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Arcane Archive

Welcome to the Arcane Archive, my collection of various characters from Roleplays here and on other sites. The archive is constantly growing, and is by no means finished, but with the multitude of characters I've created up until now even I forget what has been written before. So this is for my own use as well as to let others read up. Feel free to browse the collection at your own leisure, and do pardon the numerous mistakes and discrepancies. Many of these character sheets are old and the characters have since evolved and changed to better suit the ideas and world they exist in. With out further adieu, the characters!


Jun Archille


Shorne Armanite


Shadow Arcane


Crystal Arcane


Setsuna Arcane


Ember Zeopard


Zakuro Manura


Lazura Atsuken


Cisca Noliar


Ryuu Kyomie


Altruis Black


Meis Occisor


Stephen Reaver


Azuma Rentarou


Azuma Ruri


Locri Steel/Neraphis Abaranth

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Name: Jun Archille

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Cyborg

Age: 27

Height: 6"

Eyes: Bright green, emerald eyes. 

Hair: Jun has straight blonde hair that he generally maintains between and inch to and inch and a half. Old habits from military service.

Appearance: Jun has special conditions with his body. On the outside he seems very filled out through the chest and shoulders with a heavy set frame over all, but much of this is fabricated. His facial features are sharp though, lending him an attractive appeal as a man. With the right motivation, he can easily charm women with these features and his key smile that makes them swoon.

Apparel: Jun will wear what is necessary for whatever the occasion, but has a general preference of black and white. His key clothing are the long gloves that run up to his shoulders to cover the prosthetic arms from human eyes. He'll usually pair this with a black leather jacket for safety as well. When his jacket isn't available he will opt out for a long sleeve shirt to hide with. He always wears pants and generally black boots to hide the prosthetic legs from wandering eyes as well. This all puts together the effect that he is a rather large and intimidating person, giving him a wide berth in some areas. It all works to his advantage in the end as well.

Weapons/Powers: Jun is a walking arsenal. Both arms and legs are million dollar prosthetic pieces made of Vorcium, an indestructible metal made by the government in a secret and expensive process. The legs give him incredible speed not obtainable by humans. They also give him amazing jumping abilities, and over all power to match robotics. He can land without pain, as well as, virtually, run indefinitely  The feet also shift shape and adjust to form a sort of "rocket" booster, though it doesn't use rocket fuels to function, allowing him limitless flight. This same process allows him to produce other useful items such as tracers, trackers, universal remotes, and other items that were preinstalled to the parts functions. His arms are same in power and function. His hands and arms may shift to produce a number of tools, such as screwdrivers, flame torches, decoders, and other tools. His primary weapon is in his right arm. When in use, the arm has no other functions but to run the weapon. the metal shifts to form a multi-power plasma cannon. This is capable of firing bolts of plasma at the speed of light. The color and speed generally indicate the power, though it is obvious in the destruction cause, from small scorch marks, to enough power to wipe a city power out and blow through several concrete walls. His most powerful weapon resides in his left arm, the Castor. It shifts into a sort of cannon, but is the only thing that requires outside power to use. He carries a case around with the word CASTOR printed on it. A technologic key around his neck is the only way to open the case safely. Inside are labeled shells that each have different properties. He inserts a shell in an opening in the left arm, and then after a charge time, the cannon is ready to fire. He has only fired this once when he first stole the case to test the capabilities. He used one of the three Dead Shot shells during his escape and it fired several dozen lasers at the enemy, piercing everyone of them without fail, giving him his one chance of escape.

History: (Pending)

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Name: Shorne Armanite (The Infinity Ward)
Gender: Male
Age: 37 
Appearance: (pending)
Specialty: Conjuration/Evocation- Shorne is skilled in the art of summons. Through his use of summons he can channel their power through him and use Evocation as well, but his strongest skills and evocation are dependent on Conjuration.
Weakness: Prestidigitation- Shorne has no affinity for psychic abilities in the least. What he lacks in that field his champions and summons try to make up for it. His Transmutation skill are average. 
Abilities: The Nine Infinities- Shorne wields the inherited power of The Nine Infinities that belong to the Infinity Ward, tasked with maintaining balance between worlds and dimensions, as well as dealing with all of the most heinous of entities that roam. Passed down from one Infinity Ward to the next, the Nine Infinities is the contract with the nine eternal "gods" to use their power to carry out the duties.


Event Horizon- This ability connects the Infinity Ward's mind to the previous lives and events of others before. It is a result of having sealed the Event Horizon in a previous life. Shorne is able to receive all prior knowledge and wisdom of his predecessors.


Summons: 1st Infinity-Rebellion: The ability to rebel against the law of physics. This summon takes the form of something similar to a black and blue cube made of smaller cubes, each cube able to move independently.


2nd Infinity-Alias: The ability to bend the five senses. This Summon rarely has a definitive form, but in it's purest form is merely a black shadow like entity.


3rd Infinity-Caster: 


4th Infinity-Guardian: The ability to guard against all forms of physical attacks. This summon takes the form of a large, eight foot black and white humanoid.


5th Infinity-Calamity: The ability to cause misfortune and disaster to all things that try to attack the wielder. This summon generally isn't seen by the eye, but is know to take the form a large black cat.


6th Infinity-Angel:The ability to heal and recover, as well as purge darkness. This summon takes the form of a black and white angel with six three panels of wings.


7th Infinity-Sin:The ability to draw form the darkness from a persons heart and memories and summon forth demons equal to the power of the seven sins found in the person. This summon will take the form of one of the seven deadly sins, changing between at any moment based on which sin is most powerful based on the environment.


8th Infinity-:


9th Infinity-Relinquished:The ability to draw forth the pure energy from the Event Horizon, but at the cost of relinquishing something equal to the value of the energy drawn out. this summon takes the form of a large eerie gate found in anime with skulls and fire that usually leads somewhere evil.


Personality: Shorne is a very righteous man. He seeks to always do what his finds is right in his mind. He is kind, caring, and quick to trust. He will go to the ends of the earth for someone he cares about, but his enemies suffer his wrath. He isn't as stubborn as he thinks, but when is heart is set he gets the job done. Shorne is very level headed most of the time, but certain things push his buttons and he can't help himself. This often conflicts with his duty. As the Infinity Ward, he is supposed to fight the evil, but also maintain balance between the two. This often means staying out of certain conflicts. Half good-half bad. that is balance. However, Shorne struggles with this concept as his righteous nature drives him to take action.


History: Shorne grew up in an orphanage. He was treated like dirt and always kicked around for being such a low class. The moment he was old enough, he began schooling, but in a class that couldn't use magic. Though the school tried to make things equal between the classes, there was clear discrimination between those of royalty, nobility, and the peasants. If you couldn't use magic, you were the lowest as a peasant. He grew up in the lowest class. 


At the cliched age of sixteen, Shorne obtained the contract of the Nine Infinities, slowly unlocking each contract as he grew stronger. From then on, he trained with his magic to rise to power and pull himself from the dirt he'd always lived in, using his new talents to aid those in need. At the age of twenty, the seal on the Event Horizon broke and that was when he became aware of the true meaning of his duties as the Infinity Ward. Since then, he has traveled between worlds an dimensions for his tasks. Along the way, he has picked up many followers, friends, allies, and even companions. He has selected very few permanent companions, but those who joined him became his champions and aid him as well as enjoy the journey along side him. (subject to change at will of author)

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Race:Elemental (arcane)
hunting companion: A black shadow Phoenix named Aeroth vos aria(Aeroth the black wing).
Hair: anime style black hair that drops down just past his ear line.
Clothes: Black ninja like pants, black thin long sleeved shirt, black vest type piece, gloves with the fingers cut off on either hand, waist pouch for miscellaneous items.
Weapon: Dual daggers(Ares and Arcanum). These daggers are longer than normal daggers. The blades are dull from over use. Though painted black, there are patches where it has peeled off. In the pommel of each it a hazy black/grey crystal sphere. The handles have black and white threads laid on top of each other spiraling up, though its frayed and worn.
Eyes: Dark grey with white flecks. 
Body: slightly above average height, and toned body. He has slightly tanned skin, but his constant heavy clothing prevent it from getting any darker. He isn't built, but rather toned and lean from constant combat.
Element: Shadow
Special State: Arcane state.
Description of State: User obtains complete mastery of his/her element with no power limitations as well as mastery of many weapon types. Total appearance change including:Clothes,hair,weapons,eyes.(if anyone requires a description of character in the arcane state please say so). Being an arcane dubs you with the duty of keeping the balance of the 5 realms.
Personality:Shadow is normally laid back and easy going. although his eyes are piercing and menacing, his expression is usually laid back. he makes friends easily and is fairly intelligent. At times though he will be serious. then he is dangerous, merciless, and tricky. he is thought of as a ninja of the shadows to most people.
History: He was and orphan since he can remember. He doesn't not recall having family or relatives. Along the way he met a man who gave him his first set of daggers and told him he was bond for greatness. Shadow, being all alone, was forced to steal and become a ninja like person. One day he made friends with 2 other kids his age. They begin hanging out together from about age 9. One day, 6 years later, shadow is on patrol of the towns limits with these friends when they have a strange encounter, in which they obtain there elemental abilities. After going on a long journey training their skills and going into a large war, they are travelers of the 5 elemental realms.

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Name: Crystal
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110
Race: Elemental
Hunting Companion: An ice dragon by the name of Sareial.
Hair: A light brown color. Straight, comes down to the bottom of her neck.
Clothes: Light brown shorts that go a little past her knees. A white T-shirt with a green jacket that had sleeves that come slightly past her elbows. A necklace that has a black shadow crystal on it.
Weapon: A staff (Aurora) made from the toughest most durable metals. In either end were sky blue crystals spheres. It was blue like the ocean,crafted expertly. It was long and light weight but not to long for her and powerful enough to easily kill the enemy.
Eyes: Dark/deep blue eyes
Body: Mid-height, slender but with a good figure. One that any man would want,a true beauty to behold.
Element: Water/Ice
Special State: Arcane state.
Description of State: User obtains complete mastery of his/her element with no power limitations as well as mastery of many weapon types. Total appearance change including:Clothes,hair,weapons,eyes.(if anyone requires a description of character in the arcane state please say so). Being an arcane dubs you with the duty of keeping the balance of the 5 realms.
Personality: She is very energetic and clumsy. She is usually kind to anyone who is kind to her. She is always fun to be around,and never has a dull moment. However,when she gets serious,she can be harsh, cold hearted, and unforgiving.
History: At about age 9, her and her parents were in a terrible accident. It kill both her parents and she lost all her past memories, including what happened during the accident. Shortly after she met a boy about her age. He showed her kindness and warmth when everyone else gave her the cold shoulder. Since then she has liked this boy, which slowly turned to love. Although she thinks he doesn't return the feelings,he cares for her very deeply, though doesn't show it. One day, six years later, her and 2 of her friends have a strange encounter while patrolling the village limits,in which they gain elemental abilities. After going on a long journey training their skills and going into a large war, they are travelers of the 5 elemental realms.

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Name: Setsuna 

Alias: Kite

Age: Undetermined (Appears 25)

Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Race: Elemental (Arcane)
Hunting Companion: Aeroth vos aria (Aeroth the black wing).
Hair: Long, down to his middle back. Solid black with no shine in any light.
Clothes: his clothes are like a ronin samurai's. Long large black pants. A GI like shirt top, white. A cloak draped over his body covering a majority of his white shirt, hiding his katana(Setsuna) when he wanted. He wheres a white bamboo hat that covers his upper face always, unless he takes it off him self. He also has a pouch strung at his waist which he carries random objects in as well as his special reed flute which he made himself.
Weapon: He uses a katana (Setsuna). It has a long curved blade that is anodized a black umber color. The sheath is also the same black as the blade, little shine showing through. The hand guard has a pair of phoenix wings carved in great detail down to the feather encompassed by a ring. In the hilt is a stone as black as a moonless, starless night sky. The handle is wrapped in a pure white material giving an extraordinary contrast and appearance. The blade is sharper than a razor, harder than diamond, and more resilient than steel. It could draw blood with just the slightest touch, making it the perfect weapon for any situation. 
Eyes: he has black,cold,dead looking eyes. they have a mysterious, yet murderous look always, giveing him an unpleasant, evil aura. He wears a White bamboo hat to hide them leaving people curios but unafraid.
Body: Very tall. slender due to his height but with very fine tuned muscles. He appears of average strength but isn't, rather his is much stronger.
Element: Shadow
Special State: Arcane state.
Description of State: User obtains complete mastery of his/her element with no power limitations as well as mastery of many weapon types. He has complete control of all shadows and darkness of any kind. Total appearance change including: Clothes, hair, weapons, eyes. (if anyone requires a description of character in the arcane state please say so). Being an arcane dubs you with the duty of keeping the balance of the 5 realms.
Personality: Kite is rather stand offish. He is very mysterious and enjoys peace and quiet. He doesn't speak much to anyone and observes most of the time. He has a quick wit and is very dangerous. He is very skilled and deadly, not hesitating to kill anyone who becomes a threat. However, he keeps his identity as an Elemental all together a secret, using only his mastery fighting skills in combat.
History: Kite has been very strange from birth. He didn't talk much while around others. Most people were scared and intimidated by him, allowing him to be at peace. At an early time he discovered his power as an Elemental. His mentor, Another shadow user, Taught him how to use control and master his abilities. Soon after he was trained to use the katana. One faithful day, he was attacked by a group of people who thought of shadow elementals as bad omens who would bring darkness to the world. He was not able to match them in strength, and faced with death he unlocked the Arcane state, allowing him to easily defeat his foe. In doing so, the Arcane scriptures, a book of knowledge on the Arcane, found its way to him. He trained then, on his own to master this power. He began traveling the worlds and realms to fulfill his duty as the balance keeper. Many things have occurred in the time he traveled, and now he is a solitary being whom no one knows exist.

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Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0
Weight: 104
Race: Elemental
Hair: Ember's hair is long and flowing. It has natural volume to it and cascades down to her butt. The color is a fiery red that burns with vibrancy.
Clothes: Black cargo pants. black button up shirt. she wears a hood less cloak that is also all black, bringing out a stark contrast with her blazing hair.
Weapon: A magnificent long battle sword. It was fairly long with average width. It shone with flawless edges either side. The cross hilt was full metal, carved with flame designs to match her element. The hilt was wrapped in fine leather dyed red-orange, with a simple counter weight pommel. The scabberd had a blaze design all the way to the tip.
Eyes: She has Blazing eyes that seem to radiate fire and heat.
Body: Slightly above average height. She is rather slender but with a good figure. Though she is stand offish she is the woman of every mans dreams.
Element: Fire
Personality: She is hot headed, and very quick to act. She doesn't like new faces to much, and anyone who doesn't show respect she tends to dislike. She is very abusive and seems like someone you wouldn't won't to be with. However, once you get passed her rough outer shell, she is a sweet, cute, and kind person. If you manage to get through to her, your friends for life, like it or not. She gets very protective over the people she cares for and won't back down no matter the situation.
History: She was born and raised in the fire kingdom of Fireion. At the young age of 10, she began traveling the world looking for excitement and fun. During her journey 4 years later, she had come to the kingdom of orion in the wind realm. At her arrival she saw mass chaos as the ruler was murdered and everyone was fighting and stealing with no order in the city. Although she didn't know much about ruling, she walked in and began starting up a big mess to try and bring the kingdom back to order. Once she had gained their respect, she went to the castle and demanded to speak with the highest order supposed to be in charge. After seeing her performance, they granted her to be the new ruler of orion kingdom. She kept the order in the kingdom until one faithful day.
An underground organization called "The Holy" came and took the kingdom over 2 years later. She was then forced to run and build an army to over throw the holy. After she succeeded in this, she began to travel again at the age of 17.

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Name: Zakuro Manura
Nicknames: Necromancer, Harbinger of death, Silence, Phantom
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 150 lb
Breed: Lysine
Hair: Long umber hair that goes down to his middle back and has no luster. It's smooth and silky and very flowing, Strands that linger at every move, giving him a natural beauty. (Sephiroth hair)
Characteristics:He is a demon with black skin much like that of a black cat, the umber, lusterless darkness of beauty and destruction and beautiful feathery wings, whose feathers are ashen grey and large yet mobile, just right for him. He has metallic claws on his hands, dangerously sharp, and cold as ice. He, however, disguises as a very contrasting human. Pale white skin that is blemish free, his hands void of the claws but rather with pail nails, and his ashen wings non-existent. 
Clothes: He wears long, black dress pants that have the pleats in them still. His top is a pure white vest like jacket with fray/ripped should sleeves, and is left unbuttoned all the way down. he doesn't wear shoes.
Weapon: He uses a scythe with a long, white, slender pole handle and a long curved metallic blade which appears to have never been used, its unscathed surface highly reflective of everything.
Eyes: One eyes, his right, is an smokey azure color, where as his left is a contrasting faded crimson coloring, that of a demon.
Body: He is very tall and slender, but with very defined muscular features and a surprisingly scar-less body.
Power: Control over water and ice and some electrical power. has the power to control the dead, seeming like giving them life, thus necromancer. He has incredible demon speed and strength, and high resistance to physical and many supernatural attacks. His voice has a possessive power over anyone that hears him, which he counter acts by only speaking in a hushed, mono-toned whisper.
Personality: He his very emotionless and rarely speaks a word to anyone, but you can see a peaceful calming nature arise when surrounded by nature and peace. When he speaks, it tends to be in a soft, quite voice that you have to really listen to hear and understand, however, when he speaks with full voice, its icy cold like a gale in the arctic and would scare the devil back into his hole, very fitting his abilities and personality though. He is very questionable since not many know anything about him, but he is quite friendly if you dare to get close to him.
History: His parents are from the Zulfikar and Kyinyarka and he also has Syncilyth in his blood. His strange personality and unknown nature draws attention and his parents often worried and papered him when he was younger. Later, he obtained the title Necromancer for his strange ability to control the dead. Most beings fear him as he ironically carries a scythe around for protection, so he has never associated with anyone outside of his family. many believe him to be possessed because of the combination of powers and his emotionlessness. A short time later, a clan of demons came to his village and whipped out a majority of his peace loving clan. A handful were left in the burning ashes of their land, he among them. After that, he trained vigorously to achieve a higher strength and become a master of his unique abilities. He used his rage for revenge to fuel his training, gaining unreacheable heights. For many years he hunted down all the members of that clan and slayed them, one by one, leaving nothing but a desolate wasteland in his wake. After decades of hatred and destruction, he had finally whipped the last of the clan from existence. Soon after, he made a vow of peace to himself, and those of his late clan, to only fight should it be for self defense, or to protect another in need. Since then, he has traveled everywhere, from the high mountains to the low valleys, enjoying the peace that nature brings to his life.

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Name: Lazura Atsuken
Title: Maru Alunes
Nickname: Bone dragon, soul reaper
Rider: Zakuro Manura
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Maru faltsen
Unique qualities: She must consume souls in order to become a flesh and full beast. When lacking souls, She losses her fleshly appearance and becomes a skeletal creature, whose bones are held together only by the life force feed to him by his Harbinger.
Color: The top of her face is a deep black with imbued purple. Along her long elegant neck are dark spines that are sharp and strong, the material of her outer body changing from skin to a powerful resistant armored scale just past the the skull, keeping her body safe. The dark color remains from the tip of her muzzle to the tip of her split barbed tail. Starting from the slightly softer under of her throat and going to the base of her tail underneath her body is a heavy purple-pink color that gives her body an elegant beauty. Along he slender back and neck, deep purple tattoo like swirls are apparent on the heavily armored scales. Her claws are black and metallic, as cold as cutting steel. In her skull is set a hole that, when her soul runs out, becomes empty. This is used to determine the remaining life force she possesses, and it also adds to her entrancing purple appeal, the glow of her life moving from empty, to a light purple-pink, to the heavy swirls of her body's purple.
Wings: She has one pane of wings. The boned part of her wings are covered in a finer, easier lay of black scale. The webbing of is black with a clear design of purple lain into it, one that is to mark her race. Her wing span is expansive and great. They are powerful, majestic, and silent as they guide her through the skies, or lay flat against her body when she rests. 
Eyes: Her eyes are swirling and mixing irises, matching the one and color of the crest she possesses just above the center of her eyes.
Body: Her body is powerful and limber. She has a long slender neck and no head spikes. She has black spikes that run down her neck and stop at the base, picking up again half way down her long and powerful back. He legs are longer than normal, but more built that slender. Her tail is long and whip-like, forking at the end into two poisoned barbs. Her body is long and powerful, a broad back to proportion with her length as a total. She has powerful jaws that can crush tree trunks with ease and rip through flesh of most kind. Her teeth aren't razor, but are canine and rip through most things. He tongue is long and slender, allowing her to catch prey.
Abilities: She can consume the souls of prey killed by her rider. She can liver forever so long as there is a supply of souls. When her souls run low, to conserve energy, she loses her fleshly form and becomes a walking skeleton. She breaths a fire using her soul energy, creating a purple flame that burns from her depth. She also has the power to cast illusions, though greatly expending her soul.
Personality: She is a calm and collected creature on most occasions. She is rather short tempered when it comes to outsiders, and highly protective over her rider. She has a bark that isn't to trifle with, and a bite that exceeds. She doesn't respond well to threats nor to commands from anyone other than her rider, and is reluctant to let anyone near her that she hasn't gotten to know well enough. All in all, she is cold and ruthless to foe, and warm and accepting to her rider and few others.
History: She was brought into the world by Her first rider, Tesvalen, and only served two before Zakuro. She has many years under her belt, and is wise beyond reason. She must be brought back from death by using the life imbued in the power of the crystals, the Stone of Dark Rebirth, and the Stone of Holy Destruction. The power takes many years of dormancy to return in order to be used, and must both be present to Resurrect a Maru Faltsen. Zakuro revived her from her state of dormancy from beneath the dragons cathedral. Deep under the cathedral was a labyrinth that Zakuro explored through, until he came upon the resting chamber of Lazura, Her bones perfectly in place to be revived anew. He brought her back and she once again lived to have another rider.

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Name: Cisca Noliar
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125
Race: Angelic
Eyes: Her eyes are crystalline blue, deep and rich in hue and almost radiant with a great force that flows in her body.
Hair: Cisca's hair is long and flowing, beautiful and full flowing down to her very lower back. It's color is a heavenly silver, angelic in nature.
Body: Her body is tall and slender, but very full and beautiful. Her skin is very pale, but has a glow of health from her angelic heritage. She has a body seemingly less for battle and more round and supple, olive in texture and flawless. 
Clothes: Cisca wears a dress of a silken material of an indestructible nature, and form fitting to whom ever wheres it, as well as picks a design fitting in nature for the wearer. It is a magical garment. For Cisca, it is a pure white color with intricate designs of a light sky blue lain into the cloth, vine like and swirled all the way through. It has a sash around the middle that is the same blue, and sleeves that are slender to her arms until they flare out at the wrist, creating a flowing feel. The dress drops half way down her calves and is loose enough to allow fighting.
Weapon: Cisca Carries two weapons. One is a set of two daggers, holstered through the blue sash at her waist. The blades were simple metal, but curved in a very sinister manner. The guard was just one lip on the edge side. the handles were both lain with golden and white material, and were fit for her hands alone. The hilt forms an angelic dragon with its mouth holding a white, spherical crystal. The other is the halo bow. It is a simple bow, made of wood and dyed white where the wood grain could still be seen. In the center is a circle with spikes coming out like a sun design, all white wood grained. It had been enchanted to never break by the blacksmith. It had no quiver to match it. She wears this across her body in most cases.
Powers: She has skin like granite, an explainable resistance to damage of all nature, but has a weakness to volatile poisons from demons. An angelic force flows within her body, granting her extreme speed and strength, as well as the seeming glow that radiates from her body and eyes. She can manipulate this holy power and manifest its self in a nature much like that of shadow element. (Description pending) 
Personality: Cisca is a very passionate character. She has a very strong will and strives for greatness, to pass on her passion of peace to others. She loves life and she is overly energetic and emotional. Cisca tried to show her love of life and peace to everyone else, but sometimes she must use force to subdue evil, which she fights to clear the world of.
History: Cisca was born into the angelic clan of Aranshi. They are a proud warrior clan, and all male and female angelics are raised to fight as well. Csica at, an early age, went into battle camps to hone her skills and learned the arts of war. After that, she went to the academy for training and also learned academics on top of battle. However, before she could graduate, she escaped from the clan when she realized she wasn't a war monger. She preferred peace and love over her culture. She fled to the human realm upon this realization and tried to escape her clan. She realized that war and fighting would never stop just because she stopped, and so she took up a position of justice. While in the human realm, she met Zakuro Manura, a demon with the same sort of love for peace.

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Name: Ryuu Kyomei
Nickname: Tenth sword, Canceler
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 153 lb
Race: Sword
Hair: His hair in vibrant red. Rich in hue and very bright, with tips of black, casting a strangeness of interest to it. It's cut short for his style of swordsmen ship as well.
Clothes: He wears hakama pants. Mostly white with a wind style pattern down each leg in a vibrant, rich blue color, totally contrasting to his red, black tipped hair. He also has thin gloves of the same white and blue wind blown pattern that stretch half way over his fore arms. His belt is the same blue as well, holding his hakama up, but no shirt. His chest remains exposed to the world, showing the clear muscular features her possesses.
Weapons: He carries no weapons, rather his style forbids the use of them, and also is the aim solely to destroy them. He himself, is a weapon. A sword.
Eyes: His eyes are simple red tinted iris, with a thick black ring on the outside to match his hair as part of his body.
Body: He is of average height, but his stature is powerful and very good. His muscles are built and powerful, able to withstand most things, this coming from his style. his arms have clean defined muscles as well as all of his chest, and abs. His legs are round and powerful, swift and agile as well. He is built for combat of unparalleled skill.
Style: Coda Latsanga
Power: He is a swordsman of the Latsanga style. A special of the ten Coda styles. It is sword style to rival the others, for it was created to use the user as a weapon. It is the canceler of the other sword styles, and the current sword is Ryuu Kyomei. He uses not a sword, but his body as the weapon, and this style was designed to break the swords and attacks of the other nine styles. Passed down seven generations to Ryuu.
Personality: He is a swordsman, raised only in the Latsanga style and has thus become a weapon. A sword. He has his own kind of personality, but lacks much knowledge and is very brutal and quick to act. He has no mercy, not from evil or hatred, but as simply raised in the style where he is a tools, and his purpose is a killing style. Death holds not merit nor consequence for him. He is only this way by his environment, and is subject to change of course. He has a strange sense of things, but his instinct it never wrong, and he has a deadly strike and his confidence comes from truth.
History: Ryuu was raised on an island away from anyone other than his family. Only his father and his sister. As the only man of the house hold, he took the style from his father and once his father passed away, he and his sister remained for many years on the island. One day, his sister sent him away from the island saying, "Father was out cast, but you aren't. I'm too sick to follow you, but you should lead a life and learn what life means."
With that, he bid farewell to his sister, promising to bring her back stories of his travels, but once he reached that mainlands, he started his life anew, guided by whatever came his way.

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Name: Altruis Black
Age: 24
Race: Seraldist
Height: 5'11
Eyes: His eyes are a radiant, riveting deep purple with small flecks of white scattered through the iris.
Hair: He has short cut, rough, dark brown hair in a shaggy, spiky manner.
Appearance: He is of average height and built wiry. He is far stronger than his appearance gives way to. His lack of body fat pulls out the definition in his every muscle, defining him well. He has very distinctive features. His eyes stand from his slightly tanned, white skin, and are rather gentle.
Apparel: He wears white, dress style pants with rich blue hemming and stitches. A blue strip lines the length of the pants on the outside of both legs. He wears a black, thin undershirt, and a white leather jacket with blue strips running up the sides and on the bottom of the sleeves and from the shoulder along the top. He wears it open to show the contrast of the black to the white and blue. His shoes are a white pair of loafers fitting his attire.
Weapons: He carries a special katana, possessed by the demon Aegis. It was passed down to him from his father at age nineteen. The sheath is a placid red color with a fiery sort of feel to it. The handle has a similar red wrap that always retains its color. In the hilt is set a deep crimson ruby gem, and the hand guard is a black circle with the image of chains carved into the solid metal. The blade its self is a radiating vermilion. The demon inside the weapon allows the blade to nullify any magic it comes into contact with, and the blade is regenerative under it's power.
Powers: He has all the powers of a Seraldist, or natural born mages with a special ability indicated by a "birthmark" called a Dist. His primary form of magic is "monomagic", a style of spells that was created by himself at a young age. He is unique in that he is one of few who can use this style, and he needs no other style of magic EX: Destruction, white, black, summoning, physical, buff, as his own consists of all other forms and he can alter the nature of "monomagic" to whatever spell he chooses.
He was born with two dist symbols located at his shoulder blades and one at the base of his neck. the two at his shoulder blades allow him to at will grow wings, being a natural mage of flight. His wings are both black and white, changing each time he calls upon their power. The third dist is separate from those. It allows for a power growth. The more he summons the power the stronger he gets to limitless power, but at the cost of his own life. The dist drains both his physical and magical energies at alarming rates the more it is used to enhance bother physical and magical strengths. It's a trade off skill: life for power.
Personality: Altruis is a rather out spoken, level headed person. He has a great sense of leadership and once he is set to something, he is not easily deterred. He is a very friendly person and open minded, but not a fool. he is loyal to allies and enemies alike. An ally will always have his support, and an enemy shall be removed from his path at all costs. He is stronger than he often credits himself, and with a photographic memory, he is also more intelligent than most.
History: Altruis was born to a family of powerful, well to do mages. His mother was a summoner and researcher for the royal library, and his father was an avid user of destruction magic, employed by the army with the mage unit. Altruis was exposed to magic at very early ages and showed great signs. In time, he became a prodigy. 
He was enrolled in the Academy of Magics for his school life and excelled in everything magic. He was a sickly child, often bed ridden or unable to take the strain of using many magics that required physical work, such as summoning, however, although his physical strength and stamina were weak at this age, his brain was far beyond his years.
At the age of twelve he created a new style of magic called monomagic. It pulled all the knowledge he'd learned so far into one form that didn't require him to use physical means to cast magic anymore, but only required his voice and excess of magical energy, which he was capable of.
He remained sickly until his Dists awakened at the age of fifteen. He became one of few Seraldist with the ability of natural flight without magic, and of fewer who had two Dists. Despite now being physically able, he continued to further the monomagic, expounding upon its degree and use. He created the subspace storage at age seventeen and became famous for this revolutionary spell. 
This drew attention from a cult which practiced forbidden and black magics. They found Altruis to be special and sought to steal him away for their own use. With this in mind, they assaulted the royal kingdom at full force. His father was deployed to the front lines in the battle when Altruis was nineteen. Before his father left, Altruis was given Aegis, the possessed sword, as a gift.
Five years later and the war is at it's worst. The cult against the kingdom is still strong, their use of forbidden magic against the army unstoppable, and is Altruis left with his aging mother and no word from or about his father in over a year.

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Name: Meis Occisor
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Eyes: His eyes are a dull blue color with a thicker blue in a ring on just the outside of the iris.
Hair: His hair is light brown and long to the middle of his back. He wears it up in a pony tail and out of his face much of the time.
Apparel: Meis wears a tight fitting tank top, with a clean fitted button up shirt over it. Usually blacks or whites. He wears black pants that are baggy in the legs but tight in the waist, and his button up is usually neatly tucked in. His shoes are leather and neat just as the rest of his respectable attire is.
Physique: He upper body is well toned and a blacksmith. Well defined muscles and lean. His lower body isn't are refined, but he stays in shape both from work and practice with his crafts. His skin is worn and tanned well from work and exposure at the forge.
Weapon: He has skill with nearly every style of bladed weapon from glaive, to daggers, to claymores, however, his preference is the katana. The elegant curve, the flawless balance, the shine, the light weight, the blade of greatness that is a katana. More over, he loves the shear beauty that comes out of some much effort. as a blacksmith, he respects the effort and soul put into the blades, and learned best with them.
Power: Meis's only power stems from his smithing skill. He can form normal blades through the smithing process, but he has the ability to create swords through a magic called the Astral Forge. Through his own feelings, will, soul, and body he can create sacred(Holy) and cursed(Demonic) swords with different abilities. They far surpass normal methods in power, but they are limited as well.
Personality: Meis is a pain in the ass. He is smart and he knows it. He's often sarcastic and very blunt. He doesn't care for others feelings specifically until he get closer to someone. Incredibly anti-social save for the young demon girl who helps him with his smithing and lives with him almost as a maid, though she does not see it as that kind of life. He avoids dealing with people who aren't greeting him for business. This causes some friction when is he blunt, but he means well most of the time and Aria makes up for his abrasive side.
History: Meis was born and raised in Alteria, a country that prospered and lived well separate from the empire. His mother, who he remembers nothing of, was killed in a demon raid on their country side village when he was just born. Years after, he'd learned many things about smithing from his father. When he was twelve, he and his father went to the town for a delivery and to buy supplies. That day, and for several week after, demons came forth from the ill spirits in the air, urged on by Syne. The man was neither captured nor killed, but during the raids, Meis's father died, leaving him in charge of the smithing shop, which he renamed Master Slayer Smithing. 
He also found a girl during the raids who seemed to be only his age and helped her to survive along side himself during the attacks, which he later found her to be a demon, but not one of Syne's cruel creature, but from another source. This demon girl by the name of Aria grants him the ability to summon the astral forge after he saved her from death and terror. After all was done, Meis took her in despite not being older than thirteen, and she became almost like a maid, doing most of the house work for Meis and helping him to smith as well to repay him, but also to be with her savior and "white knight". She thinks it to be a great joy to be able to do so, so their relationship is a little strange.
Years have passed since this occurrence and she remains the same in body as a demon, while Meis grows in skill as she supports him. He has vowed to create the True Blade to slay not only Syne and his hatred and cruelty, but also the source of the demons that was slowly becoming stronger and breaking the previous seal, Mashir.

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Name: Stephen Reaver
Alias: Jack (of All Trade)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'10
Eyes: Crystal blue like sapphire. Deep and vast, but sharp.
Hair: He has long dark hair. Rather thick and styled in a shaggy manner on purpose.
Appearance: He is slender with a stunning lack of muscle. Long legs and average torso. Thin ankles and wrists, though that goes for most of his body. 
Apparel: Stephen wears all manner of clothing, however, you can often find him wearing a nice suit with a brown coat and a white undershirt. It's specially fit to his body, however, this is mostly at higher end casinos and other important events. For his more underground work and odd jobs he has other clothes, though a signature is the fedora he sometimes wears. 
Weapons: A deck of playing cards. They are a mix of shades of blues and yellows and are the enchanted with his single ability, but can be changed to look like any deck as well.
Powers: Stephen the single ability Jack of All Trades. He uses this to manipulate his playing cards in anyway. They are enchanted with his ability and have become a part of his existence. Aside from simple card tricks, he can make them float or shuffles themselves, teleport, or maybe even fly with them. Each card represents a different trade and ability that he possesses, and the deck includes the two wild cards, the jokers. They allow him to obtain any power not already in his set.
Personality: Stephen is a rather shady person. He hustles in casinos and under ground operations and just about anything involving cards. He lies and cheats his way through anything he can and has become a master con. He also takes odd jobs for fun, looking for mischief and new and strange experiences. He is a gentleman as well, treating ladies and other respectable people as such when the time calls, or when feeling sincere, however. much of his life remains underground and hidden.

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Name: Azuma Rentarou


Age: 114


Status: Contender


Appearance: Something like this guy.


Specialty: Prestidigitation- Tsukuyomi's Blessing: Rentarou was born with the blessing of Tsukuyomi, allowing him to wield the powers of the god. Illusions, things dealing with the mind, perception, and darkness. The night and the moon as well.


Weakness: Conjuration- Rentarou lost his ability to use this magic as part of the price to bring Ruri back from the brink of destruction.


Abilities: Hyper-Mind: All of his five senses and his mind go into overdrive, allowing him to think and perceive faster and with more efficiency.


Nightmare: Using his control over illusions and the mind, Rentarou manipulates the shadows and darkness people see to act as living things. Though they are illusions and cannot physically defend or attack, the ability effects the mind to thinking they can defend and attack. This is effective against magic attacks by cutting off the connection the mind has to the magic, but cannot stop something imbued already.


Endless Night: Rentarou uses Tsukuyomi's full power of the moon and creates an endless night where the sky is red the moon is black. In this, his power strengthen tremendously and his range of control extends to everything/everyone in sight of the moon.


Immortality: The immortality granted keeps the being from dying biologically. The person will regenerate rapidly at the expense of incredible pain so long as the flesh remains. Attacks to the soul or destruction of all matter of the body will result in a death.


Soul-Bound: The soul of one individual is bound with that of another through forbidden magics. The ones under Soul-Bound must remain close together otherwise the connection will slowly wither and break, resulting in death of both individuals. The Soul-Bound share fates with each other.


Personality: Rentarou is a very keen individual. He uses his brain in place of brawn everywhere he possibly can. In the past he was very skilled at strategy games, as well as war strategies. In modern day he is skilled with computers and greatly enjoys games. He in very introverted, but is easily capable of interacting with other people after over a century of time to learn how people function. He doesn't open up to people often, but is closest to his sister Ruri.


History: Rentarou was born into the Azuma clan with blessings from the moon god Tsukuyomi. He was the eldest son of the Azuma main branch was was thus the next heir to the clan. He was raised in the art of war and battle, learning many skills for assassins and warriors. He didn't excel like others did, but he would be raised to learn the ways of the clan until either his twentieth birthday or the current head perished. His skill with Tsukuyomi's power, though very powerful, wasn't a tangible item, and was thus written off as a phenomenon. 


When Rentarou was twenty, his sister fell ill with total locked-in syndrome. After close to a week of being locked in her own body, Rentarou found out. Using Tsukuyomi's power, he read her mind was was brought to agony and tears at the torture she was in. With total determination, he used the Azuma clan and hunted for a way to help her, all the while staying by her side and consoling her as best he could to put her at ease. After three weeks, Ruri was nearing death, only able to drink water through force and unable to eat. Finally, Rentarou summoned a forbidden creature and entered a 100 year contract. It bound his soul with hers and forced biological immortality upon them until the end of the contract. Rentarou was forced to relinquish his position as the next head of the clan due to his contract and instead both him and Ruri created a new position. Separate from the clan, but still part of the clan.


Skip to modern day, the Azuma clan has gone from war mongers and assassins to corporate guru's and high ranking officials in the Japanese government. Ruri and Rentarou spend their days enjoying each others company while avoiding social contact outside of necessity. They play games, visit local stores, travel the country, enjoy the merits of all expenses paid for and do things their own way. With the contract nearing its end, then have entered the magic war to find a solution to their problem before death.

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Name: Azuma Ruri


Age: 109


Status: Contender


Appearance: Close enough =.=


Specialty: Evocation- Amaterasu's Blessing: Ruri was born with the blessing of Amaterasu, allowing her wield the incredible strength of the sun goddess. She can manipulate fire of all nature with acute skill, breath life into the flames for a period, as well as use the flames special to Amaterasu herself. She can also use the sun and day as well.


Weakness: Conjuration: Ruri lost her ability to use this magic as a price for accepting the contract to be healed of her illness.


Abilities: Black Heat: This is a special flame from Amaterasu used to purge the lands of darkness after she emerged from long dormant period. This black flame targets only the existence of magic and things associated with it, leaving the innocent unscathed.


Eternal Flame: This is the living fire that formed when Amaterasu ascended to the heavens. This fire can only be put out and controlled by Amaterasu's power and destroys indiscriminately to protect its master.


Amaterasu Omikami: This is the physical form Amaterasu took when she visited earth to be among her people. Ruri can unleash Amaterasu's strength and take on the human/wolf appearance with all the strength of the goddess within her.


Immortality: The immortality granted keeps the being from dying biologically. The person will regenerate rapidly at the expense of incredible pain so long as the flesh remains. Attacks to the soul or destruction of all matter of the body will result in a death.


Soul-Bound: The soul of one individual is bound with that of another through forbidden magics. The ones under Soul-Bound must remain close together otherwise the connection will slowly wither and break, resulting in death of both individuals. The Soul-Bound share fates with each other.


Personality: Ruri is a total Kuudere and the only love she shows is and undying passion for her brother, though not quite incest yet. She is very anti-social and prefers not to speak to anyone other than Rentarou. She is level headed and intelligent, but not on par with Rentarou. Ruri, though capable of holding casual conversation, prefers to let her brother do the talking as he is far more eloquent she believes, and she in turn only speaks to him. 


History: Ruri was born into the Azuma clan the the blessing of Amaretasu, her ability to use fire apparent from a very early age. Because of this, she was put in line to become the next Onmyoji and temple priestess. She was separated from the head family and began to learn the ways of the Onmyoji, training her magic to become even stronger and learning rituals of divination prayer. She was very obedient and quiet in her studies, but when dealing with her magic, she showed her true colors and the power that resided within her. 


At age fourteen, Ruri contracted total locked-in syndrome. Trapped in her body and unable to communicate with anyone, she suffered horrible mental trauma. Unable to even look at anyone, she could only listen to talk of how to deal with her while someone forced her to drink every so often. After a week, Ruri was in the pits of despair. With only her mind and sound to keep her company, she quickly lost track of time and all sense of humanism. It was hell. Then, Rentarou appeared before her, and for the first time, someone was able to understand her pain and suffering. He began immediately to help her, staying by her side and talking with her, bringing her back to reality. It wasn't until then that she was aware of his powers.


After three weeks, she had begun to whither away and drew too close to death. Rentarou approached her with the idea of summoning a forbidden creature and using it to heal her. She agreed and they went through with the plan. Thanks to the plan, Ruri was healed of the disease and brought back to full health and entered a 100 year contract. It bound her soul to that of her brothers and forced biological immortality on her until the end of the contract. Ruri was forced to relinquish her position as the Onmyoji and temple priestess due to the contract and instead bother her and Rentarou created a new position. Separate from the clan, but still a part of the clan.


Skip to modern day, the Azuma clan has gone from war mongers and assassins to corporate guru's and high ranking officials in the Japanese government. Ruri and Rentarou spend their days enjoying each others company while avoiding social contact outside of necessity. They play games, visit local stores, travel the country, enjoy the merits of all expenses paid for and do things their own way. With the contract nearing its end, then have entered the magic war to find a solution to their problem before death.

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Name: Locri Steel/"Queen" Neraphis Abaranth

Age: 22

Personality: Locri Steel is a determined, very steadfast girl. She strives for peace to flood the land and everyone she meets knows it well. She is kind, caring, and sweet, she has touched the hearts of plenty of people in her strife for peace. She has even managed to do the same to Bariura soldiers who had the heart to listen to her pleas. Though she searches for peace, she won't sit down and watch violence without acting on her own accord. Siding with neither the Bariura Empire or Alvia Alliance, she has a single goal of peace to unite both factions together, regardless of how absurd her dream.


Neraphis Abaranth is a cold hearted killer. She is Queen Neraphis, Reaper of Existence to anyone who knows of her (widely accepted self given title). She is a violent murderer who wants to destroy the Bariura Empire and the cursed Charter magic that brought her into being. She is rather psychopathic, though not stupid. She is highly intelligent behind her mask of insanity. With her power over free magic, she reaps her enemy wherever she goes, leaving no one spared, regardless of their standing. If they fight for the Bariura Empire, they are her enemy. With a twisted mind, she hunts.

Appearance: http://static.zeroch...full.345591.jpg Or something kinda like this.

Powers: Locri Steel and Neraphis Abaranth both wield dangerously powerful free magic.

Locri Steel-Valkyrie's Light

This form of free magic strongly reinforces her beliefs of united peace. It's capable of tremendous strength using the powers of light/"holy" to aid her. From healing wounds, to banishing the darkness nearly anywhere, even peoples hearts, to cutting down her foes with golden arcs of power, to "smiting the unrighteous" with columns of searing energy. It is capable of many things good and bad despite being a "holy art". It all depends on the user. 


Neraphis Abaranth-Harbinger's Darkness

this form of magic is part of the reason she holds her reaper title. Neraphis wields the dark energies all around with hatred and sorrow, which serves to fuel her power more. It's capabilities range from mass blackouts, to wicked gales of slashing power, to rotting flesh and live things as well and bring decay, to curses of pain and suffering, even as far as controlling certain Fea. This power derives from the darkness in hearts, in the air, and the corruption that permeates even the dirt of the world.This "dark art" is feared by both Alvia and Bariura for the exact reason that free magic collapsed.

Background: Locri was born to an average family and grew up as an average child. She did well in school and never had any complaints to speak of. The large problem she faced was the Bariura Empire pressing against their town just on the outskirts of both the Alliance and the Empire. When the town joined the Alliance, they were quickly abandoned by the Empire and they witch hunts followed soon after. Only her and her family were targeted by the Empire upon their visit. The Dusk Knight personally visited the town of Strata and weeded them out with ease. He quickly killed both her mother and father for the practice of free magic, and then tried to kill her as well. Only she didn't die. 


Locri was the target of Charter magic, and though she seemed dead, only her brain was. At the age of 13, she was stricken down by the Empires magic and she "died" for 36 hours. She suddenly woke up to a burnt home, rain, mud covering her body, and white hair in place of once brown hair. This was the birth of the reaper, Neraphis. Rather than die, her personality was split in two to absorb the lethal blow into her body and mind. Just as if corrupted by free magic, the charter magic that was absorbed into mind her was channeled to a second personality which created the twisted and corrupt Neraphis Abaranth who shared Locri's memories until that point. 


The Magic absorbed into her body did several things to her physically. Her hair was "stained" white permanently. She growth in height at 13 was stunted, and so she remained at the height of 5'2. Though her features matured, she failed grow due to the magic stunting. The last thing it did was prevent free magic to physically corrupt her. She cannot become a Fea thanks to this and may feely wield free magic, however, she already has a demon inside. 


Now Locri travels to spread peace to both factions of the war with her power with only a certain awareness of Neraphis in her mind, though fully aware of the fact that she does have her demon. Neraphis travels to simply bring destruction to the Bariura who took away her family and peace of mind (sanity too).

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