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On the desert world of Sabaku, the strong prey on the weak, and nobody does a thing. It's a harsh land, one that though tinted by mystery and beauty, is more often blighted by corruption and danger. It's a world where good men die and bad men thrive. The law's arm can only stretch so far before the mercenaries and bounty hunters take over, and beyond that is wild open plains and desert, ruled by bandits, outlaws and natives. This is no place for the weak. But not everything is as it seems.





In short, this RP is a mixture of genres, but is predominantly a dark sci-fantasy western, set on an alien world. You can expect all the regular trappings of the wild west, with outlaws, natives, law men, and so on, but from an alien/sci-fi perspective. If this at all grabs your interest, feel free to message me over Skype (or ask for it if you dont have me added) or leave a message here, preferably prior to putting up a character profile (just so i'm aware of your interest). I'll provide some more in-depth details below to use as reference for the participants or if you're curious about the RP and wish to know more before committing.


I will say however that this requires commitment, at least a post a week or more if possible (but not expected). Aside from myself and Kyo, I will be taking 1 more, maximum 2. Spots are given to the best characters, if there are more than that applying. If you wish to have your own race, lore or anything, feel free to speak to me about it and we can work something out. I should also say that there is a degree of 'magic' or abilities that are entirely unexplained in this story, so if you want one feel free to discuss the possibilities with me. There is no rule book on them, and no general explanation for them, but if you would like a 'power' its definitely something we'd need to discuss. Also, this is partially inspired by things like the Dark Tower series, Outlaw Star, Desert Punk, Trigun, etc. It is anime-themed I suppose, and there is definitely room for comedy, but nothing ridiculously over the top or 'reference' in nature preferably.







The world as i've said above, is known as Sabaku. It is a world that has a high proportion of desert to it, but it also has forest, plains, mountains, valleys, rivers and the like, indicative of a 'wild west' setting. There are a couple of cities with high populations, but most of the towns are only a few hundred to a few thousand people, and many of these are frontier towns that have a harder time maintaining resources, especially precious ones like water, and they are also the most commonly threatened by natives, bandits and the like.


Sabaku is a single land mass that takes up about seventy percent of the world, with the other thirty percent being devoted to open ocean. Most of the civilised world lives on the coast of this mega-continent, with the natives having the strongest presence in the interior. The further into the centre of Sabaku you go, the harder it is to survive, with less plentiful water sources, lawless wilds and dangerous predators. 





Our story revolves around the lead character, a man who is more a flawed, reluctant anti-hero than a true champion. The story will begin simply enough, with our characters meeting up and learning about one another but it will quickly spiral when the lead is asked to accept a bounty that he believes will be easy money, which only serves to pull him into a shit storm of mystery, action, betrayal and intrigue. He will be driven by a mixture of this, which might include a love interest if someone wanted to play that, which I can imagine it being one of those romances that begin like, 'she hates him, he's forced to put up with her' kind of classic western romance situations. 


He will also be trying to understand his heritage, what happened to him in his past, who killed his family, trying to come to terms with where he belongs in society, as he's a native, yet he's become 'civilised' so neither society truly accepts him, the fact that he's also an outlaw turned bounty hunter and is obviously skirting on the edge of the law (and often outside of it). As the main story progresses, we will be forced to realise that there is a big enemy out to take control of the world, by forcefully uniting and taking control of all the settlements and systematically wiping out the natives.


He will be the big bad enemy for us to fight for the majority of the story, but he will also have a series of 'generals' or the like, who we will be encountering periodically, which I will design for the most part (unless you would like to contribute). They will range from people such as a sniper who can manipulate sand, so as to make it nearly impossible to find him, to a great brute of a man, an android, who can take a punishing and dish it out too using a pair of massive magnum-like revolvers that a normal person would be incapable of firing without breaking their wrist. That's the overall idea in a nutshell, but its plenty open-ended and has room for a lot of sub-plots as well as each characters own back-story, personal plots and revelations, etc.





Jinteki - Effectively, the Jinteki are 'human'. Though their culture is different from our own, they are human in appearance. They are the most balanced of the races, and come in the most varied size and shape, though they are commonly of average height and build. They do not possess remarkable physical traits but they are skilled in most anything they set their minds to and can naturally excel physically if they choose to devote themselves to such a pursuit. They can be anything from law man, to merchant to outlaw. Nothing is really off-limits for them and they are the most common of the races, and consequentially the most powerful, not only in number but in political power. They have many different cultures, beliefs and people come from all walks of life. They are arguably the least communal of the races and have been known to war on one another on small and large scales, with varying degrees of destruction. They are said to be 'three-faced' as you never know what a Jinteki is thinking, or if what they are saying is truth, lies or a moment of whimsy that was truth one moment and a falsehood the next.


Hokubeidojin -  Often derogatorily called 'desert rats', they are the natives of Sabaku. While the other races were said to have arrived on Sabaku thousands of years ago in great ships, the 'Ojin' as most call them, are the true owners of the land. They are a hardy people, human in stature, but are often considered more animal than man. They live off the land, and though they are extensively skilled in survival techniques they are also strangely masterful with technology. Some of the strongest or most intricate weapons, technology or bionics have come from Ojin manufacturers who either chose to leave their community to join the so-called 'civilised' societies, or ones that were taken as slaves or otherwise forcibly removed from their homes. They stand slightly taller than humans, on average, though not spectacularly so. They are commonly lithe in build and have tanned skin that is often adorned with tribal tattoos marking various occasions, titles, feats or other notable times in the native's life. They have three things that set them aside from humans and makes them immediately recognizable as Ojin. Firstly, they have large, long-pointed ears that give them amazing hearing and allow them to keep cool in the heat of the desert. Secondly, they have eyes that have spiral-like pupils that have a thin membrane over the top, stopping sand from entering their eyes or having them dry out. Which also means they rarely blink, which gives them an eerie stare at times. Lastly, they have an incredibly long prehensile tail, similar in shape to a lion's (in that it is thin, fur-covered and has a tuft of hair at the end) that is roughly one and a half time's the length of their body. This extra appendage is naturally very useful, and also helps them keep an excellent balance. They are remarkably agile and fast but lack a great deal of physical strength, so they rely on their speed and agility in combination with bladed or projectile weapons. Their culture is one dedicated to nature and spirits, they believe strongly in fate and of living off the land and having respect for it, and though they are civilised in their own way, they are aggressive in defending their land, often fight amongst themselves and have a 'the weak will perish' mentality, where every individual is expected to contribute as well as be autonomous.


Sukoshi - Also known as the little-folk. The Sukoshi are often smaller than Jinteki children and have a proportionally large head for the size of their body, most of this is taken up by their eyes, which are at least twice the size of a Jinteki's and are said to be keener than the predatory birds of the mountains. Despite their small frames, and their lack of physical strength, they are the most common to hold unusual 'magical' powers. These can vary greatly in nature, more often than not they seem to reflect the individual Sukoshi's personality. They are also master craftsmen, builders and have an incredibly close relationship with one another. Every one of them considers one another a brother or sister and they have never warred on one another. They often live in great numbers together, rather than individual family homes. They often fall into the roles of merchants as their keen eyesight gives them insight into a person's intentions based on their body language, so they are often able to ascertain when goods are ill-quality, stolen, etc. or how far they can push to lower the price, or how high they can sell something for. They are a shrewd people with a powerful intellect and unlike the wars of the Jinteki, or the tribal in-fighting of the Ojin, they are a peaceful people. Though, there are individual exceptions.


Yaen - The Yaen are the most physical of the races. Though all of the races of Sabaku have adapted to their planet's climate to varying degrees of success, it is the Yaen who among the 'new' races needed the least acclimatization to their surroundings. The shortest of their race are usually over 7ft in height. Their musculature, though not as well-developed as a body-builder, is incredibly dense. So dense in fact that they are unable to swim, they would simply sink to the bottom and walk along the floor of the body of water in question. This powerful muscle gives them unparalleled strength. They are a race that the others know the least about as they are extremely private in nature. They can be aggressive and hot-tempered in some situations, especially if pressed for personal information, but are otherwise level-headed individuals who enjoy testing their strength either in day to day life, through being manual labourers (and so often have a good relationship with the peaceful Sukoshi) or through contests, duels and the like. They have a thin coating of white fur that helps to reflect the searing light of Sabaku's sun and they have bear-like faces - small eyes, large noses at the end of a short muzzle, and front-facing rounded ears. 


Ayrun - A medium build race of average height, similar to the Jinteki or Ojin. They are commonly known to have grey skin and silver hair. Their bodies are unusual in that unlike the other races they are cold-blooded. They are capable of great feats of contortion as they are triple-jointed and their reflexes are greatly heightened. The Ayrun are nomads, never staying in one place for long. They are also merchants, trading in the finest and most valuable of items they find in their travels, but they are a mercurial, and seemingly cold-hearted people who will do whatever it takes to get what they need, and so they are often thought of as being untrustworthy by the other races. There are many sayings about the Ayrun that mention their cold blood being related to their nature.





The fauna of Sabaku is as beautiful as it is dangerous. It shares certain similarities with our world, in that it has apex predators similar to bears, mountain lions and the like, but it also has pack predators not unlike wolves. It has an abundance of life for a world that on first glance seems so lifeless, but it is also this abundance of life that poses dangers to the civilised races. It is said that you don't as much as piss without bringing a rifle, as many of Sabaku's animals are ambush predators. Though, in general, besides pests, most of them stay away from the towns and cities, save for the beasts of burden - the most common of which is the Tori.


These giant bird-like creatures share similarities to our ostriches, in that they are flightless and can run at extreme speed on a pair of powerful hind-legs. However, they are Sabaku's equivalent to horses, and are ridden as such. The Tori are as intelligent (or more so) as horses, and are about the same size, though they are omnivores and will eat whatever is put in front of them. They can be extremely loyal creatures and have been known to attack threats to their owners.





The flora of Sabaku is as varied and dangerous as it's fauna. There are as many poisonous or deadly plants, flowers and trees as there are those that can save your life. It is in knowing which can kill you in a matter of hours, and which can save your life in a critical situation that means the difference between life and death. They have powerful effects, regardless. Some have spines hard enough that they can be shaved down and turned into poisonous bullets, others have toxins in them that aggressively target poison and a variety of disease yet leave the host unharmed. 

It is a dangerous world, but the more you know about it the more likely you are to survive. There are plants covering every square mile of Sabaku, even in the desert. It is simply knowing what to look for and where, as many conceal themselves through a variety of means. This knowledge is not always exclusive to the Ojin either, as their secrets have often been passed (or taken) from them over the centuries, and naturally through regular trial (and fatal error) of the newer races. 





That's everything for now. I'm gonna grab something to eat to take a break from all this writing, but when I come back (shortly) i'll put up my character profile. If you have questions, now's a good time to ask them and sorry for the wall of text. lol. If you're interested, leave a message and even a character suggestion if you have a good idea, if not, just a statement of interest would be awesome. I've worked hard on this world guys, so if you can't commit, don't join please. This is going ahead and i'm not letting it die, so don't try to join unless you KNOW you can give this the time. Once again, i'll say you can create your own race if you don't like the ones on offer, your own culture, religion or whatever, so long as it's in keeping with the lore of the world, which I can help you with. Thanks, folks!  <3

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Name: Namida


Age: 31


Race: Hokubeidojin


Reference pics:

Eye Pupils -

BioSteel Limbs -


Appearance: Slim in build, standing at just over 6ft with tan skin. Sand-coloured hair bleached by the sun, long, shaggy and scruffy, that flows back like a mane. Short, scruffy beard. The signature ears and tail of an Ojin along with green spiral eyes. Handsome, smooth features though marred by a thick horizontal scar that goes from cheek to cheek, through his nose. He is adorned in a few tattoos of his people, but not nearly as many as a normal Ojin, as he was taken from his people as a child. His right arm and left leg are missing, replaced with Sabaku's equivalent of android technology known as 'BioSteel'. He tends to dress in simple clothes, but wears a decent pair of boots and a long brown trenchcoat with a flat-top cowboy hat.


Personality: Sharp-tongued, mean-spirited and bitter with a foul temper. Namida is a gruff man with a chip on his shoulder and doesn't like most people. He cares for little but his own gain and even then, doesn't do much to earn it. He finds it difficult to trust other people, and prefers his own company. Despite all his faults, he was once a legendary gunslinger, as equally honourable as he was likeable, but it is unclear if that person still exists under the thick skin he has grown over the years.


Bio: Namida was born and raised as a native, but at the age of 12 his parents were killed and he was taken from his tribe along with a handful of others. For a few years he was a slave, taught how to speak 'basic' the universal language of the other races. He was often whipped and beaten and holds the scars from such encounters, including the white horizontal scar through his face - a reminder of how close he came to being blinded by a whip wielded by the master himself. When he was fifteen, he crept into the house at night and killed his owner. He escaped with three other slaves and though they were caught, he managed to remain free. Unable to return because of the bounty on his head, he became an outlaw. He spent many years raiding small carriages, transports and travellers. 


Over the years, he was often the target of bounty hunters, but he managed to kill those that came after him until one unfortunate day, a skilled gunslinger took him down in a single shot. But over the course of the return journey which had taken weeks, he had explained his story to the gunslinger and by the time they arrived in town, they had become friends. The gunslinger, who's name was Jaco Mowsley, had nursed him back to health and even paid the coin for his crimes, he was an outlaw no longer, but he was still shunned by the community, and he knew he could not return to his people for what he had become. So Jaco taught him how to use a gun, which he took to like a fish to water, becoming a deadly gunslinger himself, known for a speed and accuracy that quickly outshone his mentor. Over the years, he and Jaco became like brothers, and lived a life of danger, excitement and high-pay. Until one evening, a bounty they had been asked to apprehend dead or alive caught wind of his pursuers and came for them in the night. Though Namida survived, Jaco was shot and he didn't survive. 

He became a hard man that day, shutting himself off from people. He started drinking and bedding women, caring for little but the next big bounty. He spent much of his days lying in bed, ignoring the world around him. Drifting from legend into obscurity. Soon, the only thing he was known as was being a reckless drunk and a waste of space. In time, even his jobs became less and less spectacular, until finally he only accepted the jobs that were without question, child's play. He is a bitter shell of the man he once was, haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, the loss of his family and identity and even the man who was a mentor, and became a brother to him. He lies, waiting for the next drink, or the reaper to come and claim him, caring for nothing and no-one. 


Abilities: Though he has no 'powers' as some do, he is an incredibly skilled gunman with pistols or rifles, he has the innate physical abilities of his race as well as the knowledge of the land they taught him as a child and the BioSteel limbs he has give him a strength in those limbs that rivals the strongest of Yaen.

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Name: Sable


Age: 49


Race: Jinteki


Appearance: A giant at 7'2'' with a bulky, muscular build. Sable is covered in scars from years of misadventures. Most notably is a deep scar along his face, going through his right eye. Both of his icy blue eyes are still intact, however. His hair is jet black, mid length and spikey, swept back with a deep recession on his forehead (think vegeta). He has a neat goatee and side burns. Sable normally wears a plaid shirt with the sleeves torn off, a black, sleeveless jacket, navy blue trousers and black boots. He is often seen with a red bandana around his neck. 


Personality: Sociable. Patient. Understanding. Sable is capable of interacting with people from all walks of life and enjoys hearing about their lives. While patient he does not suffer those who who wish to toy with him. He is a loyal ally but a dangerous man to cross. 


Bio: Sable spent his youth fighting in the Great War of the time. The experience left him with a lot of scars both mental and physical, as well as a rather jaded view of life. After his service finished Sable spent a great deal of time drinking himself into debt. After many years he finally dusted himself off and got on with his life. He is now a mercenary, a hired gun. Whilst he is often hired for protection contracts, or bodyguard work, he is also a skilled mechanic of sorts. He has a knack with machines and weaponry, having a fascination with them since he was a boy. He talks about machines like they are people, usually women. He also has a love of music, specifically jazz and blues. His knowledge of weaponry stems back to his years as a soldier, although he is often a little vague about what exactly happened during his service. Another interesting fact is that Sable is not his real name but actually a nickname he earned during his years in the military. 


Abilities: Sable is a weapons expert and an excellent mechanic. His brute strength makes him an excellent brawler when it comes to close quarter combat. He favours a customised pistol that fires high impact rounds that cause devastating damage at close range. The force of this particular pistol is enough to sustain injury in most wielders, however Sable's massive size allows him to wield it fairly comfortably. If it all possible he prefers weapons with huge firepower and destructive damage capabilities. 

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That's great man, thanks. I'll wait and see if anyone else wants to join this, if not we can make it private.

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This roleplay is now closed. Raine Bell is taking the final spot.


Once her profile is sorted and up, i'll get to writing up the RP. Today if the profile is up before late evening.

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Yay! Finally a profile

Name: Vailynn

Age: 27

Race: Ayrun

Appearance: Stands just less than 5ft 6in. Athletic build, broad shouldered. Long white hair, usually loose with several small braids woven sporadically ending just below her buttocks. Expressive gold and blue eyes. No physical markings but an infinite gold hoop earring on the tips of both ears. Wears a knee length light brown broom skirt, white off the shoulder lace-up blouse, embellished black boots and a worn cowboy hat that’s always slung back hanging on her neck.

Personality: Extremely closed off and reserved. Doesn’t speak much unless necessary. Fiercely independent, most times feels as though she doesn’t need anyone else. Does tend to come off and haughty and on a high horse. Loyal to those she cares about, they are the only few who get to see a soft side of her and the number is almost nonexistent.

Bio: Vailynn was raised like most of her kind, always on the move. Her family in particular raised her to use both her skills and attributes to get what she wants. By the age of seven she already knew how to relieve a man of his money without him knowing while they haggled with her parents in their shop, by 12 years of age she learned to become a performer of sorts drawing people to watch her and purchase her family’s goods, at 16 she was well prepared to use her physical attributes for her own personal gain and at the surprising age of 23 she had climbed up the social ladder with a web of lies and her looks; was engaged to a man of money and power. He insisted on her becoming a proper lady which she did to further strengthen her lies. However behind her fiancee’s back Vailynn continued her performing and assisting her brother in selling his merchandise, even supporting his living while the money is short against her fiancee’s wishes.

Abilities: Growing up the way she has as a type of street performer Vailynn has learned to read people's intentions through their reactions as well as to use her triple joints and quick reflexes to successfully escape tight spaces and avoid risks and dangers.

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