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We talk about things


Sometimes we need to talk about talking about those things


we're all adults here but let's not get too unnecessary/vulgar


edit: posting from the site chat kinda sucks, so y'all know



probably shouldn't cyber in the chat though
The Dan
staring expressionless at lindsay, i throw my hat on the floor and begin to unbuckle my coat
I put on my robe and wizard hat
i whip my hair back and forth"

Please respect any member's request to have their quote removed if it need be

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Don't worry DragonGuard, I just plan to come to your house and hide in the bushes outside your window for Christmas. 

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[8:35:51 PM] Dan: anna's body has always impressed me

[8:35:58 PM] Dan: on one hand she's fucking hot

[8:36:13 PM] Dan: on the other hand i know she's somehow strong enough to destroy me

[8:36:22 PM] Dan: on the other other hand she eats so badly her diet would kill me



/shameful egoboost

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i only smell his stank everyday


[5:23:50 PM] Sean: A Like a day keeps the mean GM away

[5:24:00 PM] Martin Livingstone: I'll consider that a high roll on a "kiss-ass" skill check

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[00:21:07] Martin: Would it help if we switched cookie for orgy?

[00:21:24] Brianna | rubberrazors: only always

[00:23:06] Martin: I'm not sure if BZ can send orgies in the mail the same as cookies

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Kyo on the subject of Valentine:


[00:40:12] Martin: Quite frankly he's got the fleeting whimsy of a dignified cat

[00:40:22] Martin: he does what he wants, and me poking him will only sour his mood

[00:40:39] Martin: and then he'll take a shit in your shoes

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about my two cats


[9:02:51 AM] Dan: Dovah*

[9:02:52 AM] Dan: I forget the other

[9:03:03 AM] Bleck: oh

[9:03:05 AM] Dan: I think its just dragon

[9:03:32 AM] Dan: I don't rememher her name but I do remember communicating with her on a soul level

[9:03:44 AM] Dan: 

She was very lonely

[9:05:57 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: Cortana

[9:06:05 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: Dovahkin

[9:06:09 AM] Roy: ...

[9:06:09 AM] Roy: what

[9:07:01 AM] Bleck: robot dragonborn girl

[9:08:45 AM] Dan: Oh yeah Cort Ana not dragon

[9:08:49 AM] Dan: Cortana

[9:09:12 AM] Dan: Cortana was very lonely.

[9:09:35 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: She's not lonely, just fucking fat

[9:09:49 AM] Dan: She's fat because she's lonely okay anna

[9:09:52 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: She has floppy kitty titties

[9:10:03 AM] Dan: Some boys like a little squish

[9:10:04 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: Shebwas lonely before we got her then

[9:10:13 AM] Dan: She's still lonely

[9:10:24 AM] Dan: She was used to a different sort of attention

[9:10:28 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: They literally swing back and forth!!!

[9:10:29 AM] Bleck: [9:09 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: 


<<< floppy kitty titties

[9:10:35 AM] Bleck: why is this a thing that exists

[9:10:37 AM] Dan: They're beautiful

[9:10:54 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: She is a pretty cat

[9:11:00 AM] Dan: Heck yes

[9:11:04 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: She has great fur and beautiful eyes

[9:11:06 AM] Dan: Mmmmm

[9:11:09 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: And she is also a fattie

[9:11:13 AM] Dan: Anna

[9:11:16 AM] Dan: Come now

[9:11:27 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: She is an Adele

[9:11:46 AM] Dan: Rolling in the feet

[9:12:03 AM] Anna | rubberrazors: Rolling in the floppy kitty titties

[9:12:13 AM] Dan: I'm cracking up

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[4:57:44 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: i'm watching a documentary about babies

[4:57:52 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: little adorable monsters

[4:58:06 PM] Sean: eww babies

[4:58:25 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: my baby will be the best baby in the world

[4:58:50 PM] Sean: are you sure? what makes you think that

[4:59:00 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: because i am the best in the world

[4:59:02 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: it's genetic

[4:59:11 PM] Sean:  :D

[4:59:24 PM] Sean: wouldn't the father also have to be the best in the world

[4:59:50 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: if you wanted the deity of all babies, but it's not neccessaryiaisjg

[5:00:11 PM] Sean: We should work together anna

[5:00:14 PM] Sean: and create the perfect baby

[5:00:18 PM] Sean: you and i

[5:00:19 PM] Sean: together

[5:00:25 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: hold on

[5:00:32 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: let me trigger my mensturation

[5:00:41 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: to enter the fertile stage

[5:00:55 PM] Sean: excellent

[5:00:57 PM] Sean: and also gross

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Anna - Jemi: rolling to distract the monsters with my boobs
                      rolling 2d20 + 149 >>> (12 + 8) + 149 = 169

Val/Adam (Ash): lol
Kyo: 69, how fortuitous!



[6:55:57 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: eye roll
[6:56:10 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: snort
[6:56:13 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: hurumf
[6:56:14 PM] Sean: WHAT
[6:56:15 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: storm off
[7:04:02 PM] Sean: Okay Imma watch Monogatari, poke me on R20 once Asura is back and you guys have decided
[7:05:53 PM] Andrew Mayer (RollinAllOnes): Andrew Mayer (RollinAllOnes) appears
[7:06:17 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: wow
[7:06:27 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: a whole one minute
Val/Adam (Ash): I'm rolling for stealth, to peek behind the door without alerting the enemies
to find out whats waiting for us
rolling 1d20+9
(20) + 9 = 29
Asura - Cha'tril: oooooh
Anna - Jemi: awesome!!!
Sean H. (GM): rofl
Asura - Cha'tril: ghost mofo
Sean H. (GM): uno momento
Val/Adam (Ash): OMG i'm a mofo'in ghost
Sean H. (GM): need to reconnect sec
Welcome to Roll20!
Sean H. (GM): Okay
Val/Adam (Ash): k
Sean H. (GM): Val successfully sneaks into the room
Val/Adam (Ash): .....
I want
out of this room
Val/Adam (Ash): lol
Sean H. (GM): Uhh okay
Val/Adam (Ash): lol
Kyo: oh hey that isn't so baaaaad
[7:37:03 PM] Sean: okay so like this?
[7:37:06 PM] Martin Livingstone: yush
[7:37:16 PM] Adam: yep
[7:37:21 PM] Sean: OKAY
[7:37:44 PM] Martin Livingstone: lol
[7:38:03 PM] Adam:
[7:38:03 PM] Sean: okay nevermind
[7:46:22 PM] Sean: just tell me what your INIT is and I'll add it
[7:46:23 PM] Martin Livingstone: lol
[7:46:23 PM] Adam: i'll teleport onto dem scaffolding
[7:46:28 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: mine is +1 so 17
[7:46:46 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: no wait my int is -1
[7:46:47 PM] *** Sean has changed the conversation topic to "B: - Current Order: Jemi (17) > Ash (16) > Cha'tril (15) > Warriors (11) > Bhaskan (11) > Blackblades (9)" ***
[7:46:50 PM] Sean: ...
[7:46:51 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: WHICH IS IT
[7:46:54 PM] Sean: ..................
[7:46:56 PM] Sean: .......................................................
[7:46:57 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: I'M SORRY I'M SO CONFUSED
[7:47:02 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: THE HANDBOOK SAID DEX
[7:47:08 PM] Sean: +1
[7:47:12 PM] Martin Livingstone: int is based on dex
[7:47:13 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: oh wait
[7:47:15 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: int
[7:47:16 PM] Adam: init*
[7:47:17 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: init
[7:47:19 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: iative
[7:47:19 PM] Martin Livingstone: plus half your level as a mod
[7:47:21 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: sigh
[7:47:22 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: SIGH
[7:47:24 PM] Martin Livingstone: which is redundant
[7:47:26 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: I QUIT

[7:47:32 PM] Sean: >: (

Edited by rubberrazors
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All it takes to summon Sean, is Monogatari...

[00:32:25] Adam: let's go!
[00:32:35] Martin: SEAN
[00:32:37] Martin: SEAN
[00:32:38] Martin: SEAN
[00:32:38] Brianna | rubberrazors: hahaha
[00:32:39] Martin: WE CHOSE
[00:32:40] Martin: SEAN
[00:32:41] Adam: SEAN
[00:32:42] Adam: SEAN
[00:32:44] Adam: SEAN
[00:32:52] Adam: Monogatari
[00:32:52] Sean (Seanzilla): hello
[00:32:55] Adam: KNEW IT.
[00:32:56] Adam: LOL
[00:32:58] Adam: LOOOOOL
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[21:42:23] Sean: HOLY SHIT DUDE


[21:42:29] Sean: D:

[21:42:46] Sean: (Short RPG posts have made me lazy)

[21:43:22] Martin Livingstone: I won't always be posting that much

[21:43:31] Martin Livingstone: it's just cus, y'know, intro

[21:43:32] Martin Livingstone: =P

[21:47:53] Anna | rubberrazors: kyo that would take daaaaaaaaaayssssssssss to read

[21:48:00] Sean: DAAAAAYS

[21:48:04] Sean: maybe even WEEEEEEEEEKS



[21:51:48] Martin Livingstone: or about 5 minutes

[21:52:34] Sean: almost the same amount of time

[21:52:49] Martin Livingstone: almost

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And then these boobs

This is unfortunately very misleading.

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[22:30:36] Anna | rubberrazors: gentlemen
[22:30:39] Anna | rubberrazors: should i move to here?
[22:30:50] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: Do it up.
[22:31:00] Anna | rubberrazors: up where?
[22:31:02] Martin Livingstone: don't go in the fire
[22:31:07] Anna | rubberrazors: but it's so warm
[22:31:13] Martin Livingstone: no anna
[22:31:18] Martin Livingstone: it's /too/ warm
[22:31:24] Martin Livingstone: some might say
[22:31:26] Martin Livingstone: it's hot
[22:31:27] Martin Livingstone: even
[22:31:31] Anna | rubberrazors: stop
[22:31:32] Anna | rubberrazors: no don't
[22:31:34] Anna | rubberrazors: stop now
[22:22:57] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: Dude.
[22:23:00] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: Don't tell me.
[22:23:02] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: You've never.
[22:23:07] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: Wanted to try having boobs.
[22:23:10] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: At least once.
[22:23:15] Martin Livingstone: I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED THAT
[22:23:25] Adam: I just wanted to be a woman. Still do. lol
[22:23:26] Anna | rubberrazors: guys
[22:23:27] Anna | rubberrazors: guys
[22:23:28] Anna | rubberrazors: guys
[22:23:30] Anna | rubberrazors: having boobs
[22:23:32] Anna | rubberrazors: is kinda the best
[22:23:38] Martin Livingstone: I KNEW IT!
[22:23:44] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: They're the ultimate bartering tool.
[22:23:49] Martin Livingstone: my girlfriend is a liar
[22:23:50] Roses Requiem | Demonic Gate: They can get you so many things.
[22:23:53] Martin Livingstone: I knew it was awesome!

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[1:28:27] Sean: well you make me miserable all the time

[1:28:28] Sean: >: (

[1:28:47] Adam: Sean's always miserable.

[1:28:53] Adam: It has nothing to do with you, Phil.

[1:29:09] Adam: There's a reason he's 'grumpypants' in the murder mystery game.

[1:31:28] Kyo: sean is miserable because he is physically incapable of chasing all the skirt on S*T

[1:31:33] Kyo: and he really wants it all

[1:32:07] Sean: IN

[1:32:08] Sean: CA

[1:32:09] Sean: PA

[1:32:09] Sean: BLE


[1:32:19] Kyo: it is

[1:32:21] Kyo: it so is

[1:32:28] Kyo: because I would be proud if you could achieve it

[1:32:36] Kyo: if you succeed I will consider you a man

[1:32:38] Adam: lol

[1:32:46] Adam: Okay, now i need to buy some rice flour

[1:32:57] Adam: cus I have to make my own Dango

[1:33:00] Adam: before i go mad


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[10:27:35 PM] Laughmaker J: how is everyone

[10:27:36 PM] Laughmaker J: except dan

[10:27:39 PM] Laughmaker J: who sucks

[10:28:44 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: i am not dan

[10:28:46 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: so amazing

[10:28:59 PM] Lindsay: awww dan doesn't suck

[10:29:19 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: but

[10:29:27 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: dan told me the whole time he was here that he sucked

[10:29:30 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: like

[10:29:36 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: he wouldn';t shut up about it

[10:29:40 PM] Laughmaker J: see

[10:29:42 PM] Laughmaker J: even he says it

[10:29:47 PM] Lindsay: :(

[10:29:49 PM] Laughmaker J: that's pretty damning evidence there

[10:29:51 PM] Lindsay: dan knows th least

[10:29:53 PM] Lindsay: the*

[10:30:02 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: well shit

[10:30:11 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: now it's a paradox

[10:30:19 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: because dan really does know the least

[10:30:24 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: about anything

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[21:39:03] Martin: I don't like fish!

[21:39:18] Martin: so I will have LEAF

[21:41:10] Adam: lol

[21:41:22] Adam: Leaf is equal to or greater than fish.

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[6:08:11 PM] Adam: y'know, I got brought up on that phrase like

[6:08:44 PM] Adam: how to say it

[6:08:47 PM] Adam: that


[6:08:55 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: yes

[6:08:56 PM] Adam: you can like her for her

[6:08:57 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: do go on

[6:08:59 PM] Adam: uhm

[6:09:04 PM] Adam: benefits, no

[6:09:05 PM] Adam: like

[6:09:07 PM] Adam: perfect...

[6:09:07 PM] Adam: uh

[6:09:09 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: wait

[6:09:09 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: what

[6:09:14 PM] Adam: whats the opposite of flaw...

[6:09:14 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: now i'm confused

[6:09:21 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: ...

[6:09:21 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: well

[6:09:22 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: shit

[6:09:25 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: now i'm stumped

[6:09:25 PM] Adam: EXACTLY

[6:09:26 PM] Adam: lol

[6:09:27 PM] Anna | rubberrazors: what just happened

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I found these while browsing through some old posts on the S*T archives.


Me(GlassDaemon at the time): Should we do Character Sheets or just smash our faces into the keyboard?


Squee:  This is about as extraordinary as a piece of unbuttered toast to me. (I love this one so much XD)


Me: You guys have been posting away and I've completely forgotten about this rp, I'm so sorry, I got a lot of reading to do. XD

Squee: And udai thinks your mad at her for not posting quickly enough. XD Smooth Glass, smooth.

Me: .... *cough* I dunno what you're talking about, I am mad at her, very very mad, this is all her fault after all...... *cough* Should... I dunno spank her.....

Squee: She has been a bad girl. Or boy she won't tell. But I agree we should spank her.

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