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It all started decades ago, when the Government saw it was losing its control on the people. Uprisings were occuring everywhere, riots were reported everyday on the news. No one really remembers why the revolts started, all they remember is what followed. The Government, desperate for a way to appease the seething masses, released a new idea. "We will create a new kind of human," they said. "A higher being, something no one has ever seen before." People were immidiately interested, despite the little detail they were given. After all, "higher being" could mean being turned into an angel, or someone with psychic powers. Some even went so far as to theorize the Government would give them the power of gods.


They could never have expected what would really happen.


Shortly after the Government released this idea, people began dissapearng at random by the millions. Lovers were seperated, families split apart in a moment. All of these abducted people, went somewhere known only as "The Lab". Families waited years for their loved ones to return, and when they did, they were horrified. The Government had turned half of the population into what they called "Higher Beings" but what the families called "freaks." Each person who had been abducted had been turned into some sort of hybrid human.


The most common were Anthros, people who could turn into animals. Most of the time, these people could turn at will, but a few couldn't control their trnasformations. All anthros retained at least a few of their animal traits even in human form. Some were as minor as cat ears appearing on their head, or as major as craving raw meat every second of the day.


Next were the Florea, people who had been infused with plants. Like the Anthros, they retained their humanoid body types, but had some sort of plant life growing on them. Some had flowers growing out of parts of their body, some had the abilitiy to turn their limbs into vines, and all of them retained a slightly green tint to their skin.


Third most common were the Mechas. These were people who had an alteration on their body not related to any sort of living creature. These alterations could have meant a limb was replaced with a stronger, metal arm that could crush bone, or it could have meant their skin had been turned transparent, and all of their organs and bones could be seen in their bodies. Mechas no longer needed to ingest food or water to survive, for if they did this the metal parts of their body would stop working. This does not make them invincible by any means, for they can still be killed and wounded.


The least common hybrids were the Elementals. They were also the most dangerous. Each Elemental had the ability to control a single element, such as ice, water, fire, or air. No Elements share the same power, and often times they cannot control their powers.


Millions of people were released from "The Lab" as one of these hybrids. They were treated as freaks, shunned to the outskirts of life.


Since the Government released their experiments, life hasn't been the same, for both the hybrids and the humans.


This is a story of survival.





It was midnight, and light flickered from a broken street lamp, momentarily illuminating the teenage girl who stood under it. Long black lashes framed black eyes that glinted with a sly inteligence, as if she were about to pick the money right out of your pocket. Midnight black hair fell down to her waist in loose waves, and her baggy clothes hid the slender, lithe body underneath.


She stood under the lamp pole, leaning against it as if casually waiting for someone to appear, when in reality, she was on guard. Here in the ghettos, one always had to be on guard. This was something Mayonaka Kuro had learned since she had been dropped in this God-forsaken dump. She had been one of the last people abducted by the Government, so her body was "better" than anthros before her. She supposed she should be grateful, after all, she had been infused with one of her favorite animals, a raven. Still, she hadn't quite gotten used to her new body. The feathers that grew along her forearms itched like crazy the majority of the time, and the ones growing between her knees and ankles weren't much better. And don't even get her started on flying. Wings were much more difficult to use than the old movies used to make them out to be.


Sighing, Mayonaka gazed up at the sky, partly because of boredom, and partly because she wanted to see the stars. She loved midnight, not just because it was her namesake, but because its the time when the stars are brightest. Gazing up at them, she could almost imagine a world where she wasn't part of some cruel plot by the Government, a world where she wasn't reduced to theivery and pillaging for her next meal, but mostly, a world where she wasn't always glared at like she was a bomb about to explode.


Screaming in frustration, she slammed her fist against the lamp post, causing it to flicker once more and then die out permanantly, and she was left in darkness.



(OOC: Hello anyone who actually took the time to read all of that haha, this is my first roleplay in a while so I'm a bit rusty. I appreciate any criticsm and pointers so please don't hesitate to tell me :) )

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[[OOC: I couldn't find a discussion thread for this, so I guess I'll just go ahead and jump in?]]

Click. Clack. Click. Splash. Click. 



"Motherfu..." She exclaimed with a sharp whisper. Who knows what's in this dirty ghetto puddle water! Bending over slightly to brush a rogue particle of puddle dirt from the left leg of her pantsuit, she cursed again at the splatter of muddy water which marred the delicate pinstripe fabric. I do not get compensated enough for this.

After indulging in her frustration for a few moments, she took a deep breath, regained her composure and returned to carefully meandering down the dimly lit sidewalk. Her movement was shaped by an air of haughty professionalism and wily perspicacity. Normally a high class woman who not be seen anywhere near these parts, whether from fear of attack or from embarrassment at even having any reason to be there. Unphased by social assumptions, she created a force field of confidence around herself that dared anyone to approach her. In her right hand she carried a stylishly slim black briefcase, smooth and shiny with a single clasp underneath the expertly crafted handle. Her grey suit, dark grey heels, and steel grey eyes were completed by the most mundane shade of medium-length blonde hair imaginable. She had it slicked back and tied into a tight bun. In every aspect of looks, she was fairly average and unremarkable, though notably fierce. Perhaps her smile would light up her angular face and paint her as pretty, but she rarely had a reason to do such a thing.  

In the event that anyone did accost this woman, she was fully prepared. Not only did she have sharpened blade hidden in her suit, but she had a far more dangerous weapon at her disposal: herself. Part of her confidence came from the fact that her body housed the ability to control any metallic materials located within her vicinity. That hidden blade could turn from a clumsy self-defense object into a high-speed metal spear with a mere thought. It had taken her years to master the particular mutation imposed upon her, and she took great effort to keep it a secret from the world, as well as her employer: the Government.

But she wasn't here on Government business. The Government, however overbearing and powerful it was, had holes in its advanced surveillance networks - this scraggly patch of urban decay was one of those holes. Away from the cameras, heat sensors, and guards that monitored a majority of the state, she was on a mission to explore the "dark" areas on the map.

What the Government didn't know was that when she was off the clock, she was working for a very different organization, and this dark area was the place that she needed to be in order to find what she was looking for.

As she walked, she observe a sudden decrease in light as a lamp on the opposite side of the intersection went out. Squinting, she noticed that a slim figure was perched against the lamp post. Goosebumps prickled up her arms. She muted her steps, quickened her pace, and approached the lamp post with silent calmness. 

Walking up from behind the stranger, she saw that it was what appeared to be young girl. The darkness obscured any details, but given her experience she was betting that this person was exactly what she suspected. She then maneuvered quietly and came around the front of the girl to face her.

"Good evening," her voice was smooth, professional, and well-practiced like a public radio host. She pulled a small, flat object out of her pocket and pressed a small button on it, which immediately illuminated the area with dim, soft light so that the girl could see her face. "I am Dr. Amelia Sadie. You may call me Dr. Sadie. Do you have a moment to discuss something that may be of interest to you?"


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The girl paused, looking up lazily under half closed eyes. She was uncomfortable in the light, and wanted more than anything to recede back into the shadows. But from the looks of this woman, that was not going to be possible. Her clothing was clean and unwrinkled, and Mayonaka noticed the way she held her head high despite the leers she got from occasional pedestrians. Sighing, Mayonaka decided she should humor this woman.


"It depends," she answered in a lazy drawl, as if she didn't care about anything the dcotor was about to say. "Not many things interest me." Ash she spoke, the girl itched the feathers on her left forearm through her hoddie, never breaking eye contact with the blonde haired woman. A thought suddenly crossed Mayonaka's mind, "What if she works for the Government?"


Immediately, the raven haired girl tensed up, a hand moving inconspicuously to her pocket, where a small knife lay hidden. She spoke again, but her tone was cold and hard.


"What do you really want?" She hissed, glaring at the gray suited woman.

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