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I'll keep my characters here and junk. I think it'll be more of a simple list until I find the time to make some profiles. 



Post 1 - TOC


(with Wahad - an ATLA/LOK fandom RP, set before Aang's time) 


(with Wahad - an RP about a clan of Welsh vampires, set in London, England) 


(with Loki, Sono, & Red Alpha - a fantasy RP featuring illegal high elf trafficking) 

Post 5 - LOVE BITE

(with Sono)

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set in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, in the past


Avatar Kun Li's Generation


Kun Li - the Avatar; from the Earth Kingdom 

Fei - nonbender; Kun Li's younger sister 

Gao - earthbender; the son of Kun Li's earthbending master; has a twin named Tao 

Tikani / Malina - waterbender from the North Pole; a former assassin, now on the run 




Avatar Akane's Generation


Akane - the Avatar; from the Fire Nation 

Masaak - waterbender; illegitimate son of the Avatar, raised in the Earth Kingdom by Akane's earthbending master (Jian Wei) & his family 

Namkha - airbender; friend of the Avatar 

Shizuka Nagamiya - firebender; wife of the Avatar's childhood friend, Haruki 

Amak - waterbender from the South Pole; Akane's babydaddy 

Rui - firebender; in service to Shizuka Fukui of the Red Dragons as a caretaker & personal assistant 

Nori - firebender; in service to Shizuka Fukui of the Red Dragons as a caretaker & personal assistant 


Minor characters: 

Lian - nonbender; once had a special relationship with Masaak 

Yuna & Zhong - Lian's parents 

Tai & Yun - Lian's siblings, older and younger respectively; Yun is an earthbender, Tai is not 

Kaori & Yuudai - firebenders; Shizuka N's parents 

Tadaki - firebender; Shizuka N's older brother 

Kesuk - nonbender; Amak's older brother 

Kinjiro & Kazuki - Two of Shizuka N and Haruki's sons 

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a story about warring vampire clans, set in London, England 


Vera Lloyd 

Mark Abrahms 

Cyrus Hargrave Jr. 

Brynna Caerwyn

Barrett Lloyd 

William Abrahms 

Serena Victorus 



Evan Baines 

Aneira Caerwyn 


Minor characters: 

Casimir Caerwyn 



Iorwerth Baines 

Meredith Baines


Eilwen Baines (deceased) 




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a small group is tasked with transporting an unwilling young elf to distant troll territory... for a large sum of money 



Name: Saya 


Appearance: Saya is slightly tall for human woman, but it's not very noticeable unless you're standing in front of her, as she doesn't have a very large presence, physically. She's slim, with more muscle than body fat but not buff by any means; rather, she's simply trim from fencing, and lean from traveling a long way on foot. Her clothes are simple and a little worn, consisting of a few warm-colored tunics, simple trousers of varying length, and a light brown cloak. She has a modest bust and a slender waist that tapers out to slightly more generous hips, but her legs and her rear catch more attention from men than anything else. Her hair is a deep, warm brown that seems much lighter, almost honey-tinted, in the sun. It falls straight, a little past her shoulder blades, and she doesn't mess with it too much, either tying it up or leaving it like it is, sometimes with some simple ornament. Her eyes are narrow and similarly deceiving in color, the flecks of green only visible through the brown when in the light. She has a pointed nose and a wide mouth that makes for infectious smiles. 


Strengths and Abilities: Equipped with a bow and a rapier, both of which she can use well. She's not especially strong, but she's quick, and has sharp reflexes. She knows some simple magic, enough to help in a tight spot or start a campfire, but not much else. With a rapier in her hand, however, she's difficult to touch. 


Weaknesses: Easy to subdue, physically, if she's disarmed and has nowhere to run. Also very susceptible to being fooled/scammed by a pretty face. 


Personality: Saya is the cheerful sort, for the most part. She makes conversation easily, and she's not especially timid or self-conscious - she may even be considered a little shameless. In a tight spot she can be a bit snarky, and she is prone to the occasional dark mood, but she tends to bounce out of those moods just as quickly as they come upon her. She's definitely one to focus on the present moment. She can also be a bit of a showoff around women. 


Background: Raised in a common sort of village, Saya's childhood was peaceful, if rather sheltered. She grew up on and was fascinated by stories of great magic and the dealings of elves, creatures she had never so much as seen up close before she left her little town. In her adolescence her interest in these stories, and in magic itself, only grew, but she found she had very little access to the knowledge she wanted at home. She nursed dreams of seeing the great Quel'duvir herself one day, and of learning the secrets of magic, until eventually her desire was too great to ignore. She left home with a sword, a bow, and her wit... but not a lot of coin. 


Motive: While she very much needs the money if she hopes to attend any reputable magic academy, this job seems awfully fishy, and she's too nosy to butt out. 

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Name: Silas Harlow 

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 19

Birthdate/Sign: March 23; Aries




Appearance:x x x ]

Silas has a striking face that often makes him look bored or otherwise disgruntled, with heavily-lidded, sleepy green eyes and an elegant, full mouth predisposed to pouting – which he does often. Stands at 5'9â€; average build; naturally lean and slim-waisted, making his hip- and collarbones more popular features than his muscle tone. His hair is thick, slightly wavy, and naturally a dark brown, matching the scattered moles and beauty marks on much of his body. Often highlights his hair subtly, usually keeping it only long enough to cover the tops of his ears.



Not an easy customer. Silas is nearly impossible to please and even more difficult to impress, making him hard to get along with much of the time. Something in his life is just missing, and until he finds out what it is, it's everyone's fault but his. There are unusually chipper and generous moods when things seem to be going his way, but they never seem to last very long.


In truth he wants very badly to relate with others, but people always seem to think differently from him and get hurt too easily by his rough personality, so his friends are few. He's a little intense and often restless, spending as much time moving as possible.

Also of note is that he did some modeling in his teen years, making him extremely confident about his looks and a bit arrogant in general. 


Short Background:

Silas's background is one he doesn't like to discuss much, mostly because it's completely unglamorous, and typical to a fault. Raised by a single mother after his dad went dead-beat and skipped down, they never had very much money when he was young. More recently his mother landed a much better job, enabling her to help Silas move out and pay rent in a new place with his bandmate and close friend. These days she tries to spoil him in hopes it will make him forget the tough times they had when he was young, but he's more interested in living the night life now that he's on his own. And finding a better band to play in. 

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