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In the year 2018 the world was introduced to a dynamic and exciting new form of interactive technology. Exus Corporation took the world by storm when they unveiled Aeiluna Online. A:O was a brand new MMORPG designed and built around the exciting new technology created by Exus Corporation. Using hardware designed to read synaptic neural feedback in order to create a fully immersive world for players to experience.

By utilising this technology Exus Corporation created an online video game that would allow players to experience a fully 3-D world that provided not only sight, but also smell, and the sensation of touch and taste, by creating artificial responses to the players nervous system. And so a new age in online gaming was born.

It is now 2021 and Aeiluna Online is about to launch its first major expansion, Naethirglyph! Developers promise an entirely new experience, with major upgrades to the games mechanics, allowing for a much more realistic journey within the world of Aeiluna.

This rp will detail the journey of a group of players in Aeiluna Online. After the A:O Naethirglyph launches, there is a horrible incident. The players of Aeiluna Online are unable to log out! Not only that, but they are cut off from the outside world. Only a select few are able to receive messages from the real world, and the news is not good. It seems that anyone who dies within the game, dies in real life too!

It begins to transpire that this was no mere accident. Fortunately clues have been left in the form of Data Packets, which have been hidden inside the world of Aeiluna. It is up to our heroes to find out just what the hell is going on, and how to stop it. Life, even a virtual one, is never so easy though. If the games monsters weren't enough, outside forces are working against them. Will our heroes manage to find the answers to this mystery? Will they ever find a way to return to the real world? There's only one way to find out. You must step into Aeiluna Online, and play!

So that's the general idea. I'm going to explain a bit about various functions within the virtual world of Aeiluna, but I am going to try my best to keep it loose, allowing for any members wishing to join to add their own personal flare to the world. So here's some info below. I'll edit it as I go along and discussion leads to more development.


The world of Aeiluna is huge. The world is separated into 2 continents, 6 regions, one of which lies beyond the Great Sea, Oceanus.

Illuthein - The heart of the world. Illuthein is the central most region and the starting area for new players in Aeiluna. Modelled around Europe, Illuthein is a lush and bountiful land, full of forests, lakes, hills and valleys. It's native people are the Elves, the oldest race of Aeiluna. Despite this the Capitol City, Throndulin, is the the most culturally diverse and most highly populated city. Despite Illuthein being the starting region, it has many areas designed for high level players, and so the region has become the most popular overall.

Skromgar - The native land of the Dwarves. Designed around Scandanavia. Skromgar is the northernmost region, with a naturally colder climate than Illuthein. The region is covered in steep, treacherous mountains and harsh weather conditions. The humans of Skromgar are said to be hardier than the ones who settled in the lower regions many centuries ago, but are often disagreeing with the dwarf natives. Skromgar is home to the Capitol city of Mjyrn is home to the Citadel of Champions, a ranked PvP arena that offers new legendary loot offers every week.

Caeirn - the western region of Caeirn is said to be the native land of the humans. Whilst similar to the Illuthein region it is specifically designed to resemble Ireland, Scotland and England. The Capitol is Ashkirk. Players frequent Caeirn due to its vast, unexplored areas full of dungeons and forests with rare loot to find. A secondary race of Caeirn is the Caith, a feline race, short in stature, who are highly skill in runic magic, and are the original masters of Druidism.

Myus Kaful - the south-eastern region of Myus Kaful is perhaps the most unexplored of the continent. The path from Illuthein is a dangerous one. In order to reach Myus Kaful players must cross the Abyssal Sandsea, a treacherous Desert with constant sandstorm, as well as ferocious sand creatures, and colossal antlions. Rumour has it that that there are those who can take you across safely, but you will have to find them! Myus Kaful was previously a restricted region, however, since the expansion there is a way to enter it by completing the correct quests. The land beyond the Sandsea is said to be barren, dry and full of dangerous creatures. However it is also home to the Lost Temple of the Naethir, an ancient race that have long disappeared from the earth.

Karis - The land of Karis lies across Oceanus. The sea is full of treacherous sea monsters, to sail across would be certain death. In order to traverse the great ocean would require a flying vessel. It is said that the Naethir once had such a thing. What lies in Karis is a mystery. It is said that a great battle was had here between the Naethir and their mortal enemy, the Akra'tul.

Akra'talur - The land beyond Karis. This is the homeland of the Akra'tul, a dark race that stole the Naethirglyph from it's rightful people. It is said that the Naethirglyph is the light of Aeiluna, and that all of the worlds darkness was born when it was stolen by the Akra'tul. In order to restore balance, the Naethirglyph must be found and returned to its home. The Akra'tul have been gone as long as the Naethir, but are they truly dead?

Slowly through the story the heroes will realise that the Naethirglyph is the only way to fix the game, and allow players to log out. In order to save everyone, they must beat the game's new expansion. However, somewhere down the line the scaling has been tampered with. Reaching the end will be no easy task, even for the experts.

Now then on to the classes.

Level Cap is 100, however, it is the beginning of a new expansion, and the previous level cap was 85.

The class system in A:O is simple and yet diverse. All new players must start with a basic class of the following: Warrior, Thief, Mage, Priest and Archer. These classes do not represent a players growth but simply what equipment they begin with. During level up stat increases are fully customisable, and players are asked to allocate their base stats when starting a new character. For novice players some template stats are provided.

The beauty of A:O is its dynamic class building system. Players begin with proficiency in the basic form of all weapons and the ability to wear cloth and leather armour. In order to gain additional proficiency players must train with that type of armour to level up.

Weapons and spells are incredibly diverse. Much like weapon and armour proficiency, players must learn schools of magic in order to perform spells. The system for this is incredibly complex when used correctly, and allows for huge levels of variation. As such there is no true "class" in A:O, and players often make up their own name for whatever class they end up creating. In general, someone with a strong knowledge of the game is more likely to make a unique class. Experimentation is encouraged.

On top of this each player has a 3 section talent tree of offence, defence and healing. The talent tree is designed to benefit all fighting types. Offensive talents, for example, apply to both melee and ranged attacks and have routes suitable for various offensive styles. The same applies for defence and healing.

Anyway if you have ideas or want to show interest let me know. I'm looking for a maximum of 4 more in this rp, other than myself.

My character

Name: Zank

Class: Corrupted Feyblade

Level: 85


Personality: Serious, confident, decisive. Zank shows many of the qualities of a leader, but lacks compassion for others and, despite his experience, he struggles to inspire others to follow him. Prefers to lead through example. The player behind Zank seems to, ironically, have trouble socialising.

Bio: Zank is a veteran player of Aeiluna Online who played during the original beta. He is well known in certain circles, most notably in the Citadel of Champions where he has triumphed countless times. While he is perhaps one of the most highly skilled players he is as new to the current expansion and the game's new mechanics as everyone else. He is somewhat renowned as a loner, who sticks to PvP due to a somewhat anti social behaviour. When the game breaks and in game deaths result in real life death, Zank's main reason to play has become a dangerous and frowned upon mechanic. If he is going to get anywhere, he will need to learn to work with others.


Zank's unique class build is called Feyblade. Zank is a melee sword fighter who uses Infernal Class spells to enhance his capabilities. Zank has leather armour specialisation, preferring speed and manoeuvrability over stronger armour. His build is designed for fast, powerful attacks to deal critical and decisive strikes.

Infernal Class Spells are a branch of magic designed for weapon enchantment and status ailment affliction. Zank uses a combination of sword enchantments and debut spells that cause stun, slow, blind and susceptibility to critical hits.


Head - Hood of the Dark Crusader - The hood of a legendary hero who hunts down Infernal Legions. Bonus to Agility and Defence. Passive: "Crusader's Vigilance" player receives 50% damage reduction of backstabbing.

(Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Zank does not display the sprite for any head equipment he wears.)

Body - Dark Crusader's Light Armour - Simple yet effective garment consisting of gloves, white vest. prize for S Rank 2v2 Final, 48th season. Bonus Agility, Stamina, Defence, Strength. Passive: 25% parry chance increase, 35% attack speed boost.

Left Hand - Naegling - This legendary 1 handed sword is a rare drop from Kazul The Infernal King, a level 85 raid boss. It was also available as a prize for winning the ranked 1v1 Citadel of Champions S class Finals during the 48th season, of which Zank won. Grants bonus to strength, agility and provides 4.2 percent critical bonus.

Passive: Inflicts "Grievous Wound" debuff which grants 2% armour reduction for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Right Hand - Mark of the Infernal Slayer - Infernal spells are converted to apply to a melee build, utilising strength stat over intellect. Mana pool becomes "Corruption", if corruption bar maxes then the player is silenced for 20 seconds. Corruption decreases over time and by using basic melee attacks.

Legs - Leggings of the Dark Crusader - Legendary Rare loot drop from Kazul the Infernal King. Also a prize from 1v1 S Ranked Semi Finals. Bonus to agility, strength, defence Passive: 35% dodge chance increase, 2x Movement Speed.

Accessory 1 - Dark Crusader's Pendant - A pendant worn by the legendary Dark Crusader. Grants bonus Stamina, increase critical strike 5%. UNIQUE Passive "Embrace Corruption" (with Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Infernal Spells cost 25% less corruption to cast.

Accessory 2 - Gauntlet of the Dark Crusader - A black gauntlet worn by the legendary Dark Crusader. Grants bonus Strength, Defence and Stamina UNIQUE Passive "Corrupted Aggressor" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Basic attacks reduce 50% more Corruption per strike.

Accessory 3 - Dark Crusader's Ceremonial Falda - Ceremonial garb worn by the Legendary Dark Crusader. Bonus Agility, Defence and Stamina. UNIQUE Passive "Infernal Pact" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Corruption limit is doubled.

Set Bonus - Legendary Vestments of the Dark Crusader - Passive: Critical Strike chance is increased by 7.5%. Active: "Dark Successor", Guarantee 100% critical strikes for 5 seconds. Cool down: 30 minutes. UNIQUE Passive "Corrupted Crusader" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): 50% damage reduction from Infernal Magic. 10% spell damage increase when using offensive Infernal Spells.

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Name: Claire Everstorm
Class: Ascendant Chronomancer
Level: 85
Personality: Normally cheerful and easy-going, Claire easily befriends others due to her outgoing nature. She was able to rally a large group of players to her aid whenever she wanted to attempt a high-level dungeon raid. However, since Aeiluna Online became a death game, people have started to be hesitant in following her because of the risks of dying. Due to the change in parameters, Claire has also temporarily withdrawn from the limelight to figure things out by herself.
Bio: Claire is a renowned player in the game for being one of the most talented tacticians in Aeiluna Online. Having organized and led many dungeon raids in quest areas previously thought impossible, she has gathered quite the fanbase around herself. However, despite many guilds trying to recruit her, Claire has not joined any one of them as of yet. Nobody knows the real reason as to why she prefers to adventure alone.

But Claire has an even darker secret - she is played by a male gamer.


The Chronomancer is a class which is rarely played for several reasons, not to mention investing heavily enough to make it an Ascendant class. First of all, it has a high skill point requirement to even unlock the necessary skills in the first place. Secondly, the damage output of the class is low compared to other Mage classes of the same level such as Grand Sorcerer or Demonic Warlock. And finally, most of the Chronomancer's techniques are difficult to pull off to maximize effectiveness. Despite all these shortcomings, however, Claire is able to master the usage of this powerful support/leader class and make use of its abilities to lead her party through the most difficult of quests.

This class is mainly magic-based, involving many party-wide buffs involving movement speed, attack speed, and weapon buffs, as well as debuffs to monsters in the area such as slowing, freezing and damage amplification. There are more powerful spells which act as traps - they only activate when the opponent meets certain conditions, such as stepping into a booby trapped area, or reaching a certain health percentage. Finally, the Chrono Lord is able to defend itself using a few high-level spells which deal with mobs who manage to get past the front-line soldiers and threaten the player.


Head - Crown of Kings - A royal crown meant only for the leader of great armies. It grants bonus Sight Range and grants Resistance to All Damage. Passive: The cooldown for Mental Touch is reduced to zero.
(Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Claire does not display the sprite for any head equipment she wears.)

Body - Illuminated Caeirn Robes of Warding - Powerful magician's robes which come as a reward after clearing a high-level dungeon multiple times. It grants bonus Intelligence, Mana, Decreased Spell Cooldown and Decreased Spell Cost. Passive: Doubles the effectiveness of Mana Shield to 1 point of Mana per 2 points of damage.

Left Hand - Laevateinn - A legendary staff crafted out of a shard of time itself. Grants bonus Intelligence, Mana and Spell Duration. Passive: Freezes creatures for 1 second upon physical contact and Slows them for the following 2 seconds.
Right Hand - Laevateinn is a 2-handed staff.

Legs - Starweave Leggings - A set of leggings enchanted with celestial magics of the ancients who walked the arcane paths. Grants bonus Intelligence and Decreased Spell Cooldown. Passive: You have a 30% chance to reset Blink's cooldown after using it.

Accessory 1 - Necklace of the Time Lord - A gleaming sapphire necklace from the legendary Regalia of the Time Lords. Grants bonus Intelligence, Spell Duration and Spell Potency. UNIQUE Passive "Time Eddies" (for Chronomancer): Each of your spells have a 10% chance to double its effects.

Accessory 2 - Ring of the Time Lord - A crystal ring from the legendary Regalia of the Time Lords. Grants bonus Intelligence, Decreased Spell Cost and Decreased Spell Cooldown. UNIQUE Active "Reset" (for Chronomancer): Reset all your spell cooldowns except cooldowns of Time Lord equipment. Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Accessory 3 - Aegis of the Time Lord - A glowing flux of defensive energy from the legendary Regalia of the Time Lords. Grants bonus Intelligence, Resistance to All Damage and Evasion. UNIQUE Passive "Foretell" (for Chronomancer): Avoid one source of damage that would kill you. Cooldown: 300 seconds. UNIQUE Active "Rewind" (for Chronomancer): Your Health and Mana values become the values they were 5 seconds ago. Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Set Bonus - Legendary Regalia of the Time Lord - Gain a unique visual effect of blurred colors and afterimages (purely aesthetic). Passive: Grants Decreased Spell Cooldown to all party members.

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Name: Orson

Class: The Crimson Vindicator

Level: 85

Appearance: ArmorShieldSword and face.

Personality: Orson is an insufferably elitist munchkin. He is obsessed with performance and efficiency to such a point that he refuses to work together with people he views as ‘noobs’ and will berate anyone who doesn’t operate at the optimal level.

Bio: Guild leader and Maintank of ‘Dominus’, one of the top 5 PVE Guilds of Aeiluna, he is well known and respected as one of the best Tanks in Aeiluna. All of this stems from his obsession with doing everything optimal, it even went as far as him completing as many unfinished quests as his quest log could hold and him turning them in as soon as the expansion was released so he had an advantage in the level race. Too bad he got stuck in the world.


Abilities: The Vindicator is a class invented by Orson prior to the release of the game. When the numbers and details of skill progression were released during beta Orson days theorycrafting and number crunching to find a path that suited him. Eventually he settled on a build he called The Vindicator.

The Vindicator has all the durability and defensive capabilities of a standard tanking class, but through unorthodox distribution of stats and following a very elaborate pre-determined path he managed to unlock a plethora of skills that increase in potency as he receives damage. The less health Orson has the more dangerous he becomes. The fact that this has now become a death game means that Orson has to be more serious than ever in order to survive with his current class.

A few of his abilities are: 

Belligerent Shout: Taunts all enemies within 10 meters, forcing them to attack Orson for 6 seconds. Generates a high amount of enmity. 30 seconds cooldown.
Devastating Blow: Strikes at the enemy with 200% weapon damage and reduces the enemies Hit, Dodge, Parry and Block Chance by 20% for 15 seconds. Generates a high amount of enmity. 12 seconds cooldown.

Furious Regeneration: Instantly health 20% of max Health and another 20% over 10 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown.

Taunt: Increases the enemy’s enmity towards Orson to a level that overtakes his previous target. Also forces him to attack Orson for 3 seconds. 6 seconds.
The Vindicator is reliant at the various forms of ‘Rage.’ At any point in time one Rage can be active to grant Orson special abilities.
Bloodlust Rage: While Bloodlust Rage is active all damage done and received by Orson is increased.
Vampiric Rage: While Vampiric Rage is active Orson heals for a small amount of all the damage heals. The amount healed increases when his health gets lowered.
Vengeful Rage: When Vengeful Rage is a small percentage of all damage Orson receives gets returned to his assailant. The amount of damage returned increases as Orson’s health gets lower.
Swift Leap: Leaps through the air to strike an enemy, dealing base weapon damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. Target has to be between 10 to 30 meters away. 15 seconds cooldown.


When using his non-passive abilities Orson consumes a percentage of his base health, depending on what skill is used.



Head – General’s Helmet â€“ An ornate Plate helmet worn by the highest ranking knight of the order. It grants bonus Resistance to all damage and increased health. Passive: The cooldown for Belligerent Shout is greatly reduced.
(Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Orson does not display the sprite for any head equipment he wears.)

Body - Warforged Bloody Chestplate of Regeneration â€“ Rare Chestplate granted for clearing one of the final Raid Dungeons in the game. Greatly increases health regen, resistance to status effects, avoidance and reduces the cooldown of Furious Regeneration. Passive: Increases the amount of Health stolen when Vampiric Rage is active.

Right Hand - Tyrfing- Legendary sword crafted with the soul of an endgame Raid’s boss. Grants bonus Strength, Health and Reduced Health costs. Passive: Increases damage done by 2% for every 1% of missing health.

Left Hand – Svalinn- Second half of the Tyrfing and Svalinn set. Further increases the Strength, Health and Reduced Health cost bonuses of Tyrfing. Passive: Reduces damage taken by 1% for every 2% of missing health.

Legs – Legionnaire’s Leggings â€“ A set of leggings worn by travelling soldiers. Grants bonus Strength and bonus Resistances to damage. Passive: Whenever Orson dodges, parries or blocks an attack there is a 30% chance the  cooldown on Devastating Blow is reset.

Accessory 1 - Necklace of the Warlord - A luminous onyx necklace from the legendary Regalia of the Warlord. Grants bonus Strength, Buff and Debuff Duration and Health. UNIQUE Passive "Voracious": Critical strikes heal Orson for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Accessory 2 - Ring of the Warlord - A crystal ring from the legendary Regalia of the Warlord. Grants bonus Strength, Decreased Health Cost and Decreased Ability Cooldown. UNIQUE Active "Savagery": For 30 seconds all Orson’s attack are guaranteed to crit. Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Accessory 3 - Belt of the Warlord - A black belt from the legendary Regalia of the Warlord. Grants bonus Strength, Resistance to All Damage and Health. UNIQUE Active "Bloodthirst": For 15 seconds a percentage of all healing received gets converted into a stacking Damage Increasing Buff. This buff lasts for an additional 15 seconds after the effect wears off. Cooldown: 120 seconds. UNIQUE Passive "Tenacity": When on lower than 20% of his max Health Orson will receive an additional 20% healing from any source. 

Set Bonus - Legendary Regalia of the Warlord – Gain a blood red aura whenever an ability is used. Passive: 20% of all enmity generated by party members gets redirected to Orson. 

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Name: Hiro
Class: Ascendant Pyromancer
Level: 85
Appearance: Of average height, dark-haired, pale complexion, bespectacled. Appearance of equipment coming soon.
Personality: While Hiro is quite possibly the most experienced player in the entire MMO, he certainly doesn't act the part. He is flighty, irresponsible and kind of a troll, but has been forced to re-evaluate his priorities -- since people's lives are on the line now, as one of the most powerful players in Aeiluna, he has the responsibility of ensuring as few lives are lost as possible before the game is cleared.

Another worry daunts him: He is as new to the expansion as every other player, and in this world where a single miscast buff or mistimed disable could kill an entire raid party, any kind of surprise is unwelcome.

Bio: Hiro has played the game since closed beta, and is notorious for his obsessive commitment to it --- rumor has it that no one has ever seen him actually log out, ever. He has learnt almost every trick there is to the game, and his encyclopedic knowledge of almost every enemy, class and game mechanic has earned him much respect among his fellows. He is a founding member of Dominus, but refuses a leadership position on the grounds that he came to play a game, not work. This is quite clearly hypocrisy, considering how he supports his gaming habit by selling the numerous excess legendary items he collects.

Hiro had one main consideration when picking a build -- How do I make the most things explode at once with a single spell? His class, an offshoot of the Grand Sorcerer, sacrifices the defence and utility spells of from the other schools of the Grand Sorcerer's repertoire of abilities, replacing them with the ability to turn an entire dungeon into a firestorm of blazing death. Even those who think themselves immune are in for a shock -- his arsenal is augmented by various crowd control effects and debuffs capable of stripping elemental resistances from enemies, amplifying heat damage, disrupting their aggro and generally delaying them for as long as he needs for him to complete the charge animations of his longest spells.



Head - Algol's Visage -- the torn-off, cracked faceplate of Algol the Fallen, a strange being awakened upon the opening of an ancient Naethir temple complex believed to be a Naethir guardian -- or possibly a prisoner. It grants bonus Intelligence, Fire Damage and Fire Penetration. Passive: Enemies slain by fire or light damage will leave behind embers that burn enemies that step on them.
(Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Hiro does not display the sprite for any head equipment he wears.)

Body - Sirius Armour -- a suit of ancient light armor found in the Naethir vault alongside Algol, it is believed to be one of the few remaining Naethir artifacts that possess at least some of their original function. It grants bonus Intelligence, Mana, and Spell Damage. Passive: Each 1% of a player's mana pool exhausted when casting a spell adds 1% to the Spell Damage of the next offensive spell. If the next spell cast does not do damage, this bonus damage is saved to a maximum of 300% Bonus Damage.

Left Hand - Vasto - One of a pair of wands which was originally wielded by the Archmage Kilintus IV of Silvus Oriente, retrieved from his magically-warded tomb after defeating his restless spirit. Grants bonus Intelligence, Mana and Mana Regeneration. Passive "Hextech Chamber": Stores up to 6 mana potions which are used automatically when the user's mana reserves are depleted.
Right Hand - Magnus - The other of a pair of wands which was originally wielded by the Archmage Kilintus IV of Silvus Oriente. Grants bonus Spell Damage and Spell Critical Chance. Passive "Hextech Chamber": Stores up to 6 mana potions which are used automatically when the user's mana reserves are depleted.

Legs - Orion Leggings - A set of light armor greaves forged from a mysterious metal older than the world of Aeiluna itself. Grants bonus Intelligence, Spell Critical Chance and Spell Damage. Passive: When affected by a crowd-control effect, the user takes only 25% of all damage inflicted -- in addition, crowd-control effects lose 25% of their duration.

Accessory 1 - Polaris Fist - A white gauntlet formed from some unknown material, torn from the arm of Algol the Fallen himself. Grants bonus Intelligence and Spell Damage. UNIQUE Passive "Predestined Demise" : Melee brawl attacks do damage based on intelligence instead of strength, and any enemy killed within 3 seconds of being hit by a brawl attack will explode, damaging all nearby enemies.

Accessory 2 - Red Stone of Arjah - A teardrop-shaped crystal with an ever-burning flame within. Grants massive bonus Fire Damage. UNIQUE Active "Heart of the Dragon": For 20 seconds, your Fire Spells ignore Magic Immunity. Cooldown: 180 seconds.

Accessory 3 - Soulforged Shard - Pure, lethal Arcane energy sealed into a mystical shard. Grants bonus Magic Penetration and Spell Critical Chance. UNIQUE Passive "Spell Lethality": Your spell critical hits deal 250% damage instead of 200%.

Set Bonus - Celestial Raiment - Gain a unique visual effect of a halo of light (purely aesthetic). Passive "Supernova": Increases the mana cost of offensive spells, but greatly increases spell damage and critical chance.

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Name: Evengeline, goes by Eve
Class:  Demon Archer
Level:  85
Appearance:  Found a better picture
Personality:  Being a female gamer who doesn't care for the constant attention she mostly avoids it by simply not talking at all. It's not that she's doesn't want to be social it's simply that she tires of being hit on. She has what seems like limitless patience and is also why she never rages in a game, or simply because she finds it ridiculous to get angry over a game.
Bio: She's not an elitest and she's not casual, she grows really tired of the titles, will play with people who associate with either title, she just wants to have fun. She isn't the best player but she is one of the most clever and often defies game mechanics with her quick thinking and apt capabilities, this makes her invaluable to noobie groups who have trouble with fight mechanics. She has one fatal flaw in that she can't stick to guilds very well, hoping from one to another, often times due to drama that involved her and it always seems like in her wake the guild falls apart and dies.
Abilities:  When she went to designing her character she chose a lot of controlling and distracting abilities. Her character isn't very strong and can't take many hits, but odds are targets will never hit her or get anywhere near her, between being able to cc, slow, or distract she also choose passive talents to make her character faster. Due to her choices in cc abilities, she focused on single target damage output, her shadow arrow is not a shot to be brushed off. (Think Walock/Hunter, except no perma-pet.)

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Cool profile Ero, all the profiles ate good once wst swaps to his dakka dorf.

Ill probably post this later on. =D

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I can't be bothered to fill in my equipment list... All you need to know is that every single one is meant to make stuff explode better.

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Name: Raven


Class: Spatial Summoner


Level: 85



Personality: Optimistic, excitable and often times can be quite air-headed and forgetful. Raven enjoys playing with others but he can be impatient, melodramatic and extremely whimsical in his approach to any given task or situation. Despite this, he is a loyal friend who can at times surprise people with an unusual level of wisdom.


Bio: Raven has been playing the game for a few years now, he's an experienced player but despite enjoying the social elements of the game, meeting up with others and the like, he doesn't seem to take part in regular arena or battleground-based PvP. Soon after joining he began taking down players who actively sought to kill other players or even grief them by killing them over and over again. Now he is recognized as one of the most famous PKK's (Player Killer Killers) in the game, who will often kill PK's for free, but on occasion has been hired and paid in in-game currency, explaining his exceptional level of gear despite rarely taking part in raids or normal PvP encounters. Raven, though using a male avatar, is actually being played by a woman in her 20's, though she makes no attempt to hide this, she simply prefers the male armour sets.


Abilities: Raven's unique class is based on a mixture of summoning magic and sword-fighting, with a focus on his magic. His stats are predominantly assigned to the strength and number of his summons in addition to his mana pool. He has reasonable health and defence, higher than a mage but weaker than a melee-fighter, however his stamina and speed are quite poor, and so he focuses a lot of his movement in the use of his mana pool through things like space/gravity-based magic, eg. Teleportation.

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Rumour has it that Athrein, the Elven King, has received some grave news. He has requested for brave adventurers to go to his throne room in Thronduil Castle immediately. 


Speak to Athrein to initiate quest. 


Quest - A Dark Road Ahead


The King has received word that travellers are disappearing on the back roads in the Felwood. Could this be the work of the Infernal Demons that lurk there? Survivors speak of a hidden cave, they believe the sources of the trouble resides within. 


Mission: investigate the mysterious cave

Bonus objective: kill 35 Infernals

Bonus Objective: collect 15xFel Claw (12 percent drop chance on Infernals), return with the claws and give them to Silvarith, The Court Magus


Felwood is a level 20-25 questing area, but an additional zone has been added for 85-86 level.

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