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Permit me to inform you of my intent of participating in a business venture with you. I have the believe that you are trustworthy and capable and reputable partner from what information I have gather about you in my search for a trustworthy and competent partner for the simple and sincere undertaking I am undertaking.


I am Wstfgl 19 years of age the only remaining living relative of the late Mr Abdul Alphoney a wealthy slave merchant who was poisoned by KGB agents while on a trip to discuss arrangements with a reputable business associate. On his deathbed I was informed that I was entitled to a sum of $9,000,000 (NINE MILLION OF YOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS) kept in my name in a private security company in Nigeria in my name as next of kin.


Dear, in the capacity of the next of kin and with all the documents in my hand now I am contacting you witth due sence of humanity that you will give it a sympathetic and mutual consideration. I am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways:


1. To serve as the guardian of this fund and come assist me visit the security company in Nigeria to retrieve the consignment,


2. To make arrangement for me to come to your country and furthur my education and secure a residential permit for me in your country,


3. To make arrangement to judiciously managed the fund with a sound investment plan for 5 years during the investment period, where the profit will be shared annually 70% for me the investor and 30% for you the fund manager annually.


Moreover I am willing to offer you $100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND OF YOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS) as repayment for your generous sincere assistance after transacting the fund to your overseas account and I have maped 5% of the sum for expences incurred during the course of the transaction.


Warmly anticipating your swift reply, trustworthy and honest and god-loving partner.




Um, where was I? I'm Wstfgl. Some of you might remember me as that insufferable nitwit with a turtle obsession.  I'm back after a few technical hiccups, because we Singaporeans are apparently all filthy gold-mongering spammers. Thankfully, the problem is gone now! A word of thanks to Ack, HH, TriOctium and whoever else helped me out.


I'm currently rather busy because of Singapore's policy of rounding up young men and making them shoot things, so I won't be around much for the next few weeks. I'll be a little less busy by the end of the year, hopefully, and maybe I'll be able to get down to RPing again.



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Welcome back! Now that youve bypassed our anti spam plugin we can assume you are safe. So with all said and done...

Would you like to buy some WoW Gold?

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Ahaha so happy to see you on the site, dear. Gawd I do remember receiving some of those emails myself.


Anyway thanks Ack for helping! Thank you very very much! As a token of gratitude, er, visit Singapore someday?

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Don't call me d-dear! I-It's not like I'm happy to see you or anything... d-dummy...


I never got any of those emails. I just get every bloody property developer in Singapore sending me SMSes as if they think I've got money.


Also, I don't want your stinking WoW gold! Give me TF2 keys or give me death!

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If ack! visits Singapore I'll also visit Singapore :D


Welcome back, Wstfgl!

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Hail, o' mighty turtle god of donuts and destruction!

Good to see you make your return!  Hope the army training goes smoothly, and you're back to terrorize the forum once more!



(Also,   S*T roadtrip!   I'll be hiding in ack's luggage....  :lol:  )

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Long time no see.

Either way. Thank you for protecting the nation~

*waves national flag while singing anthem*

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I am be very interested in business venture with trustworthy and honest and god-loving partner such as yourself especially a relative of the late Mr Abdul Alphoney. I empathize with your sorrow in this very sad passing of a great man but we cannot let the past drag us down. As such we should hasten to obtain your rightful right of $9,000,000 (NINE MILLION OF YOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS) to your safe company in Nigeria.


For me to help you obtain your legal rights in my country I will need some details about you. Please do provide me with the following details swiftly and accurately so that I may process your entrance to my country without any delay:


1) Your full name, passport number and date of birth

2) Your bank account number and PIN (this is to facilitate easy transfer of payment with regards to air fare and lodging)

3) Your home address and contact number


I sincerely hope to work with you soon as possible as I am sure that a honest and god-loving trustworthy partner like you deserve a better life. Hope to hear from you soon.

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