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OPEN The Surreality Idea Orphanage

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Welcome, roleplayers, to the Surreality Idea Orphanage! Now you're probably thinking, "Why is there an orphanage for ideas? Why are you wearing a mask? And why does this oily rag smell funny?"

Not to worry friends! I'm here to answer all of your questions. Maybe. Ok, just one.

Idea Orphanage

The Idea Orphanage was a tool used on S*T where members would bring an idea to the table that they weren't using in order to share with others; think of it as a pot luck, where everyone brings something and takes something.

Can't think of an idea for a roleplay? No worries--just adopt one! Do you come up with more ideas for roleplays than MTV does crappy reality shows? Drop them off here! As long as there is a plot, then your idea is fair game! Ready? Alright, let's get started!

So, for example...

A man and woman fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

Or you could be more descriptive, such as...

A young man from the faraway land of Gazuile travels to Zandof and meets a beautiful princess; the two embark on a long adventure in search of a mythical and legendary blade that is said to contain limitless power. Together, they overcome insermountable odds in hopes of saving the dying kingdom!

Sounds simple enough, right? Right!

However, there are a few guidelines to the Idea Orphanage, and they are as follows:

- Only post ideas in here, please.

- There is no need to state your adoption in this thread. If you'd like to give credit, please do so in your RP Discussion topic.

- Please, no commentary, if you'd like to compliment an idea, send a PM.

- Once you post an idea here, it is NO LONGER YOURS. You may still use this idea, but you do not have the authority to tell others that they cannot. You may, however, ask that credit be given if you see your idea in use.

- Separate multiple ideas with bullets or gaps, just so they're easier to read through.

- Plots are free to be any genre, from shoot-em-up western to space sci-fi to smutty romance (but please don't get too explicit in this thread!)

And that, as they say, is that. Have fun and thank you for choosing Surreality as your number one destination for creative writing!

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Well here's something I should have done years ago! I can never seem to get a roleplay started but i keep having these ideas I want to try out! I guess my talents lie only inwriting settings and characters, not plot.


In any case here are a few of the projects I’d love to see used (again) and would love to take part in.


Jet Set Radio Remix: Basically we go through the JSRF storyline with the GGs and our own characters. Last time I tried it there was a huge response to it, so dont worry about a small response. Certain points of the game's plot need to be retooled to allow a group I guess and I'd love to help out.


Pokemon Hoenn: same idea, go through the Pokemon R/S/E storyline with a group of original characters and perhaps turn up the average age and start with advanced trainers. in particular, it would focus on the Team Aqua/Magma conflict not the League or gym challenge. 

Because of the more experienced and older charactrers I’ve been trying to write a better origin and motivation for the two teams, here’s the short version:

Team magma rose from a mercenary group under the leadership of Maxie, who try to unlock the devastating power of Groudon to bring nations to its knees. Team Aqua has its origins in a pirate group led by Archie, disguising the team as environmental activists/eco-terrorists, but really wanting to use Kyogre to devastate the coastlines and take control of the seas and coastlines to freely plunder.

you can have either the one good one bad approach of Ruby and Saphire or have it grey on grey morality/ black on black like Emerald.



Beyond Good and Evil: Blackout

Similar to the above, but with a twist; We RP through an alternate storyline taking place parallel to the game’s plot but otherwise it's the same setting as the original.

Just like in the game we start with the blackout taking down the defense fields over the city and islands during the DomZ attack. The characters meet up in the comotion and maybe stumble on a clue regarding the disappearances of people supposedly taken to the hospital after an earlier raid. This leads to involvement with Iris setting in motion a story on another front of the fight between Iris and the DomZ/Alpha's, aiding the resistance and helping Jade out indirectly.


Feel free to send me a PM if you want to give one of these a try. Be it a private or open RP, I'd be happy to help out!.

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I've always had an idea for a roleplay that involved a character who is in a coma, and while trapped within his own mind, he meets other comatose people within a twisted, bizarre world where they seek the truth of what has happened to them, how they got there and how to escape the prison of their own minds.

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