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Seyerna never heard from Jun or Storm again after the day she left, Sage didn't speak of them because he simply didn't care. He took her to a far off place, headed south where they boarded a boat, which absolutely amazed the demoness on how it moved without people to row it along. Sage 'drove' the boat much like how he'd driven the car, she watched and prodded at the many buttons and he would answer questions when asked, which there were many. They docked at an island, big enough that Seyerna couldn't visibly see the other side of it, but she could easily walk or run to the other side. There was one house on the entire island, Sage owned the entire hunk of land. Had Seyerna been present for the last five hundred years she would have understood this significance, instead she'd been accustomed to Kings and Lords owning large portions of land. 


The house was massive, it didn't have the qualities of a castle, but it still had almost a dozen bedrooms and another half a dozen of extra rooms. When Seyerna asked him why he had this massive estate, he'd told her he bought it for her charges he knew she would accumulate. She laughed at him. In her time before she'd had an entire village of her 'charges' women and children whom she'd come across who needed a home, who were running, were victims of one crime or another, or simply because they wanted a place to belong. Seyerna was their guardian, their mother, their sister, whatever they needed her to be. 


The five years after leaving had been spent in the beach house, relearning the world and all it's new technology. Sage forced her to learn certain things regardless of how much she resisted, like using a computer, understanding the difference between 'internet' and 'intranet.' Sage had always been her personal well of knowledge, he'd always pushed her to learn and discover and now was no different. He made her learn how to drive a car and a boat. Every day they would study new things, whether it be physics or the history that had occurred while she'd existed in Hell. Some days she resisted, but for the most part Seyerna had a strong scholarly side and enjoyed the knowledge, it also helped to keep her madness at bay. It kept her mind away from violence and gave her mind something to focus on.


When madness did come, and it always did, Sage was there. He knew how to handle her better than anyone, it was part of the reason why they were together, Seyerna had asked him in the past why he put up with her when in his own life he'd been a slayer of demons, he'd simply told her 'because I want to.' While the answer annoyed Seyerna, Sage saw no other reason to answer in more detail, because there simply was no more detail. He loved her, and 'putting up with her' was not a chore in his eyes. Her madness reminded him of her power and her kindness. Seyerna was a living oxymoron and that was part of what he found intriguing about her, her complete rebellion from social accepted norms. Most of the time Sage could talk her through her insanity, but there were those times....


Only once in the five years did Seyerna reach a broken state Sage could not just talk her back from. It's always hard to tell what her triggers are, sometimes it's a violent act or thought, other times it's memories of hell, occasionally it's been thinking of her old life; so there really is no stopping her episodes, only tolerating them. In this time she had lashed out against Sage, she'd destroyed a large portion of the beautiful house. Part of the advantage of having a private island was that when she had her episodes Sage didn't have to worry about her exposing herself and this would have been a time she would have done just that. He had fought her hard, pumped her so full of purification her veins had turned black from the intrusion, any other demon would have been killed by it, but Sage had used these means on her for so many centuries he was beginning to worry her body was growing adjusted to his pure powers. Eventually he had bound her, his white magic wrapping around her wrists, ankles, wings and tail, from there he talked to her, for days she screamed and growled at him and whenever she would get particularly bad to the point where she would struggle so desperately that she would break her own bones trying to escape he would shock her until she fainted if necessary. 


He taught her how to use guns, which Seyerna found exhilarating, she never, ever fired one without the strongest ear plugs she could find though. Still it was exciting to feel the power in her palms every time she shot one off. She learned how to cook, however poorly, and he forced her to adjust, at least some what, to eating cooked food if only for appearances. Teaching her the new slang to the language was probably the most annoying, trying to assimilate her to words that he didn't even use was almost impossible. She learned more simply by sitting in front of the television and watching the news, or cops shows. 


They occasionally had guests, a few oddities here and there, only one other demon though which Seyerna found oddly sad, even though in her own life she rarely associated with demons she did have those few. No creature could understand her demonic nature like another demon could, while Sage definitely accepted it, she wasn't sure he really 'understood' what it meant to be a demon. She grew to love the 'crime scene' shows, they always showed such detailed pictures of violence, and to hear about these humans who would do such things peeked her curiosity. That was part of being a demon though, the interest in violence. At first she had enjoyed wrestling but the more she watched it the more she realized how fake it was and quickly lost interest. She asked Sage if there was anything 'real' on the television, he'd simply told her no, that humans fear violence now and go out of their way to hide it.


She was surprised and a bit delighted to see that there were a handful of people she'd known prior to hell who still existed. Her son, Caim, visited often, their first reunion had been a tearful one and Seyerna had told him with wet cheeks that it was shameful for demons to be crying, and then proceeded to hug the life from him. Sage had shown her the others on this thing called 'Facebook' though they'd all taken other names and their pictures only vaguely resembled them without their supernatural qualities. If others still lurked about he didn't know what had became of them, only beings of short life spans could he confirm the deaths of, all the others were questionable. 


It was one morning when she'd been watching the news that there had been a story on 'demonic enslavement' talking about how 'one small town had made itself a mark on the map over night' this alarmed her. The news caster went on to talk about how towns across the nation were beginning their own demon auctions. Her first impulse was to call Caim, he had told her it had been going on for years and to stop overreacting, but as she watched the same cast again later that day she caught the name of that town and she recognized it. Her heart plummeted, what if Storm had been caught? What about Jun? She knew he was technically human, but barely at that, humans today did not look kindly on those different then themselves. She'd gone to Sage and told him she wanted to return. He hadn't questioned her, merely pointed out that she was worried for 'the young demon and the cyborg.' She didn't deny it, merely asked him to help her get there. 


Sage had taken her to shore, tossed her a cell phone and told her to call if she needed him. "You're not coming?" She'd been almost baffled, the last time she'd been in this world had been five years ago and she'd stumbled her way through it, she felt oddly lost even after all the time she'd spent studying the world. 


"I have no interest in those two or that town. This is nothing new, Seyerna, besides I had work to do. Remember to use the name on your drivers license." Sage had made her pack a purse with odds and ends, mostly he said it was for appearances, but it also carried her drivers license. She tucked the phone into the pocket of her jeans, she had most of her clothes custom made to fit her perfectly, and also for deeper pockets, she'd seen the pockets on female jeans compared to male's jeans and she'd convinced Sage to help her write formal complaint emails to the designers. Opening up her purse she pulled out the keys to the Corvette Stingray her son had bought her, Sage had wanted to get her a Mustang GT, she'd told them they're both stupid that she could run faster than these metal boxes could travel, they'd both laughed at her and finally agreed on the Stingray. Still, she had to admit she liked the vehicle. it was so sleek and powerful. 


With a bag of clothes slung over her shoulder she walked across the parking lot of the marina to her car, opened the door and hopped in, tossing the bag to the passenger seat. Her new name was Selene Naracus, she hated it, it was not demonic in the least, it showed none of her heritage, though she did find it mildly amusing that Sage had it arranged to give her his last name. Sage Naracus, if one looked deep enough into mythology you could find stories of him, which was funny because in her time they were simply history books. Sage remained in his own lineage, always passing on his company to his 'son' which was really just himself with a new identity every sixty to seventy years. Occasionally, in the past whenever she had wanted to keep her identity unknown she had used her middle name 'Meylla," or simply Mey, as there were a handful of demons that could sense a lie and by using her middle name she wasn't technically lying and thus was able to slip under their radar. Seyerna Meylla Kaierstin, completely demon, no human or elf in her heritage, though many believed because of her long pointed ears she was part elf, or even occasionally those that disliked her - troll. 


The ride to the town was relatively uneventful, Seyerna was an aggressive driver who fearlessly swerved in and out of traffic to ease around the slower moving vehicles. The Stingray could so easily pick up speed it was a simple task. The closer and closer she got to the town the more demons she saw, many of them the hellish creatures she remembered, but some of them more humanoid like herself, a few of them baring obvious demonic features, others looked human and had probably charaded around as humans for a long time before this event. Did they have some means of scanning for demonic blood? Should she be alarmed? Sage apparently wasn't and her arrogant demonic nature didn't grasp the threat, merely told her these other demons were weak and foolish and didn't know how to be stealthy. 


Seyerna stopped at a local hotel and checked in, the front desk clerk didn't even bat an eye at Seyerna. She appeared as human as he did, Seyerna had even gone so far as to cut her hair, though she only cut it to the small of her back, her hair was a bit of a pride thing. Her ears were hidden with illusions, as were her eyes, and claws, even her fangs were hidden, which she'd only recently decided to do that upon entering the town given how many demons were enslaved here. She dropped off her belongings and decided to sweep the town and see if she could pick up on any gossip. She would head towards the facility, towards the heart of all this.


In place of the facility was like a mall now, except this mall sold demon enslavement 'essentials' right in the front was a stage where they were currently auctioning off demons. She just barely with held the urge to retch when she noted the demon had all 'pointy' and extra extremities cut off, it's horns, wings, and claws all gone. They had seared the ends with something, from the smell and the melted appearance she would guess some form of acid, to prevent regrowth she imagined. The mere idea of her tail or wings being cut off made her want to run screaming to her hotel room and call Sage. She had HATED human enslavement, but seeing the real possibility that she could be on that block made her heart pick up speed and it took everything she had not to show outward signs of her disgust while people around her yelled out their bids and made nasty remarks to the confused creature on the block.  

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He sighed, his back sore from the previous night. His arms just as bad. He could only do so much lifting before his body just had to rest. He'd been overexerted the night before, doing nothing but work all day only to be commanded to move her furniture up to her attic. He had felt her eyes on him as he did so and she had finally commanded him to remove his shirt. He hated the feel of knowing she was staring at him but he couldn't complain. He knew better. Besides, she'd finally gotten bored of the whole ordeal as he had been lifting the couch up. Having it above his head, half of it in the attic and only needing to slide the other half in before he had to go up and arrange it, he felt her whip wrap around his ankle and felt his feet fly out from under him, sending him to the ground with the couch crashing down on top of him before falling to its side beside him. His back was awfully bruised from that, but he knew better than to show his pain, getting to his hands and knees as her voice came as a yell to him. "Of course, you can't follow one simple task without fucking shit up! As your punishment, you will bring it all back down here and arrange it how I had it! If one thing is out of place by an inch, you will get no food and no sleep! Do you hear me?!"


"Yes, ma'am." He had learned well not to bother speaking any other words than those two. Honestly, it felt weird to say anything besides them. She always got a kick out of it, though. Occasionally, she'd ask him to repeat sentences after her, just to see him struggle with the now odd words on his tongue, finding it hard to form them.


He leaned back a bit, closing his eyes momentarily. He knew he couldn't do anything right and he had messed up putting her furniture back properly. He wasn't just one inch off, but two inches off from where the couch sat under the window. And he had regretted it shortly after the mistake. This was three days in a row where he had not been allowed to sleep and he felt the toll. But I deserve it. I've been doing this how long now? And I still can't manage to do shit right. She always reminded him of how idiotic he really was. And he always believed her. The man who had always given his proposals at the facility and had been listened to because they worked, would now no longer dare open his mouth to voice a thought.


A sharp kick in his side with a pointed boot jerked his eyes open to see the face of his owner. "Madam!" He began apologizing rapidly but was silenced as she grabbed his collar and jerked him roughly to his feet, choking him and forcing a cough.


She smacked him immediately. "How many times have I told you not to do that!" She snapped and he offered her a bow, feeling his collar once again be jerked to lead him from the store. "What else should I do today?"


Storm didn't answer, knowing she wasn't really asking him. Humans didn't talk to such lowly creatures as demons.


She paused in her walk, hearing the bids going on at the auction and her eyes fell on the demon she currently owned. It was against the law to own more than one demon at a time. One must either be traded or killed before another one could be possessed, for safety reasons. But she knew she wanted a new one. This one was getting too worn out. She shook her head at the thought, though. She would get rid of him when he was no longer useful. When she had worked him to death, and no sooner.


She jerked his collar roughly once more, setting the pace again and he followed obediently. "Demons should be more helpful, don't you think, dog? Keep your eyes open for anyone who seems to need a demon's labor to save their own, would you? Don't miss any. For every one you miss, you get punished. Do you understand?"


"Yes, ma'am." He glanced around, though his eyes didn't see much. He just couldn't focus. He yearned for sleep, something he had once wished to keep at bay. Don't make her mad. Can you just do that? Just this once?

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"Yes, ma'am"


The words rung out in her head above all other sounds like an alarm. That voice! And yet it gave her chills, it was so broken, so distraught, it was so disturbingly familiar to the sound of her own voice from so very long ago. Fear kept her rooted in place for several moments before she forced herself to turn and face the voice, to face Storm, she knew the moment her eyes caught his form that he never wanted her to see him this way, perhaps he wouldn't notice her. She shifted a smidgen more and tried to avoid his line of vision though she couldn't help but keep glancing his way, even knowing it was making it more likely he'd notice her. Seyerna slipped between buildings and ducked into the shadow, pulling out her phone and fiddling with it to act distracted, all in appearances, Sage had told her. 


She went through her head trying to piece together what had been said before she'd heard Storm's voice, but Sage had conditioned her so well to tone out any unnecessary sounds that she was struggling to recall. All she could remember was how her voice had that snooty superiority to it that made Seyerna want to bite out her tongue and eat it. 


Seyerna was distracted from her thoughts when a man walked by holding a leash and on that leash was a female demon wearing nothing but a thong and pasties, her hands were bound so tightly behind her back she was forced to walk with her chest pushed out, there was a gag in her mouth, her horns were seared off and from the scars on her back her wings hadn't just been clipped they'd been cut out, she did still have her tail but it was attached to the collar around her neck so her ass was exposed. Mildly she wondered how much a demon who looked so human had cost him, but her mind suddenly reeled at vicious memories. Almost impulsively she hit the emergency button on her phone and in seconds Sage's voice was on the other side. Seyerna could barely form words, struggling to mumble out "Sex... slaves...."


Sage's words were the voice of reason but Seyerna's only response was "I'm going to raise this town...." She practically hissed it out between clenched teeth. Sage kept talking and eventually her eyes focused again and she clicked end on her phone. Leaning against the wall she sighed; Sage always had the right words to reel her in, but that didn't make that vision suddenly disappear either. She couldn't help but touch her chest, just over her left breast there was a scar shaped like an 'R' an R for Raidon, the monster who'd enslaved her, for years she had been his fuck toy, until she'd gotten pregnant with Caim. She was to be killed along with his bastard, but the soldier designated to kill her had a soft spot and couldn't do it, instead he freed her. Centuries later Raidon found out about her and that soldier was forced to watch as he slaughtered his family and then him. Raidon had done a similar thing to her when she'd tried to escape, he had made her watch as her brother, Ryu, was decapitated and then dripped acid into her eyes, blinding her for centuries. It was only through Sage that her eye sight finally recovered.


And just like Raidon she was going to destroy this town.

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Jun was walking with a purpose, his eyes catching sight of the horrid thing that was the demon enslavement. Demons of all nature bound and dragged about. All he could think of was Storm being dragged about like that. But Storm could easily have ripped apart anything like that. I've seen his true form. I wouldn't even want to fight him. There's no way...


Jun Stopped, catching sight of the once silver, now dirtied hair. The body build. Even the stride, as pitiful as it was, still held the same characteristic it always did. It was Storm, bound by the neck and being dragged like a dog just as Jun feared. His mind kicked over into fight mode and began working like a well oiled machine. Jun crossed the street despite the cars that were passing. They blared horns and him and slammed their breaks on, thinking a human was acting just as dumb as a demon, but "knowing" nothing was that low save for a demon itself. Jun made it across the street and heard the woman say, "Demons should be more helpful, don't you think, dog? Keep your eyes open for anyone who seems to need a demon's labor to save their own, would you? Don't miss any. For every one you miss, you get punished. Do you understand?"


Jun cringed at the pitiful response that storm gave, but smiled evilly. He came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder saying, "Pardon me. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are. And such a high end demon you have as well. Are you a local?"


He inwardly vomited at the language he used. To think that a demon like Storm, could be considered a thing, and that language like that was now common place as well. It was blasphemy in more than one way and Jun could hardly stand it, but he did for the sake of friendship. His eyes shined with the deadly precision of his training, but to the woman, it would seem like an interest in her.She spun around, reaching for her whip kept at her hip, assuming it had been Storm to touch her, but paused in shock at someone else. She blushed at the compliment and smiled. "Why, yes, I am. I don't think I've seen you around before, though."


Storm stood frozen, his eyes wide and unable to be drawn away from Jun. Noticing, the whip left her hip and snapped across his back, ripping his dirty and tattered shirt, making him flinch and back up with a soft whine. "You know better!" She smiled back at Jun.


"He is hard to keep in line but he is useful."


Jun smiled back, something that was more than natural on his handsome features and replied, "I can imagine. Filth like them can only be useful as labor, but even then, some times they just aren't worth all the trouble. Though there are ones that are useful still. I'm sure that's one has been at least somewhat useful. Anyway, I was originally from here, but then traveled for a while. I've only come back into town recently. Would you mind having a coffee with me tomorrow would you? Feel free to bring the mutt."


Jun hoped his facade was good enough to fool her, even Storm if it had to. He needed another day. He had to plan this more effectively than that night he was robbed all those years ago. He didn't want to end up on the run again, this time knowing Storm was living his nightmares. The woman blushed again, hiding it slightly saying, "That would be lovely. How about twelve then? We could do lunch."


Jun smiled and nodded. "Twelve it is. I'll wait at the central plaza by the clock," he stated, passing a look to Storm when he gazed was averted from his own.


This would work better than he thought. With his CASTOR case in one hand, Jun did a half bow to her. "Until then my dear," and then he stepped away, letting his fake smile break into an evil grin. Even if what he had to say filled him with disgusts, it was a part of war. He was only trained, but literally built for war, and he used what he knew to work his way. His battle was going to be won.

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Storm's eyes met Seyerna's only for a moment, his body automatically stopping in its walk to stare in disbelief at the female demon before she disappeared from his sight. That... that was Seyerna, right? She... she saw me, right? His thoughts weren't filled with embarrassment but rather with doubt. How the poor demon craved affection.


A rough jerk, hurting his neck, made him lurch forward. "Did I stop?! Then why did you?! Keep walking, idiot!"


"Yes, ma'am." His voice was hoarse as he followed behind her, his mind quickly dropping the possible sighting of Seyerna. It probably wasn't her. What purpose would she have, anyway?.... He sighed, but it was only moments until another distraction caught him, seeing someone coming up from his peripherals. He dismissed it until it got too close for comfort, forcing Storm to move so he could see who it was, not having enough strength or energy to become defensive. His eyes grew wide at the familiar face he saw, though. That's Jun! What is he doing here?! The whip silenced his thoughts momentarily and made his gaze drop to the ground, where it belonged when in the company of humans. But his ears stayed tuned and what they heard... was not so soothing.... 'Filth like them can only be useful as labor, but even then, some times they just aren't worth the trouble.' 'Feel free to bring the mutt.' Storm made sure to let his hair shadow his eyes, a trick he had not forgotten, using it quite often to help hide his fear and embarrassment from his owner when she caused them. But this time, it was meant to try to hide tears. All this time, Storm had barely been able to hold on. And, to do so, he had used the thought that there were possibly still people on this Earth who cared for him. But one had ran away from him only moments prior... and one now sees him as the worthless dog he was.... The only thing he'd had left to hold on to... was suddenly ripped from his so poorly protected heart....


He clenched his fists, feeling his body tremble slightly as he felt he was about to lose control, to cry. Why is this news to you?! They left you! Neither of them care about you! You are nothing! To anyone! Get it through your head! He was thankful to feel the rough jerk at his collar as his owner began walking away from Jun, Storm not letting his eyes be seen even once and the pain of the rope flying over his skin prevented his teary eyes from letting a tear drop, distracting the emotion and pushing it away. "You better behave tomorrow, dog! If you mess up a date for me, I'll make sure to humiliate you so badly and take your sexuality away from you, too! Do you hear me?!"


Even though the emotions had been temporarily suspended, so long as he avoided letting his mind go back to them, he still couldn't prevent his voice from breaking slightly as he said: "Yes, ma'am...."

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Seyerna watched the encounter with Jun her heart thrumming a mile a minute at his forwardness and also at seeing him at all, she hadn't expected to see him especially after discovering Storm had indeed been caught. Questions loomed around in her mind, did Jun allow this? Were his words sincere? Is he part of the reason Storm was caught? She had been hoping to see Storm and Jun together, like they had been before she left with a friendship however shaky it may have been. Seyerna didn't see Jun's face, she never saw the rage that was thinly veiled behind his flirting, too far away to realize the sharp edge to his voice. Perhaps they had had a falling out? Whatever the reason, Seyerna would have to assume Jun was not currently an ally, until she had further information. She desperately wanted to snatch his arm as he walked by, but without knowing whether he had exposed Storm she couldn't risk it.

Storm and his Mistress continued down the way and Seyerna slipped around the building once Jun was far out of sight and followed them at a leisurely stroll, more than enough distance to avoid suspicious as most humans wouldn't even be able to see them with as far back as she maintained. She acknowledged that the current threat was too high and she needed to proceed with extreme caution else risk becoming a slave herself and knowing man she'd be one on display, that simply was not an option.

They came upon the house Storm and is Mistress dwelled at and Seyerna circled the building finding it's weak points, it's blind spots, and any other notable characteristics that may become important. As clouds began rolling over the horizon she wanted to groan, great a steak out in the rain! But she wouldn't spend all day at the house waiting for her chance, she'd wait until night fall, and first she had to retrieve some things. To the hospital she went.

Outside the hospital she found a dark spot in the parking garage and veiled herself in invisibility. Holding the spell was no problem, the problem would be going through doors as other people did or be caught by the cameras as a door moving on it's own. With demons being slaves now, there is no telling what kind of things they've learn and so she would have to assume they already knew creatures could use invisibility.

So she had to wait outside for several minutes before someone came walking in and opened the automatic doors, since she was invisible the automatic doors wouldn't open for her at all. Several of the doors on her path were locked needing a swipe key to open, still eventually someone would go through it and she could slip behind them. Finally she reached the blood bank, the problem now was she wasn't sure how she was going to retrieve the blood from the refrigerator without showing up on the camera. Seyerna sat and waited for awhile hoping someone would come and retrieve some and maybe she could make it look like the door simply hadn't closed all the way and slid back open, but when no one came after a half hour she was beginning to worry someone may never come. She could wait until nightfall and then at least there wouldn't be any lights, but she didn't think it would matter, the cameras were high enough quality they could pick out the detail even in the dark, not to mention they may be equipped with night vision. She could always go intimidate one of the employees, she could even put an illusion that made her look like a male, but she still felt even that was too risky.

Finally someone entered the room and quick on her toes Seyerna knocked a small bottle over that was under the camera's vision and also by the door the nurse had come in through. The nurse turned and scurried over to the mess, thinking she had knocked it over when she so briskly walked in. Seyerna used this to her advantage and twisted the camera so it no longer pointed directly at the blood fridge. Security would think she moved it or nudged it from how slightly it had moved. The nurse finished cleaning up, took a pack of blood and left. Even better, they would have no idea how much blood she had taken, and so Seyerna opened up the fridge and took three packs, hiding them against her body within her clothes and also within the illusion.

By the time she got out of the hospital the moon was already high in the sky and it was raining quite hard. Her invisibility didn't work so well in the rain and so she returned to her dark spot to let it fall off before walking out, stuffing the now warm blood into her purse. From her purse she pulled out a pocket umbrella, she knew how weird it would look to be leisurely strolling in this downpour. On her walk back to the house she had been stopped twice by men trying to give her rides, she had politely declined the first, but the second was persistent and she eventually told him to go to hell, that 'not even in his dreams would he get a chance to shove his shriveled up dick in her cunt.' Yes, she was quite proud of those words, she'd heard them on a TV show and when the woman had said it Seyerna had rolled on her back laughing so hard tears streamed down her face.

There were few cars traveling around this neighborhood street and no people about so Seyerna had a relatively free reign as she peered in windows, watching the snobbish bitch as she drank wine before a massive television. When she came around to the back headed toward the rear window she almost tripped over Storm sitting on the ground, not even under the porch awning because he was chained to a pole in the ground several feet from the shelter, his hands and feet also shackle so he could barely move.

"Oh, Storm..." Seyerna sunk down beside him, the rain having already coated her quite thoroughly, running thickly down her face and painting her already form fitting clothes to her sleek body. The umbrella having been put away before she began her inspection. She reached forward, already knowing this broken individual would not act out against her as she rubbed the dirt from his cheeks and pushed his hair from his face to expose his sunken in cheek and eyes. Setting her purse down between them she opened it up and showed him the medical packs of blood. "How did this happen, Storm? You had played a human for so long, what could have possibly went wrong.... Please, don't tell me it was Jun...."

Seyerna picked up one of the packs and pierced it with her claw, terrified to check his hands and see if his claws were still there or if they'd been pulled out like so many that she'd seen. "I'm going to free you, and I'm going to kill that woman... Please, don't give up on me." She had no idea how long he'd been like this, if he was already beyond the point of no return....

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Having just stepped into town after nearly five years of constant chase, Jun had nowhere to stay and no money to his name. Instead of wasting time, Jun decided to follow after her and Storm. Tacking them was easy thanks to the tracking bug left on her shoulder when he got her attention. "It doesn't matter how superior they think they are. Humans are still just that," he said hiding in the shrouds of the alley as dusk shrank into night and the rain rolled in just as the television news said it would.


He pulled down his right glove and the tip of his middle finger flipped to become a small screen with a light green arrow pointing in a certain direction. He nodded and stuffed the glove in his pocket as he began following the direction left for him, glancing at his hand every so often to keep his bearing through the rain. Soon the rain grew heavier and the early spring storm grew. Lightning flashed and the thunder roared over the wind and rain that battered the streets. Jun was glad for the storm, making him the only one out in the weather to see his mechanical arm. 


After traveling from the outskirts of town closer to the heart, the light green arrow began to fade to yellow, indicating that the tracker grew closer. From green, to hues of yellow, to hues of orange, and finally the deepening red. He now stood standing in front of a small urban home. Tiny yard, tiny house, and all very compact with the city all around. Jun saw the deepest red and flicked his finger back into place with a scowl on his face, then he snuck close to the house and peered through the windows, glad again that the storm hid him from the outside. The woman was sitting on her couch watching TV and, although she was rather beautiful, the cruelty was apparent at the way she laughed at certain parts of people being punished or hurt. 


Jun cringed in disgust, mentally noting to do himself a favor to never meet her again as he silently moved through the soaked yard. Around back he found the one he was looking for chained to an iron stake and left out in the cold rain; Storm. He was shaking cold with his legs pulled against him and arms wrapped around them as the rain soaked him to the bone. That's when a shadowed figure tripped over him. Jun couldn't make out what was going on through the darkness and dropped his black case when she opened her purse, Jun thinking she was trying to harm him, and his hand shifted with the whirring into the plasma cannon. A subtle glow emanated from inside the barrel as Jun swept up behind the unknown. "Move and I'll paint the ground with you. Who are you and what business do you have here," Jun said, his voice like a blizzard, raging but frozen, as he stood at the perfect distance from her to where she was helpless.

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Seyerna hissed at the sound of Jun's voice behind her, her heart plummeted as she pieced the puzzle together, Jun was no longer an ally, she would have to kill him if she intended to free Storm and now herself, she would never again be a slave. "Shoot me, and you'll hurt me, but you won't kill me, and with those few moments I'll be behind you with your throat in my hands, and trust me when I tell you I will not hesitate to tear your head from your shoulders, Jun. How dare you betray Storm like this when he only ever tried to help you." Seyerna wrapped Storm's hand around the packet of blood. She probably could drop to the ground, vanish and managed to get behind him without getting hit, but the odds of him shooting at where she was and likely hitting Storm was entirely too high for her comfort. He obviously didn't care for Storm's safety anymore and so she kept herself firmly stationed between Jun's gun and Storm's body, she didn't think Storm would survive a shot from that unique weapon of his. 


"I am the woman you once helped to save. To think I had worried the humans would capture you as well and yet it seems you're half the problem. Did you turn him in? Did you expose Storm and put him in this horrible situation? I don't care what you've endured or what you've seen Storm do, no one deserves to be a slave. If you had qualms with something Storm did you should have killed him you despicable coward." Seyerna knew exactly what it felt like to be a slave and her body was marred with suicidal attempts, she would have given anything to be put out of her misery.

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Storm winced as Seyerna tripped over him, his body always being constantly sore. He had been shivering horrendously but the new encounter helped to distract his mind from the rain falling down on him. His clothes, or what was left of them, were soaked and stuck to him, the holes in them revealing many different wounds and bruises. He struggled to keep his eyes on the ground, having been taught better than to look at anyone as it was insulting to them. He struggled more so as he heard his name. But... no one ever uses my name.... But as he saw her hand come for his face, he closed his eyes tightly and flinched viciously at her touch. But, at feeling her gentle touch on his cheeks and feeling someone's hands running through his hair, he couldn't restrain himself any longer. It had been so long since he'd been given such an affectionate touch and his eyes darted up to see the face of the person offering it. His eyes widened, his body still shivering though now it was both from the cold and rain while also from fear, from longing, from wanting to be touched so kindly again. Seyerna? But she.... His depressed mind could not comprehend why she was here, why she seemed to be being kind. Would she hurt him soon enough? Mock him for thinking he could really get such affection?


He was scared he was right when she opened her purse, awaiting for some whip or knife to be drawn from it, but she instead drew out a packet of... What is that? Is that.... He glanced back up to her as she began asking her questions and he opened his mouth, clearly attempting to answer but unable to form any words of use. So he gave up, easily enough, feeling humiliated, and shook his head in response to Jun being the culprit. How badly he wanted to talk to her! As she pierced the bag of blood open with one of her claws, envy struck him, along with another wave of humiliation... How he had been taught how disgusting he was for needing blood. He hadn't had it in almost a full month, now. And the scent, even through the rain, washed over him and he wriggled in discomfort at his longing, his tongue tracing over his filed-down fangs.


His eyes darted to look behind her, though, as he saw movement and heard a voice. Jun? But he felt the bag of blood being slipped into his hands and he looked at it in disbelief. I... I can really have it? No, it's a trap. If I drink it, I'll surely be beaten. But... He gave a soft whine, letting the blood fall from his hands to the ground, half of it pouring out but half staying within the bag. I don't want to be beaten... I don't... I'm good... No, you're not... if you were good, people would be kind to you... You don't deserve kindness...  He wanted nothing more than to be able to reach out and grab Seyerna, hugging her tightly and having her kind touch hold him. Feeling wanted. Feeling loved. But he knew it would not be welcome. He wanted in all the world to believe she was really being kind, really trying to help him, but after years of someone offering false affection only to make fun of him for clinging at any kind of affection thrown his way, he had learned it. He deserved none. And would never get any.

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Jun could see her now, and the voice was painfully familiar. One of few he could recognize without it being someone chasing after him. Her? but...no...She left though. With that man...


Jun kept his cannon trained on her, but the cold hostility of his voice changed into something more of curiosity as he listened to her. "So...Then you are...Seyerna? The demoness from before? When did you come back. Why did you come back, and what are you doing here of all places?" he asked, ignoring her spat insults and false accusations.


When Storm whined, Jun looked past her and sat him struggling with himself. He flattened his tone from wonderment to firm. "I left the morning after you did five years ago. I haven't done anything but run from my own fucking captors this whole time. I came back to visit him and found this shit going on. So hold your tongue and get things right first," he said then shifted the cannon back, to a hand with a jerk of his arm.


He knelt down as a shadow passed the window but kept going through the house, oblivious to the three outside. Jun kept his distance from Seyerna though. She was always unstable and Jun wanted to help Storm not fight a demon. "Storm. Can you still...well...do anything," Jun asked, worried from his whining. 

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He hadn't even been here? His insults brushed off of her like the rain that was pelting her, she had made nastier remarks to people and gotten nastier retorts for lesser reasons. She almost sighed with relief that she wouldn't have to kill him. He put his gun away and she felt her shoulders slacken from the tension she had been holding in herself. Only then did she notice Storm had dropped the packet and the blood was now sinking into the ground, good thing she stole several. Better not to waste though, so she scooped up the pack and shifted to sit beside Storm, now that Jun was squatting close by and no longer posing a threat. 


"Don't be difficult." She spoke in her gentlest voice to him, which was a drastic change from the vicious tone she'd spit at Jun. She wrapped an arm around his shoulder and leaned his frail form against her chest while holding the packet to his lips. "If you don't drink this I'm going to make you drink it." She still used that gentle voice, and even said it with a slight smile. When still met with resistance she breathed a sigh, dabbed her finger in the blood and touched it to his lips, stirring his demonic hunger that would force him against any emotional turmoil to take it, so when she held it up again he drank from it. When it was completely empty she pulled the second one from her back, punctured it and offered that as well. By the third one she merely punctured it and he took it from her hands. "Now, how are we going to free you without causing a shit storm." She almost giggled at her choice of words, 'shit storm' was one she'd heard from her son that had amused her immensely. 

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Though it wasn't something that was common place, to watch a demon drink blood, Jun didn't avert his attention. The last few years had changed him. Hardened him more against the nature of things. The three years he'd been free made him softer with his lack of fighting. He'd been a target though for quite a while now, and the dangerous soldier in him had returned from the depth, as if he merely need a sharpening to hone his dulled edge. He watched Storm, keeping track of where he'd left the case, and when Seyerna asked what they'd do, Jun's voice cut through the storm. "I had already begun making plans for his freedom. I just needed time to get things in order. I couldn't just make a big scene in the street, but I'm quick on my feet. I have a "date" with that thing in there tomorrow. It sounds like she will be bringing Storm along. If I play my cards right, I'll be able to lure her somewhere that I can make a ruckus and won't be caught in any trouble," he explained, all the details still unplanned beyond having arranged the date.


His intention was to merely wing the whole thing and make it out somehow. Storm wouldn't be going anywhere and there was no hurry or need to plan with just Jun at the helm, but it seemed Seyerna wanted just as much to be in the plan as Jun did the moment he saw Storm submitting to the woman. Jun moved closer to Storm across the mud and grass, seeing that Seyerna was no longer acting as guard and he set his icy metal hand on Storm's shoulder, showing that he'd not been abandoned. "I don't know what all you've been through while I was gone, but I'm still your friend here for you. You'll be free, whether I have to do it alone or with help, I'll see that is happens," Jun said, his emerald eyes finding Storm's renewed crimson eyes with reassurance.


He looked up at Seyerna, feeling a certain distance and tension between them, but didn't avert from her eyes as he said, "So do you have anything to add on to my plan so far? I'm open to ideas, but if I don't like it, then it'll go out the window."


Jun was far more confident in his own skill with humans and the modern world, as well as logic and tactics than he was with Seyerna's or anyone else's he'd ever had to rely on whether in a firefight or a breach, or a rescue mission. His ideas always tended to turn out the best plan of action, even when they started with someone else's idea.

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The attention, the affection. Am I dreaming? But the rain pounding down on him and the thunder roaring in his ears proved he was not. He watched them both as he drank, more than enjoying the feel of Seyerna's body next to his and it didn't seem she was repulsed by the touch she had created between them. Both her and Jun were drenched as the rain carried on, yet they both still sat out here with him rather than under shelter and they weren't saying anything implying they blamed him for the soaking clothes.


He flinched roughly again as Jun touched him, no where near being used to this much physical contact that wasn't painful. Free me? They're going to... set me free? There's no way they could do that.... He opened his mouth, once again attempting to form words and once again failing, the blush on his cheeks showing both embarrassment and frustration. He went back to drinking the blood, wanting to take all he could before it was stolen from him. There's no way this could happen... don't even get your hopes up, Storm... You're just a dog.... You couldn't even live on your own, anymore....

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"I have nothing to add." Seyerna spoke blatantly, knowing that she would be there lingering about if things went sour, she wouldn't tell him this though, on the chance he'd tell her not to come, not that he could stop her. What's more she knew if he failed she'd be back here tomorrow night with a device to mutilate his chains, they had 'demon proofed' just about everything, but humans were still mostly ignorant to magic. Once she was done she'd go tear out that woman's heart and present it to Storm. 


She returned all her attention to Storm, pulling him closer to her as she sensed his reluctant need for the affection; she understood it. "I'll stay here with you as long as I can. When morning comes I'll have to depart though. I'll need to return to my hotel to change, I'll be too obvious in a crowd dressed in wet clothes. Okay?" She spoke gently, and perhaps a wee bit child-like to him, but since he hadn't said a word she was mildly worried something internal was wrong. 

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Nothing to add? You can't succeed if you don't plan! You can't fail this! Come on! You could... you could... He let his mind spin, his mind having been his only form of entertainment in years. What if Seyerna were to pretend to be a waitress? She could stay around the table and not be noticed! I want her around the table with me... A-and Jun could distract her! He could convince her to have sex with him! She can't watch me if she's locked up in a room with her attention misguided! And she never wastes time when she's horny! She wouldn't bother taking time to tie me up! It-...It'd turn her off, anyway.... A-and the Jun could have Seyerna call him and he could pretend it was an emergency and he'd have to go and Madam would have to take time to take care of herself, so she wouldn't notice I was gone until it was too late! And- He cast his eyes downward. That's such an idiotic plan it isn't even funny.... It's a damn good thing you can't talk.... Embarrass yourself and... and I doubt they'd stay around to save someone as stupid as- 


His eyes jerked up and became fearful instantly, his hands vainly clutching at the ground, no useful claws extending as instinct would make them, and giving a whine as he felt himself being moved. His tense body once again lay on Seyerna, how she had put him against her when she offered him the first bag of blood. As her voice came, gentle and easy, his tensed body relaxed and he let himself be held. His poor mind couldn't comprehend what she was doing. Couldn't respond with thoughts. But he knew he liked it. Someone seeming to care, to hold him, to let him lay on her. To clean the dirt from his face, to move his dripping hair from his eyes. To give him blood. To take care of him. To stay with him during a storming night. He unconsciously grabbed the side of her shirt as she mentioned having to leave, wanting anything but to lose this. But his hand immediately dropped as a deep blush rushed across his face, impossible to ignore. He wriggled uncomfortably in her grasp, trying with his weakened body to break free of it, his hands covering his lap. Please don't let her see, please don't let her see! His mind screamed, his eyes closed tightly, wanting to hide. 'You disgusting creature!' His owner's voice rang in his mind, as he'd heard many times when she had gotten curious and made him lay down, naked, surveying him and finding which pressure points or which touches would make him 'aroused'. Please don't let her see! I don't want her to leave! Let me up! His body was shaking still with the cold but also with his inner turmoil.

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At his sudden struggles, if that's what the weak movements could be called - he was so deprived of blood she wished she'd taken more - she gazed over him to see if she'd hurt him, instead she was met with his very male response. She imagined that was why he had struggled, he didn't want her to notice, she was quick with her eyes and only briefly looked over his groin. "Come on now, I know you don't want me to leave." She pulled his arm tighter around her waist and squeezed him to her chest. With gentle hands she ran her claws across his scalp, brushing his hair back. Very gently she pushed out her magic, her illusions, her mind and reached to touch Storm's, madness had it's perks, the one and only that she had discovered was her ability to understand the complexities of the mind, it allowed her to do things to people's minds and wills. She could rewrite the very blue prints of a person's mind if she had too, at a great loss to her own sanity, but it could be done. This however, was nothing so vicious, all she did with Storm was urge soothing thoughts to the forefront of his mind, drew out calming and relaxed emotions. A normal person could resist the effects easily, they would feel something pushing into their thoughts, the harder they pushed the more it would cost her. She had gone into fits of madness for weeks because of forcing her way into someone's mind against their will. Storm was so out of it she wasn't sure he would even notice her gentle invasion, still, risking her sanity, what little she had wasn't in anyone's best interest. The easiest trick to get into a person's mind was to startle them, she usually did this by kissing them, but Storm gave her an easier opportunity, and if she got him to sleep fast enough he wouldn't even remember and while he slept she'd still be able to gently nudge his mind to keep him in a happy place. 


There was nothing sexual about the next motion she made, she so crudely and blatantly reached out and grabbed his groin, his eyes shot wide and before he would even fully registered the action she pushed and easily slipped into his mind. Seyerna's eyes glazed over, her pupils vanished from her eyes and she saw nothing but the rawness of their minds, weaving together as she tread on forbidden territories. While her hand had left his groin, now sitting firmly on his thigh while she looked into his eyes, though it could be debated on if she was actually seeing him or not, she began touching his mind, gently prodding at his thoughts to bring forth happier memories. The more she explored the higher the chance Storm would begin pushing back, so she did as she intended, her goal to relax him into sleep and keep his dreams peaceful and happy, nothing more. 

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​It was clear there was no for of sexual intimacy the way Seyerna treated Storm, even from where he squatted in the soaking rain. Jun saw Storm jerk at her action, but then slow begin to relax despite the freezing cold and harsh conditions they were in. Jun noticed for the first time that the temperature was dropping when a wave of warmth rushed over his chest and back from the nano-skin shifting to shield him from the possible hypothermia. Jun let his had gently slide away from Storm's Shoulder as she demon began to drift into sleep from Seyerna's prodding. Still though, he held on to her shirt even in sleep, his unconscious gesture to keep her by his side so she won't leave him.


Jun waited until Storm's breathing slowed and his eyes were closed entirely before he made any other move. "I don't know if you can really hear me or what, but I have to leave now. I'd like for you to stay close by even while I'm taking the bitch down, in case things go south and other get involved. The meeting is a twelve in front of the central clock in the city square. Whatever happens, I'm sure you'll take care of him," Jun said indicating Storm, then he pulled himself reluctantly away, not letting himself get attached just yet, not before the job was complete.


There were so many things he didn't know. About what happened, about how Storm was mentally, about how Storm would be afterward. At least he'd been through metal rehabilitation himself and knew how much trouble, and how horrifying it could be. That alone was a nightmare filled with horror before even adding on the fact of his new body. Jun forced himself to stand and turn away before he spent the whole night out with them and ruining his chances. With a crack of thunder he stalked off through the rain, catching his case on the trip out before going elsewhere to plan out a little more. 


He found an open door to the local post office and slipped in, putting his case beside him and sitting against the marbled walls to dry off. His clothes stuck to the metal and skin, but he didn't feel any of it, only remembering to return his glove when he ran a rain through his blonde, dirty hair and felt the cold metal against his scalp and forehead. I'll wait out the night here, maybe sleep, maybe not. Hopefully I'll be dry by morning and I can go on this mission in a half decent condition. Jun thought as he leaned his head back against the marble and closed his eyes, case beside him, one knee propped up, and one glove on his hand and one not. Regardless, he would free Storm at all costs.

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Seyerna relaxed as Storm's mind reached a state of sleep. She didn't have to focus as much now that she was within his mind. Slowly she leaned beside him, cradling him against her as he slept. She could see, but it was strange as everything magical stood out to her, people's auras were like glowing for her in this state; unfortunately her other senses were a bit weakened, not that it mattered all people had magic, if something was living it had magical properties, even plants did, so it was near impossible for someone to not be noticed by her like this.

She eventually relaxed enough that she was almost dosing, but wouldn't allow herself to do so. Almost unconsciously she stroked his hair back ever so gently over and over again as the rain continued to beat down on the pair. She had once spent a night out in the blizzard with a human cradled against her, she had done everything in her power to keep that little human girl warm. In the end she had failed and she had died through out the night. Seyerna's demonic body had practically scoffed at the cold, very little effected her.

The rain persisted through most of the night, near dawn it began to recede and Seyerna decided it was time for her to leave before his Mistress came out. She didn't want Storm to think she had just up and left him and as much as she knew he needed sleep, she also understood the paranoia and fear that would strike him when he woke and neither she nor Jun were here. So she nudged him and gently whispered his name until his eyes fluttered open, "I have to go now. I'll see you at noon, but you may not see me. I must make arrangements, everything will get better." Seyerna kissed his forehead like a mother, wriggled her way from his grasp and disappeared between the buildings.

Her first stop was the hotel, she had to change and get cleaned up so she didn't stand out. It was early enough that few people were about so few people to eye her strangely and to make an impression on. Odd things stood out to people and should something happen she wanted to just be another unmemorable face in the crowd, not that one person they remembered. She really wanted to go retrieve more blood but she wasn't sure about going back to the hospital to get it. A disturbing thought crossed her mind. First though a quick shower to clean away the mud that had accumulated and to coat herself in gentle floral smells, she was a nut for the all natural products, anything else she could smell the chemicals in. New undergarments as her's were soaked, a fresh pair of practically 'painted-on' jeans and a deep v-neck t-shirt of dark purple, just barely disguising the lacy black bra beneath.

Sure enough, her disturbing theory proved true, the 'facility-gone-mall-for-demon-slaves' held 'pet food' and in that section was jugs of blood. Seyerna went along reading the labels, none of them were human, they had pig and cow and various other creatures, but no human and she new Storm needed human. In a glass case was another jug, this one was four times the price of the other's but the label read 'human' she wondered if it was true or not. It was probably for slaves of higher standard, the demoness in the pasties and the thong flashed behind her eyelids and she grit her teeth resisting the urge to growl. The things she was going to do to that man.

Seyerna called an associate over, who rambled on about the 'pet food' selections, which Seyerna tuned out because if she didn't she might bite out his throat. She purchased the gallon of blood and left, the purchase held in a dark brown bag. She'd leave it in her hotel room, she couldn't very well lug it around with her. She did split it down though, so she had two water bottles filled with the blood and left the rest in the fridge in the hotel room. She wrapped the bottles in an ice pack and then into a soft cooler which she squeezed into her purse after removing all the other random 'appearance' items, keeping only her cell phone and wallet.

Noon was coming quickly and she had to be at the clock to follow Jun wherever he was going to lead them.

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Storm woke slowly, his body reluctant to leave the calm and welcoming sleep. The sun, though, was almost as welcoming, beginning to warm his severely chilled body. He stayed relaxed at seeing Seyerna still there, finding comfort in knowing she did not disappear only for him to sleep then wake to find her missing. If he had awaken alone, he didn't know what he would've done. Hearing she was about to leave, though, instilled fear in him. Leave? No, please don't go, please... I'll do anything.... It wasn't difficult for her to leave his grasp, though and he sat up straight, giving a shiver from the cold movement brought from his wet clothes. He watched her go, his eyes going to the door as Seyerna disappeared, awaiting Madam to come out and start the day....


Sure enough, the door opened and she stepped out as the sun was nearing its height. She was already dressed up for the date, her hair and makeup beautifully in place, her clothes and shoes matching. But her face showed nothing but irritance and anger as she moved toward him. "You filthy mutt. Look at you! Can you not look decent, even for a moment?!" She came near him, though she seemed revolted to do so, and took out a key, undoing his chains and grabbing his collar, jerking him to his feet and half-way dragging him inside, his body stiff and unwilling to cooperate at her fast pace.


She threw him to the floor once she got him inside and walked over him, kicking him as she did so. "Let's go! I'm not going to be seen by that man with you looking so disgraceful to me! It's like you want me to be rejected!"


Storm got to his feet quickly, despite his body yelling against it, and followed her to the bathroom. She walked in and turned the water on, turning it all the way to HOT. The steam began rolling in waves about the room and she glared at him. "Well?! Strip!"


His eyes were cast down to the floor as he unwillingly removed what clothes he had. He stood there, naked, covered in wounds. His back still bore the purple and black bruise from the couch. His arms were covered in cuts, as was his stomach. He felt her eyes going over his body and it took all the restraint he had not to hide himself and to stand there. "Disgusting." She spat and he flinched as if her words physically wounded him. "Get in the shower." She ordered and he did so but he was unable to stand under the running water, it being way too hot to withstand. But she easily shoved him back into it. "Are you too dumb to know how to shower?!" She spat, grabbing a bristled brush and beginning to scrub the areas that held wounds, reopening many of them. He clenched his teeth as she did, trying to divert his mind from the pain of her scrubbing and the scolding water running over him. At once, the scrubbing stopped and the water changed to ice cold. He felt his heart begin beating unrythmetically at the shock of the temperature and Madam grabbed his arm and jerked him out, turning off the water. "If you pass out, I swear." She walked from the room, then, returning with a towel and new clothes for him. She roughly dried him off, making him wince over each wound she ran over, and she threw his clothes at him. "Dress! For fuck sake, can you do nothing?! I did all of this by myself this morning!" She yelled, indicating herself. "And you can't even help me do this for you!" Storm quickly slipped the clothes on and felt her run her hand through his hair, jerking hard at any knots she encountered until his hair looked halfway decent, not having a brush for him. She jerked the dripping rope at his neck and dragged him down the hallway and out of the house, heading for the clock tower.


Arriving, it wasn't difficult to find Jun already there waiting for her. "See?! You made me late!" She said, jerking roughly at his collar and choking him as she went up to Jun with the kindest of smiles. He sat there on one of the benches, basking in the warm sunlight. "I'm so sorry I'm late. This mess of a creature is too needy and it took quite a while to get him ready. She took a seat beside him, snapping her fingers at the dirty ground. "Sit!" Storm obediently lowered himself to the floor, wrapping his arms around himself. As Madam sat in silence, Storm let his mind wander and he went back to Seyerna running her fingers through his hair. It was so unlike how Madam did it. Seyerna was gentle and the motion seemed to be caring, but Madam only did the motion with no emotion, and horribly, too. What if she doesn't come back for me?... He drew his knees up to his chest. I want Seyerna..... He whined silently.

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Jun spent most of the night in the post office, but when the sun began to rise, he left to handle his business. Though most of the water had dried from his clothes, they were still damp in places and horribly wrinkled, and the smell that prevailed wasn’t acceptable for the date he had to pull off. He blended in with the many people who were now out in the morning for their everyday tasks and when shops began opening he, found a clothes store to use.


He acted as any normal customer and picked out a black long sleeve shirt to try on. It was a perfect fit and he changed out his damp, wrinkled shirt for the new one, leaving the other one on the hanger and returning it while the store host was busy. He did the same with his black pants, easily saving the money he had and replacing the smelling damp clothes with fresh, pleated ones. Despite that, the damp smell remained in his jacket and subtly on him.


He ventured to a general store and reluctantly tossed his jacket in the trash on his way in, leaving only his new shirt and long gloves hiding his arms. Going to the perfume area, he pretended to be interesting in buying cologne and tested one, using enough to hide the smell, but not too much. Now I just have to meet the bitch and save Storm. With this in mind, Jun went to the central plaza and found a bench out in the sun to rest in, enjoying the weather after having spent the night in the rain and soaked in the post office.


After waiting for two hours, keeping check with the clock tower over head, Jun finally saw her and Storm approaching. He stuffed his hatred and anger down and put on the suave charm he was so capable of and smiled warmly at her. When she made a comment on Storm causing her trouble Jun chuckled lightly and said, "They think they're entitled to being lazy in the morning or something right? Anyway, I just arrived a little bit ago, so we can leave when you're ready."


Storm flinched slightly, remembering how badly his morning had gone and how body still stung from it. "Just in the morning?" She said with an amused smile. "Alright, I'm ready. Where were you wanting to go?"


Jun gathered up his case and stood, and helped her to her feet. "It's just a restaurant I went to often when I lived in town. I made sure they were still open before I came here. I'm rather glad to be enjoying their food for the first time in a while with such a beautiful woman," he said with a charming smile as he gently let his hand slip from his.

He changed his charm a sharp one-eighty, his eyes like a sharks as she snapped on Storm. "Were going now so don't just sit there, stupid! Follow!" Jun commanded as he reached out and snatched on the collar to drag him along as he led the way.


Storm's eyes went wide at the split second before the anticipated force he felt from the collar at his throat being jerked. With Jun's strength and Storm's weakness, the demon was thrown up to his feet, the collar restricting around his throat, forcing the demon to loyally and quickly walk close to Jun's side, to loosen the collar blocking his airways, red marks showing from the force the collar had on his neck. The woman blushed faintly by Jun's compliment but her breath was taken away as Jun took care of Storm for her and she flirtatiously slipped her arm through his.


Jun hated doing that to Storm, but everything to make the odds better was necessary here and he knew it. Jun welcomed her arm outwardly on the outside, keeping his smile and leading her along to the place, though on the inside his skin crawled despite having to feeling in his arms. They arrived and the serve seated them immediately at a table with only two chairs and Jun pulled her chair out for her and snapped at Storm again. “Trying sitting still this time and don’t do anything stupid,†he said, but was careful not to tie off the collar off anywhere, and then took his own seat.

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Seyerna was a good distance from the benches where she figured they'd be at and sure enough Jun showed up and took a seat at those exact benches, shortly after the Mistress and Storm showed as well. The only reason she could see them was due to her demonic vision, she was entirely too far away to be visible to a human, not to mention the massive fountain in the square obscured her from them. They wasted little time before standing to leave, but to Seyerna's utter horror Jun took Storm's leash and dragged him around, she took several deep breaths telling herself it was just for show, she knew it was, she had done such things herself, but it was still alarming to see. 


She walked lazily after them, pulling her phone out she dialed Caim while keeping her eyes on the three. "Hey, brat." - "I'm just site seeing my place of origin. It's so busy, this demon slave thing has really taken off!" She was talking in a sort of code, telling her son where she had gone, but in such away that anyone who heard their conversation would think nothing of it. "Going to meet with some old friends. They've got a demon pet of their own I'm interested in. I gotta say I'm a little weird-ed out by the sex slaves, I mean who would want to be intimate with a beast? How is that any different from screwing your dog?" Seyerna was an immaculate liar, her words easy and fluid as they slipped off her tongue, people around her were having various reactions, some of them silently nodding in agreement, other's rolled their eyes, still most of them didn't even notice her. 


Jun, Storm, and his Mistress entered a restaurant, Seyerna moving up to the door before ending her call; "Gatta go." Was all she left him with before touching the 'end' icon on the touchscreen. Several people had entered between Seyerna and the other's, which was just as she'd planned it. Waiting in line to be seated she noted the structure and found the best location to watch and be unnoticed, at least by the Mistress. When the host finally got to her Seyerna spoke her request, "A seat at the bar is fine, preferably in the back." The host nodded and took her to the rear of the building, the bathrooms were on the other side so there would be no reason for her to come anywhere near her or even look her direction. At the bar Seyerna ordered a mimosa considering how early it still was, always best to fit in. She sipped the drink and sat with her phone in front of her, playing with various apps and buttons and couldn't help but think how far she'd come in five years. Seeing Jun and Storm just reminded her of how silly she must have appeared before them. 


Inevitably a male came up to her and sat beside her, immediately he began trying to flirt but his words went on deaf ears as Seyerna looked up and saw him holding the end of a bejeweled leash which connected to a collar around the throat of a beautiful blonde haired demoness with eyes the color of honey. The demoness had her eyes downcast and was dressed in little more than leather straps, her hands bound in a single 'bondage glove' behind her back, making her arch forward, her fingers all curled in as there were no fingers to this device, she was standing on stilts, 'ballerina boots;' Seyerna's toes curled just looking at them. What were the odds she'd see another sex slave in two days? Could there really be that many of them? There certainly hadn't been that many "human - like" demons in hell to be pulled out and enslaved. All she could assume was that they were somehow picking out the demons that existed in this world, the question was how?


"...Eyes the color of the sweetest chocolate." Seyerna zoned back in on the man still preaching of her beauty, she smiled at him sweetly.


"I'm currently waiting for a lady friend, perhaps you could buy me dinner tonight though?" She fluttered her eyes at him as she imagined all the things she'd do to him.


He looked obviously shocked by her sudden offer, but it quickly turned to an arrogant grin, "Sure, sweetness. Where are you staying? I'll pick you up at 8?" Seyerna nodded and wrote down the address to the hotel on a napkin.


"You're pet is beautiful. You must have paid a pretty penny for her. Does she do any tricks?" Seyerna had heard this question asked on the street and wondered if it held a sexual connotation too.


The man grinned, "Almost two million she was, and yea, she does some reeeal interesting things with her tongue... Don't worry though, she can't bite, had those nasty fangs pulled the day after I bought her." His eyes were dark with lust, as the sudden idea that he might be able to get his pet and this new dark haired woman at the same time, especially after Seyerna gave him a seductive grin of her own, licking her lips as if this was the sexiest thing she'd ever heard. 


"Well then, I'm excited to find out... I'll see you tonight." She winked essentially dismissing him, which he frowned but took the hint and got up and left. Well, she wasn't sure how she was going to manage Storm's rescue and castrating that man in one night, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity. 

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His attention snapped up as he saw Seyerna moving through to the bar and his anxiety rose along with it. This is really going to happen? What if Madam finds out... or if I get caught? Or if she finds out they were nice to me?... I... He swallowed, his panic rising, and he tried to force it down. Besides, he knew the trouble he got in when he had his panic attacks. He most certainly did not want that. So, to help divert his rising nervousness, he let himself focus on the conversation he began to hear and was quite thankful it existed as distraction.


"So, what can I call you?" Madam asked sweetly, draping her long hair behind her back and off of her shoulders.


He didn't catch much of a distraction as a waitress came and Storm made sure to stay well out of her way, not wanting for her to step on him or to shove him, his body still raw from this morning.


"What can I get for the two of you?" The waitress asked in a chirpy voice though she seemed slightly disappointed she couldn't bother Storm, who had fearfully made his way closer to Jun's legs.


"A caramel latte, please." Madam responded elegantly, glancing to see what Jun wanted.


"I'll take a coffee, black." Jun replied.


The waitress smiled, nodded, and turned away with the order.


Madam smiled. "Black, huh? I can't stand the taste. I've always much preferred sweet over bitter. I'm sorry, but your name was...?" She reinterated her question.


"Oh, pardon my rudeness. I'm Jun. And-" the waitress soon returned with the two orders and left them in silence. "-what might I call you?"


"My name is Abigail." She smiled kindly. "So, where are you from again? Oh, have you any demons of your own?"


"A lovely name. Well, as I mentioned before, I'm technically a local as well. I was living here before the demons became slaves when we knew so little about the beasts. I began travelling before the big change. I've only returned a few days ago." He said, taking a swallow of his coffee. "As for the demons, I don't have time to keep one of those with my travels. Too much of a hassle, the lot of them," he said with a glare of contempt at Storm as he cowered closer to him.


Jun took another swallow and set his now half empty cup on the table. "So, what about you? Where are you from and what your hobbies?" He asked with a casual charm, hiding his boiling hatred for her as well as hatred for himself for being unable to help Storm who sat only inches from him.


"Well, I'm actually not a local here." She said, fiddling with her empty glass as she had drank it as he spoke. "I'm from about 4 villages over. I heard about the demonic enslavement here and was furious when my village refused to adopt it. I mean, I'm sure they will soon enough but I'd rather not wait for such a good idea, you know? So, I moved here roughly four years ago and traded for this demon, here. He's an old one, that's for sure. I need to trade him in soon." She laughed softly then seemed thoughtful. "As for my hobbies, well... I do love going outside on nice days. Sometimes I'll spend all day gardening or laboring my demon, solely for the purpose to be outside when the stars first begin appearing. Have you ever seen them? Just stood and stared at them? They are so beautiful and lovely to get lost in...."


Jun listened carefully, seeming interested on the outside but the gears had begun turning in his mind already. When she mentioned stars, Jun thought of the planetarium. "You know there is a planetarium here. I'm sure you knew that but we could go view the stars right now. It can't compare to the beauty of a real night sky but I went there quite often when I was younger," he said as an offer to take her there. 


She looked at him, disbelieving as she didn't go out exploring much. "I've never been to a planetarium. Could we really go?" She asked, excitement showing in her voice.


Planetarium? What is that?


Though Jun was nearly broke, he pulled out his wallet and set a small tip on the table then stood and snatched up Storm's collar since he was closest to Jun. Storm was shocked by the sudden grab and clenched his teeth together to restrain himself. He had instinctively drawn closer to Jun from the waitress for a better feeling of security and he had to calm himself from having his security kick him out and hand him to Madam. He tried suppressing his trembling as Madam took him from Jun and excitedly led him out of the café, every muscle in his body screaming at him to fight her and stay here with Jun and Seyerna. He's not gonna come! They're gonna leave! Please, no! Please please please no! He couldn't help having his panicked body show some resistance. It was nothing Madam couldn't easily handle though and she jerked him roughly out the door, throwing him up against the wall outside and kicking his feet out from under him. She undid the whip at her side and gave him two good lashings on his arms, not wanting to ruin his new clothes for the sake of her date. "Can't you behave?! Look what you made me do! Now you're bleeding. I guess you expect me to just have to put with that, do you?!" She clipped the whip back to her side and spun at him quickly, smacking him hard across the face as his guard had gone down. "If you don't behave on this trip, so help me, we will revisit the barbed wire uniform, do you understand me?"


Storm nodded and made sure to keep himself bowed lower than her. "Y-yes, Ma'am."

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Jun turned to go pay the bill for their drinks, but the moment Abigail left the establishment, Jun headed for where he’d seen Seyerna go. He found her quickly, sitting at the bar in the back of the place. He came up to her more casually now and came rest beside her. “I don’t have much time. Bitch is waiting for me. I need your phone,†he said leaning against the bar as if he was holding a casual conversation with a friend.


He had to keep his wits about him and not let their cover be blown even now. Seyerna pulled her phone out of her jeans pocket and slid it across the bar to Jun. "There's no code lock. I'll be close, throw me a sign if you need me; I'll see you, even if you don't see me."


He adjusted the gloves wrapped around his shoulders and said, “You’ll be the one to get Storm. He doesn’t really want me around much I can tell, and I can’t blow my cover. We’re going to the planetarium, so the showings are forty-five minutes. I’m leaving halfway through, so that’s about twenty minutes at most,†he said pushing off the bar and headed to the door.


No one stopped him about the money he didn’t pay, hardly noticing him leave as grabbed his case and joined his date outside, placing his well-made visage back again and greeting her with his charm. “Sorry for the wait. Now for the planetarium.â€


She smiled and stood, eager to see him while Storm stayed obediently behind her, his eyes not daring to rise from the ground. "For the planetarium it is!" She exclaimed with enthusiasm and moved aside so he could lead the way.


He smiled broadly at her, then turned to guide her away from the shop and Seyerna. They walked a good distance from the town center, staying on the main streets, until a large domed building could be seen from the street level. The sun glinted off the paneled roofing that showed and Jun pointed up at it saying, “That’s the dome that they project the stars onto. The outside of course, but once inside it seems to go on forever.â€


Abigail seemed to be entranced by the thought of it and followed him along until they finally reached it. The charge was twelve dollars per person for the next showing. Jun paid with the last of his money, leaving only three dollars left to his name, and got them both in. Storm, however, was forbid entrance past the storage lockers. “Sir, please leave your demon in cage three. Here is the key for it,†the man said to Jun at the counter.


“Certainly,†Jun replied, then took the rope from Abigail saying, “If you wouldn’t mind finding us some seats before the show starts, I’ll take care of this problem.â€


She smiled and nodded, going inside with excitement flowing through her. Storm stood, trembling slightly with his eyes not straying from the ground. Jun started to pull on the rope, but Abigail had already ready entered, letting him take it easy on Storm. He motioned forward with his hand, eyes now cold again and Storm did as his was bid and moved to the left where the storage room was. Inside the well lit room were rows and rows of cages, many filled with demons and all with locks. Jun unlocked the cage that was labeled three, and started talking quietly, “Seyerna is just behind us waiting for the chance to strike and save you. The showings are usually about forty-five minutes from start to finish. I’m going to leave about halfway through. By then Seyerna will have both gotten you and gotten out, or I’ll return to bust you out myself regardless of who sees. I have to take the key with me, but take these hinge pin can be pulled out easily,†he explained swiftly as Storm squeezed into the cramped space with a whine trapped in his throat.


Jun looked at him for just a moment, unable to find his eyes that stayed averted, and said, “I’ll apologize for today later. Get free, and get safe.â€


He turned and left, putting the key in his breast pocket as he went and keeping his case in hand as well. The small excursion took only two minutes and then he was back with the woman again sitting by the walkway with his case set on the ground. As they chatted and flirted, the lights dimmed until the room was black, then the large sphere at the center of the room lit up and the brilliance of the night sky danced across the top of the dome, casting all the universe around them with pin point accuracy. Jun couldn’t help but genuinely smile; thinking back to the times he’d visited and seen the sky here before he’d known Storm’s true identity and things fell apart. “Now this is true beauty,†he said with a sigh

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Seyerna watched Jun leave and after several moments she left money on the counter for her mimosa and got up, following after him. No one glanced her way, no one even noticed her beyond the few lustful eyes that lingered hungrily on her figure, though she never dressed flashy, even the simple T and jeans hugged her beautifully. The smell of Storm was easy to follow and she drew closer and closer to them until they were in visual distance again, she watched as they entered the planetarium. She allowed a few people to enter ahead of her before she came up and paid her entrance fee and entered as well. 


Jun and Storm's Mistress had headed off into the planetarium but she had noted the fact they were short one Storm. The scent trail led her towards a back room, guarded by a single human male carrying a rifle - for the demons not the humans, he would say. This was too easy. Seyerna slipped into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls; she waited a good while for it to be empty before leaving the stall. She glanced in the mirror, her illusion was immaculate, she looked exactly like Abigail. She just hoped Storm was well enough in his mind that he would realize it was her. She didn't have to mask her scent or aura since humans had no way of detecting such thing, but Storm - theoretically - would be able too.


The guard didn't even stop her, he merely smiled and nodded his head. Seyerna moved directly towards Storm's small cell, running her hands over the lock, she could probably pick it but it could take a few minutes, breaking it would leave a trail, better to let everyone think Storm had merely left with his Mistress. Seyerna glanced briefly around the room, there was a camera watching her every move. There was one very fatal flaw about illusions, cameras didn't see them. Her illusions took place inside of peoples’ minds, cameras don't have minds, so she can't just create the visual of the door opening and closing, the camera would know the truth. Of course it would also know she was a black haired woman not Abigail, but they probably wouldn’t check them if she didn’t break anything, they would have no reason to suspect that anyone other than Abigail had taken Storm. They’ll just assume she’s a nut job, or is intentionally trying to cause trouble. Not that it mattered, Seyerna had to take the chance either way, still she kept her face turned away from it, never looking directly at it so they would never be able to identify her beyond her black hair.


There was an ounce of luck though, the camera spanned back and forth, she would have roughly ten seconds to pick the lock before the camera would be on her again. Seyerna was fearless and didn't hesitate to wedge a bobby pin into the pad lock the moment the camera had panned past her. She didn't dare speak for fear that it might have a microphone and could possibly hear her even if she whispered. The camera was quickly coming back; Seyerna sealed her eyes as she focused on the slight ticks of the lock, so close. Another click and the last tumbler fell out of her way and the lock jerked open. Seyerna pulled the lock free and grabbed Storm's leash, her eyes were on him, trying to bleed her kindness into him, willing him to recognize her, she did not want to have to pull on the leash and act the part of his Mistress. 


Thoughts of why Madam had come back went without answers through his head but he knew it couldn’t be good. His kept his eyes glued to the ground as Madam took his collar... and did not jerk him. And the hand that came so close to him... did not smell of Madam.


His eyes shot up in shock, not thinking of any attention he might draw to them. Unable to form words, he burst out of his cage, trembling and going loyally to her side, not wanting to move even an inch away from her.


Seyerna almost sighed in relief as he came to her. She held his leash gently, every muscle in her arm screaming at how wrong it was to hold another of her kind on a leash, but logically she knew she had to get out first. With Storm free of the cage she took the padlock and headed out, keeping her head down to avoid the gaze of cameras. The guard held out his hand for the lock and she gave it over. Seyerna even managed to mimic Abigail perfectly, but there was no way to tell if it was via magic or if she was just amazing at impressions; “I’m sorry, my date, Jun, had to run to the bathroom and silly me forgot to get the key from him. He’ll be right here.†Knowing the guard hadn’t seen Jun with her, but also knowing the human psyche well enough that he would question his own thoughts before questioning her gave her ample time to slip around him and head outside with Storm in tow. The key wasn’t that important anyway, certainly not important enough to risk causing a scene with a high end lady like Abigail. Still Seyerna couldn’t help but count all the holes in her rescue, this had been horribly planned, but she was not as skilled at handling the new obstacles modern technology created.


Seyerna walked swiftly, wanting to put as much space between the planetarium and them as possible, uncertain of how much time Jun had allotted her for this endeavor. She made a stop in a mall, weaving in one entrance, stopping in a cameraless corner to shred Storm’s collar and pocket the remains. Her illusion fell away and instead she built up a new one around Storm, shrouding him to appear like a normal human.


She grabbed either side of his face and made him meet her eyes, “I know you’re in pain but I need your help. I need you to act the part of a man, or a healthy, normal, human male. My illusions can only do so much; I won’t be able to shroud you for every limp.â€


He felt the collar leave his throat and the feeling came as extremely odd to him. He watched her hands as she dealt with it but did not bring his eyes above her waist. Not until she forced him to, that is, though he braced his body for any punishment to come of it. Unable to speak, he nodded in response to her.


Seyerna was skeptical of his acceptance. She knew she was being hard on him after such an ordeal, but time was precious right now and she’d mend his body and mind later. Putting her trust in him she locked his arm with her’s so they appeared like a couple strolling – quite briskly – through the mall. She’d actually done it to make sure he couldn’t stray, or stumble too badly, it would allow her to read his body language easier, every twitch in his muscles she would be able to sense through the skin contact of merely their arms. Seyerna had spent many centuries blind and her sense of feel was ridiculous because of it. Most people who lose their sight compensate with hearing, but Seyerna had for some reason compensated through her sense of feeling; completely naked she would be able to feel the outline of things around her simply by the air and its waves that would ripple across her flesh.


She took them out the rear entrance of the mall and walked the rest of the way to the hotel, it was a long walk but she knew Storm had endured worse and would manage this. “Head up.†She kept whispering to him every few minutes as he’d lower his head to the ground again. They finally reached the hotel, the front desk clerk smiled at them but made no comment to Seyerna’s new guest. She took Storm to the elevator and before long had him locked securely in the room. Time was still ticking, she wouldn’t be happy until Storm was on his way out of the city.

Only once Storm was seated on the bed did she remember the bottles of blood she’d stored in her purse, she’d been in such a hurry she hadn’t even given them to him when they’d stopped. She pulled them out now and handed them over, “Drink these.†But she wasn’t satisfied with just those and pulled the rest out of the mini fridge in the hotel, “And these. We have little time. I need you leaving this city in the next several hours I don’t know what that cunt will do. If a police search is called it will become more difficult to move you.â€


Seyerna left Storm with the bottles of blood and moved to the phone in the room, dialing her own cell phone that Jun currently had. Whether he answered or not she would leave a message; “I’m staying at the Sunset Suites.†She didn’t leave a name or any identifying information; she trusted Jun would recognize her voice and assume she had succeeded. Even that little bit of information she hated giving, she hated knowing he would come through the lobby, the cameras would see him, that the front desk clerk would see him.


She dug out her car keys and thrust them in Storm’s hands. “Hold onto these, if push comes to shove get the hell out of dodge. It’s purple, it’s in the back lot, you can’t miss it.†In fact no one could, people always eyed her stingray, and she knew it was a beacon but it was also fast as lightning – for a car. As long as no one saw him get into the car in the first place he should be safe, if she was with him she could shroud him in illusions up to that point, but there was no guarantee she would be.


Another thought crossed her mind and she went to her suitcase, clothes flying across the bed as she tore them out with no care for semblance. Amusingly she stopped for a moment to gently lie a ‘little black dress’ across the bed before returning to the suitcase to dig for something else. Eventually she found her goal with an “Ahhah!†Which was nothing significant, just a plain black hoodie.


She handed it off to Storm, “If you leave without me, you can at least cover your hair and face with this.†Storm really wasn’t in any condition to be leaving without her or Jun, but his demonic survival instinct would force him if need be, just like her’s had done in the past. At least she hoped it would, Storm was a different era of demon than herself. The only similarities between this world and her’s was the constant vie for power, they just used completely and utterly different means now. 

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Jun spent the time he'd allotted to Seyerna with Abigail, chatting her up quietly and laying some of his vast knowledge of the cosmos out for her as the bright pin points of the planetarium played beauty on the dome above. She listened intently, hardly looking away from the dazzling scene nearly impossible to catch in the city. About halfway through the show, the phone Jun had taken from Seyerna rang, eliciting many comments against the loud sound that cut through the near silence of the room. He fiddled around in his pocket, not expecting it to go off while he was there. After silencing the tone, he leaned over and said, I've gotta check my voice mail. Pardon me a moment."


He left the seat after she confirmed his statement and went to the doors, though not leaving through them. He dialed one and called the voice mail. One new message. 


I’m staying at the Sunset Suites.


That was the only thing he heard before the beep signaling he’d reached the end of the message, but knew immediately who was on the other end leaving that message. A spark lit in his eyes and he hurried back to the seat as if he'd just received an important call, which he had. "That was work. They need me to come in right now. I'm sorry to leave you on such short notice, but it’s rather urgent business and they need my expertise,†he said grabbing his case from the aisle and slipping the phone back in his right pocket.


"Oh..." She said, rather disappointed as she looked down to the floor. "Well, I guess I can always see you on our next date then?" She looked up with a smile, hopeful.


Jun faked his most charming smile and replied, “Of course. In fact…â€


He took out the scrap of paper that was for his admissions ticket and asked, “Have a pen or something?â€


Abigail took a moment to dig in her purse and soon produced a black ball point pen made of plastic. Despite years of trained, Jun still had an aversion to small delicate things like glass test tubes, pens, and the like. Still, he quickly took it and scribbled “his†number on the back of the ticket in and held it and the pen out to her. “You can call me whenever, though I’ll probably be at work for the next few hours, so I probably won’t pick up for a while,†he said.


She took the items and slipped the number into her pocket, placing the pen back where it belonged in the purse. “Well, enjoy the rest of your show here. It really is a magical place,†he said with a true smile, remembering all the time he’d spent under the stars himself, then turned and hurried on to where he was needed.


In the moment, Abigail had forgotten to ask about the keys to the cage, and when Jun came out into the lobby, he was able to hand them off to the man at the counter. “Have a good day sir,†the man said as Jun set the keys down and left through the front doors.


Jun didn’t run the risk of setting a scrambler to mess with the cameras while so many people were around, so he walked right past them hoping the film would never be looked at. Outside on the street, Jun finally let his façade fall with a sigh. The struggle of being perpetually kind and charming had taken a strange toll, but finally back to normal, he felt much more comfortable operating. Sunset Suites huh? Guess I’d better head there quick before the show is over and things get dicey around here.


Jun set his course from there through the city to where the large hotel would be. Keeping a fast pace, Jun arrived at the hotel within thirty minutes and stopped outside to take in the situation. Of course, she wouldn’t leave a room number or anything. I could never just go in asking for her. Far too obvious. I should have just left a tracer on one of them. That would have made things so much easier. What should I do…


Jun Stopped a moment as an idea popped into his mind. While he’d been gone for so many years, he’d picked up a few toys and tricks along the way. The best of which had come when he broke into a military research facility. Among many other obscure things they’d been working on was a pair of glasses meant for all manner of purposes. Made to look like simple shades, they did block out the sun rather well. They also had thermal, night vision, infrared, something akin to X-ray, and several other settings that came in handy like the computer function. He’d yet to try any of it on demons, but with the knowledge that Storm controls fire, he could use thermal to detect his location.


Jun pulled the shades out of his pocket, glad he’d not thrown them out by mistake, and put them on. It occurred to him then that if they were to escape, he didn’t want to be seen going in. Instead of just going into the lobby, Jun looked around and found the building next to that hotel much higher. It was, of course, a competing hotel. “Morons,†he mumbled to himself as he passed through the sliding doors and into the lobby.


There was a gathering of people at the front desk causing a ruckus over something and Jun took the chance to slip into the stair well unnoticed and began climbing. I’m going to hate myself for this later he complained looking up the stairs before the started up taking a whole flight of stairs at a time with his mechanical capabilities. Even with this speed, it still took him another fifteen minutes to climb to come out on the roof. The wind of a pleasant afternoon whipped at his shirt so high up, forcing him to crouch and crawl to the edge and pear down at the building next to him. “All right. Thermal imaging, let’s do this.â€


Jun clicked a small button on the rim of the shades and the image changed to infrared, informing him of that with small letters in the corner of his vision. He cycled through two more before thermal came up. Despite the bright sun, the cool late winter day was rather green in color. The building across was emanating a subtle green yellow color all over. Scanning over the rooms, most showed average heating, but he found what he was looking for as a bright white pin point shifted through the window. Bingo!


Jun shifted the lens back and he blinked away the stark images in his eyes before counting the rows and columns to determine the room location. Now the jump. I hate myself. Jun stood up and walked back to the center of the building, planting his weight firmly as he mentally prepared himself. “One jump, one chance. I’ve got this.â€


The nano-machine chest plate shifted under his shirt as he began running at half speed across the roof, then he left the building with a powerful final kick that sent him sailing out into the gap between the two hotels. The nano-machines whipped up around his head to form a helmet over his blonde hair and connected with the shades to form a very tight protection.


For a moment he was sailing into space, then the free fall as gravity pulled his several hundred pounds back down. His human stomach leapt into his throat as he fell before his legs suddenly collided with the concrete of the sunset suites. The concrete fractured and cracked at his impacted and the loud metal collision could be heard through his adrenaline and helmet. Within seconds though, the helmet retracted and the nano-machines relaxed and he was able to stand again safely.


Too much time. Too much noise.


Jun ran from the roof and into the stairwell, then began counting down the floor numbers before finally reaching the floor he knew Storm to be on. Next, he clicked on his shades again and more casually began walking through the hall, scanning through the doors before finding the massive source of heat coming from one body, though not seeing anyone else in the immediate area with him. For fear of being attacked for breaking into Seyerna’s room, Jun clicked his shades off again, and simply knocked on the door saying, “It’s Jun. I got your message.â€


He waited without saying another word. Prying ears and eyes could be around even if they weren't a threat.

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