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So hey, y'all remember that quick poll I had you submit words to? Well those words are the theme for the holiday album that I want to get together before December 25th. 


How's this going to work, you ask? Simple. You users will pick ONE WORD out of the list of words, and submit a song that corresponds with that word. Only one song/word per user is allowed: I will be accepting submissions on a FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. So whoever gets a song/word into me first, their submission will be accepted and others dismissed. Sorry.


Now for the general rules nonsense before I get to the list:



  2. Songs should not be longer than 8 minutes.
  3. Upload your music to Mediafire and/or Sendspace. If you want to use an alternative file-sharing service, that is fine. Please keep in mind that these services should be free and don't require any sign-up/membership BS
  4. Please format your submissions in the following manner: Artist-Album-Song.mp3 You do not have to add a track number since I'll be arranging everything.

With all that said, heres the list of words to choose from. When submitting music, PLEASE PM ME WITH A LINK TO YOUR SONG, AND THE WORD THAT YOU CHOSE FROM THIS LIST. DO NOT POST OR LINK YOUR TRACK/SUBMISSIONS IN THIS THREAD. I will edit the list and mark off available/unavailable words as I get submissions. 



  • irritating
  • commercial
  • nostalgic
  • frustrating
  • optimistic
  • magic
  • family
  • food
  • expensive
  • birthday
  • lonely
  • hectic
  • work
  • loot
  • guiltmas

It should also go without saying, submissions will remain anonymous until after the album has been released. Y'all have until Monday, December 23rd to get me your stuff. It's a 15-track album so that shouldn't be too hard, right?

If you have read and understand the rules, please for the LOVE OF GOD INDICATE SO by posting a picture of a cat.

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(I can't post .png images in this forum whaaat?)


Some of those words look really hard to match to a song, wow.


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Maybe I'll contribute all the remaining songs and it'll be like a JAPANESE HH ALBUM.

I'm scared. The Japanese boy band concentration would be a lethal dose to an unprotected human.

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I'd do this but no one wants to hear my shitty music

I'll think about it though

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