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All you ever needed to know, but maybe didn't want to (or vice-versa) about where those creative juices of mine are flowing.

(...there's got to be a better way to say that...)

I present...

My Table of contents:



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Name:  Ráijá

Species:  Nymph

Gender:  Female

Age:  -Unknown-

Special Traits/Abilities:  As a nymph, Ráijá has a certain degree of balance with nature and all things that live. The wilds of the worlds share a connection with her, and will conceal, assist, and defend her when they can. Trees, plants, elements, and creatures - all things that are wild and live - demonstrate an obvious bond with the child. She can befriend nearly any beast, find shelter in any tree; even bend the elements to her will; manipulate flame, fluid, or flora to a mild degree.

Appearance:  Innocence

Ráijá has existed in the physical form of a human child for as long as she can remember, and her memory is a long one. She is ancient when measured in the human fashion of years since birth, but considered quite young for other beings who have yet to succumb to time. Her age, however, has nothing to do with her chosen form. Ráijá wears the skin of a human child, because it is the persona of her true self.

She has flawless, olive toned skin- and long, wild, waves of dark brown hair. Her large, dark, almond eyes see everything and reveal nothing. She can tease you with a look; make your believe that if you held her gaze just a little while longer, you could know her soul. But it always  eludes you, playing at the edge of your reach, dancing about just beyond your grasp.

Ráijá’s face is more expressive than average. Partly because some of what she shows is an act, and partly because she is still a child, even if she’s as old as the stories say. When she is truly happy, her smile radiates; when she is sad, her tears can break the heart of a warrior; when she is angry… well… 'Hell hath no fury,' they say.

Personality:  Ráijá is very much the embodiment of the form she has chosen: thoughtful, curious, and mischievous; yet diligent in her actions and adept in her words - the only revelation of her age. She may look like a child, but her life span is far beyond what her appearance reveals. Often she will use the preconception of youth to her advantage, and play a cunning game of wits and tricks - One quickly learns that Ráijá can always be counted on to lie; and lie magnificently.

Though she is manipulative, Ráijá has a good heart. An innocent heart. A child's heart. Her fist impulse upon meeting a stranger to to help and learn from them. Her actions are often the product of good intentions or a playful game; and if ever they turn aggressive, it is likely out of a need to survive, or well deserved vengeance. However, Ráijá is not without the impulses of an imp. She can be manipulative and cunning - her connection with nature fuels a protective passion for all wild things, and Ráijá will act against anything or anyone who threatens the her or her home.

In the grand scheme of things, Ráijá is selfish in an innocent way. She is both generous and a trickster by nature. She is a Nymph - a child of the wilds.


Where you'll find her: 

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Name:  Achaean (Aean)

Species:  Dragon

Gender:  Male

Age:  -Unknown-

Special Traits/Abilities:  Aean is gifted with the natural agelessness of a Dragon, and the talent to breathe fire. More notably, he has the ability to disguise himself in human form. He is a wild dragon, unbound to a mage, and therefore more unpredictable. He will live for thousands of years, if not forever; that is, no dragon known has died of old age. 

​In his human form, Aean is severely limited. He loses the advantage of armored scales, is unable to breathe fire, and of course cannot fly. In fact, he is, in almost every way, human - except for an ability to shift back into the great beast of his true form, and his immunity to time.

Appearance: Epic and Ruggedly Handsome

Personality:  Bitter and distrustful of anyone who may cross his path, Aean dwells in solitude. He has lived a long time, and felt the loss of a life where he and his kind used to be revered instead of hunted. As much of a precaution as a preference, he lives alone, hidden away in the mountains. Though, beneath his hardened heart, he wants for companionship and remembers what it was once like to trust.


Where you'll find him: 

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Name: Jasper Slade

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Appearance: Intense Regality

Personality: Jasper is phlegmatic, cunning, and brilliant. He has a very absolute resolve in his opinions, believing fiercely in his own version of the truth. Although the few who have made his acquaintance would describe him as cold and emotionless (unless provoked to rage) Jasper does feel, fiercely. His stoic countenance, however is credited to his uncanny ability to suppress and contain his emotions - as he believes that he would fail in his endeavors with emotion interfering with reason and logic.



  • When he was 3, his family was exiled. *more details coming soon
  • He grew up in the dark underbelly of the world, living in the ruins of an ancient mansion.
  • In his adolescence, Jasper ventured to the world above the clouds, and worked for 5 years on merchant vessels.
  • During that time he made connections, carefully choosing his “friends†and schmoozing those of powerful positions.
  • With the small fortune he had accumulated in trade and deals, he returned to his underworld and engrossed himself in the study of invention. 
  • 10 years later he resurfaced again, reconnecting with his past acquaintances and promising them power over their rivals - if only they invest in his ‘Device’.
  • For the last two years he has collected a handful of interested buyers, and has just begun to distribute his goods.

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The Mutant

Name: Graham Buchanan

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Ability: Can create portals from one place to another - often referred to as "jumping" or "gating"

School Position: Science 

Appearance: Your typical 'Dude'

Personality: Graham has always adopted a rather leisurely personality, often described as mischievous or a trickster. He laughs often, and is quick with a clever remark - but anyone who might take the time to really observe him would see that such behavior is a friendly way to keep the world at arms length. Graham is hardly ever cold towards anyone, even those he doesn't care for (though these sorts of folks get sharper words and snide sarcasm from him) He doesn't really get close to anyone, mostly frightened of what someone might think or do if they discovered what he was capable of.


Where you'll find him: 

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Name: Kate

Forum Username: Featherkey_fate

Age: 23 (26 in human years; but she seems to be stuck at 23, she feels)

Gender: Female

Race: There's no existing designation for it, but we'll call it 'Human'


The Short of it:

A 5’8†young lady with slightly reddish brown hair, a slender-ish average build, and brown eyes (most of the time - unless they turn green. because emotions.) She dresses femininely, like a 50s housewife with a little modern flair, most of the time; And for this adventure, decided on her most appropriate -and deceptively practical- favorite outfit: a black/purple vertical stripped sundress, with black leggings, black military-style hoodie, iPhone in pocket, and the heeled black boots - the ones that make her feel like a trendy ranger. 

The Long of it:

Kate has always thought of herself as tall, but in reality she stands at a fairly average 5’8" that she often supplements with heels... Which is probably why she feels like an Amazonian most of the time. She is slender, courtesy of an past obsessive interest in a smattering of unrelated activities (including- but not limited to: classical dancing, rock climbing, tennis ect.) and though she looks athletic, she is not. (Truthfully, she is better suited for bursts of energy and sprints rather than stretches of endurance or stamina) She likes to wear her hair down, loose and cascading to her mid back (“mermaid-hair†she calls it), to frame her face with a bit of help from the curling iron to control the natural wave in her mocha-auburn hair. Her eyes are one of her favorite features- almond shaped and long lashed, predominantly a caramel shade of brown; but if observed closely, they contain flecks of green - courtesy of her mother - that can influence their color in moments of anger, excitement, or anxiousness. On top of all of this, Kate makes a conscious effort to keep a small grin on her face. She is of the opinion that a friendly expression is far more attractive and welcoming than accidentally relaxing into that infamous and abundant 'bitch-face'. 

Her style is heavily influenced by the feminine inclination of the 50s and 60s- almost always wearing an A-line style dress that flatters her natural hourglass figure. She likes to feel feminine (and probably likes the compliments too - lets be real) and puts noticeable effort in her grooming and makeup. She always smells nice, and carries herself with the poise of a Disney Princess (everyone says so).

From the depths of her closet, Kate has chosen a specific outfit to suit her adventuring through the wonders that await her in Surreal*RPG: Her favorite sundress - a short, flirty style with dark vertical stripes that fan out black and rich purple. Beneath it, she wears black leggings that blend into the knee-high black riding boots; and over it, she wears her fitted, asymmetrical, zip-up hoodie - also black - and guarded closely in her possession, zipped up tight in her pocket, lives her iPhone.  It's a seemingly modest (and very Seattlite) choice of attire, with suggestive undertones in the way it clings to her figure - flattering her form fluidly as she moves- but thats not why she chose it. Kate picked this particular outfit because it was comfortable and practical. She can move freely with no danger of flashing her unmentionables, and it allows for additions and improvements she might find along the way.

Personality: As determined by a recent introduction to the Meyers Briggs test, Kate has discovered that she is of the ENFJ personality type; otherwise known as The Giver. Simply put, she can be described as kind, compassionate, and a hopeless optimist; yet also armed with powers of persuasion. Kate would not be described as manipulative, as she genuinely wants to be a good person, but she can win trust easily and read people incredibly well. This enables her to appeal to people on a more personal level without seeming forward or intrusive - thus getting what she wants without too much effort.

Kate is also stubborn and headstrong - once her mind is set on something, it is difficult to persuade her away from it; However, she depends on the queues and opinions of those around her to guide her, initially, when searching for her own final verdict. Kate is also clever and imaginative, able to work past obstacles in creative ways - her stubborn nature making her not easily dissuaded from her own determination once set. She will, however, avoid emotional conflict, at all costs. Pulling away from any situation/decision that calls for impersonal reasoning or strict logic, unwilling to understand (or trust) anything devoid of human emotion.

In short, Kate is depicted as the proper lady; well behaved, and good intentioned - if not a little naive and willful - but do not be deceived by her feminine and fragile appearance; she is perfectly capable of ferocity, and nurses a subtle cunning intellect that could probably crush even the most fearsome of brutes in the most creative, and imaginative of ways.

*History: Once upon a time, Kate found that she was not imagining herself as the leading lady in the book/movie/videogame she was currently preoccupied with (like everyone else seemed to be doing) but rather, imagining how the story might have changed if she, herself, had been there to help! More often than not, she would have been useless, and the biggest downfall of this situation was that Kate rarely got to let herself be swept up in a romance with the hunky hero (as he was usually already in love with the before-mentioned-leading-lady who Kate refused to take the place of) but she never felt deprived - she was pretty resourceful and clever. Often, she found someone who might benefit from her attentions, and discovered something fantastical she could take away with her. the fantastical up-side was lots of fun; Kate found herself learning skills and magics that the mundane nature of her modern reality would never be able to teach her: The Assassin, Ezio, trained her in stealth and the many versatilities of the many kinds of blades. The pirates, Barbosa and Sparrow, gifted her with a wealth of cunning trickery. Robin Hood, the thief, gave her the tools she’d need to wield a deadly arrow. And the wizard, Gandalf, allowed her to observe and absorb the power that a word of magic might hold.

Class: *Storywalker

Drifting somewhere between what could be designated level 1 or 2… I guess. Like riding a bike, all her old experience from past adventures is still there, it’s just buried under the muck of reality and needs to have the dust beaten off of it. She’ll probably catch up to her former ways fairly quickly.

What that means for her current skills and abilities:

Hand-to-hand combat, Archery skills, and Stealth are very rusty. (it’s been a few ages since she had need of them, in another world, long, long ago) She can tip-toe around (with the stealth of your average athletic twenty-something year old), throw a knife (it might stick, and stay in the target, like, half the time), and hold a sword (well, she knows which end to hold anyway, and instincts tell her how to keep opposing pointy things away from her body).

Her memory of how to wield magic is restricted to impulsive reactions. She cant remember how to conjure anything on purpose, or intentionally surround a fallen comrade in healing light; but in a bind, her muscle memory might spring into action and save her sorry behind, or reach out to revive/renew someone she cares about.

She’s forgotten pretty much all of the things. She can remember what stories she has visited, and sometimes she can recall a glimpse of that past life, but she doesn’t remember the specifics. Like, she doesn’t remember that when she got sucked into Elyssia, that one time, the Daeva allowed her to go through the assention ritual and get wings. 

Oh yeah; She has wings that she can hide. But she never learned how to fly anyway, so the fact that she’s forgotten that she has them isn’t all that unfortunate.


A ranking of her current skills: *as depicted on a scale of 0-50*

Persuasion - 5

Archery - 4 *she’s always been naturally good at this one*

Stealth - 2

Knife Throwing - 1

Swordplay - 1

Healing Magic - 1

Defensive Magic - 1

Acrobatics - 0

Aggressive Magic - 0

Flying - 0


*totally made up - it's all the offspring of my desperate imagination in need of adventure. But you probably knew that.


Where You'll Find Her:

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Name: Rhiannon Fae

Knickname: Friends call her 'Rhia', colleagues call her 'Fae'

Rank: Commander

Area of Expertise: Tactical and Technology

Age: 26

Species: Human Cyborg

Appearance: ---->The Future looks good on her<----

Though she is a Cyborg, Rhia appears purely human in almost every way. She is small, standing at about 5'4", and lean. Her hair is dark and cut short with layers reaching no further than her shoulders. She is a mix of many human races, as all humans are, though evidence of oriental roots are revealed in her delicate and angular features. There are only three apparent indicators of her adopted mechanical anatomy: 

1. in darkness, her eyes have a subtle green glow.

2. the inside of her right forearm has what looks like a long smooth scar from her wrist to her elbow which is actually a seam in her skin for the mechanics beneath.

3. she recovers from physical wounds at an accelerated rate, thanks to nanites in her bloodstream.

Personality: Though she is little, she is fierce. Quick witted and with little patience for stupidity, Rhia is not the kind to wait around for things to happen to her, but rather goes out and happens to things. Often described as 'action-oriented', when Rhia comes to the determination that something needs to be done, she does it herself - a habit that has manifested itself in her known reputation. She has a natural inclination for creative strategy, and the dauntless confidence to pull such shenanigans off. Though talented and a credit to her race, Rhia is not without her faults. She would not necessarily be described as hot-headed, as her temper (though feisty) is kept in check; However, when crossed, Rhia can hold a grudge. She will remain cold and distant, short and pointed, until the offender has realized their folly, apologized properly, and served their penance; If Rhia, herself, was in the wrong, however, she will execute the same strategy as though they were still the bad guy. Depending on the situation, she'll usually own up to her mistake if called out on it - but sometimes, she'd rather alienate the very person she owes an apology to, than admit she screwed up.

Also, Rhia takes her failings hard. If given a task that she falls short on, Rhia has been known to attempt reckless moves to compensate. She'd never purposely put the lives of her subordinates in danger, but would rather risk her own life and well being to correct a mistake, than live with the failure. All part of her 'Do-or-Die' philosophy.

History: Rhia has always been defiant, even as a child, but not in the usual, rebel-teen sense. She knows how to read people and play their games to gain trust and open windows of opportunity for her to crawl through when no one was looking. She was the daughter of researchers who brought their home with them wherever they went - and so saw a great deal of travel in her childhood. She often found trouble in the places she went, but also often found her own way out of it before her parents were any-the-wiser. Thus, she had a typical reputation for a child; a handful, but otherwise well-behaved. This unorthodox home environment also gave her the advantage of an accelerated education; curiosity for her parents professions gifted Rhia with knowledge she might not have otherwise been introduced to: experimental bio-mechanical technology, and all the things inside computers.

It was an accident in her late teens that overturned Rhia's world. A misunderstanding led to unfortunate actions that resulted in an explosion. Rhia lost her mother and would have lost her own life if it hadn't been for her father's experimental research. Her Father took her broken body and applied his theories in a desperate attempt to save her. He succeeded. He replaced her spine and ribcage, rebuilt her whole right arm, and replaced her damaged eyes; in addition, he introduced self-sustaining nannies into her blood stream to help speed the integration and healing along. Though these modifications saved her life, and granted her many advantages, such extensive replacements had never been sanctioned or even attempted; at least not with such advanced prototype technology. It might be worthwhile to mention that no one knew her Father was researching such controversial technologies and theories.

Rhia recovered quickly, thanks to the nanites, but the incident sparked questions and soon her Father's research was exposed. He was criticized and accused of illegal and a-moral methods; then thrown behind bars. No one but herself and her father knew of Rhia's enhancements. 

Without her father, Rhia had nothing, and no one would listen to her attempts to fight for his freedom. If she wanted to survive, she would need money; and if she wanted to clear her father, she would need influence. The only way to get those things was to work for them. So she did. But in a world where her family was shunned, she was hard-pressed to find work, despite her talents. So, she turned to less-than-creditable sources. Never anything cruel or harmful; but rather assisting others in their own desperation who were willing to pay her for an extra hand. Rhia soon gained a reputation for herself, and made friends - but frustrated by the slow progress towards her ultimate goal of freeing her father. 

Then the meteor crisis happened.

The once small world of thieves and thugs that had become familiar to her exploded when desperation followed misfortune. Thankfully, Rhia already had a name for herself, and as the dust settled, she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pick out a ship and crew that might give her the opportunity she was looking for.



Where you'll find her: 

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Name: Apixaderet

Knickname: Pix

Rank: Stow-away

Area of Expertise: thievery and persuasion

Age: 13 (Species lives for 20-40 years)

Species: T’iri

A race of small, primate-like aliens who have translucent skin that can change color. As a species, the T’iri are renown for their genetic mapping and knack for all things scientific. Their Native planet is called Daraay. It is a primarily tropical planet, but otherwise similar to Earth.

Appearance: ---->literally a little odd<----

As far as a T’iri goes, Pix is rather average. He prefers to climb and hang from whatever is around him, rather than standing upright on his fore-legs, but when he does, he stands at about 3 feet. “Stands†is a relative term, as the T’iri do not possess the human version of legs; rather, Pix possesses two sets of arms and supports his meager weight on the fingertips of the dominant pair. Though unusual, his T’iri anatomy makes his preference for climbing and hanging much easier. His arms sprout from a small, muscular body that supports a long neck and round head. Pix has no nose, spiral holes in the sides of his head for ears, a small, toothless mouth, and one pair of giant,  amber eyes. Despite his lack of nose, he smells through his skin - and his eyes are incredibly sensitive and adaptable.  He doesn’t wear any clothing unless the environmental conditions make it necessary, and in it’s usual state, his skin has an iridescent blue-green color to it. At any time, Pix can manipulate the color of his skin - able to mimic pallet of colors, and therefore camouflage himself in almost any environment.

Personality: Pix is clever, mischievous, and thoughtful. He is constantly watching those around him, having a keen eye for opportunities and advantages, and would rather hide and assess a situation than confront an obstacle head-on. He has few friends among his own species, thanks to misfortunes in his childhood that have forced him to turn to petty crimes to survive - but he is a good soul. Though he has made a life of misdirection and deceit, Pix is not cruel or selfish. He helps others when he can, and often does so without revealing himself or taking credit; and what he steals, he takes only what he needs to survive. He has become accustomed to a nomadic life, moving from place to place, and does not mind that he has no real home, but his greatest desire is for real friendship and camaraderie - which has eluded him in his moving about.

History: Pix never knew family of any kind. He was either orphaned or abandoned shortly after hatching, but he has never discovered which. All he is aware of is that he has never had biological parents. In his infancy, he was cared for by a stranger, whom he never got to know, and only retains a single memory of. That memory is of the night he ran away. 

Pix was only a few days shy of 2 years when a fire started. He recalls the smell of the smoke, and the glow of the flames, and the silhouette of his caretaker who saved him but was unable to save himself. 

After that, he remembers being hungry, and recalls with perfect clarity stealing his first tray of Sloughian pastries. It was easy, he remembers. So easy that it seemed natural. And so that had become his way.

Never taking more than he needed, and always from those who could spare it, Pix found a simple pattern that suited him. He wasn’t tied down to anything and so went where the people went. Quickly he became aware of a blossoming fascination with those around him, and took to following interesting individuals until he knew enough about them to satisfy his curiosity. Sometimes he hid in the attics, walls, and basements of homes for months, watching the inhabitants. Sometimes he stowed-away and visited other worlds. Sometimes he just wandered.

When the meteors began to collide into the planet he had taken to, Pix stowed away on the first transport he could find that was evacuating. By doing so, he found himself in a bustling space-port, lost and alone among a great many people who were all panicked about the great catastrophe.


Where you'll find him: 

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