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Character The Hall of Crescendo (Character Library)

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Character: Xilthanas


Roleplays He Is In: Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor


Human World Name: Damien Sumeragi


Age: 22


Tamer Guild: Knights of Ophanimon, Leader;  Leader of the White Dragon Guard Team


Knight Designation: Virtue


Crest: Courage


Description/Characteristics: He is around 6'0", 325lbs, though most of that weight is because of his 3 cybernetic limbs, both legs and his left arm. He has pale skin, blonde hair, violet eyes, and normally wears loose black leather pants, black tank top, combat boots, leather gloves, and a seven pointed star around his neck. He also has his utility belt which has various gadgets, tools and small weapons, as well as his modify cards and digivice. He wears a large sword on him, named Exodus. Exodus is taller than he is by a foot, and so he wears it at an angle across his back. Now that he is a knight of Ophanimon, he also has a suit of white half-plate armor, with Ophanimon's crest embossed in gold across the chest, bestowed upon him during his knighting ceremony.


Background History: Leader of the Knights of Ophanimon, Xilthanas enjoyed a much deserved sense of accomplishment and happiness, once things had quieted down compared to his younger years. He is also the leader of the White Dragon guard team, based out of Ganymede city on Server continent. An evil monster, known as Tanaquil, nearly changed all of that. Changed nearly everything he knew about the digital world, really. 


Xilthanas never knew if Tanaquil had ever been human, but the monster wore a human's shape and face like someone wears a new coat, so it mattered little. He had lost his physical body long before Xilthanas had first encountered him, but he somehow remained as an infectious evil soul, taking over the lives of innocent people and using their bodies as vehicles for his evil. But that was nothing compared to the thing he called his digimon, a horrible monstrosity that kept itself shrouded in shadows and illusions. During a mission to track down the card form of the Digi-egg of Creation, Xilthanas and his White Dragons stumbled upon Tanaquil, who had also been searching for the card. His team never knew what hit them, it was over so quickly. 


They tried to put up a resistance, but all they managed to do was give Xilthanas enough time to get away and try to complete the mission, though he was so badly injured, it is nothing short of a miracle he made it back to Ganymede. The screams and cries of his friends as they were slowly, painfully taken apart chased him all the way back to the gates, even though he knew that they were long dead. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a hospital in Ganymede, three of his limbs missing, with IVs running to each remnant and into his good arm. He only noticed Reina when he tried to lift his good hand and caused her to jump to wakefullness. After spending a few minutes hugging him and telling him how sorry she was, she explained to him what had happened while he was unconscious. The gate guards had found him, barely alive, his legs and arm maimed beyond recovery. After they stabilized him, they brought him to the hospital, where doctors had worked quickly to try and save him. They managed to keep him alive, but unless they did something to replace his missing limbs, he would likely remain in this bed...forever.


Not willing to accept this fate, Xilthanas willingly agreed to an experimental procedure that would replace his missing limbs with digital world cybernetics. The only reason it was experimental though, was because it had never been tried on a tamer before. They had no idea what exactly would happen when they attached the cybernetics to his human body. He didn't care. Deep inside his heart, a burning hate and anger slowly began to grow from a small candle to a blazing inferno, a desire for vengence against the being that caused this. Tanaquil. He swore within his soul that he would hunt that monster down and destroy it, even if he died in the process. 


When the procedure was done, Xilthanas spent a few weeks getting used to his new legs and arm, testing to make sure they would stand up to what he needed to do. After recovering sufficiently to travel on his own, Xilthanas slipped from the hospital and stopped by his old flat in the city, opened a hidden compartment in the wall of his room, and grabbed the hidden stash of equipment that he had found during his previous missions.


His outfitting done,  Xilthanas made his way toward the gate, wanting to leave as quickly as he could, to hopefully prevent Tanaquil from heading to Ganymede. When he exited the city though, he came across a bearmon that was badly hurt, in almost the same way he had been, though the injuries weren't as severe as his had been. As Xilthanas looked down upon the frail digimon, his anger turned to self-less concern, stopping him in his tracks. The death of his partner still fresh in his mind, Xilthanas bent down and gently lifted the bearmon in his arms,  then ran as fast as his new legs could carry him back to the hospital.


Xilthanas spent the next few days staying with the bearmon, watching him heal and regain his strength, talking with him and telling him about his former friends and partner, letting the small digimon know that he had a friend and kindred spirit in Xilthanas. Once he had fully healed, Xilthanas and the bearmon walked side by side toward the city gate, originally intending to part ways. When they got there though, Xilthanas and the bearmon looked at one another, Xilthanas posing the question of, "do you want to be my partner?" When the bearmon nodded, Xilthanas asked if he had a name already. He wasn't suprised when the digimon shook his head, having    already decided on a name as he asked the question. "Then I'll call you Stride."


Digimon: Bearmon


Name: Stride


Roleplays He is In: Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor


Type: Vaccine


Planned Evolution: Bearmon-Grizzmon-Grapleomon-SabreLeomon


Attacks: Bearmon-Bear fist, Bear roll; Grizzmon-Crescent Dawn, Volcanic Claw, Saintbeast Slash; Grapleomon-Cyclonic Kick, King of Fist, Lancing Blaze, Volcanic Strike; SabreLeomon-Twin Fang, Howling Crusher, Rending Plasma


Defining attributes: Stride has a very chipper attitude, but he can be quick to anger, especially in defense of his friend and tamer Xilthanas. Instead of the normal baseball cap most of his species has, he has a black bandana with silver flames on his head, and his gloves and straps were made from black leather with silver studs. He also had a pair of combat boots, though the toes were sheared off so his claws were exposed.


Background History: Like his tamer Xilthanas, Stride had wandered the digital world in search of an old nemesis, but instead found another friend to aid him in his quest. Their travels brought them back to the ruins of Ganymede, the city having been destroyed by Tanaquil a few years after he and Xilthanas had left. He found out during their long quest that the monster Xilthanas sought, and the one that had taken Stride's former tamer from him, were in fact one and the same. This only further cemented their bond as Tamer and Partner, and inspired Stride to dedicate himself to growing even stronger. To protect his new Tamer, his friends, and the whole of the digital world!

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Character: Starfall


Digimon: Pagangemon (champion form, Original Alternate Angemon path)


Rolplays He Is In: Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor


Type: Data/Vaccine (Yes he is a hybrid. Will be explained in a moment.)


Planned Evolution: Elvamon-Pagangemon-Oberomon-SacredSylvamon


Description/History: Starfall is around 7', eight black feathered wings, midnight blue body suit, silver pentacles in place of the studs a normal angemon would have, black loincloth. His face is fully visible since he doesn't possess the normal helm that both Angemon and Angewomon wear, looking like something out of a bards song, with his flowing black hair, silver eyes, and sharply angled features. Starfall is what is considered a rebirthed digimon, one who had been digitized and then reassembled, though he was also reconfigured into an alternate form.

Originally he was an Angemon, but due to a fatal encounter with Tanaquil, he 'died' and his data was scattered. Ophanimon found him because she had been flying along nearby a few days after it happened, his data screaming in grief to her ears. So she used her divine digimon abilities and reassembled him into what he is today.


Attacks: Elvamon-Leaf blade, Star Beam; Pagangemon-Hand of the Stars, Luminous Volley, Ether Blade, Flare Slash, Gate of Destruction; Oberomon-Blade of Stars, Burning Sun, Lightning Wave, Astral Lance; SacredSylvamon-Photon Star, Inferno Crash, Light of Truth, Eternal Sylvan Destroyer


Transcendic Digivolution: Pendragonmon (Combined form of Xilthanas, Starfall and Stride, Divine level digimon) Clad in shimmering mithril full plate, ten black feathered wings fanning from his back, silver hair reaching to just above his ankles, his head bare, finely boned features, black eyes that contain starscapes, holding a blade 18' long, two feet shy of his total height of 20'.


Attacks: Phoenix Gate Transcendence, Catalytic Cannon, Aurora Blade, Saintbeast Slash, Gate of Destruction, Silver Star Storm, 7 Virtues Slash 

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Offline Name: Leon Draiken


Roleplays He Is In: None at this time!


Gender: Male


Age/Job: 30/Security


Personality: Tends to keep to himself, doesn't really care what other people think of him. Because of this, he has few friends, but those he does have he is fiercely loyal to.


Other: 6'3", 225lbs, long copper hair, deep blue eyes, sharp angular features. 1" silver pentagram dangles from a chain around his neck, contrasting against his jet black clothing.


Online Name: Mythos  Silversong


Online Gender: Male


Class: Blademaster


Appearance: 6'5", 250lbs, dull black leather pants, black net shirt, black boots, crimson leather fingerless glove on his right hand, midnight blue glove on his left, crescent moon on the back of the blue glove, 7-pointed star on the back of the crimson glove. 1" pewter 7-pointed star inside a crescent moon necklace hangs around his neck. He has long, flame red hair, kept in a ponytail, crystal blue eyes, his angular features looking almost elven in nature.


Personality: He can be very aloof and detached if you don't know him. However, once you get past his rather blunt and uncaring mask, you'll find him to be very intelligent, caring, and loyal to those he befriends.


Weapon design: Custom longswords. Both are 4 1/2' long, celtic runes etched along the full length of the blades. The only differences between them are the hilts. One is named Comet, its hilt looks like a normal longsword hilt, save for the bright white crystal orb embedded in the pommel. The other is named DragonsFire, its hilt fashioned after a great winged dragon, its head resting just above the crosspiece, fused with the blade, the crosspiece crafted into wings, the handle wrapped in black leather, the pommel molded into a single claw grasping a dark red crystal orb. Their abilities are lightning and fire respectively, though he has combined their powers and made plasma once before. He has yet to successfully do it again.



WEAKNESS: Tends to be over-protective of newbies and his friends, even when he's fairly certain all he can do is draw whatever off so his party can escape. He's also stubborn enough to fight until the very end, even when it looks like there is no hope.



Special Ability: Rare Item sense - Allows him to tell when a rare item is nearby. In town, this translates to about 50ft in a sphere around him. In dungeons, this translates to giving him a map indicator of where rares are on each floor, but not how to get to them.


Other: He has been active in the world for about 10 years, always keeping true to his Original Class, rather than changing to something new with each World Reboot. A veteran newbie helper, RPKer (Retribution-Player-Killer), and sometime mod informant, Mythos hasn't been idle during his time in World.


Inventory: Varies. Mostly HP/MP restoring items, Revives, Warp items. Basics.

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Stats & Info


Strength: ---------Above Average


Speed: -------------------Abnormal


Spirit: -------------High


Stamina: -------------High





Name: Blair Crimson


Fighting Alias: Crimson Burn


Hometown: Seattle, WA


Current Location: Undisclosed Underground Fight Location


Fighting Style: Sky Bleeds Crimson


Personality Summary: Focused, Diligent, Willful, Vital, Loyal, Vengeful, Emotional, with sudden bouts of aloof detachment, usually brought on by emotional overload. Exercise caution when taunting during a fight.


Roleplays She Is In: None yet!


A Bleeding Sky


Crimson. For the past five years, that has been the color of her world. Ever since the incident that destroyed S.I.N. HQ, her focus has been on one thing. Finding Crimson Viper, and making her pay for betraying the organization, resulting in Blair having to live on the run. 


S.I.N. had been the only things close to family she could remember, after one of their scouts had found her in an alley, barely alive. She remembers all too well the initial words of that scout. "What's with the outfit?" She lost consciousness soon after that, only waking up well after she had been taken back to S.I.N. HQ and treated for her injuries. 


After waking up, she found she couldn't remember a whole lot about her life before that alley. Just her name, and her fighting techniques. While initially she panicked about not being able to remember everything, she calmed down some when that same scout that had saved her, told her it would come back with time. That things would all be clear, in their own time, for better or worse. Blair couldn't help herself. She had to know who her erstwhile savior was, since she was right there, in her recovery room. "You're probably right, miss...?" "I'm not a miss," the scout replied, waving one hand dismissively, her long braided ponytail bobbing as she shook her head."I'm..."


Blair bolted upright in bed, holding a hand against her head as she woke from her dream of the past, saying in a pained whisper, "Crimson Viper." Sleep fleeing her, Blair dons her clothes and fighting gear, then wanders out into the moon-lit night. Seeking her quarry. Someone she had come to think of as a friend. 

She had to know why. Why did Viper betray them all? Why did she leave them all to die? How could she have done that? Blair had trusted Viper, probably more than Viper realized in the brief time they knew each other. And...she had saved Blair's life. So, she felt she owed it to Viper, as her friend, to find the traitor and exact vengeance for all their former teammates at S.I.N.


Gods help anyone that gets in her way.


Move Sets


Street Fighter


Crimson Sword: A fiery slash from her sword, meant to inflict moderate harm.


Crimson Arc: Melee/Projectile. Back-flip kick, followed by a small fist sized fireball as she arcs through the air and lands on her feet.


Bleeding Stab: Melee Special. Stabs her opponent in a vital spot, causing them to slowly bleed until the wound is treated.


Burning Swords: Projectile Attack. Blair fires three fiery swords at her opponent, causing moderate damage and ideally pinning them to a surface.


Sky Bleeds Crimson: EX Technique. Blair grips her sword in both hands and slashes with all her strength and speed, cutting through her opponent in the blink of an eye and causing a spray of blood from the mortal wound.


Bleed For Me: EX Technique #2. Blair stabs her sword into the ground and rushes her opponent, tackling them to the ground and mounting their chest, then pummels their face repeatedly with her fists and elbows, uncaring of blood or anything else that gets on her.


King of Fighters


Your Blood is Mine: EX Super technique. Blair slashes her opponent multiple times in the blink of an eye, causing multiple bleeding wounds, and imbuing her sword with added strength by drawing the blood on it into the sword. MUST BE USED BEFORE NEXT TECHNIQUE.


Crimson Savior: EX Super Technique. Using the blood drawn into her sword from Your Blood Is Mine, Blair forms a wicked lance and throws it with unerring accuracy at her opponent, impaling them with their own blood and causing a massive, gushing wound through their body.


Guilty Gear/BlazBlue


Crimson Sky Ultimatum: Focusing her mind for a moment, Blair shimmers and splits into six versions of herself, each one leaping high into the air with their swords drawn and slam them down into her opponent from all directions. This is a KILL Technique. 


Burning Red Execution: Blair throws her sword high into the air, then rushes her opponent, her fists trailing flame as she throws first one hook, then another, finishing with a flaming knee to her opponent's chin and sending them into the air, just in time to be met by her falling, flaming sword, the blade slamming home into her opponent's head and pinning them back down to the ground.

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Name: Saki-Miho


Name meaning: Protected Blossom of Hope


Skills: Advanced swordplay, kickboxing, cooking, arcane translation, alchemy, Intermediate survival skills.


Abilities: Lightning and Air magic, translocation/teleportation, Conjuration, Defensive Magic.


Unique Spells: Mystra's Coruscating Claw, Impenetrable Defense of Azuth.


Roleplays She Is In: None yet!


Class Spread

Currently, Saki-Miho is multiclassed between Bladesinger and Sorceress, both of 16th level, making her effectively lvl 32. Eventually, I plan on working her up to an appropriate prestige class. However, I also have an alternate build for her, where she is split between Sorcerer and Ardent. Same level, though. This would require an alternate prestige class, as well.


About her


Life isn't easy for half-bloods, even if both halves are elven. Saki learned this fairly early on in her life, having only known the presence and love of her mother. Her father, whom her mother often said was a magus, disappeared soon after she was born. Her mother, despite her own work with the local school, barely had enough to ensure her own survival, let alone Saki's. Once Saki was old enough to enroll in school, things became somewhat easier. Until the bullying started. The taunts. The beatings. Being called horrible names. All because she was a half-breed. It seemed worse than even when half-humans were around, as if the fact that she was still fully an elf was an even greater insult. Still, Saki endured. Hardened. Sharpened not just her mind, but honed her body. And then, on a bright sun-lit day...she began a campaign to make sure every single one of them paid. Every child that had ever hurt her, every single one of them right down to the little bastard that said her shoes sucked, she hunted down and made an example of. All the while, making it appear as though each of them went mad and simply took their own lives. And when the last of them finally died, she felt a sense of utter and complete satisfaction. Justice for her taken childhood had finally been done. And to think, it only took her 35 years to do it. There is something to be said for human expediency. 


Now, Saki wanders, always looking for a new place to explore, a new spell to learn or artifact to unearth. Her mother, Corelleon keep her, still lived in her old village. Saki visits sometimes, mostly to ensure that her mother had enough to live on, but also to see how the old village fared. Things have never been the same since the Madness Years, when it seemed no one was in their right minds. Saki couldn't help but smirk when she thought about it, the memories filling her with a sense of warm contentment.


Despite this obvious personality quirk, Saki-Miho is not really a crazy, self-loving, megalomaniacal elven Bladesinger/Sorceress. She is very proud, firm, cold, calculating and critical of those she finds to be enemies. To her friends though, Saki is a very caring, warm, happy, perky individual, whose only concern is ensuring that her and her loved ones/companions are completely safe and happy. However, she can be very moody at times, often slipping into dark brooding lows for apparently no reason. Because of this, Saki has a slight case of DID, where her demeanor will shift slightly, to allow her to be more critical and emotionless when under stress. This also kills her word filter, making her more prone to be thoughtless and tactless with her observations and wording, reasoning that it is better to ask for forgiveness than lie.



1 Phynaster's Magical Expanding Mansion

1 statue of Summon Primordial Lion

1 Singing Blade of Ardent Demise

1 Wand of Detonation

1 Wand of Magic Missle

1 Stupendous Bag of Holding

1 statue of Summon Astral Servant


And various other items, most of which are kept within the MEM or SBH. Both of which are custom items created by myself, for use in a D&D 4th ed campaign setting. Exact stats are not given, because they were meant for NPC possession only. I'll probably try and hammer them out at some point though.


Unique Spells

Herein lies spells that she has created for her own personal use. These spells CAN be taught, but only if she feels the person is worthy of wielding them.


Mystra's Coruscating Claw: This spell takes 2 turns (IE Five minutes) to fully cast. During this time, clouds gather overhead, darkening and roiling until it seemed the sky was seething as if alive. Upon completion of the spell, a single, bright silver bolt of lightning splits the heavens and slams into the intended target, dealing MASSIVE lightning and thunder element damage, lifting the target into the air and then slamming them back down for further Impact damage fifty feet away. This spell can only be used once per encounter.


Impenetrable Defense of Azuth: Reactionary cast. This spell is more of an ever-active enchantment. When a hostile spell is cast upon the defender, that spell is absorbed, amplified, and then reflected back toward the caster of the spell. When this spell is triggered, Saki becomes outlined in silver light, and small magic circles appear where the offending spell impacts on the shield, a few inches over her skin. This spell is always active if Saki is conscious, having been placed into an item upon her person.

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Name: Gwyddion Silverblade


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Race: Beorc



Class: Trueblade


Trueblades originate from the Swordmaster class, making them extremely quick and precise in their attacks and movements, allowing them to make their strikes count even when in dire straits. Their intense focus allows them to slice into their opponents many times before they have a chance to react, giving them an edge versus slower enemies. On the downside, they have little in the way of defense, trusting to their speed and skill with their swords and bodies to keep them out of harm's way.


Rank: Lt.



Mount? None.








Personality: Stern, cold, detached, aloof, critical of others. Also, very overconfident in his abilities, due to a series of quick promotions and praise from his superiors. This causes him to make rather brash decisions, sometimes leading him to blows with others. However, under the stoic exterior, lies a loyal, compassionate soul that is only seeking to protect those he loves and cares for. Friends and comrades in arms need never worry for their backs when he is around, his silvered sword like the flash of doom to his enemies.


Bio: Originally, Gwyddion lived in the village surrounding one of the larger cities on the continent of Fesaria. He spent the first fourteen years of his life there, helping his family where he could. Then the wars came. His father was drafted, then shipped off to the front line to die hundreds of miles away. Two years later, Gwyddion enlisted voluntarily, wanting to grow strong enough to defend his remaining family from the evils plaguing the world. He trained long and hard, never giving in to despair, though at times it loomed close to him. After training and learning the ways of the myrmidon in a single year, his superiors shipped him off to further his studies with Swordmasters, seeing true potential in the young boy. After another three years, Gwyddion completes his training with the Swordmasters, and he is given his final sword, attaining at that very moment the title of Trueblade. Upon drawing the gifted sword, a single, clarion note rang out, like the tolling of the bell of destiny. Taking this as a sign, his superiors bring him home and keep him close, wanting to be ready for whatever it is he was chosen for when it finally comes.

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Name: Ceriberos

Title: The Dirge

Profession: Warrior

Lightsaber Forms: Niman, Juyo/Vaapad

Saber Color: Red (Dual sabers)

Race: Miraluka

Allegiance: Darth Revan/Sith

Age: 65 (Force-enhanced youth)






               When you are born without sight, the world is always in darkness. There is no light, not even the concept of it. And then, something else stirs. The pulse and thrum of an ever present energy, with large focused points moving about within its flow. This perception becomes the sight of all Miralukas, and can be a truly useful tool, when honed through years of rigorous training. Ceriberos, even at the time of his birth, was marked as an interesting child. Down the entire length of his right arm, a series of black angular slashes marred the pale skin, spelling out his fate before he even knew what the word meant. His training began as soon as he could walk, in both martial and academic arts. When he was old enough, he was sent to the Sith, for despite his outward stoicism, Ceriberos harbored a deep, burning hatred for injustice caused by inaction. While among the Sith, Ceriberos displayed an interesting adeptness with Force-enhanced sound projection, perfecting it to the point that he could decapitate four slaves before they had chance to even draw their vibroswords, thus earning him the title "The Dirge". For his voice is the last mournful thing one hears before death.


It's been said that, when Darth Revan first disappeared, it sent a ripple through the Force, and every force sensitive tied to him or of significant power felt it. Ceriberos was asleep in his new quarters, enjoying his new surroundings since joining the ranks of the Sith Warriors, when he suddenly felt as it a great beacon in the Force was just...voided. As if it had not even been. He sat bolt upright in bed, his hands clutching his head as his voice rang out with a resounding 'NO!', his shout tinged with the Force, shaking his room and echoing through the Force to those within the compound. When someone came to investigate, they found him getting ready to leave, saying simply that a great light has just been snuffed out, and that he will hunt those responsible. Even if it took him eternity, he would find them and bring forth vengeance upon them. When one of the gathered tried to stop him, Ceriberos uttered the smallest whisper, but this whisper was so laden with the Force, it knifed through the air with such force and lethality it sizzled the air along its path and exploded the unfortunate fool's head. There was no argument after that. He has not looked back since that day, his senses and powers always tuned to listen for even a hint of Revan's return.


Imagine his surprise when he finally felt it...


Force Powers


Force Blast

Force Bellow

Force Burst

Force Drain

Force Enhancement

Force Sound Mastery

Force Strike

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THANK YOU FOR WAITING! Your new HK Assassination Droid is ready for deployment!




Droid Type: Modified Assassination Droid

Droid Series: HK-51
Modifications: Sith Training protocols, Enhanced AI functions, Piloting module, EM-Shielding, Reflective Plating
Standard Parts: Quality Vocabulator/Translator, Jump Servos, Magnetic hands & feet, Heuristic Processor, Internal Comlink, Improved Sensors, Shield Generator, Durasteel plating/chassis, Bi-pedal legs.
Equipment: Assault Blaster Rifle, Training Lightsaber, Reflective Shield, Blaster pistol
Quirks: Sarcastic, Loyal, Confident, Morbid Humor
Quote: "Query: Why did you choose '42' as my new designation, Master? Am I to be the answer to all of your questions?"
A forgotten droid, left to collect dust in a half-buried temple, HK-42 was found by Ceriberos soon after arriving on Korriban for training. He felt a strange connection to the droid, so he worked to have it repaired and refitted, eager for the day when it would help him further his goals. It took him quite some time, but luckily he was able to get the droid in at least mobile shape, before his advancement to the rank of Sith Warrior. With some input from the droid itself, Ceriberos slowly acquired parts and accessories to further equip his new-found ally, taking a bit of pride in 42's slow progression to the droid it is today. It still has a few interesting hold-overs from previous owners, but thankfully they aren't so severe as to be a burden. Indeed, 42's penchant for snide commentary and snarky quips has been a great source of amusement for Ceriberos, thoroughly enjoying the droid's deadpan remarks.
In addition to being a fairly well-equipped battle companion, 42 has been modified for use as a training droid, and has been equipped with a piloting module, to allow him to pilot The Sonata, since Ceriberos was never trained to be a pilot himself.
The Sonata: sithinfiltrator-negvv.jpg

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Name:  Hector Lohnginas


Alias: Dragon Roar


Fighting Style:  Dragons Howling Fist 


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Appearance: anime-boy-47130012930.png


Home Town:  Parkland, WA


Fighting Out Of:  Seattle, WA


Personality:  Brash, morbid, sarcastic, irreverent, stubborn...all of these traits could very much describe aspects of this young man's personality. One would think that with such a...volatile mix...that he would be hateful as well. But such is not the case. Loyal, truthful, sincere, dedicated, responsible...these traits are what define him. These are the things that give him the strength and courage to fight his next opponent, whoever that may be.


Move Set


Here is where all of Hector's moves will be listed. Basic descriptions are provided.


Dragon Fist: A devastating twist-punch, channeling the strength of dragons. This attack is meant to knock the opponent into the air.

Sky Blast: A scathing projectile of lightning, thrown like a javelin at his opponent. This attack can Stagger/Stun if *Charged/Held*.

Dragon Coil: A powerful grab and throw attack, meant to be a counter-attack. Hector grabs his opponent and pulls them close, wrapping them tight in his arms before arcing backward and slamming his opponent down on their head. This attack is meant to leave the opponent *Down*.

Dragon Whip: A strong and quick spinning round house kick, executed in the blink of an eye. This attack can knock the opponent *Down*.

Dragons Favor: A defensive move, causing Hector to move faster and become harder to hit. Visually, it seems as though there are two other ghostly images of Hector that bob and weave around him.

Siege Fang: A staggering blow, delivered by Hector slamming his fingers into his opponent's torso, meant to cause internal injuries. This attack has been known to cause puncture wounds.

Soul Star: A pulsating energy ball attack, multi-projectile. 3 in total, each silvery in color. Projectiles fly out in a triangular shape, and can cause minor injures upon impact.

Dragon Edge: A punishing heel kick to a *Down* opponent. Has been known to cause KO.


EX Super Technique, Howling Fury of the Dragon: With a deep howl of fury, Hector becomes engulfed in a silver flaming aura and rushes his opponent, punishing them with a flurry of devastating punches and knees, culminating in a final, flaming dragon shrouded rising fist to his opponent's chin, the impact detonating with enough force to cause a three foot crater and sending his opponent into the air. Once they hit the ground, Hector stands with his back to them, his head turned to glance back at them, one hand in his pocket as he says, "shouldn't meddle with Dragons." 


King of Fighters Super Moves


Dragon Cascade:  With a bright flash of power from his eyes, Hector throws a mighty punch and sends a rippling wave of blazing silver energy in the shape of Lung dragon cascading toward his opponent, dealing MASSIVE damage upon impact. This attack is meant to *Pop-up*.


Dragon's Reprisal: This attack is a counter/grapple. Upon catching an opponents hand, foot, elbow, or knee, Hector grabs the offending limb, slams the point of his elbow into the side of the nearest joint, then snaps his fist forward and pummels his opponent with a powerful 5-in-1 aura punch to their torso. This attack is meant to *Stagger/Dizzy*.


Catastrophic Dragon Flames: Hector slams his fists into the ground, burying them up to his wrists as he draws power from deep under the ground. After half a second, Hector roars like a dragon and tears the earth asunder from beneath his fists, ripping open the ground beneath his opponents feet and causing great tongues of flame to burst forth from the fissure. This attack is meant to *KO/End the Fight*.




  Hector wasn't strong growing up. In point of fact, Hector was the kid other kids practiced on before they tried to beat up someone bigger. All of that changed the first time he saw a Street Fighter tournament on TV. He couldn't believe how strong these people were! The speed and agility of the fighters also thoroughly amazed him, marveling at how they could almost be in two places at once. That day, and on into the next week, Hector engrossed himself in Street Fighter. Everything he could get his hands on, he did. He wanted to be strong, like they were. But he wasn't rich, nor was his family, so lessons were out of the question. So he chose the next best thing. Archive footage. Youtube videos of fights and practices. He even bought the books that some of the SF combatants published, just to see if they contained any secret techniques. He practiced tirelessly in the woods behind his folks house, from the time he was 7, up until he was 19. 


But he wasn't just practicing others moves. He was changing them. Adapting them. Molding them so they fit together and gave him a style all his own. A style fit for a dragon. On the last day of high school, Hector had his revenge. He had been fighting back in small ways up until then, making it less fun for them to beat up on him. And then, on that fateful day, when the usual leader of the bullies was thinking Hector would just take a beating...Hector completely and utterly maimed him. Broke all of the kids ribs, his legs and arms at the joints, even broke his fingers and toes. But he left the kids face alone. There was not a single bruise on the leader's face.


This of course caused quite an uproar. Hector was arrested and put in a cell, but only until it was later determined by confession by the bully that Hector had only defended himself, and after YEARS of abuse by the other kids. Parents marveled that Hector only targeted the one child, instead of coming in to the school with guns all over him and shooting everyone dead. So, instead of prosecuting him, they gave him a choice. Go to jail for the next ten years for what he did to the bully, or leave town to go join the Street Fighter tournament. He couldn't help but smile when they gave him those options. They asked him why he was smiling, and he simply replied, "because that's precisely what I wanted. I'll be at home when you guys decide to send whoever it is to pick me up." Publicly, they released Hector on grounds of self-defense, citing that the bullies could have stopped long long ago and instead continued their abusive behavior. Case closed.


Unofficially though...Hector has been, for all intents and purposes, exiled from his hometown. He is allowed to visit during his birthday, thanksgiving, and Christmas, but even then he is only allowed to stay for about a week. It's been hard, though its only been a year since then. He's fought some amazing fighters, and managed to thus far only lose twice. Every time, his opponent can't help but comment on his style. How it seemed to build like the pulse of the ocean, before engulfing you like a dragon's roar. Even the times he lost, his opponent gave him respect for his style.


Now, the only thing left to do is win the title of...WORLDS STRONGEST!!!

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Bodyguard ID




Name: Masakato, Takeru

Age: 19

Blood Type: AB-

Home: Tokyo, Japan

Martial Style: MMA (Focus on Striking and Takedowns)

Weapon of Choice: Twin carbon-fiber tonfa

Status: Active




A Reason to Fight


Takeru was always picked on as a kid. Always being told he was too small, too slow, or somehow not good enough. All that changed when he started taking MMA after school during jr high. After he had learned how to fight back, that was what he started doing. Viciously. But never for himself. He was always coming to the aid of someone being bullied, and woe to the bully that was unfortunate enough to target one of his friends. For their punishment, as he called it, usually involved something breaking. He kept this up all through high school, until he was noticed by the father of one of his friends defending that same friend from several large boys. That was when the offer was made. His friend's father ran a security business, mostly hiring and assigning bodyguards to people of importance. What could he say but yes? And so now, instead of fighting small time bullies, Takeru is defending people from assassinations, muggings and other menaces, for the right price.


The Life of a Bodyguard


 It hasn't been easy for young Takeru. After his first few rocky assignments, one defending a pop star, and the other watching over a mid-rank diplomat, he had a bit of a dry spell. People thought perhaps he was too young for the life, too impulsive and prone to take risks. But his boss kept him on, knowing there was great potential in Takeru, despite his shortcomings. His faith was rewarded, one fine afternoon, when they were enroute with another client, this one a well-respected business owner. 


During that morning, Takeru had woke up with a splitting headache, so much so that he thought perhaps he'd slammed his head on something in his sleep. After an hour of laying there, trying to block out the pain, he managed to pull himself out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. What he saw in the mirror, nearly made him cry out in shock. The pupil and iris of his right eye had become shot through with lines of gold, in what appeared to be the pattern of a magic circle. After a few minutes of trying to rinse out his eye, he realized it wasn't coming off. He was stuck with it. 


The rest of that day went off fairly well, once his headache finally went away. They arrived at the pickup point, ushered the client into the car, and then made their way to their destination. What happened when they got there, though, no one had prepared for. As the pulled up and stopped, Takeru again felt that same pain in his head, though this time it was less intense. He looked around the vehicle as he got out, ahead of the client, to make sure the coast was clear. Something...pulled his vision up toward the roof of a nearby business, where he caught sight of a sniper lining up a shot. "SNIPER! EVERYONE DOWN!" his voice rang out, instinct and training kicking in as he kicked the door of the car back shut and sprinted toward the building he saw the sniper on. He doesn't remember how, but the next thing he remembers, he has the sniper by his flak-vest, about to deliver another strike to the hitman's ruined face. He drops the man in shock, his vision blurring for a moment before he falls onto the roof, blacking out.


When he woke up next, it was in a hospital room, his eyes managing to focus enough to see his surroundings. His boss was sitting in a chair not far away, passed out, while one of his fellow guards sat beside the tired old man, holding a finger to her lips. After explaining what happened, and gently waking the boss, Takeru was given his clothes and allowed to be released, the doctor telling him to take it easy for a few days. 


Takeru's reputation as a bodyguard was pretty much set after that. Sure, he was prone to risks, but those risks, almost ALWAYS turned out fine in the end, with little to no harm done to the client. It was like Takeru could see the truth of things, of threats and dangers, before they became life-threatening, and devise a way to deal with them. Even illusions and hallucinogens did little to affect his ability to see the TRUTH and act accordingly. Combine that with his stubborn nature and tenacious focus, and you have a scary young man indeed. If you're not the one paying him.  


TRUTH Shall Be His


After the incident that made his career, Takeru decided that it would probably be a good idea to determine the exact extent of the abilities of his...'new eye'. To meet that end, he decided to test it out on some small time hoods, over the course of a few months. What he found out, was nothing short of amazing. He saw the TRUTH, in all things, regardless of trickery, illusion, lie, or deception. Your intentions, your movements, your heart's desires...all of these things could be made plain and open as a book to him, with just one glance of his right eye. 


But there is a catch. Depending on the true intentions of the person in question, his reaction can be...extreme. The incident with the sniper was nothing, compared to what Takeru ended up doing to people who actually meant to KILL him. He's still not entirely sure one man lived, after Takeru left him in that alley, after the man had pulled a gun on him. His strength, speed, accuracy, and agility are all heightened to peak human levels during what he refers to as his 'Justice' state, allowing him to perform feats he would otherwise be incapable of. During this time, his right eye burns with golden light.


On the other hand, if your intentions are...less lethal-minded, but still harmful to him, his mind will provide him with the quickest and most efficient way of diffusing the situation, whether that be through immediate forceful action, or through a induced compulsion to surrender via verbal maneuvering, backed by his right eye showing them the truth of his own intentions to either peacefully resolve or take stunningly violent action to ensure his safety and the safety of others under his guard.   

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Civilian Name: Damien Hapheston

Hero Name: Silverflame

Age: 18

Affiliations: None

Powers: Pyro & Photokinesis (Fire & Light manipulation)

Weapons: Mag-lite flashlight

Weaknesses: Darkness. 


Current RP: None. 


Personality: Confident, calm, precise, aloof at times. Knows how to get what he wants. Can be seen as arrogant by those outside his allies and friends. Chivalry is a big thing with him. Courage comes easy for him. Fear causes an interesting reaction in him, his instinctual response being one of hot anger rather than one of blind terror, striking out at whatever it was that threatened him.


Short Bio: His powers flared into being because he fell victim to a villain whose powers were to cause deep shadows to coalesce around whatever they wished. This happened while he and his mother were at a bank near where they lived, the entire bank being held hostage while the villain went about their business of pillage and terror. Damien was terrified of the creeping darkness that he saw manifest around his neighbors, this terror only increasing as the darkness enfolded him next. He was barely covered for more than a few minutes before he felt something inside him...Ignite. It was like the sun had manifested in his chest, filling his world once more with warmth and light, his power bursting forth and driving away the villains shadows long enough for people to flee and the X-men to arrive, the heroes making short work of the villain. He was 14 at the time. Over the next four years, he trained extensively in secret, doing his best to cope with his new-found powers. Until his parents finally caught him practicing one night. That's when everything got thrown out of whack. His parents, of course, flipped out and immediately called Xavier's. For his own good, they told him. "It's better this way," his father said. Damien couldn't help but wonder if it truly was.


Other Notes: The flashlight, with just a little help from his photokinesis, easily becomes a focused blade of searing light and heat. Also, the color of his fire is silver. He has no idea why its such an odd color. Being in a dark place for too long will start to make Damien fidget and sweat, soon followed by hugging himself as if cold. He will make his own light/fire if the need is great enough, but it takes a bit out of him. Its easier for him to use pre-existing sources of fire and light.

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