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Big Ol' List of "Look What We Did!"

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It's not just about us posting fart jokes and occasionally role playing around the forums. No, your staff actually does work! Sometimes. We'll make posts here as we complete suggestions requests, or as we do things around the forum that may not require their own announcement, but you all might want to know anyway. :)

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NOVEMBER 13, 2013

  • There's a new Games forum! So now the mafia stuff can stop the General Discussion forum looking like it's way more active than it really is!
  • Two new role play forums have been added... What of? For ROLE PLAYING GAMES. You need to be a Graduate to partcipate in these forums, and you should probably say 'hi' to Seanzilla for being awesome and handling a lot of this work
  • Yo, DragonGuard, I finally looked into the date formats. I changed them all the American standard (ie. the right way)... Or at least, the dates that I had access to in the one panel I saw. If you see anything else, uh, too bad.
  • Yo, Daydreamer, I finally fixed the links for our profile social media links! Hooray! OH! And I added Steam! Coooool
  • Upgraded to the most recent Invision Board
  • I had to uninstall and reinstall our spam plugin. We had some conflicts with one member not being able to login to the forum. So when I reinstalled it, I lessened it's strictness by a tiny bit and changed some other settings as well. If anybody has any issues signing up or signing in, please let me know. But sadly, the plugin is a NECESSITY, and will NOT be removed.
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