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Raine Bell

Surreality Hotel (Coming Soon)

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Some time ago she had entered through the fragile grandiose glass doors. Time of being unused has taken its deadly toll on the building. Once a welcoming home, the hotel has decayed into ruins. Stepping around a pile of rubble near the old sign in desk she found a book lying there, decrepit and barely legible. As gentle as possible the visitor opened the book at the entry log and ran her fingers down the page. A distinct hand stood out to her. A slender finger traced the name in remembrance. Underneath her fingertips in faded ink lay her own name; Raine Bellereace. Her thoughts had swirled back to the day she first signed in. It was here that she met her closest friends. How long ago had that been? Months? Years? She could hardly remember anymore. Shaking the memories’ cobwebs from her mind’s eye Raine focused on the place in front of her.  It would take a bit of cleaning up if she planned to restore this building back to its original glory. She pulled her long wavy brown hair up into a delicate ballerina bun and started right at the information desk. A broom, dustpan and a rag had been waiting to be used it seemed. Working as diligently as she could to get things set she had come across several oddities, hotel keys to be exact. When her fingered brushed against the cool metals images of different lands clouded her mind. It had seemed that the hotel had its own way of improving as well. Now all that was left was the grand opening. 




Come one, come all, students and graduates alike. Enter into a world where fantasy and reality collide. This is a revamp of the S*T hotel for those of you who happen to remember. If you don’t remember it’s alright, if you never had the chance to join it’s ok, if you have no idea what I am babbling about we still encourage you to join us.


In my endeavors back to this particular memory lane I have encountered several artifacts; keys to be exact. These keys must have room keys for the hotel at one point but oddly none of them appear the same. What I did find out though is that these keys have gained a rather interesting power thanks to the magic of S*T that has preserved them and redesigned them. I have discovered that each key leads to a different dimension. The key you choose is completely up to you. By choosing your hotel key you are brought to a dimension based on your preferred style of rping. You will have a friendly scholar join you on your adventures. We are there to nudge you along, assist you when you are stuck, to simply play along with you and students we are there to help you graduate.


Sadly though as it may be this is a work in progress. Any and all ideas are welcome. Currently the room keys are as follows (images may be added either here or in the beginning post):


  • Clockwork key – steampunk/industrial
  • Keyblade – fantasy
  • Rusty key – historical
  • Housekey – reality/present day
  • Cybernetic key – sci-fi/mecha/futuristic
  • Destroyed key – apocalyptic

These are based more so on locations of where these genres may be placed than the content. Please let me know here or in PM if I have left any out or you are confused as to where a particular genre may go. Romance is allowed in all dimensions, battles are allowed in all dimensions, adventure/quests are allowed in all dimensions. All that I ask is that you remain courteous to your fellow members. I hope to see all of your RSVPs soon to the grand opening.

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