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The Mighty Will Fall





The long and short of it:

This RP will feature a dystopian kingdom in the late medieval age. Humans rule, and Mages live in hiding. Anyone with magical inclination must hide their ability or else suffer imprisonment or execution. Dragons are nearly extinct, slain on sight for fear that they will bring back the old oppressing gods that used to dominate the world. 

Our story begins with the sighting of possibly the last dragon, and the ones who will hunt it or seek it...


((expect adventure fraught with danger and add a dash of potential for romance))


*if your interest is piqued, please feel free to read on... to the details*



The World:

A civilization on the edge of an era, there is little magic left in the world. Humans had risen up against those who so arrogantly called themselves gods, and took back their freedom. Dragons, an ancient race that had brought magic to the first gods, have been hunted nearly to extinction. Humans have since thrived and dominated the world, their kingdoms spanning across the lands. Their past slavey to the old gods feeds their mistrust of any who show magical ability. Magic is now considered dark and evil, and anyone discovered to be cursed with it is either imprisoned or killed.


The Plot:

There is a final push to extinguish whatever sorcery is left in the world. The humans hate and fear anything of magical origin, they burn witches and slay dragons - the end of the age is drawing near, when such things will fade into legend and myth. 

There are survivors left in the world. A wary, scattered few, with diluted magic still in their veins. They hide, of course, keeping secret what they are, and dulling their own potential. No mage can train openly, and no magic can bloom without tending.

A dragon has been sighted. Such a beast has not been seen for nearly 20 years. The King means to hunt it, and end it's existence, snuffing out the threat- but if someone of magical blood can befriend the beast, legend says that a dragon can augment their abilities... make them great and god-like...


The Character Classes:



no magical ability. Inclined to distrust or fear anything with magical ability or origin... unless they are of a truly compassionate heart...


Beast Mage

One who is connected with animals. 

  • A weak or untrained beast mage can still influence the mood of a creature, and feel a connection to the animal itself. A strong one, with training, can learn to possess a creature and "ride" it, seeing the world through it's eyes and controlling its movements. A beast mage often adopts a companion animal that they befriend, who is constantly at their side. Their control over their magery determines how heavily influenced a creature is, how much control the beast mage can exact on it. A great Beast Mage who has bonded with a dragon can shift their own shape to become whatever beast they desire. They still maintain control over other creatures, while in their beast form, and heal remarkably quickly.


Nature Mage

One who is connected with the elements.

  • a weak or untrained nature mage can still manipulate small element gatherings; make a flame grow, or will water to move down a new path. A strong one can maintain clear control over all of them at once, even to the point of manipulating weather or natural events. in between are different stages of control over the isolated elements themselves, even when they are removed from their source. But no matter how great a nature mage is, they cannot 'create' an element - it must already be present. for example, a nature mage cannot create a flame if it is not already there. A great Nature Mage who has bonded with a dragon can. They would not be restricted by the availability of the elements, as they could create them whenever and wherever they needed them.


Light Mage

One who can manipulate light, also called an 'Illusionist'.

  • A weak light mage would still be able to produce orbs of light, and maybe control their color and brightness. A strong one can advance to the ability to create the illusion of something that isnt actually there- even turn themselves invisible or into someone else. A great light mage who has bonded with a dragon can weave together an image so believable, you can actually touch it. They can essentially create reality.


Dragon *this class is not available as a character choice - this is for reference only*

The ancient beasts who are said to have brought magic into the world.

  • A dragon does not possess any real magical ability themselves, aside from their immortality, fire breathing  and ability to disguise themselves in a human form. They are intelligent and unpredictable. A wild dragon, unbound to a mage, is as likely to kill a mortal as they are to converse. They live for thousands of years, if not forever; that is, no dragon known has died of old age. When a Dragon bonds with a human or mage, they share the very life of that person, and are referred to as 'heartbound'. To kill one will slay the other, but a Dragon's immunity to time is also shared, and so the heartbound lives as long as the dragon would, naturally.
    ​In their human form, a dragon is severely limited. They lose the advantage of their armored scales, are unable to breathe fire, and of course cannot fly. In fact, they are, in almost every way, human - except for their ability to shift into the great beast of their true form, and their immunity to time.

The Players:

  • FeatherKey_Fate---> Achaean, the Dragon
  • Erogenous Enigma---> Sophira, the Nature Mage
  • Zelios---> Rinkron, the Nature Mage


The State of Things:

The kingdom of Rookstone was where it all began, when the first men overthrew their oppressing gods two centuries ago. The reigning sovereign of today, King Slade, works to weed out what is left of the dying breed of Mages.

The land beyond the boarders of Rookstone is wilding territory - dangerous and uncivilized. It is known that bands of barbarians roam the wilds, who don't extinguish magic when it is found in their children, but also lack the means to nurture it.

King Slade is resolute in his campaign to free the world from the dark grip of magic. He has been rallying together soldiers to crusade for him, to track down and end the wild children - to smoke out the offenders in his own streets - and to hunt the fading breed of dragons and end the line of magic once and for all. He will not stop until magic is only a myth. he will not stop until his people are safe from the threat of the old gods.




So, if there is any more interest, aside from the guidelines detailed above, you can invent any history for your character you'd like - but be aware that you must restrict you mage's trained power. You can have as much potential as you'd like, but in this world magic is nearly dead- there would be no way for a mage in hiding to train up their power and know their limits - and a mage born to the barbarians might stand a better chance, but they wouldn't have proper training.

Also, I will be playing the part of the Dragon - so you are free to select any other character type.


Anywho, a few things about the logistics:

  • I'd like to keep this to a maximum of four authors, including myself.
  • You may play up to three characters, if you so desire 
  • questions? comments? suggestions? post them right here.
  • Feel Free to Skype me: FeatherKey_Fate
  • please free to offer advice and constructive criticism - I am always looking to improve my writing!
A character sheet, for your Reference:


Name: (what name did your parents give you?)

Alias: (what name did you give yourself? if any)

Class: (Human, Beast Mage, Nature Mage, or Light Mage?)

Age: (How long since you took your first breath?)

Gender: (Innie or outie?)

Description: (When you look in a mirror, what do you see? *pictures are adequate if you'd prefer... I know I do*)

Personality: (If your enemy and your friend were discussing what you were like, what would they say?)

History: (Where did you come from; Rookstone, The Wilds, or a Land across the sea, perhaps? are you of Noble birth, or a street rat? What brought you to Rookstone, and what is your purpose here? Are you seeking the dragon, or do you seek to destroy it? are you even aware of it? I want to know all of the things!)


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I am interested would probably play a female Nature Mage, and I would be seeking the dragon(cause dragons are sexeh!). I'll do a character sheet when the screen isn't blurring with the need to sleep.

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glad to have you!

I'll sew together my own character sheets as well so we've got them for reference :)

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well, not the interest I had hoped for (Yours was a HUGE success though! excited!!!) but if you're still down, I'm game to make this a 1x1 with an open status for someone to jump in if they find they are interested? Its totally fine if you'd prefer to pass too, of course =)

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I became torn on which way I wanted to go with this, so I made two character sheets and you can tell me which one you like better. I don't want to play both of them though. 


Name: Sophira 

Class: Nature Mage

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Description: So sexy

Personality: Her companions find her hard and unrelenting, she does what needs to be done, can recognize 'the greater good' even when the answer isn't always so obvious. Enemies know her for her cruelty and complete lack of hesitation in taking life. If there is a soft side to her no one seems to have found it.

History: Sophira is of noble birth from across the seas, a place known as Greenglen, which is funny because it snows most months out of the year and it's citizens rarely see the 'green' of it. There they did not shun her for her magical capabilities but neither did thy nurture it, she'd been raised being told to 'hide it' that it was strange and queer and she should shun that part of herself. She couldn't of course, she was as amazed by her magical capabilities as humans were nervous of it. Being born in such a fridged place she is much more in tune with ice and water than the other elements. 



Name: Demitria 

Alias: Demi

Class: Beast Mage

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Description: Rawr

Personality: Her friends know her as caring considerate and always the first one to aid or even to seek revenge. She's a little brazen and very much outspoken, speaking her mind even when she'd be safer to just shut up. Enemies never see her coming, friends that betray her she is usually so broken up over she just disappears, never wanting to see them as anything other than the friend they'd once been.

History: She was raised in the wilds with a group of barbarians far from the judging eyes of the kingdom. Her tribe was enthralled when they discovered her connection with animals. Due to her connection her tribe has flourished with the help of the wilds, many wild animals brought under their care, wolves to help them hunt, horses to help them travel, and many they have around as beloved pets. Animals that would have otherwise run from them, with the help of Demi she invites them into her tribe and once her care has been lifted they simply remain.


I hate writing histories, soo... yea. Also, if it's just going to be us, how would you feel about twisting this into a romance? I'm so not above dragonxhuman love. ;P

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Would I be allowed to be the dragon? Just asking since I have a dragon character made atm.


I retract the above statement having read the bottom part X.X 

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my apologies!
you are, of course, welcome to join as a human or mage, if you'd like? But I'll be filling the role of the Dragon myself :)

excellent! I'll have a character sheet up momentarily - and if it is just us, I would be happy to oblige a romance!
If we are to make it a dragonxhuman edition, I have tweaked the Dragon species to allow for a human form.

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Name: Achaean

Alias: Aean

Race: Dragon

Age: -Unknown-

Gender: male

Description: Epic and Ruggedly Handsome

Personality: Bitter and distrustful of anyone who may cross his path, Aean dwells in solitude. He has lived a long time, and felt the loss of a life where he and his kind used to be revered instead of hunted. As much of a precaution as a preference, he lives alone, hidden away in the mountains. Though, beneath his hardened heart, he wants for companionship and remembers what it was once like to trust.

History: Aean is, if not the last, than one of the only remaining ancient dragons in the world. He has always dwelt in the mountainous regions of the realm, and never bonded with a mage - a choice that likely saved him from death when the mortal races chose to turn on all things of magic. 

Aean has hidden himself away in the ragged crags of the mountain spine, tucked out of sight so well, that the only evidence of his presence there is of his rarely used human form. There is a legend among the villagers that live at the foot of the mountain range, about a ranger that wanders the unforgiving slopes. Since hunters who dare to venture too far up the rocks never return, they say that the ranger is a ghost of the mages, protecting a long lost burial site where the most revered wielders of magic are buried. Only a myth, of course, but only Aean knows that. He is, after all, defending his isolated home.

He was careless, however. Grown too comfortable in his solitude, and a band of furriers spotted his dragon self hunting the outskirts of the slopes. Word has spread, and now Aean fiends himself facing discovery and likely defeat that could end in his death.

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ErogenousEnigma, It would seem that we've had another bite on the line! Zelios should be making an appearance shortly =D 

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Name: Rinkron Hawthoron

Alias: Rink

Class: Nature Mage

Age:  56

Gender: Male

Description:  mage2.jpg

Personality: He is usually very docile and studious, But, when he gets angry he can release a torrent of spells that can cause great damage.

History: Rink was born to a family of nobles and lived in a life a luxury. But when he got lost on a hiking trip through a thick wood, he met an old nature mage who taught him the arts, and every night he would sneak out of his house to see the mage. Then, his father found out about his son's ways and disowned him (his mother died years ago). So, he spends the rest of his life growing ever more powerful and hopes that he can liberate his kind from the tyranny of humans. 

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Alrighty folks!!! Thank you so much with your patience! reworked the intro once or twice... still feel like it could use a tweak or two, but... Opening thread is up!


I do not have a preconceived idea of posting order, unless one of you prefers to do the honors - I just hope I live up to your expectations!


EE - you're still down for sparks to fly, correct?

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Yay sparks!

Also, Fate, beautiful intro! ^^ I forget you're not already a graduate, you feel just like one of us already. It threw me off to see it posted in students. Hahah.

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I'd like to join. Sorry, no picture though!

Name: Maroki

Class: Light Mage

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Male

Description: Shaggy Brown hair, down to about neck. He has a scar on his left cheek. His eyes are brown. He's 5'2'' and is average weight-wise.

Personality: He's a loner, and usually just stays in his room, away from everyone. He enjoys reading, and likes to imagine he's a character in his books. He wants adventure, as he thinks his life is too dull. He's usually sarcastic or pessimistic.

History: Born in Rookstone, his parent's kept his magical abilities a secret from him. He doesn't know about them, or rather any magic existing. He reads about dragons, but he doesn't actually believe they exist. He's of the merchant class, so they aren't poor, and can afford schooling.

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