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The Files of Morely

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.Table. Of. Contents.

{A collection of my characters, listed in order of creation.}



[1] Nyandre Vartees

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{set in ancient Greece where the Gods are quite real. sacrificial children to appease the God Hades}



:Sixteen years of age:

:5'5" in height:

:135 pounds in weight:

:Hazel eyes:

:Light blonde hair -- Wavy -- Length to middle of back:

:Lightly tanned skin with freckles:

:Star shaped scar on collarbone:

:Birthplace -- Albia, Greece (Ancient):

:Relations -- Helena (Mother)-- Arcadius (Father) -- Cyrus (Elder Brother)-- Karpos (Younger Brother)



:Stubborn, follows emotions, soft spoken, impatient, day dreamer, obedient to elders:

:Can play the lyre, alto singing tone, mediocre cook, agile, high stamina, versed in herb lore:

:Lacks physical strength, combat skills, big game hunting skills, illiterate:

:Fears deep water, the God Zeus, an early death:

:Prized possession: pendant of Demeter:



:Friendships -- (Closest friend) -- (Good Friend):

:Adversaries -- (Rival/Greatest Foe) -- (Tolerable "Friend"):

:Romances -- (Crush) -- (Reciprocated)-- (Unrequited) -- (Past relationship):

:Other -- (Acquaintance) :

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