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OOC: Private RP between my self and BlackZodiac, rated 'X' for violence, blood, language, dark themes, etc.





"And as the sun, that had been too afraid to show its face in this city, started to turn the black into grey, I smiled.

Not out of happiness. But because I knew... that one day, I wouldn't have to do this anymore.

One day, I could stop fighting. Because one day... I would win.

One day, there will be no pain, no loss, no crime. Because of me, because I fight.

For you. One day, I will win."

- Batman








The year is 2077. Ten years ago, Batman vanished, leaving the people of Gotham City to the seedy underbelly of criminal scum and psychopaths. Nobody could understand what happened or why he left, but he was never seen again. The bat signal was dismantled when he stopped coming, and life resumed for the people of Gotham, forgetting that once there had been a dark avenger, stalking the rooftops of the city. Ever waiting, ever watchful. But many felt that the Batman would return one day, but they could never have known it would take ten years, or that his return would signal the beginning of a dangerous new age for Gotham...


[in Pursuit of Saren]


"Oh damn!!" Jason Hunter cursed, looking over his shoulder as he ran down the street. He looked over the side of the suspended pedestrian lane and realised he was too high up from the city's ground level. The city had long since been separated into three distinct 'zones'. The top zone or 'Zone 01' was bright, sunny and most of the residential areas were given to politicians, the very rich or the very lucky.


Zone 02 was where much of the population lived, they still had access to most every day amenities but the only light came from orange lights along the underside of the zone above them. It was a busy metropolis, often crowded to the point of breaking, but most people still lived good lives here.


However, Zone 03 was a different story. Zone 03 was mostly comprised of a mixture of slums, manufacturing plants, and other city maintenance buildings. It was a place where the inhabitants were either homeless, living in the slums, or robots going about their daily duties, trying to keep the filth of the city in check.


Gotham City had come a long way in the past fifty years. Constant redevelopment and advances in everything from technology to medicine had caused a sudden surge in the city's architecture. It was a true city of the future, replete with all the modern advances that had been made available from a number of sources, not least of all, thanks to Bruce Wayne's company - Once known as 'Wayne Enterprises' it was now known as Wayne Solutions. 

Most of the city was taken up by enormous buildings, stretching high into the sky. Multiple layers of floors allowed the city's booming population to come and go without gridlocking itself into some kind of human traffic jam. Bruce Wayne's motor vehicle hover technology had been pioneered in Gotham nearly 20 years ago, and now it was a common sight, at least, in Zone 01 where there was a greater degree of freedom in the sky.


Jason Hunter took another look behind him, the man chasing him, almost twice his size, was catching up. "Ah man, I can't believe this!!" He pushed on, his lungs were burning, "Come on, Pete! It was just a joke!!" Jason called back without breaking his stride.

"I'll smash your face in, Hunter!!" The older college student yelled back at him. Jason turned a corner as the path circled around the skyscraper and came to a dead end. A stop for taxis to pull in for pedestrians hailing a cab.

His legs slowly came to a stop as he realised he was trapped. Jason swore, turning around to see Pete Larson come stampeding around the corner like a wild bull. "Now you're dead!!"
"Ah," Jason put his hands up reflexively and looked over his shoulder, "Be reasonable, Pete!!" He took a step back until he was almost at the edge, his back nudged against the metal railing stopping him from falling several hundred feet down.
"Come here, Hunter. This is the last time i'm gonna say it." Pete replied. Pete Larson was something of a college bully, he'd never really grown out of the rule from highschool, and it just so happened he had always found it amusing to beat on Jason. When Jason had moved to Gotham City University, it was sheer dumb luck that Pete had followed.

[Agent Combat]


What now? Jason thought. Pete didn't waste any time, he charged at Jason who instinctively ducked as the punch flew over his head, he rolled forwards and swung his leg around, sweeping Pete's legs out from under him. He started to run but Pete was already to his feet and giving chase. He looked up and saw a street lamp ahead of him. He ran for the metal pole. Pete roared behind him and as Jason turned once more as he reached the lamp post, Pete swung his large meaty fist at Jason's face. This time he leapt into the air, tucking his legs in and as Pete's fist struck the metal pole Jason landed on the man's arm expertly and even as Pete withdrew his fist in pain and confusion, Jason ran up the brute's arm and swiftly booted him in the jaw. 

Pete Larson - built like a wrestler - hit the ground, hard. Jason looked down at his watch, it was an old watch. One of those analog watches he'd seen in old magazines. He had been given it by his father a couple of years ago as a birthday present. Jason wasn't brilliant at a lot of his subjects, though he was intelligent, but he loved technology. New and old. He always wanted to know how something was put together, and how to take it apart. In this case, a kick to the jaw sufficed.

The thought made him grin. Jason was an attractive young man of Japanese descent. He was in his late teen's with styled, medium length black hair, soft features and dark, almond-shaped eyes. There was no more time, he had to get to GCU or he was going to miss a second lecture already. It was only his third day. He was sure his lecturer was going to flip a lid when he arrived in late, besides, he wasnt going to stick around here any longer and wait for Pete to wake up. He turned and ran back the way he'd come.





[The Citadel]


At last, he saw it. There before him was Gotham City Universtiy. A giant building that took up a great portion of his view ahead, as he approached the college a robot that looked vaguely human, though silver in colour, put it's arm out. "Identification, Citizen."
"Jason Hunter." He replied, pulling out his I.D. Card, the robot took it, scanned it once with its eyes, a little red light beaming back and forth over the I.D. Then a second later it looked up and did the same process with Jason, "Identification, Confirmed. Have a pleasant day."
"Yeah, no kidding." He muttered, the robot let him pass into the university grounds. 

He sprinted down the main path towards the university's large double doors, while he loved technology overall he didn't like robots. They were cold and emotionless, made him feel uncomfortable. And unfortunately they seemed to be used for almost everything. From maintenance and cleaning to servants and city guards. He felt like it was a little bit overkill at times, especially as the robots carried guns and more often than not street thugs would ambush them and take their weaponry, providing them with a further means to commit crimes.

Putting it from his mind, Jason reached the front doors and stepped inside as they opened automatically. Inside the university it was bright, white and very clean. A receptionist noticed him and ushered him on without further identification but before he got to his class he checked his watch and realised he'd actually now missed his entire day. Jason hung his head in frustration, this was not going to happen tomorrow, he'd make sure of it. Just as he put his hands on his hips and wondered what he was going to do for the remainder of the day, he heard a familiar voice.

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[ The Illusive Man ]




Selene Basette stood behind Jason. She was a vision with lightly tan olive colored skin and long wavy dark brown hair with chunky muddled honey colored highlights that framed her face. Her emerald eyes were glaring at Jason from behind her black rimmed glasses. A look that spoke of comical disapproval. She wore tight black pants and a dark blue short sleeve cropped top which revealed her toned stomach. Her feet were enclosed in solid lime green sneakers and across her body, resting on her right shoulder was a beaten up black bag which held all of her school supplies. Her hands comfortably rested on her hips as she looked him up and down.


"Don't tell me you missed all of your classes today!" She rolled her eyes, "What's the excuse this time? You know it's only the third day of college you really can't be messing up this quickly."


She sauntered over to him and then nudged him with her hips.

"I can't bail you out if you start digging your grave this early in the school year Hunter. Sheesh!"


Selene laughed as she began to rummage through her bag until she found a smartpad. Before he could respond she took it out and searched through her videos. An image came up on the screen of what looked like the angle of a security camera inside a lecture room. She pressed play and it was for a class she herself was not in. 


"When I didn't see you around this morning I hacked into the security camera's for all of your classes and recorded the lectures for you." 

She pressed a couple buttons and all the videos were sent to Jason's email. "You owe me BIG TIME Jason."


"I had a little run-in with Pete Larson." Jason replied, irritably. He heard the beep on his phone as he received an e-mail. "Well, I didn't know you could even do that..." He paused, "Thanks, Selene..."


"That guy is such a Neanderthal!"

She then winked at him. Selene's tummy rumbled loudly and her face turned a bit red.

"Maybe it's a good time to grab some food, you hungry at all?"


"Yeah, i'm starving, you have no idea. I ran for like an hour." Jason laughed.




[ New Worlds ]


Selene sat across from Jason in the GCU cafeteria. There was a metal machine at each table. As they sat down an electronic voice spoke out;

"Please insert your stu-" Before it could finish Selene had placed her student ID into the open slot. 


"Welcome to the Cafeteria Selene Basette, today's lunch options are...

number one; turkey sandwich with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo.

number two; cheese pizza.

number three; harvest salad with grilled chicken, cranberries, walnuts, and lemon vinaigrette.

Which option would you like?"


Selene thought for a moment and then responded, "option three."


She then waited while Jason ordered. Her nails ran along the table as she sat in silence. There were so many things on her mind right now. Her father was deep in debt to the Maroni Family Mob this month, so with that weighing down on her this was not the best week to be starting up college. Not to mention if her grades dropped below a 3.0 she would lose her academic scholarship. Selene could not afford to go to this school without that scholarship. She was lost in her thoughts when the food arrived. It was carried by a robot similar to the one out front that checked Ids, a red wave scanned over Selene momentarily causing her to clench her eyes shut. Then the robot placed her food in front of her. The fresh salad smelled nice. The good thing about GCU was that the food was included with tuition. Which meant for the first time, that Selene knew she could have a solid meal every day. She smiled looking at her plate before diving in and taking a couple bites. 


"mmm...delicious" she said after a couple more bites.


A large hollow screen was displayed on a white wall to the far left of the cafeteria, it took up the whole wall which was somewhere around 50 ft by 50 ft. The lady on the news was talking about how Wayne Solutions stock had sky rocketed in the last 15 years and how no other business had grown that much in the last century, it also mentioned how the eccentric billionaire had been outlandishly loud and extravagant in his youth, but since his accident was much more somber almost as if showing his true personality now. The show continued as a very in depth biography, also making note that there was alot about Wayne's private life that was unknown. A random thought popped into Selene's head as she watched the boring biography. Because she was in the company of Jason, Selene felt comfortable and could just be herself, talk freely. 



[ Das Malefitz ]


"It's so messed up that people like Bruce Wayne have all that money, I mean Gotham City is going to be called Wayne City in a matter of years practically. I bet he wouldn't even notice if a million dollars of his went missing, I bet he wouldn't even flinch! That's a lifetime of comfort for anyone else, but not Mr. Wayne Solutions... It would be such a big ruckus if someone stole money from him and he didn't even notice, you know, really show how out of touch with people's problems he really is..."


Selene was in the middle of just ranting. She did that a lot. Suddenly an alarm went off from inside her bag and Selene frantically reached inside. She took out her SmartPad and saw the blinking alert which read;


Work at District Attorney's Office in 30 Minutes!


"Oh shit! I am going to be late for work!" 

Selene immediately grubbed down the rest of her food and took off without throwing out the plate. 


"Sorry Jason - Gotta run! See you tomorrow!"


"Oh, see you!" Jason replied, he thrust his hands into the pockets of his black leather jacket, and watched her leave.


Selene slid across the table while grabbing her bag, gave a quick little kiss to Jason's cheek, and then sprinted out of the Cafeteria.


She didn't have a hover car or anything, but with a quick press to a button on her shoes they began to make her hover. She then jumped out onto the walkway/hover bike designated area of the busy air road ways. There were people in cars zipping by this way and that all around her as she tried her best to make it down town to the government district. The noise and confusion of traffic was disorienting and she had a quick idea to go try a different route. She kicked the side of her left shoe with her right and dropped down quickly to the lower level, zone 2. Falling through the air was something you really had to get used to, the feeling still made her stomach clench, regardless of how advanced the technology of the times was. Mid-air she kicked her left shoe again and steadied her position in the air. Selene hovered above the people of zone 2, her head just under the orange glow that lit the bottom of Zone 1. She flew forward through the air, avoiding a couple kids on hover boards who must have had the same idea she had. The wind on her face felt good as she looked down at the busy middle class scurrying below her like ants. Selene felt this had been a good decision, it was quicker to move this way. She zipped by and finally found herself underneath the Government district. This time she kicked her right shoe and felt a surge of energy propel her up. Wide eyed she saw a cloth covering above her. She tried to swirl, but accidentally collided with the banner, removing it from where it had once rested. She looked down as she continued to fly upward into zone 1. A lady stood out on the balcony of her apartment in Zone 2 cussing up at Selene for taking her awning.


" Sorry about that!" Selene called down, but she was probably too far away by now for the woman to hear her apology.  


Selene finally landed outside of the District Attorney level of a particularly stunning government building. Selene landed on the translucent walkway in front and turned off the hover capability on her shoes. She dusted herself and threw the fabric she had accidently stolen to the side. Selene took a deep breath in and then headed inside the building. She waited through the security lines and had to present her citizen Id through different machines. There were machines that scanned her body and those that scanned her belongings. The whole entry process took about fifteen minutes before she was finally allowed to proceed through. She quickly darted into a ladies room and ran into a stall slamming the door. She took out a dress and frantically changed. When she stepped out of the stall she was wearing a long sleeve black dress which clung to her body showing off her great physique. She slipped her bare feet into a pair of blue heels and hurriedly tied her hair up in a bun on top of her head. She stuffed her dirty school clothes into her bag and examined herself in the mirror. Selene gave her reflection a little nod of confidence. 


"Ready." She said and left the bathroom.

Selene then made her way to the Attorney General's office and quickly got to her intern work for the day. 

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[Negotiating With Miranda]


Standing at the edge of the GCU platform, Jason leant over the edge of the metal railings, staring out at Gotham. He'd seen pictures of what it used to look like, but he'd grown up in this city. It was all he knew. Zone 01 wasn't so bad. It was noisy and there were hover cars everywhere but at least the sun was shining down on them. He thought back to his childhood and what it had been like to live in the slums of Zone 03. Crime was rampant down there. The police rarely ventured below what was often called 'the dark line'. A point just below Zone 02 where you could physically see the dirt and smoke and grime of the atmosphere in the air. Unlike the bright lights of the top tier, or the orange glow cast on everything in the middle tier, the bottom tier was all dim lighting and neon. It might have been strange to others, living to the dark, fearful even. But Jason knew it was home.

When he was 14 his father had gotten lucky, he went from being a low level engineer in a refinery to landing a cushy job on the top zone. Their life had changed almost immediately. When they reached Zone 01 they were given health checks. After years of breathing in the poor air their lungs were in bad condition but they were given temporary nanites (tiny machines, smaller than dust, that perform various tasks) to clean and restore their systems to peak. This was normally expensive but his father's company had paid for the whole family without issue.

CrowTech. Owned and operated by a genius. Dr. Jonathan Crow. Their tireless efforts in the medical field through the use of nanites had saved thousands of lives alone, in Gotham. Perhaps hundreds of thousands around the world. 


It was going to be dark soon. Jason knew it was time to get home. Unfortunately, Selene had the only pair of hover shoes he had reverse-engineered from the car specs. So he had a long walk home. He asked himself on the way back how she'd managed to get them off him, but he let the question slide when the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became.


"Hey guys," He said, finally stepping through the door to their apartment. They were on the 106th floor of the Wyatt Tower apartment block. It wasn't perfect by any means, but compared to most, even in Zone 01, it was very comfortable. 
"Oh hi, sweetheart." His mother Rose, replied. "Is Selene with you?"
"No." He replied, raising an eyebrow, "Should she be?"
His mother flashed him a smile that had an answer he didnt want to read into, his face reddened, "How am I supposed to know where she is?!" He barked, throwing his bag to one side and kicking it in tight to the corridor. As he stepped in the door behind him slid shut and locked.

"That surprises me." His father, Arthur, added. "Do you remember the last time--" As Arthur launched into his sentence there was a sudden loud rumbling as a series of high beam lights passed over their apartment. The three of them looked at the large glass wall at the far end of the apartment.
"Oh Arthur, would you tune that out?!" Rose snapped. She'd clearly seen far too many hover cars passing too close to the apartment to be comfortable with the view. His father made the request to the room, and the wall of glass suddenly lightened until the light had turned pure white and it was just another wall, like the rest.

"That's better." Rose muttered. She turned back to look at Jason, but he had already used the distraction to leave the main room, "Well... I hate it when he does that." She added, irritably. Going back to her holo-novel. Scrolling through the suspended text with quick swishes of her finger in the air, until she resumed the passage she was at.

Inside his room, Jason closed the door quietly and as he sighed with relief, felt a presence in the room. "What the hell are you doin' in my room, Michael! Ya little brat!!" Jason launched himself at his 14-year-old sibling. Michael leapt out of arm's reach and his face contorted with a similar irritable expression that Jason used himself at times.
"I'm not little. I'm 14, Jayce." Michael muttered. Only Michael called him 'Jayce', having started from an early age when he could only pronounce the first three letters of his name - and it had stuck.

"You're 14. I'm five years older than you. That makes you a little, annoying squirt." He grabbed Michael this time and the two of them wrestled, laughing. 
"Four years," Michael corrected, "Kind of... cus only... your birthday was only a few weeks ago, and mine is just a week away, so soon it'll be four, right?" His brother asked.
"Sort of." Jason grinned, tussling his brother's hair and then smacking the back of his head, "Now get out of my room!!" Michael stuck his tongue out at his brother and then pulled himself out of Jason's grip and ran off.


[Testing Memories]


Jason sighed one more time and then looked around his room. It didn't look like his brother had really messed with anything. His room was fairly messy, clothes were stamped onto the ground along with some old holo-novels. He strode across the room, compared to the rest of the house his bedroom was fairly dark. He didn't like the sharp white rooms of the Wyatt Tower, they had always been too alien to him. He always kept the brightness at a third and dropped the viewing screen shield on the wall on his room which his parents had only just put up in the living room. He liked to look out. He didn't fancy the idea of using his hover shoes to fly about the city - too dangerous. But he didn't mind heights overall.

He walked across the dimly lit room, "Lights off." He said, and the room fell to darkness. Illuminated only by the bright lights of the city, the neon and the passing hover cars. He pressed his face up against the cool, reinforced glass. Losing himself to thought for a while. When he was finally pulled from his thoughts, he found it was to the sound of the front door accepting an I.D. and opening. 
"Hmm?" He mused, stepping away from the window, passing his desk of which the top was smothered in pieces of tech junk, and coming at last to his bedroom door. However as he stepped forwards the door slid open before he'd come within range and there stood Selene Basette. 


[i Was Lost Without You]


"Oh, hello!" Jason said smiling and scratching the back of his head, he laughed nervously and closed his eyes, "I uh, wasn't really --" He started to kick some of his clothes on the floor out of her sight, "Hows it goin'?" He asked.

Selene looked exhausted as she walked in, but still had a smile on her face. "Its ok Jason, I already know you're messy, its not like i'm a real guest." Selene flopped down onto his bed. "I'm exhausted, work was crazy today. Getting ready for a big trial next week. They're treating the interns like animals..."

"Like animals, huh?" Jason shrugged and walked across his room, turned away from Selene and fell onto his bed. Lying up and looking at the ceiling, "Well, y'know what they say - when you're treated for an animal for long enough..." He trailed off.


"Ha! Yea wouldn't that be a riot, come into work spliced. Maybe as a lizard or wolf girl!" She laughed a bit and glanced over at him.

Jason half-laughed at the comment, "I don't know, I think i'd be afraid of losing some part of me to that animal side. They say splicing is safe, but... I don't know..." he muttered.

"Well I would never get it done in the underground or anything, but if I had the money for a nice procedure, why not? Seems like there are a lot of benefits." Selene jumped over next to Jason and nudged him with her elbow, "Would you still be my friend if I was covered in fur?" She had a funny grin on her face as her glasses slid down her nose.

Jason laughed as though it was a silly question but inwardly, he frowned. It was a strange thought to want to change who you were, to become someone entirely different. He wasn't sure he was comfortable with the idea of that. "I guess." He said at last, "But if you start shedding - i'm out." He clapped his hands together, formed baseball's 'out' sign and laughed.
Selene just started rolling with laughter. When she finally stopped a fake serious face came over her. "Ok, so. What's the plan for dinner? I'm so hungry." She then ended it with a smile.
A wicked grin spread across Jason's face, "Dog food?" He teased.

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[The Thorian]


Selene and Jason now sat at the dinning room table along with the rest of the Hunter family. On Selene's left was Jason and on her right was Jason's little brother Michael. Jason's mother Rose was carrying a large casserole dish over and placed it in the middle of the table. The delicious looking food smelled of cheesy potato goodness. Selene was practically watering at the mouth. her eyes darted form the casserole to the large oven golden baked chicken. Jason's dad began to carve the bird as his mother finally sat down. Selene looked at both of them as she said her thank you;


"Thank you so much for having me over, dinner looks amazing Mrs. Hunter."


Rose simply smiled and replied, "Selene we practically expect you to come over now a days, you are always welcome here."


Then Mr. Hunter placed the chicken on Selene's plate and Jason passed around the serving spoon for the casserole. Selene helped herself to a sizable potion. She waited for everyone else to start eating before she dived right in. The food was fantastic. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal nowadays. Even in most homes the food was prepared by machines, home style cooking such as this was extremely rare. Her fork brought up the delicious combination of casserole and chicken smothered together in one bite and Selene's taste buds went wild. "mmmmmm" was all that escaped her for most of the meal. The sign of good cooking was silence and this group was particularly quiet as they all enjoyed their dinner. Finally when everyone was starting to be full, conversation began. 


"So Selene, Jason told us you were interning with the district attorney. How is that going?" Mr Hunter asked across the table with a polite grin. 


"It is fascinating, but they really have the interns working hard. It's worth it though, I feel like I am really making a difference." Selene gave Jason a glance as she was inwardly still laughing about their conversation earlier. Normally this would be where Selene continued with politics, but she didn't spin off with her political rants in front of the Hunters as she did in private with Jason. She knew one of the worst subjects to ever bring up in another family's home was politics. 


"I have heard great things about that Harvey Dent. Have you met him yet?" Mr. Hunter continued the conversation. 


"I mean, I have seen him, but someone as important as he is doesn't really notice me. I get my direction from someone who is way lower on the totem pole." Selene retorted.


They continued to talk about everything from Michael's school, to Mr. Hunter's work, Selene always seemed to fit in well with Jason's family. Everyone was talking about their day and it rolled around to Jason's turn. Selene knew about his altercation this morning and how he had missed class, but she wasn't going to throw him under the bus. Rose looked over at Jason anxiously waiting to hear about college.


"So how was your day today? Do you like your classes?"


"They're fine." Jason lied, having missed the classes entirely. By accident, of course, but it didn't make him feel any better. "I've had better days," Jason laughed, then added just for Selene, "And I played a game of catch with one of the other students." He smirked.


Selene had to hold in laughter at that last comment. She sat back in her chair and placed her hand over her stomach. She felt so full, but that dinner had just been too good. She couldn't help herself. Suddenly an alarm went off on Selene's phone and she looked down. Her face got a bit more serious as she remembered the main reason she had come over in the first place. She quickly put her phone away and looked around the table. It seemed as everyone was done with their food so Selene stood up and helped Rose carry all the dishes into the kitchen. It wasn't hard to clean up, the boys only had to press a single button on the table for it to retreat into the floor where it would be cleaned, meanwhile Rose and Selene just placed the dishes into a dishwasher, no need to really wash anything off, these machines would return everything quite spotless with no effort required from them. When they were all done Selene walked over to Jason. 


Now that dinner was over Selene and Jason retreated back into his room. Michael tried to weasel his way into hanging out with them, but Rose abruptly had her younger son head to bed. The upset teen merely marched to his room stopping his feet along the ground. As Selene closed the door to Jason's room she gave a little giggle. 


"I feel bad about not letting Michael hangout with us."


It didn't take long for her to get over that though as she returned to jumping onto Jason's bed. "So remember that brilliant idea I had at lunch today?"


"What brilliant idea?" Jason frowned.


"The one about making Bruce Wayne look like an idiot in the public eye..."

Selene continued. "Well, I might have pulled up some really interesting records at work. The District attorney office isn't that far from city planning...." She pressed a few buttons on her phone and a hologram shot out. It was a blueprint of the Wayne Manor. "Neat huh?"


"I guess." Jason eyed it casually, not really taking interest, "What's that for?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.


"I am so glad you asked" She said in a bit of an over exaggerated tone.

Selene pressed a couple more buttons and a green line appeared to run through the manor. "So you heard my alarm go off at dinner right?"


"Uh, probably?" He replied, trying to think back to dinner. "Sorry, maybe I'm a little distracted." He muttered, thinking about his missed classes.


Selene seemed a little irritated with Jason's lack of focus. "Pay attention Hunter, this is important. I risked a lot to download this stuff. Anyways..." She continued to explain, "Well that alarm goes off at the exact time the image capture alarm on Wayne manor transfers over to a new recording disk. So for maybe 10-15 seconds everything is disabled. I know, that doesn't seem like a lot of time, but it really is. If we could get that to switch over to a prerecorded disc then, you essentially have until the same time the next night to do anything, presumably if no one is home."


"To do what exactly?" Jason muttered, his attention had switched over to a small circuit he was tinkering with, though he was listening still.


"To dance around like an idiot, what do you think?! To steal a large amount of money from Bruce Wayne!" Selene pointed to a black area on the Hologram. "This area is unrecorded space below the Manor, I bet that is where he keeps all the bank account information, If we can access that area, we could do anything with it. Sell the information to other people or steal some money ourselves and donate it to a charity."


"Oh..." Jason realized what Selene was asking for at last, and he put the circuit down, "I don't know, Selene." He scratched the back of his head and brushed some hair out of his face. He'd thought she'd been joking about that earlier. "I mean, what are we even going to do with the money?" He paused, "I'm not sure it's a good idea." He said finally, leaning forwards and putting his hands on his knees.


"Look Jason, a million dollars to this guy is chump change. If we take the money and he doesn't notice, then we make an anonymous tip to the public like donate the money and attach a letter saying what we did, everyone will see how ridiculous it is for someone to have this crazy amount of wealth." Selene leaned forward and took Jason's hand. She seemed very determined. "This could be an important act in ratifying the distribution of wealth in this city. Spark some change."


Jason bit on his bottom lip and shrugged, "Fine." He said at last.


Selene excitedly threw her arms around Jason and hugged him. "Eeee! I could kiss you right now!" She did not do that though, instead she stood up and began to pace around.


Jason's tanned face flushed as Selene grabbed him, "As if I'd let you." He replied snarkily, half-laughing as he sat back, watching her pace.


 Now that he had agreed she could really strategize. "Ok so we should wear something to distort our faces, just in case that is not the only surveillance system. Also, the tricky part will be how to make sure Bruce-y Billionaire isn't home."


"Masks are dumb." He muttered, "But I guess we have to. Can't you tell when he's in? Like, find out when he leaves the mansion or something?"


Selene finally stopped pacing, she was clearly deep in thought as he glasses slowly slid down her nose. She pushed them back up with her right index finger and twirled back around to face Jason.

"You know he is constantly running benefits and such that his company is involved in, all of that stuff has to be approved through the planning committee. I could look up the next time he has to meet down at the government building, then call in sick that day..."


"Sure." Jason replied, "Do that, then." He sighed, and went back to the circuit he had been transfixed on before. "Just don't... make a habit out of this." He added finally, smiling at her and laughing.


Selene was torn from her thoughts by his laughter. Her conniving face disappeared and a cute smile replaced it. She walked over to him and leaned on his shoulders as he worked, purposefully annoying and distracting him.


"You mean I shouldn't become a cat burglar? I think I would look pretty snazzy in all black." She laughed and then continued to question him. "What are you working on anyways?"


"A cat burglar?" Jason laughed, but then frowned as he concentrated, "I dunno, I can think of better things to do with your time." He replied, it took a few seconds for his innocent comment to sink in and he started to back pedal, "Uh, ah I mean... to do, that you... you could think of... better things to do... with your time..." He muttered, going back to the circuit. After a few seconds of silence he cleared his throat and continued, "Anyway, this is uh, just a prototype, I'm trying to improve upon the model of the hover shoes I gave you. But its proving difficult."


Selene at first frowned, but then smiled as he squirmed to retract his comment.

"It's ok Jason I know you aren't a big activist like I am. I still appreciate you helping and putting up with me though." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before she headed back to the door. "Well tinker away at those shoes genius, I love the ones I wear, but any improvements would be welcomed!"


Selene opened the door and walked out, before it shut she called back.


"See you tomorrow!"

Then she was gone.

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