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GRADUATION The Graduation Process

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So you've joined up--congratulations and welcome to the best roleplaying forum the internet has to offer!


You may be wondering, "What is a student?" or "When can I graduate?" Here at Surreality, we pride ourselves on offering quality writing, and we want all of our members--new and old--to feel like their writing skills are consistently improving. As such, when new members join up, they have to meet a few minimum requirements in order to be accepted as a skilled "graduated" role player. These requirements are not steep, and more than 90% of our students graduate fairly quickly.



In order to graduate, a student must be involved in a role play (either with another student, graduate, Scholar or a combination of all three). You will need 5 posts total to apply to graduate. When you have made 5 posts, find your way to this thread and request a Scholar to review your posts. A Scholar will then review your posts, and then send you a PM to let you know if you have been "Accepted" or "Declined". If you have been accepted, you will be added to the Graduate member group and will gain complete access to the forums. If you are declined, you will need to start the process over (getting 5 more posts and then requesting for a scholar). Either way, the Scholar will attach some critiques about your writing, good and bad, to help you become a better writer (we all have room to improve!).



Now you may be wondering: "What is a Scholar looking for in my posts?" Good question! The Scholar's job is to review your posts for grammatical errors, spelling and continuity within your posts--do your posts make sense? It is important for your posts to be grammatically correct, as well as contain strong content for your fellow players to work with. The 5 post requirement allows us to better determine these qualities in your writing.



Q: I was declined, now what?

A: Not to worry! The Scholars exist not only to grade your efforts, but to help you along the way! Please feel free to PM any one of the Scholars and ask them for one-on-one help--that's what they're there for! After you've accumulated five new and different posts, feel free to post in this thread to have your posts graded again.


Q: Can I be involved in more than one role play?

A: Yes, however 3 out of 5 of your submitted posts need to be within the same role play. The Scholars want to see you flesh out a character in a story. They cannot grade 5 introduction posts. 


Q: Everyone involved in my role play has since graduated, can I have my role play moved to the ~Official~ Roleplaying Forums?

A: You certainly can! Please PM one of the Scholars to have this arranged. 


Q: Hey! I have more questions than this! What's the deal?

A: We're here to help! Please send a PM to a Scholar and they will help you out with any additional questions you may have. 

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I have just one question.....


Do I start a short RP here in order to graduate or is there someone who assigns me some kind of a RP?

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