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Character Aesthetic Violence: Sono's Dolls

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I tend to reuse characters in different settings, so they're listed here by their "real" name and then the characters they play in the roleplays they're in.
shou haruna
typical scorpio. eurasian hapa. rock star with a velvet voice.

mirova [the pact]
mirova darkstalker [blood market]

the phantom assassin. grace of a wildcat.

alexis de ste-croix / apollo [pantheon]
luca bellini
the sun of his own universe. the sun of everyone else's, too. or else.
luca bellini [love bite]

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Name: Mirova
Stage of Life: Adult

Very tall, about six and a half feet, and leanly muscled, like a wildcat. His eyes have no white in them; they are pools of inky darkness, only broken up by the light reflecting off of them. His hair is just as black, silky and mostly straight, tapering down to just below his shoulder blades in length. His ears are pierced multiple places with heavy steel rings and decorated with chained cuffs.

Barely any of his pale skin shows; his nose and mouth are covered with a solid black mask that is etched in a strange decorative pattern. From his neck down he's covered in black, his tight-fitting leather bodysuit covering everything. On his torso, forearms, and legs, there are shining black armor-like plates in addition to the suit itself, reminiscent of a black scorpion. They're fastened on with leather belts and a heavy abundance of buckles. His gloves end in sharp, stinger-like claws, and his boots are much the same, possessing a high, stiletto heel that ends in a severe point. To top it off, he wears a tattered black cloak that hangs down his back like a cape and drapes around his neck thickly like a heavy scarf.

His voice is like dark velvet, and even from underneath his mask, it rings clear like crystal.

Feline and cold, but very easily angered when things don't go his way; he can be quite impatient with others, as he likes to do things in the way he feels is best. A control freak, in many ways. Prefers working independently, but will use others if he must. He trusts very few people and comes off as quite aloof, even snobby and cruel due to his distance.

Mirova was once a skilled archer, teaching the practice as an art, rather than a necessary survival skill. His entire life revolved around his keen sight, but he abandoned his beautiful but useless art in exchange for something more practical. He made a pact with a spirit beast called Khairos, but sacrificed his eyesight in the process. It took him years to learn to function again as a blind elf, but over that time, he also bonded with Khairos and learned to rely on him. Though he lost his sight, he lost none of his agility or elegance, something that Khairos also possesses.

In exchange for his eyesight, Mirova made a pact with a dark creature only known as Khairos. Khairos is a dark beast, a cross between dragon and scorpion. His armored body is sleek and black, slim and snakelike. His tail is a scorpion's, upturned and ending in a lethal stinger. His head is pointed with two twisted horns protruding from the top, and his eyes glow an unearthly violet. His size is comparable to a horse. [similar Reference]

Khairos is Mirova's set of eyes. Briefly, the two can connect and Mirova can "see" what Khairos is seeing. This is physically and mentally exhausting, however, so it's taken them some time to build this trust and ability between them.
Both have the ability to shadowmeld: to stealth into the shadows and lurk silently, making Mirova and Khairos great at the art of ambush. (To be clear, Mirova would be unable to do this if Khairos was in some way disabled or too far from him.)
Mirova uses a set of dark-forged blades to fight, which he found much easier than even attempting to shoot a bow and arrow while blind, which is still nearly impossible for him unless the target is making massive amounts of noise.

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Name: Mirova Darkstalker




Mirova is a striking figure. Taller than even the high elf average, he cuts a leanly muscled profile, akin to a wildcat. His movements, too, are feline, languidly graceful usually but lightning-quick when his reflex kicks in. His face boasts high cheekbones, narrow gray eyes, an elegantly sloping yet somewhat large nose, and smooth lips. His black hair is silky and glossy, cascading down to mid-back. His pointed ears are pierced and cuffed, with dangling chains and minimal jewels. He tends to wear black or muted colors, sometimes royal purple, midnight blue, and hunter green.


His demonic form is quite a ways more savage. His body is cloaked in deep violet, almost black, smoke and his skin coated in blood and soot. His teeth become sharp, and his eyes go pure white.

Strengths and Abilities:

Mirova's family comes from a long line of demon-affiliated dark magicians. He is strongest at night, able to manipulate shadows and darkness into pure offensive energy. He's old and trained enough to summon demons to do his bidding, as well. Usually he likes to summon a demon steed, whose hooves are ablaze with deep purple fire, as is its mane and eyes. He can also take in so much dark energy that he temporarily assumes demonic form, giving him heightened strength and sending him into a bloodthirsty berserker-like trance.

He's strong for sure, but his agility and speed far outdo his strength.


Light magic is particularly harmful to him, as is the case with dark magicians. His powers are less effective in the daylight hours.


Mirova is an intimidating elf of few words, with a calmness to him that tends to make others uneasy (not to mention the demon familiars). He's rather straightforward, saying only what he means and that includes his thoughts, however brutally honest they may be. His humor is rather dry and dark. As a dedicated introvert, he prefers his solitude and becomes quite easily irritated by annoying chatter and crowded situations. Even though he socializes regularly as a member of the elite, he bows out before the night is done just to wind back down. He would never stand for being second-best, and so, is one of the most irritating perfectionists ever.


Despite his family's wealth and status, the Darkstalkers are subject to strange looks here and there by the majority of society. Dark arts have passed down through the bloodline, and while not uncommon, there is still a hesitant social taboo surrounding dark magicians. Mirova, like the rest of his family, doesn't pay much attention to what others think; instead, he focuses all his energy on becoming the best he can at the dark arts.


Money, while admittedly nice, isn't something Mirova really requires. Mostly he's in it to prove his ability and utility, both to himself as well as to his doubting community.

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Name: Alexis de Ste-Croix
Age: early-to-mid-20s
Incarnation of Apollo
Standing at 6'0" with a svelte, elf-like build, Alexis looks the very picture of classical statues of Apollo (for obvious reasons). With his sleek golden hair grown out to just below his shoulder blades, he is fairly classed as a pretty boy. He boasts strong bone structure and bold brows, beneath which are playful amber eyes.
negl totally was staring at my thranduil wallpaper when thinking this dude up
Alexis is gregarious and charming, a typical Gemini. Articulate, with a honeyed voice. One should never mistake his friendliness as a sign that he's a pushover, however; he can be quite strict when it comes down to it, laying down the law with cold reason.
Alexis was born in Northern France. One of a pair, his older twin sister died during birth. Alexis struggled through a sickly infancy, ultimately gaining strength and becoming an active, athletic child. He was always good in school and had lots of friends, practically the ideal son. He didn't think anything was out of the ordinary for him until Pantheon Academy contacted him. A graduate of the academy, he is now the vice-chancellor and head guidance counselor to the current students.
He is often seen with a raven companion, named Marius.

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Name: Luca Bellini
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Italian
Age: born in 1791, turned when he was 25 (1816)
Birthdate/Sign: 19 August [Leo]





 [ 1 2 3 ]

His hair is a deep, muted brown and shoulder length. Skin is tanned and smooth, no scars thanks to vampirism. His eyes are a vibrant brown, rimmed with amber, and shaded by roguish brows. Clean shaven, full lips, prominent nose. 6'3" swimmer's build—long torso and tight muscles, wider shoulders and slim hips. Has a good butt. :J His baritone voice is touched with a bit of a whispery rasp, giving his words a sultry edge. He is very expressive and tends to use his entire body when he speaks. Negative emotions tend to cross his face without restraint, while he hesitates to show sincere smiles or sadness.

Self-absorbed. His universe revolves around himself. He is both a narcissist and an aesthete. His interest in others is mostly superficial or practical. If they're not pretty or can't benefit him in some way, he doesn't need them. He loves attention. He expects others to love him as much as he loves himself, and if they don't, then something must be fundamentally wrong with them. (Of course. He's perfect, according to himself.)

He is intensely competitive and never backs down from fights or arguments. He must always be on top and has a ridiculously impossible time admitting he is wrong. He won't rest until he defeats those he perceives to be ahead of him. He's also a control freak who has to have everything his way, so if others don't fit into his idea of perfect, he comes down hard on them. He is not shy about criticism of others. People have to try very hard to impress him, not only because his standards are high, but also because he's been alive since the late 1700s—he's seen it all by this point.

Inside he still holds a sense of insecurity about his own worth. Even for the confidence he's grown, he can't fully shake his less-than-noble beginnings. He finds it hard to get close to others, which in turn makes it difficult for him to gain the praise and attention he so craves. He is too proud to discuss these sorts of things, and he doesn't really have anyone close enough to confide in anyway. He can be very defensive when hurt, which also pushes others away from him. He's only ever been in committed relationships with a few people, and each of those relationships was fairly toxic.

Short Background:
Luca was born into a humble family that lived in the hills. He tended to a herd of goats. He was the youngest child of eight. His birth caused complications that destroyed his mother's ability to have any more (probably for the best). Because he was the youngest and quietest of so many children, he was often overlooked and neglected.

When he was old enough, he decided to try his luck in the city, but it didn't turn out well for him. He fell in with a bad crowd and resorted to thievery and con artistry to get by, as he had natural charm and good looks. Unfortunately, he eventually fell in with worse than just vengeful criminals and found himself as a practically masterless vampire, barely any guidance to make his way in the world. He learned the ins and outs of being a vampire on his own and nearly met his end many times over as a result of his inexperienced fumblings.

He persevered, however, and the fact that he cheated death as a vampire so often blew up his ego a bit. Just a bit.

  • He's no longer that sensitive to sunlight. He's lived long enough that in daylight hours, he just wears decently protective clothing and sunglasses and he's good to go.
  • He has decent vampire glamour, but it doesn't work that well on those with exceptionally strong wills. It's definitely not his best talent. His skills lie more in the physical enhancements of a vampire.
  • Luca has never turned anyone. Considering his own turn was so thoroughly botched, he isn't in a rush to repeat the event. It's not that he's trying to heroically keep others from his sad fate, either; it's mostly that he doesn't think most humans are worthwhile enough to bestow such a heavy gift upon.
  • Probably also due to his own vampire origins, he doesn't like to hang around other vampires. He's a loner in this regard and will set up roots in towns and cities with either no vampires or a very minimal vampire population. This also makes it easier to mingle among the muggles, so to speak.

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