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X Adventure : 03

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"Y-yeah. Forget about it..." Davis stammered. Ken's movements were noticeably more protective and wary. Davis saw him wave his hands slightly behind his butt as he left to go change. Sinking into the spring so only his nose and eyes showed, he blew bubbles into the water from frustration. Veemon was sitting on a rock at the edge of the pool and looked at him, asking what was wrong without even saying. "Don't even ask, buddy. I fucked up real bad." And he had no idea why he had done it. Maybe it was time to actually think about something for once instead of relying on emotions. Ken would've done it.


Which was kind of the problem, he noticed.


What was this going to do to them? Friends don't kiss friends. Unless it's a dare. Especially if it's a double dog dare. But unfortunately, that hadn't been the means of what threw them into this situation. No, this was just because Davis was being...


Yeah. Girls. Girls are hot.


Davis dejectedly pulled himself out of the pool and grabbed his clothing and backpack from where he had left it. He proceeded to hide behind a tree and change into some dry clothes. As he poked his head through his shirt, he heard Ken shouting. Forgetting completely about what had just taken place, he shoved his head through and ran toward his friend. "Ken!" A few shouts later and he found him hidden behind a bush, a TV at his feet with the Kaiser's image on it. "... I'll have all these new Veemon to take care of him," the box declared. With that, it turned off, and the message was over.


"W-what was that? Who's he talking about?" Davis had clearly missed the first half of the message. Ken brushed him off and told him that they had to get to the top of the island--and fast. He didn't say anything else. Fair enough, Davis guessed... But if Ken was going to continue to be dodgy all because of a stupid kiss, he was going to start to get really pissed off. They were back on the Emperor's trail, pretty heavily it seemed, and there wasn't time to think about... Them. However, Davis couldn't help but feel there was something more to his sudden clam up. He'd seem him like this before, but couldn't put his finger on when. "Well... Then let's go," he said. He went to reach and pat his friend on the back but decided against it, hesitantly placing it back at his side and sighing.


This was going to be an awkward rest of the Saving-the-Digital-World Trip, wasn't it?




The group got to the top of the island as the twilight hit the digital sky. It looked like Davis had been both right and wrong. It didn't look like they'd be returning to the Real World tonight, but they certainly weren't sleeping, either. The trip had been dreadfully quite, though their Digimon partners managed to break the uncomfortable shroud between the two at points, as well as making some of the more difficult climbs easier with their evolved forms. It made Davis even more thankful for having been paired with the best partner ever. Although they both shared the incurable ability to do without thinking, at least he didn't go around kissing Wormmon.


Davis shuddered.


What exactly they were looking for they couldn't tell. They stood at the lip of a cliff overlooking the south side of the island. They had gone through several short tunnels and flown straight up to certain ledges to cover as much ground as they could. The plateaued area they were standing on looked like it could be "the top" but they weren't really sure. There were no footsteps or signs of somebody having been there recently. "Really?" Davis kicked a rock off the edge and watched it tumble down the side of the mountain. The heights made him a little dizzy. "I mean, really? Ken, were you fucking with me? We just spent like six hours getting here and there's nothing." He was getting angry. Angry that his friend barely had talked to him in those six hours. Angry that, honestly, he made him do what he did. Yeah. "I'm going home, and Veemon is coming with me." Davis shook his head as he started to walk away from his friend.


Something behind him made a noise. Davis turned slowly, knowing that Ken was facing him and Veemon and Wormmon were within sight. Another sound. Rocks. One after another. The rocks were being thrown up the cliff. "What the..." Davis stumbled backwards, landing on top of Veemon, crawling backward on the dirt ground. His breathing was tight, his heart pounding, his head whirling...


Before them was the Emperor, atop an Airdramon, a boy and his small blue Digimon dangling from a rope in the avian monster's jaws. That familiar damning cackle echoing all around them.

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"Davis, I swear--" Ken whirled around angrily, but he didn't get the time to finish his toxic retort. What the hell right did Davis have to get angry at him after he'd been the one who started all this! Not that the kiss was really what was weighing so heavily on his mind right now. Jeez, did Davis have to be so self-centered? Had he really been... expecting something? Knowing Davis, Ken didn't think so. Strategy was Ken's game.


"The Kaiser!" Ken gasped, groaning at the vision of his younger self. Ken took a step backwards, and Wormmon hopped in front of him.


"It's alright Ken! We defeated the Kaiser once, and we'll do it again!" Wormmon's reassurance brought back the unfortunate memory of how Wormmon had died to defeat the last Kaiser. This shouldn't have had to happen again.


"How are you... there?" Ken finally said it out loud. There was his roommate, his digimon, and Ken's younger self all up on an Airdramon. The videos made enough sense, but Ken just didn't know how another him really existed.


"Wouldn't you like to know? Well, I won't stress your lesser mind with it too long. Surrender your Digimon or I'm dropping these two off the mountain. Or is that a bad threat?" The Kaiser tipped his head and laughed, grinning acidicly at Ken. Oh, the two of them knew exactly what he was talking about... but Davis was still in the dark. Maybe he should've explained a little more on their way up, instead of stalking up here in his cloud of personal gloom. He'd been thinking just last night that Davis was the only one who could save him from himself, and instead, because of that stupid kiss, he'd closed up once again.


"Davis... that's my roommate! His DemiVeemon just digivolved last night..." Ken struggled to explain it briefly, because the Kaiser didn't like to wait.


"Did I say chit-chat first? Digimon or Digi-dead, now!"


The thought surely crossed Davis's mind as well as his own-- if they didn't DNA Digivolve, they'd never catch that pair. And maybe the DemiVeemon would be reborn, but his roommate... he was digi-toast. Could they even DNA Digivolve if they wanted to?


"What if--" Ken started to stammer, only to be cut off by the Emperor.


"No other options!" The airdramon roared, and the two dangling from his mouth became a rapidly accelerating snack for the ground. Hope the Digital World liked pancakes.


Ken panicked. He clutched his digivice and fell to his knees, looking to his friend. Nothing mattered but saving yet another casualty of Ken's ill will. He screamed for help.



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Why? Why why? Why to everything? Word of the day: WHY?


A rage bubbled up through Davis. His legs shook and his muscles were tight. He glared at the Emperor, his fists held so tight his bones threatened to break through his skin. He growled, deeply, savagely, "We killed you." It was true, in a philosophical sense. Ken beat his demons. Although he needed the help of the other chosen to realize that he could be forgiven and that he was  a good person, he had beaten the Emperor. He was dead. Davis wanted to make sure this... This... THING... Knew just exactly how unwelcome he was.


Davis could feel Ken's fear and anger, confusion and pain. Through their subconscious, he enveloped this all within his inferno of passion--his passion to keep them safe. Courage, friendship, kindness and miracles. Together they were going to fight this evil again. It didn't matter how much it didn't make sense or how hurt they were. They would win. And they would win together


It's okay. He said in his thoughts, hoping that Ken could hear him, somewhere...


"You can just eat shit." He spat. Paildramon appeared beside him for a short instant until he leapt over the edge of the cliff. The Emperor had already made up his mind and let Ken's roommate and his Digimon fall to their deaths. Too bad they had Paildramon to help.


"Such a potty mouth. I don't remember you being that way before," the ends of the Kaiser's words tailed into a sing song tone. "Doesn't matter to me anyway. You surrendered your Digimon like I asked. What a bunch of good little DigiDestined." A devious smile curled on his lips, another cackle escaping his throat as he could no longer hold back his impeccable genius.


"Wh--" Davis stopped. Eyes wide he suddenly realized what he could mean. He could feel Ken making the same realization, the chill of fear rippling through their bodies. Cautiously, he looked over the edge, his head spinning, and noticed that nothing was there. "Where..." And then, as if he had been hit in the back of the head with a brick, he fell to his knees, his connection with Ken lost suddenly. He let out a scream, the sudden detachment of their minds making him reel. "Y-you bastard! What happened to Paildramon!"


"Ohhhh," the Emperor crossed his arms and continued to smile. He seemed to be eating up their despair like a fine dish. "You'll see soon enough. Later, boys." The Airdramon bowed its head and swung its serpentine body, flying off and disappearing into the night.


This couldn't be happening. The tears flowed from Davis, his head muddled in disbelief and horror. Veemon. Wormmon. Even Ken's roommate and his DemiVeemon. Were they all right? Why did this have to happen? How stupid could they have been? Davis screamed again, screamed so long until his voice cracked and dried out into a silent moan. A couple of minutes passed until he finally looked up at Ken. He didn't look like he was in much better shape. "Ken..." He whimpered. "Ken. Ken they're gone. How do we..."


And for the first time since becoming a DigiDestined, Davis had no idea what to do.

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Ken swore the stronger this new Emperor played his game, the weaker he felt by comparison. Was it all in his mind, or was he actually connected to the new Kaiser somehow? How could he beat himself at his own game? Ken had written the rules a long time ago. Why didn't he know what it took to destroy... himself?


He wanted to curl up on the ground, but as Paildramon took off, Ken found the strength to make it to Davis's side. They stood together in this. Davis had strength enough for the both of them.


Until he didn't.


Ken felt faint. Davis's screams were right beside him, yet the sounded a mile off. Dull, echoing agony, and it was Ken who'd really checked out of his own skull. Without Davis there it was an empty thing, overloaded with negativity. He swam through what felt like a murky, clouded lake, and down on the ground he wrapped his arms around Davis just to know he was there. The world seemed so gray, just like the air around that Dark Ocean where he'd first known his corruption.


They were gone. Really gone, and the pair of them were sitting ducks in a whole new game for the Emperor. He had them right where he wanted them, because where else could they go? Maybe by morning they could make it off this mountain on foot, but the whole world was treacherous without their partners. They were, if nothing else, stuck on File Island. Though, they could maybe move around if they left and came back.


That was, assuming they could get back in. The kids who'd had their partners stolen so far had all been locked out, for some unknown reason. The worst scenario was that the gate was locked from both sides.


Ken couldn't help it; he squeezed tighter around Davis, letting his tears fall with him. Their partners were gone. Maybe someone innocent had died, too. Ken felt like an asshole, and his body shook with self-disgust as he blamed himself for everything. He should've died years ago. He could've died, and Sam could've lived. He never would've threatened the Digital World once, and he definitely wouldn't have done it twice. The guilt flooded him until it felt like it could physically pour out. Maybe it had beat him to it, given the way tears rolled off his face.


"I don't know what to do." Ken stated in broken gasps, each word hard to form. He was the plan guy, he knew all the strategy, and he thought it was useless?


"Davis the... the Kaiser is giving me thoughts. Or, no, maybe he just knows what I think, and I truly am a monster." It was a good thing Davis had him in his arms too, or Ken might have thought jumping off the mountain himself was the best way to fix this problem. Davis had talked him out of that one a long time ago. Did he regret it now?


"I can't do this anymore tonight, Davis. I can't..." Ken hated to succumb to despair, but what could they do? There hadn't been any TVs on the mountain hike. Even if they wanted to go home to their beds, they were stranded. Well, for as masculine as two men hugging and crying on a mountaintop was, Ken ended up making it even less so. The two of them curled together on the ground, with Ken's jacket and Davis's vest as makeshift pillows. They could keep each other warm, and keep each other company. There wasn't anything else to do.


Finally, as the digital starts started to twinkle overhead, Ken leaned up and gave Davis a peck on the lips. He didn't say anything to excuse it, but the action seemed almost... obvious to Ken. They were even now. And maybe it was weird, but now they'd both done it. And they could start the day on equal footing again.

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Davis held tight onto Ken, as if it was the only thing that mattered in the world. As if letting go would make them both disappear just like their Digimon. He felt like he betrayed Veemon and Wormmon and Ken all at the same time. They trusted him. How could he let this happen? He was the leader--the boss--he said so himself, even if he had been joking at the time. It was his responsibility to keep them safe through this whole conflict, and for the first time ever he was without Veemon in the Digital World. The open air of the chilling night sky seemed to weigh down on him. All the courage he had being snuffed out with the coming darkness.


"Y-you aren't a monster. Don't say that, Ken. Don't ever say that. Just..." Davis squeezed tighter, causing his friend to gasp slightly into his ear. "Oh god, don't ever say that again. You're amazing... This is my fault. All of it." He ran circles on his friend's heaving back, himself sobbing into Ken's neck. "We'll get them back... I promise."


They were stuck. They were finally stuck for good in the Digital World. They could return to the Real World if they found a TV, which that hadn't seen in hours, but the chance of them being able to come back without their Digimon being on the other side waiting for them was... Unlikely. They had to finish what they came here for. They needed to beat the Kaiser--for good.


Davis nodded in response to Ken's defeated comment. Honestly, he wasn't sure he could go on either. He wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his forearm, and then gently did the same to his friend. "All right. We'll just stay here for tonight."


The two of them made crude pillows out of their overgarments and laid down facing each other, close enough to feel each other's heat on the chilly mountain face. A fleeting warmth crossed his lips, sending a tingle down through his spine. Ken had kissed him. As if it was the appropriate time to do so, his face grew beet red, and he was glad that it was too dark for his friend to tell. Davis closed the distance between them and wrapped his arm around the taller boy's waist, and brought Ken's head to his chest with his other hand. He sighed a shaky breath and closed his eyes, feeling their hearts beating in time even without the help of their Digimon.




The sun peaked over the horizon, setting the tree tops ablaze with radiant golds, reds, and yellows. Davis opened his eyes slowly and scanned across the dawn sky. He had ended up on his back during the night, Ken curled up next to him, his friend's arm sprawled across his chest. Smiling, he squeezed the child of kindness closer to himself. Well, at least they had no reason to feel awkward today, which was the last thing they needed to worry about. He'd figure out what this all meant when they had time. For now, he let his lips softly touch the top of Ken's head, feeling just as close to him as if they were in each other's heads.


With a groan and protest from his cracking bones, Davis stretched. It wasn't the most comfortable sleep, but it wasn't so bad either, he thought, the smile that had formed across his face growing bigger. Ken shifted from the disturbance. "Hey, wake up, sleepyhead." He carefully removed Ken's arm and rolled the boy onto his back. Standing up, he gave one more long stretch, feeling as almost every vertebrae cracked back into place. "Holy shit." He grumbled. "I rate this a zero out of a five on the DigiReview. Where's our fresh linens and, well, the fucking bed?" Even with the gravity of the situation, Davis was returning back to his normal self. He grabbed his vest and offered a hand to Ken, his friend taking it and standing up with him. "We have a long day ahead of us. But we got this. We're together, and the Kaiser is going to regret letting that happen." He gave Ken a reassuring grin.


They spent most of the morning climbing down the mountain. Without their Digimon to help, it was taking a far longer for them to get down than it was for them to go up. They stopped for a quick break around lunch, eating another sports bar from Davis' backpack. Davis thought about stealing another kiss while Ken's cheeks were full of the processed snack, but decided against it. It took them until mid-afternoon to finally reach the bottom of the mountain, their clothes dusty and dirty from rummaging in the dirt. Luckily that had managed to stay on the south side of the mountain the entire climb down, and it was imperative that they at least check and see if Ken's roommate was... Well... They didn't want to think about what could be there.


Davis looked up the side of the mountain and saw the ledge that they had spent the night on, and then looked down at his feet. "There's nothing." He looked over at Ken. "He must have planned this." Of course he did. The Kaiser was, on some level still, Ken... And Ken planned everything. "The more hostages he has the more in control he is," Davis admitted, frowning a bit. "But at least everybody is all right..." He leaned against the jutting edge of the mountain and folded his arms. "So we can't go back home. We don't know where he went. We're stuck on this island. What else am I missing? I mean, how much worse can it get?" A deep roar came from deep in the forest.


"Me and my big mouth."

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It seemed Ken had made the right call in sleeping where they dropped. Not that he was more optimistic when he woke up, but the heat of the moment had washed away. He hadn't just lost Wormmon, he hadn't just maybe murdered his roommate. These things had been facts for hours, and Ken could handle facts. Davis could keep them safe, and Ken could think, and that was how they always made it through.


The fact of the matter was that Ken couldn't distance himself from the Kaiser anymore. He had to get back inside his own head, his dark mind, and he had to do it safely. Maybe the darkness wasn't in him anymore, but it wasn't gone, either. The memory of the virus he'd scanned out of the Betamon came to his mind. It... had the same taste, if data could have taste. It was familiar, like he knew the code personally. It had been nagging at him since he downloaded it to free the Betamon. He'd just assumed the Digivice would purify the virus, but his black digivice had always had a sort of special connection to the darkness. He might've been wrong.


Well, there was some relief at the bottom of the mountain. After a day of climbing down, he'd been well reassured that his roommate hadn't just dropped to his death. He should've known better. At that age he'd taken himself for a murderer, but he'd never really been one.


The roar sounded from the forest loud enough to shake the trees. What was it? Mojiamon? It didn't really matter, because to make that much noise, it was either huge, close, or both.


"We're totally fucked if one of the Emperor's crazy minions finds us, so run!" Ken moved to grab Davis by the arm, but caught his hand instead. All the same in the end, since Ken's mail goal was taking off like a track and field star and getting the two of them into a tiny, safe little cave. They were fine as long as it any Digimon with the ability to dig... which was a little too high-probability for Ken's liking.


"Alright, so, Davis... I think I have this figured out." Ken whispered to Davis, since the cave was so tight they had to lay next to each other on their bellies. It was more like a big crevice than a cave, really.


"The Kaiser's goal was always to control the digital world, but he... I only cared about you guys because your digimon got in the way of my plans. Seeing as we're pretty much useless without our Digimon, there's a chance he could just leave us here... forever. I mean, it was possible that that roar was something malicious, but at this point, why waste his efforts on us? Maybe that Mojiamon just stubbed his toe." Ken certainly didn't see anything coming looking for them, and it would make sense that the Emperor considered them slime now. Worthless and defeated, surely they'd just go back to the real world and leave him to his dominion. That's how Ken would've thought back then. The Digidestined fighting spirit was something he constantly underestimated.


"So if we want him to come back and face us, to get any other clues about how to get to him... well, we've got to make him believe that we're a threat again." Ken looked to Davis. If there was anyone who'd given his Kaiser self a royal headache, it had been Davis. Sometimes, he still did, which was why Ken knew he could come through.


"Then whenever he shows up, we have to be ready. We'll follow him to wherever he goes, whatever the cost. Think we can pull it off?" Ken grabbed Davis's hand and held it tightly. This was their only plan. They'd make it work!

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Davis' heart was racing as they fled into the crevice, sliding onto their stomachs and remaining silent for several moments, trying to listen for the Mojiamon again. They heard nothing. They both sighed in relief. They were both still shaken from the events of the past 24 hours. Their overreaction was warranted--they couldn't breathe fire or produce energy swords from their arms like their Digimon could. If they were stuck in a situation with an angry Digimon, they were Digi-Dust.


Davis listened to Ken as he revealed his thoughts on the situation. If it was anybody that could get a grasp on the whole thing, honestly, it was him. They were going up against him, as callous as that sounded in his head. "What can we do to get him to come to us..." Davis thought aloud. Ugh, thinking again. Plan making. Fiiiiinnnee.


What did they know? They knew that the Kaiser was back, somehow, and he was an exact replicate of Ken when he was eleven. They knew that he was stealing Digimon to breaking the bonds between them and their Real World partners--particularly targeting Digimon that would get the pair's attention. They knew that the TVs were being destroyed, and remaining destroyed, in an attempt to further break that connection. They knew that there was a new dark controlling force, a virus, that got downloaded into some of these Digimon that passed through the TVs... Possibly also being injected by hand from the Kaiser himself. They knew that they had lost Veemon and Wormmon, as well as DemiVeemon and Ken's roommate.


Well. At least it was better than nothing like that had two days ago.


But there was still a lot of things they didn't know. Why were they the only two targets? Why weren't the DigiDestined involved in this? Weren't they threats too? What was he going to do to their Digimon? And worst of all, the biggest question, who was he? Was a computer program? A really bad memory? ... Ken?


Davis weakly shook his head, knowing Ken was right. They had to do something that made them appear as a threat. But what was the weakness in the Kaiser's plan? They didn't even fully understand his plan, so it was hard to think so abstractly. What was the final result? How could they stop it?


Davis groaned and rested his head on his arms. Breathing out his nose, a cloud of dust plumed into his face. He coughed and groaned again. "I dunno," he was getting irritated and fidgety. His feet kicked behind him. As much as he didn't want to give up, he reached for his D-Terminal, the tight confines causing him invade Ken's space, and pulled it out of his back pocket. "I think now is the time to try to ask for some help, Ken." He flipped the lid open and pressed the power button. His face flushed as he saw a pixel-art portrait of the Kaiser, winking at him. He tossed it in front of him, as if it had grown extremely hot, and the device hit a rock, the lid closing at it hit the ground. "The fuck... THE FUCK." He was mad now. They couldn't even call for help. Of course they couldn't. The Kaiser had learned, at least. Their friends were in the Real World, probably blissfully ignorant to what was going on right now.


Wiggling his body backward, Davis freed himself from the crevice. He stomped his feet like a bull, ready to charge anything that came his way. "You aren't getting away from us, you COWARD!" He shouted, knowing damn well that the Emperor could probably hear him. Spinning around, he caught Ken's eyes. His chocolate eyes were burning, boiling with a passion for revenge. "The TVs." He grabbed Ken's hand into a powerful grip and placed his other on the boy's wrist. "We destroy all of them."


The DigiDestined needed them to get home, but the Emperor needed them to spread his virus. The virus was probably messing with the coding of their restorative properties. If they destroyed enough of the TVs, then they could put a serious dent into the Kaiser's plan. It was the best they could do for now. It was all they had.

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It was a brutish plan, but that was why Ken had asked Davis for it. Ken was on the wrong side of the playing field for his style of thinking, but Davis had always been a good guy. He knew how to make good happen.


As it turned out, Davis seemed to be right on the money. Though the Emperor had busted a few TVs himself, he'd had a calculated control on it. He knew where they were so he could disseminate his messages to the duo. There was a reason the island wasn't swarming with Flymon destroying every TV. They were an essential part of his transport system, and suddenly, he wasn't going to know where he could and couldn't go.


Two guys breaking all that stuff, though? They'd be at it for days. Luckily, just because they were out their own partners didn't mean that they were out of allies. They couldn't call on the other DigiDestined... but there was a world of Digimon who all hated the Emperor! Their first stop was back into the town they'd been inquiring at yesterday. The lost Drimogimon had returned, but his friends were so relieved he hadn't been stolen by the Emperor that they were excited to help. A whole clan of Gotsumon eagerly jumped onboard the mission as well, as did nearly every Digimon the pair came across as they stomped and mangled the little TV screens to dust. Suddenly it was seeming a lot more doable than Davis's initial plan sounded.


Ken pulled out his D-3 as they took a break for a late dinner. They'd really overworked themselves... but with Ken configuring the D-3 to only show working TVs, it had been worth it. All those red pings all over the island were now quiet and dark, with nothing but a handful of TVs still left in the icy north side of the island.


"Now's probably the best time for a break." Ken huffed, eyeing the terrain they'd have to cover next. Man, and what a good place for the Emperor to catch them? Well, an eleven-year-old psychopath wasn't going to be any better at traversing icy wastes than the two older boys. Assuming this Emperor was, indeed, human. But they'd sort of proven that, hadn't they? Who else could have evolved the Seadramon?


Ken sat on his ass under the forest canopy. The longer his questions went unanswered, the more frustrated he got. He tugged his own small knapsack over and tossed the instant ramen at Davis, having resolved not to think about things until he was fed.


"There, what can you do with that, chef?" Ken laughed and then gave him a devious smirk. "You've got a reputation to uphold. I'm expecting maybe fireworks?" Out of the noodles. Yeah, well, if anyone could do it, it would be Davis. Ken tossed the matches at Davis and got out some camping cookware so they'd have a pot and two bowls. Looked like he couldn't rely on Flamedramon being around after all.


"You know... I didn't really want to say it, because it's not like this situation is even a little bit good. But I'm still kinda glad that we got stuck in here, together." That fact had really been weighing on Ken's heart since he got to the Digital World on the first day. No matter how bad things got, they all served to keep Ken and Davis here, and together. He'd have a whole different view on the Digimon Emperor if his goal had been to separate him from Davis, but it almost seemed like that had never even crossed his mind.

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Overall, the day had been successful. Even Davis was impressed with himself. But when you have the whole of the island working against the Emperor, it certainly made the task a lot more manageable. Their feet were sore, and their bodies exhausted, but they had a lot to show for it. Surely, this would drive the Kaiser to a near berserker rage. 




Davis caught the pack of ramen and matches, and looked at it grimly. He'd become a purest in the past few years, trying to only use fresh ingredients. One of his favorite things to do was make the noodles from scratch... But what else were they supposed to do somewhere in the middle of the woods? They were lucky that Ken even had a small camping sized pot for them to cook in. "I'll see what I can do, man. This shit is gross." He set the items down and let Ken pull out the rest of the supplies. He turned to disappear into the woods to find some branches to make a fire and pulled some interesting smelling leaves from a couple of bushes along the way. The Digital World didn't really share the same danger of poisonous vegetation like the Real World did. But it should help make that noodle crap edible.


He returned and dropped his findings in the middle of the small clearing. As he stacked the twigs into a mound, Ken confessed to him. Told him that he was glad he was stuck here with him. Davis shifted his position a bit, trying to hide his face from his friend, a blush crawling across his face. Always with the blushing. "Y-yeah," he stammered, striking a match on the matchbox, the smell of sulfur filling his nostrils. "I mean, shit sucks, but at least I'm not stuck with T.P.'s crap or have to listen to Yolei's whining." He loved the other chosen, but it was nothing like being with Ken. They were... Draining. "I'm glad too." He smiled, setting the match into the fire and blowing onto it, some other twigs being set aflame. He crawled over to Ken and poked his side, causing the boy to squeek and release the pan from his hands. "Mostly because you get to be amazed by what you're about to taste."


Wow, that came out wrong, given what they had... You know. Another blush. Davis cleared his throat, turning his attention to looking through his backpack. He grabbed a bottle of water and filled the pan with most of its contents and then dropped his finding of leaves in with the mix. Placing the pot onto the burning pile of sticks, the flames licked the side of the pot, creating a pattern of fog along the steel siding. He sat back next to Ken.


"Do you think he'll come?" Davis said under his breath. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he was afraid of the Kaiser, but it wasn't just because he was darkness personified. He was afraid of what his connection could be to Ken--what he might do to him. He was afraid of himself, and how far he would go if he was able to be face-to-face with the impostor. How many broken bones could a body survive before it shut down? "I don't want to hurt you by accident." He admitted. Without thinking, he grabbed Ken's hand and squeezed. "I would be so dead if you weren't here with me. I mean... Well. No. Yeah. I would be." He chuckled.


The water began to sputter and the goggle-head opened the ramen package and put the brick of noodles and the package of seasoning into the pot. He stirred it with one of the chopsticks Ken had brought. A few minutes later and their meal was ready to eat. Splitting the meal evenly between the two bowls, he handed one to Ken with a weak smile. "So it's not exactly what I had in mind, but it's better than more snack bars, I guess." He took his place next to Ken again, just liking the comfort of being close to him when they were so very alone in the world. He slurped his noodles, never really being the one for manners, groaning as he got the first taste. Through a full mouth, he looked grumpily over at Ken, noodles still hanging out of his mouth, "Ohf my gawf, theth ith terriffle."

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Ah, that was a relief. Davis was glad to be here too... was it just Ken worrying about the implications? Probably. Davis never overthought anything-- it must be so peaceful inside his head. The biggest problem with holding the crest of kindness was his incessant need to save the whole world. And it was never going to happen on his own.


Ken could only blush and laugh as Davis got flustered from his own innuendo. Oh god, was he still thinking about that? Ken was starting to think it was more cute than creepy at this point. Since when did Davis like skinny genius boys? Ken himself had never really put much thought into the whole matter. Given how high school had gone, Ken was ready to be a lonely old man in his ivory tower. But, then there was Davis...


Ken put the noodles to his mouth, and winced delicately. Davis might have been a great cook, but some digi-leaves and standard instant soup weren't about to stifle Ken's craving for Davis's real stuff. He was thinking it was just average, but Davis was, as usual, dramatic.


"It's better than starving!" Ken insisted with a laugh, taking his own chopsticks and using them to cram the rest of those dangly noodles into Davis's mouth personally. Maybe not to Mr. Iron Chef over here, but Ken was happy to be alive.


Alive with Davis.


"I'm sure the Emperor will show his face. I wasn't that hard to agitate. That was the worst thing about the Dark Spore... I wasn't ever calm." To a certain degree, that was what had made him so good at everything. He couldn't sit still, he had a constant need to do. Sometimes doing was playing soccer or studying, sometimes it was scheming, and sometimes it was going out with his whip in hand and making everything he saw his slave. It was hard to believe one little spore would make him so twisted.


"You'd never hurt me, Davis." Ken reassured him with a sigh, between noodles. "If I don't hurt me, I think we can call this mission success. I don't know about that kid posing as me, though." Ken frowned. To a certain extent, the Digital World could give you a makeover, but it wouldn't make you a clone of somebody else. But Ken wasn't going to go snapping necks if his impostor was really a human child, instead of an evil collection of data. He was sure they'd find out soon enough, and then they could be done with all this.


Done... and then they'd go back to the Real World. Apart.


You don't need the Real World. You should've been master of the Digital World ages ago. It's the only place you and Davis can be together.


Ken felt a chill roll down his spine. Those thoughts again... always so malicious, but too sparked with truth. Ken shoveled more ramen into his mouth, and leaned closer to Davis.


"When we get out of here, the first thing I want to eat are your noodles."

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Throwing his head back, Davis finished down the rest of his noodles and put his bowl down in front of him. His face contorted as if he had eaten something bitter, and let out a disgusted noise. "Ahhhh, damn right you're going to eat my noodles. Ugh. That time can't come soon enough." He leaned back on the large tree they had placed themselves near, the cooking fire still burning, though losing most of its energy at this point. At least it looked like things were starting to mend between them. Really? Hanging out again? How awesome would that be!? Maybe all this chaos really did have some positives. He'd never let them drift so dangerously apart again... Well, as long as Ken always felt the same way.


Davis sighed and closed his eyes. Today was practice. Tomorrow was the big show. They'd confront this new Emperor and demand answers, follow him to end of the world to get their partners back, and finally snuff the evil out of the Digital World. He imagined how happy Veemon would be to see him, and he to see him. He imagined Ken's gentle smile, tears kissing the edges of his ocean eyes, as he was reunited with Wormmon. Then, the two of them would fly off and find a way home and then he'd take the train to see Ken and cook him some noodles and maybe even spend the night... Just like the old days. Everything would be back to normal by this time tomorrow. Totally.


Exhaustion captured him, and his head slumped, resting completely in the crook of Ken's neck. A small smile crossed his lips as he dreamed about tomorrow.




Their camp had been on the outskirts of the frigid northern part of the island. It took them about an hour of hiking before they made their first step onto the snowy field. Luckily, it was a pretty calm day in terms of weather, and they could see for miles across the flat tundra wasteland. Davis made an 'o' shape with his mouth and breathed out, the chill of the air instantly turning his breath into wispy, dancing clouds. It was cold. They weren't terribly dressed for the occasion, but Davis was definitely less well off with his unfortunate choice of digital attire. He hadn't packed a jacket or pants either. Thinking that far ahead was totally unrealistic for him.


They had five pings to address in the area. They luckily had recruited the help of the Mojyamon they had the encountered the day previous to help them through the area. They were hoping to have the TVs destroyed within a few hours so they didn't end up getting killed by the elements. Better yet, they were hoping to run into the Emperor before they got very far in at all.


As they neared the first TV, nearly thirty minutes into their journey, they noticed something different about it. It was... On. Davis stuck near Mojyamon, his thick white fur helping to keep him warm--his knees were already turning red from the cold. "You two have been quite... Naughty." The Kaiser hissed, almost certainly implying the clear affections the two boys had been expressing toward each other over the past couple of days. "I see what you're doing, and it won't work, idiots." Although his words said one thing, Davis could hear the tinge of panic in the boy's voice. "Go ahead and keep at it. You'll die out there. I'll see to it..." Mojyamon smashed his giant fist down onto the TV, the pieces of it flying several feet away and burying themselves in the snow.


"Good job, Mojyamon. He's all talk, and needs to learn when to shut up." Davis pat the huge Digimon on his calf. "Hey, could Ken and I ride on you from now on? I'm freezing." Mojyamon nodded, and Davis gave him a thumbs up. Climbing up the Digimon's leg, he sat on top of the yeti's head. He waited for his friend to join him. The thick fur was a definite difference, his legs and arms already tingling as the feeling began to be restored in them.


"Four more to go. Let's see if we can get this worm to actually show up."

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Ken was glad for the warm ride, since even in long sleeves and pants, Ken wasn't equipped to go walking through the digi-snow. He climbed into the Mojyamon's fur and sat on his shoulder, watching into the snowy wastes for any sign of the Emperor. Nothing yet. Just like he would've done, he wanted to make sure that the DigiDestined weren't going to just exhaust themselves out there before taking care of matters himself. Running an empire didn't leave time for such pointless personal intervention.


But the Emperor wasn't going to let that last TV be destroyed, either.


"You aren't going to like me when I'm angry..." The second-to-last TV hissed, the Emperor clearly disgruntled. "You think I'm going to lose to you two weirdos?" The Emperor threatened, but once more, the TV was in pieces below Mojyamon's great foot. That was the last straw, for him. If he waited until the got to the last TV, it would be too late.


"Don't forget the plan, okay, Mojyamon? ...You too, Davis." Ken laughed as he looked up at him. They'd come up with it in between TVs, when the Emperor wasn't begging them to spare his precious technology and was a little less likely to overhear their conversation. There was no doubt he'd ride in on his classic Airdramon, and when he did, they would get him off it. Even if this kid wasn't exactly Ken anymore, Ken was confident that if he pretended to be the Emperor again, everything the Emperor controlled was too stupid to tell the difference.


"You trust me?" Ken whispered to Davis, asking what seemed to be a rhetorical question. Did Davis ever not? Not even when common sense said he ought to distrust Ken, no, he had his back 100%. It was Ken who didn't fully trust himself.


Soon enough, the blizzarding air parted to reveal a small boy on a large Airdramon. And this time, before any sassy remarks could be exchanged, Mojyamon tossed his bone boomerang  and scooped the new Emperor off Airdramon's back and right into the ground. Ouch.


"Good job, Mojyamon!" Ken hopped off his shoulder and ran over to the stupid twat who was ruining the Digital World with his old identity. The fall had pretty well disoriented the new Emperor, so Ken had a moment of calm to steal off his glasses as a part of his own disguise. They'd always been a little bit more than just cool shades, so Ken wanted to make sure his disguise wasn't lacking his signature item.


Beneath him, the pseudo-Emperor opened his eyes. There was nothing different about them, nothing enough to justify him being a fake entity. He was exactly Ken at 11.


"Well, well. Trying to dress better? You'll want the whole outfit." The Emperor laughed, and Ken punched him in the face. It wasn't anything he could resist, he just really needed to do it. Who didn't want to punch out their demons? Even though the Emperor groaned from it, he didn't seem to be staying down.


"No, I mean it. I know you don't want to leave the Digital World. Let me go, and you won't have to. Just you and your boyfriend, here for eter--"


"He's not my boyfriend." Ken socked the Emperor again, a world of flustered that in all those words, that was the only thing false he could find to put him down. The Emperor gave a dark chuckle, and blew a cloud of static his way as if it were cigarette smoke.


"Augh!" Ken backed off, batting the virus away as if he could just fight it with his bare hands. Humans didn't breathe code. Unless this one had figured out how to. How confusing!


The Emperor stayed down after Ken got up-- yeah, most 11-year-olds couldn't take an 18-year-old fist to the face-- and that meant it was go time for their plan. Ken turned to the Airdramon with his glasses on, and put his hands on his hips.


"Let's go Airdramon! Back to the base!" All it took was a little of the old angry accent, and Airdramon bowed his head for Ken to get on. He peeked over at Davis, and made sure the Digimon knew what was up with him, too.


"And we'll be taking my... prisoner along with us. Yeah, good, that was something he'd have. The pair of them climbed aboard, and made their way back to the Server Continent, but not too far inland from the island. Ken supposed it had been something of an important testing ground for the Emperor, or something. The more surprising thing was that the base, despite being in a totally new location, was a carbon copy of his old base. Ken could only grimace as he wondered what the power supply was... it certainly wasn't the old source. Right?


The Airdramon let them both off, and Ken waltzed right in the door with his hand around Davis's upper arm for show. He acted like he owned the place, and the Digimon all seemed to believe it.


"This was easier than I'd thought it would be..." Ken bit his lip and let Davis go. Nobody thought any different-- it seemed it was mostly just Ken, and not his attitude, that defined the Emperor. Ken wasn't sure he liked just how easily he duped them all. Didn't anybody doubt he was the Emperor?

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The half-baked plan had worked! Davis tried to hide his excitement as he saw the Emperor lying on the snowfield, beaten by the REAL Ken. He was giddy with excitement--it was so awesome seeing Ken being so badass. He'd never seen Ken punch anyone! Well... At least when he was the kind-hearted Ken he knew and loved. Ken grabbed his arm with a jerk, and Davis couldn't help but melt a little. He felt like a damsel in distress. He couldn't hold back the giggle in his throat. "Ken~!" He play swooned in a whisper. He didn't want to tip off the Airdramon that Ken wasn't  the Emperor, but he didn't want to hold back a good joke when he had one either. Ken glared at him to be quiet, his eyes narrow and tinted by purple glass. Those old yellow and purple glasses. Davis bit his lip and nodded, knowing he had to cut the shit at least for the next few minutes.


Honestly, it freaked him out a little bit. He really did look the part...


The two boarded the Airdramon, leaving the Emperor unconscious on the snow fields. The Kaiser always found a way to bounce back--they couldn't risk bringing him back to the base. They'd get their answers one way or another, whether it involved the kid or not. He'd be on their trail again in no time, but at least this small window gave them the chance to actually breathe a bit, and maybe get their partners back.


They landed at the base, which eerily was very, very similar to the old one. It sent unwanted chills up Davis' spine. "This is weird," he said. He rubbed the spot where Ken had had a hold of him, noticing that the taller boy had been gripping pretty hard. They were both nervous, so it made sense. "It looks just like the old one." He walked down the metal corridor they had entered and poked his head down an adjoining hallway. Row after row of cellblocks were setup, but very few had been filled with Digimon. The Emperor had only been at this for a couple of weeks. His collection wasn't as impressive yet. Davis turned back and headed toward his friend again. He put his arms out and shook his head, "There's a couple of enslaved Digimon in some cells, but nothing much else. But the cells will probably be the best bet to find Wormmon and Veemon, right?" He grabbed Ken's hand and placed it up onto his upper arm again. "You need to control this situation, boss. I could get attacked if somebody finds me just wandering around without you actin' like you hate me." He felt Ken's unease and reassured him again with a smile, "I trust you, Ken."


The pair walked down a handful of cellblocks, finding some of the spare Betamon and DemiVeemon, as well as a few Dobermon, Floramon and Octomon. It was all random, like he had guessed. The Emperor was just trying to bait them with the DemiVeemon captures, and Davis couldn't say it didn't work. They wouldn't be here now if it hadn't. There was still no sign of Veemon or Wormmon, though. "Nothing," Davis sighed. "Where would you put them, Ken? I-I mean, not that it's you, but it is you, but it's not at the same time... I'm sorry, I don't know how to handle this." He admitted, feeling frustrated with the confusing situation.  "Would the Kaiser keep them in a safe place? Would they be down here in the cells? Would be... Be experimenting on them? Ken, if he is, we need to find them right away!"


It was strange having to give over the reigns of the situation to Ken, but Davis couldn't be the leader on this one. He was only good at destroying the Kaiser's base, not necessarily infiltrating it.

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There it was again, all of Davis's trust. Maybe it was for the best that Davis remind him that he had it. Ken didn't want to get carried away. But, he was wearing the glasses, so it was time to walk the walk.


"Alright. Leave it to me." Ken took a deep breath and steadied himself. This took a level of mental fortitude that Ken wasn't sure he had. "Don't... worry about referring to me as the Emperor. It's okay. I... know what I've done." And right now, that experience was going to help them not to hurt anybody else. He took a strong hold of Davis again, his prop for the whole charade.


"Let's go, Motomiya."


Seeing as they couldn't exactly discuss the plan as long as they were wandering around inside, Ken just had to silently lead on. He looked around for anyone who seemed to be tending to prisoners-- unfortunately, there weren't too many Digimon out and about. So he had to check all the usual suspicious places for high-profile prisoners. Not that there wasn't a bit of reverse psychology to consider. If he knew he was looking for them, he'd put them where he'd never think to check. But knowing that, wouldn't he move them back to somewhere Ken would suspect first? Only Ken would double-bluff himself.


"So frustrating." Ken mumbled as they stumbled through the halls. It was a little hard to tell if he was acting or actually frustrated that they couldn't find their Digimon. They checked the control room first and foremost, mostly because, as Ken confirmed, there were security cameras all over the base. That hadn't changed. Ken stomped over to the wall of footage and scanned for their partners, and thankfully, there they were.


"The dungeon? Typical." Even if half the base was a prison-like compound, of course the Emperor kept a few extra-dingy cells for people and Digimon he hated most. A hungry-looking Dobermon wandered past the open door to the control room, peering in for a moment at the pair.


"You'll be locked up with your precious friends soon." Ken hissed at Davis, and the Dobermon kept walking. So there was some suspicion? Well, that was refreshing.


Tugging his 'damsel' along with him, they made it down into the grim basement of the complex. He could hear Wormmon and Veemon playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt. Well, that was a relief. He hurried down the hall with Davis before anybody else showed up, though their sudden appearance had Wormmon jumping.


"W-whuuh? Is that you, Ken?" Ken's heart sunk. Was he really that scary even faking the guise of the Emperor?


"Of course it's me." Ken retorted, a little more acidic than he meant. He didn't have to impersonate the Emperor when they were all alone together, maybe he'd just slipped. He was in character. He was just about to apologize when a prepubescent voice came over the base soundsystem.


"Hello, slaves? It seems we have a couple of intruders. One of them is impersonating me, and poorly. He still has that useless Wormmon." Above them, enslaved Digimon began stamping around, looking for the lot of them. There were way more than just the pool of Betamon, and worse, they were enclosed. They'd never be able to digivolve Paildramon in here, he was too big. Their champion forms though, maybe... but they were still at a loss if they tried to go out fighting. The crowd of them only knew one thing about the fake Emperor, though, and that was that he had the Wormmon.


Maybe Ken didn't need to have Wormmon back just yet?


"Davis," Ken hissed, sure to keep his voice from echoing up the stairs. "Digivolve Veemon to break them out of there. Wormmon... listen, buddy. Could you go pretend to be the Emperor's digimon? Just until he gets mobbed by his own slaves." Wormmon gave an uneasy murmble, but he'd do it. Their escape plan was go.

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"Veemon!" Davis' eyes welled up with tears as he hugged his partner.


"Davis!" The little blue dragon hugged his human back, tightly. The reunion had been just how he had imagined it as he drifted off to sleep the previous night... Except for Ken's reaction. It was surprisingly stoic--incredibly mechanical. It dampened Davis' emotional reaction. He knew the situation they were in, but that didn't make this any less emotional.


Then the Emperor's voice boomed throughout the base. He had already made it back. Davis wasn't surprised, at least it gave them enough of a head start to get their Digimon back, but things could go downhill real quick. They were on his turf. He knew the rules. No matter what level of connection Ken may have with this child, the pip-squeak had the upper hand as long as they remained there.


"We can't just leave Wormmon here, Ken. It's too dangerous." Davis sternly objected to Ken's plan. He wiped the tears from his cheeks.


"It's okay, Davis." The green insect said, though his voice betrayed his words. It wasn't okay, but he knew he had to do it. Davis knew too, he supposed. They needed the diversion, and this was the best way. It still made his stomach turn with uncertainy and dread.


"We'll be back for you in no time, Wormmon. You can count on us!" Davis looked over at Veemon. They needed a quick way out of the base, but one that would still allow them to get back to Wormmon. "I think it's best that you Armor Digivolve, Veemon. Let's go, Raidramon!" A bright light filled the dank cell, Veemon's body growing and surging with a web of electricity. As the light faded out, a big four-legged beast remained, its shoulder the same height as Davis. He was big, but he was still small and nimble enough to race them through the corridors and out to safety. Climbing onto his Digimon's back, he helped Ken up to sit behind him, his friend gently placing his arms around Davis' torso for support. "Cause 'em hell, Wormmon."


Raidramon poked his head out of the cell door and looked around. After he saw the coast was clear, he followed the directions that Ken has plotted out. Right, left, straight. Past howling Digimon, past security cameras, past ancient memories. They raced through the base trying to find an exit, each one Ken tried to pilot them toward being blocked off by heavy steel doors. The Kaiser had them all figured out. He wasn't going to let them escape so easily.


They turned to enter a large paddock area, similar to (if not the exactly) the one they fought Chimeramon in so many years ago. There was an open door! They could get out! Raidramon started to charge toward the door, until suddenly Davis wasn't riding on the lightening beast anymore. A flash of black collided with him from his side, him and Ken flying into the air. The Dobermon landed hard on Davis, his head smashing into the metal floor beneath him. A shrill shriek of pain echoed through the paddock, one from him and one from Ken. The Digimon's heavy, rotten breath made Davis gag through the fog that filled his head. "Ahhh...! G... Get off me! GET OFF ME!" He tried to kick his legs and flail his arms, but the big dog's weight kept him pinned firmly to the floor.


A familiar cackle filled the room. It was uproarious. The Kaiser was very pleased with himself.


Davis felt something wrap around his ankle and yank on him, causing another involuntary shout of pain to escape his lungs. The Dobermon dismounted him, the vine around his ankle dragging him along the floor until he was lifted upside down into the air. He faced the Emperor and the Floramon that had him captive, swaying like a pendulum, his head pounding from the small concussion he probably had. Ken was in the same predicament, and Raidramon had been subdued by two Dobermon and several Floramon. The Emperor had not bothered to construct a new set of glasses, which exposed that his left eye was swollen and turning purple from where Ken had assaulted him. Wormmon sat crumpled next to his feet.


"Did you two really think I'd let you leave after you did this to me?" The Kaiser pointed to his injured eye, sending another maniac laugh flowing through the room. "I knew you both were dumb, but I guess I underestimated just how dumb." He placed a heavy foot on top of Wormmon's head, causing the little Digimon to whimper in pain. "I mean, you think this little piece of trash is actually worth something." His face turning dark, he drove his foot deeper into the insects head, causing the Digimon to scream out this time.


"STOP!" Davis shouted. Oh, if he got his hands on this little asshole, he was going to rip him apart, limb for limb. "You're fucking insane!" 


With a wave of his hand, the Emperor commanded the Floramon to retract some of its vines, bringing Davis closer to him. "I'm the insane one." He scoffed, smiling at the delicious irony. He turned his attention to Ken, folding his arms in amusement. "It's not like I haven't had a little... Help."


"What are you talking about?" Davis tried to break out of the restraints without avail. He swung harder now. It took all he had to keep the contents of his stomach where they were.


"Dearest self, you haven't told him anything have you?" The Kaiser cooed.

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How had Ken overlooked that? In all of his considerations, he seemed to have forgotten one major aspect of his former self. He hated Wormmon. The little insect wasn't about to slow the Emperor down, he never had. Except that once.


"Wormmon..." Ken growled under his breath. Breathy and vicious, it was hard to tell if Ken was angry at the Emperor, or Wormmon. But context, right? Ken would never treat Wormmon so poorly. Not anymore.


This whole conflict was going to drive Ken totally insane. If he had to spend another moment thinking the way he used to think, he'd just throw himself to the Dobermon. The more Ken tried to get into his old head, the more trouble it seemed to cause them. Of course he thought just like himself. Of course he knew how to outsmart himself. It was the most complicated mental chess match in the world, and Ken was ready to scream. The real question was why this fake Ken continued to think just as well as the real Ken?


The question seemed to come to him just as the Emperor was ready to share secrets. Ken's pupils shrunk to points behind the purple shades, and his body chilled over like diving into an ice bath. What did that fucking twerp just say?


"What the hell are you talking about?" Ken roared, taking the glasses from his face and throwing them at the ground so hard they shattered. Good, they could look cold blue eye into cold blue eye.


"You've fucked things up seriously for everyone that I care about here!" Ken steamed, but the Emperor just laughed right back in his face.


"Oh yes, I have, haven't I? It's a good thing I didn't bother anyone you didn't care about." The Emperor gave an evil grin, watching the color drain out of Ken's face. It was true. The Emperor hadn't done a damn thing to get at anyone but Davis or Ken, going so far as to lock others out of the Digital World entirely and cutting off communication with the other DigiDestined. He didn't want other's attention, but that still didn't explain why he wanted Ken.


"You're wondering why I was targeting you? You really have lost all your sharpness. Come on. You were the one who wanted me to bring you and Davis back together. You asked me to make the Digital World your own playground. You wanted a reason to come save it. So don't act like you want to get rid of me, peasant." The Emperor laughed until Ken was down on his knees. No way... no way did he ask for any of this!


"Put Davis down!" Ken's weakest reply yet, his voice cracking with desperation. The Emperor was laughing so hard now he was holding his stomach, nearly doubled-over with his sweet feelings of success.


"Not even going to deny it, Ichijoji?" The Emperor got out a solid insult through all his laughter. Ken didn't know how to contest it... when all those things had crossed his mind. He'd never expected them to manifest. But wasn't that just how the Digital World worked? Well, he knew one response. His fingers tightened over the digivice at his hip, suddenly wielded like a lethal weapon.


"Don't take his crap, Stingmon!"


If Ken had forgotten how little regard for Wormmon he'd had, the Emperor had forgotten how useful he could be. Holding down the little insect with his foot was not the best place to be when Ken called on his partner's strength. The tall, armored humanoid battered the Emperor away and cut Davis down from the Floramon's vines, letting him drop like a sack of flour into Ken's arms. Not that he was really good at catching him. They both ended up on the ground again, but at least this time they weren't drowning?


"Davis, I... I never wanted this..." To threaten the whole Digital World just so he could have some alone time with Davis? Yeah, that was pretty low. They made telephones for a reason.


"Don't lie, Ichijoji!" A voice cackled from where the Emperor was getting back to his feet. "What a scape goat you've tried to make me into. I am you. Just like all those old holograms... Look, no digimon. No digivice." The Emperor flashed his arms out the side and showed off his hips. There had never been a second Wormmon, and he definitely wasn't carrying any digivice. The black digivice had never been too particular about influencing the digivolution of Digimon besides Wormmon. It used to stifle Digivolution... now it seemed to be working in reverse, perhaps ever since Wormmon had first become Stingmon.


So the one who digivolved Betamon back then...


"I am not your pawn to play with!" Ken shouted back, endlessly hurt by what he'd undeniably done.


"Pawn, oh, no. You're the king! The Emperor!"

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Davis landed completely dead weight onto Ken. If he hadn't been there, Davis was sure he wouldn't be leaving without a broken bone or two. They both groaned in discomfort, as they separated themselves and stood by each other's side. How many times had Ken saved his ass during the past few days? And now this twerp was saying that he made it all happen?


"Wh..." Davis was in disbelief, to say the least. Was all of this true? Did he just waste all of his trust on a friend that... Maybe wasn't a friend at all? No, it looked genuinely like Ken had no idea what was going on. "Ken, I..." He put his head into his hands and breathed hard, frustrated that none of this still made any sense to him. All he knew was that he wanted the Emperor gone. He hurt countless Digimon, he hurt his friend, and he took their Digimon. He had to pay. "You're lying!" He didn't know what else to say--what else to think. He was always going to be beside Ken, even if his demons were trying to resurface. They'd figure this all out later, he hoped.


Davis charged at the Emperor, diving into his torso, and dropping them both to the ground. His head swimming through clouds of confusion, disorientation, anger, and hurt, he did all he wanted to do. He punched. Straddling the boy, he punched and punched. Screaming--at himself, at the Kaiser, at all the bullshit that happened, at the loss of Ken--he continued to beat on the boy until tears were coming down his face and the Emperor started... giggling? The red-haired boy sat up straight and looked down at his victim, his knuckles sore and red, the child's face bloody and cut. He gasped, horrified.


"How could you hurt me, Davis?"


It was Ken. Well, eleven year old Ken. Eleven year old Ken in a Kaiser outfit, but it was Ken. His hair was straight and delicate like the real Ken's. His fragile skin pale but warm. It was the same boy he had befriended, promised he'd never hurt, wanted to protect, dreamed to be with... And he was broken beneath him. By his own hand.


"I..." Peering over his shoulder, he caught the eyes of his friend. "I didn't mean to... I... didn't mean to..." He stood up over the child's body and looked down at him. If this really was a part of Ken... Some sort of sick Digital manifestation of him... He took a step back, his eyes boring into his hands, asking them why they had done it. Why had they hurt Ken? "Oh god..."


The Kaiser started to giggle again, blood speckling from his lips. He sat up, wiping his face with both gloved hands and then running his fingers through his hair. As each strand fell back to place, it spiked into the messy hair style they were so used to. "Nice little trick, huh? I have something to use against both of you, it seems." Weakly, the Emperor stood up as well, stumbling forward once before he gained his balance. "You'll still follow him, even after he did this to you? He called me here. He wanted me here. I'm the little devil on his shoulder." He pursed his lips, making a gash on his upper lip split and bleed bright red down his face. "Both shoulders, I guess would be more accurate. For being the child of kindness, we certainly always had a hard time really understanding the meaning."


Davis took several more steps back until he bumped into Ken. He spun around and stumbled back from his friend. He was stuck between two people. Two people that apparently had the same motives, but different interpretations of how they got played out. Both of them involved him. Slowly, things were starting to fall into place. The reason why Ken understood the teleports; why he knew how to pull the virus from the Digimon; why his roommate had been targeted along with the DemiVeemons... It was Ken, even if it was on a very deep subconscious level. He didn't need to be aware of what he was doing when the Digital World could make some of your dreams a reality by just crossing the wires. Ken being pretty great at computers didn't really help either.


"Ken..." All of this. All of this was because he wanted to be closer to... Him? Was that true at all? Hadn't he ever heard of a phone? Then again, Ken was always a very grand and reserved individual, and grand people needed grand escapes. "Why? You didn't need to..."


The Kaiser sighed, bored with the tension in the room. It was time to put the spotlight back on him and conquering the Digital World. "This is all terribly sweet and all, but I just honestly want you both out of my hair at this point. The Digital World doesn't just corrupt itself. You two can figure out why I'm here while you get the star treatment in one of my fabulous cells. Dobermon! Floramon!" And with that, the two were scooped up and carried away to be locked away deep in the belly of Ken's floating fortress.

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This was probably the worst thing that had happened to them in the last few days. Deprived of Digimon, at least they'd still been free to make a mess of things. At least they still had a plan. Digimon-less and locked up in a cell? Yeah, they were totally screwed. And here was Davis, his best friend, who'd suddenly found out that Ken was the villain in all this. And because the villain was Ken, he couldn't even beat him. He must hate Ken as much as Ken hated himself right now.


"Davis..." Ken curled up with his knees to his chest, against the back wall of the cell and almost all the way in the corner. He didn't even want to burden Davis with his presence right now. He did feel like he owed him an explanation though, now that he had some idea of what was going on.


"I've been having these thoughts for weeks... all those night I had no time to chat, especially when we didn't talk much. Just every hour of my day from waking up to going to sleep was studying and practicing and working... and every time at the end of the tunnel there was just more school, more work to do. And I missed you and I didn't know if I was ever going to have the time to see you unless something... happened. And I'd talk to Wormmon and all the same thoughts ran through my mind and all I wanted was a reason to go to the Digital World. I didn't realize that... I should've known better." Ken's face was hot red with embarrassment. This always happened to him. His darkness always found a way out.


"But I was just so happy to be here with you!" Ken ducked his head between his knees and slammed his fist on the ground. So selfish! Ken's heart could fall right out of his chest. He didn't deserve Davis's strength, he didn't even deserve that kiss they'd shared. He hadn't deserved to kiss him back. Ken should probably just have his lips chopped off, honestly. All this because he'd wanted to be by Davis's side. The Emperor probably assumed the worst: Ken would be locked in here with Davis, who'd hate him for turning back to his old ways. Why? Probably because that was what Ken expected too. He really was a monster.


"There are these times. When I'm alone, and all I needed was you. But you weren't there. And I only had myself to blame for walking in a different direction than you. This is all my fault."

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Davis sat on the opposite side of the cell, his knees also to his chest, watching Ken's faint outline in the dark room. He couldn't quite put a finger on how he was feeling. Betrayed? Confused? Flattered? He rested a cheek onto his knee and listened to Ken finally spill the preverbal beans. Weren't they always honest with each other? What happened?


But he guessed that Ken couldn't be honest with him if he couldn't even be honest with himself.


"I thought we beat this, Ken." Davis finally said. "You were okay. You were happy. We were happy. The Digital World was saved and we were all going to do great things. How did this happen again?" He lifted his head and shouted into the darkness, "You're better than this, dammit!" He had to take a deep breath to prevent himself from starting to cry. It just... He was just... Oh, he was mad! "T-this is kind of a huge fuck up, kid!" He slapped his hand onto the metal wall behind him and growled. Closing his eyes, he tried to calm his racing heart. "Now we're stuck without Veemon and Wormmon again and there's nobody that can help the Digital World against you." His words dripped with contempt. He wanted Ken to hurt as much as he did. He wanted every syllable to puncture his heart.


He never had to feel this way. Why did he let himself fall into this hole again? Didn't Ken know that he had missed him too? 


No. He didn't.


This wasn't all Ken's fault. Davis had a place in this too. His folly was his lack of action; Ken's was lack of words. They were two sides of a very complicated puzzle. It used to be whole, but some pieces got lost under the couch or eaten by the dog. Then it just started to... fall apart. Slowly. Agonizingly. Of course.


Wasn't he here to make things right between them, not make it worse? Ken needed him more than ever now--on so many levels.


"I-I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it." Davis' heart sunk as he saw his friend curl up tighter into his corner, as if he hoped to just... melt into the shadows. He crawled over to Ken and sat next to him. "It's not all your fault." He wrapped one arm around Ken, and brought him close so the sides of their heads touched. "I was really happy to see you too... It's been too long. I've been too preoccupied the past few years. Honestly, I just try too hard to be cool. I want to be the guy. And... I guess it just... I never wanted to lose touch with you. It just happened I guess. I regret it. So much. So it's my fault I couldn't be there."


How could he say the next thing without sounding, well, totally gay? "I love you, dude."


Nailed it.


"Like, really."


Less nailed it.


He squeezed his friend closer to him and smiled faintly. "I don't think you could do anything that could make me hate you. Not even trying to take over the Digital World again... Though I would suggest you cut that shit. It's getting kinda old." He took Ken's chin and pointed it toward him. Even in the dark, he could see the dull shimmer of Ken's ocean eyes. Just like three days prior, they put him on tilt. "And before you say it, asshole, you aren't a monster."


Taking Ken's face between his hands, the goggle-head kissed his friend. This time, it wasn't timid or afraid, but hungry and passionate. They were one and together. Forever. No matter how many threats came at them, or what forms they would decide to take, they would stand together. Davis broke the kiss, his eyelashes grazing Ken's ivory skin. He felt Ken's quivering breath tickle his face. He smelled Ken's sweet yet botanical scent. His warmth was dizzying and exciting and enticing and so, so wonderful. He took the boy fully into his arms and kissed him again, wanting so much to show him how much he cared. This is how much he missed him. He didn't have to be afraid anymore. He could let his demons finally rest.


"I'm here..." 

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There were a few moments, before Davis apologized, before he scooted closer, before he made his universe perfect, that Ken stopped breathing. The Emperor had made it very clear that they coexisted, and Ken was about done with his end of the bargain. He was done being awake, being conscious. He knew one good way to never cause another person harm, and that was keeling over dead. The despair that soaked his bones with each acid word out of Davis's mouth was fit to dissolve him away in minutes. All the strength drained out of his arms and legs, his joints hurt even just to hold on to his knees; his knees hurt just staying bent and still. His lungs started to burn as they demanded more oxygen.


And then Davis shocked the air back into him.


"Ah...?" Ken thought he might have been mistaken. Honestly, he'd stopped listening to Davis before he started apologizing. He'd seen him get close, he was sort of expecting a well-deserved shiner. Davis's touch to the cheek was a little light for that, true, so light that Ken just melted into the motion...


Tears rolled down Ken's cheeks. He wondered, briefly, if he really had passed out. His own hand reached up to touch Davis's cheek, and crept back until it was nestled in that soft red hair. Warm. Hot, even, burning with the fire of all that emotion Davis poured out. Ken couldn't help but hold fast to it.


Their lips wove together, one kiss becoming two, ever deepening. Ken's mouth hung open just a tad, air exchanging between them as the passion escalated. He was waking up again, the tears lingering only as sparkling droplets caught in his lashes and a fine gloss over his ocean-blue eyes. His other hand reached around to hold himself close to Davis, gripping firmly on the back of his vest and pulling them near. The more their lips swapped spit the sillier Ken felt for not knowing this was what he wanted the whole time. He loved Davis. Trust the emotional one to figure it out first. Ken was glad he ever believed it at all.


"I'm so stupid." Ken sighed, looking into Davis's eyes as a smile threatened to break through. For a genius, he sure was dumb sometimes. "I... I love you too."


Ken paused just to hug him, deeply. Chest to chest, cheek to cheek, so close that as Ken pulled back he could feel Davis's stubble starting to peek through along his jaw. Ken had never had that problem, but on Davis it gave him a sort of giddy chill. Wow, he'd never really been affectionate before, had he?


The most devious of ideas crossed Ken's mind. The Emperor was only strong as long as Ken was still miserable, right? It was in his best interests to come by and torture them if Ken was in good spirits. If he came up to the cell, they could ambush him and get the keys... so how to make sure whatever the Emperor saw on his security screen made him need to come give the boys a talking-to?


Ken sat up on his knees and grabbed Davis by the front of his vest. His lips scooped over Davis's, then down his jaw, and teased his neck. Warm, popping sucks of sloppy kissing all over until he got right back to Davis's mouth, and let out the most tempting little 'mmm~' of a moan. His blue eyes stared down Davis, daring him to follow his lead. If the Emperor had been so off-put by the two dicking around in a hot spring, then making out furiously would surely get his attention.


And, hey, Ken wasn't about to complain.

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He wasn't sure if he was expecting anything back. Davis' rather embarrassing confession left him unsure if he had said the right thing, and certainly his heated actions could get him in trouble as well. But when the taller boy returned the affection, both through words and through the passionate kisses, he could be anything but pleasantly surprised.


So this was it. The big 'L' word was dropped. Davis thought for a moment that it would have been harder to do somehow. That at the end of the phrase there was supposed to be a wedding ring or something. He'd never said the word to anybody, though he had thought for a long time that he might have loved Kari. This had been so easy. It had been so... Right. He had always loved Ken. He just realized now that he loved him. The kind of love that makes you ache when your away. The kind of love that makes you yearn for their touch. The kind of love that caused him to moan back into his friend's mouth, a wave of lust tingling every inch of his skin, giving him the most chilling goosebumps he'd ever experienced.


"I love you," he said again, much more confident now between kisses. The words super charged him, made him crave to explore more of the few places he'd yet to explore on Ken. They'd shared the same mind, but they've never really shared their bodies. He wanted to feel what he felt like, bare skin to bare skin. The thought alone sent an excited chill up his spine. Capturing Ken's lips again, he wrapped both his arms tightly around the taller boy's waist. He let his fingers snake down the back of Ken's pants, his cool hand gently touching the small of the boy's back. He let out a hiss, as his body arched into Davis, a devious smile crossing the goggle-head's mouth as he took the boy's lips more hungrily than before.


God, he was soft. Were boys supposed to be this soft? Davis ran his hands up Ken's back. He swore he could feel electricity tickle his finger tips. Soft and warm and delicate and just... Irresistible. He needed more.


Davis, being the leader, started to take control of the situation. He pushed their body's to the floor, his figure towering over his friend's, his legs between the other's. He continued to plant gentle kisses along Ken's neck, each one enticing a soft whimper from its receiver. Davis removed his vest and managed to successfully convince his partner to do the same, their shirts quickly coming off after that. He gasped as he let his skin touch the other's, their body's hot and beginning to mist with sweat. This was nothing like that time with the American girl. He was always ashamed of what had happened with her. Surely sex with something Davis Motomiya could conquer, but it just didn't come easy to him apparently. He blamed his performance on his feelings for Kari. Apparently he should have been blaming them on somebody much closer.


Davis smiled as he let his tongue gently trail down his friend's chest, letting it flick lightly against his friend's nipple. Again, Ken's back arched into him, a delightful moan escaping his lips. He could do this. It couldn't be that hard. He was like any other boy--he'd watched his fair share of porn. Granted, he'd never watched gay porn, because he never thought he was gay. He still didn't feel like he was, even though he was starting to softly grind his hips along another boy's. This was different. No. This was pure, and right, and it didn't matter their gender, their age, their nationality, their creed... They belonged together. He gently bit down on the tender flesh, holding the boy's hips down with both hands, as he felt Ken grab the back of his hair, practically begging for more.


Oh, he was so perfect.


The two played their hands against each other's bodies, kissing and licking and moaning and grinding, until their minds seemed to connect again. Davis could feel and hear their hearts sync, excited and heavy with love. He knew Ken was loving this as much as he was, that he felt the same exact way he did. He was pretty sure he'd never been happier in his life.


Davis ran his hands down between them. They had both gotten... excited. Placing his cheek on Ken's, he felt a super hot blush cross his cheeks, as he felt the outline of his friend's erect member through his pants. His words came out in breathy lust, afraid for a moment that he might start sobbing from ecstasy if he talked too much. "I-I'll go as far as you want." He placed a soft kiss on his friend's cheek, as his hand wrapped gently around his friend's person. Even through the layer of clothes, Ken hissed and moaned, making Davis' head swirl with countless ideas of things he'd love to do to the boy. But he didn't want to continue without consent. They were both fresh to the world of intimacy, they both were probably going to be pretty bad at it, but he didn't want to push any of his crazy ideas onto his friend if he didn't want them. Plus, he wasn't sure how appropriate certain actions were given their current predicament. Kissing and making out with your best friend was one thing, jerking him off in a dirty cell was another.


Davis couldn't help but chuckle a little, placing another kiss on Ken's now kiss swollen lips. What had they gotten themselves into now?

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Ken blushed like a virgin at his first time. Which was an entirely appropriate response, since Ken was, and it wasn't even so much that Davis wasn't, but, Ken still had far less experience than that. Lofty-headed ones always had a problem with that, with learning the language of their bodies, so much so that Ken's libido could've been screaming at him for years now to get with Davis but all the boy heard was a dull roar. It took lips and skin to shock him out of it, to prompt a translation.


In a way, there wasn't really any better way he would've liked to spend his time in a prison cell. It was a little... well, no, it was a lot kinky to be pressed down under your best friend on a dirty cell floor, but at least he wasn't chained to the wall or something. Would that have been hotter? Ken was decidedly embarrassing himself more than anything Davis could do to him at this point, and it seemed his mind had found a more productive channel for all of Ken's dark thoughts. It sent the blood flowing to his groin, arousing him like crazy. Though, that could have been from Davis's lips on his nipple.


"You..." Ken paused, raising an eyebrow and then laughing quietly as Davis asked for consent. It crossed his mind that he didn't know exactly how far Davis was game to take him, but given that it was Davis, Ken had every responsibility to be the wiser party. Not that he was about to ask Davis to stop with his hand already nearly on his dick, but...


"The Emperor could show up at any time... you wanna give him a show?" Ken grinned. Well, did he? The thought of being caught rubbing dicks was notably less mortifying when he was only revealing himself... to himself. Hell, maybe the Emperor would be impressed with how he'd grown. Ken tentatively reached a hand between Davis's legs, deciding he was certainly impressed with his friend as well.


His fingers snapped open the fly to Davis's shorts, then crept below the waistband of his boxers. His only hesitation was that he had no idea what he was doing, as even touching himself was a rarity. The last time he'd tried, he'd been so exhausted from the day that he actually fell asleep before finishing. Ken had a lot of catching up to do... and suddenly a lot of urge to do it. His slim fingers squeezed dexterously around his friend's shaft, and he resolved to not let blue balls be added to the list of the Emperor's offenses.


"Touch me, Davis."

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The thought of throwing off the Emperor amused Davis. He certainly wasn't going to stop now--he'd already established several times his lack of shame. And either way, the Kaiser was in some form or another Ken anyway, just the shitty snot-nosed side of him (no offense, he might add). So what did it matter? He was more concerned about how well this was going. He never really took Ken as being the sexual type. Usually talking about girls just left him quiet and distantly uninterested. He never seemed to express interest in anybody, and Davis was pretty damn sure he hadn't watched a single titty movie in his life. But now this boy was holding him and kissing him in ways Davis had only dreamed about. It was like the three simple words opened up the levy of pent-up genius raging hard-ons, and they were, Davis grinned, all for him.


But what were they going to do if the Kaiser came by? Davis imagined his head in Ken's crotch, his hands roaming aimlessly at any spot that would make Ken moan the most. "What the hell are you guys doing!?" he would say. Davis would hold up a finger as a signal of "just a moment" as he finished off the boy's older self off, leaving the Emperor to hopefully go off to the Control Room to delete himself, or whatever the hell he was, and end this whole fucking mess. Honestly, what right would he have to inter---


"Nnnggghh~" Davis' head bowed, his forehead touching Ken's. He hadn't even noticed that the other boy had weaseled his way into his shorts. There was a definite difference between touching yourself and being touched, he decided. One was fucking awesome and the other was god damn fucking awesome. He would have taken the time to applaud Ken on his unexpected feistiness, but the other boy had started to stroke him slowly, and he just... Whatever. He pressed his cheek into Ken's forehead as his hips slowly started to roll as an unconscious reaction. "You... Are... Urhhhh..." Fuck it. He couldn't think. Whatever he had to say didn't matter at this point. He forced his chin down into Ken's, causing the dark-haired boy to part his jaw slightly, allowing Davis to take all that he wanted. They were sloppy and feverish and horny as they mashed their lips together--they'd learn how to be more dignified later... Maybe.


At least it looked like there would be a next time.


Davis grabbed Ken's forearm and stopped thrusting his hips abruptly. His eyes fluttered shut as he took a deep, shaky breath and smiled down at his friend turned... Lover? Did hand-jobs count? "T-that was close." Ken had distracted him. Typical asshole move. Davis had already decided that this was for Ken, not for him, and he was going to make the boy feel better than he ever had. He rolled back on his ass, his back against the cool metal of the cell, and pulled Ken up to sit on top of him. He pulled the boy's head down with one hand to seize his mouth again, and used his other hand to unlatch his pants. "That wasn't very nice of you, Ichijouji." He cooed. Of course he wasn't mad, but he didn't want to be finished so soon. That would be embarrassing and a total bash on his manhood... Which happened to be grinding against his friend again, like it had a mind of its own. This time, he took hold of Ken's member without the pesky barrier, causing the boy to yelp with pleasure as he began to stroke. Yeah, he had this. He continued to rhythmically pump as he grabbed the boy's ass, both of their chests touching, both their mouths continuously exploring the other, both of their breathing becoming labored and saturated with lust. Just as he started to hear the soft and shy chorus of Ken's ecstasy trying hard to escape his sexually-frustrated body, Davis heard a voice.


"What the hell are you guys doing!?" Davis reactively grabbed Ken and held him close, peering cautiously around the boy's shoulder to see the younger version of Ken staring back at them--obviously disgusted and maybe a little bit furious.


So, he wasn't going down on Ken at the time, but the Kaiser had caught them doing something he probably would have never anticipated. And the only thing Davis could think of to say behind a totally red face was, "Hey."

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It was a little too easy to forget they were in a dirty jail cell. The second he was in Davis's lap, he could have been anywhere. He could've been nowhere. All that mattered was he was sitting with his legs splayed open on top of Davis's rock hard member and the rest of him just wanted to feel as good as his groin right now. There was no question Ken spent way too much time in his head, succumbing like every intellectual to treating his body as a mode of moving his brain from place to place. He kept healthy so that his mind was healthy. That was all there was to it. It took Davis to finally make him whole.


Of course the Kaiser came to interrupt them with Davis's hand still cradling his cock. Not that the Emperor could much see it from his angle, with Ken's back to him, but there was no doubt he knew, like he knew everything Ken knew, what was going on.


"Don't stop." Ken urged, his voice sultry as it dripped with charm and power. For someone who didn't mind Davis taking the lead, he certainly knew how to make him lead right when Ken wanted to go. And maybe Davis was having second thoughts about his first time as an exhibitionist, but there was no denying Ken's needy voice and the near-innocent moans that followed. Ken was demanding he be finished off, insistent that the Kaiser not ruin his first real, intimate moment. He curled down and sucked a light red mark into Davis's tan neck, thanking him for enduring their visitor.


Not that Ken's intentions were entirely pure, here. As he insisted on ignoring the Emperor in favor of sex, the Emperor grew exceedingly agitated. There was a moment, a long moment of watching in horror as Ken built up to his peak, finally shivering all over as he spurted thick goo against Davis's naked abdomen. Ken dipped his tongue into Davis's mouth, kissing him deeply as he carefully packed himself back into his pants. Meanwhile, the Emperor had decided he needed to put an end to this indecent display, and unlocked the cell to march in personally.


Ken jumped on him.


His face was still placid, his body at a new level of zen from where he'd been with Davis. It made him even more threatening, in a way, but Ken didn't raise his fist. He pulled his digivice from his side and showed it to the Emperor, who had only the time to stare at him in horror before the virus began seeping from his mouth. The child Emperor filled the cell with gagging noises, choking on his own code as his body was digitized from under Ken, vanishing pixel by pixel.


"I should've thought of this as soon as I realized you weren't human. You're that same malicious code that infected all those digimon... and this worked perfectly well to clear them up." Ken informed the Emperor, who held his neck in his hands as if he could choke off the eerie static that leaked from him. It had started to flow more feverishly from his mouth, even spouting out his nose and his tear ducts, rushing from him until he was digi-nothingness. Or rather, locked back into Ken's past, just where he always belonged.


"Sorry, I think I used you a little there. If I did that before he opened the door, we would've been stuck here forever... it was kind of hot, though." Ken grinned nervously. Davis was weirder than him, right? Or was Ken going to be the awkward pervert of the relationship? Maybe it would be both...


"Let's get Wormmon and Veemon. We can save the final course for when I come over for those noodles, right?" The base would be in chaos soon, so they didn't really have the time to finish up here. Ken had an idea of something he'd like to do with Davis that would really pay him back, though.

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It didn't take much coaxing to get Davis to continue pleasing the incredibly aroused boy on his lap. Especially when his demands had been one of the sexiest things Davis had ever heard. He nervously turned his attention back to Ken, kissing his neck ever so lightly, singing into his ear soft little whimpers as the other boy hit every tender spot on his own neck with little nibbles and curious licks. He didn't care. He didn't care what the fuck the Emperor thought. He didn't give a fuck about where they were, or that they were missing their Digimon, or that they might be stuck here forever. Ken's sweet, uncontrolled murmurs were exactly what he always wanted--it just took him this long to figure out--and they were driving him absolutely insane.


As Ken's body began to shiver with his oncoming orgasm, Ken took him into a deep kiss... A kiss that brought him to another world--a world where they enjoyed every day together, a world without fear or pain, a world where they were one. A moan escaped Davis' throat, clinging desperately to Ken, as his friend shook with after climax jitters. He could feel his knees wiggling on either side of him, his arms twitching with energy... As the kiss broke, Ken was instantly up onto his feet and across the room pinning down the Emperor who had dared to enter their cage. It seemed fitting--only an animal could have moved as fast as that.


Davis watched in sex-dazed confusion as the digital boy slowly fade away, each bit of him crumbling like a bit of sand from an ill-formed sand castle. The groaning static reverberated in the room, Ken's child-self choking and gasping as he was dissolved into nothingness. And just like that, just like closing out a computer program, he was gone.


It was so... Easy.


Davis gathered himself and stood up, wiping the mess from his stomach onto the lonely spring mattress next to him. Why they hadn't used that to fuck around on, he didn't know, but it looked just about as comfortable as the cold metal floor. And kinkier too, he figured. He wouldn't have wanted his experience of his first time hitting third base to go any other way. Or with anybody else.


He walked over to Ken, their bundle of clothes in his arms, and passed off what articles didn't belong to him to his friend. As they were redressing, Davis grinned slyly in response to Ken, "It was pretty hot, wasn't it?" There Ken went again, surprising him with his well of indecency. He wanted to get out of here so he could figure out just how far it went. "But you're right, we need to get out of here and find our partners." He sucked a jet of air through his teeth as he remembered that was something else too. "... And we need to make sure your roommate is all right too!" Oh yeah, there wasn't somebody else in this mix, wasn't there? Maybe bumping dicks when there was still a hostage around wasn't such a great idea. He grabbed his friend's hand and smiled at him, "But everything else is down hill from here. You did it." He leaned up slightly and kissed his friend. "I'm glad you're my boooooyfriend." His words dared to stir a reaction from his friend, possibly a reaffirming one, as he spun and skipped a couple of steps to the open cell door. He bowed, presenting the path to escape to Ken as if he had been the one to do it. "After you, my liege."


The two started to walk down the halls, trying to get a hold on exactly where they were. Well... Ken trying to get a hold of where they were. Davis had a bad memory, and an even worse sense of direction, so he was just following his friend's lead. After failing to find their partners or the hostage in the rest of the dungeon area, they decided to head back to the Control Room to view the security camera footage. It was a risky move, but things were still eerily calm. As they entered the control hub, the calm had decidedly made sense.


It felt like it was so easy because it was too easy.


A dark figure sat in the chair in the middle of the room. As Ken and Davis began to make out just who it was, the mysterious man slowly turned his seat to face them, his hands covering his mouth in devious delight. He let out a deep cackle and stood up from his chair, clapping slowly at his own genius. It was the Kaiser... But he was different. He was taller and leaner. His hair straight and silky, its shine catching the light of one of the many consoles in the room. He moved like heated oil in the darkness until he was a few feet from the pair. That's when Davis realized that he wasn't a kid anymore. He was no longer boyish, but exquisitely masculine.


It was a carbon copy of his Ken inside of the Kaiser's outfit.


"Ken, Ken, Ken... You're really, really starting to disappoint me now. Honestly, you're giving me a terrible reputation." The program slunk over to Ken and put a tender hand on the boy's cheek. "You can't just... Cut a virus out. You infected this whole world. Getting rid of one little piece isn't going to make the whole thing go away like a bad dream. It goes so much deeper than that, and you should know by now that I'm so much smarter than you." He squeezed the boy's chin within his gloved hand, his face turning dark. "YOU CAN'T JUST GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY!" With one fluid motion, before Davis could even register a movement, the Kaiser pulled out his whip and cracked it at Ken's legs, the thick rope encircling his leg and dragging the boy of kindness to the floor. "You called me here! You made sure I would be here! You take resp--"


Davis pulled the Kaiser by his collar and dragged him to the ground. Struggling against the Emperor's attempts to flee, he finally got the boy into a full nelson. Every ounce of adrenaline was pumping through his blood which made for a fine advantage to have over the program. It made the task of repressing the Emperor a possibility. "KEN!"


"Ahhh, Davis." The Kaiser flailed, failing at his attempts to break the restraint. "Why don't you just ditch this useless excuse of a little boy and come play with a real man."


"S-shut it, asshole." Davis pulled the boy's arms back further, causing the Kasier to yelp. "Ken! Do something!" But not just something that was going to make it go away for a few minutes. He really had to do something. He had to find the source. He had to follow the roots and pull them out. He had to liberate the Digital World from the sickness he had unfortunately caused. 


"I've got him. Don't worry about me. Just do something!"

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