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Private RP between myself and BlackZodiac. Rated 'X' for violence, blood and gore, dark themes, language and whatnot.






This is both a reboot, and sequel of, the Batman story. Many facts have been tweaked or entirely altered.


Once, a masked vigilante known as the 'Batman' - true identity Bruce Wayne - stalked the rooftops of this sprawling metropolis, safeguarding its streets from thugs, criminals and all manner of scum. However, at age 30, while trying to protect an innocent, he was injured and left paralysed from the waist down. Forced to give up his career as the Batman, Bruce Wayne could only watch as over the years crime began to spread and grow rampant once more.

10 years later. The year is 2077, the world as we know it has changed. Bio-Technology, pharmaceuticals, human augmentation and many other advancements have brought Gotham City into a new age. But the city is anything but safe in this troubled time. Mega corporations plot behind doors, while secret factions take control of street crime for their own goals and psychopaths roam the streets, without fear of reprisal from the Batman.


Bruce Wayne seemed to have given up his cape and cowl, but through an unfortunate series of events, he is forced to witness a young man experience a terrible pain he too once had to endure. Like him, it shapes this man's view of the world but from the ashes of this tragedy a new Batman is forged, reclaiming the legacy that Bruce Wayne had never truly given up on. Together, they forge a bond that will bring about a great change in Gotham. Unknown to them, however, that their actions in the revival of the Batman legend, would have rippling effects throughout the city, creating a new breed of supervillain, and the birth of Batman's greatest nemesis.





Our story takes place in Gotham City, just like in the regular stories. However, in our version of the story, it is set many decades after any other version, and Bruce Wayne had not been born until later, consequentially, he did not take up the Batman persona until much later. And while he fought a handful of master criminals and psychopaths, he did not encounter his iconic 'supervillains' as he had in other versions. The Joker, Killer Croc, Clayface, etc. These are characters that will effectively be created/birthed through events during the course of this story.

It is in having to overcome this new level of threat, through a combination of his own strength, the technology of the future and Bruce Wayne's mentor-ship who has now effectively become 'Oracle' - that the new Batman will rise to reclaim the legend of his predecessor and take it to ever greater heights, and perhaps ever more tragic events.





Name: Jason Hunter
Age: 19
Appearance: 5'11'' with a slightly tanned, athletically muscular body. Jason is of Japanese descent. He has soft, handsome features, dark, almond-shaped eyes and medium length black hair, styled in choppy layers and framed around the face. He tends to wear dark clothes and wears a pendant his mother gave him when he was thirteen.
Personality: Short-tempered and decidedly hot-headed, Jason can be impatient and at times rushes into situations without considering the ramifications. He can be intelligent, but his grades are, on occasion, below average as he spends most of his time focused on other pursuits, like playing the guitar, athletics and Selene Basette. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and hates to see people in distress but he is unruly and often gets into heated debates with his parents and younger brother. Despite his faults, he is a warm person, who strives to do right by others.
History: Born to parents Arthur and Rose, Jason had a fairly normal life growing up with his younger brother, Michael. When he was a young child he met Selene Basette and the two became best friends virtually overnight. He had seen her whimsical and at times, impulsive nature, to mesh well with his own. Over the years he developed feelings for her though never said anything to her for fear of being rejected and so they fell into a comfortable friendship. Through highschool, he had, on more than one occasion, found himself doing something on the wrong side of the law, spurred on by Selene's suggestion. Sometimes he found himself living a double life, something he found both difficult yet enjoyable at the same time. He and his brother Michael were quite close and spent a lot of time together, but in the past couple of months, since being accepted to GCU (Gotham City University) he and his brother had become a little more distant. He felt it was because Michael thought that they wouldnt hang out any more, because he'd be too busy, which he wasn't sure whether it would be true or not. Jason had always had a tense relationship with his parents. While he was pretty straightforward on paper, it hadn't been the first time their parents had to apologise to a member of the GCPD for finding him up to no good. This often caused a row, and he became frustrated with his parents at times. Though, he loved them dearly. He had the regular problems that most young men had at his age, but, he was a confident, headstrong person who knew that one day he'd do something great with his life.

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Name:  Selene Basette
Age: 19
Appearance: Her skin is light tan and reminiscent of Greek heritage. She has long wavy dark brown hair with muddled honey colored highlights. Her eyes are a dark green which are constantly covered by glasses. She is about 5'7'' and has a very toned athletic body from years of competitive gymnastics with balanced proportional womanly curves. She has very full lips and a deliberately seductive saunter to how she moves.

Personality:  She is stubborn to say the least. Selene is very calculative and capable of being patient to successfully reach her goals. She is determined and hell bent on bringing about change in Gotham. Her sense of right and wrong can be skewed at times. She can sometimes be harsh in her critiques of others and a bit over zealous when she is passionate about something. When her emotions settled down though she is capable of admitting her mistakes and apologizing. Seduction is something new to her, as she matures she has been playing around with a more confident and sexual persona, but it has not been fully explored or flushed out. She simply has moments every now and then.

History: Selene is the daughter of a compulsive gambler. Her mother died when she was 12 and her father is constantly in over his head with loan sharks. He relies on Selene to work and make money to pay off his debts which causes them to have a very strained relationship. However, because she is so talented and bright she has been able to work hard in school as well and received a full academic scholarship to GCU. She will be majoring in Political Science with a minor in media studies. Selene made childhood friends with  Jason Hunter, while she had a crush on him when she was younger they evolved into simply being best friends and she considers him her very handsome witty puppy. Throughout High School she was a member of the gymnastics team and because of that is a very swift and agile person. Her difficult home life spurred Selene to take up more avid political agenda in the last couple years. She is loosely referred to as an activist speaking out for stronger law enforcement and restrictions against the corrupt nature of the city. She generally drags Jason to these rallies with the delusional idea that it will ever make a real difference.

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