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A Day in the Life of Jinta Yamamoto

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I think I may need to pick up tai-chi or yoga or something... with all his panicking I’ve been doing lately I have surely damaged my heart in some way or another. I need something to help me calm down! I’m not even sure if hearts work that way, but for now that doesn’t matter at all. I’ll just have to make sure to find a hobby that can calm me down after I finish writing this.

The reason I was panicking today was Makoto. During New Year’s Day she told me about some dude she liked and at the time I didn’t pay much attention to it, because I was mostly mesmerized by the fact that Makoto was actually talking to me, but it ails me to say that today I have finally met him. His name is Akira Kurogane, which sounds oddly similar to a director father is a huge fan of. Either way today Makoto brought him to meet us.

She introduced him as a ‘friend’. He seemed nice enough and despite not coming close to my devilishly good looks, he was handsome. Brown hair, light brown eyes and a goofy smile are a perfect description of what this kid looks like. I didn’t think it was very special, but when Makoto lead him into the living room to meet all of us father started grinning like a fool and Reika’s mouth was agape during the entire meeting.

After a while Makoto and Akira went upstairs to her room. I get the feeling that father does this to annoy me, but once again he said there was nothing wrong with it when I asked if he was okay with them being alone in her room. Even I haven’t had a girl in my room yet! (Makoto, Ayane and Reika don’t count.) His glasses did the weird glinting thing again when he asked me whether them being alone in her room was the only thing I was concerned about.

I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked Reika for her opinion. She is pretty smart, albeit a bit socially awkward, but every once in a while she has these moments of clarity and I was dying for this to be one of those moments. Sadly she remained quiet with her mouth still ajar while staring into my eyes. If I were Makoto in her Chuuni-mode I would’ve commented on how her gaze was piercing through my very soul. Ha.

A father who lived to bother me and an adoptive sister who had turned mute were no help, so I turned to the one person who most likely knew how to deal with fourteen year old girls: Chiriko! At first I wanted to call Ayane, but she had been brutally abusing me lately and I did not feel like taking 30 HP damage just to know whether I should storm into my sister’s room and beat up Akira or not. I figured Chiriko might’ve been the better solution.

As luck would have it when I called she told me she was nearby, paying a visit to my father’s church. Apparently she came there for Mass every. I asked her whether she could stop by and help me with this problem and she gladly complied.

When she arrived and said hello to my father, who she knew from church, and Reika, who she knew from school, she asked me whether it would be okay to discuss this in my room. I was pretty sure I had stashed my ‘collection’ properly this morning, so I said that would be okay. I could’ve sworn I heard father snickering while we walked up the stairs.

Once in my room I started explaining what had been going on until she interrupted me halfway to ask if it were okay to sit on my bed. I continued, explained why I wasn’t comfortable with my little sister being alone in her room with some boy she liked when I was once again interrupted by Chiriko. She told me to stop pacing around my room and sit down while she tapped on my bed, next to her. So I sat down and continued talking while staring at the ground, doing my best to avoid her magical eyes, but once I had finished my story I could not resist the urge to look at her and gauge her reaction.

She had turned her body in my direction and had brought her face incredibly close to mine while her eyes sparkled with the usual delightful curiosity. “Your little sister has a boy she likes? I have to meet him! I am curious as to what he’s like.†This was perfect, not only did that mean that I had a reason to escape her entrancing eyes without it looking like I was trying to avoid eye contact (she might think I’m some kind of creeper!), but I also had a good reason to bust open that door and drag that kid out.

We went over to my sister’s room and I knocked on the door to check if it was okay to enter and even though she responded immediately I did not wait for her to pronounce even the first syllable before opening the door and barging in. I was overcome by a sense of relief when I saw that they were sitting on the floor while playing Street Fighter on the PS3 she had taken from my room last night.

Chiriko silently followed, probably choosing not to comment on my weirdness, and politely bowed and introduced herself to Makoto and Akira. When she stood straight again and had taken a good look at Akira I noticed that she had a weird grin on her face, very similar to the one father had when he first saw him.

We left the room, but not before I told her to keep the door open, and I walked Chiriko out. Father was waiting for us at the door and he asked me how it was. How what was? “How was it to have a girl in your room.â€

I think my brains 404’ed at that moment. I was so obsessed with Akira that I didn’t even notice Chiriko was in my room. On my bed. I am an idiot!

Before saying goodbye I asked Chiriko why she had that weird grin on her face when she saw Akira. She looked confused, apparently I was the weird one for not realizing it. This is what she said: “Uhh, well… Akira-kun looks a lot like you, don’t you think?â€

Later that evening when I went to play Street Fighter with my sister I asked her whether she still liked Akira. She said she didn’t. I asked why.

“After I learned how to do the Fierce > Medium Axe Kick > Crouching Jab > Crouching Fierce > Light Tatsu > Heavy Shoryuken Evil Ryu Combo I no longer lost to him in Street Fighter. I can’t like someone who can’t beat me at Street Fighter.â€

“…So it had nothing to do with him looking like me?â€

“What? No. You don’t look anything alike! His hair is one shade darker and his eyes are one shade lighter. Also his smile is about 0,04% goofier.â€

See, thought so. No way that dude looked like me.

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Jinta is the target of a devious deception -- someone in his family put a raisin cookie into the chocolate cookie jar!


In this 'closed circle' mystery, will Jinta be able to find the culprit?!

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Today I was craving for a cookie for no particular reason, I just had to have one, but when I took a bite out of the cookie I had grabbed out of the chocolate cookie jar it tasted like raising. Obviously because it was a raisin cookie, but how did it get there?

I asked my father whether put it in there and with one of his smiles he denied it. Even though he tends to do a lot of evil stuff, I was sure he didn’t do it. There was no gloating or evil shimmer in his glasses. In fact I kind of got the idea that he was sad he wasn’t the one who thought of it. Whatever.

I asked Reika whether she did it. She said “No.†and went back to watching TV.

So it had to be Makoto. I asked her about it and she told me: “Yes, it was I, MAKOTO! Child of the Night! The Demon’s Arm compelled me to do I-†Before she could continue her tirade I patted her head and thanked her.

See I really wanted a raisin cookie, but I thought chocolate was all we had…

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Scenario: Jinta sees a bunch of hoodlums harassing a girl he knows.

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Last week I met a girl. A really weird girl. Despite being really cute she has apparently been keeping an eye on me for a year and a half. She’s aware of my powers, has powers of her own, and apparently made it her life’s mission to become stronger than me. We had a little duel last week, but obviously I do my best to avoid hurting cute girls so I held back a lot of my power. Luckily I managed to get her to yield without having to hurt her.

Anyway, today as I was walking home from the grocery store I saw a group of delinquents surrounding someone. They were asking her if she was alone and if she wanted to have a good time with them. I never understood that. If anyone ever answered ‘yes’ to that question, I would like to know so I can employ this tactic, but as far as I know no one is dumb enough to do that.

I briefly contemplated intervening as I could easily beat a group of a dozen delinquents up, but wondered whether or not it would be a good idea to use my powers that way. Beating kids who don’t know any better is hardly worth the effort. That’s when I noticed that the girl they were harassing was no one other than Shiina Kamiya. While they talked and talked all she did was play around with her phone and not pay them any mind. It was clear that she didn’t feel like they deserved any of her attention, but it was also clear that they were getting increasingly frustrated with her giving them the cold shoulder.

All of a sudden one of them grabbed the phone and tossed it to one of the hoodlums standing in the back. He started laughing, visibly pleased with the theft, but was quickly silenced when she punched him straight in the face. Seriously, is this girl nuts? I quickly ran over, plucked the phone from the other guys hand and grabbed Shiina’s hand. I said: “Did you wait long, Shiina? Let’s go.†And started pacing away from there while dragging her along.

For a few seconds she followed obediently, I think that it took a while for it all to dawn on her. Then she suddenly jerked free and ran back. The figure known as Childish Gambino suddenly jumped out of her body and proceeded to beat up all the delinquents while they were confused. Apparently they weren’t used to seeing black and red robots jumping out of a little girl’s body.

After she made quick work of the pack of delinquents she asked me why I interfered. She could have easily handled it herself. I looked around at the bruised delinquents laying on the grown, moaning in pain. “I tried to prevent this.â€

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