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X Adventure : 03

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"Davis! Shit!"


Ken rolled onto his side, groaning from that unfortunate hit with the floor. He kicked his feet, wriggling his ankles free as soon as the whip went slack. Davis's sacrifice was good in that regard, restraining the Emperor so that he couldn't cause his real self any more trouble. At least, not physically. Emotionally, Ken was sick and tired of this enduring strain. There was clearly more to it than his emotions at the time, and this tangible demon needed to have a delete switch just like everything else in this world. Everything was made of data. Not that Ken liked to think about it when it came to his partners, but data could be disassembled. Switch a 1 with a 0 and something was totally new. Thousands of lines of 1's and 0's after it read totally differently.


So it was time to give this DigiDick a change of heart.


"I'll fix this, Davis!" Shit, Ken hated to run off without him, alone through not-so-foreign halls. But he moved to run exactly in the other direction, even as the Kaiser called back to him.


"Oh, aren't you afraid of leaving him here with me? What if he likes me better." The sarcasm oozed from the Emperor's mouth, but not without that sultry touch that Ken himself had just learned. Oh, the upgraded Emperor wanted his boyfriend now, too? His sanity wasn't enough?


"Even Davis isn't that desperate!" Ken called with a laugh, disappearing down another hallway. The Emperor couldn't get to him if he didn't let him. Hopefully Davis was in the mood for a joke.


He felt his digivice resonate on his hip. Almost like a dowsing rod, it seemed to respond to where he was running, the signal growing stronger until at last, Wormmon and Veemon were found locked with a few mops in a utility closet. Ken was a little impressed with the Emperor for that one. The only stinking room that you couldn't look into as you walked by... Ken never would've stopped and checked.


He did bust open the lock though, getting down on his knees and hugging the pair of Digimon as soon as he could tell they were unharmed.


"Oh, man, I really did miss you guys. What a shitty reunion we had last time... but I guess we're still in a rush." He didn't want to let either one go, and Wormmon seemed utterly delighted with the affection. Veemon, while laughing, enjoyed something different about it. "Wow, you smell a ton like Davis!"


Ken stood, red in the face. Not that either one of those two would know what he and Davis were up to up there... oh whatever! They had to save Davis!


"Wormmon! I want you to digivolve, and head to the control room immediately. Davis is trying to restrain the new Emperor all by himself."


"N-new one!?"


"He looks more like me, but the program just adapted. I think I know how to fix this though... so you guys have to hold him back for as long as you can. I don't know what he's doing to Davis up there!" Ken's voice rose in desperation, and Veemon was shaking with rage. Why were they wasting any time!? Stingmon snatched Veemon up onto his shoulder, acting as a quick escort up to the area Ken and Davis had been walking through when they'd been ambushed.


Ken, meanwhile, finally went to go see what this ship was running on. There was no more crest of kindness, no more Golden Digiegg to keep this place afloat. What the hell was it using?


Ken was in no way prepared to face the viral Machinedramon that whirred away in subdued rage, plugged in to thick bundles of wires that ran from all around the engine room. Between it's legs, an old terminal that Ken once had created to access the ship's source code. The metallic skin of the mega-level Digimon shimmered with static, giving Ken the uneasy feeling that instead of being infected, it had been created through a massive pile-up of the virus code. There was no doubt in his mind that if he could get to that terminal, he could change it. So could he just, erase the Machinedramon...?


He held up his digivice, hoping for the best. A few wispy tendrils of static peeled off the Machinedramon's body, but not without the beast noticing. Suddenly that subdued rage became a much more violent one. Deleting this guy wasn't going to be so simple.


Ken went cold, hoping that he even lived to see it done. He could really use a hand...!

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With a well place head butt from the Emperor, Davis released his grip on his captive and grabbed his nose. He could feel the blood beginning to trickle down his lip, and taste the coppery liquid in his mouth. Well, at least he had real blood to taste. 


The Kaiser was scrambling to get to the control panel, probably to command his minions to attack Ken when he was most vulnerable. Not about to let this happen, Davis crawled a few feet, one hand still on his nose, and grabbed the boy's discarded weapon of choice from the ground. With two rotations over his head, he snapped the whip across the boy's back, causing him to fall to his knees with a satisfying cry of pain. The Emperor glared back at him and hissed, his body shaking with anger, "I don't have time to deal with you." He picked himself back up again closed the rest of the distance between him and the control panel, pressing several buttons before Davis had a chance tackle him back to the ground.


"Motomiya!" The Kaiser was livid. It sounded like Davis had managed to successfully interrupt whatever command he had tried to input. "If you want me, all you have to do is ask. I am here for you, after all. Do you know how hard it was to get out of that loser's head? And now you want me gone?" Squirming under Davis, the Kaiser grabbed the goggle-head by the front of his vest, just like Ken had done moments ago. His eyes narrowed, "How dare you be so ungrateful." He pulled the boy in and captured his lips, and his breath, the Emperor quickly biting down hard on Davis' lower lip, causing Davis to wince in pain. Shocked and confused, Davis loosened his grip on the boy, allowing the taller one to knee the red-head hard in the stomach. Davis rolled off him and coughed loudly, trying hard to keep from vomiting. The Kaiser just fucking kissed him. Not that it had felt any different from when Ken did, but what the hell? Fuck this guy and his stupid mind tricks!


"Typical." The Kaiser spat, as he stepped over the hunched boy. He calmly clicked the last button to finish the sequence he had started, a reassuring beep chiming as the base's alarm system began to ring. "You've always been stupid, Motomiya. I've always thought that. And I can tell you with confidence, I still do." He turned to look down at his adversary, who was slowly starting to come back for another attack. The Kaiser was drawing his arm back to clobber Davis' face, when a humanoid bug came buzzing through the control room, smashing the Kaiser into the control panel behind him. "What the hell!?"


Davis stood up, holding his stomach with one hand and wiping the blood from his nose. "Good job, Stingmon!" The insect held its threat against the panel, the Kaiser groaning in rage. "Now finish him."


Stingmon peered over his shoulder, his claws still on the Emperor, "But Davis..."

"FINISH HIM!" Davis yelled, his body shaking. He didn't want to watch this either. Even though it wasn't Ken--it kind of was Ken. Just another one of the virus' sick mutations.


 The bug clenched its claws around the Emperor's throat, his bones cracking, his eyes going wide, grasping and gasping frantically at Stingmon's arms. He really did look alive. Like he actually cared to live. Like he had goals and aspirations and dreams and the sincere ability to love. But he didn't. There would be another one to replace him within minutes. He was just playing whatever heartstrings he could to make Davis call off the bug... Right? But he looked so real...


Davis turned his gaze down to the floor as Stingmon dropped the lifeless body to the floor. It slowly began to dissolve into pixels, leaving behind a small wisp of digital residue, before it was completely snuffed out.


"I... I'm sorry I asked you to do that, buddy." Davis put a hand on the Digimon's arm. "B... But he wasn't real. All right? You saved me. And Ken too."


"Davis!" Veemon shouted from the doorway. He had been keeping watch while his digivolved friend took care of the serious business. He had missed the uncomfortable display. He leapt into Davis' arms. "I missed you, Davis!" He sniffed lightly. "Why do you and Ken both smell like each other?" He was genuinely confused, and Davis was happy to leave it that way.

"Aahhhh. It's nice to see you too." Davis tried to reroute their conversation. There would be time to celebrate when they finally finished this mess. "We have to go help Ken, all right? He's in the engine room trying to shut this place down, but with the alarms going off, he needs our help more than anything." Stingmon and Veemon nodded in unison. "Let's digivolve to Exveemon!" In a flash of light, Veemon was replaced by his bigger self, Davis climbing hastily up the dragon's back and the three of them were off to help their friend.




They arrived to the engine room with only a few battles along the way, luckily being able to avoid most of the rookies they had encountered. The new Kaiser didn't have too many of the big Digimon in his possession yet, but mobs of rookies could be just as bad as dealing with a mega level. 


Ken was attempting to diffuse the giant Machinedramon with his Digivice, but it was obviously not doing the job. If anything, he was just agitating him to attack, and Ken was completely unarmed and unprepared. "Ken!" Davis shouted, as the groggy monster began to raise his arm for an attack. Sprinting, the boy rushed into Ken, sending them both two the ground as Exveemon and Stingmon held back the giant arm from crushing their partners. He felt the warmth he loved so much explode across their bodies as their Digimon began to fuse into Paildramon. He held Ken close, making sure that he was all right. Brushing back a strand of dark hair from the boy of kindness' face, Davis smiled with relief. "You're okay."


"How cute!" The new formed Kaiser boomed through the room. The pair looked up with disdain, the new boy forming from the static of Machinedramon's head, like Minerva from Jupiter's skull. It appeared that with each new reconstruction he grabbed more and more of the real Ken's traits. This time, they were the same, right down to the clothing. "You've angered my pet. You really don't want to see him angry." The Digimon roared as it made another swipe, this time bringing down Paildramon, but luckily, not for good.


"Yeah, well you don't want to see ours angry either!" Davis shouted back. With a bright flash of light, causing the lot of them to cover their eyes briefly, Imperialdramon fighting mode stood before its enemy, ready to end this nightmare once and for all.

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Ah, Ken was... fine? He looked up into Davis's eyes, staring dumbly as a blush grew across his cheeks. He was so handsome when he played the chivalrous knight...


Oh, right, the Machinedramon. No wonder he was snuggling against Davis on a whole new level; his urge to digivolve had only been subconscious since he was busy hitting the floor under Davis's weight at the time. He almost hadn't noticed that they were entangled, since he felt so in sync with Davis all the time now. He held on to Davis's shoulder as he tried to pull himself up to sitting, watching their fused partners give Machinedramon all they had.


"Don't hold back, Imperialdramon!" Ken shouted, ignoring the new emperor for now. If he was lucky, Imperialdramon would know to blow that pimple of a man off Machinedramon's cranium. But maybe the big guy was a bigger priority.


Machinedramon's low roar resonated at the base of Ken's hearing. It was deep, yet loud enough that the whole room shook dangerously around them. Visions of his unstable base threatening to explode crossed his memory, leaving him with tremors in his legs. No, they'd take care of this issue completely. Ken didn't want so much as a shred of proof that this ever happened-- for everyone's sake. It was bad enough that they'd all go on to remember it.


"Positron Laser!" Imperialdramon shouted, with the cannon on his arm glowing with a bright white light before blasting into the Machinedramon's thick, metallic skin. It bored in deep, melting away the monster's shoulder and disintegrating the rest until his arm trembled and collapsed to the machine room floor. Most terrifyingly, it thrashed around even separate from its body. It was all live virus...


"Keep blowing him up!" Ken urged, seeing more static start to free itself from the monster's body every time it was injured. Ken could vacuum that up no problem, much easier than trying to suck the monstrous machine's body apart.


"Pathetic." The Kaiser sighed, leaping from the Machinedramon to the platform Ken and Davis were on. He cracked his whip at their feet, just there to demand attention. "You think your old trick can stop Machinedramon?"


The beastial machine gave a shrieking boom, the cannons on its back returning fire right to Imperialdramon's chest. The close quarters were going to make this battle tough for everyone, but Ken had faith. Imperialdramon had the best advantage, being so small and nimble. With no lacking for power.


Imperialdramon took another chunk out of Machinedramon's leg, and Ken held up his digivice to start the next download. Thick static poured right on in, not stopping for anything-- except when the Emperor slashed a whip strike at Ken's hand.


"Ow!" Ken dropped his digivice and held the readily forming red gash at the back of his hand. Some blood welled up where the whip had struck the skin away. "Would it kill you to leave us alone?"


"Well, troublemakers, it seems it very well might. Now stay down!"

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The best thing the pair could do now was to take care of the Kaiser while their partners did their part with Machinedramon. Even if it meant taking a whip to the face. But how could they distract a virus? Especially a virus that kept coming back? Davis needed to pull him away so Ken could focus on reversing the code, and get to the control panel when it came available.


"You know," Davis said, standing up and stumbling slightly to his left, trying to put distance between himself and Ken. "You haven't really told us how you got here." He locked eyes with the Kaiser, the boy's eyes dark and intense. The worst part was that no part of him looked lifeless.


"He wanted me here."


"No, I know that, dummy." He took a few steps further back and to the side. The Kaiser took one step toward him, their eyes still locked. "But how how did a piece of shit like you come to exist?"


The Kaiser snapped the ends of his whip between his hands, and snarled. "Come again?"


"Well you know, Ken is just such a nice guy and well... Isn't a total fucking idiot asshole like you are, so I think it's a pretty good question." He was further back now. "It's just really funny how you think you can beat us." He smirked, a chuckle breaking through before the Kaiser had taken several steps toward him and cracked the whip across his chest. His vest sliced open, making a plume of feathers flutter out and drift away in the commotion of the engine room. "Oh shit! He's a big man now!" He stuck out his tongue as he readied for an attack--either coming from him or from the Emperor.


Davis knew one thing, and one thing very well. Ken was stubborn. And the Emperor was extraordinarily proud. Call him a stupid ass that was going to fail and boom!--attention granted.


The Emperor made the attack. Charging forward, he landed a strong jab onto Davis' jaw, sending him somersaulting backwards over a pile of cables, and landing him hard on his back. Good. The further away from Ken the better. Honestly, he was surprised this was even working. The Kaiser stood over him, one foot next to the right of Davis' chest, the other stamping down onto his left wrist. Davis screamed as he felt something snap. Okay. This was turning out less good. Bending over to practically sit on his stomach, the Kaiser jabbed the end of his whip into the boy's face. "We always had a back up plan. We always dreamed about coming back--he just forgot. We made the virus together back when we were strong, back when we were one." He kneeled now on Davis, his one knee pinning the injured wrist while the other pressed all his weight onto the goggle-head's chest. Davis whimpered. "Then it just got... Lost." He released another punch on the boy's face, his eyes filled with an overwhelming hatred. "But all it took was a little darkness, right? Then I came back, piece by piece, re-imagining and rewriting every little line of code we wrote together. I could be my own man." He grabbed the sides of Davis' face, bringing his lips dangerously close to the boy's. A deep laugh escaped him as he reeled back on Davis, causing the boy below him to gasp out. "It's funny really! How you were the reason why I disappeared, and now you're the reason why I'm back!"


"C... Cool... Story..." Davis choked, the weight on him making it hard for him to move or say much more.


The Kaiser was anything but amused. He grabbed the boy by the throat and held tight. Davis gasped, trying to pry the boy off him with his one free but overall helpless arm. "You scum." The taller boy's eyes bore into him, his features which were supposed to delicate and loving were filled with so much contempt and rage and... Davis started crying, his throat on fire, the look on Ken's face killing him more than the air that failed to fill his lungs. "You will not win. Not this time. I will live!"


Just as Davis was starting to lose consciousness, the Emperor's grip loosened, the goggle-head gasping loudly to obtain oxygen back into his body. The Kaiser noticed what was happening too, his eyes going wide, his weight sliding off the side of Davis, one leg still hanging over the boy, as he stared in horror at his hands.


Ken had done it.


"What... No..." Pixel by pixel, one little bit of color at a time spun and disappeared. He held his arms out, watching them with disbelief and anxiety as the wave of degeneration slowly ate him alive.


"He doesn't... Need you... He never did..." Davis coughed, pushing the boy off him with his good arm and kicking some distance between the two of them.


The Emperor looked up at Davis, Ken's terrified face look back at him. He looked real. He really did look like he might have had tender dreams he woke up to every morning. Deep down, he probably really wanted to just live. The only way he could was through the virus, through cruel intentions, and through despicable actions. Davis covered his mouth, the tears having never really stopped running down his face, as he watched his friend die for the third time in a span of a couple of hours. This was just so much worse, though.


"Davis..." The Kaiser pleaded, using his most hated foe's first name for the first time, his eyes welling up with tears too. He knew he had lost. Ken had really done it this time, whatever he had done. Every kilobyte of him was being deleted, reconfigured, and cleansed. "Davis... No. I couldn't lose. No..." His body became unstable, his back arching, a haunting scream of static bleeding through his skin. He fell back onto the metal floor, his body dispersing in a thick fog of colors, until there was nothing left.


Davis breathed heavily, his heart racing, his body and wrist in pain. He blinked, trying to erase the images of Ken's primal anger and fear. It shook him. It shook him so far and so deep that he just curled into a ball, the tears failing to come at all anymore, the images of his friend in situations he should never had to experience haunting him behind his eyelids.


All he wanted to do was live...

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There was nothing Ken wanted more than to pull the umpteenth clone of the emperor off his boyfriend and make him generate his umpteenth+1. He didn't care how cyclical and futile the scenario would be, him punching a hole through the Kaiser's face, waiting for him to come back, and doing it again. He burned at the thought of leaving Davis back there to be beat upon by this unempathetic program with every touch of knowledge it needed to get into Davis's head. The virus would fuck with Davis's skull, Ken knew that. The virus would break Davis's bones, it had the strength. Ken's price of perfection had always been the strain with which he restrained his urges to use it for evil. For a long time, it had gotten the better of him. Now as Ken overpowered his every urge to physically abuse the digital monster punching his partner to meat, he powered towards the console at the center of the room, about to take the better of his darkness.


No more of this shit.


Machinedramon was falling to bits, though not without it's respectable toll on their partners. Imperialdramon struggled through exhaustion to give Ken the opening he needed to get close to the mechanical beast without being obliterated on the spot. Ken's fingers hit the keys, even as he heard Imperialdramon groaning in pain over his shoulder. Hold on tight, guys! Ken urged with his heart, knowing not a damn thing could be heard over the raging battle just above him. Just a few minutes, that's all I need.


Code flew by with fluency. Ken spoke to computers better than he spoke to people sometimes, and the virus was, after all, his age-old construct. Even for the amount of AI it had mutated with, it was 11-year-old Ken's code. 18-year-old Ken could decipher it like a first grade primer. A change here, and there, and the code would delete itself as it iterated. The Emperor would literally unwrite himself. Finally, all that would be left was the real Ken.


Who went rushing in tears to Davis, the last parts of Machinedramon dissolving like fireflies in the sky. He fizzled away, his roar falling deaf to the room, and Wormmon and Veemon fell back down to earth in their rookie forms. Ken felt bad, but he had to run past them. He fell to his knees and slid the rest of the way to Davis (he'd been running that fast) who he gathered like a ripped doily in his arms. He was fragile, he was so breakable right now. But maybe seeing Ken alive and well would help those images wipe from his brain.


Ken had to deal with the reality of his actual, broken boyfriend.


"What did he do to you?" Ken couldn't believe the damage Davis had let him inflict. Couldn't he have gotten out of there a little more... intact? Instantly Davis seemed to be wincing in pain with anything involving his wrist, which, as Ken noted, was a new shade of purple. And his poor vest... at least that would repair itself upon reentry to the digital world. Ken pressed a kiss on Davis's lips with an agonized sigh, wondering how many of these injuries were inflicted while he was writing that extra line of code into his program.


"Poor thing..." The gentle yet distinct voice of Ken came from... behind him. Standing there in his classic grey uniform, a Ken was holding up the worn-out Wormmon in his arms and rubbing his head. Veemon followed along with them until he could run to Davis. Not that he'd noticed before getting back to Davis that there were suddenly two normal Kens.


"Ah..." Ken smiled at his clone, glad to see Wormmon getting some much-needed attention. He locked eyes with the new Ken, who in return smiled and offered Wormmon over.


"Thank you." Program-Ken beamed, as innocent and sweet-faced as Ken had been when he was first free of that dark spore. "Thank you for this chance."


Rather than just delete the Emperor, which seemed like a tremendous waste of a lengthy code, Ken had made him rewrite himself. After all, if a perfect copy of evil Ken could exist, why not let a copy of the real thing have a try? And with Ken personally deleting all his flaws, the digital world would do much better with this new digital entity treating it with respect. Maybe it was more trouble than he should've gone through... maybe it was creepy letting a clone of himself live on in the digital world. But what were their digimon, if not code? Deleting the Emperor outright would have been...


"I think I'm going to spend some time at the digi-nursery. I've heard they could always use a hand looking over the eggs." Program-Ken smiled.


"I think that's a great idea. Hey... want to help us get Davis back to a gate? I have a feeling we shouldn't be in this base any longer than we have to anymore..."

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Davis felt Ken's arms around him, his tension slowly melting away as he felt the affection hit his lips. He opened his eyes, wincing slightly at what he might see on the other end. Yes, it was his Ken. They had done it. He himself might be worse for wear, his plan not going entirely according to how he had anticipated, but at least everything was fine. Ken was holding him--protecting him. They did an awfully good job of sacrificing a lot for each other. It was no wonder they ended up this way.


Davis glared up at the new Ken, receding deep into his boyfriend's chest. "He's..." the boy croaked. Did he have double vision? Wasn't he gone? Why couldn't there just be one? No, he was dressed different... In Ken's old school outfit. His eyes gentle. His mannerisms kind. "Why...?" His head was spinning, the pain in his wrist, chest, face, nose, mind--fucking everything--making it difficult for him to keep his eyes open. His head dropped against Ken's shoulder, exhaustion overcoming him.


"Come on, Davis." Veemon urged. The Digimon poked the boy's shoulder, not being able to understand the hell Ken and Davis had been experiencing. "We have to leave."


Another gentle arm wrapped around him, Program-Ken helping Real-Ken to pick up Davis to stand on wobbly legs. Their eyes met briefly, but the awakened program looked away shyly. "I'm sorry, Davis... For all that I did to you and your partners." A blush crept across his pale skin, "But thank you, too."


"Ahh~?" The sound came out involuntarily, his legs being dragged across the floor before he finally took control of them. They were moving now. They had to leave the base. Ken had solved the problem by making the malignant into benign, but everything else was collateral that needed to disappear. The base needed to be destroyed, the Digimon set free, and the hostage retrieved--not necessarily in that order. After that, Ken's clone could go on and live while the real Ken could live his new one. Things were going to be good.




The group traversed  the base, the alarm still ringing, but the Digimon still residing in their pens. It was clear that they had all expelled the virus when Ken had rewritten the code. They were crying out to be freed, a plead that Program-Ken was very eager to grant. He stopped them near an exit, placing a gentle hand on both Ken and Davis' arms. "I'll take care of everything from here. You'll both wake up in the real world as if nothing ever happened. I'm stronger now, Ken. I... can forgive myself and..." His eyes sunk to the ground. "I'll protect the Digital World for us." A tender smile softened his face, "Just don't forget to visit." He squeezed their arms, and then ran off to complete his task, leaving the pair and their partners to escape the rest of the way.


Davis was regaining some of his strength, though he still was in a great amount of pain. "Veemon, just one more bit of strength for us, buddy. Get us out of here, Raidramon." He leaned on Raidramon as the Digimon formed next to him, Ken pulling them both onto the monster's back. They leapt out of the base and landed on the soft grass below. Raidramon ran for several yards before he began slowing down, the energy consumption being too much for all the work he had done. The group slowly slumped to the ground as the Digimon devolved, Davis falling back into Ken's arms while Veemon and Wormmon tumbled exhausted down a shallow hill.


Davis sighed, nestling his face into Ken's neck, the weight of everything hitting him again. They needed to go home. He needed to get his wrist checked out. He need a good night's sleep. He needed a lot of things. But not as much as he needed Ken, and going back home would mean being separated. The pain resonating in his body couldn't compare to the pang that appeared when he thought of that. Not after what they had just been through. "I don't ever want to see you like that again." He said weakly, remembering the raw emotions the Emperor had showed him so many times in the past few days. "I want you. I want..." He clung to the boy, afraid that he'd melt away from him like the virus. Like he'd have to watch him die again. "I want you to be happy..." 

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"I am happy, Davis."


Ken cooed into Davis's mess of red hair, his arms around him like he was just a stuffed animal or security blanket to keep close. If Davis weren't injured, they might have been better off staying here like this. Just sleeping the day away in the Digital World. It was already morning, though Ken quickly realized he didn't have a good grasp on how long they'd been inside the base either. It was no wonder they were totally exhausted...


After twenty minutes of just sitting there, gathering up enough strength to make it to an exit, Ken's clone reappeared helping his roommate and the little Demiveemon get out with the rest of the group. Ken tugged Davis to his feet, and slowly, they made their way to a TV.


"Listen, Davis. Go to a hospital, alright? And I'll come visit this weekend. I swear, I'll get on a train right after class on Friday. So your wrist has to be good enough to make those noodles for me, alright? It's only a few days... we'll make it." Ken sighed and kissed Davis in parting. He almost wanted to throw his D-3 through the TV, rather than have to part.


His roommate looked away awkwardly, and Ken opened the gate.



Ken's latter half of his week turned quickly into hell, and his roommate was about as appreciative as Ken expected he'd be. The two of them had a tremendous amount of schoolwork to make up, and Ken was crawling onto that train at the end of the week. At least he'd get away from his roommate's inability to quietly blame Ken for all his problems. He'd get over it soon... hopefully.


But this was Davis weekend. Hopefully the first in a long line of weekends where he went and spent time with his new boyfriend, and he would get delicious food, and Davis's company, and a break from reality, and, well, maybe something else besides. Ken met up with Davis right at the train station platform, hugging the shit out of him and then looking nervously at the bandaging over Davis's wrist.


"So how bad was it? A doctor took a look at it right? A good doctor?" Ken didn't want anybody less than an expert to be messing up a thing on Davis. He touched Davis's face, taking his cheeks with his fingertips and tilting it around to look at him. Good. His digital dark side knew not to permanently mess up Davis's face. He wished they weren't in public, since Ken was fighting his urges to hug Davis any longer, or worse, kiss him. Or even benignly hold his hand as they walked away from the trains... that was the trouble these days. It just meant he'd have to express himself more openly once they got behind closed doors...

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How could time pass so slowly?Like, Davis never ever remembered time taking this long. Every minute, literally, was like seven minutes. He was living reverse dog years. Now Ken's train was to arrive in three minutes, and he was getting antsy. He placed the textbook he had on his lap back into his backpack. His attempt to catch up on his first week of schoolwork being a bust as all he could do was watch the clock on the marquee.


Things were already going well between the two. The recent conflict in the Digital World finally sealed their fate together. They had talked every night this week, even if it was for a few moments, chatting quickly about their day and hurriedly expressing their affections. It felt refreshing to have a good friend again, especially in a time of great personal change. Ken even understood his fears of growing up. It comforted him--made him feel like he could take on the world with no fears at all. He never had lost that courageous boy inside him after all.


And of course, it was exciting to be in a relationship. Especially in one with his best friend.


Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he stood up, the train arriving and coming to a complete stop before him. Several people flooded out of the train, until finally he caught Ken's lean figure. He shouldered his backpack and jogged--trying not to look too excited--and gave the boy a tight hug. It was returned with equal enthusiasm.


Davis stood back and looked at his cast covered wrist. "Oh, it wasn't anything too serious. Just some minor fractures. Makes it hard to even put on my fucking pants, though. Sucks." He looked up at his friend and smiled. "But don't worry. This gimp suffered through hours of hell to make you something delicious for tonight. You must be special or something." He placed a quick peck on the boy's cheek, so quick that he'd find it hard to believe anybody else could see, the public display of affection grabbing the exact reaction he had wanted from his boyfriend. A deep shade of red had crossed his face, and Davis laughed softly. "Come on, let's get home."


By some stroke of luck, they had planned the weekend to stay at Davis' apartment. His dorm hadn't the best amenities in terms of cooking, or sharing a romantic evening for that matter, so it was fortunate that Jun was away at her own schooling and his parents were out on vacation with each other. He had returned home the night prior to start preparing for the night's meal, knowing that it would take him nearly triple the time to complete tasks with his broken wrist. But he was just as stubborn as Ken was, and he persevered. All that had to be done was cook up the pieces and slap them together.


They arrived to the house, Davis opening up the door and peaking around, making sure that his family hadn't gotten the idea to return for a forgotten toothbrush or something stupid like that. The coast was clear, just like it would be for the rest of the weekend. He coaxed Ken in with him. "Home sweet home! It's only been a week and I already miss this place." He dropped his book bag next to the door and slipped of his shoes. As soon as Ken had done the same, he quickly pushed the boy softly to the wall and kissed him, the fingers on his good hand entangling with the other's, their mouths working against each other as if they had been without each other for months. Years. An eternity. He parted from the boy, running his hands down Ken's sides until they rested on his hips, and smiled. "Sorry. You have no idea how many times I could have done that to you on the walk here." Honestly, Davis was pretty sure Ken knew. He probably was suffering from the same urges.


"But!" Davis started, as he walked over to the fridge to pull out the ingredients he had prepared and placing them on the counter. "We can't have dessert until we have dinner, right?"



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Oh, what, they had to stop? Ken blushed with how flustered he was from one-- albeit passionate-- kiss. Somewhere in the stupid part of his brain he thought he could restrain himself with discipline for these past couple days, but his intense focus in trying to quell his body's urges was mostly spent thinking about Davis and, well, there went that. That kiss broke the flood gates, and now Ken was audibly groaning when he heard he'd have to wait until after dinner to get a real piece of Davis.


"You're evil." Ken sighed with a smile, coming over to the counter and watching Davis cook over his shoulder. He tried not to be intrusive, but any time Davis started working in the same place for too long, Ken would come up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist. "I missed you..." The coy tone only sounded seductive out of Ken's lips. How could Davis keep him waiting for even a day? Didn't he know how much Ken needed him?


"I'm seriously hungry." Ken kissed Davis's ear. Wait, did he mean the noodles, or the dessert...?


Finally he had to pry himself free of Davis long enough to eat. Of course, Davis's food was too delicious to even power through to get to the chef himself. The food alone was enough to bring a blush to his face, warm from the savory taste of the broth and all the memories it brought with it. Every bowl of soup he'd ever tried from Davis, and some better than others. Ken wished he'd just open up the noodle cart already... maybe he could patrol it closer to campus?


"You're still amazing, Motomiya." Ken grinned and slurped more noodles into his mouth. The soup was rich with thin cuts of meat, bright green onions, and fresh cabbage. Totally perfect. The genius boy caught himself staring at Davis as he downed his own soup, glad to see him enjoying something more than those awful instant noodles in the Digital World, and just interested in watching him slurp noodles up between his lips anyway. That was sort of...


Ken blushed and went back to his own food. But, soon enough, that was all gone.


"Well then..." Ken took a breath, shyly approaching the topic of the evening. " about that dessert you had planned?" Ken was pretty sure his heart had stopped beating, and would only start up again when Davis smiled deviously and dragged him into the bedroom.

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Amazing. As usual. Even with a fucked up wrist, Davis could still nail a good crock of noodles. His chest puffed out with pride as Ken took his first bite, reassuring the goggle-head that he had, indeed, gotten the seal of approval. "Thanks, Ichijouji. Not that I was worried you'd be disappointed." He took a mouth full of food, sucking in long strands of noodles so they snaked up and slapped broth onto his lips. He was trying to get a reaction out of Ken, probably one like, "Come on, Motomiya. Have some self-respect and act like a grown up." But it seemed to have stimulated a soft blush across his friend's face. Davis was almost disappointed until he realized why. He grinned back. What a bunch of typical boys. They only had one thing on their minds--and that was each other.


Davis hurriedly finished his dinner, dropping his bowl onto the table in front of him with a satisfied sigh, wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve. "Mmm. What about that dessert?" He smiled deviously, getting up from his seat and practically dragging his partner into his room, not bothering to close the door behind them. It was a good thing they both agreed to keep Veemon and Wormmon in the Digital World for a few days. They would have to do a lot of explaining to their monster partners if they had been caught doing what they were about to do.


Dropping to sit on the edge of the bed, Davis grabbed Ken to kneel on the edge, the boy's legs wrapped around his sides, as he took the other's lips into his. He held the boy's hips close to him with his good hand, carefully stroking Ken's back with the other. Just a week ago he would have never thought this would have happened. He'd never thought he'd be having sex. Hell, he never thought he'd even be kissing his best friend. But it didn't feel as odd as it sounded. Davis had done a lot of thinking since they returned from the Digital World--a dangerous and uncomfortable thing for him to do--and he realized that he had had thoughts like this about Ken before... He just dismissed them. They were wrong. Right? Nobody puts their tongue in their friend's mouths or sigh longingly at feeling their friend's hard-on grinding their stomach.


Eh. Davis figured more people should give it a shot. It was kinda awesome.


Davis broke the kiss briefly, moving the broken hand to tenderly brush a piece of hair out of Ken's face. He smiled, getting lost in those ocean eyes. The boy of kindness looked back at him, his eyes half lidded, a placid smile on his face as well. Davis had never seen him so... Content. So happy. "How could a beautiful genius like you fall for a twit like me." He initiated the kiss again, wrapping his arms tightly around the boy, and dropped back onto the bed. He wanted Ken in control. The bastard was far more dirty than he would have ever anticipated, and it made him very excited to see what he could do. Plus, having a bad hand made things so much more difficult. Of course, his first time would have to be hindered some how. But maybe expecting everything to be picture perfect, like something you'd see in a movie, was completely unrealistic. He was sadly aware that it was probably not going to be the only thing that would go wrong as they truly explored each other for the first time.


Luckily, Ken had taken the hint and took control. Davis squirmed under the boy's touch, under his intense lips, under the heat of his passion. He moaned as Ken propped up his legs slightly, grinding into his crotch as his boyfriend hungrily dominated his lips. He felt light, like he was experiencing everything outside of his body, or floating somewhere on a cloud, or that he was drifting away somewhere in a dreaming. He reacted to every touch and kiss automatically, his threshold for more rising when each internal switch was hit. Grabbing at the ends of Ken's button-up shirt, he tried in vain to pull it up over the boy, until he realized that it was... well... A button-up shirt. "Get it off...!" He breathed, desperate and frustrated that he wasn't getting the more right away. Well, there was the first un-picture perfect moment.


Ken complied, while also helping Davis out of his shirt. They began the groping and kissing again, as if nothing had interrupted them. He melted when Ken started to nibble and lick on his neck, long trails of saliva cooling his skin as it evaporated. Every soft touch of skin against skin making him arch and quiver and murmur softly for more. He just wanted to hold Ken forever. To feel his perfect skin against his. He sighed shakily as Ken licked a trail down his abdomen, and curled his fingers under the waist band of his shorts. "Ahhh~~" Words. Words were hard. "Ken..." Well, maybe not as hard as he was, apparently.


Davis couldn't help but gasp and blush a little as he continued to be undressed. With a 'zzzz' of the fly, Ken gently pulled the goggle-boy's shorts off, quickly followed by his boxers. Davis resisted the urge to cover himself. He knew he wasn't a bad looking dude. He was tan, fit, and slightly muscular thanks to playing lots of sports. But he'd never been naked in front of anybody. Well, unless anybody could count those times he used to run around the house naked when he was four, but every kid had that phase. So no, he didn't count it. And he certainly wasn't endowed back then either.


Ahh. What if Ken saw something he didn't like? Shit shit shit...


His hands had found themselves slightly obstructing his crotch, his mind following as it suddenly became very self-aware, the fog of sex drifting slowly out of his head as he looked into Ken's eyes. The gravity of exactly what they were doing hitting him. "Errr..." He was embarrassed, not really sure where to go from here. It wasn't a big deal, right? But like. This was it. This was it. Once they were both naked, which was bound to happen, then it would happen. What if he sucked? What if he wasn't big enough or what if he was just terrible at everything or said something weird or did something Ken hated and what if they just didn't fucking come?


It was so much easier battling a mega level Digimon than dealing with all these thoughts. He just wanted it to be perfect... Like Ken.

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Davis was... cute when he was nervous. Ken realized a long time ago that he got off seeing Davis vulnerable-- for a while it meant he was winning, which was always an amazing feeling. He got to be better than the best the DigiDestined had to throw at him. Even now, even when competition was not at the forefront of his mind, he found it endearing. Gosh, Davis, Ken had seen next to everything already, just not all at the same time.


Embarassed was not to be dismissed from reluctant though. Ken didn't want to smack Davis around just because he was desperate for cock and Davis would give it to him. Davis probably already had performance anxiety from falling flat when he last had a girl in Ken's position, and Ken in full honesty was not sure that him being a guy was helping the problem. But he was at least willing to even the battlefield a little. He backed off tenderly, kissing the knuckles on the hand that was just enough in his way that he didn't want to push it aside. He took hold of his own pants, snapping the button and zipping the fly, and with them pulled his pants and his underwear off completely.


Tall, slender, Ken even had a tempting little pinch to his waistline that begged for Davis's hands. He was every girl's ideal of pale without even trying, and with little but a curious look in his eyes he could be described as decidedly feminine by comparison to Davis. Except, of course, for his dick, which was standing eager for Davis's attention. He settled over Davis's thighs, their members touching along the length. He glanced down with a little smirk as he pulled them together in a firm stroke, then, like any boy, paused to see how they measured up.


Davis was bigger than him.


"Looks like I'm the one who gets to be jealous." Ken murmured, hoping the compliment and a flirty bat of the eyelashes was enough to get Davis's head out of the freak-out zone. 


"Of course, I don't have to be..." Ken stroked them both again, glad for his long fingers. He moaned warmly, with dark eyes bleeding into Davis. "...this is mine, now."


Ken scooted back, bending down so his face was again at Davis's hips. And Davis was the nervous one? Ken had nothing but imagination and the last dredges of human instinct he could muster up through his lofty mind. Maybe he should've spent more time watching pornography. Who knew Ken would ever actually... need it. Need to have sex. Ken? The two didn't seem to equate until this very moment, when he slipped his hot lips over Davis's cock.


Soft black hair bobbed up and down in waves as Ken treated the tip of Davis's length like the best lollipop he'd ever tasted. It was sort of amazing how much space it seemed to take up in his mouth, as Ken tried (mostly successfully) to keep his teeth from turning this into a horror story. Instead it was the attentive treatment of his soft tongue as it moved up and down the hardened flesh.


How could Davis be nervous about this?


Ken moaned, muffled purrs of enjoyment resonating from his throat and reverberating through Davis. One hand worked diligently at the base of the shaft where his mouth couldn't reach, but the other held tight onto Davis's hip.


And then, suddenly, he stopped.


He seemed almost pleased that he'd done it as he sat up, and crawled further over Davis so they were facing each other more properly.


"I really want to do it with you, Davis." Ken blushed. More embarrassing than having a cock in your mouth was admitting that you really, seriously wanted your best friend inside of you. Realizing that might not have been Davis's default assumption as well, Ken paused to stutter over his clarification as he pulled a condom, and a bottle of lube out of his overnight bag by the side of the bed.


"Would you... do me?" Ken didn't have the charisma to ask to be fucked, he wasn't romantic enough to want to make love, and "sex" just sounded too clinical. He supposed intercourse would be worse. He was sure Davis got the picture, though, as he ripped the top of the condom wrapper off with his teeth and slid the glove smoothly over Davis.

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Seeing Ken above him, naked and in need, calmed Davis a bit. At least they were both even now. Both of them exposed for the first time to each other in the physical sense--the last great barrier they had between each other. Davis smiled softly, putting his hands up to run two thumbs along the chiseled edges of the area where Ken's legs met his hips... Taking note that the boy's hips ever so slightly protruded outward, his skin smooth and unblemished, his body lacking much unsightly body hair... How did he do it? How did he just... Davis sighed as he felt his most sensitive organ touch his friend's, dragging fingernails across Ken's back as he felt hands that were not his own on him.


There was a great new dynamic between the two. Ken was the one that had the words, the snarky replies, the wonderful little quips. And Davis had... nothing. Just a blank mind. A mind that only wanted more. A mind that nearly broke as he felt Ken's mouth around his dick. Carefully, methodically, nnnnnngghh perfectly. How... How did he... Davis grabbed the bed sheets below him, gasping and moaning with every tongue flick, every light suck, every groan from Ken's mouth making his legs shake. He could feel it everywhere, the warm sensation, up his legs and through his arms, coming out of his fingertips as he tangled them into Ken's hair. It was like they were sharing a mind--that sweet enveloping comfort as he could hear Ken's heartbeat with his. He wanted to find words--words to entice, words to give thanks, words to persuade on... But Ken had literally sucked them out of him. For once, he was the quiet one in the relationship... Well, in terms of speaking. His moaning became louder, more frequent, his fingers now pulling on the boy's hair until it just...




"Wha..." Davis was dazed, his hips still moving as if he was still being sucked on. Oh, he missed the warmth already. The tingle of an on coming orgasm slipping out his shaking limbs, his breathing labored and dripping with desire. His eyes narrowed as he saw the two items that Ken had pulled out from his bag. This asshole just knew exactly what to do at all times, didn't he? He smiled wide, his teeth showing slightly. Davis tried to imagine Ken going to the drug store to pick up the bottle of lube and the box of condoms. Was he shy or confident about the purchase? Maybe a little bit of both? Would the clerk have guessed at all that the fragile, quiet boy was actually very quite good in bed? Davis certainly wouldn't have been able to guess it.


His face flushed a little when Ken asked him to... Uh... Fuck him. Davis knew this was where it was going to lead. They had been hinting (and not so hinting) at their intentions since they returned. But after that amazing blow job, he was feeling self conscious again. So what if he had the bigger cock? Ken had proved once again he was fucking good at everything... Including fucking! He sunk a little into the bed, feeling Ken wrap the condom around him. He was on stage again, expected to perform a role he had barely even practiced, on source material he had no fucking clue about. He suddenly wished he had spent some of the week doing some "research", but it was clear to him he wasn't interested in watching other guys have sex. He just wanted to have it with Ken.


"K-Ken..." he stammered, attempting to construct a full sentence for the first time since they landed on the bed. "I don't know..." His chocolate eyes met Ken's ocean ones, their need for each other apparent behind both sets of eyes. "I've never... What if..." Ken was hitting everything like a movie--he wasn't. Now he had to take the lead role. From the genius boy that always was rather superior to him--although they never tried to mention it too much. But what if he hurt him? What if he just...


Just do it, Motomiya. Stop acting like you don't want it. Who cares if you fuck up?


"Y-yes... Oh god yes," he pulled Ken down for a hot, uncontrolled kiss. Their mouths gapping and dipping and biting. He was going to show Ken. He was going to show him how it felt to be loved totally and completely. He was going to show him how needed he was. He was going to show just how unbelievably sexy and arousing and fucking perfect he was. There was just no other word for him, and it made him ecstatic that the boy on the other end of his lips was his--his boyfriend. His best friend. His partner.


Excited jitters overtook him, as he pulled the boy down completely on him and then rolled them both over so he took the dominate position. He sucked ferociously on his friend's neck, leaving red marks along his jugular. He licked a curly line up to his ear, flicking his earlobe, causing the pale boy to shudder. All the while, his hips rolled against the ones below him, their dicks rubbing against the other's abdomen, rousing soft whimpers from both. Finally, Davis found the courage he was known for underneath a tight bundle of uncontrollable need. Bringing his lips close, he whispered in a husky, lusty voice, "You're mine, Ichijouji." He situated himself between Ken's legs, resting his injured hand on one of the boy's knees, as he took a glob of lube and covered his protected member with it. He sat back and hoisted the boy's hips up, practically to sit on his cock, very similar to their time in the dirty cell. He felt Ken wrap his legs slightly around him, as he readied himself. He took a deep breath, looking at Ken, who he was pretty sure was lost somewhere in a dream world. Who knows? Maybe they both were. With his weak hand still on Ken's knee, and the other holding as much of Ken's weight as he could, he carefully slid himself into his lover.


Davis breathed out, air escaping him as if he has been stuck with a pin. It was so warm. And tight. And holy shit... Holy. Shit. Fucking. What. How. Just. Yessssss. He held the boy close, biting hard onto his soft shoulder, so hard that he was afraid he might chew a piece off. He moaned more as he got all of himself into the warmth, his body shaking and quivering with the intense sensation. "I fucking love you." He whimpered, pulling back to rest his forehead on his friend's, their eyes looking into each other. Ken looked... Uncomfortable, but not upset. "Are you okay?" Davis tried to reassure. He didn't want it to be unpleasant. He wanted Ken to enjoy this--more than him if anything. But he didn't know what he was doing, and he'd always heard the first time hurt... Not that he himself could tell. It felt like he had literally died and gone to heaven. Nothing had the right to feel this great.


Slowly, Davis began to thrust, each stroke causing him to groan deep into crook of Ken's neck. He could just hope that with a little bit of loving friction Ken would start to feel as good as he did.

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Ken absolutely adored keeping Davis so close. As if it were just an embrace, with Davis on top of him, and his arms and legs wrapped around the redhead's body to hold them together. Ken had never felt closer to another person in his life, and time and again, he knew if he couldn't share it with Davis, he couldn't share it with anybody. And there was nothing he wouldn't share with Davis, including his first time.


He couldn't help but wince as Davis entered-- honestly, did anyone take that easily? It was slippery enough, but still slid inside him with a sort of erotic pain as it filled him in. Not that Ken knew really what he was expecting to feel-- all he'd given it was a quick google search to find out what to buy for tonight. Anal sex was great, people did it and loved it; anal sex hurt like a bitch, and there was a forum out there for angry girlfriends who resented it. A few google hits were insufficient data, basically.


Ken's arm curled up against Davis's back, his fingers delicately scratching the skin as his fingers curled. Mmm... as Davis started to move, his own cock got caught in the friction between their bodies. The root of his body swirled with needy feeling, getting more excited the further inside Davis was. And as he went, the pressure that Davis's huge thing was exerting on his sensitive prostate...ah! Yes, Ken Ichijoji understood why people got off to this.


He certainly was.


"Ah, Davis yes!" Ken nuzzled his head to the side, rubbing cheeks with Davis until he couldn't stand it and snatched his face for a kiss. He wanted that tongue as deep into his mouth as Davis's dick was inside of him. Ken could suspend the logical limits of physics long enough to groan with pleasure at the thought of it. He moved his hips in time with each thrust, grinding into Davis like it was so natural. What the hell had this boy done to him?


Even with a bad wrist, Davis commanded quite the control over Ken. What else could it be called, resting his weight on him like that, moving his hips like a wild animal? It was beastly, which was what made Ken need it so badly. A control freak had no darker fantasy than to be controlled. Here he was, polished and perfect and made to be put on a shelf, and Davis, a noodle-slinging knucklehead, came in and showed him how to be human. He really had.


"More." Ken commanded with a velvet moan and a lick to Davis's ear. His lips sucked on the lobe of it, before his tongue went at the folds of it like a maze he was desperate to solve. "C'mon, Motomiya, give me everything you've got..." Ken purred before his pleasured moans interrupted him. "I think I'm almost--ah!"


With so much warning, Ken came across Davis's abdomen and his own, the pearly goo smearing a mess that they couldn't avoid sharing either. Ah, well, there was one good reason Ken had opted for bottom. Davis probably had better stamina... though who could say, with this being his first time snuggled inside a body. Not that Ken would mind if he never left.

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Watching Ken in his various shades of ecstasy probably had to be Davis' favorite part of it all. He had moved Ken onto his back, unable to keep up his awkward position for very long (he was new to this, so obviously he would have no idea what felt right), leaning over the pretty boy, his one good arm propping him up and being the fulcrum for his thrusting. He watched Ken. The boy's eyes were shut tight, as if he was thinking very hard about something. Then his mouth fell slightly ajar, a chorus of soft and low and high and deep--sometimes, somehow, all at the same time--moans escaped from him with every new motion of their hips. His head rolling back, his dark hair decorating his face, damp and stringy from the thin sheet of sweat the covered his brow. And when he managed to open his eyes for a brief moment to look back... To beg him for more?




"Of course..." That was it? Nothing witty or sexy? Just, yeah, sure. More. But all he could think of was how close they were, the dampness of their skin making Davis clammy and a little uncomfortable, but it didn't matter. It like, really, really didn't matter. He was too fevered--boiling into a trance of unrelenting passion. Everything just felt so good. And Ken wanted more. As if there were anymore room for any kind of emotion or feeling to fill his body, a swell of pride managed to find its way in. He was all right at this, wasn't he? It was just sex, after all. He got this.


They locked in a deep kiss, their tongues fighting each other, Davis trying to keep Ken in check with well placed and powerful thrusts. Every one made his partner almost squeak, each noise turning into a melodic noise of passion. He could feel Ken's dick sliding across his abdomen, the boy playing now with his sensitive earlobe, making Davis want more and faster and faster and harder and... He watched as Ken's face contorted, eyes shut so tight, his white teeth clenching, then relaxing, and clenching again. His nostrils flaring as he moaned deep and long and uncontrollable, his legs wrapping tight around Davis' waist. Davis could feel now that Ken had released himself, and he had seen his friend actually orgasm.


Yeah. He was pretty proud.


He bent down and kissed Ken, the boy being too distracted by the orgasm to respond. Davis himself was so close, and seeing Ken in this vulnerable and placid state drove him crazy. Continuing for a few more minutes, the spent boy beneath him moaning in dreamy sedated state, until Davis felt himself reach his limit. He swore he could see stars behind his eyelids, his whole body exploding with the warm and draining sensation. He moved mindlessly for several moments, himself crying out sounds of pleasure, until he finally removed himself from Ken and slump to the boy's side, wrapping a lazy arm around the boy's chest. He snuggled close, breathing heavily but contently into Ken's ear.


Well. They did it. And they enjoyed it too. Mission accomplished.


"Ken... You're... I like you." He squeezed the boy and kissed him lightly on the cheek. They laid there for several minutes, enjoying each other's closeness, their heat radiating off of them so thick Davis swore he could see the thermal waves in the air. Their breathing was shallow and loud. One's leg twitched, another's arm twitched, the sensation of their first sexual encounter jostling around in them even minutes after they had be fulfilled.


Finally mustering the energy to sit up, Davis removed the spent condom from himself and threw it in the waste bin. He took his used shirt and cleaned up Ken and his abdomen from the taller boy's mess, smiling contently at how much the boy had come. He laid back down, wrapping one leg around Ken's, and holding him close. He couldn't have imagined this going any better. He was pretty sure it was the best first time in recorded history. He sighed, his head filled with love and sex and happiness and pride and tender thoughts of the future.


A week ago they were thrown into the world of grown ups. Davis had been scared, a feeling he was not well acquainted with, and shockingly lonely. When he was called back to the Digital World it was a pleasant break from the stress, allowing him to dive into a familiarity of self. Never would he have guessed that he would have run into Ken again, and during the time, realize just how much he needed the boy in his life. And how much the boy had needed him in return. He nuzzled his nose into Ken's soft hair, smelling his shampoo mixed with the sour scent of sex. All it took was a few days of raw emotions, self discovery, and friendship bent across hot coils...


They came out on top. They came out as best friends. They came out as victors. But most unexpectedly, they came out as lovers.


It's what they needed. It's what they had always needed. Together was where they belonged, and this was proof enough that nothing--nothing--could get in their way. No Digimon. No personal demons. No changing times or self-doubt. No amount of miles or minutes could keep them away.


Together. Forever.


Davis closed his eyes and placed his broken hand over Ken's chest. He felt their love soaked hearts beating in rhythmic time, soothing him into the most comfortable slumber.

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