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PG-13 Adventure in Kanto Discussion

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Adventure in Kanto


To celebrate our monthly theme (and the franchise in general with all the very exciting news that's going on this month and the next), I wanted to start a massive Pokemon RP!


This will be a very loose RP. Anybody is allowed to join, and anybody is allowed to leave. You can drop in and battle some trainers while they're on their way, you can play as a Nurse Joy that some of the other players visit at a Pokemon Center, you can play a Pokemon... You can do whatever!


The setting will be in Kanto, as that's just a very familiar region for most of us. However, all generations and canons are allowed. There's no set story--this is just a loose adventure for everybody to enjoy as they may. If you get bored, please just find a way to remove your character from the story so others can continue.


No god modding. Try to like not have Arceus or something on your team. Come on.


This RP will also be open to Students.


Feel free to discuss details here or post your character sheets here. I'll probably start the topic tomorrow.

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Oh, oh, can I join this? Pokemon RPs are always fun.


I'll get my character sheet up later. It's buried somewhere in my maze of folders...

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By now it's almost tradition that i participate in anything Pokemon related, it least it gives me a chance to get Leo out of storage again :}


also this is just personal preference but maybe we should leave pokemon levels at the door, no need for arbitrary numbers to indicate skill and experience.



(Beware, this is one of my most detailed characters! even the pokemon have crafted personalities and histories.)


Name: Leo Veloren


Race: Caucasian
General Appearance: standing at a good 1.9 meters tall and with a lean, fit appearance thanks to regular swimming and cycling. He has long and slightly
spiky dark blonde hair which he usually ties into a ponytail. He wears a white shirt, grey jeans and a long navy blue jacket. You can also recognize him by
his signature aviator sunglasses which he seems to only take off for a battle.
Personality: Leo is an enthusiastic pokemon trainer dedicated to his team and striving to improve his pokemon and himself. However he is not very tolerant of weakness, very strict in his selection of pokemon and quick to dismiss trainers with pokemon not fully evolved or of species not having a lot of power (like most bug pokemon) many people think because of this that he is a harsh trainer and they would be right but he is also training just as hard as his pokemon and has gained the respect of his pokemon and several skilled trainers he has encountered because of his dedication.

History: Leo Veloren was born in Mossdeep City and had a normal childhood. His family moved to Mauville city when he was five and although he was sad that he left his friends behind he quickly made new ones in his new home town. Leo started with his trainer career when he was 14 and had help from his family as many in his family were trainers themselves. Leo spent long days training with his pokemon and challenging gyms in the process, at the age of 17 he had a swampert, a camerupt, a gardevoir, a swellow and a hariyama and 5 badges of the Hoenn region with only the Fortree city, Mossdeep city and Sootopolis city gyms remaining.

However before challenging those gyms Leo decided to train in the Kanto region where his uncle lived in Fuchsia city to find new pokemon and he decided he liked it there. Leo managed to challenge all the pokemon gyms in the kanto region by the time he was 20 and therefore qualified for the Indigo Plateau pokemon league. But before he would participate Leo decided to go back to Hoenn and train during the months leading up to the championships. During this time he challenged the remaining gyms of Hoenn and had several rematches with the ones he had already defeated to train his pokemon for the league. Leo also dedicated a lot of his time brushing up on things a trainer should know; basic strategies others would use, the various advantages and disadvantages of different pokemon types, the pokemon of other regions he hadn't encountered before and he spent a small fortune on teaching his pokemon more advanced moves to prepare them for the league. Leo came across several books about the Sinnoh region where entirely different pokemon lived and with the strange effects of Mt.Coronet on several pokemon, including his magneton Luxus. Leo decided to take his pokemon to Sinnoh and train against the unknown pokemon and trainers there
to best prepare for the league where he knew he would face more than just the pokemon from Hoenn.

After several months had flown by the pokemon league was at hand and Leo had a team only his oldest cousin could match evenly. With the support of family and friends in the stands Leo decimated trainer after trainer in the pokemon league with his simple but effective strategy. Although many of the battles were tough,
only in the semi finals did Leo meet his match. A trainer from Johto by the name of Ragno who had a very tough tyranitar that while being the trainer's
last pokemon still managed to knock out leo's last 3 pokemon. The final fight against Luxus was so well matched with both pokemon it almost ended in a draw, the tyyranitar had just a bit more strength than Luxus.

During the events of the last Indigo League Leo managed to stand in the spotlight a few times being a popular contender because it was his first tournament and the energy eminating from him and his pokemon in battle that drives his opponents to give their utmost. Because of this media exposure (with even a short interview after reaching the quarter finals) he is sometimes recognized by other trainers which means sometimes they challenge him and other times they avoid a battle, having heard of his powerful team.





Current Team:


Name: Marsher

Species: Swampert

Gender: male

Ability: Torrent

Moves: Earthquake, Muddy Water, Ice Punch, Protect

Item: Sitrus berry

Leo's first pokemon. Marsher is a rock of a pokemon, capable of taking and dealing significant punishment in battle. As Leo's first pokemon marsher's loyalty to his trainer is unmatched and although sometimes a bit too carefree and lazy he always stands ready for battle.


Name: Nell

Species: Camerupt

Gender: female

Ability: Solid Rock

Moves: Lava Plume, Earthquake, Solar beam, Yawn

Item: Sitrus berry
Leo's first caught pokemon. Nell is stubborn and can have a bad temper. Nell has tested leo's ability to train his pokemon in his early career as a trainer. Always stuborn and often ignoring Leo's commands but over the years Leo has found ways to train Nell to behave and to be patient in battle.

In a match Leo uses Nell mostly as a sweeper because of her strong lavaplume and earthquake attacks. He also managed to teach Solar beam to Nell to deal with water pokemon, Nell's greatest weakness. \


Name: Cro

Species: Crobat

Gender: male

Ability: Inner Focus

Moves: Cross poison, Fly, Confuse ray, Screech

Item:bright powder


Cro is the first pokemon Leo caught during his stay in the Kanto region. Although he was far weaker than Leo's pokemon, the zubat kept trying to attack for
several days and Leo, who otherwise would have dismissed it as a weak pokemon saw the potential of the feisty little bat and decided to catch and train
it. Cro was very happy with his trainer and took to his trainer's style quickly which lead to its fast evolution into a crobat. Leo cares much about cro and
although it is not his strongest pokemon, Cro can be devestating to an enemy trainer even on its own and Leo often lets it outside its pokeball to roam in
the area at night.

Name: Luxus

Species: Magnezone

Gender: n/a

Ability: Sturdy

Moves: Thunder bolt, Flash Cannon, Tri-Attack, Magnet Rise



Luxus is an intimidating foe to face. Even as magnemite it gave lead-pokemon Marsher a hard time before Leo could catch him. After training near Mt. Coronet where Luxus evolved the fierceness of the magneton was traded for a cold, calculating patience. Leo's pokemon were a bit scared of Luxus but eventually they began to understand Luxus' behavior as it is always on guard and always ready for a fight. Leo suspects that Luxus is much like himself in his will to improve and overcome all obstacles, albeit a bit more direct and serious.

Name: Lily
Species: Gardevoir
Ability: Synchonise
Moves: Psychic, Attract, Wish, Focus Blast

Item: lum berry

Leo caught Lily as a ralts early in his trainer career and she quickly became a core part of his team after she evolved into a kirlia.

Like most gardevoir lily is very loyal to her trainer and team-mates and quite caring and protective. But much to the surprise of Leo and his other pokemon Lily also developed a love for battle after  she evolved into a gardevoir. Lily can attack with a devastating psychic or focus blast which often tears up the battlefield and Leo made sure she had a few tricks up her sleeve to counter any more challenging pokemon that won’t go down with sheer force.

a few months before the Indigo league Leo's cousin Joyce borrowed Lily for a pokemon contest in Slateport claiming that Lily could be a serious contender in contests with her power and grace. This proved to be true when Lily won the first contest she entered thanks to Joyce experience as a coordinator. Although Lily was good in pokemon contests she preferred battles with Leo, however after the events in Slateport she took to adding a bit of flair to her battling, something the spectarors of the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League clearly apreciated.

Name: Flygon
Species: Flygon
Gender: male
Moves: Dragon claw, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Heatwave
Item: Lum Berry

flygon is the newest addition to Leo's team. Leo caught Flygon a few weeks after the Indigo Plateau Tournament while training Marsher in the desert north of Mauville. Flygon is an immensely powerful pokemon and although calm and passive normally it has proven itself a strong addition to Leo’s team.  Because they haven’t trained as much as with the other pokemon Leo and Flygon don’t have the same synergy in battle and Leo’s been meaning to work on that the next couple of weeks.



Name: Henry
Species: Hariyama
Gender: male
Ability: Thick fat
Moves:Close Combat, Endure, Fakeout, Reversal

Item: Black belt

Henry has been a good addition to Leo’s team but nowadays he’s on reserve. Henry is surprisingly friendly towards other pokemon and trainers and well behaved but he is also very eager to test his strength with others and regularly does so with Marsher. Currently he is in the care of Allison Joy, Leo’s childhood friend and a nurse in the Lavaridge town pokemon centre and Henry gladly helps his caretaker with small tasks and heavy lifting there.

Name: Grif
Species: Drifblim
Gender: male
Ability: aftermath
Moves: Fly, Shadow ball, Will-O-Wisp, Curse
Item:Sitrus berry
Grif is a pokemon Leo found while training in Sinnoh, a curious drifloon that mamaged to elude Leo and his pokemon long before finally being captured. Leo trained Grif to use his speed to his advantage much like Cro and whittle down stronger opponents with curses and deadly attacks from the air. Currently Leo holds Grif in reserve until he needs a ghost pokemon on his team or if Cro is at a disadvantage in an upcoming battle. Drifblim is also currently in the care of Allison Joy in Lavaridge.

Leo also had other pokemon like a zigzagoon and a swellow but he gave them to friends or family who could give them the attention and love than Leo could not give his weaker pokemon.



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Aaaaaaand here's my character! (I had to put in a little more effort after seeing what Red Alpha's character was like :P)


Please don't mind the formatting. Somehow, I can't seem to get it right.





Wesley Equinox

Battlefield Extraordinare



Gender: Male


Age: 19


Birthday: 17 December


Appearance: A young and well-built teenager, Wesley has neck-length silver hair which is never combed, but never seems to get in a mess either. He has dark piercing blue eyes that never lose focus on something that gains his attention. One of the most distinctive features of his outfit is his blue-red cape, which he never fails to wear no matter what the weather conditions. As Equinox, he also enjoys wearing a white headband that serves as a distinguishing feature that sets him apart from his alternate persona, Midnight.


Personality (Equinox): WesleyEquinoxRenewed4.png


Wesley's dominant personality. Equinox is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky individual who can be rather idealistic at times. Pokemon battling and training are two of his favourite past-times, allowing him to be so absorbed in a battle that he loses awareness of his surroundings. He is very intelligent, and can concoct complex battle strategies on the spot, especially when faced with tough situations. However, he tends to be overconfident of his abilities, and can sometimes make seemingly obvious blunders. Apart from that, Wesley also enjoys reading and playing the guitar, and can sometimes be found sitting around in Pokemon Centres as he strums to the tune of "I Wanna Be The Very Best".


Personality (Midnight):  WesleyEquinoxRenewed2.png


When Wesley becomes too absorbed into a battle, or when his life is threatened, the Midnight persona emerges and takes control of his body. He can be said to be Wesley's personality brought to the extreme, as he is ruthless and willing to do anything to achieve his goals or defeat his opponent. Fierce in battle, Midnight will not hesitate to push his own Pokemon to their extremes if he could grasp victory. He is also more aware of his surroundings while in this personality, and possesses a much faster reaction speed than his normal self.


Midnight is cold, calculating and cynical towards others, whether friend or foe. He can be said to be an extreme introvert, and would rather spend time staring out into the ocean rather than talking with others.



History: Wesley's hometown is Goldenrod City. He studied in the Goldenrod School of Pokemon Battling since he was seven, occasionally practicing with his father's Pokemon. His father is a full-time Pokemon trainer who traveled a lot, participating in competitions to send money back to the family. However, he was never very successful, and his income could be really unstable at times. Wesley's mother is a florist who works in Goldenrod City. Being closer to home, Wesley has a better relationship with her than his father. Her income is also more stable and this allows her and her son to get along with daily life quite reasonably well.


He left the Johto region when he was 15, travelling all across the globe with his dad as he taught him the basics of being a Pokemon trainer. He flew between regions frequently, encountering all sorts of Pokemon in his travels. When he reached the age of 17, he decided to part ways and travel independently, bringing along a gift from his father: the Gallade, Sarpedon. Together, they climbed mountains and traversed deserts, exploring forests and caves as they met all sorts of individuals and Pokemon on their journey. Slowly, through trades and adventures, his team grew in size, and Wesley matured into the capable Pokemon trainer he is today.





Sarpedon, the Truesword Gallade - Originally his father's Pokemon, Sarpedon was given to Wesley as a parting gift. He is Wesley's ace and powerhouse, capable of matching almost any Pokemon on the ground. As Sarpedon is able to communicate directly with humans through psychic waves, he often acts as Wesley's translator for Pokemon speech. He is also the "big brother" figure of Wesley's Pokemon team, and is often the only one who can control the hyper-aggressive Amanda.


Sarpedon's moveset:

Double Team: Creates multiple psychic copies of Sarpedon to distract and confuse the enemy. Although the clones cannot deal any damage, they can move independently and will often attack from various directions to mask the source of Sarpedon's true attack.


Psychic: Despite being a mainly physical fighter, Sarpedon retains his strong psychic capabilities from his days as a Kirlia. His Psychic manifests itself as a translucent purple aura, and can be used to lift and drag heavy objects at a distance.


Ice Punch: One of the nastier tricks up Sarpedon's sleeve. Not many trainers expect an ice-type move from a Gallade, and he uses it to great effect against Dragon, Flying and Ground-type opponents.


Focus Punch: Sarpedon's coup-de-grace. Although easily interrupted, Focus Punch can usually take any opponent out in a single blow. Sarpedon combines this move with Double Team and Psychic to achieve a nearly 100% hit chance.




Myrandia Wing, the Skyknight Togekiss - Adopted from a breeder as a Togetic, Myrandia was originally part of a family of Flying-type Pokemon which were captured and raised by the same breeder. She started out as an extremely shy and quiet Pokemon, often unsure of herself. However, she demonstrated surprising insight and brilliance on many occasions, and after going through many battles and close encounters with Wesley and the team, Myrandia slowly gained self-confidence and became much bolder. She now acts as Wesley's air superiority fighter, as well as his primary mode of transportation.


Myrandia's moveset:

AncientPower: The trademark move of the Wing family. This attack appears as a bright glowing ball of energy, which Myrandia launches at her foes at great speed.


ExtremeSpeed: Myrandia is capable of boosting her flying velocity to breakneck speeds, allowing her to out-maneuvre her foes.


Aura Sphere: A move that never misses, Myrandia can use this to rain attacks down upon her foes while still accelerating with ExtremeSpeed.


Air Slash: Myrandia can create sharp gusts of wind to slice her opponent's defenses apart.




Amanda, the Blazefire Typhlosion - Most Typhlosions possess some sort of aggressive or hot-blooded nature. But most Typhlosions don't have a voice in their heads, telling them to kill and burn everything they see. Amanda was one of the first Pokemon Wesley met in his journeys, and back then, she already displayed amazing capabilities in battle even as a young Cyndaquil. However, after Wesley captured her, it soon became apparent that she possessed an unnaturally hostile personality, which quickly proved disastrous for the new trainer. At first, it seemed like he would have no choice but to release her, but he discovered by chance that Midnight could control her destructive urges with surprising ease. Since then, he has been honing her self-control, allowing her to develop into one of the strongest fighters on his team.


Amanda's moveset:

Sunny Day: Amanda can intensify the sun's rays around her as she pleases, creating temperatures so hot and dry that a spark would likely cause an explosion. This amplifies her already impressive capabilities by a significant amount.


Blast Burn: This is Amanda's favourite move. Combined with Sunny Day, Amanda engulfs the entire battlefield in flames, giving her opponent no chance of survival.


Solarbeam: A trick to defeat pesky Water-types, not many people expect this powerful move from a Typhlosion.


Extrasensory: Amanda has possessed psychic capabilities since she was a Cyndaquil. Using this, she is able to sense the intentions of Midnight, and can react better to his orders. She can also use this as an offensive assault, manifesting as a psychic beam of energy.




Jenkins, the Sandstorm Tyranitar - Jenkins possesses an old-man personality, despite the fact that he isn't actually that old. He's always muttering about the "good old days", and can often be found questioning "what they teach in schools these days". He is calm and collected most of the time, unlike most of his Tyranitar brethren. In battle, Jenkins heavily utilizes large boulders as both offensive and defensive weapons, while shrouding himself in a thick sandstorm and biding his time away till his opponent's inevitable defeat.


Jenkins' moveset:

Sandstorm: Despite his innate ability to summon a Sandstorm upon entering the battlefield, Jenkins still chooses to retain this move in case his opponent changes the weather conditions mid-battle. While engulfing the battlefield in sand, Jenkins increases his own defenses while constantly damaging his foes, putting him at an immediate advantage.


Stone Edge: Jenkins can create hundreds of sharp rocks to fling at his opponents, or bring a few large ones together as a shield against any incoming attack. Through this, he can utilize Stone Edge both offensively and defensively.


Earthquake: A fierce shockwave that travels through the ground, Jenkins can use this attack safely from behind cover, harassing his opponent without any opportunity of counterattack.


Dragon Dance: Jenkins boosts both his Attack and Speed at the same time.




Xavier, the Flashflood Kingdra - Because of Xavier's rapid evolution from a Horsea to a Seadra, then straight to a Kingdra, Xavier still possesses the childish and easily-excited personality he had when he was younger. He never seems to run out of energy, and can often be seen speeding around rivers and seas as he splashes water at his trainer. He brings this enthusiasm to battle, and is not easily discouraged even when facing tough opponents.


Xavier's moveset:

Rain Dance: Xavier creates a sudden, violent downpour of rain that turns the whole battlefield into a veritable ocean. While under this weather condition, Xavier's speed is doubled, and he can easily outspeed any unprepared opponent.


Waterfall: Using his increased speed, Xavier can rush straight at his opponent at ramming speed, bringing the full force of the rain behind him.


Dragon Dance: Xavier can further increase his Attack and Speed to ungodly levels.


Outrage: Upon using this attack, Xavier loses his childish temperament and turns into a furious, rampaging beast solely intent on whacking his opponent into submission. This attack is usually only used as a last resort, as he loses all control of himself.




Quas, the Hailstorm Glaceon - A gift from Bill, Quas has always been physically weak. No more than two weeks after Wesley adopted her, she contracted a serious illness and had to be nursed back to health with the help of the local Pokemon center. Despite her fragile body, Quas possesses a tremendous amount of power in her small frame, capable of matching up to Amanda's firepower for a short period. She is very possessive of Wesley since the day he rushed her to the Pokemon Centre, and can often be found out of her Pokeball, prowling along his side.


Quas's moveset:

Hail: Quas can summon a fierce snowstorm, shrouding herself from view while empowering her attacks at the same time.


Ice Beam: Quas's signature move. She fires a beam of ice-cold energy from its mouth, potentially freezing her target solid. She can use this in rapid succession without tiring easily, much to the surprise of Wesley.


Protect: Naturally, being very weak, Wesley had to teach Quas this move. Quas goes into a hypersensitive state, able to dodge all incoming attacks for a short period of time. She is unable to make any attacks in this state.


Shadow Ball: A sneaky trick which Quas learned even before she was found by Wesley. She launches a dark ball of energy at high speeds, usually lowering her foe's defense against her next attack.






James, the Breakneck Metagross - A shiny Metagross found and captured by Wesley while he was exploring a mysterious building named the Tower of Heaven. Unlike others of his type, James prefers to utilize high speed to surprise and overwhelm his opponents.


James' moveset:

Agility: Greatly increases James' Speed.


Meteor Mash: With his immense speed, James rams his spiked fist straight into his opponent's jaw.


Psychic: Usually used to hold his foe in place, giving him no chance of dodging or countering.


Earthquake: An all-rounded attack, kept in reserve in case the unexpected happens.



The Bagonborn Smeargle - "Legend tells of a hero known as the Bagonborn, a warrior with the body of a Smeargle and the soul of a Bagon, whose destiny it is to destroy the evil dragon Gyarados." - The Older Scrolls.


The Bagonborn's moveset:

Hyper Voice: The Bagonborn's voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in his path. "Fus Ro Dah!"


Flamethrower: Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Bagonborn's voice as inferno. "Yol Toor Shul!"


Thunder: A shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of lightning. "Strun Bah Qo!"


ExtremeSpeed: The Bagonborn's voice rushes forward, carrying him in its wake with the speed of a tempest. "Wuld Nah Kest!"


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Well, I'll 'Throh' my hat into this thing.(Yeah I made a Poke-pun.)



Kenneth Gant

The White Tiger

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance: In a long white coat with black tiger stripes along the back, he walks in a tall pair of geta, mirroring the appearance of his Shiftry. His hakama drape on the top of his geta, white like his coat. Falling along his shoulders is his long black hair, sweeping across part of his face, his complexion slightly tanned, his eyes a deep crimson. Many mistake him for a Martial Artist Trainer, assuming him to have a team of Fighting Type Pokemon.

Personality: Ken was always somewhat quiet, keeping a calm composure no matter where he went. This, however, is very misleading, as he is quite a happy-go-lucky person at heart, finding great joy in meeting trainers and spending time with his Pokemon. His happy attitude comes out most when simply talking with other trainers. In battle, he is a well-planned, strategic opponent, knowing that a chance to be beaten could come up at any time.

Dreams: Ken has never been terribly adamant on one dream. He has many in reality. To become one of the strongest trainers in heart, to one day become a Gym Leader, to spend his later days as a Breeder, to research behavior patterns in certain Pokemon. He wants to contribute as much as he can to everything he does. His current goal, is to help train up and coming trainers. Help them grasp what it is to trust your Pokemon and put all your passion into battle.

Ken's Team


Name: Weavile
Species: Weavile

Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Swords Dance, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Ice Punch
Item: Lax Incense


Weavile has been Ken's Pokemon since the beginning. Found as an abandoned Sneasal, he healed it as a child and grew up with it. Weavile trusts Ken completely and knows that whenever they fight together, nothing can stop them.

Name: Romiji
Species: Froslass
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Quiet
Moves: Hail, Icy Wind, Double Team, Ominous Wind
Item: Salac Berry

Romiji was a tiny Snorunt when Ken stumbled upon her early in his travels. Feeling an instant connection he had her join his team, growing into a beautiful Froslass along the way. Her strategy is to bring in a blizzard, use Double Team to disorient the enemy in where she is before blowing her powerful winds.

Name: Kurth
Species: Flareon
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Brave
Moves: Fire Fang, Endure, Bite, Sand-Attack
Item: Muscle Band

Kurth is the last of Ken's initial party that he met in their unevolved forms. He actually won the Eevee in a tournament, and has had him ever since.

Name: Tengu
Species: Shiftry
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Gentle
Moves: Leaf Tornado, Razor Leaf, Swords Dance, Dark Pulse
Item: Expert Belt

Tengu is one of the Pokemon that spoke to Ken when he first met him in the wild. A tricky Nuzleaf, he soon made him a member of his ranks and actually learned some of his martial arts from the way Shiftry moves with such grace on its feet.

Name: Yoshiaki
Species: Mienshao
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Relaxed
Moves: Meditate, Detect, Force Palm, Jump Kick
Item: Quick Claw

Yoshiaki was traded to Ken for a Throh that Ken had caught not long before he met the trainer who owned her. She taught Ken to find his inner tranquility in his martial arts, as well as to keep his focus during any Pokemon battle.

Name: Serafinn
Species: Milotic
Gender: Male
Ability: Marvel Scale
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Surf, Aqua Ring, Hypnosis, Rest
Item: Chesto Berry

Serafinn was the last Pokemon to join Ken's crew, and it was out of pure chance. The one in a million pull from Ken's fishing brought Serafinn out of the water. Serafinn was a charismatic one, instantly trying to make friends with the other Pokemon of his group. Since they got along so well, he felt no need to split this clear friendship.


Let's do this shiz.

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I'll be away for the next few days, but you guys can continue without me. If you want to force my character to follow you silently, that's fine with me. If not, I'll just come up with some crap to make it all make sense when I get back. XD

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My apologies for the lack of posts so far, I had a busy weekend apparently.


I cued up a few pokemon soundtracks to get into the mood, lets get this show on the road.

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I don't know why but i just Cant get the post going, I'm stuck. go on without me, I'll drop in later when people are on the road.

in the mean time I'm going to see if I can retool my character a bit, Flygon is a non-character at the moment.

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Lol... sorry


This is terrible, but I might actually change characters. I think this would be a good place to flush out Kurt's personality. I'll try to get a bio for him up and read over what everybody has done. XD;



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I'd love to return with Leo but i'I could use some help to figure out how to update him and give a proper background for the new additions to the team (were did he get a blaziken between returning to Hoenn and taking part in the Indigo Plateau conference?)

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hello, is it alright if I join? here's my character sheet (sorry if there's problems I realy don't know what I'm doing ;; )

name: Abigail Keum
age: twenty two
gender: female
height: 5'7''
weight: 132 lbs
hair: naturally black [blue streaks]
eyes: brown
skin tone: fair
physique: lithe

personality: Loud, inconsiderate, brash, and competitive all the way to the bone, Abby's only goal in life to become renowned. That doesn't necessarily mean she wants to be renowned for being the best trainer--whether battler or contest participant--or being the best breeder or anything like that. She just wants to be renowned. certainly, at this point, she's known for her loud mouth and blunt nature in her hometown. She's direct and does her best to brush off other people's opinions of her, although she's easily flattered and embarrassed when someone continuously compliments her [that is to say, it doesn't take much to please her. Get her food and you've basically hired her for the rest of the day. Abby, in this sense, is not particularly complicated].
Fiercely competitive but inherently lazy, Abby does just the bare minimum to get by at what she does. She doesn't train as hard as other trainers, nor does she fool around as some other trainers. She doesn't actively look for battles, but she doesn't avoid them, either. Abby kind of goes with the flow. Still, she expects a lot from herself and her pokemon, and it shows often.
She's not easily enraged, but she is easily annoyed, and she's very impatient. Abby can be extremely condescending even during casual conversation, although strangely, she does this only to people she's familiar with [and knows they won't be offended ... as much]. With complete strangers, she's typically rather polite unless they do something to seriously offend her. Still, with everyone she knows, Abby hates inconveniencing them or depending on them for anything, so she tends to do everything herself. She also does this because she trusts her own skills more than anyone else [not necessarily because they're better than everyone else's, but she knows her own skills best]. This extends to her pokemon, who she treats as her friends [and often enjoys having them walk beside her, as she dislikes walking by herself], but she doesn't really depend on them for anything. She chats with them often enough, and she has good laughs, but she can't bring herself to ask them for favors [although she does trust them, and she knows they would do the favor if she asked].

likes: type advantages, winning, green tea, peace and quiet, shade on sunny days
dislikes: disappointment, losing, spiritombs ["THEY DON'T HAVE WEAKNESSES?????"]

Abby is one of the few people that doesn't nickname her pokemon. It doesn't seem to bother them particularly.
Spr_5b2_133.pngEevee, male, normal, impish
Abilitiy: Run Away
Move Set: sand-attack, swift, charm, covet
Item: n/a

Spr_5b_444_m_s.pngGabite, female, ground/dragon, quiet
Ability: sand veil
Move Set: sand attack, slash, dig, dual chomp
Item: n/a

Spr_5b_461_f.pngWeavile, female, dark/ice, impish
Ability: pressure
Move Set: quick attack, hone claws, faint attack, ice beam
Item: n/a

Spr_5b_170.pngChinchou, male, water/electric, jolly
Ability: volt absorb
Move Set: spark, water gun, thunder wave, surf
Item: n/a

Spr_5b_042_m.pngGolbat, male, poison/flying, hasty
Ability: inner focus
Move Set: fly, bite, air cutter, toxic
Item: n/a

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I don't think I have enough time to keep up with this RP on top of my other commitments, sorry!

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