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Seyerna is a dark character, she's not evil though, more of a vigilantly. She comes from a medieval world, just about any mythical creature you can name exists. She is a demon(see profile for full picture) but does not always appear so demonic. She is mated to a human mage who has an odd story of his own.



I sat by the river, the moon was high, I probably should have gotten rest, but with Sage, my mate, so far away, doing who knows what, I was uncomfortable with the idea. Life had been quiet for some time, thus the fate of being a creature who does not know age. Still the silence of the past several decades had made me uncomfortable, I always feared a calm before a storm. What tragedy might yet come.


The river was cold, the water refreshing in this humid night, I had long since discarded my clothing. I only wore them for the sake of my human companions who bothered themselves with such things as modesty. It was a trait unknown to demons, especially me. Even still, I guarded my leather clothing, it had come from the hides of demons of hell and it had not been an easy task to skin the beasts, what's more I had no interest in returning to hell for a second set, so this set I took care of.


As the twilight hour approached I watched from the safety of the water as the night lotuses began to bloom, a flower that thrived in the night and even produced their own soft glow. They were by themselves so very surreal, but even more so due to the mischievous little pixies that called them home, nixies actually. Not so sweet tempered as pixies, but they were just as adorable. In moments the little nixies with their torn up wings emerged from the flowers. I dipped low into the water, hoping they didn't notice me and scurry off. I had befriended a certain band of pixies, but all of there species were skittish and shy, of course, I probably would be too if I was only three inches tall. I smiled and watched as they fluttered about, waking groggy as they rubbed sleep from their eyes and yawned tiredly.  

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My mate and I tend to separate a lot, we're both more than capable individuals and we often find odd things to do the other doesn't care for. I like to go see over a near by village that I sort of created, I consider the girls living there my children, though they mostly call me by my first name there are a few who view me as a maternal figure and address me as such. Sage has little interest in my girls, he's an odd one, but when you've been around as long as him it's not that surprising. He once told me that the only reason he exists in this world is for me and when I'm ready to hop into hell he will follow as if it were the most natural thing in the world, which I suppose to him it is just that. His existence is abnormal, a human who survived long past his given years as a phantom, not a ghost as he never really died, instead his soul existed in this world because his body had died without his soul in it. Weird occurrence, but long story short is that I acquired the sword he was soul-bound too when I was quite young. Through the use of flesh magic I was able to create his flesh with certain sacrifices, I do not suggest tampering with flesh magic. I recall both Sage and my son telling me I was mad and I thought 'probably,' but I did it anyway, and while I was unconscious for two days and the only way to wake from it was by taking a pact with a dragon I had succeeded and his new body is far stronger than his human one, having already survived several hundred years - I'm not entirely certain how many hundreds it's been, one tends too lose count when you've been around as long as I. He's also endured quite a few wounds that would have been fatal to humans, he doesn't seem to recover as quickly as I do, but so far he's able to survive wounds of equivalent severity that I have survived. 


Needless to say Sage is not a weak being, I'm not sure what to call him, he's not quite human, his new flesh was created with one of my ribs and quite a bit of soul essence, so I guess he could be considered part demon... Anyway, in life he was a very powerful white mage, he's literally in history books today, talking about his great power and how no one knows what happened to him that he just up and disappeared. I know what actually happened only because he told me. Sage is a foe that easily rivals me, we're always so closely matched it's just a matter of who's more rested at that moment. So imagine my surprise when this demon approaches me, a male, he was decent looking, but no one compared to Sage, though I'd long since accepted I was visually hindered by my affections for Sage, this male didn't hold a candle to Sage even if I wasn't enamored with him. He approaches me in a languid way that immediately has me raising my brow at him. His voice was gravely and a little hard on the ears but not enough to make me want to cut out his tongue, he spoke in demonish to me which was surprising as the language seemed to be dying, fewer and fewer demons were bothering to learn their native tongue anymore. I'm proud to say that Sage, even though he's not a demon actually speaks fluently, that probably has to do with being the enchantment on a sword that was passed down from demon-to-demon. I don't think he intended to speak crudely to me as at first he was trying to flirt, but seemed to get jumbled up with using the correct words until he just brutally slaughtered our language. I sighed. 


When I finally told him to back off that I was mated, he smiled like he had an ace up his sleeve and proceeded to tell me that a human could never mate a demon as 'luscious' as I. I snorted at him and proceeded to shift my clothing just enough to expose the star shaped scar on my hip. It was common practice among demon's to 'mark' one's mate, which generally meant a bite at the neck laced with a dab of venom so it would leave a scar that retained their partner's scent, well Sage couldn't do that so he marked me with his purification. Pure powers left interesting scars on demon's in that they were almost white quite jagged. I actually had other scars from him for different reasons but the scar on my hip was agreed as his 'mark' on me. 


The demon seem rather disgruntled at the scar I presented, growling and proceeds to grunt out; "How dare that filthy human mar your perfect skin!" 


I couldn't help but laugh at that, a good portion of my body was covered in scars for various reasons, I was a fighter, that means that sometimes I got knocked around, it was just the way it worked when you decided to put yourself in front of someone else's sword. I guess my laughing at him was the turning point as started to shift into his demonic form which was not nearly as sexy as mine was, he looked like he was turning into some sort of Minotaur. "I have your precious human, and if you want him to remain breathing, you will submit to me and I will take you as any respectable demon would..." now his voice was painful on the ears and I had to resist the urge to cover mine. He took off into the forests before I could laugh at him again. The idea that anyone could capture Sage was hilarious all by itself, Sage would purify him! Wouldn't he?


With the tiniest thread of doubt I followed after the offending demon's scent, bent on finding the truth, just in case. It was a pretty long trip, if he did indeed have Sage he  held him quite a ways away, which was smart because I would have sensed Sage if he had been to close to me, on the other hand he might be luring me into a trap he set somewhere along the path, which was still a smart idea, assuming I didn't catch him before hand. I didn't though, when you're as old as I am curiosity takes over the survival/savior instinct and you just want to see what happens, so I let him keep a good distance in front of me even though I could have easily caught him. 


Suddenly I felt Sage and my heart hammered, he really did have Sage! I couldn't believe my senses! Just as we neared the compound I threw my head back and roared in laughter as I could feel Sage's purification tingling along my skin already and I was still a mile out! The demon reached the scene first and as quickly as he'd breached the forest I felt his life essence drain out, two seconds later I broke the forest edge and to my utter amusement was Sage looking quite grumpy, his power dancing along his skin, the Minotaur-demon dead with a fist sized hole purified right through his chest. Behind Sage was the remains of what I assumed was the demon's home, dozens of the Minotaur-demons lay dead, purified on the ground. I cackled madly, knowing the sound came out crazed, but couldn't help myself. 


Before I even finished my deranged cackling Sage's arms slid around my waist, his purification burning in a most delicious way that only someone half mad could find appealing. He was so forceful after battle! Grabbing my hair and forcing me to met his mouth, I breathed in the taste of his white powers, hot and pure, sparking against my tongue when they met. I loved the taste of his raw power and I was sure he could taste mine, as his own always forced up my instinctual defenses to push against his purification. I could hear our polar powers sparking and dancing along each other as we pressed closer together. I pushed against him, my curiosity peaking over my desire for this man, "Did he give you much trouble?" I teased.


His answer had me riled with excitement, "Just enough to be amusing...." Oh yes, my mate had a very dangerous side to him, and I thrived on it!

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