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R PersonaX: Fear House of Amatsusangaku

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Name: Yamada Shouya

Age: 19


Arcana: Lovers

Bio: College student and frequenter of the Muay Thai dojo. For as long as Masahiro can remember he has strived to reach Shouya skill in Muay Thai, but recently Shouya has lost interest in progressing as a martial artist and spends his time with his newfound girlfriends. Shouya is completely devoted to her and despite his playboy past he doesn’t care about anyone else.


Name: Yamagami Rikka

Age: 15


Arcana: Fortune

Bio: Rikka goes to the same highschool as Masahiro, but is a year younger, but the two have known each other for about 7 years. Rikka and Masahiro first met when she signed up at his Karate dojo in order to become stronger and learn how to stand up against bullies. When she met incredibly strong Masahiro she followed him everywhere and joined every martial arts school he did, hoping she’d one day be as strong as him. Member of the Karate club and inhabitant of the Varu Hall.


Name: Kamiya Daigo and Kamiya Yuko

Age: 40 and 38

Appearance: and

Arcana: Star

Bio: The Kamiyas are arguably the perfect (adoptive) parents for Masahiro. No matter what the situation they are always calm and will trust and love him unconditionally. When together Daigo tends to act like a clown only to make sure that even realizes what an angel Yuko truly is. The Kamiyas were relatively young when they adopted the two-year-old Masahiro.

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an important character


Name: Funakoshi Madoka
Age: 26
Character: Ever diligent and always looking to help others any way she can, Madoka is easily known as an admirable and respectable teacher of Midugardu High School. Guys want her, gals want to be her, all she cares about is to valuable to the greater good.
Persona/Arcana: ---/Justice
Fear: Madoka's fears are pretty generic. Deep down, she is self-conscious and fears just the thought of no use to anyone. This can lead to overworking and putting her in situations she finds trouble getting out of.

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