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A lot of the time when I'm bored, I fiddle with my phone and start looking through the Google Play Store for new apps to download. Most of the time I find nothing, mainly because I don't really know what I'm looking for. I usually look for apps that fill a particular need. For instance, I've a ColorNote for my countless to-do lists and calendar appointments. I've Anime Radio when I really want to listen to some new Japanese music (though the funny thing about radio is that you're only delighted when you hear a familiar song, rather than a new one). I've boring nerdy apps like Wikipedia, and Google Translate.


I've tried having game apps in the past, but uninstalled them within a few days. Playing them takes up precious phone battery power, and I hate the ads, and they make my phone heat up, and I think wistfully back to the good old pre-smartphone days, which had very few games, but were all so much fun. I think I'm just biased, though. XD


But anyway, what about you guys? What kind of apps do you have in your phones or tablets or elsewhere?

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Well I have an ipad to run iOS apps on and a samsung galaxy sIII to run android stuff.

There are some staple apps I run on my ipad and my phone. I have twitter, facebook, tumblr and vine. I also have skype on my phone and ipad. Kindle app, and the dominos pizza web order app. I also use Evernote as my note keeping app. You can install it to your phone, tablet and pc browser. It lets you clip web links you find useful or want to keep using a nifty little chrome browser app. It's all cloud based. Best note keeping app I have come across. Oh yeah I also have the Dropbox app on all devices.

On my phone I have a few specific ones. First is the edinburgh bus tracker app. It tells me when the next bus is in edinburgh wherever the nearest stop to me is. Handy! I also have shazam in case I hear a song I like and want to know who it's by. I have a reddit app on my phone but I find play store doesn't have a decent reddit app. Bacon reader isn't that great. On my phone I also have Deezer which is pretty much a similar app to spotify. However I get a free premium deezer subscription with my phone plan, so unlike spotify, it doesn't cost me anything.

On my ipad I have bbciplayer, 4od, Netflix and crunchyroll so I can watch cool tv stuffs. I don't tend to watch tv on my phone so I don't have those apps on it. I also have the terrific AlienBlue reddit app on my ipad. I actually prefer browsing reddit on my ipad than on my browser. AlienBlue app is just really usable, it's great. I have a ton of free games on my ipad which I rarely play tbh.

On my phone I only have one game which is stereo ride, which is basically a phone app version of audio surf.

I would love to hear some other app suggestions from people. Always looking for decent apps to make my life much easier.

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I have several. I don't play games a whole lot, but occasionally, I guess. Recently I've been playing one called Treemaker, which is pretty fun, and I like the looks and the music especially. There's another game I have called Cross Me, which is apparently a Japanese sort of crossword puzzle where you have to... well, it's pretty hard to explain, so just look at this. You have to look at the numbers for each row/column. For instance, if one row has the numbers 2, 3, and 4, you have to have two colored in a row, then three colored in a row, etc., with at least one space separating the groups of blocks.  And when you finish the puzzle it makes an image. c: I think it's challenging and fun. 


I have the Pandora radio app, which is my favorite way of finding new music, and Zedge for finding backgrounds and ringtones. I'll just list some of the other ones: 

-Angry Birds Space

-Aldiko (an e-book reading app, my personal favorite) 


-Google Sky Map (you point your phone anywhere at all and it tells you what stars/constellations you're looking at. pretty sweet.) 


-Instagram (if any of you guys have it you're free to follow me, I'm kelseykrayons on there c: )

-KD Collage (for making collages for Instagram, I like it better than PhotoGrid) 

-Kii Keyboard. The Dan told me about this one, it's just a replacement keyboard but it has a bunch of different fonts you can use, and even all kinds of internet emotes. It's awesome.  


-Pokedextra (literally the most useful and adult app trust me)




Oh! And one that I always install immediately when I get a new phone: Where's My Droid. You set up a keyword - mine is "find" - and whenever I receive a text that says just "find", my phone will start ringing at high volume, vibrating, flashing its light etc. until I find it. Very, very handy. There are other settings as well, where you can make it start ringing via the internet I think - to be honest I haven't even looked into all that stuff, I just have someone text me "find" if I lose my phone. 


I think I might try that Evernote one O: Can always use a good note-taking app. I always just make a text draft to myself when I need to take a note, I'd rather have an app. 

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I've got Bacon Reader; it's probably the best reddit reader app in the playstore. (But like what Kyo said, its not the best overall.) Alien Blue will probably stay as my favourite. If I ever get another Apple product I'd re-dl it in a heartbeat. You get a cool widget with Bacon Reader though, so there's that.


Happy Street's great if you're a fan of casual waiting games, Deep Dungeons of Doom is perfect for old school arcade people, but it's more suited for longer journeys. Takes about 5mins to complete one run, way longer if you want to actually play serious.


As for practical apps, I've got Clean Master, extremely useful when you wanna tidy up your phone a little. It deletes your junk files, cache, makes it way easier to uninstall apps etc.

There's also Toshl Finance, to help keep my expenditure down.

Quick Pic allows you to view gifs in your phone. It's great for meme related shenanigans.


Nova Launcher will make you fall even harder in love with your android phone.

Check out for endless customization possibilities~

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I... don't know what's the proper genre for these kinda games.  :lol:


And yea you really have to wait it out. 

In Happy Street you complete objectives by building or creating things after gathering materials from your surroundings. Materials take time to respawn (gotta wait), then you'll have to craft items out of the materials in order to construct your buildings (gotta wait), and finally, the construction of the building itself takes some time too (gotta waaaittt).


I was so hooked on it I started scheduling my sleep/wake times to go in sync with the game at one point of time, but I've since snapped out of the obsession. hawhawhaw oh man i have no life

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Just to further highlight ever notes usefulness. I clipped the DnD 4e players handbook PDF and now have it on my phone so I can check up on DnD rules on the go. You can pretty much grab any text, image or PDF from the net and have it in the cloud ready to access anywhere that has net access. And of course you can store articles directly to your hardrive for those moment of no internet.

Oh yes, also, snapchat. I love snapchat. My snapchat is digitalscamp. Add me. Send me stupid pictures of you on the toilet or whatever.

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On my iPad, all I have is a kindle app so I can read and a rainy mood app for night-time relaxation. I don't have anything except Facebook on my phone. I'm not a big app person I guess. 

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The apps I use the most on my andriod are:

- google maps

- google navigator

- beat the traffic

- spotify

- alarm clock xtreme

- white noise

- dolphin (web browser)

- shazam

The apps I use the most on my nook are:

- tumblr

- netflix

- spotify

- pdf reader

- Youtube

- twitch

- pokemon tv

I use my phone a lot for travel stuff and my nook for entertainment.... makes sense.

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Uhhh, I use the iOS and some of the non-boring apps I have are:

1. SoundHound - works like Shazam, I think. Identifies the music you hear in the movies and restaurants.

2. iMtG - life counter for Magic: the Gathering

3. Duolingo - great app for revising new languages. I use it mainly for French. Functions like an educational game.

4. Cracked reader - for the lulz.

5. A bunch of apps for discounts and points when I eat at places like Subway. 


Does EverNote work on the iOS?

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I'm not a huge app person, to be honest. There were certain ones that I downloaded as soon as I got my Samsung Galaxy SIII {like Google Chrome, which is my browser of choice} but I don't even look at the app store very often. I'm also a bit OCD, and I hate cluttered screens full of apps, so I put mine into folders and stuff like that,



Game wise, I've stuck with two for pretty much the past year. I go through stages of inactivity, and then I'll get a little bored and play again, but I wouldn't say I'm addicted to them. They're just there if I need them - Candy Crush and 4 Pics 1 Word. Yeah, totally unoriginal, I know, but I like simple games. Although, for some reason, I never really got along with Temple Run. 


I also have:

- Instagram. One of my favourites. As an artist, it's so great for getting your work out there, will little to no effort. Just take a picture, tag it, and done. Love, love, love it. Username is laurabtattoos if anyone is interested in following.

- Advanced Task Killer. Instantly stops any and all apps running in the background, without having to go in and do it all manually. Helps save my battery too.

- Alarm Clock Xtreme. 

- Runkeeper. 

- Zedge.

- iZettle. For work, as it allows us to take card payments without having to buy a card machine. 

- Kindle.

- Twitter.

- Instant Collage. Good for shoving shit on Instagram, or using the single frame before uploading, as Instagram can crop really shitt sometimes. 

- Pixlr Express. Editing programme, don't really use it much, but it's good for a free programme.

- Google Earth.


After reading this thread, I've now downloaded Shazam and Kii Keyboard.



I also have a Kindle Fire HD, but I only really use that for Netflix and Skype.



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ITT: a bunch of NERDS.


I have a bunch of apps, but the only ones I actually use are my bank's Online Banking app and Whatsapp. |:

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Oh yeah advanced task killer is great. I actually bought the pro version it is so great.

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I have a lot of apps but the ones I mainly use are


  • GTasks/
  • Chrome
  • Tumblr
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music
  • iHeart (for out of state radio stations)
  • White Noise
  • Duolingo (German)
  • Obenkyo
  • Skype
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Runkeeper
  • Fitocracy
  • Kii Keyboard
  • MangaSearch
  • Chili's (the restaurant I:)

I've been trying to find a better to-do-list like app that isn't so hard to work with/doesn't annoy me more than a damn to-do list should with constant notifications I GOT IT OKAY I NEED BREAD GEEZ.

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