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Tales of Love Lost - A Diary of Fabulous Men

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Hello, love

I write to you my darling diary to tell you of my many conquests.

Today was one not to be forgotten. It began however, like any other. I awoke just before mid day and had a light breakfast. The hotel my dear cousin has acquired is simply gorgeous. After a delightful late breakfast I had a nice, long shower and read a few chapters of my book. It's a book about a bunch of dishy high school boys who fight demons. Although they introduced a female character recently. I don't much care for her.

Anyway I'll get to the interesting part. Of yourself today is New Years Eve, and also the eve of the war. My dear cousin, Lucia, is one of the 13 most powerful Sorcerers in the world. She is competing for her rightful place as Commander of the Cosmos. Of course as her willing vassal I was put to work. Me and my little darling set to work throughout the city. It wasn't long before my dolls found a handsome man spying on a rooftop. Of course I had to spoil his fun. We played games for a while, but alas, our time was cut short.

Here is where it gets interesting, love. There was an explosion! Oh yes, I do not jest. The entire building collapsed. It was all I could do to summon my big doll, Bertha, in order to stop myself from falling to my death. My playmate had escaped in the turmoil. But I was awarded a new play mate, a hulking, handsome, fabulous man unlike any I have laid eyes on before or since.

Now let me tell you, love, he was no rocket scientist. He was nothing but a clod, an oaf, an imbecile. But such things can be forgiven in the face of such prominent jaw line. The fool was quick to reject my advances, but the thrill of the chase only makes me want it more. And so I set my darlings on the buffoon. His idiotic panic lead to quite the display of destruction. And in the process a piece off debris cut my face. And now I am scarred! My perfect features have been ruined by this animal!

Rest assured I made him pay the price! Nobody gets away with defacing my beauty! I would not stand for it. And so my darlings set the ground ablaze. There was nowhere for him to run. And so he burned. Fortune clearly favours the stupid, however, as my dear cousin chose to call me back a t that moment. The twit lives to see another day.

I think I love him.

Until next time, diary.

Yours lovingly,

Justin Friesch

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Scenario: Justin spends a day stalking Noah to make sure he doesnt plan on coming for Lucia, but Noah has a day off and all he does is visit hipster clothes stores.

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Today was most unfortunate, love.

My dearest Lucia was concerned about that Ice Queen, Stella. And so she sent me to keep an eye on her mutt, Noah. All day I stalked the the little snot, waiting for him to make a move. He is loathesome. How he pines for his master, craving her attention. Not like my darling Eli, so strong, so silent and compliant in his role, like a true gentleman. This speccy little nitwit should be taking notes!

At first I suspected he was on to me. Rather than go anywhere important the dog went into a clothing store. I sent my dolls in for further investigation. The sight was appalling. This store, Urban Outfitters was abhorrent! Noah spent 5 minutes examining a t-shirt depicting a colourful chimpanzee riding a bicycle. He has no style. I watched in agony as he tried on a pair of beige loafers. He has no class. What is the deal with these oversized knitted wool hats? They are big enough to fit three heads in! Noah's taste disgusts me.

And so finally he leaves, after spending half an hour in that awful store. This was it, I thought. Surely he would waste no more time. The rabid dog would bare his fangs at last!

But no.

He visits another disgrace to fashion. American Apparel. This is England. Stay out, your apparel is not welcome here! More ridiculous t-shirts. One of them said "RELAX" in big black letters. How can I relax when there is filth like that parading itself as fashion!? Where are the top hats!? Where are the tailcoats!? Where are the-

Good lord he's wearing a fedora!

Nope. No. I cannot. I cannot do this!

I cannot write another thing about it, love.

This fashion-retarded man-child spent the whole day, THE WHOLE DAY, just....just...SHOPPING!

And I would applaud such an act if it were in good taste. That was not the case. Vans, Topshop, Burton, Petroleum, H&M, the list goes on! Retailer after retailer, store after store of endless, pointless, mindless, insults to all that is fashion.

Today a piece of me died.

I hate Noah.

He has no style.

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Scenario: Justin goes on a date.

Bonus points if the lucky man is revealed at the end to be I, Dio!

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