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This is a private RP between Skie and myself. The story circles around two dancers kidnapped and brought to a new world and their struggle to adapt and escape.


My character is as follows. I do have photos just to assist those you need more then just a description.


Name: Rhinona Vestnyr


Age: Appears early 20’s really like late 90’s though (years work differently)


Race/Species: Originates from a planet known as Firsynt but the race is similar to elves


Appearance:looks like this --like that with pointed ears

House outfit

Dance outfits – example1 and example2 all will be similar in style to these given her people’s dance


History: Born and raised on Firsynt Rhinona doesn’t know much of the outside world. She has an older brother and her mother and father. Being extremely gifted as a dancer many times Rhinona is chosen to perform the festival dances and the ceremonial dances. She is taken from her home planet to be a dancer for an unknown master of the house. She has been taken because of the exoticness of her people’s dance which follows similar lines of belly dancing.


Personality: Cautious at first but extremely trusting of those who have earned it, loyal, quite opinionated but slow to voice her opinions, soft spoken and extremely determined to the point of challenging at times

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Here is my character! I don't have pictures for everything, but you can fill in the gaps.


Name: Carsen A. Matthews


Age: about 22


Race/Species: Human


Appearance: Dark green eyes, superstraight black hair, tall and light-skinned. Currently she has a small birthmark under her right eye, but it may be ‘repaired’ if the master of the house says.


House outfit— This, except the skirt is sleeker instead of the full ‘princess gown’ type. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/121494668/stunning-1950s-red-halter-neck-prom?ref=sr_gallery_8&ga_search_type=all&ga_includes[0]=tags&ga_search_query=1950%27s+prom+dress+valentine&ga_ref=related&ga_page=1&ga_view_type=gallery_)


Dance outfits – It depends on what type of dance she’s doing. For silks she wears unitards; she likes short-legged ones. For lyra and modern dances, she generally uses elaborately designed leotard or sports bra/biker short sets. Unless the top is too frilly; then she’ll throw some sheer wrap over it to hide the pattern.


History: Carsen has enough to do without imagining impossible things. She is determined to finish her dance degree in three years. That way, she can get more aerial training sooner, and hopefully work her way up to a solid full-time touring job as both modern dancer and aerialist. She doesn’t know if her world is the only one. There are loads of adventures to have where she’s at, so she doesn’t really care. Strangely enough, Carsen looks exactly like a well-known human dancer from the world Aphelin. In their search for the elusive Aphelian, the master’s house crosses paths with Carsen. They don’t find out she’s not the right girl until they’ve already kidnapped her.


Personality: Carsen has some solid willpower and wields it without pretense. She is impulsive and reckless, passionate and excited about virtually everything new. Carsen is very protective of anyone around her, and when she’s focused, she can funnel her determination into an extremely effective work ethic. She can also make some pretty harsh judgments, and has accidentally upset her friends more than once through the way she’s worded her honesty. However, certain aspects of Carsen’s moral compass are a permanent fixture. She doesn’t always see when she’s wronged someone, but tries to fix any problems she knows about.

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Raine, I hope I didn't spend too much time describing the aerial stuff. Let me know if I should cut back. Thanks!

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