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I put character sheets here. Or dead bodies I need to get rid of. It's one of them, definitely, but I can't remember which one.


Is it just me, or does this place smell rather putrid?




Reika Yamashiro (Fuyukaba Academy: Demon Hunters) -- A quiet, stoic girl who hits Demons with a very large scythe. Can be provoked into acting terribly tsundere.

Abe no Takakazu (Kindred Spirits  Shadows of Chandur) -- A young, reckless practitioner of the spiritual arts. Hates barbarians.


Leon Browning (Sorcerers) -- Elaine's Champion, a master of unconventional tactics and firearms who reads too many comic books for his own good.

Zuriel Finnegan (Sorcerers) -- A smug, entitled asshole with a chip on his shoulder. Uses a devastating form of magic, mostly for killing innocent people.

Hiro (Aeiluna Online) -- A pyromancer who has devoted his life to killing monsters with enormous explosions.
Juggernaut Hecatonchires and Werner Von Stroheim (Gratuitous Mecha Carnage) -- A mecha with a sensor array of unparalleled potency and enough missiles to wipe out a city... and the guy that goes inside.

Li Xiao Ming (Gangland) -- Heir to a magic-using Triad family and mercenary money-grubbing asshole. Likes knives.

Wstfgl (Surreal*RPG) -- The Nerfed Turtle God of Death, Donuts and Destruction. Still ridiculously overpowered, in all probability.

Haruna Ise / Hellcat (Corporate Heroes) -- Traumatized Cold Sniper Cyborg Batgirl. Or something.

Lord Clive Enfield III (The Wild Hunt) -- A very British aristocrat, natural historian and daredevil big game hunter who chases the mightiest of prey. 

Julia Zeppeli (Rules of Nature) - The second-born of a family of famed Werebeast hunters, who wishes to reclaim her family's honor.

Frederick Von Stroheim (God In The Machine) -- A knight in shining armor, tossed a few centuries into the future and given a suit comparable in strategic value to a nuclear bomb. Would be a Society of Creative Anachronism member, if any of them still existed on Midgard.

Mutsuki Kongou (Waifus) -- A high school freshman who wants senpai to notice her. She will punch anything which stands in the way of that lofty goal.

Hiro Akagi/DD(X)-22 Shimakaze (Dragoons) -- A disillusioned former JSDF pilot who wants to fight for a good cause, and his stealth-equipped, incredibly fast Dragoon.

Gary Shoe (RP Month Diary) -- A young man who wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a quest to find a cure for his comatose sister. Is immortal, so naturally gets horribly injured with alarming frequency.

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Used in Fuyukaba Academy: Demon Hunters

Name: Reika Yamashiro

Age: 17

Appearance: (I kinda suck at coloring. Forgive me.)

Personality: Reika appears perpetually stoic and expressionless, rarely batting an eye even at the most unusual of circumstances. She is a person of few words, and rarely socializes with others. She doesn't have a good grasp of social norms, and frequently comes across as aloof at best, or downright rude at worst. Behind this cold exterior, she is actually -- surprise, surprise -- a kindhearted, steadfastly loyal person, who will unhesitatingly stand by her friends in times of need. She has some strange habits no one has seen fit to correct, including a strange obsession with sweet food and being overly attached to her favorite weapon. Her internal monologue is notably more melodramatic than her actual words.

She can be rather snarky and acerbic when confronted with certain spiky-haired idiots, and is perfectly willing to troll them at the first opportunity.

Bio: Reika was never fated to join the faceless ranks of ordinary people. When she was in the womb, a Hellmouth opened, irradiating her with Demonic power -- she would not have lived if not for the interference of a Demonic entity, which latched onto her and endowed her with her control over electricity. The creature slept within her until she was nine, when she should have been killed in a Demon attack. The creature awakened, causing her to Transcend -- a fusion of human and Demon into an immensely powerful amalgam. However, with little control and even less understanding of her powers, she annihilated an entire city block, killing hundreds. She was found by a Demon Hunter, a man named Zeppeli, within the ruins of her home, and he forcibly suppressed her Trasncendence by synchronizing her with the Demon Reaper weapon she now uses. He took her on as an apprentice, bringing her on his travels to hunt a particularly dangerous kind of Demon. 


Zeppeli went missing (and was killed) 2 years before, and after spending 2 years following wild goose chases, getting lost, trying to scrounge money for plane tickets and getting lost again, she found herself in Fuyukaba, where Zeppeli had met his end -- and where what he tried to stop was afoot.


Oh, and her Transcendent powers reawakened again. Whoopee.




Reika uses the Demon Reaper Bloody Stream, a kukri that pulls triple duty as a kusarigama-like weapon when swung by the ribbon on its hilt and... a chainsaw scythe. It enhances her physical capabilities, moreso in Scythe Mode at the cost of tiring her out more quickly, and can be manipulated using electromagnetism for a variety of tricks. In addition, its scythe form can cut pretty much anything, even magic (though its performance against boss enemies has been spotty to say the least), which sort of makes up for how impractical using a freaking scythe is in combat.


Her Transcendent power is to manipulate electromagnetism, which extends to sensing the presence of Demons (and Wi-Fi networks) with her mind, firing metallic objects at distinctly unsafe speeds, electrocuting people on touch and playing havoc with people's mobile phones. When Transcended, her electromagnetic powers are amplified greatly, revealing their true form -- Astral Shroud Ramiel, The Thunder of God. In this form, she can use all her old tricks, in addition to ripping the air apart with titanic electrical currents and firing it as particle beams, her new primary mode of attack, and generating incredibly powerful Shroud barriers to parry physical attacks. However, her Transcended form, as a Demonic entity, is vulnerable to Demon Reapers and other holy weapons.

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Used in Kindred Spirits  Shadows of Chandur


Name: Abe no Takakazu
Age: 19
Appearance: Takakazu is tall, lean and dark-haired, and is always dressed finely in the manner of a young nobleman -- he favors long white and red robes. He speaks in a deep baritone, and walks everywhere like he owns the place. He has the pale complexion and unmarked hands of someone who spent most of their life indoors.

Personality: Takakazu usually seems calm and composed, but he has a short temper and does not take well to being slighted. He has a burning desire to prove himself to be the best at what he does, and thus, is rather forceful and driven when it comes to matters of dealing with spirits. He sees most spirits as troublemakers who need to be brought down a notch so they respect humans more, and also has a marked dislike of foreign cultures, seeing them as uncivilized and backwards.
Bio: In any other family, Abe no Takakazu would have been hailed as a prodigy, a genius who brought his family great pride. He excelled in his studies and training, mastering his family's signature techniques and becoming a fully-fledged practitioner at a surprisingly young age.

However, he had the misfortune of being a second son in the Abe clan, one of the most renowned and prestigious onmyoji families in Japan. He lived in the shadow of his ancestors and his older brother, who was destined to inherit leadership of the clan by birthright. He felt stifled at home, and decided to wander the world, seeking out knowledge, fortune and glory to prove himself as a worthy onmyoji in the eyes of others.
Abilities: As an onmyoji, Takakazu possesses the ability to break curses, bind or banish spirits and create charms to ward off spirits, but his main power lies in the Shikigami he controls -- Hoshi no Tetsugami, a spirit that takes on the form of a two meter tall masked warrior with skin of steel and the strength of ten men. This powerful spirit has great strength, is near impervious to harm and is surprisingly fast, but is likely to go out of control if it ventures beyond 10 meters from Takakazu himself, which would lead to indiscriminate destruction.


Notes: I'm just going to pretend that Hoshi no Tetsugami isn't Star Platinum. But search your feelings, you know what is true.

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Name: Elaine L. Enfield, Last of the Alchemists

Status: Vassal

Age: Far older than she looks -- she was a teenager at the close of the last war.

Personality: Alchemists are often a few reagents short of a reaction, and Elaine is not really an exception. She is focused, methodical and professional on the job, surprisingly -- but off duty, she has a tendency to pick fights, offend people and overdose on doses of alcohol lethal to any ordinary human with little ill effect. She tends to be frank and sarcastic in her speech, and values knowledge and skill highly -- those who display talent or great insight gain her grudging respect, but she does not suffer fools gladly. She is very passionate about her work -- one could call her an sorcery otaku, perhaps.

Appearance: Elaine looks like some kid who hasn't quite finished high school, with shoulder-length black hair tied back into a ponytail, blue eyes, freckles and a short, unimpressive stature. and habitually wears a heavy white coat a couple of sizes too large and a pair of protective goggles, her standard protective gear for magical experimentation, wherever she goes. Even ballroom functions.

Signature Magic: Alchemy -- The Enfield family preserves the knowledge of this ancient branch of knowledge long after most of its other exponents died, mostly of self-inflicted chemical poisoning. The strength of Alchemy is its immense versatility in manipulating the elements of nature through Transmutation -- with enough preparation and a suitable source of energy, an Alchemist can reshape matter into forms that would give a material scientist a wet dream, turn mundane matter into incredibly strong, resilient super-materials and even reconstruct flesh and bone, healing wounds with speed and precision far beyond what a surgeon can accomplish with mere scalpels and thread.

Elaine's fighting style revolves around preparing specialist tools for her task, from miraculous healing salves to bullets packed with enough pent-up energy to destroy a building. In addition, a combination of Alchemical healing and reinforcement means she is a surprisingly capable combatant in close quarters and with firearms.

Weakness: Elaine's weakness is Evocation -- she can only produce minute amounts of power without an external source of power, and will tire out nigh-instantly from casting just a few moderate-level evocations. While this can be remedied via alchemical energy infusions, Elaine treats direct combat of this type as a strict last resort. She is also relatively weak at Prestidigitation magic, only being proficient at defending against it, though this might be more a result of her Highlander ancestors preferring to decapitate enemies than mind-fuck them to death.


Traditional English Handicraft -- Most Sorcerers favor staffs of ancient oak or yew, frequently enchanted to aid in their spell-casting. Elaine eschews the traditional staff as her magical focus, instead using a custom-made bolt-action rifle built from magically-fabricated metals and wood carved from a lightning-struck oak tree on her family's ancestral lands. The intricate series of glyphs and enchantments woven into its structure make it act like a focus for her magic, and she can remedy her lack of innate magical power by casting Evocation-type spells through the specially-crafted magical cartridges she loads it with. Of course, while magic is fine and dandy, .30 caliber rounds meant for taking down charging Zulu warriors tend to be lethal enough in their own right -- and with the alchemical enhancement placed on them, they become the equivalent of high-caliber anti-materiel rounds.

In addition, it also has a detachable sword bayonet forged from the same unnatural alloys its barrel and receiver are made from, enchanted to serve as a magical focus for her Transmutation and Conjuration skills.

Sod Off -- A break-action Webley revolver loaded with high-explosive incendiary rounds. A tried-and-tested weapon from the glory days of British imperialism, bound to function where more complex, higher-maintenance guns fail.

The Coat -- This coat doesn't need a name. It transcends names! It is the ultimate culmination of centuries of research into apparel-related alchemy -- a coat whose every thread has been imbued with defensive magic of incredible power! Its alchemically-woven threads are stronger than the best modern science has to offer, making it bulletproof, heatproof and resistant to many forms of offensive magic, and yet being light, breathable and comfortable in all climates!

In addition, dirt and blood just slides off it like water off a duck's back!

Prometheus' Fire - A long briefcase containing a Barrett M-109 sniper rifle and seven silvery 25mm ordnance shells. These shells contain the pinnacle of the Enfields' alchemy -- while completely inert when handled by Normals, when triggered using a secret magical activation sequence, a tiny enchanted mote of matter at the core of the munition is converted into antimatter. The moment the magnetic field isolating it from the rest of the bullet is disabled, which happens up to five minutes after it is armed, the antimatter strikes the main warhead and detonates.

The amount of antimatter amounts to around a few nanograms, not enough to cause a large effect. However, the core of the weapon is a platinum lattice saturated with hydrogen at an atomic level, and the antimatter provides the right spark to ignite a nuclear fusion reaction.

Basically, a very small hydrogen bomb with the explosive yield of around half a kiloton of TNT, sufficient to annihilate practically anything on a direct hit. It can only be deployed at long distances to prevent the detonation itself from harming its user, explaining the choice of such an unwieldy delivery mechanism. In addition, while the weapon is a pure fusion device that generates minimal fallout, detonations still leave residual radioactivity, which could lead to collateral damage if carelessly employed. Only seven shots for the weapon exist, with each bullet taking an entire year to complete -- it is a weapon of last resort only, to be used if something absolutely refuses to die.


Background: The Enfield family has practiced the arts of alchemy for centuries, honing their art to perfection. The family even became strong enough to field a Contender in the last War -- however, the family was annihilated save for Elaine and her immediate relations in the closing stages of the war.

The family sank into seclusion and obscurity since then, losing almost their entire following and most of their prestige and power -- and disgracefully, the once proud Enfields have been forced to enter the war as vassals of another Contender. However, with every war comes opportunity, and Elaine, the head of the family for the last ten years, is determined to ensure the Enfields survive, if not thrive, from this bloody conflict.

Her one known Champion is believed to be a mercenary, a man named Leon Browning.

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Used in Sorcerers, Fixers

Name: Leon Browning (Champion)

Codename: Odysseus

Age: 31 (that's what his (probably forged) passport claims anyway) (27 in Fixers)

Personality: A very laid-back guy, seemingly never without a smile on his face. He often takes on a very informal tone with Elaine in a manner that could be construed as insubordination, but she seemingly trusts him greatly. Generally, an all-around epic wiseass who might talk too much for his own good.

Appearance: A tall, blond man usually seen with a fedora, tinted sunglasses and a grey trench coat. He seemingly never stops smiling.




(Sorcerers version)

Leon is incredibly skilled with various firearms, explosives and close-combat techniques, and has seemingly inhuman reflexes -- perhaps Elaine has used him as a guinea pig for her body-augmentation alchemy at some point.

He has two known Gifts:

Gungnir -- Appears as a large high-caliber sniper rifle. The weapon's bullets constitute part of the Gift, giving it a fresh stock of ammunition each time it's summoned. It fires bullets that selectively phase through solid matter, making it near-impossible to defend against with physical means, though a magical barrier could nullify its properties and allow the bullet proper to be blocked conventionally.

Hugin and Munin -- A pair of mechanical ravens Elaine built. They can operate autonomously of him, and everything their senses detect is directly linked into his mind, allowing him superior surveillance capabilities. They have a glamour cast over them to make them appear like ordinary birds, so they usually go undetected except by the very observant or those finely attuned to magical power.

His third Gift has never seen use, and its nature is unknown.

In addition, he owns a small truckload of various firearms and explosives, many of them alchemically-enhanced to serve his needs better. His preferred sidearm is a Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol loaded with high-explosive rounds.

(Fixers Version)

In addition to the honed-to-perfection physical prowess that all Fixers possess, Leon's survival instinct seems exceptionally well-honed -- he's extraordinarily good at noticing when things seem to be amiss, and thus manages to avoid danger long before most people see it coming. Leon is skilled at both close combat, marksmanship and the use of explosives, and will willingly use any of those tools to gain an advantage.

His preferred sidearm is a Colt M1911 modified with an extended magazine and a suppressor. To make up for the reduced penetrative power of its subsonic rounds, he uses unconventional ammunition types, like his preferred anti-personnel mainstay, a .45 cal bullet loaded with a high-tension coil of mono-filament wire that violently unravels and cuts open enemies upon contact. His preferred weapon for long-range engagements is a high-caliber sniper rifle -- he dislikes direct combat, and does not favor automatic weapons much.



Supposedly, he is a loyal retainer of the Enfields, and has served Elaine for a good number of years already. His past remains a mystery, however, and Elaine might not be the only Sorcerer he's pledged himself to...


The life of a Lawson Foundation Fixer is all that Leon has ever known -- since before he could walk, he had started the regimen the Foundation used to produce a Fixer, and has been carrying out active missions for them since he was 16. While Fixers rarely failed their assigned missions (unless sent on a mission against other Fixers -- things like that sometimes happened), he notably escaped unscathed from multiple close calls and incidents where other Fixers ended up as casualties. While Fixers are meant to be professional about such things like the deaths of their comrades, Leon is affected by this like any other normal human being would, but masks it under a jocular, calm demeanor.


RANK: Hero


AGILITY: 20 (most likely artificially enhanced.)

ARCANA: 1 (Innately lacks magical ability, but can use his Gifts)

TECHNOLOGY: 20 (His gear's the most advanced money can buy -- and he's enhanced them with the kind of wizardry only a Sorcerer can afford)

DEFENCE: 20 (His long coat's not just a fashion statement, it's woven through with alchemically-constructed carbon nanotubes.)


MANA: 5 (Average mana pool, so uses his abilities sparingly.)

Weapons and Abilities: See above

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Currently being tortured for RP Month


Name: Gary Shoe

Age: 18

Appearance: Effeminate white-haired pretty boy. Think Kaworu Nagisa.

Personality: Very, very angsty, and seems to seek nothing but death, but becomes a functional human being the moment a love interest wanders into view. Often says '...' when he ought to be saying something more substantial. 



PURE ENERGYGary can control PURE ENERGY. This is believed to be some strange phenomenon unique to the environment of post-apocalyptic Earth, considering what we call PURE ENERGY on Earth, according to Einstein's theory of Relativity, is plain old dirt. Basically, it can do almost anything the plot requires him to do, though it is mostly channeled into his various offensive abilities (see below) or attempting to heal love interests, who inevitably die horribly anyway.


I HAVE A TERMINAL DISEASE: And thusly did the Foole Gary Shoe seek out the Wise Manne Wstfgl for guidance, for he wished to find the Secret of curing his Sister's Terminal Disease, a Mysterious Malady which made Her falle into an Everlasting Coma. And he must have somehow Offended the Wise Manne, for he soon was Infected with a similar Malady, THE DOOME OF YE PROTAGONIST.


This isn't really a disease as much as a magical curse -- He seemingly cannot die, instead falling into a coma and regenerating over a period of a few days when mortally wounded. However, he is also doomed to have horrific luck that results in him never being able to make lasting advances in his quest -- this is believed to be representative of the futility of the hero's quest, saving the world and getting the girl one day only to be tossed back into mortal danger the moment company executives decide they need a sequel. Since he has the lack of common sense to wander the contaminated world without protective gear, he frequently gets radiation poisoning, but regenerates the moment his body starts shutting down.


It also made the surface layer of his skin incredibly flammable, such that whenever dead skin cells were scraped off his skin, they would spontaneously combust in sparkles.


Strike Freedom Infinite Justice Power Sword X: A mysterious, form-shifting weapon that constantly phases in and out of reality. It somehow manages to be both heated to the temperature of the sun's surface, chilled cold enough to freeze the air itself on contact and crackling with a ten-thousand-volt electrical charge simultaneously. Its default form is a laser chainsaw katana, though imbuing it with PURE ENERGY can transform it into a variety of convenient forms -- after all, PURE ENERGY should be just matter, right?


Its primary form of destruction is causing so many paradoxical, illogical changes to a target's structure simultaneously (being burned and chilled at the same time, for instance) that it becomes physically impossible for it to exist in reality, causing it to implode upon itself. 


108 Secret Forbidden Techniques: Gary's tutelage under the last surviving member of the Commando Berserker Ronin Knights of Brilliant Darkness was an incredibly compressed one -- his master, drawing from his years of experience, had come to the realization that basic forms of combat were essentially useless. After all, the only attacks that ever worked on enemies were the incredibly flashy and destructive Secret Forbidden Techniques that his order preserved as knowledge too dangerous to disseminate but too potentially powerful to destroy.


Thus, he decided to train Gary in absolutely nothing other than the 108 Secret Forbidden Techniques his Order remembered, leaving Gary little better than an untrained rookie in terms of using his sword like a normal weapon and near-incapable of freely controlling his PURE ENERGY, but incredibly adept in the 108 forms of destruction he had been tutored in.


Bio: Gary was born into the grim darkness of the year 202X, where Earth's ecosystem and civilizations have been completely reduced to hordes of small, annoying monsters and roaming bands of overly-muscled, mohawk-wearing bikers respectively by what is believed to be a catastrophic nuclear-chemical-biological war. He was apparently some kind of Chosen One destined to save the world from its cruel fate, so some white-haired pretty boy burned his village down. He managed to rescue his sister from the carnage, but thanks to whatever strange magic the pretty boy had used to destroy his hometown, she had caught a TERMINAL DISEASE, and promptly fell into a mysterious coma that resisted all his attempts to cure it.


Grief-stricken, he sought out the last member of the Commando Berserker Ronin Knights of Brilliant Darkness to learn their 108 Secret Forbidden Techniques -- of course, it turned out that all of these techniques were unsurprisingly ways to violently eviscerate people and vaporize the corpses. This caught the attention of another effeminate villain who promptly killed his master, leaving Gary as the sole custodian of the 108 Secret Forbidden Techniques. Gary promptly used one of the Techniques to vaporize the villain, but the backlash from the attack demolished one of the few remaining cities left on Earth. He began wandering the earth to find a cure and a way to atone for his sins, and along the way, met countless love interests and party members, most of which were violently killed off by various effeminate pretty boys who were inexplicably all out for his blood.


Gary should have died alongside his comrades countless times, but due to a different TERMINAL DISEASE he'd somehow picked up from either a villain's scheme or by offending a grumpy turtle -- he isn't quite sure himself -- that granted him an uncanny ability to regenerate from any injury and made him sparkle in sunlight. He stopped seeing the meaning of it all some time through his quest, but he has to carry onward, for even if he tries to settle down, another white-haired pretty boy with some nebulous connection to his family or a previous villain shows up and blows up his adopted hometown again, forcing him to wander on.


One wonders if humanity hasn't truly declined as most think, but instead been reduced to obsolescence by a new Master Race of white-haired pretty boys.







TECHNOLOGY: 10 (while post-apocalyptic Earth has little in the way of advanced technology, he seems to find cool motorcycles everywhere.)

DEFENCE: 25 (excluding his regeneration, which doesn't do him much good in winning fights since he's knocked into a coma anyway.)


MANA: 40

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NPC for Sorcerers


Name: Zuriel Finnegan (Wanted to be a Contender, but took a crippling lack of skill to the knee. Is a regular Sorcerer serving as Nathaniel's vassal.)

Age: 30

Personality: In comparison to his elegant, CHARMING brother, Zuriel is rough and reckless, and kind of a bully. He meets most obstacles with all the subtlety and grace of a rampaging Wstfgl, simply using the most direct and brutal methods to overcome the problem. He is confrontational and easy to rile up, which could be exploited as a weakness by others.

AppearanceSo "handsome"


World Crystal Magic -- The World Crystals are powerful and dangerous tools, capable of both limitless creation and boundless destruction. However, Zuriel being Zuriel, he uses it for the latter, naturally.


He pretty much uses only one technique with any competence, called "Final Arcana: The World".  He crushes a World Crystal within his hand, enveloping himself in an unusually large constructed universe about seven feet in diameter. From outside, this universe appears to be a translucent, red-tinted orb which slices a hole in anything it passes through, sucking matter that touches it into the void within. Unlike his brother, he can maintain this World for a greatly increased duration of up to thirty seconds before re-emerging and allowing the World to collapse, destroying anything trapped within. The inside of this world is rather boring, mostly consisting of a lightless void with chaotic, fluctuating gravitational forces that slowly tear apart anything that falls in. 


Zuriel is practically invulnerable within this world he creates (at least, from the outside), and can even move it around at approximately sprinting pace to form what amounts to a wrecking ball of destruction. However, its main vulnerability is that he is basically blind and deaf when ensconced within the World, and has to re-emerge from the World to see the outside world. Zero points for subtlety, dear Zuriel.


Background: Unlike his brother Nathaniel, Zuriel was a naturally talented sorcerer, and managed to win the adoration of his parents from a young age when he demonstrated his ability to manifest Final Arcana: The World at the tender age of 13. However, this attention has spoiled him, leaving him, as his brother terms it, "An arrogant, lazy jerkwad with a stick up his ass." He grew complacent with his abilities, resulting in him having little skill with actually manipulating his World Crystals -- while his brother can create varied effects with his clever use of World Crystals, Zuriel pretty much has only one spell to call his own, substituting its sheer brute power for any degree of skill. Naturally, when it came to the selection of Contenders for the War, Nathaniel was selected instead despite his vastly inferior strength. This made Zuriel, to quote, "Incredibly butthurt", and while he is honour-bound to serve Nathaniel for the duration of the war, he hates his brother and might betray him if he sees the right opportunity.


Miscellaneous: If, by any chance, someone does do something to Nathaniel, there's always this guy for Timey to dick around with. Alternatively, you could conspire with him to screw over Nathaniel.

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Used in Aeiluna Online


Name: Hiro
Class: Ascendant Pyromancer
Level: 85
Appearance: Of average height, dark-haired, pale complexion, bespectacled. Appearance of equipment here.
Personality: While Hiro is quite possibly the most experienced player in the entire MMO, he certainly doesn't act the part. He is flighty, irresponsible and kind of a troll, but has been forced to re-evaluate his priorities -- since people's lives are on the line now, as one of the most powerful players in Aeiluna, he has the responsibility of ensuring as few lives are lost as possible before the game is cleared.

Another worry daunts him: He is as new to the expansion as every other player, and in this world where a single miscast buff or mistimed disable could kill an entire raid party, any kind of surprise is unwelcome.

Bio: Hiro has played the game since closed beta, and is notorious for his obsessive commitment to it --- rumor has it that no one has ever seen him actually log out, ever. He has learnt almost every trick there is to the game, and his encyclopedic knowledge of almost every enemy, class and game mechanic has earned him much respect among his fellows. He is a founding member of Dominus, but refuses a leadership position on the grounds that he came to play a game, not work. This is quite clearly hypocrisy, considering how he supports his gaming habit by selling the numerous excess legendary items he collects.

Hiro had one main consideration when picking a build -- How do I make the most things explode at once with a single spell? His class, an offshoot of the Grand Sorcerer, sacrifices the defence and utility spells of from the other schools of the Grand Sorcerer's repertoire of abilities, replacing them with the ability to turn an entire dungeon into a firestorm of blazing death. Even those who think themselves immune are in for a shock -- his arsenal is augmented by various crowd control effects and debuffs capable of stripping elemental resistances from enemies, amplifying heat damage, disrupting their aggro and generally delaying them for as long as he needs for him to complete the charge animations of his longest spells.



Head - Algol's Visage -- the torn-off, cracked faceplate of Algol the Fallen, a strange being awakened upon the opening of an ancient Naethir temple complex believed to be a Naethir guardian -- or possibly a prisoner. It grants bonus Intelligence, Fire Damage and Fire Penetration. Passive: Enemies slain by fire or light damage will leave behind embers that burn enemies that step on them.
(Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Hiro does not display the sprite for any head equipment he wears.)

Body - Sirius Armour -- a suit of ancient light armor found in the Naethir vault alongside Algol, it is believed to be one of the few remaining Naethir artifacts that possess at least some of their original function. It grants bonus Intelligence, Mana, and Spell Damage. Passive: Each 1% of a player's mana pool exhausted when casting a spell adds 1% to the Spell Damage of the next offensive spell. If the next spell cast does not do damage, this bonus damage is saved to a maximum of 300% Bonus Damage.


Left Hand - Vasto - One of a pair of wands which was originally wielded by the Archmage Kilintus IV of Silvus Oriente, retrieved from his magically-warded tomb after defeating his restless spirit. Grants bonus Intelligence, Mana and Mana Regeneration. Passive "Hextech Chamber": Stores up to 6 mana potions which are used automatically when the user's mana reserves are depleted.
Right Hand - Magnus - The other of a pair of wands which was originally wielded by the Archmage Kilintus IV of Silvus Oriente. Grants bonus Spell Damage and Spell Critical Chance. Passive "Hextech Chamber": Stores up to 6 mana potions which are used automatically when the user's mana reserves are depleted.

Legs - Orion Leggings - A set of light armor greaves forged from a mysterious metal older than the world of Aeiluna itself. Grants bonus Intelligence, Spell Critical Chance and Spell Damage. Passive: When affected by a crowd-control effect, the user takes only 25% of all damage inflicted -- in addition, crowd-control effects lose 25% of their duration.

Accessory 1 - Polaris Fist - A white gauntlet formed from some unknown material, torn from the arm of Algol the Fallen himself. Grants bonus Intelligence and Spell Damage. UNIQUE Passive "Predestined Demise" : Melee brawl attacks do damage based on intelligence instead of strength, and any enemy killed within 3 seconds of being hit by a brawl attack will explode, damaging all nearby enemies.

Accessory 2 - Red Stone of Arjah - A teardrop-shaped crystal with an ever-burning flame within. Grants massive bonus Fire Damage. UNIQUE Active "Heart of the Dragon": For 20 seconds, your Fire Spells ignore Magic Immunity. Cooldown: 180 seconds.

Accessory 3 - Soulforged Shard - Pure, lethal Arcane energy sealed into a mystical shard. Grants bonus Magic Penetration and Spell Critical Chance. UNIQUE Passive "Spell Lethality": Your spell critical hits deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

Set Bonus - Celestial Raiment - Gain a unique visual effect of a halo of light (purely aesthetic). Passive "Supernova": Increases the mana cost of offensive spells, but greatly increases spell damage and critical chance.


Remarks: Hiro/Explosions OTP

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Used in Gratuitous Mecha Carnage (Working Title)


AS-028 Juggernaut Hecatonchires





The Juggernaut Hecatonchires stands 10 feet tall, with a frame far more massive and bulky than most Angel Suits. The distinctive features of the Hecatonchires model are the massive pylons rising from its shoulder blades, which serve as storage racks for the Angel Suit's complement of drones, and the long horn protruding from its helmet, which houses the communications array for networking with its drones. 





The AS-02 Juggernaut was built as a show of force, a ten-foot unstoppable mechanical behemoth for breaching seemingly-impregnable defenses and terrifying enemies into submission -- however, Vengeance saw itself as liberators, not as mere terrorists, and the standard-issue Juggernaut loadout was deemed too dangerous and prone to collateral damage for standard operations. As a result, the Hecatonchires, a specialized variant built for surgical anti-Exosuit operations, was commissioned. Due to its increased utility over the original Juggernaut, it has seen far more action than the original model, which waits in storage for the day that its devastating power is finally needed.




The Hecatonchires of myth was a titan with a hundred hands and a hundred eyes, and like its namesake, this Juggernaut variant was built to see all and reach all, cleanly eliminating its targets from long range. It possesses the same heavy armor and dual drive system as the original Juggernaut, but new to its design is a large pair of shoulder pylons, giving it a distinctive silhouette. These pylons house the Hecatonchires' distinctive feature -- the Argus MK-III Distributed-Array Multi-Spectral Sensor Suite. This system is essentially a flotilla of autonomous drones that distribute themselves around the Hecatonchires, uniting their G-Particle based sensors to form a massive sensor array capable of detecting almost any Exosuit in existence from beyond visual range, bypassing conventional ECM methods with ease. This system is used to guide the Angel Suit's deadly weaponry to where it is needed most.


Weapons and Equipment


2 x VS-15 'Arachne' Monofilament Projectors -- The original G-Particle machine guns mounted in the arms of the Juggernaut were deadly, but prone to overpenetration and collateral damage. The Hecatonchires was mounted with these modified anti-infantry weapons, which fire G-Particle clusters which unravel into webs of high-tension monofilament wire when close to an enemy Exosuit, cleanly slicing through their armor and silently carving them into bloody chunks. These filaments lose velocity quickly and slow to a halt shortly after doing their deadly work, reducing the chance that they will hit unintended targets.


The main disadvantage of the Projectors as compared to the machine guns is that the heavier slug projectiles used are subsonic to reduce collateral damage from missed shots, reducing their effective range, fire rate and accuracy. As a result, the Monofilament Projectors are mostly used as back-up short-range weapons if the Micro Missiles are exhausted.


120 x VS-40 'Artemis' G-Particle Micro Missiles -- The chest-mounted Antimatter Cannon has been stripped out and replaced with a series of missile pods recessed into the frontal armor of the Hecatonchires. These missile pods contain anti-personnel guided G-Particle missiles each around the size of a whiteboard marker. Despite their size, the miniature G-Particle tanks within the missiles give them surprisingly high performance, with each missile having an effective range of 13 km. The default payload of each missile is a monofilament canister similar to the one used in its arm cannons, but can be swapped for different payloads, including anti-armor melta missiles and sensor-disrupting chaff missiles.


The micro missiles are surprisingly silent, and enemies often never realize what hit them before they fall to pieces.


VS-8 'Ajax' Plasma Cestus -- the Hecatonchires relies heavily on its smart weaponry for its battlefield role, but as a contingency plan in case the Argus is somehow neutralized or rendered inoperable, the Angel Suit carries one remaining 'dumb' weapon -- its own fists, mounted with plasma emitters to vaporize the armor of enemy Exosuits. This weapon is a last resort, but very effective against those who foolishly assume the Hecatonchires is entirely dependent on its high-tech arsenal.


Argus MK-III System -- The Argus System consists of a swarm of miniature drones that take up position around the Hecatonchires to provide 360-degree situational awareness and operate the Hecatonchires' array of smart weaponry. In addition, each drone is mounted with ECM systems to selectively jam the sensors of any Exosuits close enough to spot the Hecatonchires, rendering the unit surprisingly stealthy.


Each drone has limited G-particle reserves, limiting the 'smart' operational time of the Hecatonchires to around 1 hour before it has to disengage to recharge. 

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AS-02 Juggernaut


The first second-generation Angel Suit to be produced, the AS-02 Juggernaut is a radical departure from the regular ExoSuit design, built as a test bed for new technologies and as a powerful trump card for large scale engagements. The Juggernaut breaks from regular ExoSuit design in its size -- most ExoSuits are roughly human-sized, but the Juggernaut towers at almost twice the height of a regular ExoSuit, resembling a walking tank more than powered armor. While large-sized ExoSuit derivatives like the American REX and RAY and the Japanese GUN-ZAM projects exist, they have invariably been slow and cumbersome compared to nimbler ExoSuits due to the square cube law and the complicated control scheme compared to the intuitive movement-assisting interfaces of the ExoSuit. The Juggernaut circumvents this by being the first suit to accept a neural bridge interface that directly links to an augmented pilot's nervous system, allowing the pilot to control the Juggernaut by thought alone, alongside revolutionary G-Particle-based polymer composites and improved myofiber bundles that make the suit far lighter and nimbler than one would expect.

The Juggernaut is also the first Angel Suit to accept multiple synchronized G-Engines, giving it a power output far in excess of even late third-generation suits like the Seraph -- thus, its increased power and storage capacity makes it an excellent test bed for experimental systems like the ARGUS Mk-III sensor array.

The primary drawback of the Juggernaut is that it, as a prototype proof of concept, contains many custom-built components that cannot be easily replaced; in addition, its cutting edge experimental systems are more prone to malfunctions than more thoroughly field-tested systems -- some of its experimental weapons like the Artemis micro missiles are also too complicated to instantly fabricate with G-Particles, limiting their operational time relative to exclusively G-Particle armed Suits. Thus, it spends longer in maintenance than any other Angel Suit, and only two copies exist -- the original Juggernaut, currently in storage, and the Hecatonchires used by Werner Von Stroheim.


The Juggernaut was completed in 2047, after the failure of Operation Checkmate demonstrated that the first-generation Angel Suits based on the Alpha would be insufficient against FutureTech's new weaponry. Designed as a test bed for new weaponry, it is arguably more advanced than even some third-generation Angel Suits, at the cost of high operations and maintenance costs.

While the vanilla Juggernaut variant has never seen active combat, the Hecatonchires variant has been spotted in operations all over the globe under the command of Werner Von Stroheim.


AS-02 Juggernaut - The original model, designed for long range destruction. Armed with the VS-55 Antimatter Cannon, a weapon that projects a G-Particle cluster primed to convert into antimatter after a predetermined distance, causing massive destruction. Its other armaments are the arm mounted VS-21 G-Particle rotary cannons and the shoulder mounted VS-33 Smart Missile Pods, with optional armaments including the VS-30 Heavy Plasma Rifle and VS-5 plasma blades.

AS-022 Juggernaut Charybdis - A Juggernaut variant armed for close range and anti-air combat. Armaments include the Graviton Emitter, a device replacing the antimatter cannon that reverses the effect of the Angel Suits' flight units and pulls objects towards it, twin arm mounted VS-16 G-Particle Scatter Cannons, essentially energy based shotguns, the VS-12 HF Claymore, a large high-frequency blade later refined into the Musashi, the VS-8 plasma knuckle dusters in addition to additional G-Particle tanks and thrusters for faster movement. Has never seen combat.

AS-036 Juggernaut Hydra - First of the Argus-equipped modernized Juggernaut variants, built as a test bed for the Fang systems. Eschews most conventional weapons in favor of thigh-mounted and forearm-mounted Fang racks for a grand total of 36 HF Fangs and the complex targeting systems needed for a human pilot to control the Fangs. Is also armed with the VS-8 Plasma Cestus and a single VS-30 Heavy Plasma Rifle. Rarely used due to reliability issues compared to the Hecatonchires variant.

VS-037 Juggernaut Cyclops - An Argus-equipped variant built for space combat. Equipped with a massive chest mounted storage tank to store G-Particles for rapid thrust corrections and powering its main weapon -- the VS-56 Tactical Laser, a laser sniper rifle with an effective range of hundreds of kilometers in space, later miniaturized and modified for use by the Diablo variant of the Seraph. Is also equipped with the original Juggernaut's arm mounted rotary cannons, the VS-8 plasma cestuses and additional life support modules for long term operations. Confined to space operations because of the decreased effectiveness of laser weapons within an atmosphere.

AS-028 Hecatonchires - most frequently used Juggernaut variant. See above.

AS-029 Cerberus - Still in development, capabilities unknown. Believed to be a test bed for the 4th-generation Angel Suits.

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The Meat Stuffing of Hecatonchires


Name: Werner von Stroheim


Age: 32





Werner was formerly an operative of one of the many PMC conglomerates FutureTech used as fronts for its shadow reign, and gained great infamy for carving through swathes of enemy ExoSuits in FutureTech's efforts to suppress all resistance against them -- they nicknamed him the CrimsonTyphoon for the withering blizzard of stunningly accurate firepower that was his calling card and his habit of eschewing camouflage in favor of a distinctive red and black color scheme on his ExoSuits. However, it was during Operation Checkmate when he finally saw the lengths to which FutureTech would go to preserve its power -- when he'd witnessed the horrifying new ExoSuit tear apart the Neo-Samurai limb from limb and mercilessly execute fallen soldiers, he finally came to the conclusion that becoming a monster himself wasn't worth the dental plan, and decided to sever ties from FutureTech.


His employers had other plans, however, and triggered a neurotoxin capsule meant to destroy his ability to pilot and ensure his talents were never used against FutureTech. The neurotoxin ravaged his nervous system, blinding him and rendering him partially paralyzed, but Vengeance somehow managed to track him down, and offered him a chance to pilot again with the aid of their cybernetic implants, and take revenge on the corporation that had ruined his life. He accepted, and now leads the charge against FutureTech's PMC lackeys in his customized machine, the AS-028 Juggernaut Hecatonchires.



Werner might have been a former hired killer in service with a bloodthirsty monolithic corporation, but he has tried to put his past behind him, and generally comes across as one of the more professional, well-adjusted members of Vengeance. He is surprisingly erudite and well-read for a hired gun, and has a tendency to use unnecessarily poetic or esoteric turns of phrase. However, his calm exterior harbors a burning hatred for FutureTech, and he will stop at nothing to see them utterly destroyed.




Relative to his comrade Rainn, Werner is relatively unaugmented, with the only permanent augmentations he has being the visor connected directly into his optic nerves that replaces his lost vision with input from Hecatonchires' Argus System, increasing his perception by a thousandfold, and a neural interface connected to the exoskeletal suit that allows his paralyzed body to keep moving and provides additional protection while he is ensconced within Hecatonchires.

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Family: Li Family

Age: 24

Personality: Self-assured, cocky and rather smug. Arrogant kung fu guy, basically. Has a mercenary attitude, and will shift his loyalties based on whatever can bring the most benefit to him and his Family. Despite having alienated his peers in the Li Family, he still looks out for their well-being, and aims to strengthen the clan once again at any cost.

Appearance: Relatively short (a hair under 1.7 m), unkempt, slightly long dark hair, clean-shaven. Wears yellow-tinted shades everywhere like a certain A. Jensen, and is usually seen wearing a formal dark-coloured business suit with the blazer left open. Conceals an ungodly number of knives on his person... somehow.

Abilities: Xiao Ming is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and favors the use of knives of several varieties, and sees firearms as a last resort -- Triads look down on guns in general, seeing them as dishonorable.

His Family ability, "Guang Hui Dao (Radiance Path)", allows him control over light. He can create bursts of light to illuminate or blind others, bend light around himself to hide himself from view temporarily, and as a secondary ability, can imbue bladed weapons (or his hands) with energy, honing their cutting edges to incredible extents at the cost of making them glow conspicuously like lightsabers.

Background: The Li family is one of the Families operating in Wolfdale, and has notably been tied to criminal activity in the past. They used to be far more powerful in the past, with close to a hundred members operating in a federation not unlike one of the criminal Triads of Hong Kong, but the family has since fallen on hard times after a violent turf war against another of the criminal Families depleted their strength to a mere shadow of its former glory.

Xiao Ming is the second son of the current head of the Li family, and wishes to restore the prestige of the family and rebuild its numbers -- however, desperate times call for desperate measures, and he is currently offering his services to the highest bidder, forced to cast aside his honor in order to build up the funds and connections needed to restore his family name. As a result, he has alienated himself from most of the other Lis, who are rather prideful traditionalists that disapprove of his mercenary ways, but have to tolerate his continued presence due to his claim to the leadership of the Family.

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Used in Surreal*RPG

Nickname: Wst, or West, or Your Excellency
Forum Username: Wstfgl
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human


Personality and/or History: It's Wstfgl, everyone's favorite dakka-obsessed lunatic! Prone to great outbursts of ham and occasional flashes of deep insight, Wstfgl lives life to the extreme, without ever looking back or stopping to think if he's finally gone off the deep end!

He may have a heart of gold or hidden depths or something, but clearly they are very hard to unearth.

Class (and skills of that class):

Chuuni (Primary), Drawfag (Secondary), Random Turtle God of Death, Donuts and Destruction (Former, Class Skills Locked)

The Chuuni is one who is deluded enough to believe imagination into reality. Combined with the middling artistic talent of the Drawfag, the result is one who can turn their delusional doodles into reality within the effective range of their powers. This results in great versatility... provided one can draw more than a limited repertoire of things.

Wstfgl's main weapon is VANISHMENT THIS WARUDO, a sketchbook claimed from the dark wastes of A Local Bookstore and imbued with the power of his imagination. He can draw pictures upon this sketchbook, and then transform them into reality by pulling them from the page from which they were drawn! Each of these projections wipes the page clean of the image originally upon it, and has a time limit before the magic fades and he has to pull out another drawing. Wstfgl has 5 levels of image he can produce, beginning with Sketch-level and going up to Magnum Opus level. Wstfgl can usually only have one drawing in use at a time, with the exception of Sketches.

At Level 20, Wstfgl can draw upon the full power of Vanishment This Warudo and draw on himself, allowing him to ascend to become Wstfgl, Random Turtle God of Death, Donuts and Destruction, capable of redrawing reality around him to his whim.

His arsenal contains the following weapons:

Vasto and Magnus -- What happens when you combine a pair of revolvers and two magic wands. This matching set of intricately-crafted wands, one of silver and one of brass, are able to channel the power of fire and light to vaporize his enemies.

Sketch-level: Vasto and Magnus are able to fire streams of fire for a short-ranged area of effect attack or launch piddly little lasers for long-range work. Requires a cooldown after each shot.
WIP-level: The Hextech Chambers within the Wands become functional, allowing Wstfgl to throw out up to twelve evocations without pausing to cool down.
Artwork-level: Unlocks Melta Mode and Multilaser Mode. Melta Mode is an upgrade of the basic Flame Mode, instead channeling a short-range pulse of energy forwards that superheats anything in its arc of fire to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius. Multilaser Mode is essentially the basic Laser mode... but MORE!
Masterpiece-level: Unlocks Doombolt Mode and Fire Prism Mode. Doombolt Mode fires a barrage of heat-seeking magical blasts around Wstfgl, while Fire Prism Mode fires a single high-energy laser blast at extreme range. Both modes completely deplete one of his Hextech Chambers of ammunition.
Magnum Opus-level: Gives full control of Vasto and Magnus' abilities over light and fire, greatly increasing their versatility.

Demon Reaper: Bloody Stream -- A Demon Reaper used by a certain Reika Yamashiro, one of several Wstfgl has learnt how to draw (i.e. call forth). Takes the form of an enchanted, transforming kukri.

Sketch Level: Wstfgl can use Bloody Stream as a kukri.
WIP-Level: Wstfgl learns to use the ribbon on Bloody Stream to use it like a whip or a kusarigama.
Artwork-Level: Wstfgl learns how to unleash Coda Mode, turning Bloody Stream into a scythe that increases his reach and striking power and triples his speed, but has a reduced usage time before vanishing.
Masterpiece Level: Wstfgl learns to manipulate electricity through Bloody Stream, allowing him to electrocute anyone who touches it, or magnetize it to increase its striking speed and range when thrown.
Magnum Opus Level: Wstfgl unlocks Divine Evisceration Mode, which instantly slices through physical matter and can shred the magical essence of supernatural entities.

Demon Reaper: Blumenkranz: A Demon Reaper belonging to [REDACTED] that Wstfgl also can use. It is a bizarre transforming weapon with four forms, all of which strengthen with each level of quality attained.

Sketch-level: Wstfgl can use Blade Mode to cut things. Can utilize Malleus Maleficarum, which increases the force of his strikes.
WIP-level: Wstfgl can swap the weapon into Rifle Mode, which fires high-velocity High-Explosive Incendiary Armor Piercing slugs effective against physical targets. Can utilize Velocitas Eradico to unload its entire clip within an instant.
Artwork-level: Wstfgl can swap the weapon to Spear Mode, which can detach its blades on cables to turn it into a whirlwind of pointy death. Can use Rufus Phantasma to create illusory doubles of the weapon which can inflict actual pain upon targets, instantly crippling mortal foes with a thousand illusory cuts.
Masterpiece-level: Wstfgl can use Bow Mode, which fires energy projectiles effective against magical entities. Can use Sagitta Luminis to imbue its attacks with light that sears away magic and enchantment, making it doubly effective against magical entities.
Magnum Opus-level: Wstfgl unlocks the use of overcharged versions of Blumenkranz' abilities.

AS-02 Juggernaut: An Angel Suit built around a pair of G-Engines, strange devices that generate unusual form-shifting particles. Wstfgl can use the Hydra, Cyclops and Hecatonchires variants.

Sketch-level: Wstfgl can use the Plasma Cestuses on the Juggernaut.
WIP-level: Wstfgl can utilize Juggernaut's neural interface, boosting his speed in it, and activate its flight mode.
Artwork-level: Wstfgl can use the secondary armaments of the Juggernaut variants -- either machine guns or razor-wire shotguns.
Masterpiece-level: Wstfgl can use the Argus System to expand his senses, and unlocks the primary armament of the Juggernaut.
Magnum Opus-level: Wstfgl unlocks the Juggernaut Cerberus, the ultimate incarnation of the Juggernaut.

Level 0: Sketch Switch -- Wstfgl can summon projections from sketches of objects. While they are reasonable simulacrums of the original, they have no innate magical properties. He can produce objects up to the size of a large vehicle.
Sacred Relic -- Wstfgl starts equipped with Vanishment This Warudo and a whole lot of manga. He can create drawings during lulls to replenish his abilities.
Level 1: Believe in the Me who Believes in You -- Imbues his drawings with the spirit of Chuuni, allowing him to begin unlocking the WIP-level abilities of his drawn weapons. Unlocks WIP-level abilities for Bloody Stream and Blumenkranz.
Level 2: Twelve Shots. More than enough to kill anything that moves. -- Wstfgl unlocks the WIP-level abilities of Vasto and Magnus. Wstfgl figures out how to twirl weapons without dropping them.
Level 3: Chicks Dig Giant Robots -- Wstfgl unlocks the WIP-level power of the Juggernaut.
Level 4: LOL FIBER SYNCHRONIZE -- CHUUNI REGALIA! -- Wstfgl is allowed to use the 2-star Kyoko Uniform to greatly increase his physical capabilities.
Level 5: I'M ON A DEADLINE! -- Wstfgl can now draw faster than is humanly possible.
A Soul Can't Be Cut -- Unlocks the Artwork-level power of Bloody Stream.
Level 6: Jamie Loves Big Boom -- Unlocks the Artwork-level power of Vasto and Magnus. Wstfgl regains his strength upon seeing explosions.
Level 7: With Great Anger and Furious Vengeance -- Unlocks the Artwork-level power of Blumenkranz. MAXIMUM STRENGTH is now more powerful.
Level 8: To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters -- Unlocks the Artwork-level powers of Juggernaut. Wstfgl slowly heals himself if an enemy remains in sight.
Level 9: Dynamic Duo -- Wstfgl can summon two drawings at once.
Level 10: Who The Hell Do You Think I Am? -- Wstfgl can draw a person's face and stick it on the mask of his Kyoko Uniform, magically rendering himself indistinguishable from the person in question.
Thunderstruck -- Wstfgl learns the Masterpiece-level ability of Bloody Stream.
Level 11: It Goes Up To 11! -- Wstfgl unlocks the THREE-STAR CHUUNI REGALIA, increasing his physical power even further. The THREE-STAR CHUUNI REGALIA can use TRANS-HAM mode, making it glow with light and become far stronger temporarily if Wstfgl starts hamming it up appropriately. Only usable when the situation is deemed dramatic enough.
Level 12: Equilibrium -- Wstfgl learns the Masterpiece-level ability of Vasto and Magnus, as well as Gun Kata, allowing him to strike stylish poses that cause projectile attacks to miss.
Level 13: Dodge This -- Unlocks the Masterpiece-level ability of Blumenkranz. All projectile attacks now fire quick bursts instead of single shots.
Level 14: 2500 Pounds of Awesome -- Wstfgl unlocks the Masterpiece-level ability of Juggernaut. Wstfgl's synchronization with his Kyoko Uniform increases, increasing his toughness even further.
Level 15: Xerox! -- Wstfgl can photocopy drawings, allowing him to reuse a single drawing as many times as he desires.
Infinity Blades -- Wstfgl can use the full power of Bloody Stream and Blumenkranz.
Level 16: Eleven Barrels of Hell -- Wstfgl can use the full power of Vasto and Magnus. In addition, Wstfgl's Kyoko Uniform unlocks a secondary transformation, Baneblade Regalia, sacrificing some armor integrity for MORE GUNS.
Level 17: Go Big Or Go Extinct: Wstfgl unlocks the Juggernaut Cerberus. Wstfgl will not die when he is killed, and will be able to make a Last Stand in hope of a Heroic Second Wind, a Deus Ex Machina or a Big Damn Heroes.
Level 18: Reality Be Rent! -- Wstfgl rejects your reality and substitutes his own, negating harm done to him by enemy fire. Only lasts as long as he can maintain his concentration, and he can't attack simultaneously.
Level 19: Synapse, Break! -- Wstfgl overcomes the mental limits forcing him to limit the number of drawings he can summon at once. He's only got so many pages in his sketchbook, but he'll be able to use every one.
Level 20: VANISHMENT, THIS WORLD! -- Wstfgl draws himself, projecting himself back to his former glory as Random Turtle God of Death, Donuts and Destruction. UNLIMITED POWER!!
Finally Figured Out How To Draw Feet -- Wstfgl finally gets the hang of drawing people properly, allowing him to summon his RP characters into the fight as allies.

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Name: Norio Takamichi

Age: 28

Background: At first glance, Norio is the most boring of sorts, a faceless office drone in a dead-end job, doomed to file papers for an eternity in the hell that is the middle levels of a Japanese zaibatsu. Subservient and meek, he appears a complete non-entity to his superiors and colleagues. At home however, he is a deviant of the highest order, using a huge portion of his salary not on sake and yakitori (as is traditional for a salaryman) but on assorted creepy otaku merchandise. He spends his nights trolling message boards, watching anime and hugging his dakimakuras (one girl for every day of the week!) -- but all that is about to change with the events soon to unfold in his life!

Personality: On the outside, Norio is basically a helpless doormat, his own will buried under a blanket of conformity and subservience. However, deep down, Norio has always wanted to be that rarest of sorts -- a hero of justice! However, he realized that this was a dream far out of his reach when he was in his teens, and he gave up on that childish wish and immersed himself in otaku culture. Now, he is a typical unrepentant, rather creepy otaku, restrained only by his desire not to stand out in public.



Hard Rod of Justice -- Stand Proud: A magic staff that formerly belonged to an actual magical girl that he acquired through a rather fortuitous turn of events. Oddly, Norio is somehow able to use it, if unconventionally -- he can summon the outfit with the typical clothes-destroying transformation sequence, granting him the increased strength and durability it grants -- but the attire doesn't seem to differ from person to person, so Norio is unceremoniously crammed into a too-tight, somewhat skimpy magical girl outfit, causing great consternation to those observing him. He can't channel the staff's standard ability of 'blowing stuff up with magical lasers', instead relying on his own self-taught technique -- MAHOU CQC!

This basically amounts to beating monsters to death using Stand Proud as a bludgeon.

The weapon has a will of its own, and like any good weapon of its caliber, has an alternate mode. It can break up into two segments, which then split to form a pair of nunchakus for all your impressive-looking-but-unwieldy gimmicky fighting needs.

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Name: Julia Zeppeli

Age: 18

Appearance: Relatively tall at around 5’ 10’’, with the athletic build of a gymnast. Blonde hair reaching a few inches past her shoulders, bright green eyes. Habitually wears a black sleeveless top, blue jeans and sneakers, with a denim jacket if the weather gets cold.

Personality: Direct, cocky, and somewhat childish, with little respect for established authority. While she’s rather fight-happy and frequently invokes the Last Argument of Kings (read: Gratuitous violence) as a solution to thorny situations, she can be quite cunning and skilled at deception, though she’s more likely to make things up as she goes along rather than come up with schemes ahead of time. While she is willing to use trickery to win a fight, she will not accept defeat or dishonor, and takes especially poorly to having her family's reputation insulted.

For some reason, she refuses to call Anima by that name, instead using a strange abbreviation of unknown provenance to refer to them – ‘D-D-R.’ No one knows why she petulantly insists on this, but it's impossible to make her change her mind on this topic.


The Zeppelis are quite an old and established family in the field of fighting the supernatural, and one that has sacrificed much towards this cause – it’s said that no true-blooded Zeppeli has ever died of natural causes. Traditionally, the firstborn of the family. regardless of gender, inherits the family legacy and its most prized D-D-R – I mean, Anima, the saber Sol Invictus. As the second-born of the family, she learned the use of Anima at a young age, but was resigned to playing second fiddle to her older brother Auguste.

However, Auguste was killed in action by an unknown foe two years ago, and his priceless Anima lost in a foreign land. (While Auguste is believed to have trained a protégé, said apprentice’s identity remained unknown to the other Zeppelis as they would have frowned on allowing an outsider to carry on the family’s honor.) While Julia had a new Anima, the pair of wands named Hexagrammaton, constructed from the two halves of her great-grandfather’s shattered sword, her parents still saw her as the unreliable younger sister, an inferior substitute for her deceased brother. She’s been training hard to fill her brother's shoes and redeem herself in her parents’ eyes. While she thinks it’s a mere pipe dream, she hopes to someday recover Auguste’s blade and redeem that stain upon the Zeppeli’s reputation.


Hexagrammaton – A pair of hexagonal metallic wands, one made of steel and one made of brass. They contain revolver-style cylinders loaded with six explosive cartridges each, which power the wands’ one ability – telekinesis. Julia conjures 36 of such cartridges each time she summons her Anima.

Hammer to Fall – The brass wand, held in Julia’s left hand. Hammer to Fall specializes in power; its ability is to amplify the kinetic energy of each expended cartridge, making it useful for tasks that require power. It can create powerful concussive impacts like the blow of a sledgehammer, push and pull heavy objects or produce a ‘wall’ of force that stops objects in their tracks.

Under Pressure – The steel wand, held in Julia’s right hand. Unlike its counterpart, Under Pressure favors precision over power, instead being able to focus the energy of a cartridge to perform delicate tasks with more precision than a human hand can muster. It can perform fine manipulations with robotic precision, or focus the energy of its cartridges into a single point or a one-dimensional line to puncture or cut objects.

The wands absorb the recoil generated from the forces they generate, but they have one weakness – they can only manipulate objects within a few meters of the user, forcing Julia to have to close in to directly attack Werebeasts with the weapon.

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Used in Corporate Heroes


Name: Haruna Ise
Age: 19, Sixth Generation born in 2125

Alias: Hellcat
Sponsor: A consortium representing the interests of several American defense contractors (e.g. Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, the whole works)
Rank: 56 (not a true reflection of capability, see below)
Supergroup: Team Mustang
Power: Most Neo-Humans possess ISO-Standard superhuman strength and durability, but the main strength of the Superheroes of Team Mustang lies in their weaponry, proudly brought to you by Raytheon! (And we're not gonna let you forget that.) The powered suits used by Team Mustang are top-of-the-line production models meant to showcase the superiority of American superior firepower, and in addition to greatly enhancing their users' physical capabilities using revolutionary nanotechnology (Approved by the Senator of Winconsin!), features powerful in-built weaponry meant to take on Neo-Human threats.

Haruna specializes in long-range attack, and is armed with the PTL-2 laser rifle, a powerful directed-energy weapon that fires an invisible high-frequency laser pulse. Due to the instantaneous nature of the beam, it offers no room for evasion short of causality-violation or predictive abilities, and can vaporize a Neo-Bad with a single shot. The weapon is bulky and creates large quantities of heat, however, and cannot be fired rapidly or on the move. Thus, she is also equipped with a rapid-fire solid-slug carbine capable of laying down a hail of suppressive fire while her main gun recharges. Since the track record of conventional firearms against Neo-Bads is sketchy at best, Hellcat also carries a kukri as a close-combat weapon. Bolstered by the increased power of her suit, she can cut down most enemies with a single solid chop.

She has one power in addition to her enhanced physical capabilities -- Mind's Eye, a specialized telepathic ability that detects other people's neural impulses and helps her predict their movements and actions. This power has a range of several hundred meters, but she cannot focus on more than a handful of targets at once. In addition, it doesn't work against robots or machines, and cannot predict thoughts, only the target's movements and current emotional state.

Personality: Reticent and quiet, socially awkward. She can read others' emotions, but as a result, her ability to read body language and context, as well as emote on her own, has taken a hit, making her prone to taking things too literally or misinterpreting situations. Trusts her team members greatly, but has trouble interacting with others.
Appearance: I take pride in making all my crappy character designs by hand
Background: Traditionally, defense contractors (or arms dealers, as some would rather call them) get a pretty bad rap. Thus, several defense contractors banded together to sponsor Team Mustang, a Superhero team dedicated to defeating superhuman and conventional threats to American interests as a PR move. The members of Team Mustang have been trained to work together with military precision, in contrast with the individualistic show-boating that often occurs with regular superhero groups, and the professionalism and skill of Team Mustang has awed the world -- it is said that they have never lost a member in their thirty-year history. However, this is not completely true -- the members of Team Mustang have never been seen outside their armor, and their identities and true powers remain classified -- if a member of Team Mustang is slain, they are surreptitiously replaced by a new Neo-Human wearing their super-suit and adopting their codename.

Haruna is a test-tube baby, trained to take on the mantle of one of Team Mustang's members ever since she could walk. At the age of 14, she took on the codename of Hellcat to replace a member incapacitated by PTSD, and has been operating with the team ever since.

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Used In The Wild Hunt


Name: Lord Clive Enfield III
Age: 42
Appearance: Not the Scoundrel honest
Personality: Sophisticated, erudite and very British. (I don't care if Vaalbara had no Britain-analogue, now there is.) Clive sees hunting Colossi as a noble pursuit for glory like a 19th century big game hunter, and has a scholarly interest in Colossi, meticulously cataloging his finds (and subsequent kills) in his journals for science.

On the flip side, he is also cocky, arrogant and something of a glory hound, and looks down on the ill-mannered, those who don't appreciate his research and the poor.

Ultima Ratio Regum: A large crossbow built from the sinews and bone of the Martellus, a vast elephantine beast that could tremble cities with its footsteps. The user of this weapon inherits the massive strength the creature drew from the earth -- while the user remains on solid ground, the kinetic energy of this bow's shots is vastly multiplied, making even a humble bodkin arrow a threat to a Colossus.

Ignis Dei - A supply of crossbow bolts tipped with a canister filled with the powdered bone of the Pyre Serpent, a flightless species of Colossus related to dragons that Clive documented (and promptly hunted to near-extinction). The volatile material makes the bolts highly explosive upon activation, detonating in bursts of star-hot flame after piercing into their targets.

Scutum Invictus - A ring made from the crystalline core of Fulguriel, a strange Colossus resembling a huge floating crystal. It possesses the Colossus's ability to create ethereal barriers capable of deflecting a strike from a fully-grown Colossus; repeated blows stand a good chance of penetrating the barrier and killing him, however.




The Enfields as a noble lineage are defined by their immense wealth and their equally immense discontent with their leisurely life -- the family's annals are thick with records of eccentrics and prodigals who renounce a lifestyle of riding pedigree horses incredibly slowly through perfectly-maintained parkland for various pursuits the charitable describe as quirky and the less-charitable describe as suicidal -- in fact, Clive's favorite uncle Mark passed away five years prior in a tragic accident involving experimenting with the explosive properties of Pyre Serpent bone, taking several dozen servants and the entire west wing of the ancestral mansion in the resulting conflagration. (On the bright side, he was a meticulous scientist despite his propensity for hard liquor, and his formulation for the active reagents in Ignis Dei were thankfully preserved in a very blast-proof vault.) 


Clive grew up at a boarding school at his father's wishes -- the good man, a strict traditionalist, wanted a proper environment where Clive would grow up to be a disciplined, proper young gentleman who would distinguish himself at lordly games of polo or whatever rich people do when not oppressing the unwashed masses. Or perhaps he merely wanted to ensure the impressionable boy was not around while he courted his infamous harem of mistresses behind his overly-credulous wife's back. Clive was most distinguished at archery, which his father deemed as acceptable. Those revolting serfs weren't about to shoot themselves, after all. Unfortunately, natural history lessons had also left him with a great curiosity about the Colossi and the study thereof, which his father deemed as somewhat less acceptable.


For several years, he abided by his father's wishes, living a wholesome life of idleness upon the estates, but he always yearned to study a Colossus first-hand instead of settling for shriveled-up specimens -- preferably studying it while its arrow-riddled carcass was still warm. He finally got his wish when his father passed away after an evening with a very pleasant young lady and several bottles of expensive liquor. Mere days after the funeral, he retrieved several Keys that had been gathering dust in the Enfield family's vast storerooms, and promptly rode off to join the Lion's Pride without ever looking back.

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Used in Corporate Heroes


Age: 25, Fifth Generation born in 2119

Alias: Blackbird
Sponsor: Unknown
Rank: Unranked, identity unknown to the world at present
Supergroup: VALKYRIE
Powers and Weapons: 

Shadow in the Warp -- Blackbird, like her successor Haruna, is a psychic, but their powers are diametrically opposite in nature. Blackbird emits a psychic presence that disrupts the senses of other Neo-Humans within a radius of several hundred meters, nullifying precognitive or sensory abilities completely and making her immune to direct psychic attack. However, the disruption to others' mental state, while not immediately obvious, induces a sense of foreboding in its targets, making her presence not completely imperceptible.


AR/MS-09X Super-Suit: It is unknown where the members of VALKYRIE procured super-suits of a more advanced make than even the best-funded teams. The AR/MS-09X is a next-generation powered armor system that augments Blackbird's already prodigious physical capabilities further, and includes miniaturized jet propulsion systems for slowing hard landings and increasing mobility further. The Super-Suit is equipped with a high-powered railgun as a primary weapon, trading off the instantaneous nature of the beam weapon for increased armor penetration and fire rate, and is also equipped with a pair of SMGs loaded with exotic mono-filament ammunition and a pair of combat knives.


Personality: Blackbird had already been institutionalized for crippling PTSD; being used for additional Neo-Human testing and her subsequent recruitment by Crazy Hare did her mental state no favors. She is completely subservient to VALKYRIE's agenda, kept on a leash through a combination of drug cocktails and hypnotic suggestion, and has a strange, detached demeanor on the few occasions when she does speak aloud. Despite her main role as a sniper, she is erratic and unpredictable in close-quarters combat, lacking the precision that she displays at stand-off range. 

Background: Five years ago, a botched mission by Team Mustang left two of its members dead at the hands of a dangerous Neo-Bad terrorist. While the incident was covertly covered up, leaving the public none the wiser, there were other repercussions -- Hellcat, the team's sniper, started exhibiting troubling psychological symptoms, compromising her effectiveness as a Hero. The board of directors managing Team Mustang decided that she was unfit for duty, and she was promptly replaced by the then 14-year-old Haruna Ise. While her existence was erased from all records, she wasn't merely killed and quietly disposed of, but shipped off to a top-secret LEC facility for further investigation on her unusual psychic ability in hopes of creating more of such so-called anomalies. While the experiments led to some breakthroughs in the incipient Seventh Generation of Neo-Humans, they came at a price: they further hastened the deterioration of her mental faculties, destroying all possibility of her ever leading a normal life.


A few months ago, a remote LEC faciility was raided by an unknown group of Neo-Bads -- while the Lewis-Ericsson Corporation officially denied the incident, those in the know believe that the instigators of the attack found exactly what -- or who -- they were looking for.

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Used in God in the Machine


Name: Frederick Von Stroheim
Age: 23



Personality: An honorable, dedicated and loyal soldier who has faith that Asgard means the best for its people. He tries to stay professional and collected in battle due to his idolization of the chivalric code, and will show mercy to defeated foes and respect to worthy ones. He is also an avid collector of items and knowledge of the Pre-Voyage era, resulting in his speech sometimes sounding antiquated and eccentric to others.

TL;DR graham aker ripoff


A 'designer baby' with most physical flaws stripped away by genetic modification, Frederick was born to the Von Stroheims, a notable family that had contributed much of their sizable wealth to backing Asgard's cybernetics programmes. Initially, he lived in idle hedonistic luxury, but always felt his true calling was not in the meaningless soirees and hollow politicking of the upper classes, but on a battlefield, like in the ancient tales of chivalrous knights.

However, in a world where humans on the battlefield had been supplanted by robotics and inhuman Aesir supermen, there was little hope of him ever becoming one of their number. Most Aesir were entrusted to human weapons trained from birth after all -- some pampered Aesir fanboy couldn't possibly make the cut. However, he decided to prove them wrong and volunteered to join ODIN at 18. He somehow impressed the directors of ODIN during his trials, and they accepted him into their ranks. He recently completed the years of training meant to mould him into a capable Aesir user and eagerly awaits his chance to serve the cause.

Aesir: Stahl Siegfried


The Siegfried is a particularly strong Aesir, renowned for having defensive powers that allow it to survive attacks that would cripple or destroy lesser Aesir. In addition to enhancing its user's physical abilities hugely, it can generate energy barriers within two meters of itself that will repel almost any known modes of attack, but has a weakness in the form of the external generator mounted on its back. Frederick does not regard this as a design flaw, however, as he says those who turn their back on the enemy are doomed to die regardless.

In its untransformed state, it resembles an early 20th-century military dress uniform in black and gold. When transformed, it becomes an ornate suit of armor in a similar color scheme. The Aesir has been used enough that it's developed a personality of sorts -- 'Siggy', as he calls it, acts like a young, rather sharp-tongued teenage girl prone to outbursts of anger.

The Aesir can summon the Godhand Balmung, a huge single-edged sword with several high-impulse rocket thrusters embedded into its pommel and the back of its blade, greatly strengthening its strikes and giving rise to its reputation as a blade none can stop, but putting such strain on the Aesir's frame that only a gifted pilot in a powerful Aesir can control it.

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Name: Mutsuki Kongou
Age: 16


Personality: Excitable, energetic, optimistic, possibly a little fight-crazy.

Bio: A freshman at Kawashiro North Municipal High School, a bog-standard high-school in a bog-standard Japanese suburb... well, except for that whole 'high school girls beating each other to a pulp' thing. She is excited about starting a new chapter in life in high school, with interesting extracurricular activities to join and meeting fascinating new people and falling for irresistibly handsome senpais waiting to whisk her away for a doki-doki springtime romance adventure...

Well, two of three out of the above ain't bad.


GOD HAND -- From young, Mutsuki learnt martial arts under the tutelage of her grandfather. While Ranma 1/2 lied to us all and you can't actually gain superpowers just by working out a whole lot, it transpired that Mutsuki was a latent psychic, and instinctively channeled her abilities through a form she was familiar with. Mutsuki can use telekinesis to a degree, but her ability to control it is limited; her main use of it is unconsciously strengthening herself and softening the force of blows thrown at her. This effect is particularly pronounced on her right hand (insert masturbation joke here), which can strike with immense force -- and has been reinforced to be near-indestructible to withstand the impacts of her own strikes. She has yet to fully master further applications of her power, but may be able to with appropriate tutelage.

Miscellaneous: The uninformed newcomer to The Game, if a very enthusiastic participant.

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Name: Hiro Akagi

Age: 28

Personality: Seemingly the typical exaggeratedly calm, cool-as-ice fighter pilot stereotype upon first impression, Hiro is in reality a laid-back, cool-as-ice perverted otaku whose exaggerated couldn't-care-less attitude applies even to his proclivities -- he unabashedly declares his top-of-the-line machine to be 'his waifu', slapped a holo-stencil of an anime girl in place of his squadron insignia, and has been reprimanded repeatedly for hitting on his fellow pilots and his support crew to no avail. He prefers thinking on his feet instead of rigidly following SOP, which leads to his superiors deeming him a loose cannon -- however, his presence is tolerated; not only because of his in-depth knowledge of both allied and enemy Dragoons and their combat tactics, but because he is a genuine follower of Aegis' philosophy, choosing to fight for them not just for personal glory but for the sake of those who can't protect themselves.

He is, however, rather prejudiced against the national militaries Aegis is sworn to assist, seeing them as ineffectual, weak-willed pawns of the Mega Corporations, leading to friction when he has to work alongside them or deal with them on a professional basis.

Appearance: Such Nippon, Many Bushido

Dragoon: Yamato Heavy Industries DD(X)-22 Shimakaze


GAU-88 'Avenger III' 30mm Assault Cannon -- Resembles a six-barreled auto-cannon like the ones seen on modern-day jet aircraft, housed in a casing that makes it resemble a Dragoon-sized assault rifle. The Assault Cannon uses a railgun mechanism to fire a hundred armor-piercing slugs every second, allowing it to overwhelm and destroy an enemy's ARES with an accurate fifty-round burst at distances of up to three kilometers. However, while the GAU-88 is accurate, (relatively) long-ranged and effective, the 3000 rounds of ammunition it carries often runs out in protracted engagements, forcing it to ditch the weapon and use short-range weaponry instead. In addition, the wear and tear on the gun's barrels that is the result of firing a railgun at a hundred rounds a second means that the Avenger requires barrel changes after every mission, and is limited to firing in up to one-second bursts.

'Phalanx IV' 20mm Close-In Weapons Systems -- The Shimakaze carries two secondary auto-cannons concealed in its forearms. These provide high firepower at short ranges, overwhelming enemy Dragoons' ARES through sheer volume of fire, though it requires multiple hits for the smaller, lighter projectiles to penetrate a Dragoon's armor. Each of the cannons carries 1200 rounds of ammunition, enough for 12 seconds of sustained fire. Due to the less powerful rounds used, the Phalanx guns can fire on full-auto instead of in bursts.

65mm Grenade Launchers - there are 4 six-barreled grenade launchers recessed into Shimakaze's shoulders. While these launchers cannot carry payloads that could damage a Dragoon, they are usually equipped with flares for signaling or blinding enemy sensors or smoke grenades to offer concealment.

Hyper-Carbon Progressive Blades -- The Shimakaze was designed for performance and stealthiness, greatly limiting its ammunition load in comparison to slower, heavier Dragoons. Therefore, the Shimakaze is designed to be equally capable at close-quarters combat as it is at a distance, and in addition to its considerable speed, also carries a pair of combat knives styled after US KA-BAR knives holstered on its hips. These specially-reinforced knives are made from an immensely strong but expensive carbon nanotube-based composite and use nanotechnology to self-sharpen and maintain a molecule-thick edge, preventing them from instantly dulling or snapping upon striking ARES armor plates and allowing them to slice or pierce through nearly anything with impunity. In addition, smaller blades are concealed within its fingertips and feet as backup weapons.


Stealth -- The Shimakaze is one of the few Dragoons in existence equipped with stealth technology, which was largely seen as superfluous thanks to the defensive power of ARES. However, to counter the threat of energy weapon-armed Dragoons capable of crippling another Dragoon at long range, the Shimakaze has stealthy features built in to improve survivability. This provides it an important edge in urban, night-time and marine combat where eyeballing the enemy is of limited utility, as it is able to close into the killing range of its assault cannon without detection -- however, activating ARES broadcasts radio waves that render the point of stealth moot, so it can only effectively hide from sensors by deactivating its own ARES, making it vulnerable to enemy fire.

Active Camouflage -- To complement its stealth, the Shimakaze's modified armor can change color to blend in with its surroundings -- however, this effect can only be activated when ARES is turned off, and is ineffectual if the machine is in motion.

ARES Kai -- Default equipment for every Dragoon produced during and after the great war. The Autonomous Regenerative Explosive-interception Suite is an active defense system consisting of an advanced sensor suite that detects all incoming projectiles, and panels of nano-material armor covering the entire surface of the Dragoon that explosively eject the surface layers of the armor to deflect or destroy them before they can even reach the Dragoon, before using nano-fabrication techniques to regenerate the lost armor. This makes Dragoons almost invulnerable to conventional anti-armor weapons like RPGs, as only sustained volumes of high-caliber fire can overwhelm the ARES and strike the enemy Dragoon itself. In addition, since the ARES destroys projectiles by essentially hurling red-hot metal shards at them, it is near-impossible to go within 100 meters of a hostile Dragoon on foot without being reduced to hamburger meat.

However, the ARES is not invulnerable -- it provides no defense against (admittedly expensive, incredibly bulky and slow-firing) laser and particle beam weapons, it can be overwhelmed by massive volumes of firepower, and since Dragoons are heavily-armored enough to withstand the ARES' explosive shrapnel, Dragoons frequently dispatch each other at point-blank range using specially-reinforced melee weaponry in lieu of using ammo-hungry firearms. In addition, since the ARES system relies on active sensing to detect incoming fire, it lights up the machines in question like beacons, making stealth impossible when ARES is turned on. Since the head contains the sensors required for the ARES to work, it is by necessity more lightly armored, and head-shots can cripple a Dragoon with fewer shots and without killing the pilot.

The Shimakaze's ARES is modified for improved stealth characteristics -- the composite armor that forms its ARES has radar-jamming properties, and by purging the top layers of its armor and engaging stealth, it can hide itself from view at long distances or blind enemy sensors at close range. However, its ARES is noticeably thinner than in most Dragoons, requiring less firepower to penetrate.

All-Terrain Mobility Systems -- The Shimakaze is equipped with jet thrusters across its chassis for bursts of acceleration and short-distance flight capabilities. In melee combat, it can also activate its jet thrusters while pointed at an enemy in a last-ditch attempt to overheat their electronics or injure their pilot. In addition, the Dragoon is equipped with supercavitation systems to allow it to move as easily under water as it can on land, making it truly an all-purpose weapon.

Background: Built by Yamato Heavy Industries, a Yokohama-based subsidiary of KaiZai well-known for constructing parts used in Dragoon manufacturing and the orbital heavy-lift industry, the Shimakaze is a bleeding-edge Dragoon built to counter the threat of newly-developed laser weapons. Due to laser weapons' ability to cripple or destroy other Dragoons with a single long-distance, unavoidable shot, a game-changer in the close-quarters engagements that characterized post-War Dragoon combat, the stealth technology of the late 20th century, once rendered obsolete due to incompatibility with the ARES system, was implemented in this next- generation weapon to allow it to close into killing range more safely than previous models-

Wait, you meant character background, right?

Hiro's father was a Dragoon commander who was killed in action in the War of 2047 when he was but a child, and influenced in part by his mother and in part by the glorification of Dragoon combat in the mass media, he grew up always wanting to pilot a Dragoon in the service of his country. He enlisted with the Japanese Strategic Dragoon Force in 2065, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps, and graduated with distinction thanks to his seemingly-encyclopedic knowledge of Dragoon warfare, a result of his lifelong obsession with the machines.

However, two events in his life caused him to turn his back on that promising career. Firstly, he came across classified documents that detailed his father's squadron's involvement in the War of 2047 -- he was horrified of how his lifelong hero was not in fact the paragon of heroism he'd believed him to be, but a ruthless pragmatist who had concealed his team within civilian habitations and mercilessly executed the pilots of disabled Dragoons in Japan's campaign against Chinese forces. Secondly, while on peacekeeping duties in Eastern Europe in 2071, he witnessed a skirmish between Dragoons of the Pan-Pacific Defense Consortium and their rival Phoenix Corporation that resulted in horrific civilian casualties -- however, since both corporations practically owned huge chunks of the Japanese government, he was forbidden from intervening directly, and was court-martialled when he attempted to use his own Dragoon as a shield to protect the civilians, resulting in the precious, expensive machine getting totaled. Disillusioned, he quit the force and spent three years as a NEET, living off his savings from his time in the force and wallowing in self-loathing.

An agent of Aegis contacted him six months ago, offering him a chance to fight for what was right instead of dancing to the tune of the Mega Corporations, and he agreed to join -- his father might not have been the man he wished him to be, but that merely meant he could try to be the better man. However, the habits he picked up in his time as a NEET never quite left him.

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Name: Erin Lafayette
Age: 16
Appearance: Of average height and build, short blonde hair tied back into a tail, green eyes. Basically, kinda like Saber.
Personality: Erin is sarcastic and forthright, and isn't very accustomed to Japanese etiquette, leading her to appear as being rather rude. However, she cares deeply for what few friends she has and will stick by them in times of need. In battle, she never hesitates to leap right into the fray, something her adoptive father has chided her for many times in the past.

She finds her father's often-flamboyant mannerisms and seemingly psychic ability to know what she's up to a little embarrassing, and doesn't want to join the Literature Club, as seeing his face for practically the whole day would drive her mad.


Erin's mother was killed by a Warlock as a human sacrifice when she was very young, and her father's whereabouts are unknown. She was raised by Mr. Lavalley for as long as she can remember, and sees him as her father.

When she was 12, a Warlock attacked the Lavalley household, and in desperation, she grabbed a battle axe that had been placed on the mantelpiece as a trophy to try and fend him off -- to her surprise, it turned out to be a Demon Reaper, and she subdued him with the aid of the members of the Literature Club. That was when she learned about Demons, and at her father's behest, she took up practicing with the weapon to protect herself against those who might target her.

She is entering high school this year, and has resolved not to join the Literature Club.


Overdrive: Erin's Demon Reaper greatly augments her life force, which accelerates her reflexes, physical strength and the speed that she heals from injuries. In addition, it increases the acuity of her senses, even extending to letting her see in the near infrared spectrum.

In addition, she can channel this force into mending others' injuries, though this weakens her. She is capable of channeling her power through her Demon Reaper in several different ways.

Eternal Blaze: This Demon Reaper was once part of Lavalley's collection, languishing without an owner for a few years. It takes the form of a transforming weapon with three modes -- a naginata, a battle axe and a scythe.

Naginata Mode: the weapon's default mode, a defensive form that channels Erin's life force into a protective barrier around her weapon and her to ward off magical attacks. It doesn't do much against weapons wielded by mortal hands, though.

Axe Mode: This mode converts Erin's energy into physical force, allowing her to go toe-to-toe against Thralls... For a while.

Scythe Mode: The most aggressive use of Erin's power. She channels her own life force into its blade and pours it into enemies that she strikes, crippling human targets by speeding their metabolism to untenable levels and tearing Thralls apart from within. This power drains her when used, and is usually only used to end a battle decisively.

Others: Her Demon Reaper accelerates her metabolism greatly, and she spends almost every cent of what her father gives her on food.

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Name: Alice Hendricks
Age: 16
Appearance: Alice is short and slight of build, and perpetually wears a pair of dark-rimmed glasses she thinks make her look uncool (unfortunately, she's blind without them and contacts make her eyes itch uncontrollably). She has dirty blonde hair that falls to shoulder length and green eyes.
Celestian: Maximus Octavarium
Affiliation: Government
Personality: Alice is easy-going, cheerful and kind at heart, but also rather immature, reckless and prone to acting without thinking, often requiring her Celestian to rein her in. She's also prone to flights of imagination, often acting like she's a magical girl from 'one of her Chinese cartoons'. Luckily for her long-suffering companion, she's usually got the sense to listen to good advice... usually.
Background: Alice grew up in a small hamlet far from any major Celestian activity, and despite having affinity as a Contractor, never went through the government screening program and had only the vaguest idea of what Contractors and Celestians were. Thus, when she first made contact with Maximus Octavarium at the age of 11, she never realized she had bonded with an actual Celestian, since Celestians 'were, like, six stories tall with, like, scales and fangs and atomic breath and stuff', and certainly not unimpressive-looking, harmless snakes. She kept him around anyway, because Celestian or not, he was still a talking snake, but when Max began manifesting his powers through her, she was convinced she'd become a magical girl instead. Max has long since given up on disabusing her of this erroneous notion.

A few months ago, she ran into a Contractor working for the government, and at Max's advice, turned herself in without a fight. She was recruited into the government's Celestian division, and despite seeing other Contractors on a daily basis, she is still firmly convinced that Max is just a snake that happens to be able to talk.


Name: Maximus Octavarium ('Max' for short)
Appearance: Despite his supposedly impressive-sounding name, Max is probably among the least imposing Celestians on record. He takes the appearance of a small, thin checkered tree snake with tiny nubs for fangs about three feet long, and is usually seen loosely coiled upon Alice's shoulders like a rather unfashionable scarf.
Star Rating: 4
Type: Shielding
Class: Benign Lawful
Personality: Max is the voice of reason of this Contractor partnership and frequently tries to advise his Contractor on courses of action least likely to get the both of them killed. As he is small, weak and completely incapable of harming anything larger than a reasonably small rat, he highly values the bond he has with his master, but frequently becomes exasperated by her reckless actions.

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Name/Alias: Cocytus

Age: ??

Appearance: looks like Monsoon, but with more awful hair

Personality: Kind of a psycho. He's convinced he's the only champion truly fit to serve his master, and would not hesitate to strike down other Warlocks who might get in his way. Prefers to work alone, but favors the use of Thralls to even the odds.He has a rather twisted affection for the monstrosities he calls forth, addressing them as his pets or even his children.

Bio: ??


A powerful Warlock, strong not just in single combat but in his ability to summon Thralls to do his dirty work. He'll probably beat you guys up if you tried to fight now.

Master of Puppets: Cocytus is adept at using Thralls, ranging from short-lived distractions he can summon with little to no preparation to powerful servitors that require human sacrifice and time-consuming rituals to create. Unlike some Warlocks, he shares the senses of his Thralls, and in the case of the humanoid ones, speak through them. His Thralls are named after monsters of Norse mythology.

The Thing That Should Not Be: Like many Warlocks, his patron has gifted him with various... gifts. He is able to detach his body into separate parts, move them around independently through telekinesis and reattach them with no harm done to himself. Thanks to this bizarre alteration to his biology, he doesn't need to breathe or eat, and doesn't even seem to have blood or vital organs -- his weak point is probably his head, though that has yet to be confirmed.

Creeping Death: Cocytus' close-combat weapon, a demonic gift from his Master, is a bizarre combination of a traditional martial weapon and modern firearms. At first glance, it resembles an Okinawan kusarigama, with a sickle attached to a long, weighted chain; closer inspection reveals that the short half conceals a sub-machine gun with a short barrel facing parallel to the blade -- in addition, the weighted end of the chain, as well as several of the terminal links, contain shaped explosive charges that will sever what the chain wraps around. The submachine gun's rounds seem made to inflict pain and debilitate instead of killing directly, but the kusarigama's keen edge will readily slice through most mundane defenses.

Others: He never unmasks himself except when among his fellow Warlocks; he seems to be on bad terms with them, though.

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Name/Alias: Styx Erika Yukikaze

Age: Forever 17~

Appearance: A young woman in a white hooded jacket that brings to mind an Assassin's Creed cosplayer, patched-up cargo pants with far too many pockets and combat boots. She has brown hair of moderate length, though it's mostly hidden by the hood, brown eyes, and is of average height and build. In other words, remove the hoodie and she becomes invisible.

Personality: Seemingly the most tactically-minded of the three Warlocks, generally rather subdued when it comes to displays of emotion. Doesn't seem to want to kill the heroes for whatever reason. Generally kinda shifty.

Bio: ??


Might not actually be a Warlock. Still, she's a tough one.

Ultima Ratio Regum: Probably a demonic gift from her patron. Probably. A high-caliber sniper rifle that can fire slugs of destructive magic to extreme distances -- said bolts can be incapacitating paralytic hexes meant to cripple a target or lances of kinetic force for punching through buildings, vehicles and people alike. May have a firing mode capable of blasting away a whole hilltop, but she seems understandably reluctant to deploy such a weapon.

Its alternate form, deployed when the rifle stock unfolds to reveal its head, is a halberd, It can harness the magical energy of the slugs to propel itself into its targets with greatly increased force, and releases energy similar to a stun gun burst upon contact, causing pain and disorientation to its victims.

Panopticon: Styx seems almost supernaturally aware of her surroundings and has reflexes to match, capable of evading and deflecting attacks even with her eyes shut.

Velocitas Eradico: Styx is supernaturally fast and agile, and might even have some form of telekinetic power, judging from her strange ability to change direction and speed even while falling or jumping.

O Fortuna: When in close-quarters, Styx seems to have luck on her side -- blows that should have struck home inexplicably fall short or wide, a strike that should have been easily parried slips under one's guard and strikes at a vital, and so on.

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