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What Lies Beyond the Veil

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What Lies Beyond the Veil;


This is a Dragon Age roleplay that does not require in-depth knowledge about the games. I have done my best to keep it simple and provide the relevant information below.


The Roleplay

You are a young mage taken into the Circle of Magi, most likely by force, in order to learn how to control and effectively use magic. After months of training, it is time to face the Harrowing; a formal, mandatory rite of passage that will become more than just a graduation- it will determine whether you live or die.



Playable Characters

  • Human; may be of any birth (noble, farmer, peasant- it doesn't matter; all mages must enter the Circle regardless of their origins)
  • Elf; city-born or otherwise cultured in human society (note: Elves tend to be shorter than humans and have more triangular features)
  • Half-Elf; outcasts by all (note: approval needed to play a half-elf)
  • Acceptable forms of magic include the basic and traditional fire/ice to casting hexes or healing spells. Get creative. Please ask for approval for the use of blood magic.


Things to Know

  • Humans are the dominant race, Elves are largely treated as second-class citisens, at best. Derogatory terms include “Knife-ear.â€
  • Blood Magic: Powerful, evil magic that taps into the mage's life-force rather than their reserve of energy. Its use is almost exclusively for the control and manipulation of another's blood and vitality. Highly destructive. It is also a fast track to demon possession.
  • Circle of Magi: The dominant organisation for the training and legitimisation of Magi, led by a First Enchanter.
    • All mages are required to join the Circle. Those who do not are criminals called “Apostates.â€
  • The Templars: Guards under the Chantry, led by a Knight-Commander.
    • Exist in tandem with the Circle; their duty is to act as wardens over the Magi.
    • Control, enforce, and fight the threat of magic and magic users.
  • The Chantry: The dominant religious organisation.
    • Monitor the Circle of Magi and the Templars.
    • Worship the Maker, follow the prophet Andraste's teachings. Clergy are exclusively women (as Andraste was a woman)
  • The Fade: The realm of dreams, inhabited by spirits and demons. It is separated by a metaphysical barrier known as “the Veil,†which keeps spirits and mortals from physically crossing over. Only mages may consciously enter the Fade.
  • The Harrowing: A mysterious ritual all young apprentices must complete in order to be ordained as full mages. It is closely attended by a strong force of Templars. Although optional, the alternative is to be made Tranquil.
  • Tranquility: Permanently severs the connection with the Fade. The Tranquil are branded. The former mage becomes powerless, unable to dream, or access their emotions.

“You know very well, Shale, that demons do not create everything in the Fade. They set the stage, as it were, and we fill it with our dreams and nightmares.â€

– Wynne



More about the Fade

  • Demons and Spirits: Creatures native to the Fade. They are highly intelligent and manipulative, regardless of whether they embody vice (ie. Anger, desire, rage, pride, etc.) or virtue (ie. Faith, justice, valor, etc.).
  • The Fade's landscape is moulded by the spirits and demons that dwell there according to the images, objects, and scenes they see in the minds of mortal dreamers.
  • Only mages may consciously enter the Fade, but they do not exert any control over it, and they cannot shape it the way dreaming mortals do.
  • In its raw form, the Fade is a dark and twisted place. Its landscapes are dark, cold rocks and raw lyrium (semitoxic minerals that both feed and bolster magic).
  • There is one permanent feature of conscious ventures into the Fade; a completely inaccessible island always seen in the distance. It carries a dark metropolis known as the Black City.
  • According to the Chantry, the Black City was once\the seat of the Maker and known as the Golden City. When powerful Magisters from the Tevinter Empire physically invaded the Fade and attempted to gain entry, the city blackened with corruption from their pride and ambition.


If you wish to read more (not necessary):

Dragon Age Wikia: The Fade




Up to four. I have not decided yet, but I may play an apprentice as well as the guide.

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