see the cat from their room. It slid through her legs, and sauntered over to the coffee table and then, miraculously, lifted from the ground and onto the table through sheer levitation alone.

"Whooooaaah!" Noriko's mouth fell open, she reflexively reached out - she wasn't sure what she was intending, whether to pick him up or stroke him, but it didn't matter - and the cat, sank it's teeth into her hand. For a moment, the pain didn't register, then Noriko wailed and threw her hand up into the air, the cat went with it. Shaking rapidly back and forth, the cat refused to let go until she tried to pull one of it's paws away from her arm and it yowled.
"Don't touch my toe beans!" Muffled, partially, by the mouthful of Noriko's hand it had wedged in it's maw. Then it spat her out and landed softly back on the coffee table.
"You're both so loud and obnoxious. And I am not a scrub." It added, matter-of-factly.

“You’re a sidekick at best, furball.” The boy said with a frown. “Ichirou Kazuro. You best remember that name because you’ll be chanting it soon enough. Maybe the faculty think you losers might pick up something by hanging around greatness. But don’t get in my way, or I’ll toast your whiskers.”

"Oi boy, you should think twice about making assumptions!" The cat warned.
"Hah! The cat told you off." Noriko smirked and crossed her arms.
"Or you!" The cat's eyes turned from yellow to white and Noriko shrieked as her feet lifted from the floor and before she had time to think, she was slammed into the ceiling and pinned there. She coughed and tried to pull away from the ceiling, but it was like she was stuck in fly paper. She managed to glance across the ceiling and saw the boy - Ichirou Kazuro, as she now knew - in an identical predicament.
"Pfft. I'll just--" Noriko vanished in a puff of smoke and just a moment later, her ear-splitting scream echoed across the campus and faded rapidly.

"In about 3 seconds, she'll be in the troposphere..." The cat mewed. Then purred and it's eyes turned from white, back to yellow. A few seconds passed, and the screaming returned. It grew louder and louder until suddenly it stopped with a jerk. A few seconds more passed, and then a burst of smoke and Noriko was pinned back against the ceiling again, arms crossed over her chest with the angriest expression. But it was equally, and completely, an expression of defeat.
"I, am not a regular student. I am your student liaison. You can think of me as a student teacher, if you like. If you need anything, if you have any questions, you will direct them to me." Slowly, both Ichirou and Noriko descended until their feet touched the floor once more.

“Whatever, furball.” Ichirou said dismissively, turning to walk away from them both. “I’ve had plenty chumps throw their weight around at me. You just keep showing me your hand, dumbass.” Before the cat could say anything else Ichirou had opened the door to his bedroom and slammed it shut behind him. His room was a simple one with a single bed, a weight bench, and a pile of unpacked boxes in the corner. He quickly dressed himself in the blue trousers and grey blazer he had been supplied. He tied the red tie around the collar of his shirt but left it hanging loose, and popped the collar of his shirt.

When he returned to the main room of the form he noted that the nerds appeared to be bonding. He supposed if they were busy bothering each other then at least they wouldn’t be bothering him. He had expected more. U.A was prestigious and yet he couldn’t have felt more disappointed in what he had seen so far. How were these brats supposed to be the heroes of the future? Sure, he’d already noted a good selection of useful quirks since he’d arrived, but very little brains behind them. He saw wide-eyed, optimistic kids who wanted a shot at glory. They didn’t understand the danger involved, not like he did.

“So guess we’re stuck together then.” He said, folding his arms across his chest. “So fair warning, either of you decides to hit me with another whammy, or pop into rooms without warning, there will be consequences.”
"Y'know, its bad to be so angry all the time. You'll get a hemorrhoid." Noriko added to the end of his statement, then turned back to talk to the cat.
"So, you're not a cat?" Noriko looked him up and down, "Look like a cat..."
"Yet I speak, levitate and throw you into the lower-atmosphere. Clearly, I am not a cat, as these are not things, for which cats are likely to partake."
"... Ichirou-kun?" Noriko asked, turning to look at the boy, "What's your Quirk?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Ichirou said with a smirk. "Teleportation. Levitation. Noted."
"It's okay if your Quirk is bad, I won't judge you." Noriko turned in her seat and faced Ichirou. "Or if you can't use it right now, y'know..." She held up her little finger and then let it drop and gave the most reassuring, 'its okay' expression. Ichirou’s scowl worsened and he turned from her dismissively.
“Tch! Idiot.” He said, shaking his head. “Talk is cheap. You’re trash talk won’t be much use when you’re so far behind that you’re eating my dust.” He went for the door. “Later, dorks. Class is about to start.” He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture as he left the two of them in the form and disappeared down the hall.

Walking through the campus it was a clear-skied and sunny day. The clean, open space was a far cry from the places he had lived growing up. Students passed him by, not all on the hero class like him, of course, but U.A had students studying other subjects too. A couple smiled politely at him but he ignored them. Most people didn’t even bother to smile at him. He had heard peers tell him that he came across as “hostile”, but Ichirou knew that they clearly had no idea what hostile really meant.


A memory played in his head like a movie he’d watched a thousand times. He could feel the heat of the blazing fire around him. The charred remains of a dead woman lay on the floor. He was whimpering like an injured puppy, a black-gloved hand was gripping on to his hair and dragging him away.
“This is your fault, you little brat!” The deep, sinister voice said to him with a quiet, bubbling anger that always tinged the man’s voice.
“Mom….” He choked through the cries of pain. The grip on his hair tightened and he let out a cry of pain.
“Shut up!” The deep voice snapped. “Real men don’t cry, got it!?”


The memory flickered in his mind, it became hazy as he tried to block it out. He couldn’t let himself remember those things. It was too painful. He tried to push it away, he felt the fear of it all washing over him, and if he let it he would be crippled by it. He stopped in the middle of the path towards the main school building, his fists clenched tightly, his head bowed down to hide his expression. He was frozen. He couldn’t move. Just like that time.


The entire building was engulfed in flames. He could feel the burning on his skin. He choked on the fumes of the smoke that was billowing up into the night sky. He was trapped on the roof of the building with a mad man. A villain. The man stood looking up at the blackness of the night, his crazed eyes illuminated in the blazing light of the fire. He was dressed in black boots, and black jumpsuit made of a rubber type material, one that Ichirou knew wouldn’t burn or melt. A wild mane of blonde hair much like his own stuck out from the crazed man’s head making him look like a lion. He was wider built and muscular, with a short goatee at his chin with a sharp point. Ichirou had known the man as Kagetsu Kazuro. His father. The world at large knew this man as Hellfire, the supervillain who burned all in his wake.

“You are such a disappointment.” Hellfire said bitterly as his crazed eyes turned back to his son. “Too much like your mother. You’re pathetic. A loser. I have burned a path of fire and ash to give you a good life, and this is how you and your mother repay me?”
“…You killed her.” Ichirou whispered, kneeling on the ground, too scared to move.
“She made me!” Hellfire barked, turning to face his son. “You brought this on yourself, both of you! Without me you are nothing! You are no one!” Hellfire removed his gloves, and his hands glowed and shimmered with heat haze. “And now you’ll be ashes.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it, Hellfire!” The voice was deep but clear and cut through the fire and the smoke like an icy chill. Then Ichirou realized that there really was a chill. He could see his breath in the air. A series of crackling noises began to snap around him as the fire began to disappear, and in it’s place came sheets of ice, and eventually the entire building erupted in thick icicles that snuffed out the fire, Ichirou turned as he sensed a figure walking across the rooftop towards them in the darkness.

She was a tall woman, built like a bodybuilder, dressed in a tactical vest, trousers and boots, all a pale blue colour. She wore goggles over her eyes with a light blue tint, and her hair was a darker, cobalt blue, short and spiky. As she walked the ground underneath her became slick with sheets of ice.

“Winter!?” Hellfire gasped, stepping backwards. That was the first time ever that Ichirou had ever seen a sliver of fear in his father’s mad eyes. He turned back to the woman as she came closer to him, then passed him and stood in the gap between him and his father. She was the woman he had seen on TV, and heard about countless time. The legendary hero and arch rival of his father, Winter.
“Don’t worry kid, I’m here now.” She said with a confident smirk. “You’re coming with me.”
“You ain’t getting him!” Hellfire snarled, “He’s my son!” Hellfire dropped to a crouch and pressed his hands against the ground. Suddenly an intense heat began to melt the ice around them, and steam hissed as Winter fought back with her own power, fire and ice battling it out at equal measure.
“I ain’t holdin’ that against him.” Winter said with a confident expression. “It doesn’t matter who your old man is kid!” She yelled, and she took a moment to turn back to Ichirou and smirk. “What matters is what’s in your heart!”

Suddenly the ice around her rose up and the two rivals went at it without restraint. Ice began rising up, and the two were hopping between the pillars, Hellfire using his power to melt the ice and slide across it, as Winter created more ice that pushed her upwards into the night, firing projectiles towards Hellfire. Soon the smoke and the steam engulfed them both and Ichirou couldn’t see any more. He began to feel faint suddenly, his vision blurred and then went black.


“Are you alright?”

Ichirou blinked. The boy in front of him had shoulder length, dark brown hair and light blue eyes, and was dressed in the same uniform that Ichirou was wearing. “What!?” He asked with a scowl.
“I said are you alright?” The boy said with a raised brow. “You’ve just been standing there looking like you saw a ghost.”
“Mind your own business!” Ichirou barked and pushed past him with a shoulder check.
“No need to be so rude!” The boy said, rubbing his shoulder as he watched Ichirou storm off. “I was just trying to be friendly!”

“I don’t need a friend, so stay out of my way!” Ichirou yelled back and kept going. He finally made it to the large ‘H’ shaped building where classes were held and made his way inside. He was a little early and sat at the back of their classroom, even the teacher wasn’t there yet. Slowly other students filed in, including the brown haired boy from earlier. Ichirou sighed and folded his arms, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes.

He was going to make it here even if it killed him. He didn’t care if anyone liked him. He didn’t need friends. He didn’t need to be admired or loved. That wasn’t why he wanted to be a hero. He had a debt to pay and a score to settle. I will find you, Hellfire. I’ll be the one to defeat you…once and for all.

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Noriko walked into the classroom and saw it was already mostly filled. She spied a spare seat but as she walked towards it her eyes locked on the boy she was sharing a dormitory with. Ichirou Kazuro. She didn't want to sit next to that guy. He had a serious attitude problem, and coming from her, that seemed like a pretty big issue. But the seats behind her were full now, and so she sat down. She glanced over at him then faced forwards as the door opened to the classroom, one last time.


Noriko's face dropped. A tall woman stepped inside, her strides were long and confident, and so they should be, for she was was one of the top heroes in the country. Known for her incredible power to control her own density, becoming as light or as heavy as she needs, "--by taking in mass, she becomes stronger and heavier, Miss--"
"MISS MASS!!!" The woman's voice carried through the classroom, silencing any students who were still talking amongst themselves. "That's what you can call me. But, teacher or Miss is fine, too." Noriko's eyes had lit up at seeing this woman enter the room.

She had followed this hero's career for years. She was instrumental to taking down several supervillains over the last few years, as well as saving thousands of lives. She was an inspiration to a great many heroes, and Noriko wasn't the only one to be a little star struck. For everything she knew about Miss Mass, she never realised she was a teacher at U.A. High School now.
"So, then... who's ready for a little training? I could do with seeing your abilities in action." Miss Mass scanned the classroom, "C'mon! We're going outside." She turned and left without another word, and the majority of the class stood immediately to follow her. Noriko stood up and looked over at Ichirou, still sat in his chair, "Hey aren't you coming?" She asked.

"Wha?" Ichirou said distractedly, then he scowled and got up, his chair scraping along the floor behind him. "Mind your own, blinky." He muttered as he walked past Noriko and went out the door.
"Hey, wait up!" Noriko ran after him and fell in-step, "So, why did you wanna be a hero, huh?"
"To stomp shitheads." Ichirou replied coldly, "Someone has to."
"Dramatic." Noriko nodded solemnly, "But that's kinda what every hero does, more or less. I mean why do you want to be a hero?" She laughed, "I wanna be a hero because, well, my brother was a hero, and I saw him help so many people, so y'know, I guess I wanted to be like him. If I can save a few people, then at least i'll have done some good..."
"Hmph! Pegged you as a glory hunter, blinky." his tone softened but the frown remained, "All those dumbasses who want to do it for the fame...that shit pisses me off."
"Fame is important." Noriko corrected him, "If people know who you are, and you beat villains and save folks, then you inspire people and make a difference to more than the people you save in the moment. And besides--"
"QUIET IN THE BACK!!" Miss Mass yelled, and Noriko shut up immediately, her cheeks blushing with embarrassment. They stepped out onto a large courtyard as the teacher turned to face them, "Alright. So you've all got Quirks, you might have talents beyond them, well i'm here to test them for you. So I want each of you to come at me like i'm your worst enemy, like i'm the one that's going to take away everything you love, REMEMBER THAT!!!" She yelled, pointing at the crowd of teenagers.

Ichirou raised his hand, "And if we don't?" he asked.
The students of U.A. parted like a biblical wave, giving Miss Mass a direct sight line to Ichirou.
"Don't what?" Miss Mass asked, tying her long blonde hair back into a high ponytail.
"Come at you like the one who's going to take everything I love?" Ichirou replied, "y'see I've been there, and done that. You've got nothing to take from me in that area."
"Wrong, Ichirou-san!" Miss Mass, she started to close the gap between them. "You have nothing to lose?" She asked aloud, "You have your lives!! Without that, you can save nobody. Without that, you have failed. You die, and the people who are relying on you to save them, are dead too. You don't have anything to lose...?" Miss Mass grit her teeth with a smile, "How's about you just show me you don't wanna die, and we'll go from there. In fact, we'll start with you--" Her approach shifted from a walk into a sprint, and each step she took, she seemed to become heavier until the pavement below her step, cracked, and then it imploded on her next step, and by the time she reached Ichirou, the pavement crunched like a pile of fallen leaves and then her foot found Ichirou's centre mass, and he was airborne.
Ichirou tumbled through the air limp as he began to fall back to earth, but with a grunt of effort he righted himself as he hit the ground and slid back across the dirt in a crouch. Clutching his chest with one hand he looked up with a dark glare in his eyes. He wasn't afraid. "Beating on a student to teach a lesson? Some hero you are." Ichirou snarled, and the air began to ripple with heat haze around him, "Just like my old man then..." He said more quietly, a tinge of bitterness to his voice. He stood up finally and removed his blazer, tossing it aside. Then he adjusted his stance, and he locked eyes with Miss Mass again. "It won't be that easy the second time."

"That's the whole point, kid!" She yelled back at him, as she started her march towards the boy. "You think you can be a hero and expect your enemy to play by the rules? You think they're gonna just go easy on you, because you're a student, huh?!" The rest of the class scattered, Noriko teleported up onto a nearby lamp post and sat to watch it. A few moments passed before she realised there was something sat beside her. The not-a-cat, that, was now sat watching with nonchalance.
"I'm Mew." Said Mew, then they blinked and looked to Ichirou, "Do you think the boy can prove himself?" 
"I'm more worried about me..." Noriko muttered.

"You think you're hot stuff, huh?!" Miss Mass called out to Ichirou. "Gimme your best shot!!"

"You don't get it." Ichirou actually smirked. "You can beat on me all day long. I have nothing...and while you focus on me you're not focused on other people... People who have something to lose!" Ichirou's fists shook at his sides and the heat shimmers continued around him, growing more instense. "Getting me angry isn't going to push my buttons, you're barking up the wrong tree. I've been in this position as long as I can remember."
Miss Mass was almost upon him when the sparks struck across his skin like a lit much. Blue fire exploded across one half of Ichirou's body like a cloak, barring the path between him and Miss Mass.
"Phew--!" She leapt back and stood firm, "Cute trick, kid."
"I wouldn't describe something that sets things on fire as 'cute'..." Ichirou said. The shroud retreated until it was an aura around his head, shoulders and arms. "...My quirk is dangerous. Its not suited for throwing at your instructor like a baseball pitch." Ichirou held his hands up in front of him, making fists, "Defence only. Keeps my conscience clear."
"You have to be able to find more ways of using your ability than simply to defend from being struck. Remember, I don't have to hit you directly, to stop you and if I think my time is better spent elsewhere because I can't attack you?" She crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes on him.
"My quirk is not what makes me a hero." Ichirou replied. "You're way out of my league. Close quarter is a mistake, so I'll stick to my defence. If you turn on someone else, then that's fine, they're here to train just like me. I dont need to protect them, but if you turn your attention on someone else you take your eyes off of me. That gives me opportunity to level the playing field, set a trap, exploit a weakness or just support the other guy." Ichirou's jaw clenched as he glared at her, "You're Miss Mass, you'll shrug off my attack. So why should I lower myself to it?"

"You think that because this is a test, that you can put your comrades in danger, or open civilians to attack. A hero is not their quirk, but a hero uses everything at their disposal to stop a fight as quickly as they can, within the confines of the law which you are sworn to protect when you signed up for this. That includes using every facet of their quirk, with complete control, which you lack, and so you are afraid to use it. You also think you don't need to learn and follow the instructions of your teachers, and that says to me you're not just afraid of your own power, you can't accept you're at fault. I knew someone like that, but you, are not him." Miss Mass started to leave, "Even if you think you are."
"You...dont...know!" the shroud shot away from Ichirou with a sudden rapidity, coiling widely around Miss Mass like a scythe blade, but the flames had grown thinner as it stretched out to a further range. "Don't talk like you know when you don't!" He snarled.
"Do you think i'll fail you, as I failed him?" Miss Masa turned back around to face Ichirou and started towards the front wall of flames surrounding her.
"Wrong. It was him who failed." Ichirou's flames coiled around Miss Mass as she drew closer she only reduced the range and the flames became larger until they were surrounding her, and then they vanished and left nothing but scorched marks in the ground. "You've made your point." Ichirou said with a dark scowl.
"It's a start." Miss Mass nodded and turned to another boy in the class, "And you?"

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As Miss Mass started on her next student Ichirou picked up his blazer and walked away to the side and sat down on the gravel, resting his arms across his knees. He watched as the golden-haired Miss Mass talked with the dark-haired boy he had spoken with before the class. As they spoke Ichirou huffed out a breath and felt his anger bubbling away under the surface. He had embarrassed himself, that was on him alone. He hadn’t learned anything, however. He respected that Miss Mass didn’t pull her punches, but there was nothing for him to accomplish there, she had just wanted to provoke him to lash out so she could find his weakness and show it to him. He had already known it though.

Her methods, however, had not agreed with him. He didn’t like that it reminded him too much of his father and his own tactic; to keep knocking you down until the day you managed to stop him. That method had hardened him, had removed a great deal of his fear, but it had also kept him weak and struggling. At any rate he didn’t need someone to show him where his weakness was, he was all too aware. Ichirou turned his attention back to the dark-haired boy and Miss Mass.

“- Seto Yoshinori.” The boy said as he politely introduced himself. He extended a hand towards Miss Mass, “I hope my best will be good enough, sensei!”
"Show me your best, then." Miss Mass leapt back, leaving the boy's hand extended. "Hurry up, Seto Yoshinori, I'm waiting..."
“So you’ve been briefed on our quirks.” Seto said with a sly smirk and got in to a primed stance, “Makes sense I guess.” Seto went at a sprint to bridge the gap between them. Ichirou’s eyes widened in surprise. Seto moved quickly for his frame, he looked like he had a runner’s physique but he moved too quickly for someone of his size. Was his quirk speed? No, Seto was fast but not ridiculously so.

Seto came in fast on the offensive, he seemed unconcerned about getting in to close quarters with Miss Mass. Was he that much of an idiot? Her strength alone could crush him. If he wasn’t careful he was going to come off worse than Ichirou had. He came at Miss Mass with a flurry of open palmed strikes, utilizing some kind of martial arts that was unfamiliar to Ichirou. Seto was attacking with speed and grace, and seemed to be unconcerned with deploying force to his strikes. So he wasn’t relying on his physical strength then. Ichirou thought back to the beginning of their match, when Seto had offered Miss Mass his hand, she had ignored it. So, Ichirou guessed, Seto had a quirk that required physical touch to activate, and it was something dangerous enough that Miss Mass was avoiding him.

She was on the defensive. Forced to dodge each rapid strike. She knew all it took was a touch. But she had experience. She leapt back, drawing Seto towards her and as he did, she drew her leg back and kicked the ground with the force of a digger. Rubble flew everywhere and Seto found himself soon to be peppered with debris. Seto tapped off the ground and suddenly flew upwards, although it looked more like falling upwards. He tumbled through the air, not quite as graceful as he had been on the ground. He moved in an arc, falling sideways and then back down to the ground behind Miss Mass, reaching his hand out to grab her once more, but she reflexively moved out of his reach once again. He rolled to the side and scooped up some of the rocks that had been directed at him, and then he did something and the rock fired at Miss Mass like a bullet.

“What the hell is that?” Ichirou grumbled as he tried to figure it out. Seto was moving quicker, and seemed to have a limited flight capability. Was he like that dumb cat, just not as confident with his abilities yet? That wasn’t it either, the cat could use his quirk from a distance, whereas Seto needed contact to do so.

The rock flew at her so fast she had no time to dodge, her arm was drawn back and she punched the rock, and it blew into a cloud of dust but to her surprise, Seto was right behind it, using the rock as a way to block her line of sight. Miss Mass gasped and tried to move but it was too late, Seto managed to graze her torso with his finger and she had time enough to grab him as she flew up into the air. Reaching with her other hand she grabbed onto the lamp post before she passed it and looked over at the boy, "Alright, and when does this wear off?"

“Roughly 3 minutes if I don’t re-apply it.” Seto replied, smiling but in an earnest way. “I can lash you back to the ground if you want though.” He took her hand again and then with just a touch Miss Mass was returned to the ground slowly. “Miss Mass…thank you for the test but…” He frowned slightly and gave her a knowing look. “I’ve studied your abilities, and I have always suspected I may be a poor match up for you, however…” He gave her a determined look, “I’m no fool. I’ve seen you fight, you had multiple opportunities to change the flow of battle. In a real fight, I acknowledge that I wouldn’t have been ready to face you.”

"You must bear in mind, as well you all must, that my purpose here is not to assess your ability to beat me. But to simply use your powers without fear or repercussion so I can better understand where you are all starting from." Miss Mass looked to Seto, "Perhaps in a true fight, I would have knocked you unconscious but you could also have found a way to defeat me just as easily. You must all remember that we are prone to mistakes as anyone and it is only if a villain is capable of seeing those mistakes.... That they are most dangerous..." Miss Mass quieted. Seto nodded in agreement and moved away as other students seemed to step up for their turn with a little more confidence now. He walked past Ichirou but stopped as Ichirou spoke.

“Gravity.” Ichirou said, staring ahead and watching as a female student with turquoise shoulder length hair and a gaunt, tired expression stepped forward. “You can change the direction of an objects gravitational pull…and what’s more you can change the intensity of the gravitational pull. You moved faster because you had halved the gravitational force on yourself and had became comparatively lighter. Then you gave yourself an inverted gravitational pull to move through the air. You were awkward though, you had to adjust your directional pull so as not to fly off in any direction too far.”
“That’s correct.” Seto replied with a single nod. “Miss Mass knew to avoid me because I can use her mass altering powers against her. If she had increased her density at any point after I had touched her then gravity’s effect would have only intensified for her. However, I don’t have her kind of resilience. She could just as easily have taken me out with a well timed strike. “

“Do you think it’s wise to just tell me all of that?” Ichirou asked
“You were already figuring it out on your own.” Seto replied with a soft shrug, “besides, we’re comrades. We can work together much more effectively if we understand each other’s quirks.”
“Yeah and I can exploit what I know to beat you in examinations, by exploiting your weaknesses, or sabotaging you so I come out on top.”
“True, sometimes we will be rivals.” Seto conceded, “But if we strive to help each other we can all come out of U.A as heroes, and then our teamwork can be used to better serve the public. Sabotage and exploitation aren’t things you do to your comrades. Only a villain would do such a thing, right?”

“You-“ Ichirou let out a snort and seethed with anger for a moment. Then he quieted himself with a deep breath and continued, “Fine I’ll throw you a bone. My Quirk looks like fire, right? Well it isn’t. Its like a…a shroud that acts like an extension of me. Anything it touches is subjected to intense heats that incinerate them. I can control the heat to some extent, but I can’t make it not burn things. It’s only use is destruction. That’s all your getting.”
“Hmm…weird.” Seto said as he began to walk away.
“What’s weird?” Ichirou asked.
“Well your clothes don’t burn off…” Seto said with a shrug, and then he walked off out of earshot. Ichirou thought about that last comment as he turned his attention back to the match.

The gaunt girl with the turquoise hair – Yachiru Totonome – had come out of the gate strong by unleashing her quirk – which had taken the form of a towering spectral figure that emanated from Tachiru, the spirit was vaguely in her likeness but had wild, crazed eyes and sharper canines, and where her hands should be were a pair of shadowy claws instead.
“Another lamb to the slaughter…another…another…sacrifice…” The crazed specter said in an excitable but erratic tone, “You wanna go, bitch? Hm?”
“My apologies…” Yachiru said in a monotonous, quiet tone, “My quirk is quite loud. And rude. Also violent.”
“I’LL CUT YOU, FREAK!” Her Specter yelled in response.
“Very rude.” Yachiru confirmed.

The spectral entity went on a warpath, but ultimately ended up losing to Miss Mass when Yachiru seemed to run out of stamina and fell asleep still standing on her feet. After her came a host of other students including a boy who could absorb the material properties of things that he touched, another boy with a mutation quirk that made his skin stretchy like elastic, and a punky looking girl with black hair who had a herculean strength, and a so it kept going until the entire class had stepped up, all except one.  “Let’s see what you’ve got, Noriko.” Ichirou said under his breath.

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