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High Heavens Estate, #01-03

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Name: Bdolf Hieltr
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Nationality: German

Appearance: He has a curly moustache, a strange haircut, and a slight German accent. He frowns most of the time and wears a typical German uniform. Look for Hitler's picture to get a more general image of Bdolf.

Personality: Due to the nature of his cloning process, he has a strong urge to obey any order that is given to him. Most of Adolf Hitler's original personality can be found in him.

Biography: Due to classified research regarding cloning technology, Bdolf was created in an underground laboratory, using historical samples containing Adolf Hitler's DNA. Basically, he is a clone and replacement of Xbox Award winning Adolf Hitler, who scored an all time high score of 6,000,000 kills. Created to contain Adolf's original qualities, he seems to retain most of them.

He commands a large portion of the German military, although his true identity is withheld from the general public in order to prevent any social uproars.

Equipment (including weapons):
Machine Gun: A typical military machine gun. His most trusted weapon, Bdolf carries it wherever he goes.

General's Sword: An ornamental sword given to him as a sign of his authority. It is still rather useful as a weapon.

Radio Transmitter: He uses it to call for backup from his platoon of soldiers, who will then drop down from a convenient helicopter nearby. He can also use it to call for an air-strike, but he needs to know the coordinates of the target first.

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Name: Damion Ulysses Vanderpoole, or The Nightbringer

Age: 35

Tail and Tribe: Black Panther tail, no alliance, travels from city to city.


Stealth - When in darker areas, Damion can blend in with the surroundings, making him hard to be seen. Also, his footsteps are softer than a normal human's, allowing him to soundlessly travel in the dark.

Darkness Manipulation - Damion can manipulate darkness around him, although this requires a certain degree of concentration. If Damion loses focus, he loses control of the darkness. This darkness is immaterial and cannot be used to attack anyone directly.

Unseen Advantage - When Damion is hidden from his opponents, his attacks are stronger and harder to dodge, because his opponent cannot predict his attacks. This is also because he is much more confident operating under the cover of darkness.

The Nightbringer - By cleverly manipulating the darkness around him, Damion can cause himself to look like Death itself, striking fear into even the hardiest of enemies. 


Delcattan Pistol - He bought this from a retired military officer while wandering in the streets of Delcatta. He can use this with relative ease, but does not prefer ranged combat.

Twin Butterfly Daggers - A pair of daggers with an ornate handle each. Easy to stab or throw with. They are blackened so as to prevent them from glinting when they are thrown.

Dark Sword - Usually kept sheathed under his cloak, this is his preferred weapon. It is long and slim, perfect for slashing. It is made of a hard metal, and is very hard to break or bend. The Dark Sword is named because of its blackened blade, which will not reflect any light.

Reaper - A pair of small blackened broadswords linked together at the ends of the hilt that creates a small double-sided lance. It is usually used in battle if the first attempt at assassination with the Dark Sword fails.

Appearance: Damion is an average person at 1.70 metres. He always wears a dark gray cloak, but it isn't the kind of a cloak that makes him stand out. Rather, he blends in amongst the many dull-clothed people around him very easily. In the right atmosphere, however, it can look very menacing, even capable of making Damion resemble a spectre. This cloak effectively hides his slender and flexible tail, allowing him to enter and live in human cities without trouble. Under the cloak, he wears a typical villager's shirt and pants.

History: Travelling from town to town, Damion hires himself out as a mercenary or an assassin. When he does, he is known as The Nightbringer, so as to conceal his real identity. His pseudo-name is feared almost everywhere, as he has successfully killed several high-ranking officials and powerful men before.

Personality: When not on a job, he is a rather average and nondescript person. I suppose that's because he's too used to blending in with his surroundings and trying not to attract attention. Thus, he is very quiet and reserved. He enjoys friendship, however.

When on a job, he is focused and professional. He can remain completely calm even in the face of danger, and always takes the most logical route. He is also merciless when killing people he don't know well, but he can encounter inner conflicts when asked to kill a friend.

Miscellaneous: None.

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Name: Appropriate Refrigerator Cooling Fantastic Artificially Intelligent Lifeform v2001

Gender (Never hurts to check): NIL, speaks in a monotonous male robotic voice.

Age: 6 months since first activation

Species (never hurts to check this, either): Robot

Background: ARC-FAIL was first released on the 13th of April 2009, which happened to be Bring Your Pillow To Work Day as well. Originally designed to be the coolant system of the Church's only refrigerator, ARC-FAIL turned out to be much more capable. Soon, it became the main supercomputer AI of the Church (despite not having a supercomputer to begin with) and began constructing bots in the name of the Church's defense. Also, an entity known as the Credible Hulk somehow got affiliated with ARC-FAIL (we're unsure about the details).

Personality: It has no emotions (or at least, we think it doesn't). It always speaks in Courier New and refers to everyone within the Church by their full title, rather than their name. It is overly obsessed with "maintaining the refrigerator at optimum temperature".

Church Defense Systems - ARC-FAIL can control the Church defense systems, which consist of the Credible Hulk, an uncountable number of Apprentice Smiters and Triumvirate Bots (constructed by ARC-FAIL), stray cyborg ninja lobsters, a gigantic statue of the Triumvirate that shoots laser beams from its eyes, turrets, pits of lava/acid, unusually dangerous mouse traps, land mines (especially in the most frequented corridors), ninja golems, spikes, flamethrowers, decoy Churches, poison arrows, the Even Larger Heretic Collider and unspeakable ancient evils hidden in the basement.

Summon Emergency Team - ARC-FAIL can summon various specialized teams of experts to solve problems. There is the Emergency Shock Medic Team for treating unexpected casualties, the Emergency Dakka Acquisition Team for extra firepower, the Emergency Emergency Team to create emergencies, the Emergency Redundancy Team of Redundancy for nothing in particular, the Emergency Refrigerator Temperature Regulation Team to stabilize the temperature of a place, and the Emergency Beer Acquisition team to provide our troops with the best beer in the shortest time.

Weaponry and Equipment: See above.

Miscellaneous: It has a homicidal level of 6.5 Luggage.

How many kittens can you juggle? It kills the kittens.

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Name: Aristocratas Cosme Fejos Aznaro Cordobes Jimeno Diago La Don Perez De Felipe
Nickname â€“ Cosme
Age â€“ 43
Gender â€“ Male
Ethnicity â€“ Caucasian
Alignment â€“ Lawful Good

Huge and menacing would be two words that describe Cosme best. Standing over 2 metres tall and almost as wide, Cosme can barely run. He is bald, and perpetually wears a set of shining white plate armor that looks like it was meant for a war elephant. Oh yes, he has an enormous chin, and ridiculously large pauldrons. He can always be found riding on a rather overworked-looking horse that perpetually pants and strains under his weight.

Cosme takes his job really seriously. He always keeps to his very restrictive code of honor, which includes things like protecting the weak, upholding justice and being polite to everybody he meets. He is quite comical in doing so, because he can take it to extremes sometimes.

He is a paladin of Giada and a nobleman, sworn to protect the city and royal family. He also spends time training new recruits of the army and participates in war councils.

The noble house that Cosme belongs to, the De Felipes, is an old and deep-rooted family well respected throughout the land of Giada. He has been pampered since young, which might have been the reason why he is so obese. Since young, he has been taught to rival the Macarenas, which is another noble family that have been the rivals of the De Felipes for 500 years.

Partidista â€“ A long spear often held by guards.
Desarmado â€“ An unarmed attack style for poor or experienced fighters

Coraza Pesada - A heavy suit which provides the ultimate defense but restricts movement.

Convoco Caballo â€“ Summons a steed to ride into combat.
Asalto Fuerte â€“ A powerful attack to cut down an opponent.

Combat Overview:
Level â€“ 1
Cash â€“ $100
Posts â€“ 0
EXP â€“ 0
HP Mod â€“ 150%
ATK Mod â€“ 100%
ACC Mod â€“ 65%
INT Mod â€“ 100%
DEF Mod â€“ 200%
EVD Mod â€“ 50%
RES Mod â€“ 200%
Move Mod â€“ -3
Weapons â€“ 2
Armor â€“ 12
Abilities â€“ 1, 46
Items â€“ NO ITEMZ

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Name: Diana "Shadow Blade" Strider

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Hunter Rank: 9


  • Ceanataur Helm U: Samurai-like silver helm with two curved blades extending from the eye holes
  • Ceanataur Mail U: Silver plate mail covered with blades
  • Ceanataur Vambraces U: Silver gauntlets covered with blades
  • Ceanataur Tasset Z: Crimson armored skirt covered with blades
  • Ceanataur Greaves Z: Red and silver leggings with two crimson spikes protruding from the kneecaps.
  • Weapon: Shadow of the Moon
  • Hairstyle: Daimyo Tails
  • Clothes: Golden Tulle

Diana's eyes are a distinct shade of brown, with faintly gray shoulder-length hair hanging freely. Two ponytails are tied loosely above her ears. She has a youthful and energetic look about her, making her easy to approach and befriend. Underneath her armor, she wears a typical yellow villager's set of clothes. Despite her job as a Monster Hunter, her body has few scars, testament to the quality of her armor.

Diana's mother died of an illness when she was 12. Since then, her father, Simeon "Blood Red Berserker" Strider, has brought her along on hunting missions. Believing that hunting monsters was an honorable and profitable job, he trained Diana up to be a monster hunter like him. At the age of 15, she picked up her first weapon, which was a rather heavy iron hammer that her father recommended for her. It was too heavy and clumsy, and Diana disliked it immediately, to the dismay of Simeon.

A year later, she learned how to use a more graceful weapon, the long sword. Although her father didn't quite like her choice of weapon, he still continued to bring her along as an assistant whenever he went on hunting missions. Because she started hunting at such an early stage, her skill in doing so improved at a very fast pace. Her father also protected her at many times, preventing her from being killed at an early stage like many other aspiring monster hunters.

When she was 25, her father brought her on what he called "critical missions", which mostly involved hunting rather dangerous monsters, including the menacing Rathalos and Rathian duo. With her father's help, she progressed from Hunter Rank 3 to Hunter Rank 9 in a matter of two months, something which she feels is not very honest about herself. Just a year later, Simeon and her received an urgent request from the Guild, stating that an Elder Dragon named Teostra had been located in the Volcano not far from the town. Believing that the town was in danger of being attacked by the Teostra, the village elder pleaded for them to hunt it down.

Surprisingly, Simeon forbade Diana from going on the mission. Elder Dragons were known to be amongst the most dangerous monsters, and he felt that Diana was not ready for it. Thus, he departed by himself, wielding the mighty frost hammer known as the Icy Impact. He did not return from that mission.

A cheerful and warm young woman, many villagers are on friendly terms with her. She is, by nature, quite honest and kind as well. She loves Felynes, and can usually be found chasing them or playing with them on a hill close to town. However, Diana is not very confident of her own abilities, especially when it comes to hunting monsters.
Because of her Hunter Rank, many villagers look up to her as a proficient monster hunter. Diana feels that she does not deserve this recognition, as she only attained that rank because of the help of her father.

Fighting style:

  • Armor skills: Sharpness +1, Sharp Sword, Reckless Abandon +2

Diana has gone through many arguments with her father about the way he hunts monsters. Believing in skill and stealth, she always strikes from behind the monster with her long sword, often giving them no chance to react before darting back into the shadows. When facing a monster, she can strike with blind coldness, ignoring the monster's agony and pain at having their limbs hacked off. After the hunt, however, she will usually be overcome with remorse at the sight of the corpse.

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Wesley Equinox

Battlefield Extraordinare




Gender: Male


Age: 19


Birthday: 17 December


Appearance: In the past year, Wesley has grown significantly taller, easily reaching a height of 1.75 meters tall now. In replacement of his old clothes, he has obtained a large navy blue jacket/longcoat hybrid, doubling as a cape, which he wears at all times, as well as a plain brown T-shirt and a pair of gray pants. The insides of his jacket/longcoat/cape are colored a striking crimson red, demonstrating his liking for dramatic colors.

Wesley is relatively fit by most standards, being an avid basketball and badminton player back in Goldenrod. Despite not sporting any distinctive muscles, his relatively slim figure seems to suggest that he undertakes regular exercise. However, at a glance, one would say that Wesley's most distinctive trademarks are his silver-gray hair color and his strikingly blue eyes. Unfortunately for him, the unusually gray coloration of his hair resembles that of an aging man, sometimes making him look older than he actually is.
Wesley can usually be found in a cheerful mood, sporting a smile and a warm attitude wherever he goes due to his optimistic and jovial personality. On the other hand, on rare or unlucky occasions, one may find Wesley acting the complete opposite, radiating an aura of coldness and distance when he is in his Midnight personality.



A self introduction by Wesley.
"Hello, random stranger! My name is Wesley Equinox, and I am an upcoming Pokemon extraordinare and resident of Goldenrod City. It's a strange name, I know, but I think it's cool. By any chance, do you know what the equinox is? According to the internet, here's the official description: *speaks in a fake accent* 'The time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length.' Cool, isn't it? Day and night are of equal length. That really applies to me, because you see, I have this other personality, and I call him Midnight- but we'll get to that later.
Ahem. Let's see, what does it say here... I'm supposed to *fake accent* 'Elaborate on your hobbies, interests or strengths.' Well, I like playing basketball and badminton, if that's what you're asking. I used to go to the gym three times a week, back in Goldenrod, but I'm too busy here in Torrenta to do the same. Oh, I love music too! Although, if you were looking for something more Pokemon-related, I'd say I love thinking of different battle strategies for my Pokemon team. They don't usually work, by the way. Hey! Ignore that last statement, please.
Don't tell this to anyone, but I have a natural flair for dramatics. I really do. That's the main reason why I wear my jacket-slash-longcoat hybrid thing as a cape, you see. To look cool. Of course, I already am cool by definition. Also, I'm a rather jovial person in my own opinion. It takes quite a lot to make me angry. But may Arceus save you if you do.
I guess it's time to introduce my alternate personality, huh? His, or rather, my name is Midnight. Carve that name into your head, because it is the name of the future Champion of Torrenta. And don't you go all buddy-buddy on me, I don't subscribe to such crap. If you're strong, you earn my respect. Otherwise, you can get out of my sight, because I don't really care about you.
Luckily for you, I don't bother handling Wesley's 'conversations' very often, so you'll get the usual cheerful spiel from him. I'm sure that will make you happy. But remember, threaten him and you cross me. I'll be watching.
*cough* That's right, I'm suffering from a special kind of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Normally, people tend to have memory lapses when their alternate personality takes over. I don't. I remember every single detail of what happens when Equinox is prancing around Torrenta.
This... can be rather strange at times, but Midnight and I have worked things out. Basically, I can manifest whenever I want, within reasonable boundaries, of course, and I have to warn him before doing so. How troublesome. I call it the Mutually Beneficial Agreement. As long as we don't do anything that sabotages the other, we can switch places any time we want.


That was a rather strange self-introduction, I know. I think that's it, though. Well, whoever you are, I hope to meet you real soon! See you in Torrenta!"



History: Wesley's hometown is Goldenrod City. He studied in the Goldenrod School of Pokemon Battling since he was seven, occasionally practicing with his father's Pokemon. His father is a full-time Pokemon trainer who traveled a lot, participating in competitions to send money back to the family. However, he was never very successful, and his income could be really unstable at times. Wesley's mother is a florist who works in Goldenrod City. Being closer to home, Wesley has a better relationship with her than his father. Her income is also more stable and this allows her and her son to get along with daily life quite reasonably well.


He left the Johto region when he was 15, travelling all across the globe with his dad as he taught him the basics of being a Pokemon trainer. He flew between regions frequently, encountering all sorts of Pokemon in his travels. When he reached the age of 17, he decided to part ways and travel independently, bringing along a gift from his father: the Gallade, Sarpedon. Together, they climbed mountains and traversed deserts, exploring forests and caves as they met all sorts of individuals and Pokemon on their journey. Slowly, through trades and adventures, his team grew in size, and Wesley matured into the capable Pokemon trainer he is today.






Sarpedon, the Bladestorm Gallade - Originally his father's Pokemon, Sarpedon was given to Wesley as a parting gift. Sarpedon is a shining example of what a Gallade should be: he is always willing for a battle and will never back down from one, nor will he give up or quit till he has reached his limit. He is always prepared and acts with courtesy. He has also become more of a romantic, treating the female gender with more respect and acting as a gallant hero for a damsel in distress. Due to Sarpedon's uncanny capability to read minds and transmit psychic messages, he acts as Wesley's Pokespeech translator, as well as confidante, friend and ace in the hole. Sarpedon is the official leader of the Equinox Family as well, and can really rally the team together during times of need.


Sarpedon's moveset:

Double Team: Creates multiple psychic copies of Sarpedon to distract and confuse the enemy. Although the clones cannot deal any damage, they can move independently and will often attack from various directions to mask the source of Sarpedon's true attack.


Telekinesis: Despite being a mainly physical fighter, Sarpedon retains his strong psychic capabilities from his days as a Kirlia. His Psychic manifests itself as a translucent purple aura, and can be used to lift and drag heavy objects at a distance.


Psycho Cut: A psychic-infused blade attack that not many can withstand.


Focus Punch: Sarpedon's coup-de-grace. Although easily interrupted, Focus Punch can usually take any opponent out in a single blow. Sarpedon combines this move with Double Team and Telekinesis to achieve a nearly 100% hit chance.




Myrandia Wing, the Skyknight Togekiss - Adopted from a breeder as a Togetic, Myrandia was originally part of a family of Flying-type Pokemon which were captured and raised by the same breeder. She started out as an extremely shy and quiet Pokemon, often unsure of herself. However, she demonstrated surprising insight and brilliance on many occasions, and after going through many battles and close encounters with Wesley and the team, Myrandia slowly gained self-confidence and became much bolder. She now acts as Wesley's air superiority fighter, as well as his primary mode of transportation.


Myrandia's moveset:

AncientPower: The trademark move of the Wing family. This attack appears as a bright glowing ball of energy, which Myrandia launches at her foes at great speed.


ExtremeSpeed: Myrandia is capable of boosting her flying velocity to breakneck speeds, allowing her to out-maneuvre her foes.


Aura Sphere: A move that never misses, Myrandia can use this to rain attacks down upon her foes while still accelerating with ExtremeSpeed.


Air Slash: Myrandia can create sharp gusts of wind to slice her opponent's defenses apart.




Amanda, the Firelord Typhlosion - Most Typhlosions possess some sort of aggressive or hot-blooded nature. But most Typhlosions don't have a voice in their heads, telling them to kill and burn everything they see. Amanda was one of the first Pokemon Wesley met in his journeys, and back then, she already displayed amazing capabilities in battle even as a young Cyndaquil. However, after Wesley captured her, it soon became apparent that she possessed an unnaturally hostile personality, which quickly proved disastrous for the new trainer. At first, it seemed like he would have no choice but to release her, but he discovered by chance that Midnight could control her destructive urges with surprising ease. Since then, he has been honing her self-control, allowing her to develop into one of the strongest fighters on his team.


Amanda's moveset:

Sunny Day: Amanda can intensify the sun's rays around her as she pleases, creating temperatures so hot and dry that a spark would likely cause an explosion. This amplifies her already impressive capabilities by a significant amount.


Blast Burn: This is Amanda's favourite move. Combined with Sunny Day, Amanda engulfs the entire battlefield in flames, giving her opponent no chance of survival.


Solarbeam: A trick to defeat pesky Water-types, not many people expect this powerful move from a Typhlosion.


Extrasensory: Amanda has possessed psychic capabilities since she was a Cyndaquil. Using this, she is able to sense the intentions of Midnight, and can react better to his orders. She can also use this as an offensive assault, manifesting as a psychic beam of energy.




Raphael, the Earthbender Tyranitar - Raphael possesses an old-man personality, despite the fact that he isn't actually that old. He's always muttering about the "good old days", and can often be found questioning "what they teach in schools these days". He is calm and collected most of the time, unlike most of his Tyranitar brethren. In battle, Jenkins heavily utilizes large boulders as both offensive and defensive weapons, while shrouding himself in a thick sandstorm and biding his time away till his opponent's inevitable defeat.


Raphael' moveset:

Sandstorm: Despite his innate ability to summon a Sandstorm upon entering the battlefield, Jenkins still chooses to retain this move in case his opponent changes the weather conditions mid-battle. While engulfing the battlefield in sand, Jenkins increases his own defenses while constantly damaging his foes, putting him at an immediate advantage.


Stone Edge: Jenkins can create hundreds of sharp rocks to fling at his opponents, or bring a few large ones together as a shield against any incoming attack. Through this, he can utilize Stone Edge both offensively and defensively.


Earthquake: A fierce shockwave that travels through the ground, Jenkins can use this attack safely from behind cover, harassing his opponent without any opportunity of counterattack.


Dragon Dance: Jenkins boosts both his Attack and Speed at the same time.




Calamity (Calla), the Flashflood Kingdra - Because of Calamity's rapid evolution from a Horsea to a Seadra, then straight to a Kingdra, Calla still possesses the childish and easily-excited personality he had when he was younger. He never seems to run out of energy, and can often be seen speeding around rivers and seas as he splashes water at his trainer. He brings this enthusiasm to battle, and is not easily discouraged even when facing tough opponents.


Calamity's moveset:

Rain Dance: Xavier creates a sudden, violent downpour of rain that turns the whole battlefield into a veritable ocean. While under this weather condition, Xavier's speed is doubled, and he can easily outspeed any unprepared opponent.


Waterfall: Using his increased speed, Xavier can rush straight at his opponent at ramming speed, bringing the full force of the rain behind him.


Dragon Dance: Xavier can further increase his Attack and Speed to ungodly levels.


Outrage: Upon using this attack, Xavier loses his childish temperament and turns into a furious, rampaging beast solely intent on whacking his opponent into submission. This attack is usually only used as a last resort, as he loses all control of himself.




Quas, the Hailstorm Glaceon - A gift from Bill, Quas has always been physically weak. No more than two weeks after Wesley adopted her, she contracted a serious illness and had to be nursed back to health with the help of the local Pokemon center. Despite her fragile body, Quas possesses a tremendous amount of power in her small frame, capable of matching up to Amanda's firepower for a short period. She is very possessive of Wesley since the day he rushed her to the Pokemon Centre, and can often be found out of her Pokeball, prowling along his side.


Quas's moveset:

Hail: Quas can summon a fierce snowstorm, shrouding herself from view while empowering her attacks at the same time.


Ice Beam: Quas's signature move. She fires a beam of ice-cold energy from its mouth, potentially freezing her target solid. She can use this in rapid succession without tiring easily, much to the surprise of Wesley.


Protect: Naturally, being very weak, Wesley had to teach Quas this move. Quas goes into a hypersensitive state, able to dodge all incoming attacks for a short period of time. She is unable to make any attacks in this state.


Shadow Ball: A sneaky trick which Quas learned even before she was found by Wesley. She launches a dark ball of energy at high speeds, usually lowering her foe's defense against her next attack.






Zephyr, the Breakneck Metagross - A shiny Metagross found and captured by Wesley while he was exploring a mysterious building named the Tower of Heaven. Unlike others of his type, Zephyr prefers to utilize high speed to surprise and overwhelm his opponents.


Zephyr' moveset:

Agility: Greatly increases James' Speed.


Meteor Mash: With his immense speed, James rams his spiked fist straight into his opponent's jaw.


Psychic: Usually used to hold his foe in place, giving him no chance of dodging or countering.


Earthquake: An all-rounded attack, kept in reserve in case the unexpected happens.



The Bagonborn Smeargle - "Legend tells of a hero known as the Bagonborn, a warrior with the body of a Smeargle and the soul of a Bagon, whose destiny it is to destroy the evil dragon Gyarados." - The Older Scrolls.


The Bagonborn's moveset:

Hyper Voice: The Bagonborn's voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in his path. "Fus Ro Dah!"


Flamethrower: Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Bagonborn's voice as inferno. "Yol Toor Shul!"


Lightning: A shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of lightning. "Strun Bah Qo!"


ExtremeSpeed: The Bagonborn's voice rushes forward, carrying him in its wake with the speed of a tempest. "Wuld Nah Kest!"

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Name: Logan Wesley

Age: 36

Appearance: A lean but slightly muscular man, Logan is a man stuck in between the huge knights of Calvera and the slim mages of Mag'Thalor. His face is oval-shaped and grizzled, with slightly long hair hanging just above his shoulders. His brown eyes are hard with a tinge of coldness, giving others the impression that he is not a man to be trifled with lightly. Firm leather armor is worn on his body when he goes into battle, together with a typical sword and shield set of a knight. A black runed staff is usually slung across his back.

Personality: Due to the nature of his job, Logan is a very focused and determined man. When he sets his mind on a task, he will see it through the whole way. He often performs his job in a swift and ruthless fashion, making him well-known and feared within the city. Fearless, Logan can stand against insurmountable odds and still hold his ground, perhaps a characteristic of his bloodline.

His group of friends are limited to his fellow Rune Knights and a few Knights he befriended when he was younger, due to the fact that most of the peasants generally attempt to avoid him on sight. Because of his, he is loyal to this small group of mates, but finds it hard to open up to a stranger. He also holds command over a small squad of soldiers in the army. In spite of this, when going to hunt down a rogue magician, he prefers to go alone, as he says that companions will only slow him down.

History: A mentally battle-scarred man, Logan has been through numerous battles and assignments by the king. One of the king's famous Rune Knights, Logan is familiar with both the sword and the spell. Rune Knights are considered to be the elite of the army, always holding high positions amongst the soldiers. However, due to their variety of skills, Rune Knights are masters of none. They are easily defeated by master magicians or skilled warriors, and have to rely on their unpredictability to gain the upper hand in battle.

Born into a highly respected general's household, Logan picked up his first sword at the age of seven in preparation for him to succeed his father as a general of Calvera. However, when he accidentally revealed his natural ability at magic, the king decided to make use of his talents and enlisted him in the Rune Knights instead, acknowledging his skill at manual combat.

As a Rune Knight, Logan spends most of his time out of the city, hunting down rogue magicians by order of the king. Almost always, these rogue magicians were poor peasants on the run for possessing magic. Although he was firm on doing his job well at the start, years of killing defenseless peasants has caused his faith in the king's word to waver. Sometimes, he finds himself wondering if what he was doing was the right thing.

Miscellaneous: His sword, a runeblade crafted for him in Mag'Thalor, is exceptionally receptive to magical energies. Logan can empower it, causing it to weigh almost nothing at all and become sharper than most blades.

Having trained for a short period of time in the company of a master magician of Mag'Thalor, Logan's magic has taken on the distinctive shape of black fire. He can manipulate this black flame in any way he wishes without harming himself or his companions. His magical abilities are boosted when he is using his staff, given to him by the magician, instead of the runeblade.

Logan has a four-month old pet wolf cub named Fenrir living in his house.

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Name: Vashiel Vyers VashielVyers.png

Age: 30

Hometown: Sootopolis City

Appearance: Most people would be intimidated by Vashiel's fierce look on first glance. His gaze darts from person to person, as though he was trying to challenge each and every one of them to a battle. His usual outfit comprises of a simple black shirt and a pair of jeans, which makes him look rather ordinary. His blond hair stands out in spikes due to natural reasons, though the tips do curl downwards due to gravity. Finally, he has a casual, confident smirk which makes him look like he's ready to take on anyone in the world.

Personality: Cool and composed, Vashiel handpicked his team based on their individual merits. Although their strengths can be said to complement their teammates' weaknesses, as a whole, his team has no overall strategy whatsoever. Instead, Vashiel believes in switching in the right Pokemon at the right time to win the battle one step at a time. This is reflected in his team, where each Pokemon is suited to take down a certain type of enemy Pokemon.

Although he has gathered an impressive force, he has never tried to take on the Elite Four. Instead, he enjoys wandering around regions, searching for formidable opponents to test himself against. The reason for this is that he does not wish to draw attention towards himself. Defeating the Elite Four would inevitably mean unwanted attention. And thus, he continues wandering to this very day, searching for a suitable opponent that might test his wits to the limit, one that he may be able to call a rival.

History: Vashiel never had a strong attachment to his family. For one thing, his father was constantly away (traveling the world, no doubt), leaving him and his mother at home. His studies were always below the mark, resulting in his mother constantly being frustrated at why he couldn't understand simple mathematics. Beatings happened regularly in his childhood years, and he often ran away from home because he couldn't stand it.

During these times, he found solace with a friendly Gyarados, who happened to make its home in the waters around Sootopolis City. He would often vent his angers and frustrations to this Gyarados, who would in turn listen attentively, not making a sound to interrupt him. The two of them formed a strong friendship over the years, and through this, Vashiel developed a strong interest in Pokemon.

One day, at the age of 15, he decided to leave Sootopolis City. Calling the Gyarados, he rode on its back as it swam at great speeds, bringing the teenaged Vashiel all the way to Lilycove City. There, Vashiel took residence in one of the hotels for a while, relying on the Gyarados to bring food to him every day.

But this could not last forever. The Gyarados stopped coming after a while, possibly because it had to head home, back to Sootopolis. Left with no choice, Vashiel stole an empty Pokeball from an unsuspecting tourist, ran out into the wilds, and caught his first Pokemon - Machop.

With renewed vigour, he trained his Machop rigorously, traveling throughout the Hoenn region, challenging trainers and gyms alike in order to earn enough money to get by. He never returned to Sootopolis City, however, as he is ashamed of his past there. He has been wandering for 15 years now, and his name has become rather well-known within selected Pokemon trainer circles.


Genesis the Machamp 068.png - Male, level 80. Genesis was Vashiel's first Pokemon, and the most mischievous one of them all. Retaining its personality from when it was just a Machop, Genesis regularly plays pranks on Vashiel or one of the other Pokemon. Now that Genesis has 4 arms, the amount of mischief he can manage has exponentially increased. His personality is reflected directly in battle, where he can trick and confuse his enemies until they become enraged, thus losing control of themselves.

Epsilon the Swampert Spr_4d_260.png - Male, level 88. Epsilon was found along the beaches of Mossdeep Town, staring aimlessly into the sea. Extremely patient by nature, it is very hard to anger him. He is currently the only one in Vashiel's team who can withstand Genesis's constant pranks. In battle, Epsilon patiently endures hits from his opponent as he gradually grows in power, eventually becoming a nigh unstoppable force.

Saurus the Tyranitar Spr_4d_248.png - Male, level 85. Hot-headed and impatient, Saurus always puts all his energy into the task at hand. He is the first to get into arguments every time. Saurus dislikes waiting, and would rush into any situation head-on if he could. In battle, his attacks are more powerful than most other Pokemon, but because of his hot-headedness, he restricts himself to a single attack until he gets the chance to cool down.

Exorus the Infernape Spr_4d_392.png - Male, level 90. Exorus is serious and mature, unlike most Infernapes. Whenever he encounters a problem, he will use the most effective and intelligent approach to solve it. He is also very focused when training, and can quickly learn new skills. In battle, Exorus tries to take down his opponent in one strategic hit before retreating back into his Pokeball for the next Pokemon.

Electro the Magnezone 462.png - No gender, level 83. Electro is the handyman of Vashiel's team. It acts as a compass, a portable power supply, a calculator, a map and a supercomputer, thus making it an invaluable asset to Vashiel. It never gets tired, and can work through the night if it has to. It has a secret ability as well, allowing it to destroy unsuspecting foes.

Divinus the Salamence Spr_4d_373.png - Male, level 85. Proud and arrogant, Divinus believes himself to be the most powerful of all of Vashiel's Pokemon. He looks down on others easily, and may seem to be extremely snobbish. However, it is true that he possesses a rather impressive range of abilities, and he is capable of taking down other dragons with ease. His trademark attack sends him into an unstoppable rage that leaves only destruction in his path.

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Basic Details
Name: Darigan Tyrandia Varimathras
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Race: Human

Physical Appearance
Hair: His sleek black hair smoothly combed back, Darigan's hairstyle is meant to make him look neat and tidy.
Face: Due to years of personal grooming, Darigan has managed to get a relatively charming look.
Torso: Thin and lanky, Darigan has never been physically strong. He usually wears either a blindingly bright red and gold robe, or an impressively dark black and silver one, once again emphasizing his liking for dramatic things.
Legs and Feet: Similarly thin when compared to his body, they cannot be relied on to carry him over long distances.

Strengths: Extremely self-confident, nearly fearless, very competent in most intellectual aspects
Weaknesses: Usually looks down on others, extremely proud personality
Likes: Praises, dramatics, witty comments, beating others
Dislikes/Fears: Losing, criticism, physical injury
Quirks: Always tries to look dramatic
Other Info:

History and Equipment
Description of History: Being a very competent mage in Corneria, Darigan has been taught to feel superior since he was a child. Coupled with his natural talent at magic, he soon exceeded his peers in almost every aspect of his education, further emphasizing his haughty personality. No matter what he studied, he mastered it in a very short time, and he soon gathered an array of abilities at his disposal.

However, he has harboured a dislike for physical activity since young as well, preferring to take on challenges of the mind instead. As he has always said, "brain always beats brawn". As such, he is physically rather weak, and cannot take much of a beating. He also cannot withstand long distance travels, although he has compensated for this with teleporting spells.

Because of his personality, he did not have many friends. Darigan likes to search for talented companions, as he believes that "one should choose his allies carefully". As for the less talented, he usually treats them with disregard. He is also brave to the point of foolish, as he believes that "no obstacle is unsurmountable". He has a flair for dramatics, though, and always tries to do things in the most spectacular manner possible.

Secrets Character Does Not Know About: Darigan constantly strives to achieve greater knowledge in all areas of study, and rarely has anyone been able to withhold a secret from him.
Objects of Personal Value: Darigan does not hold anything in great value, as he says that his enemies may be able to use it against him one day.
Weapons: Mages tend not to use conventional weapons. Instead, they wield staves and wands to further enhance their magical prowress. Darigan wields a typical mage's staff, which reduces the mental effort which he needs to use to cast a spell. It also regularly helps his mind to recuperate energy through magical means.
Abilities: Being a talented mage, Darigan has a multitude of spells to use.

Elemental Magic - Fire, Ice and Lightning, these basic spells require almost no mental effort to cast and can be used in almost any combat situation. Using these spells in greater quantities will drain greater amounts of mental energy correspondingly. He may combine two or more elements into greater spells, but this will drain more energy from him.

Summoning Magic - Darigan can call forth up to four ghostly swords to do battle with his foes around him, although he will have to mentally control each sword manually, which can take up a lot of effort. He can also pull the spirit of a creature he has killed in the past from the netherworld, forcing it to aid him for a period of time. He does not need to control this creature.

Movement Magic - Darigan can use magic to teleport to faraway locations, as long as he has visited there before. This takes concentration and can be broken if somebody distracts him while the spell is being cast. He can also dart across a short distance at blinding speeds, although this usually disorientates him.

Defensive Magic - To compensate for his physical weakness, Darigan can erect a mental barrier around him, causing all damage he might take to convert into mental damage. Of course, his mind is not invincible, and too many hits will cause him to collapse of exhaustion. He can also turn himself temporarily invisible, although maintaining this spell will have a constant drain on Darigan's energy, and vaguely blurred images can be seen by a careful observer if he moves.

Roleplayer Notes
Relevant Information OOC: None.
Relevant Information IC: Darigan is not a noble, despite his attitude towards others.

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Name: Tia888, Optimus Peach

Gender: Female

Age: Ageless

Appearance: With long blonde hair and an orange tiara fit for a princess, one could easily underestimate this girl. Her clothes bear a certain resemblance to a pink dress, but the lower skirt has been ripped off to form a mini-skirt. The upper portion of her dress has also been ripped off from the lower portion to form a blouse. With a challenging look on her face, Optimus Peach is not one to be messed with.

Not-Really-A Princess Outfit: Torn and tattered beyond recognition, this dress may look like it's useless in terms of protection. However, by using the Power of Love (explained below), it is able to deflect most attacks thrown at it, making it as powerful as any suit of battle armor.

Background (if applicable): Due to a certain Cross-Gender Month by the Church of the Holy Triumvirate, TimeDragon888 went back in time and changed history such that he turned female, creating Tia888. Her personality can be said to not differ much from TimeDragon888, except that maybe her looks have made her even more complacent and self-confident.

Personality: A smug and challenging person, Tia888 can laugh in the face of insurmountable danger. Eating Yoshi's eggs for breakfast everyday and forcing toadstools to work as her slaves, she can be said to be the complete opposite of Princess Peach.

Power of Love: Tia888's main power source. By draining the world of it's love, Tia can summon great pulses of pink or red energy to annihilate her foes or defend herself. Because of the vast amounts of love in the world, her power is said to be limitless - however, every time she casts a major spell, a married couple gets divorced. A small price to pay for destroying her enemies.

  • Feel The Love - By firing a huge heart at the enemy, Tia overwhelms him with an attack that strikes physically, mentally and emotionally, both incapacitating him and draining him of his will to fight. This attack can be changed to take the form of a sphere, a beam or a weapon that Tia can wield.

    Dance Of Love- I mean, Death - Tia888 uses her superb skill at dancing, combined with the Power of Love, to cause anyone in the near vicinity to explode violently, causing hearts to pour out from their disfigured corpses. Anyone who survives this first attack is rendered insane immediately after watching the dance. Tia is invulnerable to most attacks during the dance.

    Because Love Propels Me To Go On - Tia is powered by the Power of Love. As long as there still exists Love in the world, she cannot possibly die. She can still be dismembered, shot into outer space or disintegrated, but she cannot die.

    Come 'ere, you! - The Power of Love doesn't necessarily need to be used offensively. Tia888 can also use it to seduce her male enemies, lulling them into a false sense of security and causing them to lower their guard. Tia will then rip their hearts out, one at a time.

Power of Friendship: In the same fashion as the Power of Love, Tia888 can also drain the world of its friendship to power herself up or change her appearance. The Power of Friendship is characteristically yellow in colour, in contrast to LOL! Magic's shade of blue.

  • On Wings of Friendship - Tia can propel herself into the air using the Power of Friendship. This can be maintained indefinitely. It is said that every minute she remains in the air, a pair of good friends break up.

    Together I Stand (Too Bad For You) - As long as someone believes in friendship in the world, Tia can drain that person's strength for herself. This means that she can heal herself indefinitely. The unfortunate target becomes an incurable psychopath, though.

    Converto Awesomeus - Due to Cross-Gender Month, Tia888 can freely switch into TimeDragon888 by draining the world of Friendship. In Awesome Mode, Tia888 is treated as TimeDragon888. He can switch back to Tia888 at any time.

    Converto Hereticus - After conquering her heretical form, TiemDRGN666, Tia888 has gained the ability to allow TiemDRGN666 to possess her body whenever she wants. In Heretical Mode, Tia888 is treated as TiemDRGN666. He can switch back to Tia888 at any time.

Weapons (if applicable):

  • Chain-Umbrella - An umbrella with serrated chainsaw blades all around its edges, Tia888 wields this weapon with surprising ease. Besides acting as a shield against any form of attack, it can also slice through metal like butter. It also keeps her pretty face out of the rain.

    Sports Gear - Consisting of a baseball cap and a rather oversized bat with several rusty nails that she has used to win countless Olympic Games throughout the times, Tia may use this set of gear instead of her Chain-Umbrella in fast-moving situations. The baseball cap is surprisingly hardy, and may block incoming bullets completely, whereas one swing of the baseball bat may cause a rather large dent even in tank armor.

    Toad - Unfortunate denizens of Mushroom Kingdom, Tia uses them as meatshields to block incoming attacks. When they die, they release highly explosive gases that combust when they come into contact with oxygen. These explosions only occur in front of Toad, and never behind it, for some strange reason.

    Yoshi - An enslaved green dinosaur, Yoshi acts as Tia's mount. It is capable of swallowing grown men whole and runs at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. It can also grow wings and gain the capability to breathe potent fireballs when infused with the Power of Love.

Miscellaneous: She keeps Bowser as a pet.

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Name: Aurelien-Louis-Guillaume Chenevier

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Nationality: French

Appearance: Always suave-looking, Chenevier has a distinctively short, spiky haircut. His mouth is usually curled up in a smirk, above which a thin, curly mustache can be found (he calls it his petit frère). When he is not imprisoned, he can be usually found in a baggy black business suit that is loose enough for him to sprint in.

Background: Chenevier belongs to a distinguished family of spies. He was taught close combat at the age of 5, got his driving license at 10, and went on his first mission at 12. As his parents are both usually away, he was taken care of as a child by his American bodyguard, Donovan Ricardo. Chenevier has had a very successful history of spying jobs. Unfortunately, some of these jobs weren't exactly legal...

Personality: Cheeky, cynical and full of expressions, he enjoys sarcastically commenting to himself about events happening around him in French. Chenevier is capable of killing people without a second thought, but he generally avoids doing so, as he says they bring "mauvaise chance". Being a spy, he is naturally cautious and observant, and is capable of sneaking around undetected. Chenevier does not mind working with others, despite the nature of his job.


Maîtrise d'Arme - Chenevier can use almost anything as a weapon - a wooden stick, a telephone, a bunch of keys - and he is extremely professional at doing so.

Capacité d'Espion - Being a spy, Chenevier can sneak into most places undetected. He can also pick locks and safes.

Cachez-Vous - Chenevier is a very good actor and can pretend to be anyone, with the right outfit. (Eg. he could wear a guard uniform and pretend to be a guard.) This disguise will not fool anyone for very long, though.

Miscellaneous: "You got blood on my suit! I'll get you for that!"

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Basic Details
Name: Neopatra (Neo) Sylfaen Alexandra, Grand Diviner
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Tiresian Elf

Physical Appearance: As with all Elves who live in the area of Tiresia, Neopatra has fair skin and stands at 1.5 metres in height, which is approximately average for an Elven woman. Her ears are pointed as a distinctive, genetic feature that separates the Elves from the humans, as well as her relatively smaller build.

Hair: Neopatra has long, straight black hair which reaches down to around her chest level. Various traditional Tiresian gold ornaments adorn her hair, mostly located near head level.

Face: Neopatra has a pair of soft yet focused green eyes, a relatively small, sharp nose, and a pair of lips of the deepest shade of red. Light, decorative runes line the sides of her forehead and cheeks, serving only decorative purposes. A pair of simple gold earrings hang at either side of her face.

Torso: Neopatra is slightly muscular in build due to her combat training, which has graciously allowed her to keep a relatively fit hourglass bodily figure as well. She has never been very picky on her clothes, and usually adorns a simple, brown dress which allows for ease of movement, as her job requires her to travel and get into a plethora of unpredictable situations.

In the situation of a heavy battle, Neopatra has been trained and is able to use heavy armor designed for women, ranging from simple chainmail to bulky platemail, which she has the authority to obtain from any Imperial military outpost she finds.

Her official Grand Diviner robe consists of a sleeveless hybrid of a dress and a cloak which reaches to her knee-level. Being a rather soothing shade of blue, it is relatively simple and has no intricate designs on it. Although her dress is not low-cut on the front, a significant portion of her back is not covered.

Legs and Feet: Underneath her dress, Neopatra usually wears a blue pair of tight, yet stretchable pants which reaches all the way down to her ankles. Her legs are proportionate to her body; that is, long and lanky. For travelling purposes, she uses a pair of hard leather boots suitable for almost any terrain.

Neopatra is a confident and strong-willed woman. She has a strong passion in magical studies, especially Divination, and is able to read texts for hours on end without stopping. She has some leadership qualities, although she prefers to let others lead when possible. Due to her studies, Neo is relatively capable at persuading others to accept her viewpoint, but she may come across as stubborn or inconsiderate at times.

However, having lived a rather secluded life in the College for most of her childhood, she deeply treasures relationships, and prefers to have a few close friends rather than many distant ones. She is secretly a romantic, although her personality towards others do not suggest this. When meeting someone new, Neo will treat them with courtesy and respect as she gets to know the person better. She is more relaxed around close friends such as her mentor, Erathos, and tends to be more open with them.

Neo is generally a kind person at heart, although she does not readily offer her help to anyone on the streets. Those who are able to earn her trust and friendship will enjoy her loyalty and kindness as well.

Description of History: By her name, you could possibly guess Neopatra's childhood situation, as only wealthy or noble families could have education, and thus could think of such elaborate names to give to their children. Neopatra was born into one of the former, having two very successful merchants as her parents. As such, she was taught in Literature, Arts, Music and even a little bit of Magic as soon as she reached the tender age of 6, carrying her parents' hopes that she would become an influential noble or marry into a powerful family in the future.

Neopatra lived in the bustling city of Reath, named after its ruler, King Reath. It was the capital of the province of Tiresia, and had traders from all over the land arriving and leaving everyday, bringing wealth and prosperity to the city. As such, Reath has always been known to be a metropolitan city of knowledge and business, where the rich and powerful go to associate with other rich and powerful individuals. Of course, with every city, there were slums present in Reath, but they were usually avoided, both physically and in conversation. The unfortunates living in the Reath slums were usually never spoken of. They were a taint to the reputation of the city.

Neopatra's natural talent at magic became prevalent very quickly, and her tutor, a young College mage by the name of Samuel Arados, recommended her to take the national College entry exam at the age of 12. At first, her parents were unwilling to send their only daughter away, but visits by several College mages eventually persuaded them to let her try. However, due to stiff competition by other budding magicians from the country, Neopatra was nearly rejected during the examination process.

During the Divination practical examination, however, Neopatra suddenly gave a startlingly detailed prediction of a raging fire that would consume the nearby village of Sedway in three days' time. Her examiner, a Grand Diviner named Erathos Syllander, immediately recognized the signs of a Prophecy, but could not confirm its authenticity on the spot. As such, Neopatra was simply told to return home and await further news of her results.

News of the fire only came after a week. It was devastating and could not be stopped; fortunately, most of the residents were safely evacuated by the Imperial Guard before any serious injuries were obtained, but nearly the entire village was razed to the ground in the process. Erathos Syllander made no delay in arriving at the Alexandran household with a letter of recommendation in his hand. He firmly testified of Neopatra's natural ability in the art of Divination, and insisted that Neopatra would be allowed to be trained at the College.

Due to the general distrust towards Diviners, her parents were naturally resistant to the idea. Erathos was rejected three times in a matter of a week; only when Arch-Mage Jacob Newland came down personally did they relent. As such, Neopatra packed her things and moved into the College for full-time study, as was the customary practice for all students of Divination.

For the first three years, Neo studied general magic under the personal tutelage of Erathos Syllander, in addition to basic training in unarmed and armed combat, magical literature as well as a little on Tiresian politics. At the age of 15, Arch-Mage Newland approached her and gave her the opportunity to further her studies into Divination, not as any ordinary College mage, but a state-approved Grand Diviner. This would allow her access to military-level information as well as privileges and authority equivalent to a general, but would require her to have absolute obedience towards Tiresia's ruler, King Falkonis Reath. In essence, she would become part of the king's elite task force.

Without hesitation, she accepted the offer and embarked on a difficult six years of intensive physical and mental training in order to develop her to become a Grand Diviner. As practitioners of Divination could easily foresee events, such magic could be used effectively in combat as well, allowing them to detect their enemies' movements a split-second earlier. This was the premise of the Grand Divination branch of the military. Neopatra initially had difficulties besting her fellow male students in physical combat due to her weaker stature, but she quickly learnt how to use her opponents' strength to her advantage over the years.

The days would be filled with grueling physical training, the nights with intensive study on the art of Divination. It was a tough life, but Neopatra persevered for the sake of her passion for Divination. Her efforts paid off as she was eventually able to progress faster than her peers, providing free time for her to pursue other interests. It was at this juncture that she asked her mentor, Erathos, to teach her a single spell: Chronosphere.

Due to the dangers of this spell, it was classified as a forbidden spell; not even College mages were allowed to learn it. Only because of Erathos's privilege as a Grand Diviner did King Reath grant permission for him to teach it to Neopatra. It was a difficult spell to learn indeed, but she managed to do so within her final year of study at the College, and graduated at the end of the year as a fully recognized Grand Diviner.

Now, Tiresia was at peace, and she was granted permission to act independently under her own authority until King Reath required the Grand Diviners' aid. It has been four years since her graduation, and Neopatra continues to live in Tiresia as she seeks to further her studies in Divination.

Weapons: Grand Diviners act as the King of Tiresia's elite task force, and thus each one of them is required to be masters at armed combat.

Twilight Blades - A set of personal weapons crafted at Neopatra's request. The Twilight Blades are a pair of shortswords, one black, the other white. The black sword, named Midnight, is crafted with the essence of the planet itself, thus it provides an additional resistance to any magic it passes through. Midnight has the capability of absorbing magic from its surroundings, and is capable of dispelling any magical spell or barrier it passes through. The white sword, named Dawn, has letters of the Language of the Ancients written over its surface. Dawn provides additional magical power when Neo casts spells, reducing the resistance that she faces.

Abilities: Magic, as taught by the College of Tiresia, is essentially speaking in the Language of the Ancients, who commanded the very power of the earth and reality itself, drawing from their power for personal usage. As such, by using the Language of the Ancients, one can pit one's soul energy against the planet's. If one has the ability to overcome the planet's resistance, one can speak things into existence. The resistance will increase accordingly if the change is proportionately larger.

Incantamentum Offensio (Offensive Magic) - In the distant past, the Ancients were masters over the very planet itself. Neopatra uses the Language of the Ancients to seize the same control over the very elements - fire, ice, lightning, wind and earth. She can also demand heavy objects to move by themselves.

Incantamentum Defensia (Defensive Magic) - The Ancients were able to bend reality in order to protect themselves from ancient evils. Neopatra uses the Language of the Ancients to mimic their methods of nullifying incoming threats, as well as create illusions of herself to deceive the enemy.

Incantamentum Furatus (Spell Steal) - In the case of a conflict, the Ancients could demand the planet to repeat any action taken by their opponents a few moments ago. Using the Language of the Ancients, Neopatra can copy and utilize any magical spell cast in her vicinity for a short period of time.

Præcognoso (Grand Divination) - The Ancients were known to obtain information from the timestream about the future. Grand Diviners utilize the Language of the Ancients to make requests from the timestream in order to retrieve snippets of the future. Not many are able to do so efficiently, as the resistance encountered from the timestream is significantly higher than that of the planet.

Chronosphæra (Chronosphere) - Even time itself bowed before the Ancients. By using the Language of the Ancients, Neopatra can command time to stop in a mile radius around her. The resistance encountered through this spell far surpasses even Præcognoso.

Roleplayer Notes
Relevant Information OOC: None.
Relevant Information IC: A Grand Diviner is a member of the military under the direct command of King Reath of Tiresia, trained in both combat and magic in order to vastly overpower ordinary soldiers. They are distrusted by the general public because of their secretive actions as well as the nature of Divination. Nobody likes harbingers of doom, especially when they speak the truth - and that is what Diviners do. As such, Grand Diviners are usually shunned by the average citizen.

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Maya Iyengar, Planeswalker



Maya was formed not by human union, but by the wishes of a broken, old planeswalker and her connection to the Blind Eternities. Sensing her pain and anguish over years of unfulfilled hopes and dreams, the chaotic Eldrazi energies within the Ã†ther came into her plane, taking the form of a newborn babe in her arms. Through the process, Maya was created on a clean slate, with no memories of where she had come from.


But her connection to the Ã†ther remained strong as she grew up, and she quickly developed an uncanny ability to create and manipulate the strongest of illusions almost effortlessly. Her illusions were as varied as her imagination, which quickly gained her much unnecessary attention. Growing concerns that Maya would become a threat when she matured soon rose up, and she was eventually captured by an angry mob and was to be burned at the stake.


It was then that the chaotic energies within her burst forth, in response to the threat towards her life. She morphed into a monstrous Eldrazi, warping the reality of the plane itself with her presence. She barely remembered what happened during her rampage, but when she awoke days later, she found that half of the village had disappeared into thin air, while a select few had been hopelessly enslaved to her will as mindless thralls. Shocked and horrified by what she had done, she vowed never to return to her home plane, and disappeared into the Blind Eternities.


She reappeared several years later, on Ravnica, in search of Nicol Bolas for reasons unknown. Some have speculated that she had been present when Bolas manipulated Chandra, Jace and Sarkhan into releasing the Eldrazi.



Card Details:


Maya Iyengar (May Elizabeth Lewis), the Ã†therborn (Human form, Blue, Base loyalty 3)

+1: Draw 1 card. Spells that target one of your creatures cost 1 more colourless mana to cast until your next upkeep phase.
0: Put a 4/1 Illusion Panther token, a 2/3 Illusion Hawk token or a 0/5 Illusion Wall token on the battlefield under your control. It has haste.
-7: All creatures on the field and in your hand gain "Illusion" on top of their other types. This turn, you may cast "Illusion" creature spells from your hand at no cost. "Illusion" creatures you control gain haste.


Illusionist deck.



She Who Is Ephemeral (Eldrazi form, Colorless, Base loyalty 15)

+0: Select up to 3 creatures on the field (you may not select the same creature more than once). The first creature you select gains protection from colored spells. The second creature you select gains trample. The third creature you select gains +5/+5. All creatures selected in this way gain the effect "When this creature is the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it."

-5: Creatures you control gain hexproof and annihilator 1 ("whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices a permanent") till your next end phase.

-15: Shuffle all permanents except "She Who Is Ephemeral" together. An opponent separates them into three piles. Exile one pile, put another into the battlefield under your control, and the last into the battlefield under your opponent's control. All permanents put into your opponent's control in this way gain the ability "When this permanent is the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it."


Eldrazi deck



Wand: Ten inches, Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, Slightly yielding





Dungeons - Black

Lake - Blue

Fireplaces - Red


Forbidden Forest - Black or Green

Quidditch Field - White or Red

Library - Blue. Whenever you tap this land for mana, scry 1.

Headmaster's Office - Any colour.

Astronomy Tower - Red or Blue

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The Equinox Family



Vindicator (Vincent), the Terror of the Avalanche - Vindicator used to be known as the Terror of the Avalanche, leading a fierce group of Ice-types as he attacked any trainer who approached his territory in the Ioh Mountains. His reign over the place was undisputed until a powerful Fire-type arrived, single-handedly defeating Vindicator and his minions in a fierce battle. Not long after, Wesley found Vindicator limping away from the Snow Fields and applied first-aid on the spot. Still angry at his defeat, Vindicator challenged Wesley to a battle, where he was defeated a second time by the trainer. Finally, he agreed to join Wesley's team in order to get stronger, and one day reclaim his rightful title as the Terror of the Avalanche.


Vindicator's moveset:

Hail: Unlike Quas's Hail, which is meant to shroud and to deceive, Vindicator's Hail is nothing but a frozen maelstrom of malevolence and destruction.


Earthquake: The very earth trembles before the Terror of the Avalanche, dealing massive damage to friend and foe alike.


Avalanche: Vindicator's namesake and signature attack, it covers his opponents with a mountain of ice.


Stone Edge: A violent attack with flying rocks that usually leave the victims scarred, both physically and mentally.



Kazuko, the Blazeheart Tropius - Kazuko can be said to be cheerful, jovial and always full of energy. An avid fan of her adopted older sister Amanda, she trains herself everyday in the hopes that she will eventually become as strong as her. Although she can always bring a smile to your face, Kazuko has a distraught childhood background which she refuses to talk about. Even though Kazuko is an orphan, she treats everyone in the Equinox Family as her closest friends and will willingly give her life to protect any one of them.


Kazuko's moveset:

Solarbeam: Gathering power from the sun, Kazuko launches into a violent beam of solar energy to scorch her foes to oblivion. She picked up this skill from Amanda.


Aerial Ace: Despite her bulk, Kazuko is capable of flying at breakneck speeds, blinding the enemy before striking him multiple times in the air.


Synthesis: A recovery move that doubles in effectiveness when the sunlight is at full strength.


Nature Power: Depending on the battlefield conditions, Kazuko can create a multitude of effects.

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Name: Isabel Stormheart, the Gale

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: Scruffy and thin, Isabel can easily be mistaken for a teenaged boy if one does not look closely enough. She has neck-length red hair, which is usually hidden under a leather hat, and possesses the Stormheart family's distinctive piercing blue eyes. Her usual outfit is relatively simple, consisting of a brown cloth shirt and pants, with a gray travel cloak wrapped over it.


Personality: The Stormhearts have long been known as a proud and unpredictable family. One Stormheart can look and act worlds apart from another, one a stauch defender of justice and freedom while another a wanted mass murderer. However, one fact is generally accepted about them: When a Stormheart is involved in something major, you can expect great things to happen.


Isabel has always been a wildcard in her family. Headstrong and mischievous, she prefers to explore the world on her own, doing whatever she likes without any regard for authority or risk. This has gotten her into trouble in several different counties across the map, but due to her innate gift for Vectormancy, very few authorities have been able to capture and hold her for very long. Despite her notorious behavior, Isabel is generally well-accepted among the less fortunate due to her habit of acting like a "Robin Hood" of sorts, distributing food and water among those who cannot afford it.


Isabel prides herself on her adaptability and her ability to think on her feet, which has kept her out of trouble many times in the past. She is capable of dressing and behaving in several different roles, such as impersonating a member of the city guard, a noble, or even a roadside beggar. Despite her unpredictable nature, Isabel possesses a surprisingly warm heart, and is loyal to those she calls friends.


History: Great responsibility is placed upon the shoulders of the next Stormheart heir. From a tender age, Isabel was grilled in various aspects such as hand-to-hand combat, magical studies, geography, politics and court etiquette, as she was expected to take over her father as the next leader of the family. However, she greatly resented this fate being forced upon her, and sought every means to escape from her mansion, which had also been her prison for the first sixteen years of her life.


Her window of opportunity came when she turned seventeen. While both of her parents were away on diplomatic journeys, she wrecked the mansion, knocking out the bodyguards who were hired to keep her in and escaping into the woods beyond. There, she lived off the land for a few days before she managed to find her way into a small town. Since then, she has been wandering from city to city, posing as a vagrant boy in order not to draw attention towards herself and prevent her parents from locating her.



Vectormancy - Like her ancestors, Isabel possesses an innate capability to manipulate the speed of objects around her. To do so, she imparts energy into other objects to accelerate them. The heavier the object or the faster she wishes it to go, the more energy is required. Isabel is also capable of reversing this skill to slow down incoming projectiles to a crawl.


Miscellaneous: Blah blah blah.

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AS-08 Seraph





Built by the international terrorist group Vengeance, the AS-08 Seraph was designed to be a self-sustaining, all-purpose Angel Suit that could demonstrate superior flexibility and variety in handling any situation or task. It was first deployed in 2056, where it flew across three continents undetected and singlehandedly massacred an entire battalion of ExoSuit-equipped soldiers who had been terrorizing a local county which had refused to pay taxes to FutureTech. It has a battle record of having never been touched by enemy fire, giving it an infamous reputation even among Angel Suits.



Meant as a fast and adaptive strike unit, the Seraph is designed as an all-purpose Angel Suit that can be further customized or equipped to serve various roles. Its G Engine has a very high production speed of G Particles, allowing the Seraph to replenish its energy within a couple of minutes. The downside to this, however, is the low storage capacity of G Particles. This makes the Seraph more suited towards extended missions and battles, as compared to short missions which require a large amount of power in a short time frame.


The Seraph has two unique capabilities. First, due to its high production speed of G Particles, the Seraph is capable of sustaining high-speed flight indefinitely while remaining invisible to all conventional radars. Second, it is equipped with a tachyon detector, enabling it to receive signals from the future and calculate the most probable movements of any foe in the next few seconds. It does so by constantly emitting tachyons encoded with battle information about the present, sent to the past.


It is said that the Seraph never touches the ground during a mission. Even when idle, its G Engine provides enough power for it to hover a short distance above the ground, emitting luminescent anti-gravity particles behind it to form the image of ethereal wings. The very image of the Seraph is meant to strike awe and wonder into all who gaze upon it, allowing it to become an ideal of the discriminated populace rather than a mere tool of terrorism.


Due to its versatility, the Seraph is often equipped with different weapons to suit the upcoming mission. As such, there are many variants which have been seen in the past.



AS-08X Seraph Excalibur

This variant of Seraph prioritized image over functionality. Used in the Seraph's first deployment in the United States, it was meant to project the Angel Suit as an unstoppable harbinger of death for all who support FutureTech and a hero to the less fortunate. The Seraph Excalibur is only equipped with two VS-5 Plasma Blades, meant to illustrate its overwhelming strength as compared to the ExoSuit-equipped soldiers as it didn't need any ranged capabilities to destroy an entire battalion.


Due to the low power consumption of its weapons, the Seraph Excalibur projects anti-gravity particles in a much larger radius, causing the 'Ethereal Wings' illusion to become much more pronounced. Small rocks and objects around the Seraph Excalibur may also begin to float spontaneously, causing the whole scene to look otherworldly in nature.



AS-08D Seraph Diablo

A stealth variant on the Seraph which specializes in taking out the target from miles away. The suit's tachyon capabilities are utilized offensively, sending back information about where the target will be at a certain designated time. With that knowledge, the Seraph Diablo is able to set up a sniping location and take out the target with 100% accuracy. Because of the secrecy of its missions, the Seraph Diablo rarely activates the 'Ethereal Wings' effect.



AS-08J Seraph Jaeger

The standard outfit for the Seraph during missions which are deemed too risky to use Seraph Excalibur. It is more heavily armed than its Excalibur variant, having a VS-30 Heavy Plasma Rifle, 2 VS-14 Plasma Pistols, 2 VS-5 Plasma Blades and a VS-2 Anti-Ballistic Shield installed by default. The tachyon analyzer system can be configured between assault mode, whereby the future information is used in the suit's weapon targeting systems, and defense mode, where the future information is instead fed into the auto-avoidance system.



AS-08Z Seraph Infinite

A top-secret project known only to the minds behind Vengeance, the Seraph Infinite is rumored to be a version of Seraph many times more impressive than Jaeger, reserved solely for the day when Vengeance finally takes down Darius Mauro and FutureTech Industries.



Pilot of the AS-08 Seraph, Kurotenshi


Name: Takeshi Fukagawa (Kurotenshi / Black Angel)


Age: 25


Background: Takeshi was one of the pioneer batches of test-tube babies produced in Tokyo, as part of a top-secret project to create super soldiers designed to pilot the ExoSuits more efficiently than regular soldiers. On top of enhanced reaction speed and physical strength, these super soldiers were also given superhuman resistances to rapidly-changing G forces, allowing them to survive up to 12 Gs without suffering from internal hemorrhaging.


After he was deemed as a success, Takeshi Fukagawa was given the codename "Kurotenshi", or "Black Angel", and was trained to be one of Japan's elite soldiers. He was deployed successfully in many various exercises, and was eventually slated on a route to become the leader of the Neo-Samurai squadron. The name of Kurotenshi soon became known far and wide as the incredibly talented Japanese ExoSuit pilot who was ranked among the world's top #10.


His fate changed drastically on the day Operation Checkmate took place. A unified assault upon FutureTech Industries by the United States, Russia and Japan, Takeshi was sent along with a large portion of the Neo-Samurai in an attempt to wrestle control of the Black Box Code from FutureTech. Despite his ExoSuit being disabled near the beginning of the conflict, Takeshi discarded it and managed to hold his ground armed with nothing but his ExoSuit's weapons, giving the FutureTech militia a hard time pushing back the invaders.


Just as Takeshi was about to lead a platoon and break through into the main building, the unit arrived.


It was a new ExoSuit, never seen before by the world. Wherever the unit pointed, violent explosions would kill everyone caught in the blast. Even advanced weaponry simply bounced off the suit's seemingly impenetrable defenses as it singlehandedly cut a swath through the assault team. Takeshi was determined to fight back, but when he saw the devastation of his troops and the unstoppable nature of this new ExoSuit, he knew that it was impossible to turn the situation around. And so, he fled.


Kurotenshi was recorded to have been killed in action that day.


Nowadays, he lives in the United States, working in a car repair workshop. Takeshi no longer works for the Japanese military, but he still continues the battle against FutureTech under the name of Seraph. He must lie low for now, but when the time comes... the world will quake at the return of the Black Angel.


Personality: Many who have crossed paths with Takeshi before describe him with a singular adjective: "Hopeless". Barely surviving on the meager pay that he gets from his workshop, he constantly defaults on his rent as he shifts from place to place, having a rather bad reputation among the landlords. He has an unhealthy obsession with Japanese pop culture, especially with anime and moe girls. Despite being as fluent in English as he is in Japanese, Takeshi has a bad habit of purposely lapsing into phrases of rapid Japanese, much to the frustration of anyone conversing with him.


Only two people have cared enough about him to remain as his friends thus far: The repair boy at his workshop named Kenneth, and a young woman by the name of Tiffany whom he met at an anime convention several years ago.





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Name: Jonathan

Forum Username: Chrono Draconis TriOctium

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon-blooded human



Outfit: 3-Star Hot Blooded Shounen Regalia, combined with the Triumvirate's midnight black Chain-Guitar "Libera Me From Hell".

Class: Shounen Hero (Main), Virtuoso (Secondary), Holy Triumvirate Deity (Tertiary)

Skill Description:

- The Power of Shounen: By channelling the Shounen Spirit within himself, TriOctium can draw upon increasing amounts of power based on how difficult the obstacle is, and how fired up he is at that point of time. It also grants him the ability to make rousing speeches that empowers all of his allies and inflicts fear into the hearts of his enemies. He can also turn former enemies into comrades upon defeating them.

- Virtuoso Spirit: As a secondary ability, TriOctium is able to vary the strength of his abilities depending on the music that is playing in the background, from very weak (piano pianissimo) to overkill (forte fortissimo/sforzenzo).

- Soul of the Triumvirate: Even though the majority of the Triumvirate's powers have dwindled, TriOctium still retains a few minor functions and skills from his past.


Level 0:

Virtuoso Ability: Background Music [Active] - Sets the mood for the scene and applies the appropriate power levels to TriOctium's skills. The music automatically plays in the environment, and other characters may hear the BGM as well.

Relics of the Triumvirate [Passive] - TriOctium starts out with a set of equipment, such as the Deus Ex Machina, the 3-Star Hot Blooded Shounen Regalia, as well as the Chain Guitar "Libera Me From Hell".

Level 1:

Row Row Fight the Power! [Active] - At times when the odds are overwhelming and defeat is all but certain, TriOctium may make a hot blooded and emotional speech which grants himself and all allies immediate renewed strength and determination. This speech may also unlock hidden abilities, if any.

Virtuoso Song: Sword of Promised Victory [Passive] - TriOctium is naturally capable of wielding any melee weapon with expert proficiency, be it sword, hammer or musical instrument.

Level 2:

Spiral Energy [Passive] - Depending on the current mood of the scene, TriOctium may gain increased physical capabilities, pain resistance, and determination. It also reinforces all his armor and weapons, making them much tougher.

Level 3:

Virtuoso Song: Re-Acceleration [Active] - Grants TriOctium the ability to control the speed of objects around himself.

Level 4:

LOL! Fiber Synchronize - Hot Blooded Shounen Regalia! [Active] - TriOctium gains the ability to unlock the potential of his 3-Star Kyoko Uniform, greatly enhancing his physical capabilities and enhancing the effectiveness of all Shounen abilities.

Virtuoso Song: Fortissimo, the Ultimate Crisis [Active] - By playing a rapid riff on Libera Me From Hell, TriOctium can travel at bursts of incredible speed for short periods of time.

Level 5:

Virtuoso Song: Jiyuu no Tsubasa [Active] - Grants the ability to manifest a Shroud known as Influence around himself. It takes the form of a translucent blue aura, and may be used to block incoming attacks or formed into a weapon.

Level 6:

Virtuoso Song: Gate of Steiner [Active] - Summons the legendary weapon, Laevateinn, which freezes any opponent it touches by 1 second.

Level 7:

Virtuoso Song: Foresight Oscillator [Active] - TriOctium reverses the flow of time with his song, allowing him to avoid an attack that would otherwise have hit him.

Level 8:

Virtuoso Song: Ash Like Snow [Active] - Grants the ability to create black flames.

Level 9:

Virtuoso Song: 1000% Sparking [Active] - Grants the ability to manipulate and generate lightning.

Level 10:

Shounen Symphony: Heaven-Piercing Blade [Active] - By synchronizing his music with the 3-Star Hot Blooded Shounen Regalia, TriOctium unlocks a second form of his outfit (Blade Overture) that turns his entire body into a weapon.

Level 11:

Virtuoso Song: Kuroi Uta [Active] - Grants the ability to manipulate, create and solidify shadows in the vicinity.

Level 12:

Virtuoso Song: Sky Clad Observer [Active] - Grants the ability to summon the AS-08 Seraph Jaeger suit.

Level 13:

Virtuoso Song: Kiryuu ga KILL [Active] - Grants a constant back light behind TriOctium whenever he makes a speech or action. Also grants him the ability to immobilise weaker-minded beings by his glance alone.

Level 14:

Virtuoso Song: Kyoukai no Kanata [Active] - By playing music using the Language of the Ancients, TriOctium can order time to stop in a 1km radius around him.

Level 15:

Virtuoso Song: Theme of Nui Harime [Active] - Grants the ability to Planeswalk, as well as create illusionary objects that real upon belief.

Level 16:

Shounen Symphony: Unlimited Sky [Active] - Upgrades the AS-08 Seraph Jaeger and unlocks its final form, the AS-08 Seraph Infinite.

Level 17:

Shounen Symphony: Genjyou Destruction [Active] - All ordinary elemental spells are enhanced with the strength of the Ultimate Party.

Level 18:

Shounen Symphony: Happily Ever After [Active] - Taking on the mantle of the Great Demon Lord, TriOctium unlocks all spells associated with Influence.

Level 19:

Shounen Symphony: Level 5 JUDGELIGHT [Active] - By internalising his music and resonating it with his Shounen Spirit, TriOctium creates unlimited energy to power his spells with.

Level 20:

Shounen Symphony: Final Mission Quantum Burst - By achieving 100% synchronization between his Shounen Regalia and his Virtuoso skills, TriOctium breaks free of the shackles which confine his powers and ascends into TriOctium, Time Traveler of the Holy Triumvirate.

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Name: Akira Miyamoto

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Affiliation: Werebeast. Type: ???


History: Akira works as the chief of the police department of the local town, and all criminal matters fall under his jurisdiction. Since young, he has been identified as a genius, and his quick ascent up the ladder of command within the police force was nothing short of extraordinary. Some pinned his great success on bribery or other illegal acts, but nobody has been able to find concrete evidence against him. Akira was born in Kojima, Japan, but he never stayed there for long. Due to his parents working as international businessmen, he traveled all around the world before he even reached the age of 15. He never stayed in a single school, instead being homeschooled by his parents as they trekked across the globe, achieving a degree in Law when he was 18. Shortly after that, he left his parents, saying that he wanted to strike it out in the world on his own without relying on their success.

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Name: Keiko Mitsuya, also known as Berserker


Age: 16


Appearance: In the past, Keiko used to wear her long, blonde hair in twin ponytails which she called "Mjolnir's Twin Hammers", but times have changed. Now, she has it hanging down her back, being the envy of many girls of her age. She is short for a 16 year old, and can normally be seen carrying around a bokken (called the "Raigeki") tied to her belt. See here for a character image.


Personality: Unlike many teenaged girls her age, Keiko does not engage in social activities such as shopping, gossiping and talking about boys. No. Her main past-times involve swinging the Raigeki 1000 times a day, tracking down the movements of demons, and stalking her Senpai. Unfortunately, ever since her family moved out of Fuyukaba city, she lost contact with her Senpai, and instead spends the time telling everyone around her the amazing and wonderful tales of her Senpai's heroic accomplishments against the forces of darkness and evil.


Bio: Born and raised in Fuyukaba, a small town in the middle of nowhere, Keiko Mitsuya grew up in awe of her Senpai, the Great Demon Lord, who taught her the 72 Shadow Arts of Darkness at the tender age of 10. As such, she has never grown out of that mindset, fervently believing that one day her secret Demon-slaying skills will come in handy. She has a habit of jumping out of bushes and scaring people, attacking them with the "Super Raigeki Break" attack (which involves her swinging her bokken down on the unsuspecting victim's head). However, at the age of 14, a life-changing event happened: A real, genuine Demon attack broke out in Fuyukaba, and she was only saved by her Senpai who arrived in the nick of time, wielding a flaming blade.


Nobody believed her stories as everyone attributed it to her imagination, but Keiko knew what was going on. Before her parents went overseas to work and she was to be sent to Tokyo to stay with her grandparents, Keiko's Senpai gave her his famous parting words: "Continue my legacy, Berserker."


These words now form Keiko's life goal. She will hold the tides against the unending forces of darkness. She will be the sole light that shines where others have fallen. She will take up the mantle of the Great Demon Lord, and she will wear it proudly, for she is the Berserker.


Ability: Chuuni Sense - Keiko has no magical abilities whatsoever. However, she has met Demons in the past in Fuyukaba city, and has witnessed a demon fight firsthand (although she experienced massive headaches afterwards). Due to her uncanny ability to make believe and imagine fight scenes in her head, she is able to predict the location of Demons even if she cannot see them directly.


Raigeki - A legendary and all-powerful blade that is said to have cut through legions of Demons... or so Keiko claims. It's just an ordinary wooden practice sword. Really.


Demon Reaper: Blumenkranz

A shapeshifting blade that is the fusion of four separate Demon Reapers, Blumenkranz can take the form of four different weapons, each with its own strengths and abilities.


The Azure Dragon of the East, Seiryuu - Forming a sword with the glowing form of a dragon wrapped along its sheath, Seiryuu grants Keiko greatly increased movement and reaction speeds, allowing her to outmaneuver her foes with a series of quick slashes and counters. Its ability is to form several shadow clones of Keiko to confuse her enemies.


The White Tiger of the West, Byakko - Byakko is an all-purpose rifle with a range that spans across the entirety of Tokyo. Its bullets can penetrate solid concrete and still strike true. Its ability is to shatter magic barriers and defenses with its bullets.


The Black Tortoise of the North, Genbu - A dark spear that is longer than Keiko's own body, Genbu passively creates a sphere of frost around Keiko that slows all movement. Its ability is to greatly elevate gravity wherever the frost reaches, further impeding enemy movement while increasing the force of its strikes.


The Vermillion Phoenix of the South, Suzaku - Suzaku is a bow of fire that creates and launches its own homing arrows. Its ability is to split its arrows into multiple flaming darts that can rain upon unsuspecting foes.



Others: Yes. She is a chuuni.

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