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This is a dark re-telling of, and sequel to, Peter Pan. Rated 'X' for all possibilities including violence, dark themes, blood, language and all manner of horror and tragedy. It is a private RP between myself and Raine Bell, focused mostly around Peter and Tinkerbell - but feel free to read it. You have been warned!!








Once, Neverland was a place of great beauty and happiness. And though many dangers lurked there, it was a place of great adventure and joy. Neverland is a place found in the minds of children, for it is said that once you have grown up, you cannot remain in, nor ever again reach it. The only way to get to Neverland is through flight and having prior knowledge of the star path that would lead you there, simplified sometimes to 'second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning'. For one can only enter Neverland in the transition from night to day, in the dawn.


Time in Neverland is difficult to comprehend, for there are many more suns and moons in the sky than in our world (which they call 'The Mainland'), but it is said that if you wish to find time, you need only find the crocodile, as there is a clock inside it. It is a place where time quickly slows once you have arrived to the point of stopping. There are many places in Neverland, explored and hidden, some even say that new areas can spring up overnight, but the following have always been constants.


Neverwood - Where the Lost Ones hunt and sometimes fight the pirates and the natives. The Neverwood takes up a good portion of the western part of the island. 


Never Plains - Beyond the Neverwood are vast plains that partially lie in the shadow of the mountain ranges in the very centre. The plains are the home of the Natives who are now led by Tiger Lily. It is difficult to get around the island without passing through here.


Hometree - The original home of Peter Pan and the Lost Ones. Over time it expanded out from the great tree until at last it was a small village, linking between the ground and the trees with a series of bridges and minecart lines. Most of the Lost Ones live in the treetops so that they are not in immediate danger.


Mermaids' Lagoon - The mermaids live here, it is also the location of Marooner's Rock, a place that is too dangerous for mortals to come near at night. For while it is safe to travel under the water to the other side to reach Marooner's Rock during the day, at night, it quickly fills up and anyone trapped inside can drown.


Neverpeak Mountain - The largest of the mountains in the centre of the island, it is said that when one stands at the very top of its peak you can see over anyone and anything.


Fae Hollow - In the south of the island, there is a secret path known only to Peter and the Faeries that grants access to the home of the Fae. From it, they would normally work to keep the seasons running fluidly, but since they were so few in number and of those that remained became twisted by the darkness, the seasons are in chaos, both in Neverland and in the Mainland (though the effects are far more severe and unpredictable in Neverland).


Pirate Cove - The original place where Captain Hook anchored his ship, the Jolly Roger, but over time through necessity created a ramshackle town for the pirates, they cut down a large portion of trees surrounding the cove to assemble it. It now stands empty, like a ghost town.





There are more races, creatures and peoples in Neverland than there are stars in the sky, so I will just list the ones that, for now, are most prominent in our story.


Fae - The Fae or Faerie/s have been on the island since it's birth, possibly before the dawn of time. They are a powerful and magical race with ancient knowledge of the inner workings of both Neverland and the Mainland. The Fae are split into different forms that are based on their talents and abilities. Though they vary, they are about the height of a child's hand, from wrist to finger tip. They have spectacular wings capable of flight that release a faint ringing sound when they flutter and are able to perform all kinds of unusual magic, though they often specialise in a single field. Their magic comes from the Faefont, which produces Faerie Dust. The Fae coat themselves in this magical material, which is the direct source of their power. 


Lost Ones - These poor children were once abandoned, lost or taken from their parents. After no human contact for three days, they are whisked away by a Faerie to Neverland. They were once the loyal comrades of Peter Pan, but after his long absence, they split into two factions. The ones that remained loyal to the Pan, and the ones that believed he had abandoned them, and would never return. In Peter's absence, the Lost Ones as well as the rest of Neverland began to age as normal and so many of them are a similar age to Peter.

Pirates - It is unclear how the pirates first came to be in Neverland, but one thing is clear, the ship they came on was the Jolly Roger. Though they were once a vicious and bloodthirsty gang of cut-throats they have become something far more sinister under the control of something else.

Natives - The Natives or 'redskins' are a group of wigwam-dwelling Native Americans. Like the pirates, it is unclear how they first came to be on Neverland, however, since that time, all Natives have been born in Neverland, including Tiger Lily. Though they often went to war with the pirates, they once had an amiable relationship with the Lost Ones, but no more.

Mermaids - The mermaids, though tricksters and flirts, were good-natured (if neutral) creatures with the upper body of women, but the lower body of a fish. However, as with many things, over time the darkness took them and twisted them until they became truly deadly sirens, anyone who approached them would be lulled into their grasp and then mercilessly drowned.





There are too many characters in Neverland to really list them all, for as long as you might have completed your list, you would find that more had been born, brought to the island, or even appeared out of thin air before your very eyes. So I will list the most notable at the start of our story.


Nap - Once it had been Peter's shadow, but no more. In his absence, Peter's shadow eventually turned to darkness and manifested itself as a physical being like any other on the island. He called himself 'Nap' as a perversion of the Pan and though he looks nearly identical to Peter, there are a few stark differences. His skin is a little paler. His hair, unlike Peter's, is almost jet black. Much the same, while Peter's eyes are a brilliant crystal blue, Nap's are a faded grey. He is the source of the corruption and darkness that has spread across Neverland.


Captain James Hook - Once Peter's greatest nemesis, now he is a ghostly figure of the man he used to be. Like Peter, Hook never wanted to grow old and die, but when Peter left for years, time returned in earnest and Hook lost his nerve. Seeing his chance, Nap fought Hook in one-on-one combat and beat him easily, much like Peter had done before, but while Peter took Hook's right hand, Nap took his left eye, leaving a long vertical scar through his face. Upon defeating him, Nap declared himself the leader of the pirates and took them as part of his own army, twisting them into terrible creatures. Despite now being alone, James Hook is more dangerous than he has ever been before. A cornered animal, ready to strike, that Peter may be forced to align with in order to defeat Nap, though, this may be unwise.


Mr. Shadow - Nap's right-hand man. While not as intelligent as Nap or Hook, Mr. Shadow is a ruthless and dangerous opponent who has many of the powers of darkness at his command. He is Nap's enforcer, who often leads Nap's armies.


Swift - The leader of the loyal Lost Ones. Swift is a girl who was once one of Peter's closest friends and admirers, when he left, he asked Swift to lead the Lost Ones in his place. She is a resourceful and proud young woman with a short temper and a firecracker-like tomboy personality.


Tiger Lily - Once the daughter to the Chief of her tribe, when the darkness took her and changed her, she became a violent and irrational killer. She took her father's life and assumed command of the Natives, becoming a dangerous and unpredictable force to be reckoned with, to both her enemies and Natives a-like. None would cross her or face her wrath. She wars on all sides, caring not who she kills.

Mr. Ticks - Years ago, a pirate nicknamed the crocodile that ate Hook's right hand (and swallowed his clock). However, the name of the pirate who did this is unknown, as Hook killed him.





Name: Peter Pan


Age: Unknown (Appears 18 at the start of the story)




Personality: When Peter still had his memories, he was a boastful and careless boy. He would be quick to point out how great he is, can be selfish and forgetful at times. He had a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude and was fearlessly cocky when facing danger. Despite his faults, he had a strong sense of justice and would always come to those in need. However, having lost his 'true' self, Peter may have retained some of his selfishness, but has lost many of his best traits. He can be cautious and suspicious at times and finds it difficult to trust others, he has little time for 'imagination' or the ramblings on of children. He has a strong desire for wealth and to crawl out of the gutter that he is forced to live in.


History: The Faefont, source of the Fae's magic, producer of the Faerie Dust. It was there that Peter's story began. One day, that seemingly started as any other, something very strange happened. Though it was not spring, the flowers on the island began to bloom. Though it was not summer, the suns aligned and cast a warmth down upon Neverland. Though it was not Autumn, the trees turned a fantastic array of reds, oranges and browns. And though it was not winter, the lakes, rivers and waterfalls immediately froze over, as though time itself had stopped. The Faefont glowed a brilliant white, and from a pile of Faerie Dust, was born a baby boy with brilliant golden brown hair and crystal blue eyes. The Fae were shocked at first, as this had never happened before (and never did again), but being born of magic they knew he could not be evil and gave him a name.


Pan. In the Fae tongue, it meant, quite literally 'Guardian'. From then on, the boy matured quickly at first, but as he began to get older, Pan came to a realisation that he did not want to grow up. He announced one day, "I won't grow up, and that will be that." And it was. He remained as he appeared then, around twelve, and did not age a day over. He did many great things; meeting and fighting his nemesis Captain James Hook, adventuring with Natives, teaching and playing with the Lost Ones that the Fae brought to Neverland to keep Pan company, and once they reached the same age as Peter, they too stopped ageing.


But, after all his great deeds, after all his adventures (one of which involved a young girl called Wendy, who thought that "Pan isn't a very good name, is it?" and so called him 'Peter', and from then on he was Peter Pan), a change came over him. One day, he turned to the Lost Ones and told them he was leaving Neverland, forever. He left one of them in charge, a young girl called Swift, and then left without another word. He came to the Mainland, for which we call Earth, and promptly forgot who he was, where he was from, and what he had been. He forgot that his true name was 'Pan' and simply became 'Peter'. Nothing more. 

Six years passed, and the bright-eyed boy of twelve became a street thief who was not long eighteen. He did what he could to survive, to eat, and often wished for a better life. But, he got by. And yet, over the past few weeks, strange things had been happening. On occasion, he heard a faint ringing sound. He didn't understand it, but it sounded as though it was coming from a long, long way away. So far in fact, that he was the only one who seemed to hear it. Also, the weather in London (for that is where he was, in 1894 to be precise) seemed strangely unfitting for the time of year. But thought nothing of it, until one fateful day...


Abilities: As Peter Pan, he was capable in most anything he set his mind to - he was an accomplished swordsman, having fought and defeated Hook on a number of occasions, he had the power to fly and levitate, for which he was very skilled, he was able to mimic all number of things from voices to objects to animal calls, and many other fine talents. However, as 'just Peter' he really only had two particular skills of note. Thieving, and running. Running for the times when his thieving was insufficient.

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Here's my spin on Tink as follows


Name: Tinkerbell or Tink for short


Age: ageless currently appears late teens to early twenties




Personality: Tinkerbell has always been the curious bubbly type, loving towards all her companions, extremely helpful to the point she gets in trouble. Slow to anger but quick to become jealous. At least that is how she used to be. Her curiosity has been replaced with fearfulness and disparity. Her loving manner has grown to that of fierce protection over those who remain.


History: Back in the days when Neverland used to be a happy place, Tink stood by as a most loyal friend to the one and only Peter Pan. It was an honor to fly at his side. Sure there were others in the past but Tink always remained until that fateful day. Peter had left Neverland, left the Lost Ones, and left her. Sadness filled her heart but she continued her duty as Peter’s right hand taking on the responsibility to watch over Neverland and care for the Lost Ones. Alas times have changed though and Neverland grows grim. The Lost Ones have split and the fairies were left trying to fight against the darkness that consumes Neverland. All hope has seemed lost and fairies are changing every day. Friends have become enemies and enemies have become more dangerous than before. Several fairies had decided to sacrifice their magic and fairy dust to assist Tink on an important mission. Bring Peter back to regain his title as The Pan.

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OH MY GOD WHY AM I NOT IN THIS CAN I BE IN THIS? I'll read more if I can...

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OH MY GOD WHY AM I NOT IN THIS CAN I BE IN THIS? I'll read more if I can...


I feel awful now. lol - But I have to keep this private, because I planned everything out from the beginning with a focus on the dynamic between Peter and Tinkerbell. I've already refused my best mate, Martin, who wanted to play Hook - and i've never refused him a role in my RPs. So I have to keep it private, Amanda. I'm sorry!!  >_>  We have hardly ever RPed together, but I hope we can in the near future... 



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