darth richard

I'm here. All is well in the kingdom...

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I did not MAKE you join.



Besides, you didn't have to post. You WANT to be here with these cool people.

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i dunno man


sith lords killed my fam


not sure if i can hang out with a sith lord


would be kinda uncool

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I'm down with the sith, forget that guy. Jedi are just too inflexible.


And no love? That's why I ain't a priest maaaan, screw dat.

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Welcome aboard (: shoot me a PM if you need anybody to RP with you to earn your graduate status! 

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Search your feelings Sean, you know you want to succumb to the dark side!

Also welcome new guy!

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Hey there, DR! Welcome to S*T!


You has a Robin avatar yet you're Darth. I is confused...

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