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Sean's Sanctuary


Here I'll post all the NPCs, cities and PC-level NPCs used in my RPGs.



List of PC-level NPCs





List of Cities




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Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven, is descended from the noble family that ruled the area during the reign of the Old Empire. Padraig is well loved by the people of Winterhaven and known for acting in the best interest of his town.


 Wrafton’s Inn


Salvana Wrafton, Wrafton’s owner and proprietor. She employs several waitresses and cooks. She’s friendly and open.


Ellian the Old, a farmer, is a regular at Wrafton’s. Every night he takes a seat at a table in the corner. His farm is located down the valley. Ellian loves to talk.


Valthrun the Prescient is a sage and scholar who lives in a tower within Winterhaven. On occasion he appears in Wrafton’s. He knows a lot about the area, but no one bothers talking to him in an attempt to avoid him going on a tangent.


Ernest Padraig, the Lord, can be found at the Wrafton’s occasionally. He takes a seat in a corner table and drinks his cold beer there. He doesn’t mind chatting with anyone who pays him a visit.


 Market Square


Delphina Moongem is an Elf who lives in Winterhaven. She can be found on the Market Square selling wildflowers and is always happy to chat.

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A: North Avalon

1: Guild Hall

- Sierra

2: Central Station

3: Courthouse

4: Avalon's Main Entrance Platform


B: East Avalon

5: Avalon University

6: Airship Docks

7: Barracks

8: Shopping District

- Armorsmith

- Weaponsmith

- Enchanter

9: Watchtower


C: Adventurer's Island

10: Surreality United Guild HQ

11: Adventurer's Island's Guard House


D: South Avalon Slums

12: Orphanage

13: Public School


E: Warrior's Island

14: The Grand Coliseum

15: Imperial Military High Command

16: Avalon Back Entrance Platform (Defunct)


F: West Avalon

17: Pleasure Palace

18: Suicide Cliff


G: Forest of Avalon

19: Forest Ranger Cabin


H: Central Avalon

20: Lift to the Surface

21: Grand Temple

22: Imperial Palace

23: Lift to the Underground

24: Bathhouse

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