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The world is full of hardships. Many struggle to gain the needs to survive whether it be food or coin. We are driven by our passions, often fueled by our darkest traits, such as vanity and greed. A world of ambition is a world of cutthroats and scoundrels. A world that is harsh and cruel. However nothing is as cruel as the mistress we know as the sea. She is a mysterious sort, with a mind of her own. She will welcome us with smooth waters, with an enchanting glitter as she waves to the sun. She allows us passage across her back, in search of food, treasure and trade, allowing us to sustain the lives we have constructed, high atop stone towers, risen from the dirt. And then, with fleeting whimsy, she will take it all from under us. She will trap us in chaotic waves that seem to rise out from nothing, batter our spirits with cold, harsh winds and rain that beats down like rocks. Her mood is ever changing and it is up to us to thank her for her gentle moments of calm, and also to brave out her fury. 


To travel the sea is the heart of our society. We traverse the oceans in search of prosperity, trading with our fellow man to improve our own short time on this earth. We wage war upon her surface, and lay our dead in her depths. A life before the mast is a life of adventure, one full of joy, sorrow, the call of a hearty song, and the clash of steel. And many a strange creature lurks within the deep, and more still hidden among the islands that obstruct her eternal path. Every day men and women turn to the sea, in search of fortune, in search of purpose, or even out of duty. The navy patrol the waters, upholding the laws of the rich and privileged, whilst merchants sell their wares from port to port. Explorers sail further, in search of undiscovered lands. And many a man will do whatever it takes to earn his place in the sun. Many a man will suffer the guilt, the pain and the darkness that comes with a life of crime. Be sure when you pass a merchant or officer at sail, to respond to them with a kindly wave or a show of respect. However, should you find yourself in the presence of pirates, then you would be best to flee, or face your fate in the bottom of the drink. 


What's more, much of our world lays undiscovered. Many secrets lie hidden, waiting for those with ambition to seek them out. However even the most glorious of treasures is masked in myth and legend. A man will not always find what he seeks. Often the most splendid bounty is home to a terrible curse. The price you pay for power, I suppose. Yet one legend is so famous, that it is considered a myth by most. A legend speaks of a once great king, a brilliant explorer who procured enough gold to live a thousand lifetimes. The King, a man who loved a quest, saw his life drawing to an end. He sealed himself in a tomb, hidden on an island known to no man. There he stared death in the face, sat among his pile of gold, and the many trinkets and treasures he had collected along the way. There was one treasure, so amazing, so enchanting, that nobody would ever let it be forgotten. And yet as the years passed the details became cloudy. But one fact remains, the treasure that the long dead King clutches in his arms, is one that can bring any man or woman the redemption they seek. According to legend, the treasure will lift any curse, bring light to any life, and allow those who hold it the chance to walk this earth pure and free. 


A chance to be the best you can be, free from illness, from terrible curses, from pain and despair. A chance to be truly free. What more could you want? Well, a big pile of gold, that's what! In all of the years, in all of the tellings of this tale, no one has ever found the Treasure of the Long Dead King.





So this rp takes place in a fictional world that is inspired by the fantastical stories of the Golden Age of Piracy. The world functions under similar conventions and restrictions, with people sailing the seas in ships made of wood and metal, ships of the era, pirate ships, you get the idea. people wield swords and guns, however, guns are of the time of pirates, so we're talking flintlocks, not AK-47s. It's essentially your typical swash-buckling adventure. What's more I've added a fantasy element by including mythical creatures and also curses, varied and strange afflictions that befall people through their own unique circumstance. Curses usually provide a "power" of sorts but also provide an equal down side. For example should a man be cursed with the strength of ten men, then he may perhaps be disadvantaged by having the weight of ten men, meaning he would be far too dense and heavy to ever float on water, a dangerous affliction for a man of the sea, no? There are a bunch of well known examples. If you wish your character to be cursed, I urge you to try to be inventive, create something quite detailed, specific and unique. The devil is in the details. Don't worry about having to explain it scientifically or anything, it's a curse! It doesn't have to make logical sense.


Anyway this rp is open to all, if we have students involved I'll start it in the student area so please state if you are a student. I am, as always, going to be exceptionally picky so showing interest doesn't guarantee you a spot in the rp. So make a good profile! Anyway here's mine:


Name: William "Bill" Teague


Age: 38


Appearance: 6 feet tall, with a natural lean build. Green eyes and dark brown hair. His hair is shoulder length and shaggy, with three sections of beaded hair down the right of his head. He often wears a red scarf tied around his head like a band, knotted to the left of his face. He has short stubble and wears gold hooped earrings, three in each ear of varying sizes. He wears a simple white shirt over his chest, and a pair of black trousers. Over his shirt he wears a long, black coat with large collar and a deep red lining, thick cuffs at the wrist and a simple three-buttoned front. He also wears a red sash around his waist over his coat, along with a bet which holsters a flintlock pistol at either side along with pouches to keep his powder and ammunition. On his feet he wears thigh-high, black boots with a folded bucket top. He is also rarely seen without a cutlass in his possession and a black tricorn hat. 


Personality: Charming and witty. Bill Teague rarely takes life seriously, often making inappropriate jokes in times of trouble. He is a calm person who rarely shows raw anger or even frustration. Underneath the surface he hides a deep sorrow and guilt from a life of regrets. An optimist at heart, he chooses to stride forward and push away his troubles, forever seeking adventure and fortune that will allow him to leave his past behind. Clever, decisive and brave, he has the charisma and passion to lead men of similar ilk to his own. 


Bio: Born to a privateer and a housewife, William Teague was always destined for a life on the sea. He sailed on a ship when he was only 6 years old, however, he did not learn the various responsibilities of a sailor until he was 12. His only time spent with his father was when he was occasionally taken on short voyages, however, most of his time was spent on land with his mother. At the age of 15 he received new of his father's death at sea, and he suffered his first great loss in life. After a year he and his mother fell on to hard times. Without the income his father had brought in they were struggling to make ends meet. Bill began his life as a privateer at sixteen. He spent the majority of the next 2 years at sea, fighting on behalf of the Navy. He returned several weeks before his 18th birthday to find his town had been taken over by the navy of a rival country. In the taking of the town, his mother had been caught in the crossfire and died. 


Now alone, Bill took to the sea once again, serving 8 more years as a privateer. During this time he met a woman named Mary Anne Murphy and the two eventually fell in love. Soon after they bought a modest home together and got married. More years passed by and Bill's career began to cause problems in his romantic life. Mary grew tired of his long excursions, where she was left to wait and worry for his well-being. Bill vowed to her that after he had made enough money, he would settle down with her and run his own business, keeping his affairs away from the sea. 


On a particular journey the ship Bill served on was set upon by pirates. The ship was destroyed by theirs, and the crew fell into the ocean. Bill thought his life over at this point. However he awoke, clinging to a piece of wreckage, on the shore of a desert island. He spent days at the shore, struggling to find food or fresh water. He waited for ships to pass, but none ever did. His life was slowly beginning to leave him as he succumbed to starvation and dehydration. Amidst a spell of hallucination, Bill traversed inland, slowly moving through the lush forest and searching for any sign of life.  As he drew further inland he came across a clearing, where there lay an aged and weak old woman with dark skin and grey hair. 


He desperately asked the woman for food but she had none to offer. The pair lay together, both appearing to be weak and dying. Eventually the woman spoke to him. She claimed that she was not a woman, but a sea creature called a Selkie. She explained to him that she was dying, for she needed to return to the sea, but she was too weak to travel to the shore. She offered him a bargain of sorts. She asked him to carry her on his back, and return her to the ocean. In return she would grant him life, long enough to escape this island. Bill agreed and with the last of his energy he lifted her on to his back. He slowly made his way back through the jungle, towards the shore. When he eventually arrived he lay the woman down by the water and let her bathe in the tides. 


After a few moments, the woman seemed to regain her energy. Slowly her image began to melt away into the water like she had shed her skin. In the place of the old woman was a young and beautiful one, with long black hair and smooth, dark skin. The woman smiled to show her gratitude. Bill asked her to save his life as she had promised. The woman revealed that she had not been entirely honest. Though she could save his life it came at a cost. He would be forever bound to her, indentured to her for the rest of his mortal life. She explained that he could love no other woman but her, but in return she would grant him power beyond any mere man. 


Reluctantly Bill agreed, desperate to escape the pain he was suffering. The Selkie put her hands upon him, and he felt his pain subside. As his life returned to him he felt overwhelmed and he lost consciousness. He awoke to the gentle rocking of a ship moving against the sea. He had been rescued by a passing merchant ship. Three days had passed, and he had been fed and hydrated in his moments of semi-consciousness. Thinking his survival a result of the crew's efforts, he concluded that his time with the dark haired woman had been a hallucination, and nothing to concern himself of. 


Two weeks later he finally made his way back home to his wife. He told her of his ordeal and vowed that he would end his career as a privateer, and begin his life on land with her. However as the weeks passed Bill realised that the undying love he had for Mary was no longer there. While he could still remember and feel all the things that made him love her, it was no longer enough. Soon their marriage began to fall apart, as Mary sensed his distance which resulted in many an argument. After several months Bill broke his promise and left the town, once again becoming a privateer. 


A year later he had changed greatly. Slowly he had realised that he only ever felt at home when he was at sea. He had no love for the land, nor the people on it. His mind had lingered on the words of the Selkie he had thought to be just a dream. Her words, however, rang true. He could no longer love another woman, although he felt no love for her. Soon he began to hate the Selkie who had ruined his life, and taken all that had mattered from him. Now he only had the sea. Eventually he began to grow tired of his routine life, and sought greater spoils for his efforts. In a few short years he had abandoned his career as a privateer and become a free man, a pirate. 


The more he plundered, the more treasures he found, the more Bill began to rediscover his zeal for life. As a pirate he went by his surname, Teague. He served on several pirate ships before finally serving under Captain Adrian Gray, a famous and brilliant pirate who was as exceptionally charming as he was cruel. On one such adventure the crew found themselves locked in battle with a powerful Galleon. The situation was dire and for the second time in his life, Teague felt his death approaching. Whilst locked in battle with a member of the other crew, however, a curious thing happened. 


As his opponent aimed his pistol Teague found that time began to slow around him, if only for a brief moment. It was enough time for him to act, and move out of the bullet's trajectory, before killing the man. Afterwards, as the rest of the crew celebrated their close victory, Teague could only think of that moment. As brief and almost insignificant as it had seemed, her could not strike it from his mind. In the dark of night, while the rest of the cre slept, Teague was on deck, staring out into the darkness of the sea. He heard a thump as something leapt aboard the ship from the other side. He turned around to see the beautiful, black haired Selkie that he had met all those years ago. 


Teague felt anger build up inside him, and without word he drew his pistol and aimed it at the creature. However despite his anger, he could not pull the trigger. The Selkie smirked cockily at him and explained that he could not harm her. She was not the kind, desperate creature she had been on the island. Before him stood a cruel and confident woman who knew that she had complete control over him. As if to reveal this fact, she used her power to force Teague to climb over the side of the ship and dangle himself on the edge. She explained that if she so desired, he would let go and fall into the drink. 


As he hung there, her slave, she explained the true nature of the curse that she had afflicted him with. He was now bound to her and by extension, the sea. The more time he spent on land the more his life would seem hollow and pointless, and she reiterated that he could love no woman but her. He fiercely bit back that he would never love her, and that he hated her. The Selkie only laughed at this comment. She continued her explanation, telling Teague that not all was doom and gloom. She had gifted him with great power that allowed him to stand stronger than most men. His reactions were improved, and he had been given the power of premonition, allowing him to see a brief moment into the future. This was what had happened when it had appeared that time had slowed for him. She explained that on top of this that while he was at sea, he would never suffer sickness, and never have need for food or water, however on land he would be as he was, a mortal man of basic needs. With this explained the Selkie finally informed him that she would call on him at times when she required his service, and that when those times came he would have no choice but to obey. Before she left he asked her if she had a name, The Selkie told him that her name was Nayesh. 


Many years passed. Teague continued his life as best as he could, all the while suffering the sporadic visits from Nayesh, who he began to refer to as "the witch". Now Teague has found himself in a spot of bother. Recent revelations have lost him his Captain and his crew, and rewarded him with a stint in captivity of the navy. Yet he still clings on to hope, as he holds new information and clues that could bring him his redemption and freedom from his curse. If he can escape his prison, for the first time in what seems like forever, he knows where he must go. To find the Treasure of the Long Dead King. 







So basically the idea is we will play a few characters who meet and form a crew, with my character as the Captain. at most i'll accept 5 people but ideally just 3 or 4. 

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Name: Charles 'Charlie' Black


Age: Unknown


Appearance: Appears to be in his late twenties. Long, scruffy black hair tied back in a knot, with a band of red cloth tied around his forehead, hanging out at one side. Dark brown eyes and sun-tanned skin. On his features alone he's a handsome young man, with angular masculine features, however, he is covered in scars. Several of which disfigure his face. One scar cuts horizontally across his face and nose, another cuts vertically up from the bottom of his chin, to an inch above his left eye. Creating a sort of backwards, upside down 'L' shape. He also has another scar that cuts vertically down through the right-hand corner of his lips. The scars on his body are far more numerous however. He tends to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes with a dark green and brown floral coat that comes down to his knees. On any normal day he is covered in knives. Two larger ones in sheaths on his belt, several rows of them on his chest as well as various concealed daggers, knives, etc. about his person.


Personality: Charlie is a man of excess. He enjoys all things in excess, and never takes half measures in anything. He drinks too much, smokes too much, beds women as often as the opportunity arises and curses whenever the mood takes him. He is short-tempered, aggressive and constantly confrontational. He sees danger as challenge and welcomes death wherever it might find him. Despite this devil-may-care attitude, he is a sad and lonely man, who hates himself and everything in the world for setting him on a path of a terrible mistake, one that he can never forgive himself for. He seeks only obliteration now. Either in death or in drink. For all he has left is time.


Bio: Charlie was born to Anna and Matthew Black, he was the son of a fisherman and for a time it seemed he would follow in the footsteps of his father. But eventually he sought fortune beyond such trivial pursuits and found the first passing ship, stowing away on it. Unfortunately for Charlie, it was a pirate ship, taking on supplies for a long voyage. He spent 8 years on this ship. Once discovered, he was put to work in the kitchens, and from there went on to eventually become an integral member of the crew, and for a time, the ship's first mate. He fought and killed, relishing in it, acquiring and frittering away great sums of coin until at last he met Sally Thorne.


The pair had a whirlwind romance and Charlie quickly came to value life, he no longer wanted to risk it as a pirate, or even as a privateer. So he settled down with her and in time, Sally became pregnant. They had a wonderful boy, James, and life seemed good. However, as the years passed, Sally's health deteriorated. Charlie spent all the money he had amassed on doctors who tried everything to cure whatever disease racked her body, but to no avail. Eventually, desperate to save his love, Charlie gave in to the wild and fanciful stories he'd heard many a time in the pub, about a fountain of youth that could restore your life, youth and cure any disease. 


He set out on his journey at the age of 30, an age not to be sniffed at at the time. It took him nearly 20 years to find the fountain of youth, but find it he did. He bathed in the waters of the fountain, and it renewed his life, his youth, and made him whole again. He stepped from the pool a man in the prime of his life, but the cave that held this miracle of nature was booby-trapped and he was forced to flee with a small vial of liquid, even as it collapsed in on itself behind him, forever denying it's gift to further visitors.


It took Charlie another four years to return home, but when he did, he found his wife had long-since passed and his son had grown to be a man, a man older even than him. James had already left and joined up as a privateer. Destroyed by this revelation, cursing his loss, he travelled the world, searching for his son. But as the years turned to decades, and he saw no sign of his body aging, in fact, even when mortally wounded, he found himself healed. Brought back from the brink of death, never allowed to join his beloved Sally. Charles Black cursed the world that had set him on this series of events, cursed himself for leaving his wife in her final years and so he resigned himself to live as vicariously as he could, never caring for what might happen to him in the hopes that one day a bullet or a sword would strike true and he would close his eyes for good. 

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Name: Gerik "Geri" Chriochnu


Age: 14


Appearance: Fairly young still, his face is youthful and his body is also such. He's about 5'0'' yet proves to be just as strong at other men twice his age. His hair is a glittering white that has a faint blue shade to it, like whitened sky blue color. His eyes being the same color, they glimmer in the sun's light. He usually wears a headband around his forehead in various colors that go along with his light brown vest that lays atop his shirt, the arms rolled up to near his shoulders where he keeps them tied. His pants also rolled up to his thighs to allow his legs better movement. As such his leather boots are folded down a slightly. The last thing adorning his body lays around his neck, being his white scarf. No matter what he never removes it.


Personality: Gerik is slightly distant, he was on a crossing from the mainland to an island very far away to become part of a new colony. On the way, the ship was destroyed by privateers. In the wreckage he was pulled by a different ship that was run by a pirate. The experience mad him very distant to people. He is, however, fairly happy being who he is. Which is a mixture of a cabin boy and a musician for the crew. He's very charismatic due to a curse upon him after he wished to stay alive after the ship he was on was destroyed. He is naturally calm and well-mannered but also assertive when it comes to his role on the ship.


Bio: Born into a merchant family, Gerik was given much as a child. He was taught many things by dock hands and one of his favorite things he learned was how to play the violin. He would entertain people and enthrall them to come to his family's store. This would one day prove to be his curse. At the age of 11 he and his father left home to establish a new enterprise of trade in a new land that was found and was to be colonized. However, the trip would land in death for his father, as the ship was attacked nearing the island by privateers. He himself had much shrapnel fill his body and he began to float on a large piece of debris for what felt like a lifetime. In his last moments that he felt he had, he wished to the sea, the powerful being she be, and asked to be spared. He wished as hard as he could and said he'd do whatever it was she asked of him.


As he awoke on the hold of a ship he was unfamiliar with, he went and discovered it was run by pirates that had swooped him up. The only thing with his body was his favorite violin. He went on board and saw all eyes on him as he looked for the captain. He shook and when he met the captain was taken in as his cabin boy. When asked what he could do, he only response was, "Well...I can play this instrument." When asked to play, he began doing so and hearing a commotion outside he realized that when he played, people would dance and be merry even when they were the least bit happy. He felt this to be a wonderful gift for a time. 


After a solid three years at sea or remaining on deck for stocking trips, he finally got the chance to leave the ship and looked about the town they had arrived. However, something was amiss. No matter where he went, people would gaze at him and talk about what seemed to be only about him, it unnerved him. He decided to only way to avoid this would be to go someplace where no one would intrude. He went into a shop that seemed empty, but no matter what, 'someone' followed him. He realized what was upon him. "A curse of matter where I go or what I do...everyone will notice me, draw attention to me, or do what they can to get to can be used to make people happy...playing my music makes them be merry and lightens their what distance does this affect? What if a Navy ship happens upon the ship of the captain just because I'm on board?"


This curse was no laughing matter. He went to the captain about it, and hoped for the best. Whether he'd kill him, maroon him, or keep him safe...he didn't know.

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