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Figured I'd check the place out.  I've roleplayed for about 15 years now.  Off and on, of course as life has that funny way of distracting us for a while.  I always seem to be pulled back towards it though when I find the time again.  This is one such time.  I haven't really bothered for about a year, as I've picked up two jobs and that basically sucked me dry of any sort of free time and/or general satisfaction in life.  I still work two jobs, but I've recently replaced my 2nd job with one that pays more and schedules me a LOT less as of late.  So all in all, it financially evens out and lets me have more damned time for myself. 


That said, if I seem somewhat intermittent in my activity it's because some weeks can be heavier than others, but for the most part I tend to work my weekday mornings to afternoon mon-fri at the main job and then get scheduled about 3 completely random nights at the second job.  I'll be doing this for a while; I started doing it to save back a few grand to replace my vehicle with something a little more reliable but once I saved up a good $3200 I quickly realized everything I looked at in that range was just as much of a POS as the truck already in my driveway.  So that turned into a downpayment and picking up car payments again, and I drove home a 2006 mustang GT because screw it, if I'm picking up car payments again I want something I've wanted for a while.  Pretty well locked in to working 2 jobs for the next 4 years now lol.


That said, my recent change in my supplemental job has freed up a good 4-5 nights for myself again instead of just working and sleeping all the time, so I find myself with some free time to write again.  Hence, I ended up finding your board here.  You can thank this link here, as this was the listing I found and followed; Seeing as how most of the posts here are fairly recent and not 2-3 years old, I was compelled to register and say hello.


This site seems a little different than what I usually used to post at.  Most places I've visited have had some sort of world and setting laid out, and seems like here you guys are down for just about anything.  That piques my interest because it seems like things will stay fresh and new that way.  So with that in mind, I'm really down to participate in nearly any theme.  I started out RPing out scifi, and lately my interests have shifted and leaned more towards the midieval fantasy style.  But, if it seems creative enough then I'm probably going to be interested in writing regardless of the theme.


I look forward to getting back into feeding my creativity with you all.

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Hey Horde! Hope this name sounds alright to you. XD Welcome to S*T!


But anyway, yeah, we're quite active. We used to be a really big community, but we've since shifted to this recent forum and our numbers are slightly less cuz people grew up. But yes, we're a free-form roleplay site, so you get to try everything out, and even set up a mini-world over here for others to join if you want, and call the shots.


Anyway, I'm HH! Feel free to PM me or anybody else, really, if you've any questions, or can't find a roleplay to your liking over at Roleplay Discussion. We've also got RPGs running here, though pretty few and still small-scale for now. Oh, and January's RP Month, and we always need more free people who don't mind participating in our plethora of activities, heheheh.

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Hello, new person! Always glad to see new faces around here!


If you need any help, just drop the Scholars a PM -- they're here to help, so you might as well exploit them while you can  and will willingly guide you along if you're feeling new and lost. HH over there is one of them. As you can see, they're friendly folks and totally not sinister at all.


We're accepting of all kinds of RPs, so if you've got a good idea, just fire away! I'm sure there'll be some of us willing to take you up on your idea!

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Throm'ka, friend. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forums mate, I hope you like it here. I was a horde for a good number of years on WoW too, though I went alliance as well. To be honest, I was out for blood against whichever side I wasn't on at the time. lol. Fun game, but it sucked up too much of my life and my comp couldnt really handle it anyway, so I dropped it after 5 years. Haha. Anyway, welcome!!

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Hi there! Welcome to S*T! Sorry, I don't have much else more to say... It's too early in the morning. :S

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