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"After Beta" is a roleplay I'm going to create that needs more people to roleplay with other than Gajeel, Raine Bell, alias and I.

In the beginning it starts out in the not so distant present. An underground organisation called "Nexus" using an unknown power merges both Reality and the Internet. The time before the merge is known as "Beta" and the time after the merge is known as "The World". Prior to the merge a message was broadcast throughout all communication devices across the globe.


"Dear Humanity,

 We are an organisation built upon the collaborations of ideas and of hope.

 We can stop hunger.

 We can stop illness, but it is theoretically impossible to stop suffering.

 We understand that some of you might turn to insanity as your crutch.

 We understand that some of you might also turn on each other and on yourselves.

 We are currently living in a time called Beta, in which Humanity death is assured just as tax.

 In a matter of moment we will pause Humanity's ageing cycle completely.

 We use the term pause loosely, as The World will allow you to change your physical structure and abilities within literal seconds.

We can't promise that you will be unable to die, but if you will it, you can live for eternity.

 Humanity will be unable to reproduce, those who are currently pregnant will continue to age using Beta for one year.

 Their Children will then age to 21 when they will by default, stop ageing.

 Those of you under the age of 5 will also age to 21 by default.

 We Nexus, will bring about the new order, The World."


In this roleplay the characters begin at the same shopping mall/centre just seconds before the broadcast.


Things that you should take note of:


-Viruses are creatures that manifest frequently and terrorise The World


-AI's are humanoid like beings that were created in Beta... such as NPC from an MMORPG websites and such. These beings reproduce, age and die. They can equip "games" and outfits just like Humans do. AI's have limitless exp. 


-Humans are referred to as immortals. They are the only ones who can can change their physical structure completely. Unable to reproduce. Humans can equip "games" and outfits. Max exp a Human can gain is one billion, a Human born in Beta must undergo a Beta Removal Operation to be able to gain limitless exp.


-Transportation is limited to places you have already visited. By default if visiting a new "game" or place, you will be transported to the capital.


-"Games" are limited to "Bleach", "- Filler -", "- Filler -" and "- Filler -".


I don't know what other games to add any ideas? We have to limit otherwise it'll get too complicated. I am a bit faint-hearted when it comes to gore and stuff like that.


i.e - roleplay example


Mitsu was standing with a sullen expression on her face. She had her Shinigami gear equipped and the feeling from battle hadn't quiet left her. The chaos had settled for the moment in the quiet home town Mitsu had grown up in, the virus the town fought was weaker than first anticipated. Managing a sigh Mitsu couldn't help but feel excited but also numb to what was happening. She log into the Bleach sever. She appeared by default in the Soul Society. Mitsu was amazed at how empty the place was, this would no doubt change. She already had heard rumours about the masses of people registering. Mitsu entered the mixed chat room which was was likened to a tavern. She heard someone call her name. She didn't know who he was and used her mobile phone to check his identity. Realising who he was Mitsu grinned.




First post outside introduction, please take care of me. ♫

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I like the idea a lot, reminds me of .hack, but from a more versatile point of view, i will love to RP there.

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You can count me in dear. I've done .Hack before and I'm getting a similar vibe from this so if you will allow me I would like to join

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Yes way! I would love to have you join Raine Bell! I've seen your work around and I think both me and Jiisan - (Gajeel) - Would enjoy the company. >_<

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I've noticed you have it limited to one game, you have any other ideas? Just asking out of curiousity

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No not really. I was introduced to Gajeel through a game of Bleach so I though this was the best game to start with. Do you want to choose a "game"? Jiisan is free to choose one also.


My character by the way is: "Kisa Aria Shortcake 44puppy BladeXXX Lesse"



Name: Her name prior to Beta was "Kisa Lesse". Now in The World her full name is now "Kisa Aria Shortcake 44puppy BladeXXX Lesse"


Roleplay: After Beta


Race: Human. Humans are referred to as immortals. They are the only ones who can change their physical structure completely. Unable to reproduce. Humans can equip "games" and outfits. Maximum experience a Human can gain born in beta is one billion. If a human wants to remove this cap they must go through a Beta removal operation.


Age: 17 nearing 18.


Biography: In her home town she used to regularly attend a summer camp since the age of five. Her future job goal for kindergarten was to be a puppy when she grew up. At the summer camp she befriended a reckless larrikin named Jude Kazuki and a soft spoken and stubborn girl named Suzume Tomoko. The trio had become close friends and they created a clubhouse together within the camp grounds. Jude liked to adventure and often during the camp led the trio adventuring, whilst Suzume read aloud books in the quiet evenings together. As time went on their group of friends expanded and the clubhouse was full to capacity with people. During her first year of high school Jude and Suzume started to date, Kisa begun to feel more and more like the third wheel, but nonetheless felt happy for her companions. Kisa wanted to be a pastry chef during this time. It was the year after that in the summer camp that things were turned upside down. Jude brought in some fireworks which Suzume didn't approve of, this lead to an argument between the couple... but the end result was that Jude had won the right to have the fireworks against Suzume's gut feeling because of Jude hiding behind the excuse of being in a relationship with her. That year an accidental fire burned that took the life of Jude, Suzume and several other people. Kisa now has no ambitions for the future although jokingly she said that she wanted to be a fire-fighter. She has two younger siblings that are at the age of 8 and 16. The middle age sibling has a mild form of dyslexia and the youngest is head strong.


Personality: Kisa being mentally traumatised by past events is reluctant towards relationships and peer pressure. Kisa enjoys reading aloud but using a dramatized dialogue. When feeling sad or happy Kisa likes to enjoy pastry and sweets... much more than the average person. 

Clothing: Kisa's clothing change from day to day, depending on what moods she is in. Although a trait in her clothing is that she is usually wearing shorts or a skort on occasion. Depending on her mood she can cosplay at random.


-Inside the “Bleach Server†Kisa wears a normal Shihakusho and sandals. Although she is getting irritated at wearing sandals.


-Inside the “.hack Serverâ€


Abilities: Just like AI's, Kisa being a Human is able to equip "games". Kisa's preferred method of equipping "games" is using her banged up purple and mobile phone from Beta. When equipping her "games" her "Bleach Sever" name is BladeXXX and her “.hack Server†name is ShortCake.

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Up to y'all. I'm most likely going to base this on past .Hack RP experience and manga since I'm lacking in the MMORPG world.

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A .Hack game isn't a bad idea either, we all are familiar with that universe after all.

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Yes I think .hack would be a good idea to include.

Raine it doesn't have to be an MMORPG, it could be a manga or anime series like Bleach (Which is already in there) or maybe Fairy Tail, Soul Eater etc.


But I think it's good if we narrow it down so it doesn't get complicated.


So far Bleach and maybe .hack?


If everyone agrees

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Okay feel free to post in the actual RP, if you need any clarification post here. - (1 spot is still free for a late random)


So .hack and Bleach are the main concepts here.


I've added a link.



That was an amazing post Raine! At one point...


"Welcome Heather to Beta. You have been selected to be a healer and a fighter. As you may have noticed you have already been equipped. Good luck."


The time line is that "Beta" is before the merge of internet/reality and "The World" is after the merge of the internet/reality.


So your thoughts about Nexus is that they have forced "Heather" to become a healer/fighter, most likely on the ".hack Server"... I was intending that previous online games from "Beta" be available to be equipped in "The World" via a mobile phone etc. Such as you scroll through a list of your "Games" and select which one you want to equip.


But your choice of having attached equipment like a bracelet or maybe something else is just plain awesome! So maybe things made in "The World" have capabilities such as these.


Maybe a selected population of Humans are being trained up directly by Nexus? To give guidance to how "The World" should be run, Nexus is giving that selected group of Humans the knowledge to stay alive in "The World". Maybe give these selected people a special title. I don't know maybe something different to Colbat Knights? O' how about "Origin fighters!"


That title does sound action hero classification.

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Beta name - Alex Vaughn

World name - Alex Vaughn Alias 13Jynx

Race - human

Gender - male

Age - 19

Personality -

Alex is a smart guy. He can be a little socially awkward, wears his heart on his sleeve and despite his intelligence can often be wreckless and impulsive.

Alex has dabbled in web design, source code manipulation, and even a minor amount of hacking... Although he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.

Tech. Piece -

Alex prefers to use what used to be an iPod touch shuffle attached to a black & white checkered wrist band.

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