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Today was a new day! A good day! So why did she feel like the sky was so heavy? Even with the bright sun glowing happily down at her, her heart seemed to sink, a heavy weight keeping her from enjoying the beautiful spring day. Something wasn't right, instinct told her to be wary, intuition screamed at her to find a safe place, but it was a nagging feeling. Generally she followed her intuition without fail, never blinking or questioning it and she was confident it had saved her butt on several occasions though she didn't know exactly what would have happened in those select situations she knew it would not have been a positive outcome. Today though, she resisted it, all day she had struggled with the idea of getting out of bed, of putting her clothes on, or going outside and into the glorious day. She had slept in until noon, but nothing shook the feeling. 


She had drug herself through her morning ritual, shower, hair, clothes. Her shower was cold, as if that would somehow wake he from her stupor, it didn't help. Even with it being cold she lingered, shampooing twice simply for the sake of stalling. The scents of her cleansing products shrouded the bathroom in a floral haze, mixing awkwardly with the minty flavor of toothpaste and mouthwash. She didn't have the energy to dress up, instead throwing on jeans and a t-shirt that was a size too big for her, and old tennis shoes that screamed "comfort wear," not that she dressed sexily on a normal day, but generally she at least tried to appeared well put together, today she just felt like blah. Fixing her hair was out of the question, so she simply threw on a head band to keep the stray orange curls from her face, knowing it would dry into a fuzz of curls haloing her head, which was something that on a normal day was simply unacceptable, but not today.


A mild tinge of regret hit her as she noticed her wild orange tresses beginning to dry in disarray, she couldn't help but twirl the tendrils, hoping fruitlessly that they would form some sort of coherency. They never did. She dragged her feet along as she wondered to her normal morning coffee shop. The city was huge and bustling with life, at noon many 9-5ers were taking their lunch breaks, everyone walking and bumping into each other, it was such a common practice that people didn't apologize and get angry, most people didn't even seem to notice. She bumped into quite a few people herself, feeling like they would knock her over, when on a normal day it was the other way around. She was a petite female, with a slender frame, but she was tough as nails and had never put up with people pushing her around, even though in the busy city it was never intentional pushing, she had still retained the mentality. 


A rumble of thunder had people glancing up, wondering if it was going to rain, but the sun was glowing brightly, not a cloud in sight. She returned to walking. Another rumbled and fewer heads glanced up, she still did, feeling like the threatening sound was directly over her head. With glowing blue eyes toward the sky, her eyes narrowed, squinting to see through the brightness. "You're fucking shitting me...." In the next moment the petite red-headed woman was struck by a bolt of lightning so powerful it threw back nearby citizens and had shoved her into a crater several feet deep, all around her the ground crystallizing like lightning does when striking sand, weird that it would have such an effect when striking concrete. 


The street was suddenly in uproar, people screaming, some running away, others running to the site. People circled around the unconscious girl in the hole, something wasn't right, her body seemed fine, her chest still moving with each gentle breath. While the onlookers didn't understand what had just occurred they still had the sense to call an ambulance. 

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Through the crowd of onlookers pushed a man in a tidy black suit, carrying a briefcase in one hand and a document in his other. "Move along now people, haven't you ever seen a crater, or a woman before?" he eyed some of the sad-looking men in the crowd, and supposed they hadn't seen many women in their time indeed.


He slid down the steep wall of the crater, his expensive shoes becoming scuffed and dirtied, much to his dismay. "Why can't these people get struck by lightning indoors for once?"


He shook his head and approached the body, laying his document down on her chest. "I'm afraid you picked the wrong town to be struck by lightning in, miss. Around these parts, it is quite illegal to be struck by lightning. It is an entirely unauthorized and unsafe use of electricity. It is also considered stealing, because you now have taken in the lightning, which occurring in a public space, is the rightful property of the government. I'll be seeing you in court. Don't lose the documents."


Turning to leave, the man realized the crater was too steep to easily climb back out of. So, he carefully set down his briefcase, opened it, and removed a rope and grappling hook from its shadowy confines. He cast it up to the edge of the crater, calling out to the crowd "Well don't just stand there, hold onto it now." before pulling himself free of the crater. With a nod to those who helped, he dusted off his suit, packed away his grappling hook, and headed to a nearby coffee shop to acquire some of its wares.


If it was not already apparent, he was a strange man. Instead of drinking his coffee, he instead merely hovered his head near it, inhaling the rich scent. He did not take so much as a sip, and left after breathing in the scent for several minutes, eliciting many a puzzled look from the staff.

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Printed out on transparent film in a typical sans-serif typeface, plastered at a twenty degree angle on a white badge pinned to a green apron was the name "Joji." It wasn't so much of a name as it was a moniker. Joji was actually fairly certain it wasn't even a real name--which is why he liked it. People never spelled or said it right. It kept things new. Exciting. Entertaining. Other words that start with 'e'.


Really it was because it was the coffee shop's policy for employees to make up a name in an attempt to prevent soliciations from overly attached customers. This particular coffee shop (its name not at all rhyming with the word "Marbucks") had a filing cabinet full of clients-turned-stalkers. Or at least they would, if anybody used filing cabinets anymore. And really, Joji had nothing to worry about. He wasn't exactly Time Magazine's Man of the Year. He was a twenty something barista at a coffee shop that had the poorest sales in the region. Even though he showered every day, he looked like he didn't clean for weeks. Ragged hair, mishapen from self-trimming, and dark brown from his overactive oil glands. Week old stubble peppering his cheeks and jaws--probably should be longer than it was--but he wasn't even good at growing a thing that should make him a man.


Beep beep beep.


Joji rolled his head back and sighed as he pulled the paper cup of coffee out of the microwave. It was against store policy to reheat coffee, but he was the only one on shift during the "busiest" time of day, and he could honestly give a shit about this job. Walking over to the counter, he grabbed a marker from the cup next to the register, popped off the cap, and wrote in big capital letters "BLONDIE / MIX-TASTROPHE".


"Order up! Double mocha espresso cappuccino coffee!" Joji blurted out, pushing the cup across the counter and started to take the next order.


All of a sudden: BOOOM!!!


The glasses, mixers, silverware, tables, chairs, etc. etc. all shook with ferocity in response to the ear piercing bellow. Joji stumbled out of surprise, leaning his weight on the countertop, looking around confused. The two customers in the shop looked around confused, but turned their attention to Joji when he started to unconciously scream at the top of his lungs, tears rolling down his cheeks.


He hated loud noises. He hated thunder. And worst of all, he hated that it might be the end of the world.


"Whatwasthatohmygodohmygoddidyouhearthat?" Joji began to slump down toward the floor, the two customers silently and uncomfortably making their way out of the store. Maybe to see for themselves what caused the noise, but mostly to get away from the unstable barista. "Ohmygodohmygod." Finally, his butt hit the floor with a soft thump and he pulled his knees up to his chest, weeping more quietly into coffee stained apron.


For several minutes, probably somewhere between five and 130 minutes (who knows, time slowed down whenever Joji had a panic attack), Joji remained on the floor until finally a rather loud and abrupt cough came from above him. Joji composed himself the best he could and stood up to take the customer's order. He was tall and dressed in a suit. In his hand was a briefcase. The man held it in such it way that it indicated that it had some weight to it.


After preparing the man's coffee and pushing it toward the mystery man, he watched as the man just simply... Sniffed the drink. Joji watched in silence, the man not moving as he continued to smell the coffee. Raising an eyebrow, Joji finally asked, wiping his cheeks one last time with the corner of his apron, "D-did you happen to hear that noise?" 

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Blue eyes met the blue sky, staring up, baffled and dazed. Dozens of heads peered down at her and she met each of their eyes however briefly. The memory of the lightning breaking through the sky to strike her jogged her memory and she quickly sat up, patting down her chest and crunching a paper in the process. Picking it up she skimmed it over, "Court... for being struck by lightning... HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR MINDS!" She screamed and as if on command the sky began rumbling with her anger. Shocked by the sound she jumped to her feet, fearing being struck again. 


Being several feet in the ground she looked around her at the beautiful crystallized ground, "Are you alright?" A voice finally came from above, apparently braving her wrath that apparently caused thunder. 


Looking up prepared for a vicious retort of how stupid such a question is she swallowed the words when she came face to face with a little girl. Go figure the child would check up on her when the adults just stared stupidly. With a sigh she responded; "I'll be okay... I think...." Though she didn't know how. She could hear sirens in the distance, it was time to get out, she couldn't not afford an ambulance bill. Amazing even herself she hopped out of the hole with ease, people jumping back as she landed on wobbly legs. The crowd was beginning to disburse, and she could hear each of their conversations as they discussed how they must be mistake, how this or that had to have happened to make the situation plausible, others talked like it was staged and she was beginning to wonder if someone had set her up too, but the memory of the lightning striking her body and buzzing through her entire body was unmistakable. 


The coffee shop was just across the street, her original destination before being struck by lightning. Unsure of what else to do and not sure how long it would be before the ambulance showed she hurried across the street, dodging cars easily. Inside she went to the counter with a vengeance, ordering her coffee, "Caramel latte and a cinnamon scone," though she felt like she needed straight espresso she resisted the urge to order such, unsure of the expression she'd receive if she did. Her body felt like it was humming, the feeling was alien and she had no idea how to handle it. 


She sat down with her order, trying to make her body calm down, but her hands kept shaking, her body kept humming, she felt like she was vibrating, like she might just suddenly rocket off and through the roof. The latte tasted bitter next to the sweet scone, her favorite, but it was a breakfast norm for her. It didn't soothe her in the least as she'd hoped it would. On the bright side the sense of impending doom had disappeared... cause doom had already occurred. 

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The man looked up at Joji, his eyes drifting to the side for a moment, trying to discern what he was referring to by "that noise". Eventually, he supposed it must've been that lightning strike in the street. It wasn't that remarkable to him; he had to remind himself that regular people may actually consider that a cause for conversation.

"Oh, that was nothing." he said, removing a pair of glasses from his jacket pocket and putting them on. "Best not to ask questions." he adjusted his glasses meaningfully, squinting at the employee as if scanning him. Of course, that was exactly what he was doing. After a moment, he took off the glasses and folded them away in his pocket once again - just in time to notice the subject of his business today, strolling in for a drink. "You may take this away now," he said to Joji, "it has served its purpose adequately."


He moved over and took a seat at the same table as the thunderstruck woman, once again donning his glasses and scanning her. "You seem to have absorbed the power fairly well. Most spend longer unconscious." he once again removed and put away his glasses. "Perhaps I should be more forthcoming. You are now not a normal human being anymore. I happen to be one who deals with matters of... unusual subjects such as yourself. Your origin event of course broke some of our laws, but you are not entirely shunned from our society."


The man wasn't talking particularly quietly. Others could overhear, no doubt, but it was not his concern. He had scanned the people present, they were of no danger. "Particularly, if you'd be willing to help with a certain problem I have, I could make that court case disappear. Think on it. If you wish to know more about what you have become, of the world you've fallen into, you'll find me here again tomorrow. The coffee here is particularly good."


With that, he rose from his seat, dusted his suit, and left the shop. He headed down the nearest alleyway, and, once out of sight, tapped on his wristwatch and vanished instantly. His wristwatch was of course no ordinary watch, for no ordinary watch could transport one through time and space instantaneously. He materialized again in an upper floor of a nondescript office building. Nondescript aside from the fact that the entire floor was empty and bare, save for a single desk, computer, and filing cabinet.


The man draped his jacket over the cabinet and sat at his desk, clutching his chest. He could feel his heart sputtering and pounding rapidly, unevenly. It wouldn't hold out through many more teleports, but unfortunately teleportation was the only way to reach this office. Once his heart rate had returned to normal, he switched on his computer and began his evenings work.

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With his eyebrow still raised, Joji took the coffee back from the strange man. "Uh, sure... No problem." Placing the coffee on the counter behind him, he continued his job as the man left to talk to the frizzy haired girl that had walked into the shop.


Large coffee. Double cream. No sugar.


Ice carmel coffee. Black.


Hot chocolate. Extra milk.


There was something about the two of them. The business man and the frizzy girl. There was something going on. They knew something. They knew what happened. They knew the end of the world was coming, and they were holding it back!


"Excuse me?" A girl with blonde curls and a statuette face, annoyed that Joji had obviously been distracted by the pair at the table near the window. Joji shook his head to regain focus and smiled, grabbing the coffee that strange man had given him and gave it to her. "I didn't order this." She spat.


"Yes you did."


With a snarl, she slammed the coffee cup down on the counter and turned heel, leaving the shop while cursing wildly about how "idiotic" and "rude" the "worthless barista" was. That didn't matter. The man had left and now there was an open seat across from the strange woman. Now was his chance to grill her. Extract all the information from all those frizzy curls--one strand at a time.


Like liquid, he slipped into the empty seat, slapping his hands down onto the table as he looked into the girl's eyes. Deep. Longingly... PAINFULLY.


"Yiii--EEEEPP" Joji flung his arms up, causing him to flip back his chair and land hard onto his back. He shook his hands wildly, the wasp that had lodged itself in his right hand flying into the window with a small thud. "Oh god! I'm allergic! Somebody help me! I'm going to die!" Hyperventilating, he crawled across the floor for what felt like hours, a blur of people surrounding him (or maybe it was just one person), until he finally got enough air to remember that he wasn't actually allergic. It just hurt. His vision clearing, he noticed that nobody had come to his aid, and that it was just the girl that he tried to talk to had walked past him to start to leave the shop. "NO! Wait! I need to talk to you! Please..." He looked up at her. She was beautiful in a way. If he wasn't already so flushed from his second panic attack, he'd probably be blushing.


"What happened? What's with you and the weirdo?"

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The barista came over to her and she gaped as they seemed to struggle with normal human functions. In moments he was on the ground yelling about being 'allergic.' A wave of panic flushed over her and she kneeled by him, but just as quickly he calmed and she was left rubbing her frizzy head in confusion. "Are you sure you're alright?" Because it looks to me like you're lacking in brain cells, but she didn't say that, instead she simply offered her hand and helped him to stand, urging him to sit at the table she'd just occupied. 


Recalling his question before he'd fallen into a spasm on the floor she sat down across from him, eager, almost desperate to discuss the weird occurrence of the day with someone. But when she opened her mouth the words wouldn't come, well aware of exactly how outrageous they would sound. For several minutes she mulled her words over, but saw no easy way to talk about it other than just blurting it out and sounding crazy, she didn't know the barista and he seemed just as fruity himself so what the hell? "I was struck by lightning and now I'm apparently not human according to the strange gentleman who showed up, didn't bother to help me, left me a court order notice for stealing power on my stomach, ditched me in the crater and then talks to me like we're friends when I come in here." She looked down at the paper with the court order on it and showed it to the barista. It looked pretty legit though, and she was just struck by lightning and perfectly find, no burn marks or anything, though she was feeling like her hair might be a bit frizzier than it had been when she headed out this morning. 


With a sigh feeling like something bigger was at play, no, never mind, she was certain something bigger was at play, something had begun when that lightning had zigzagged it's way down to her cranium of frazzled orange hair. Something powerful and surreal lingered about in the wake of these recent event. Perhaps her awakening had awakened something else, or maybe something within her own person. She wasn't sure what or how but a legend of some sort was about to unravel and she felt it in her bones, she just wasn't sure if she should be alarmed by this or not. 


She shook her head, willing away the strange feeling of electricity buzzing through the air and returned her attention to the barista; "I'm Elysia," She smiled and offered her hand in greetings, though she'd just throw crazy information at him that he might see as her being crazy or maybe he'd invite her into his own personal world of crazy. She was pretty sure she'd either died and gone to the afterlife or was simply losing her mind. 

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The man switched off his computer monitor, and stared at the blank screen silently. A clock ticking somewhere in the office told him there was a long time left in the day, but there was little more he could do today.


As he stood from his desk, the sounds of a pipe organ seemed to emanate from the depths beneath his office. The lights dimmed, and the man clutched at his chest once again, before his baritone voice rose in an operatic song:



What cruel curse,

a life in such short verse.



This heart of mine,

stands not the test of time.



To die before life's work complete,

my regrets and sorrows know not replete.


Cruel fate!



As the sound of the pipe organ faded, the lights went completely out, and the man sat back down in his chair. He flicked on his computer screen again, bathing in the sickly glow as he began typing an email:


There is no more time, I may not live even another day. I must accelerate our plans, send them in immediately. We can only hope she has enough fortitude, she must become ready.


He sent it off, switching off his computer before awaiting a reply. He seemed to grow sleepy, and fell sideways from his chair. His thud into the ground awoke him again though, and he crawled over to his filing cabinet, dragging open the bottom drawer. Inside was a set of syringes, mostly empty. There was one left with a strange blue liquid inside though, and this he injected into his own neck with a relieved sigh. A moment later he was on his feet again, his fatigue gone. He straightened his tie and grabbed his briefcase, before disappearing via teleportation again.




Back at the cafe, Elysia and Joji would find their conversation interrupted. A pair of not-quite-customers entered. They appeared as normal people but for an instant, until suddenly they shed their skin and revealed themselves to be hideous reptilian creatures. They both bared their claws and hissed, green venom dripping from their fangs. One charged at Elysia, and the other charged at Joji, murderous intent evident.

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Not... human? Joji was finally starting to feel insane. He was never an especially grounded individual, but even through his frequent panic attacks that melted into apathy, he knew that when somebody looked human, they certainly were human. But here was this girl, a girl named Elysia, sitting before him saying she wasn't human.


"Is it because your hair is curly?" Joji tilted his head and went to grasp some curls between his forefingers before they were interrupted by the cafe doors flying open.


"WOMAN!" The person shouted, its voice rasping into a growl as the human flesh peeled and fell to the freshly swept floor, green scales and reptilian frame being exposed underneath. "WHERE WOMAN?" With a bob of the head and a slight head tilt that mimicked Joji's, it set its yellow slited eyes onto Elysia and hissed with a certain sort of satisfaction. "WOMAN~." Taloned feet clawed across the floor as it came toward the pair, licking its teeth with a forked tongue, stringy saliva dripping down the crevasses of its pebbled skin...


Of all the things...


Joji started scratching his neck and arms and hands feverishly, little bumps appearing all over his body as the reptile came closer. Was he... Was he? Of course he was allergic to reptiles. Of course he was breaking out in hives. As if this wasn't the last few moments of his life--at least he was spending it being miserably itchy and generally un-manly.


No. NO. He was going to prove he wasn't a panicky, weak, sissy non-man-boy. He was a man. And god dammit, he could protect this ginger chick from a giant weird space alien dinosaur... Thing.


After several more scratches to his neck and face, he ran to the table they were sitting at and grabbed one of the metal chairs. Lifting it up with ease, he swung it around and slammed the dinosaur right in the side of the head, sending the beat several feet away and crashing into the counter. "I don't know what the fuck that is, but I don't want to figure it out! Let's get out of here, Elysia!" Rubbing his neck on his collar, he offered a sore puffy hand to the girl, in hopes that she would flee with him.

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Joji's attack on the monster scared the hell out of her, one second he was flipping out and the next he was Hercules. His puffy hand held out to her brought her back to reality and she snatch his palm and bolted out the side door, she had hit the glass door so hard it had flung off it's hinges and shattered several yards away. With no time to contemplate how she took off running only to find herself more startled as the buildings around her seemed to fly by. She could hear Joji's screams and as she glanced back she was horrified to see that he was flailing behind her, she was moving so fast his feet weren't even touching the ground!


Elysia jerked to a stop and all of Joji's weight went catapulting past her and it took all of her strength not to lose her footing and go flying behind him, instead she reached out and grabbed his arm with both hands and pulled him back to her so his momentum changed directions, weakened, but still managed to take them both down. "Okay, note to self, next time jog...." 


Elysia rolled Joji off of her though he seemed a little dazed by the events, he looked relatively okay, other than the hives. She stood and helped him up, realizing that she'd run seven blocks in mere seconds. Looking around she quickly got her bearings; "My house isn't far, let's err... go there... and we'll walk this time.... If you want that is." She could totally understand if he wanted to get as far away from her as possible, but right now she wanted to hide under her blanket and pretend today hadn't happened. 


As they walked back to Elysia's house, she grew more and more tired, the running had seemed to drain her, she wasn't exhausted, but a cat nap didn't sound like a bad idea.  Elysia let Joji inside and showed him to the living room where she sat down on the couch across from him. "I think I'm dead... nothing else makes sense."


She leaned back, tossing a hand over her head in a 'woe as me' fashion, groaning as she did so. Her eyes grew heavy and just as they slide closed they glazed over, her irises and pupils turning silver, but then quickly sealed behind the darkness of her lids. With even breaths she was asleep in no time.


As her mind turned foggy and her brain started functioning on a supernatural level, she 'woke up' but didn't wake, instead she peered into the inside of her mind, inside her dreams where she seemed to be standing on clouds. Elysia couldn't help but stomp around, amused by the puffs of clouds that shot up around her ankles. A strange tingly drew her from her play and across the spans of her dream clouds she saw a male and a female who looked like angles and another woman who looked disturbingly like herself except she was wearing army clothes. 


"What is this?" Elysia's confusion fluttered across her silver eyes.


"We're your parents." The male of the three said.


"I have two moms? That's not even possible." Elysia crossed her arms.


The female 'angel' smiled, "Rita was your birth mother, but I am your... god-mother." She chuckled as if this was somehow funny.


'Rita' stepped forward, "I died in battle when I was pregnant with you, I hadn't even known at the time it was so early. I woke up, already dead, before the God Odin, and the Goddess Freyja. They are the reason you survived, in a sense, they 'birthed' you." 


Elysia looked up at the blue sky that stretched on forever, the only reason she was so willingly accepting this was because it was a dream and her mind had it's own rule of things, at least that's what she told herself. "Does this have something to do with being struck by lightning and running faster than a bullet?"


Freyja grinned, "Oh, those are just perks of being Valkyrie.... There are much more to come."


Suddenly her dreams faded and she jumped up and flew off the couch, crashing into the opposing wall, smashing her face on a picture. "Oy! Da fuck!" Elysia touched her cheek and drew back blood, her face was already healing around the glass shards, "Help me, Joji!" Fear punctured her stomach and she bounced from foot to foot. "I'm a fucking Valkyrie!" She cried out as she pulled shards from her face, she could FEEL her skin knitting around it, she was touching and prodding at her face to find the holes but they were so quickly healing! "What the fuck does that even mean!?!!"


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The man swept his arm across his table, knocking his computer monitor and various papers onto the floor. The screen cracked and sizzled, smashed. He dropped the phone on the table and dug his nails on one hand into the wood, clutching at his chest with his other. "A mortal saved her!? That was not how it was meant to go! ARGH!"


The man was dying, quickly. The lizardmen were supposed to force Elysia's valkyrie powers to awaken in instinctive self-defense, but the interference of the mortal had foiled that plan. While it was something that her speed activated while fleeing, it was not nearly enough. The man lifted the phone back to his ear, and rasped, "I'll go see her. Explain. Hope that she can be awakened in time. Time. Not much of that left..." he dropped the phone, picked up his briefcase, straightened his suit, and teleported.


It was thus rather abruptly that the man materialized in Elysia's living room, casting a brief glance at the boy who'd interfered with his plan, before facing Elysia. "I take it you realise now you're not human, and that neither am I." he explained, raising a hand to silence any interruption. "I don't have much time to explain, so please, hear me out, and you shall understand the situation more clearly. I will then take my leave, permanently."


The man adjusted his tie and wiped sweat from his forehead. He could feel his heart racing again, and he was getting dizzy. "You're a Valkyrie now. A being of Norse myth. You have various powers at your disposal - sort of like a superhero, I guess you could say." he had a trace of a smile - he didn't like throwing the term "superhero" around, but it was the fastest way to get the younger generation to wrap their heads around what he was talking about, "Valkyries are warrior women. They also choose which warriors among the dead are sent to Valhalla to prepare to fight in the apocalypse - Ragnarok."


Explaining these things was always a lot easier when the chosen were history buffs, but such was rare these days. The man loosened his tie, it was getting harder to breathe. "Long story short: those lizardmen are an alien race that is about to invade. Your have been chosen to help fight them, alongside a host of other Valkyrie. The Einherjar of Valhalla are busy waging war against more abstract invaders, and they need reinforcements also..."


The man clutched at his chest again. "When the enemy comes, you must fight. When your allies die, you must send the best to Valhalla to help the Einherjar. Failure to do either will quite possibly lead to the annihilation of Earth. I am dying, I cannot instruct you in your powers properly, you will have to experiment yourself-"


The man collapsed to the floor abruptly, his energy escaping him. He turned his head toward Joji, and raised a shaking hand to point at his briefcase. "Y-You, boy, take my briefcase. With it, you will gain... my powers... documents that will tell you what to do... you intervened to save this girl... I pass my task to you... help her discover her powers, save the world." And with that, the man's head fell back and thudded on the ground, his eyes slowly closing.


His mind wandered his memories, back to the time he himself had been given his powers and job, looking after the supernatural individuals on Earth - particularly the Valkyries. He was no more prepared than Joji was now. He was even younger - perhaps that was easier, he did not have the capacity for such deep thought in his dying moments. All he thought of was the sunny day, at home, playing on his tree swing in the backyard. It was the last of his happy, carefree memories, that swing. He felt he could fly on it, and as any child, he would have loved to have flown and had magic powers. Such powers never came without burden though - his parents had been killed, and he was taken away to fill his father's role in the job.


But even with his powers, he was no immortal. As his life slipped away now, he forgot about the weight of the world on his shoulders, and was once again as carefree as that day playing on his swing.

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Elysia watched as the gentleman passed before their eyes. With shaking hands Joji took the case and in a flurry of clothes and what she assumed was magic Joji was suddenly dressed in a suit and appearing as baffled as she. "Oh shit!" She yelled at the obvious display of magic. As quickly as the exchange occurred a loud offensive pounding came at the door drawing their attention. Her heart studdered and felt heavy in her chest as another loud bash came at the door, and then another, this one broke the wood and reptilian like claws pierced through it. "What is this!?!" In moments one of the reptilian creatures had mutilated her front door and behind it were several other grotesque beasts.

An impulse took over Elysia and she moved to stand between the reptilian creatures and Joji. "Stay behind me!" She yelled, but as soon as she did she realized how ridiculous the words sounds, what the fuck was she going to do? She could run fast and heal quickly, that didn't mean she could stand against these.

"You can wield lightning, Elysia!" Joji's voice came from behind her and she glanced back, confusion on his face as he shrugged at her. Lightning? Like Zeus?

Elysia didn't get to attempt this - though she wasn't sure how to attempt it - as the reptilian beasts charged at her and she was forced to dodge which caused the beast to charge right into Joji, but there interest didn't seem to be on him as the beast quickly recovered and turned it's slimy yellow eyes on Elysia again. Another one attacked from the side and she barely managed to lift her arm to block the blow before it would have sliced open her skull. The impact was intense and made her cry out, pushing her to the ground. The third one came at her while she was still on the ground and she kicked out, anger growing, and as it did her eyes shifting to silver. To her amazement the reptile flew across the room, the obvious flare of electricity that seemed to spark from her foot left her lying there with her leg still suspended. Given little time to recover the first one was attacking in succession with the second from either side of her. Barely slipping out from between them she twisted around mid motion and elbowed one in the back of the head, fury calling this strange lightning which destroyed his skull and left him a headless form. She didn't get the time to be sick of the blood that spattered across her face or the way his skull had felt cracking and squishing beneath her elbow as the third came again. Following this strange instinct that seemed to direct her she slipped between it's attacking arms and backhanded him, pushing her fury into her hand which expelled the lightning spewing him into the wall where he broke through the dry wall. Elysia took the initiative and charged the second one, tackling him and pushing both palms into it's chest she screamed and the lightning shot out of her like waves of sparks harmless to her but the beast trapped beneath her thighs screamed and howled as strike after strike burned through it's body and ultimately killing it. Climbing almost languidly off the corpse she stared the other down, power was dancing off her skin by now, little bursts of electricity seemed to vibrate off her. Balling her hands together she pulled for the anger and fury that seemed to be the fuel for her power and between her fingers lightning danced back and forth. She reeled back as if carrying a baseball and with all her strength flung the wad of condensed lightning at the last standing reptilian beast. Her target was spot on, unfortunately it was also entirely more power than was necessary as it struck the beast and in a blood bath it exploded in a red and shining lightning display of power destroying the entire wall of the house. "Well... fuck..."

She stood panting with the reptilian blood hugging sickly to her pale skin, "uck..." just as she was flicking her hands of the grim a bright light appeared blinding Elysia and Joji for several long moments before receding, in its wake stood two women posed as if prepared for battle. One blonde, one a brunette, both beautiful battle maidens, both with silver eyes. The two girls glanced around, confusion danced in their eyes.

"Well, shit, our new sister doesn't need our help..." The blonde spoke in a proud and haughty tone.

They turned their attention fully to Elysia once they'd taken in the wreckage. The brunette grinned in an eagerly vicious way; "You're a little spitfire, aren't you?" Together they chuckled as if this was some kind of inside joke. "Come on, short stop, we got lizards to cook and you, spitfire, will fit right in." They each held out a hand to her.

Elysia looked to Joji and he waved her on, "We'll be in touch." He promised as if lulled by some unforeseen knowledge.

"Yea, you'll need your guardian if you're to kill the lizard daddy." The blonde assured her. Elysia looked around at the chaos she had wreaked. Valkyrie indeed she was. With a sort of arrogance she grabbed each of their hands and they pulled her towards them, in another flash of light they were gone.

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