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rubberrazor's dumb idea brothel

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Totally bumming off of DemonicGate (but that's okay because he loves me and said i was awesome srsly), I'm gonna be posting up all the dumb things I do. Drawings, story ideas, dumb characters blah blah blah. I'm always inspired to create things but rarely do I ever do anything with them. At least here I can give them the light of day they kinda deserve and exercise my brain storming. Warning, may be incredibly messy and confusing.


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To start things off, here is a gang I created back when I was excited about GTA5 and SR4 based around a chess theme.


DeepBlue Gang

DeepBlue is a strange mini gang that works as “hired-handâ€. While other gangs have obvious motifs—drugs, money, power, etc.—DeepBLue seemingly only care to get their job done. At least, not for now… DeepBlue’s confidential plan is to slowly grow in power and resources to easily obtain Super Power status.


A small band of just over a hundred members (called Chesses), DeepBlue are contracted by larger gangs as extra hands for smuggling, trafficking, offenses against other gangs, etc. In a strange case of mutual interest (good faith), these gangs do not harbor any sort of animosity towards DeepBlue for their involvement with other groups. One gang may use Deepblue as extra soldiers during a turf war and the opposing gang may hire them afterwards (or even during) as well.



Class is your main job description. King and Queens do not receive rankings. Some chesses may answer to multiple jobs but are considered by their official class. Most often, Bishops moonlight as Knights as well and vice versa. 

  • King
  • Queen
  • King's Bishop (O)
  • Queen's Bishop (O)
  • Bishop (O/E)
  • Knight (O/E)
  • Rook (E)
  • Pawn (E)

Your ranking is your general seniority in DeepBlue. As stated above, King and Queens do not receive rankings. It is inconsiderate to refer someone of higher ranking with their abbreviation unless the proper informal relation has been established. Ex. A 3rd Category calling a Life Senior Master as SM So-and-so.

  • Grandmaster (GM) (O)
  • Candidate Master (CM) (O)
  • Life Senior Master (SM) (O)
  • Life Master (LM) (O)
  • 1st Category (1stC) (E)
  • 2nd Category (2ndC) (E)
  • 3rd Category (3C) (E)
  • 4th Category (4C) (E)

Classes are frivolous, unofficial titles peers award each other based on their talents or to mark their faults in an ironic way. Classes also have ranking, with Master as the highest, Petty the lowest and no ranking either representing average or ironic classing. Ironic classings do not have rank.

ex. Bosko is classed as Master Shot and Jordan as a Shot , however while Bosko is genuinely classed, Jordan is ironically classed due to being a clumsy gunner.

  • Shot
  • Knuckles
  • Pedal
  • Click
  • Scowl
  • Mouse
  • Thighs
  • Zipper
  • Etc.
End Game

The highest ranking chesses consist of the leader (King), second in command (Queen), and their personal attendants. While King and Queen share Grande Rooks and Grande Knights, the title of Bishop is reserved.

  • King, Kasparov
  • Queen, Karpov
  • King's 1st Bishop/Grande Bishop, Grandmaster, Melissa F. Bosko
  • King's Bishop, Grandmaster, Jordan Matthias
  • Queen's 1st Bishop, Grandmaster, Felice Lando
  • Grande Rook, Grandmaster, Lavi Mendelssohn
  • Grande Rook, 1stC, Gustav L. Petersen
  • Grande Knight, Grandmaster, Naveen Mullur
  • Grande Knight, 1stC, Jerald Keir
Total: 9



Bishops mostly deal with diplomatic and liaison affairs. They are physically and mentally trained to hold a diplomatic but fierce standing and have the ability to handle situations gone ary. 

  • Bishop, Grandmaster, Peter Begbie
  • Bishop, Candidate Master, Isabelle Souza
  • Bishop, Candidate Master, Ralf Hrabe
  • Bishop, Life Master, Emilio Salcido
  • Bishop, 1stC, Leonard C. King
  • Bishop, 1stC, Julien Cotuand
  • Bishop, 2ndC, Oskar N. Kinsley
  • Bishop, 2ndC, Ella Lester
  • Bishop, 2ndC, Kathleen Salas
  • Bishop, 5 3C's, 8 4C's
Total: 22



The Knights offer the manpower and security of DeepBlue. In order to up into the Knight role, you must have a respectable amount of “Knightly Fame†(experience in the role).

  • Knight, Grandmaster, Dick D. Dickens
  • Knight, Candidate Master, Maurycy Kucharski
  • Knight, Life Senior Master, Kunihide Niiya
  • Knight, Life Master, Lupo Vicario
  • Knight, 1stC, Annibale Powers 
  • Knight, 1stC, Joshua Thomas
  • Knight, 1stC, Lena J. Loughman
  • Knight, 2ndC, Piotr PawÅ‚owski
  • Knight, 2ndC, Elias Toft
  • Knight, 2ndC, Luke Abbott
  • Knight, 2ndC, Gabriel Norbert
  • Knight, 13 3C's, 17 4C's
  • Pawns working for Knightly Fame, 11+
Total: 52+



Rooks handle the majority of all logistics and reports for DeepBlue. Despite its desk job appeal, Rooks are highly regarded (and monitored) as they are entrusted with valuable information, especially those of high ranking.

  • Rook, Candidate Master, Kyle T. Nesmith
  • Rook, Life Senior Master, Mandy Schulz
  • Rook, Life Master, Émile Lagacé
  • Rook, 1stC, Will Antill
  • Rook, 1stC, Primo Beneventi
  • Rook, 2ndC, Abby Berry
  • Rook, 5 3C’s, 5 4C’s
Total: 16



  • Bishop, Life Master, Xiong Ts'ai
  • Knight, Life Master, Noah Fitzsimmons
  • Rook, 1stC, Charlotte Davidsen
  • Pawns, 25+
Total: 28+


Un-listed Chesses

  • Officer Kyle T. Nesmith, Maj, of XXX Department of Public Safety’s Gang Enforcement Bureau
  • Sergeant Johnny Garcia of XXX Highway Patrol (District 6)
  • Yusef Zula, “good faith†to XXX gang
  • Samuele Rizzo, classified position
  • Somerville Dennis, classified position
  • Juwan L. Abboud, “good faith†to XXX gang
  • Takota Abraham, classified position
  • Niklas Walter, “good faith†to XXX gang
  • Bertram M. Klausen, “good faith†to XXX gang
  • Eve Maclean, classified position

Total Force: 127+




Up An upgrade in role or ranking is called an up.

ex. "When am I getting my up?"

      "I was just recently up'd to Bishop."


Checker  Checkers are chesses who skipped proper class and/or ranking.

ex. "Ross checkered past me. How'd that happen?"


Promotion A promotion refers to someone who either checkered or up'd into a high position in a relatively short amount of time. While not always used in an insulting manner, it can be used to state an underserving up.

ex. “Bosko is the oddest promotion I’ve ever seen.â€

      “Don’t get cocky just because you were promoted, pawn.â€


Knightly Fame Open to all members, in order to attain the position of a Knight, one must work towards “Knightly Fameâ€. Those working under Knightly Fame are given lowly Knight jobs and work their way up until they are officially recognized and inducted into the Knight class.

  ex. “For your past year of relatively successful Knightly Fame that brought us great service, you are now given the class of Knight approved by King Kasparov.â€


Notable Chesses


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This is a game idea I've had for a couple of years and have been on and off about working on it. It's basically a dating-sim/visual novel with a billion characters that takes place over 3-4 years (your time in high school). I wanted to fill it with complicated mechanics, hard to find easter eggs and repetitive gameplay with random events and very specific triggers (ex. dating your teacher after the third play??? [with more triggers of course]). Every now and then I go back to it and think up of more things.






Tieve~ is a very complicated sort of visual novel sort of dating simulator. It takes place during high school for a three or four year span. The main focus is that it’s not just a game about fucking someone. While romantic/sexual relationships are still available, you can also have plain friendly relationships or interact with no one at all! It will also implement random events that can effect, change or ruin your relationships. With many characters available not only in your high school but throughout the town you live in and the presence of random events over a long period of time, this game is meant to be different with each playthrough. Other than a brief in-game explanation of how things work, description of mechanics for the player will remain vague or non-existent.

Since this idea is still in development, some text comes in different colors.

Suggestions from others appear red.

Ideas that are undecided appear blue.

Areas that need further development appear green.




1.      You

2.      General Information on Characters and Interaction

3.      Characters

4.      Locations

5.      Items

6.      In Development



At the very beginning of the game, you can create your character on their traits and skills. These choices will have certain effects when interacting with other characters based on a Turn Ons/Offs system. It’s not strictly based in a sexual sense, but if your character has traits that the other finds “attractive†then you receive a social multiplier during interactions. If you possess traits the other doesn’t like, then you receive a negative multiplier. There are many other Turn Ons/Offs that are available besides the one you create in the beginning. For example, if your character dyes their hair and a character does not like dyed hair, you will receive a negative multiplier during their interactions.

You may also acquire new or strengthen these traits. A strengthened trait may give you a stronger multiplier.


Hair Color (HC):
Light brown (LBR)
Dark brown (DBR)
Light blonde (LBL)
Blonde (BLO)
Dark blonde (DBL)
Black (BLA)
Red (RED)


Eye Color (EC):
Blue (BLU)
Light Brown (LBR)
Brown (BRO)
Green (GRE)
Black (BLA)
Hazel (HAZ)
Gray (GRA)


Academic (ACD): Your intelligence which can affect how well you do in school or are able to solve problems that people may throw at you.

Athletic (ATH): How fit you are that can affect your performance in sports or how buff you look.

Expression (EXP): Your ability to express yourself that makes the difference between a Casanova and socially awkward caterpillar.

Guts (GUT): Determines whether you can hold down a stare with someone twice your size without backing down.

Attraction (ATR): Your overall looks.


The original plan is that your character chooses to either go to a normal public school or a wealthier private school. In the beginning, your character will have a pamphlet for each school briefly describing themselves. You can choose from those pamphlets which to go to.

A suggestion is to have two versions of the game, one for public school and one for private similar to Red and Blue versions of Pokémon.

Private: If you chose to go to this school with a scholarship, you will receive extra points in the  Academic trait. Otherwise, your character’s backstory is that of a rich family which gives you more allowance money.. There are two private schools; one focuses on the Humanities while the other focuses on Business and Science.


General Information on Characters

 And Interaction



There are many characters not only in the school you go to but in the town you live in. Meeting a character can happen through a planned event, a random event, or forced interactions. Planned events are introductory characters or characters that are met as a part of another characters interaction. Examples of random events are randomly assigned project partners, accidentally running into someone or being run into, etc. A force interaction is when a character is passively available to you but only commence when you initiate it.

Characters may need a prerequisite to start an interaction whether you are meeting them for the first time or want to progress in the relationships. If a prerequisite is not met your progress with this character may stall or be diminished altogether.


The main mechanics of social interaction with other characters are by a point system. Interactions come in Planned and Unplanned social events. Planned social events regard to the characters “story†and the progression in their relationship. Unplanned social events are generic events with the simple purpose of acquiring more points whether you need to progress or not. Although you can initiate an unplanned social event at any time, if you do not have enough points to progress unplanned social events will be your only interaction option.

Each Planned Social event has a Pass and Max point capacity. A Pass capacity is just enough to progress to the next Planned social event. Max capacity is the maximum amount of points you can get during the Planned social event. You may or may not be able to receive enough points to get to Max capacity just with the Planned social event alone but you may choose to do Unplanned social events in order to pre-acquire points for the next Planned social event in order to receive either Pass or Max.



Prerequisite: The prerequisites required to begin social events with this character.
Summary: A summary of this character’s story.
Opportunities: Does this character introduce you to other characters or special events
Turn Ons: The minimum level of traits required for a multiplier appears in parenthesis.
Turn Offs: The multiplier appears in brackets. Neutral multipliers are shown as [N]. For example, sexuality or traits needed for certain events.

James Kidd (M)
Prerequisite: Introductory (private school)
Summary: A sort of upbeat kid who attempts to make his own philosophical views on life and humanity. He is in a longterm relationship with [yy] until she cheats on him. After a very brief break, they attempt to mend things but in the end she goes to another guy.
Opportunities: Pamela, Ross, Jessika, Miles
Turn Ons: Female [N]
Turn Offs:

Oswald Pavone (M)
Prerequisite: Random Event (private school Coffee shop)
Summary: A man who suffers from “insomnia†and surreal dreams.
Turn Ons: Female [N], Academic (2)[1.5], Expression (2)[1.5], Red hair [2]
Turn Offs: Guts [1.5]

Amy Hunter (F)
Prerequisite: Janna
Summary: Amy Hunter (usually referred to as Hunter) is an aspiring musician
Opportunities: NONE
Turn Ons: Female [N], Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Athletics, Expression
                   Male [N], Two random physical and skill traits each
Turn Offs: NONE



In Development

·         Daily Acitivites

o   Time occupation

o   Event times

o   Re-planning (item: Daily Planner)

·         Characters

·         Trait modifiers


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Gonna go ahead and reserve this post for my XXV Chapters Project, where I basically make everything up as I create a fantasy world and all its elements. It's inspired by a gazillion different things from eeeverrryythtihthiinng and I play around with the inspiration to fit my world/have fun. Unfortunately, I lost the wiki that I used to gather up all the information I came up with (insert internal external screaming) so everything now is all I remember from the lil' noggin' up here. It's an ongoing project that is an anthology of sorts (hence chapters) with mythology, history, etc. etc.

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Frustrated that I lost my gigantic "origin family tree" notes that I made SO I GUESS I'LL JUST START OVER and save it here for good measure.

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