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NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

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You, an angel, have been sent from your home into the mortal plane, your wings do not carry you in this plane, though your powers are vast. The great divine has informed you that an Arch Demon has been born and in order to ensure the future for humanity you must slay it and send it's vile soul to hell. 


But things don't go as planned, the demon you are meant to kill is in fact a demoness, and the vision you see before you screams demon, but something isn't right, as you strike to kill her she whispers to you, tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't contain it...." Something compels you to seek answers before slaying her. 


For universe think like InuYasha, demons are a common thing, people have magical abilities, but angels are not a normal occurrence, kinda like Supernatural in that regard. 



The story is that this demoness is carrying something much darker and far more evil than herself, it is something that not even hell knows how to handle, and somehow it escaped into the mortal world. It wreaked havoc upon her home and the things she loved and knowing no other way to handle it, she took it into herself, trying to use her very soul to devour it. She failed, it easily takes control of her body and forces her to do things that are even too heinous for her to commit. 


Much like in InuYasha not all demons are evil, she most certainly is not as you will learn, however, supposedly Arch Demons reach their status by committing vile crimes and reaching new highs of power. She reached this status by a joint effort of this darkness forcing her body to do evil things and simply from trying to combat something so much stronger than herself. 


Yes, this is a romance, but the primary focus will be on this darkness, what it is, how to contain it or destroy it. There will be much drama as the characters must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice. Your character will struggle greatly with the idea of helping a demon, something he had been raised to believe was a vile creature that should be destroy and here he was helping this one and even growing to like her company. 


Don't be afraid to ask questions if something doesn't line up for you. If you like the idea but hate the idea of playing an Angel, don't worry, it's not set in stone, we can talk it out and see what we can do. The only thing is I do need someone who uses white powers, it's essential to the steps that will be taken to resolve the darkness. 


We can chat here or you can message me on Skype - glassdaemon.

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