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It has occurred to me that I am introducing A LOT of characters to this story and many of them you can use if you see fit too. So I'm going to put a glossary in the first post regarding them. (Really starting to wish I'd saved myself a few posts to put all this information into that keeps accumulating.) 

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Name: Abbadon

Species: Demon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Abbadon is tall, about 195 cm (6'4) with grey/silver hair, long enough to fall over his eyebrows. His appearance is similar to a human, but all characteristics he posses are impossible to fall into the category of a typical being. He has a lean body, skin too pale to be considered alive and sort of transparent as you can see his veins. He wears a shirt, one that had been passed down to him by his family who had died in a war against the other species. This shirt appears worn down and has many scars with a murky brown tint to it, but it seems impossible to be destroyed in any way despite what happens to it. Along with this, his legs are covered by skin tight black leather pants, a long black coat almost floor length worn over his shirt and black boots a little over his calves. He holds his weapons which are used essentially for destruction and chaos in holsters over his coat and pants. His skin regenerates fast, but leaves small scars behind to remind him of his carelessness on the battle field or often nonchalant behavior.

Personally: Abbadon is a sadist. He enjoys watching others suffer under his aurora or watching others be affected by his negativity. He's more of a foe of those of other species and is still learning to accept let alone love anyone who doesn't appear as he is. Despite, he has his reasons to help others, especially this group he's found himself entwined in. These reasons keep him wondering if he really should risk his pride in his own kind and lack of care for others to help; at the same time though, he wants retribution for the death of his family. The queen seemed like a good idea. Abbadon also has a taste for revenge, fiery revenge at that. His distaste for those who attempt to cause more destruction than himself causes him jealousy and anger. He believes no one else should be as or more chaotic than himself. Therefore, his needs fall similar to those of the other species which means nothing more, to him, than working as one to get the job done.

Strengths/Abilities: Having been named after a demon of destruction, Abbadon's strengths literally come from his need to desire to wreck havoc wherever he deems it necessary. His weapons include two modern pistols and a large mallet stick/staff with large stones where the hammer head should be (held behind his back). These are the only hand held things he uses. His legs are of pure, flexible and lean muscle which in turn help him to run faster and with more endurance along with being able to jump across wider or longer obstacles. He has one power and it merely consists of being able to attain information from liars and those who do not speak. This ability enables him to transform into a mist of some sort before entering the mind of said target only to grasp as much info as he can, but the down side is that if the being is resisting they will risk losing memory and he might by accident attain false information as well. This power cannot be fully reliable.

History: Abbadon was born many years ago. His age is unknown, even by himself, but he predicts that he is about 300 years old. He is one of the youngest alive in his family and relatives therefore he's reckless and a troublemaker. His father though, one of the youngest as well had died in a war against the other species along with his mother and elder brother and sister. These events marked the beginnings of Abbadon's grudge against the entire world, but at the same time helped him to understand who in all was the cause of them. Abbadon knew about his love for chaos and destruction along with his sadistic nature, but he also knew that no one else, not even the contents of his family could compare to who he was. His own culture was what defined him and no one else could compare simply because he wouldn't allow them to. Named after the demon of destruction, his family expected no less of him and that was what he valued. He would live up to the name and be the only one to live up to the name without any others interfering. Once he'd realized that the queen ruling this world was causing larger destruction than himself, then he'd be one to stop it. This was to be done for his father and his mother and those who depended on him to continue. The others may have a sudden desire to hide and wander off into silent worlds simply because fear had taken over them, but Abbadon was different and he was more than ready to prove to everyone what he was created for.

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I think I'll totally draw this character, he seems extremely my type. HAHA. just kidding.

I hope this works though. My nausea is causing me to lack on too much these days.. ;-;

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