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So this is just a discussion for a 'zombie' RP, based around my favourite Zombie show, The Walking Dead. Now don't get me wrong, I don't ever do 'canon character' based RPs, so we will NOT be meeting any of the characters from the comics, TV show or games, etc. 

As for the story itself, it will be partially self-made by the participants, and partly by me. I will be a sort of 'game master' creating a variety of new NPC's on a regular basis. Some good, some not so good. Some totally psycho or evil, and others who are more neutral, etc. But, you are also encouraged to create your own NPC characters aside from your 'main'. 

In terms of dying, I would say not to necessarily hold onto ALL of your characters, it is logical that in some cases, people will die. Otherwise the sense of victory would be hollow if there was no loss. Also bear in mind that this story will revolve around the lives of people trying to survive this - this story will not likely end in the sense that it will have a happy ending and the virus is cured, etc. Of course, if you decide that for the story's sake, or your character or whatever - that your character will die, you are again, encouraged to continue to participate in the story through one of the NPC's you previously created and introduced (or a brand new one you introduce at an immediate or later time), that will then become your 'main' character.

So, while this story will be set in the backdrop of the Walking Dead, expect no interaction with the canon characters. I'd ask that people steer clear of highly skilled professions that would make you a 'badass', I don't mind things like, if someone wanted to be a doctor or vet, etc. Among other things, but after all, the story of the Walking Dead is really about the people surviving in this awful situation - it's not technically about the Walkers at all (though we'll have plenty of that too  :3).

If you're not familiar with the show, don't worry, you don't have to be. At all. As I will share with you here, all information you could possibly need to know. The rest doesn't matter. Besides myself, i'll be looking for around 2-4 other participants. I'll be pretty strict on the characters, and I don't need you to make a huge character profile right away, i'd just like you to present me with an idea/s for a character/s that you would like to play. I want to try and get this balanced. Also, while it's fine if we have one or two people 'knowing' each other, I think I would rather the majority have no connection - so expect to have a few posts or more of not meeting one another.

I'm sure there's more to say but i've already written a wall of text. I'll move on to what you need to know.


Zombies. Nope. Not in the universe of the Walking Dead. The 'Walkers' are the reason I chose to specifically use the backdrop of the show/comic. Nobody in that universe has heard of 'zombies'. Technically the word comes from the practice of voodoo, about taking control of a person who is alive and making them your thrall. This really doesn't apply to this, so nobody uses this title to describe them as they are dead, not alive.

So first, a list of the canon names given to them thus far, I will start by saying my character will be using 'Walkers' as though he isn't a 'lead' character, I would say he pushes the story along as much as the lead in the Walking Dead, and I figure its a good place to start from. You can call them what you like within reason, but here are some suggestions:


Walkers, Roamers, Lurkers, The Herd, Biters, Floaters, Lame-Brains, Geeks, Monsters, Meat Puppets, Empties, Deadie, Creepers, Swimmers, Dead Ones, Eaters, Ghouls, Psychos, Wanderers, Abomination, Creepy-Crawlies, Goons, Decays, Swarms, Walking Bodies.
Second, the lore of the Walkers. In this universe, you do not become a Walker from the bite. They don't have an infection in that sense. In the story, EVERYONE have become infected with an unknown pathogen. When you die, regardless of how, you become a Walker. The only reason you wouldn't become a Walker when you died, is because your brain was damaged. So if you get bitten by a Walker, you don't become one because of the bite, but their bite or their blood is highly infectious and carries a lot of nasty stuff in it. So the reason you would die, is from the infection, and then from there - you become a Walker, right?

The Walkers are relatively unintelligent, but dangerous nonetheless. While it is never very clear canonically either way, I will say it is possible to get an infection in much the same way as a bite, if you get their blood directly in your eyes, in your mouth or in an open wound. However, I would say it is less likely than a bite, to kill you. However, if you had ample antibiotics, you would have a chance to survive a Walker's bite, though this is rare. Or if you were bitten say on a limb and had it quickly amputated, then you would have a chance at surviving assuming the infection hadn't spread, or that you didn't get an infection from the wound that would kill you anyway.
Much like almost all Zombie lore, to permanently kill a Walker, you tend to have to destroy the brain in some fashion. They are driven by instinct alone, predominantly anger and hunger. Though they do not need to feed, and in fact even if they do, it makes no difference. They are all technically starving and decomposing. It seems unclear if they will ever die from this starvation. But what is clear, is that they are more mobile and dangerous the 'fresher' they are. They have a keen sense of hearing and smell, and can distinguish between the smell of the dead and the living. They are attracted by almost any noise, perhaps because it implies the possible presence of prey. Their sight isn't as good, because their sight quickly degenerates, but you shouldn't take this for granted.

That's pretty much everything covered, if people have questions, feel free to ask. I think if you read through all of that you're definitely a trooper. lol. But uh, aye, if you're interested, say so here and either at the same time, or at a later (soon) time give me some character ideas. If there isn't enough interest in this, I might not do it, but again, if there's a lot, i'll be pretty picky and I reserve the right to refuse people, as always (though it's never personal if I do, love y'all  <3). Also, i'll rate this 'X' for obvious reasons of dark themes, violence, extreme gore and tragic stuff, and so on.

Thanks for reading guys!

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I might be interested in something like this.



No promises, though, my plate is pretty full right now, I haven't even launched A Legacy Written In Blood Yet, and I almost want to start Immortal Bonds II (because it's an RP people can join).



But I'll be considering it strongly, and watching this thread.

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Fair enough.


Not a lot of active members around here. The usual patrons, but not a heavy flow of thirsty role-players hunting for fresh prey.



Unless you have put a lot of work into an idea you're confident in, it may be best to form a think tank group to generate ideas which all involved parties (who know each other and have a mild level of chemitsry, at least) are interested in pursuing immediately.

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