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The boy shot up, sucking in a large amount of air, his mind being startled awake from a deep unconsciousness. The sudden movement jostled his head and upset his stomach. Quickly noting that a simple hand over his mouth wasn't going to cut it, he immediately retched over the side of the bed and vomited onto the steel floor. He glared at his mess through blurry eyes, as if demanding it told him why it even existed. His head hurt so bad, his limbs were tenderly sore, and his throat was on fire. Absently moving his jaw, tasting the sour and salty taste of his own bile, he laid back down onto the stiff, springless mattress of his cell. It was abundantly clear that trying to do much of anything in his current state was only going to spell bad news. But that brought up a pretty good question: where was he?


First, start off with the basics.


Who was he? Well that was simple. The star soccer player and all around awesome guy, Davis Motomiya. Leader of the Digidestined. Keeper of the DigiEggs of Courage and Kindness.


When did he get here? He guessed he'd been here for less than a few hours. Carefully, he checked his pockets, his body still relaxed and his eyes still closed, searching for his two important devices--the Digivice and D-Terminal. Nothing. Not being the type to wear watches--especially ones that kept track of days--who knew how long he had been out. It could have been overnight or even a couple of days.


What was he doing in the Digital World? That's where things started to get fuzzy. It had something to do with the Digimon Emperor--these days it always did. They were somewhere on File Island. It was cold? No, maybe it was hot? A little bit of both? The group of Digidestined consisting of himself, Yolei, Cody, Kari, and T.K. were continuing to demolish control spires, just like they had been doing for several weeks, and then they ran into the Emperor. He remembered falling and rolling, all along hitting things on his way down. Ah, well at least the pain started to make sense now.


Where was he? He opened his eyes slowly, the pain behind his eyes flaring up, even when the dull light of his cell touched them. He was obviously in a prison of some sort. When it came to the Digital World, that could mean only one thing--he had been captured by the Emperor. Placing an arm over his eyes he groaned slightly. How did he let that one happen? He couldn't remember. The only answer he could think of was the he had been knocked out by the fall. It's the only way he would ever let Ken touch him, that bastard. What a coward, he thought.




How could he get out?


He could hear footsteps coming down the hallway. They were getting louder, though they were taking their time to make their way down. Tap tap tap. Pause. Tap tap tap. Longer pause. Each auditory disturbance made his head ring, but he needed to see who it was. If it was a digimon, he might be able to convince him to let him go or at least distract it in some way. If it was the Emperor... Well, he had some choice words he'd like to share with his new friend.


Davis weakly but very carefully sat back up in bed, making sure every part of his body was relatively undisturbed as he did so. He stepped one boot into his sick and grumpily rolled his eyes. "Come on..." he muttered. From the corner of his eye, he could see somebody was at the cell door. He quickly disregarded his misfortune and stood up, swaying and stumbling forward a few steps until finally he got his bearings. Walking clumsily to the bars of the cell, he looked down at the Gotsumon on the other side, a dark ring emitting a pale red glow around its neck.


"Food." It said, sliding a tray of slop through a horizontal slot in the center of the cell door.


Davis didn't take his eyes off the digimon, and he made no movement to take the offer. "Where's Ken."


"Food." The digimon said again, impatiently shaking the tray, causing bits of slop to spill onto the floor.


Davis leaned on the bars, feeling another wave of nauseous overcoming him. "Where's Ken." He glared at the digimon, who had taken to glaring back.


"The Master doesn't wish to speak to you. Enjoy your meal." The Gotsumon released the tray, the sharp sound of metal hitting metal ringing throughout the cell. Davis stumbled back away from the bars holding his head. He tripped onto the bed and cried out. The Gotsumon laughed and continued on with his rounds.


Once the ringing subsided from his ears, he began to realize he wasn't going to get anything done until he was feeling better. He sighed, frustrated at his own weakness, and closed his eyes again to rest. He had to wait until his enemy showed up before the real fun began, anyway.

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The Digimon Emperor couldn't help but laugh. Within only one battle fought against the Digidestined, Ken had not only captured the goggle-headed boy who led them, but his Digimon as well. How he had shivered with delight as Davis's comrades gaped in horror at the sight of their friend being dragged away, how he could almost taste how paralyzed they were at the thought that they had allowed him to be captured. They had fought so sloppily, just this once, and their mistake had been a determining factor in the case of Davis's fate. 


But that had been nearly 24 hours ago. Since then, the tyrant had imprisoned the auburn-haired Digidestined in a cell near the bottom of his base, just a few floors above Veemon (though Veemon's quarters could be considered more of a cage than a cell). He had also taken away Davis's Digivice and D-Terminal, hiding them away in a place that even Wormmon didn't know about. He didn't trust the soft-hearted Digimon enough to allow him access to areas of his base that housed the more vital components of his grand schemes. 

Stepping into a very industrial-looking elevator, the Digimon Emperor pressed a few buttons before feeling the apparatus move slowly downward, arriving at the desired floor in a matter of seconds. 

Nodding to a Gotsumon, he made his way down the hallway, his boots scuffling loudly against the cold metal floor. He passed each cell quietly, feeling the fatigued stares of his digital prisoners fall upon him; some filled with hatred, others with fear, and even more with pure hopelessness. 

Nearing a larger, dirty-looking cell at the end of the hallway, Ken stopped, his mouth twisting into a sadistic, self-satisfied grin. "Good evening, Davis."

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For the second time, Davis was startled awake. Luckily, this time it didn't end in exhuming his stomach of what little contents it contained. He held his head in his hands in an attempt to make the room stop spinning. How long was he out this time? Couldn't have been more than a few minutes. He really had wished he could get some good rest before his star guest showed up, but duty called when duty was called.


Squinting at the cell door, he could make out the silhouette of the Emperor standing before him. The spikey mess of hair, broad shoulder pads, and two pointed cape blotted out the light from the hallway and cast a menacingly tall shadow across the room's floor. "Ken." He finally managed to spit out. He thought about getting up, about running to the door and throwing his fist through the bars and landing a really smart punch on the boy's cheek. He wanted to see him fall to the ground, stunned and confused, and maybe even a little bit remorseful that he had even thought he could have caged a wild beast of energy. 


But that wasn't going to happen.


Groggily, Davis sat up and got his wobbly legs to cooperate. He made a half-hearted attempt to walk to the bars, Ken's face beginning to take form as he got closer. That smile. That damn smile. Davis frowned, wrapping one hand around a bar of his cage. "Good nothing to you." He grimaced before he continued. "Even this is pretty low for you, Ken, and I thought you were pretty damn low to begin with." Ever since finding out the Emperor's hidden identity, it made it easier to construct insults. The genius boy, good at everything, but was always outsmarted and outwitted by a boy that could barely make his marks sometimes. True, he was the one being held captive, but Ken was an easy instrument to play. "What do you plan to do with me? You know you can't keep me here. We're too much for you." He meant the Digidestined. Even without Veemon or Davis to help them, they were certainly going to raise hell once they devised a plan.


He slung his arm out of the bars and into hallway, waving it slightly. "So how about we just cut to the part where they're here and just free me already. Then I can get back to ruining the rest of your stupid plans." He smiled cheerfully, hoping for a reaction from the other boy. Heck, maybe if he did get him agitated enough he would just give up and let him go. It was a start of a plan, or as much of as his brain would allow him at the moment.

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Violet eyes gleamed in amusement at Davis's words, and the Digimon Emperor found himself in a fit of laughter. What made the little auburn-headed boy think he would escape so easily? The over-confident fool. 


"I'm afraid by the time your friends get here, if they ever get here.." Ken took a breath, his chuckling subsiding, "it'll be far too late." A wry grin pulled at the corner of his mouth once more. "You see, I have plans for you, Davis. I didn't bring you here for nothing. I didn't just pick you off because you were the easiest to get a hold of. I need you."


Reaching inside of his cape, the tyrant pulled out something akin to a dark ring, the only difference being the glowing red digicode symbols engraved on the outer surface. "Do you see this, Davis? Do you know what it is? Do you know who it's meant for?"


Pushing a few numbers into the keypad that locked Davis's cell, the Digimon Emperor watched the door swing open before entering, holding up the ring even higher for the Digidestined to see. 

"I'll give you a hint. It's not for any Digimon."

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If there was anytime to beat his body's fatigue, it was now. Davis had been known to not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he knew exactly what the Emperor was getting at, and there was no way he was going to be that jerk's slave.


Without thinking, he rammed his entire body into his foe, sending them both down to the ground. Davis scrambled to his feet, stepping on Ken's chest or arm or whatever hard boney body part and dashed out of the open cell door. He had no idea where he was going or how to get out or where Veemon was, all he knew was that he needed to run. It dawned on him that he was actually afraid. Could Ken really do something like that? Could he figure out how to control a human being completely and entirely? It was a terrifying concept, one that he never would have anticipated. He certainly didn't want to find out if any of it was plausible.


He skirted around a corner and kept running, the digimon he left behind him yelling and clamoring about. He came to a door and tried to open it, pulling on the handle with all his weight, until he noticed it wasn't going to budge. Turning heel, he dashed back where he came from and took another hallway. If he found an exit, he was going to take it--Veemon or not. Even if Ken put a ring on his partner, he knew they'd be able to get it off of him. If Davis became a slave? Who knew what they'd have to do get it off. Who knew what he'd do.


Another door, another dud. Davis was running out of breath, his limbs turning into noodles, and his head into slush. He was trapped. He imagined the look on Ken's face, his whole body shaking with prideful laughter. He'd gotten him, that was for sure. Being without his digital companion made him feel all that much more lonely.


"Wha..." Davis panted. He placed a hand on the wall of the hallway and looked down at the dark end he had just come from. "How do I get out?" He said, hoping that if he heard the words out loud they'd paint a map to his salvation. 


Then there was a soft growl from the darkness.


Davis stepped back toward the closed door, his heart racing so fast and hard he could hear it in his ears. A pair of two glowing eyes came out from the shadows, attached to a muzzle and dark fur. He couldn't make out if it was a dog or an ape or... It was a digimon, it wanted him, and he had no Veemon. All of these things were a recipe for disaster.


"Nice digimon," he said quietly, putting his hands out in front of him, as if it would make the monster turn around and leave. "I didn't do anythin' all right? I was, uh, just trying to..." Trying to what... Run away? Avoid becoming the Emperor's slave? Get horribly lost in this maze of hallways. All of the above? "Find that bathroom!" Davis groaned at his own lack of wit, and turned and began running toward the door he failed to open before. Maybe if he tried just one more time...


He stopped inches from running straight into the Emperor. "How did you...!?" Davis looked around, bewildered at how the boy had seemingly appeared out of thin air. There was no doors that he could see or passageways. Maybe he got through the locked door? It was his base after all, who knew what other kind of tricks he could cook up. "H-hey. Ken. You don't need to do this, man. I believe you. Let's just say it works okay?" He backed a few steps away, but bumped into the monster that had been pursuing him.


Like a mouse, he was trapped, and he had no way out and nobody to save him. Could this day get any worse?



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Wiping a small bead of blood away from his split lip, Ken raised the dark ring once more, that trademark, self-satisfied smirk reappearing on his face. "I'm afraid that's not an option, Davis. Whether you like it or not, you're mine now." 


Taking a step closer, the Digimon Emperor grabbed Davis by the collar of his jacket, wrenching him forward as he readied the dark ring in front of him. It was as if the contraption was ready to be wrapped around the boy's neck; the digicode that circled it glowed an intense, feverish red as it got closer and closer to its future host. A low, electric hum vibrated from within the dark apparatus, almost as if it were getting impatient with every passing second. 


The tyrant chuckled. Seeing the Digidestined in such a compromising position was giving him just the kind of sweet satisfaction he had been hoping for. That expression of terror on the goggle-head's face was so utterly perfect; the pleading look in his chocolate-brown eyes was even better. 


Ken lunged forward, the base of the dark ring unlatching as it prepared to claim its new slave. Closing slowly around Davis's tan neck, the ring hummed even louder, its symbols swarming to rearrange themselves along the outside of the apparatus as they melded to his code, his human code. The Digimon Emperor shivered with delight as he watched the terrified expression on the Digidestined's face twist into one of pain; he inhaled deeply as cries of defiance escaped the boy's throat. 

Watching Davis squirm was quickly becoming the highlight of his evening. 

The dark ring clamped down tightly around the Digidestined's flesh, and with another blinding flash of light, Davis's dark brown eyes began to glow a scarlet-red identical to that of the symbols on the outside of his new accessory. 


The tyrant nearly purred. 

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Davis fell heavily forward, the Emperor's strong grasp taking him by surprise. He grabbed the boy's arm and tried to wrench it off him, but Ken was determined to do this to him. Determined to make Davis his slave.


"No! Ken! NO!" He pushed his arms into the Emperor's body and kicked his legs against the floor. Nothing was working. He gasped slightly as the cool metal touched his skin, the humming from the contraption was deep and faint--he could feel it in his teeth. "You don't know--" his final plead being stolen by the dark ring as it clasped tightly around his neck, choking him slightly as he swallowed. He looked fearfully into Ken's eyes, the child of courage asking for some extra strength, even if it was from his enemy. The Emperor released his hold on his jacket, and Davis took the opportunity to grasp fervently at his neck.


But then he felt the fire.


It spread across his body, through every blood vessel and pinged every joint until it swam into his head and spun like a vicious vortex. He screamed, grabbing the sides of his head, slipping his googles off his head and throwing them to the ground. He screamed louder and louder, trying to overcome the ringing in his ears and the storm that brewed in his skull. "STOP IT!" He coughed, but it sounded distant. Even his own screams were not sounding like his own. The pain in this throat becoming somebody else's. The world around him was blurring and converging like a swirl of paint. He fell to one knee, breathing heavily, blinking his eyes hard until the world refocused. Until things were normal.


It didn't work.


Davis stood up, eyes fixated on the floor, until finally he felt normal... Or as normal as he could in the situation. "Nice work, Ichijouji! Your stupid ring didn't work!"


Or that's what he would have said if he hadn't actually said, "Master."


Davis gasped internally. He knew what he said. He knew what he meant to say. But why didn't he say it? He tried to move his hand, but it remained at his side. He tried to blink but he continued to stare at the Emperor, feeling a part of him strangely satisfied with the pleased look on the boy's face.


He's pleased with me. That is all that matters.


"What would you like me to do, Master?"


What was he doing!?

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Ken bit his bottom lip, grinning widely as he heard that sweet, two-syllable word droned from the mouth of his new prisoner. Master. How he loved that word, how he loved its context. The tyrant reveled in the idea that he could bend the Digidestined to his will, that Davis now served him and him alone.


Taking a step forward, the Digimon Emperor placed a gloved hand on Davis's head, ruffling his hair almost affectionately before pushing him down on his knees. 


"You belong to me now, Digidestined." the tyrant kept a few fingers twined in Davis's auburn hair, peering into his glowing red eyes through the purple tint of his glasses. 

Seeing the younger male writhe in fear and pain had excited the Digimon Emperor in more ways than one, and hearing Davis's words of submission only increased this excitement. 

Ken would be lying if he said he wasn't aroused by this, seeing his favorite Digidestined obediently sitting on his knees in front of him, sporting one of his greatest inventions around his neck like a collar.  


"Display your loyalty. Show me who you serve." 


The violet-haired genius chuckled darkly, guiding Davis's face closer to growing bulge in his pants. 

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Watching your body act without you was a truly terrifying experience. Davis was a prisoner in his own head, locked into the corner of his cerebral cortex. He was a tourist to his own person, forced to watch silently with disgust and detest as he saw Ken relish in his fate. He distantly felt Ken rest his hand on his head, forcing him down to his knees, suggesting the unthinkable to his new captive.


Did he really just ask Davis to do what he thought? Davis was seventeen. He hadn't even kissed a girl yet, even though he wouldn't admit that. Whenever asked, he'd always say he was kissing girls all the time, sometimes two girls in the same day, sometimes two girls at the same time. His exaggerations always managed to rouse a cheap laugh, which was good enough, but honestly he had a hard time understanding why he hadn't really had the chance to kiss someone before. Charm, humor, and being physically fit were usually the recipe to have girlfriends, right? Well, certainly never worked on Kari...


Point was, as Davis watched his hands tracing the sides of Ken's hips, that this shouldn't be happening. There were several reasons: he had no concept of how to be intimate with anybody; he despised Ken and everything he stood for; and most importantly--he wasn't gay. If he could throw up he would be, but instead he was running his hand across the front of Ken's pants, touching the older boy's endowment, hearing Ken purr with satisfaction, and feeling the Emperor pulling forcefully on his hair.


Ken was loving this. He was probably loving everything about it. Not only did he literally control Davis, but he was about to steal so much from him. He was going to steal his dignity, his pride, a shred of his virginity... He was going to have it all to dangle in front of the boy, like a carrot on a string, forever. Ken would always have what he was about to steal. There was no indian giving, no returns. These were notions and actions, not objects, although he was certainly using Davis as one at the moment.


If there was anything to be happy about, at least they were alone in the hallway. The digimon that had been pursuing him before had left once Davis had been put under control, and they were in a corridor that had no cells in it. So when he had fully revealed the Emperor's manhood, at least it felt a little private. Like if he was asked later what had happened, it could at least be his word against Ken's and no one else's.


He looked up at Ken and said seductively, "I serve you, sire." And the little part that was still Davis, closed his eyes and chose ignorance, as his body did what it could to please his most hated enemy.

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Ken hadn't had that much sexual experience in his 17 years of life, if any at all. He'd kissed a few girls who had been infatuated with him (as well as a couple of young men), but never really made any further contact with them after that. He'd never been one to entertain the idea of romance, and decided he had far better things to focus on than relationships or intimacy. 


This didn't mean he never had sexual urges, however. Though a portion of the genius's psyche found it a little embarrassing, Ken had actually had multiple dreams where he triumphed over the auburn-headed Digidestined in battle and then put him under his control-- the method of which varied. In some dreams Davis was tortured into submission, in others he simply swore fealty. Since the Digimon Emperor had developed his newest model of dark ring, however, his more recent dream sequences involved situations very similar to the one happening at this very moment. 


All of these dreams had the same recurring themes: Davis's defeat, and sexual contact with the goggle-headed Digidestined.

Some nights Ken would wake from these dreams with a tell-tale stickiness clinging to the inside of his boxers, and would have to wash his sheets the immediate morning after. Others he would just awaken angered and confused; why was he so obsessed with this auburn-haired brat, and why hadn't he defeated him along with all the other Digidestined yet?


An eager hand pawing at his growing erection brought him back to the present. Ken inhaled sharply as he was released from the confines of his tight pants, and dug his fingers deeper into Davis's scalp as he felt the warmth of the Digidestined's mouth envelope him slowly. 


"Good boy," he purred, a low moan escaping from the back of his throat. 

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Although he tried to ignore it, it was hard to sleep behind open eyes.


The salty and warm taste in his mouth and the sweet murmurs the cold-hearted tyrant emitted kept him awake. He was humiliated and tired and sore. Is this what a zombie felt like? He had no regard for his own safety, the only thing that mattered was to make the Emperor happy, even as his jaw grew tight and his cheeks strained. Inside, all he wanted was to sleep... To be back in his bed, Demiveemon at his side snoring just as loudly as he was, feeling the warmth of his real world blankets. Not kneeling on a dirty metal floor with some punk's cock down his throat.


Davis grabbed Ken's hips, steadying the boy's thrusts, moaning softly onto the flesh inside of his mouth. All he wanted to do was please, to be the complete source of the Emperor's pleasure and happiness. If he could have that, then he too would be fulfilled. He grabbed Ken's ass tightly, taking in as much of Ken as he could, causing his partner to moan loudly. His Master was close. He tongued the shaft delicately, flicking the sensitive head with care. It was as if it giving head was written into his programming, and apparently he was pretty good at it. Continuing to pump with the tightness and warmth of his mouth, the thick, salty, and hot mess of Ken's come exploded into his mouth. Not even a grimace crossed his face, as he slowly backed away and swallowed, his red eyes catching the Emperor's lusty gaze. Davis noted that the tyrant's legs were wobbly, and his cheeks were red.


He succeeded.


He succeeded. Oh god, that stuff was nasty. The whole time he wished he could have just bitten down with all his might and just castrate the asshole. What type of sick fuck would enjoy this? Had he any idea what he was doing to him? This was legitimate rape--probably worse so. He literally couldn't even fight back. It was infuriating. It was... A complete feeling of helplessness. Where were the other Digidestined when he needed him? Where was Veemon? Where was Ken's sense of decency and, more importantly, morality?


Davis could never forgive Ken for this.


"Are you pleased with me?" Davis stood up, his hands sliding up the sides of Ken's legs, gently tucking the boy back into his outfit. His lips nearly grazed the Emperor's, knowing that he wasn't worthy of their touch, as badly as he wanted them. Standing back at attention, he awaited his next orders, the dark control over him ignoring the fact that his body was shaking from exhaustion and pain. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Only him.

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The contact had been short, and very to-the-point, but Davis had the kind of mouth that made it feel like it had lasted much longer. Ken's fingers had pulled at the Digidestined's hair fiercely as he was continually stimulated orally; the Emperor cursed under his breath and could almost swear the auburn-haired boy had some sort of experience. His knees had become almost as weak as his head by the time he finally reached his peak inside the other teen's mouth. 


With a soft moan he came down from his climax, feeling himself being tucked back into his pants by the young man at his feet. Cold, unnaturally firm lips brushed against his own as Davis stood up, and for a brief moment the Digimon Emperor almost wanted it, that intimate little action of lips parting and interlocking for the sheer reason of contact


Or maybe he was just basking in afterglow. A slave was a slave, and Davis was no exception. The Digidestined was only doing what he felt appropriate to serve his master, and this was no time for Ken to act all soft towards his new plaything. 

"I am pleased, Davis." He exhaled roughly, straightening himself up a little. 

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Even a smile couldn't cross his lips. The compliment passed across Davis as if it was breeze; they were just simple words that meant he wasn't going to get chastised. In his programming, that was good enough. The Emperor was pleased, which meant he could continue on with his plans without fret. The goggle-head nodded slightly, and said, "Permit me to return to my room." He stepped passed the taller boy, their shoulders touching--a risky behavior that somehow slipped through his strict robotic orders. Their eyes locked for a brief moment, and then he continued on his way down the hall, his hand grazing the other boy's briefly. "Call upon me if you need me, my Master."


Was he... Flirting? What the hell did Ken program into the dark ring?


Davis found his way to his room, another feature that must have been programmed into him. A homing beacon for his cage. Good boy. Go lay down and go to your Master when he asks for you. What a load of shit. He sat down onto his simple bed: a mattress pad on top of a rickety old cot with one flat pillow without a cover and a thick wool blanket. There was a toilet, a sink, and a metal table with a stool on the opposite side of the cell. Simple fixtures for a simple man. He couldn't do anything with his time besides do the basic biological functions he still had, being part organic and part digital. The rest of him belonged to the Emperor.


Except for the little, itty bitty part of him that was sitting in the corner of his brain.


He had to find some way out of here. The ring must have had a weakness. Davis couldn't imagine that he had tested it extensively--the Digidestined would have known. Ken was far too above testing his experiments on himself (and how would one go about controlling oneself anyway?). The boy was a genius, but he couldn't have been above beta testing. Davis just had to figure out what he could do to break it from the inside, as it was literally his only option.


His body laid back onto the bed, his aching bones and muscles screaming throughout his brain, but his face expressing no emotion. There was no use trying to fight it for now. As much as he wanted to fight against the darkness, he needed to rest, and his programming seemed to agree with him. Tomorrow, he'd figure out what to do. He had to. Ken wouldn't be allowed to use him again, and he wouldn't be put up to hurting his friends. Not if he still existed somewhere inside his own head.


Davis closed his eyes and quickly fell into a dreamless and thoughtless sleep.




Davis was standing at the entrance of the control room where Ken had been all morning. He couldn't remember how he had gotten there--that notion alone terrifying him a little. He didn't remember waking up, but he had obviously been awake for some time. It appeared like he had been standing there for quite some time, if the soreness in his feet could be any indication. With all his will, he tried to turn his head to look about, but his body rigidly opposed him, forcing him to stare forward at the hallway wall ahead of him. A hand? Nope. Tap of a foot? Zip. A twitch of an eye? Nadda.


There had to be something...


"Bring it to the hanger." He said to the Vegiemon at his feet. The vegetable digimon was holding a large metal contraption. The Emperor had told him it was very important, but chose not to inform his slave of any more details. Davis was in charge of rerouting the digimon from bothering the Master as he worked. It wasn't his business to know the affairs of a genius, anyway. He too was but a lowly slave. Just get the pieces to where they needed to be, and the Master would be pleased.


Davis didn't like being so close to the Emperor. He didn't need to be able to look through the door to hear his delicate fingers dashing across his panels, cooking up some menacing plan that was bound to affect his friends and hundreds of innocent digital lives. At any moment he could command Davis to go out and fight his friends, hurt Veemon, or... No, Davis wasn't going to let anything else happen. He couldn't.


Desperately, Davis tried to move any part of his body again. Anything. Even the slight change of breathing. A flair of a nostril. A clench of a jaw.




Somehow, he managed to make his heart sink, though. When he heard Ken's voice call for him, and as he felt his body gravitate toward the words like a dog on a leash, he tried again to seize his body. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't leave your post. He's nothing. Nothing. Nothing but a sick fuck.


"Yes, Master?" Davis' dead voice was a surprising contrast to he usual charismatic tone. It hung heavy in the room, as he neared his Master. The slave stood beside the Emperor as he worked, watching how he slightly bit his lip as he worked deep in thought. The soft knit of his brow as he came across a problem he couldn't solve instantly. The sweet smile that crossed his cheeks, causing shallow creases in his pale skin. He was truly a privileged sight to behold.


He was everything. Everything. Everything that ever mattered.

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The Emperor grinned with satisfaction as his slave entered the room, typing away for a few more brief moments before glancing up to face the auburn-haired Digidestined. He pressed another button, and all the screens in the control room were filled with the image of the model for his new control spire. This obelisk was taller and thicker than all his previous models, and gleamed like a finely-polished piece of onyx in the digital sun. It was truly the perfect accompaniment to his newest version of the dark ring, something that could hold his control over the beings of the Digital World much more easily than the previous model. 


"How does it look, Davis?" He allowed his slave's name to roll off of his tongue, as if he savored the taste of those syllables in such a context. Yes, now that Davis was his property, his own little personal plaything, he did enjoy saying his name, in contrast to when the brat had been his adversary, and he had spat out his name in disgust during battles. 

"They're perfect, aren't they? Purely perfect. A work of genius." Ken prided himself, knowing that the other had no choice but to agree with him. "With these new spires, I'll be able to control all beings-- digital and otherwise-- under the influence of my modified dark rings." He chuckled, motioning for the teen to come closer. 

Once Davis had obeyed his orders, the Digimon Emperor stood, cupping the Digidestined's chin as he did so and brushing a strand of auburn hair from the slave's glowing, red eyes. Stroking the teen's cheek almost fondly, Ken leaned down, his lips brushing against the outer shell of Davis's ear.

"Which means that your friends will be joining you soon.." he whispered, a slight smirk forming on his lips as his grasp on the Digidestined's chin tightened. 

A part of him wanted to kiss this version of Davis, this being programmed to do nothing but please him and obey his every command. He wanted to display his possession of the other, like a child would show fondness for a new doll he or she had wanted for a particularly long time. 

In a way, he had wanted Davis for a long time. Ever since the day he had identified the auburn-haired soccer player as one of the Digidestined, Ken had fantasized about bringing the other teenager under his control, making him turn against his friends to serve him and only him. And here he had him, flexible to his will, able to make the other sink to his knees at a simple command, to make him come to him with a snap of his fingers like a well-trained mutt.

What else could he possibly want?

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, the Digimon Emperor growled in frustration. 


No, the presence of his new slave was turning him soft. 


What's so special about this brain-washed idiot?


Nothing. All the flirtatious touching, the brushing of Davis's lips against his, it was all in the programming of the dark ring. The Digimon Emperor was simply falling for his own design.


Releasing his hold on the other, Ken flung Davis away angrily, taking a seat at his controls once more. "Leave. You've angered your master."

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Davis watched as a varied array of emotions crossed his Master's face. Joy. Pride. Thoughtfulness. He felt a tight pressure on his face, realizing that the Emperor was squeezing his chin. The other boy got so close he could feel his body heat mingling with his own, and he could smell the earthy tone of the tyrant's leather gloves. The mention of friends hissed into his ear, and he had a hard time remembering what that word even meant. Being so close to the Emperor made a part of his programmed brain go dizzy, and he could no longer think at all...


His friends. Davis' friends. The Digidestined. So that was Ken's plan? It only made sense, Davis figured. They were the single greatest obstacle between Ken and his goal to take over the Digital World. Focus on eliminating the human threat, and the Digital World was nothing but pieces of code. But Ken knew they were human. It was abundantly clear that he didn't understand that digimon were living things, just like Davis or Kari or Cody or even himself... But it surprised even Davis that Ken could intend to harm and control people. That slapping a dark ring around Davis' neck and forcing himself upon the goggle head was something that was acceptable. Who knew how psychopathic the boy really was. Could he kill? Maybe if they got in his way enough...


"The Digidestined will understand the correct and chosen path, Master." Their lips were close, teasing each other with unspoken want. He couldn't see the Emperor's eyes through the purple lenses he wore, but the devious smile on his face was word enough of what was going on inside the boy's head. "And I will do all that I am able to make them understand." Even if it meant hurting them. Even if it meant hurting himself.


The Emperor tightened his grip on Davis' face and tossed the boy aside. Davis stumbled slightly before regaining his balance and looked up at the Emperor. The look on the tyrant's face was dark--disgusted and angry and malignant--a complete change from the over glow of pride he was emitting moments before. "What have I done?" Davis asked, confused but emotionless as before. All he wanted to do was to help and to serve. Why was he being called away? "I apologize." He bowed slightly and exited the room, lacking the capability to look behind to see if the Emperor was watching him leave.


With Ken having given away his latest plan, Davis knew he had a timer now. He had to break out of the control, or else they'd all be stuck as Ken's peons. From the looks of Ken's plans, it looked like it was going to be soon--maybe within a week. If the Digidestined showed up any sooner, then he might be crazy enough to try out his new toys earlier--he already had with Davis. And who was to say they weren't working?


Davis stood guard to the control room until Ken grew tired and left to his quarters, ordering the goggle head to do the same. Luckily, no favors were asked, but awkward glances and gentle (and not so gentle) touches were exchanged as they parted ways for the night. Davis felt his heart pounding as the Emperor almost gave him a taste of his lips, but left again with a snide grin, his cape slapping against Davis' hand as he left down the hall.


Just one time... Please.


What was he thinking? Shuffling his feet down the corridor, his body once again exhausted but being drawn along by a string of his inner consciousness, Davis cursed everything that was happening. He was stronger than this. He could beat this, and he could certainly beat Ken. What if Ken did get to the Digidestined? The boy of courage was their leader--he had to protect them. But how could he protect them when he had consistently failed at protecting himself? He couldn't even blink his own eyes...


Dropping onto the bed of his cell, Davis stared at the wall across from him for a few minutes, thoughts attempting to pass through his brain, but flittering away like dandelions on a breeze. Laying back, his eyes fluttering to a close, and he came to realize again just how trapped he really was.




"You need to help him." A worried voice called out.


Davis tried to open his eyes to see where the voice was coming from, but he couldn't.


"He used to be such a kind boy..."


Davis managed to groan, his eyes slowly opening, though he couldn't tell if he was actually successful. It was so dark...


"Help him."


"Who?" Davis said softly. He knew the answer, but couldn't imagine how the subject in question could have ever been kind.


There was no response.


"WHO?!" He shouted into the darkness, the end of the question cracking, shattering the illusion around him. He was sitting upright in his bed, breathing heavily. Blinking, he looked down at his shaking hands. "Who?" Davis touched his face and felt the beads of sweat rolling down his cheek. Licking his lips, he could taste the saltiness of his unwashed skin. He brushed one hand through his hair and sighed.


Then it hit him. He was awake. And was very much in control.


Carefully, Davis slid out of bed, tapping his feet on the ground, as if working with them for the first time. He smiled, pleased with how he had finally been able to break the program's curse. But what to do now? Continue on as pretending to be a slave to gain more information? Go get Veemon and bust out of here? Davis liked the latter option much better. The longer he stayed around the greater possibility of him not being able to escape later. If he had a chance now, he might as well take it.


Taking one hand, he grabbed the dark ring around his neck, a shock running across his fingers and through his arm, up his neck and into his ears, as the ringing returned and he was once again under the Emperor's control.

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Finished. His new dark rings were finished. Perfectly programmed to bend both organic and digital beings to his will, these instruments of his design would pair well with his new control spires, and would put all of the Digital World under his control. It was infallible, really. The Digidestined would no longer serve a threat to him, as they would be serving him as his new slaves. Everything would follow the plan he had originally set, before those brats had arrived. It would once again be his world of escape, a place where he could be in control.


All these years, that had been the one thing he truly felt he was losing. Ever since Sam's death, pressure had been put on him by his parents to fill his older brother's shoes, to earn the title of "boy genius" that their oldest son had only gotten a taste of. Hours of studying and hard work, judo practice, soccer games, computer programming sciences, day after day after day Ken had felt as if he were paying for his brother's death by becoming him. 


This is what he deserved, after all, wasn't it? Was it not he himself who had wished his elder brother would simply disappear? 

The unforgettable sound of a car screeching to an alarming halt, the loud thump of his body being hit by the moving vehicle, the subtle crunch as his rib cage surrendered to the onslaught of the car's front bumper. Like he was nothing at all, as if Sam Ichijouji's bones were made of porcelain, as if his skin were some sort of thin paper. His unmoving body slumped in an unnatural position in the middle of the street, the wailing of sirens as paramedics arrived on the scene. 

The rest of the scene was blurry to Ken; either by his own tears or by the passage of time. Perhaps both. 

Years later, he still couldn't bare to visit Sam's grave, as if doing so would be offensive to his elder brother's resting spirit. He had brought this upon Sam. He would still be alive and well, and probably twice the genius Ken was now, if the younger had not wished such an ill fate upon him. 

This is my punishment, Ken thought. 

And yes, to a degree he did enjoy being one of the smartest kids in Japan, in the entire world, even. It was good to know you're the best, and that no one will ever compare to you. But the life of a boy genius left him empty; everything he ever achieved was to please his parents, to replace the son Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji had lost to that speeding car. 

Here in the Digital World, Ken lived for no one else. He was his own master, as well as everyone else's. 

Turning to face Wormmon, the Digimon Emperor ordered him to retrieve his favorite human captive. There was something utterly satisfying about making Davis his slave, seeing a boy with so much free will and a kind-hearted nature being degraded to something almost robotic. Something in the back of his mind nagged that it wasn't right, that Ken knew that enslaving a living, breathing human being was perverse and completely wrong. He ignored it. He had wanted Davis as his own for so long, and now he had him. Here in the Digital World, he was free to do as he wished. 

Davis's arrival a few moments later brought a satisfied grin to the Digimon Emperor's face; no more thinking about Sam, or his parents, or the pressures of being a boy genius. Right now, he had his favorite possession, his loyal subject, to attend to. 

"Davis," he savored the name. "Come to your Master."

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So close. So close to being free.


Davis' arms hung heavily at his sides, his mind once again not being able to complete simple motor functions. Having had his mobility back for such a short amount of time, he remembered how frustrating it was to not even be able to curse out his emotions. His body swayed slightly into the bars of his cage and then stood up straight again, as if his limbs were still in the process of rebooting themselves--configuring the files and running the checks. Making sure everything was in order--the order of being controlled.


Somewhere inside, Davis sighed.


No matter his state now, he had managed to beat this control. The question was just how he could do it again? Who had talked to him? Did he really need to save Ken? There couldn't possibly be a good person inside of that husk of a boy. The things he had seen Ken do to digimon, to his friends, to this world... How could he ever be considered "kind"?


Ken was a Digidestined, though. He had to be. He had to the dark digivice and everything. Only Digidestined got digivices. There had to be something about Ken that would have allowed him into this place. Something before he decided it was a good idea to take up a whip and slash open slaves. The Digital World wouldn't just choose anybody to be its savior.


But damn... It was just so hard to see...


Davis lumbered down the hallway, his feet dragging him down the metal corridors and up the elevator shaft until he was standing, once again, outside of the control room. This seemed to be his official post. Being close to the Emperor, but not in the way of his scheming. Davis directed unwanted traffic away from his master, doing his best to keep control of the compound when he couldn't keep control of himself. Davis was pretty sure Ken enjoyed the silent company he provided. Once, he caught the boy genius looking timidly over his shoulder, his eyes round and his mouth slightly parted. When he had caught the glance of the red-head, his lips sealed and he turned his attention back to his console. It was as if he was making sure Davis hadn't left. That he wasn't alone.


Maybe he just wanted somebody to watch him in his brilliance.


Maybe he was lonely.


... Maybe he was just a jerk!


It was time for a check up. Davis entered the doorway of the control room, as he had done several times throughout the past couple of days, and announced his entrance. "Master." He slowly stepped in, his boots making a muffled echo throughout the metallic room. His Master called him forward, and he followed the words blindly to the boy's side. He watched the boy intently, hoping for good news or sarcastic praise to escape those pursed lips. As always, he just wanted to please.


But just then, Davis caught something in Ken's eyes. There was a touch of sadness, even a bit of that loneliness that he prescribed... For a brief moment, he felt great empathy for the boy, like his heart was wrenching up and morphing into the emotions painted across Ken's face. There was something more to him. Something he was hiding. Something that was driving him to be the incredible twat he was being now. It would be so hard to forgive what Ken had done to him and his friends, but...


Maybe he did need help. They both needed help.


Davis twitched his right index finger, feeling the soft denim against it, and said, "What can I assist you with, Master?"

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The Emperor looked up at Davis, trying his best to cast the thoughts about Sam to the back of his mind. Now was not the time to dwell on past events, no matter how tightly they clung to his psyche. He had other matters to attend to. 


However, he faltered for one split second. Swallowing a lump in the back on his throat, a single tear slipped down his cheek from beneath his glasses, and he bit his lip as he forced his remaining sadness away. No, not in front of Davis. He couldn't show any weakness, not even to his slave. 


Ken recovered, and he addressed the other.


"Davis," the name came out more forced than he had intended, "Come here." The Digimon Emperor patted a spot on his thighs, indicating for the other to sit on his lap. 


Once the Digidestined complied, Ken allowed a gloved hand to rest just above Davis's knee. "Tell me, Digidestined. Do you know what tomorrow is?" His index finger rubbed a slow, circular pattern into Davis's tan skin. "No? I'll give you a hint."

Reaching back behind him, the tyrant pushed a button on his keyboard, causing all of the screens of the control room to glow brightly. Live footage of the other Digidestined walking around in one of the Digital World's many forests filled the screens, the children's voices filling the room as they called out Davis's name. 

"They're only about 30 miles away from my base." Ken's hand ventured a little further up Davis's leg, a faint grin pulling at his lips. "And tomorrow, they will be here. I will make sure of that," the Emperor stroked his pet's inner thigh softly, looking the Digidestined in the eyes through his tinted glasses. 


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Davis sat on the Emperor's lap comfortably, as if it was a gesture they had shared so intimately several times before. He placed one arm around the boy's shoulder's, and held their bodies close to each other. They were silent for a long while. The only sound was that of the humming of the control panels and the muffled voices lazily wafting from the speakers. Davis looked at his master, trying to decipher the boy's emotion behind those purple lenses. Was it program him or real him that was starting to accept this pathetic boy for all his flaws?


It must have been the programming.


Emperor continued talking. He exposed his plans, as he normally did, knowing that Davis couldn't stop any of them from coming to fruition. It was just another game that he so enjoyed to play--one that pissed off Davis to no end. The other boy turned the volume up on the console, the familiar naggy voice of Yolei and the sweet melody of Kari's filled the room. Even in the back of his brain, Davis realized what was going on. The Digidestined were looking for him. And the Emperor was going to catch them too.


Ugh. Why'd they have to come after him! No. No... Of course they were looking for him. They were a team. They always stood together. Nobody was left behind. But they had no idea what was going on. They had no idea of what Ken was capable. 


Davis wanted to punch his captor. Punch him so hard that he bled and broke and screamed. It had only been a few days since he had been here, or so he thought, but it felt like forever. And the things he forced him to do... He didn't want it to happen to the others. It couldn't happen. He wouldn't let it happen. How could he fix this?


"They will know as I do who their true master is." It wasn't so much the seductive coo, but the words themselves, that made Davis' stomach turn a little. Davis grazed his nose along the Emperor's cheek, feeling a dampness cooling the tip of it. Delicately--carefully--he placed his lips on the chilled skin, tasting the salty tear that had wicked down his face. So the boy did have feelings after all. For a moment, Davis wondered what it could have been that drove the callous statue to break a few cracks. "But I will always be your favorite." Davis purred, a smile slicing across his stoic face for the first time since the dark ring took possession of him.


Daringly, Davis locked lips with Ken. The other's cool skin shocked the red-head. He moved his lips against the other's until finally Ken gave in and kissed back, reluctantly and a little bit sloppy. Butterflies flew up through Davis' chest, their lips becoming warm and pink against each other. Placing his left hand on Ken's cheek and holding him close with the other, Davis forced his tongue between clenched teeth and took his master in deeply and passionately. His heart started to race, the thrill of finally capturing the softness of Ken's lips against his caused his whole body to feel like it was floating. Like he wasn't himself.


Ever since Davis had heard about the genius kid, he was star struck. Ken Ichijouji was good at everything. School. Sports. Looks. Probably girls, too. If you were a teenage boy in Japan, you either idolized or hated Ichijouji. Davis always fell in the former category. When he got to play Ken at soccer, he was overwhelmed with an array of emotions. Nervousness. Pride. Admiration. Determination. Envy. Davis wanted to be everything Ken was, and if he couldn't be, then he wanted to be noticed by him. It shook and hurt him pretty deep when he found out that Ken was the Emperor. Davis didn't have many role models, and the one that happened to be his own age also happened to be a sadistic torturer. What a mind fuck.


Davis moaned deeply into Ken's mouth, his body shifting so he was standing and leaning into Ken as he sat in his chair. His hands found their way down the boy's sides, touching what he could, feeling what he wanted. Ken didn't resist.


But whether he would admit it or not, Ken had seen Davis as an equal. Somebody worthy of being an opponent. Maybe if he was worthy of being an opponent, he was worthy of being a friend. Ken obviously had his fair share of shit to fix. The things he had done to the Digital World and to Davis weren't going to be so easily mended. But there had to be something more to Ken besides what was portrayed on television and how he acted in the Digital World. Davis could still taste the salty sadness on the tip of his tongue. He knew Ken could break--if he wasn't already. Maybe Davis really could help put this mess of a human back together. The warmth in his heart, and pounding in his ears, and the goosebumps on his skin told him that maybe that voice in his cell was right.


Davis broke the kiss, shyly looking up at Ken, expecting the boy to reprimand him for his unrequested actions. Staring back at him through Ken's glasses was a lust-filled expression--lips parted and eyes... Dark.


"K... Ken."

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"D-Davis," Ken's voice faltered a little, the way his heartbeat seemed to have done when the boy had first begun to kiss him. What was he feeling? Arousal? Confusion? Both? Was he losing his grip on what he thought he wanted? 

A part of him loved this side of Davis, this forward being who petted him and kissed him until his mind was a whirl, a jumbled mess of confusion and lust. Was this part of the programming he had installed into the dark ring? He sure didn't remember putting this much detail into it, that was for sure. 

Who was he to say that this was a negative outcome? Yes, he had programmed the ring to give its host feelings of undying loyalty to the Emperor, maybe even a little bit of intended affection, but who was to say that maybe that affection couldn't vary depending on its host? 

Whatever was influencing the goggle-head to display this amount of physical affection, Ken decided he was okay with it. 

Wait a minute, had Davis just called him "Ken"? 

That was definitely not in his programming, and the Emperor knew it. He abhorred being called that name here in the Digital World. Ken Ichijouji was just the thing he was trying to escape here, the persona he wanted to leave behind in his dark, cold room at his parents' residence. The fact that Davis had uttered it while still wearing the dark ring could only mean one thing: he was slowly overcoming its power. 

But if that was the case, then why was he displaying this amount of affection towards the boy genius? Surely if the Digidestined had any control over himself right now, kissing the Digimon Emperor would probably be the last thing on his mind. 

Ken stared up darkly into the redhead's wide, lust-filled eyes, which seemed to be losing more of their reddish glow as their activities continued. Could this affectionate side really be Davis's personality bubbling to the surface? 

If he had held any other state of mind at the moment, Ken would have had the Digidestined sedated until he could adjust the dark ring back to normal. A falter in his control over Davis could mean the crumble and decay of his plans; he had already revealed too much to him. 

However, as his heart beat wildly in his chest, and he felt the blood rush rapidly to his cheeks (among other places), the violet-haired boy decided that maybe this little display of the Digidestined's affection wasn't so bad. 

Tugging at the collar of Davis's shirt, Ken pulled him forward, pressing a rough kiss to the goggle-head's lips. He reached an arm around to pull the Digidestined's legs in closer to him, squeezing Davis's thigh teasingly while doing so. 


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Davis had no idea what he was doing, his mouth moving against Ken's again, in an all too self-aware state. For once, he underestimated his own determination. Distracting Ken from his scheming was working like a charm, and he was turning himself good again to boot. But what the fuck was he doing? Sure, they were both teenagers, and apparently very horny ones at that, but he had no attraction to Ken. Even when he believed the dirtbag to be a good guy.


So why did it feel so good to be so close to him?


The goggle head brought his master closer to him, snaking one hand between their bodies as he found the buckle on the Emperor's jumpsuit. He unlatched it, the click of the buckle echoing the smack of their lips. Taking hold of the zipper to his fly, he quickly released the boy's arousal from beneath the layers of clothing. He took the shaft within his hand and pumped it slowly, feeling a lot more clumsy now that he had relative control of his body again, but he had to do his best to focus. He did this to himself all the time. It couldn't be too hard to do it to somebody else... Right?


What the hell was he thinking?


Although he was fairly certain Ken knew Davis was returning to normal, the red-head continued the folly. "M-master." He couldn't think of anything else to say that didn't make him feel upset to his stomach or that would break out of character. He ran an open palm up Ken's dick before taking hold of it again and jerking rhythmically as he captured Ken's lips. The blood was flowing in Ken's cheeks, and he wasn't nearly as cold as he was a few moments ago. He was warm and comforting and incredibly soft. Davis would have never known he was kissing a boy on the other end, let alone a maniac.


Was he being fair?


He was using Ken right now. He wanted the boy distracted and spent so that he could make his motion to escape--as long as he had control over the ring, of course. It was so hard to come back to feeling used himself when he knew that there must be something underneath all that spiky hair and pompous attitude. After all, Ken had exposed a bit of his emotion moments before Davis had entered the room. If he had that... Then maybe he wasn't a monster.


Davis stroked harder and longer, pecking the boy's lips gingerly with his own. He was teasing the boy into frustrated whimpers--a sight that came dangerously close to arousing even himself. Sitting back slightly to look into Ken's face, he saw raw emotion painted across it. It wasn't angry or cocky or stoic... It was contentment and lust and enjoyment. Never before had he seen that face on anybody. And he was making it happen.


It was clear Ken was about to climax, his body shaking and his breath becoming labored and sharp into tiny whimpers. Davis kissed a light path up Ken's cheek and whispered into his ear, "Let me help you." It could have been taken as the program talking, but it was the real Davis. He wanted to find what was buried under all those layers. He wanted to figure out why Ken had to hide behind glasses and a whip. Everybody deserved second chances, right? At least, that's what they always say in the movies.

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The Emperor tried to contain the small whimpers that were escaping his fevered lips as he grew closer to his climax, one hand clamping over his mouth as the other grasped Davis's tan wrist tightly. If the Digidestined was regaining control over his body, then why was he doing this? Why didn't he just knock Ken's lights out and escape? 


Unless there was more to the redhead than the tyrant thought. Perhaps Davis really did have a plan brewing in that goggle-headed brain of his, and he was just using this seduction as a way to distract him.. 

Another firm, fluid stroke broke Ken's train of thought, and the violet-haired boy moaned loudly. "D-Davis..." he was getting dangerously close, and the Digidestined seemed intent on teasing the other by the way he slowed his pace. "S-shit.." 

The Digimon Emperor arched up into Davis's grip a little, nearly begging for the other to quicken his pace, stroke harder, to finish him off. Ken knew he probably looked pathetic right now, his cheeks red with arousal, his body fidgeting with a need to reach its peek.

He felt Davis kiss along his cheek before puffing hot, lustful breaths into his ear. The redhead whispered something along the lines of "let me help you", and before Ken could question what the boy meant, he felt Davis's hand pick up pace on his arousal, sending him over the edge in the matter of a few strokes. 

Ken couldn't contain himself as he cried out, shivering a little as he came on the front of his outfit. He'd have to wash that out later, he thought, his mind in a half-daze as he began to come down slowly from his orgasm. 

Grabbing Davis by the collar once more, the Digimon Emperor pressed his lips wantonly against the other's, his emotions a-whirl within the confines of his lust-addled brain.  

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There was something oddly satisfying about pleasing Ken. The boy's glasses had slid down his nose and his lips were ajar, allowing the passing of heavy, labored breath between them. He looked like a person. A person with emotions. He was just a kid like Davis after all. Davis had turned Ken into a different person, and that was pretty satisfying.


And Ken was kinda cute, he guessed. Ick?


Davis was brought in for a rough and heated kiss, not at all objecting willingly to it. Was he really having fun at this point? Maybe. He wasn't above getting distracted by details, especially ones that made him feel good. Ken wasn't doing anything evil as long as they were screwing around, and nobody had to know what they were doing, right?


... What if anybody found out?


He was brainwashed. That's the excuse. He had no control. Nobody would believe Ken. But Davis didn't want it to really end either. He wanted more. The sweet taste of Ken lingered on his tongue, and the warmth on his lips left him desiring more. The kiss continued on for some time, Davis continuing to hold and touch and pet what he could from his spent partner. He felt like he was under the spell of the ring again--lost out of his mind, just touching and feeling what his body wanted. Is this how it felt to be intimate? Ugh. Did it matter?


"Ken," he started, exposing his full chocolate eyes to the boy who held him captive. "Don't." He kissed the boy again, trying to gently ease him into what he was going to say. Maybe Ken could change his mind... Maybe he could convince the boy that he should let him go. That his dark rings weren't going to work on his friends--he needed more time to experiment. He could be the guinea pig. If it meant he could save his friends... "Don't do it. If I can..." It was clear that emotion was the way to break the ring, and Davis surely had enough of it. He knew if any of his friends succumbed to the rings, they probably wouldn't be able to break it as he did (except maybe Yolei), but he didn't have to say why he was able to break the control. "You need to run more tests." He grinned slightly, teasing the Emperor, knowing that it might end in a swift punch to his jaw or instantly succumbing to the ring's power again.


But it would buy him time, and time honestly had more success than outright beating Ken's face in and attempting to make an escape. Ken deserved a chance to show who the crying boy was to the rest of the world. For that, Davis' safety didn't matter anymore. He had the digiegg of friendship, after all. It was time to make a friend out of his enemy.

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