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Four Kingdoms [closed]

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For me and HH to plan our private Temeraire RP



Dragon Breeds

  • Yu-Lung (Jade)

An extremely fast breed of small dragon, smaller than a horse, with a broad curving forehead and a long arrow-shaped muzzle, and an enormously deep chest reminiscent of a greyhound. The wings are long and tapered, and longer than the body length. They are used as priority couriers within the Chinese empire, normally flying without a rider. They can fly as fast as 120 miles in two hours, faster than any domesticated European breed.


  • Shen-Lung (Spirit)

The Shen-lung was an extremely common breed of dragon. Many superior Chinese dragons originated from this breed, in a design similar to the British Yellow Reaper. Their appearance and size varied greatly, but their blue-grey coloring seemed to be their main common point.

Like humans, some Shen-lung were clever and some were lazy. They worked at a wide variety of occupations: providing mass transit for humans, carrying freight, nursemaiding dragonets, and entering the civil service. Shen-lung in the civil service wore colored silk collars indicating their ranks. The wisest among the Shen-lung were sometimes granted the privilege of mating with an Imperial.


  • Shao-Lung (Scarlet Flower)

Chinese dragons used almost exclusively in the military. They are described as liking fighting so much, as to be useless for anything other than the Aerial Corps of the Chinese army. Laurence and his crew considered them to be large dragons. They are crimson red, with gold-tinted talons and a yellow crest running down their spines from a many-horned head.

  • Zhao-Lung (Emerald Glass)

Chinese dragons used almost exclusively in the military. They are described as "lazy" and "slow" and therefore not able to pursue a life of scholarship.


  • Li-Lung (Plum Tree)

Lung Li Po, a dragon who lived during the Tang Dynasty, was a scholar and a poet.


  • Qin-Lung (Imperial)

A very intelligent breed, the Imperial is nearly identical to the prized Celestials, differing only in the Imperials' lack of ruff and tendrils. Occasionally the mating of two Imperials would result in the birth of a Celestial. Imperials had five talons and six-spined wings and can hover in the air by beating their wings backward and forward, a trait shared by the Celestials. Despite their obviously close relationship, the Imperial does not share the Celestials' ability to produce the Divine Wind.

  • Jin-Lung (Metal)

the tank dragon. It can take a lot of damage and is a lumbering heavyweight.


  • Mu-Lung (Wood)

the cleric dragon. It cannot dish out damage, but gives off aromatic fragrances to soothe battle wounds.


  • Shui-Lung (Water)

the fighter dragon. It moves as fluidly as the waves, hence its name, and is thus admired for close combat.


  • Huo-Lung (Fire)


the ranged dragon. It is said to emit energy waves accurate even from great distances.


  • Tu-Lung (Earth)


the rogue dragon. It is a lightweight that can dart at incredible speeds and most importantly, camouflages well with its surroundings to keep out of sight of enemies.




Zeng Nation


Jiang Mu (Renqin) [ruler] + Lung Shui Chang [dragon]


Ma Yan (Yonghuan) [soldier->general]+ Lung Mu Xue [dragon]


Roles to fill:





Ji Wen - old and experienced, advised the previous ruler for a long time as well. May come to odds with how Jiang Mu runs things (possible drifting apart only to console their differences on his death bed).


Neng Ma - smart and scheming, desires a fruitful career and high office. He will not be overtly evil or unpleasant, but ultimately he will betray Jiang Mu upon a chance of higher office, especially if we promote others in his stead or don't treat him well.


Lian Tai - the competitor to the above, he is also young and talented (perhaps he is slightly more experienced, like a year in service by the time the above is hired). He is more temperate and will not act as rashly or jealously as the above, though may become exasperated if the above managed to secure favour. He should also tend to have opposing or alternate plans to the above.


Suo Ling & Cong Li - More typical characters, they're devoutly loyal to their lord though unremarkable in talents.


Zhong Kun - Not too old, but mature. He'll sort of try to manage the rest and hold things together, and is generally the most trustworthy in terms of following orders and having the ability to succeed in his orders. A steady reliable presence.


Ren Su - Has a head for economics and managing civil areas, he's utterly clueless about wars and the army though.





Tu Zan - Eager for battles and prestige, overconfident.


Tan Yong - Sort of opposite to the one above. Is overly cautious, such that people often mistake him for a coward. May miss good opportunities in favour of safer choices.


Feng Jun - By the book sort of one. He's the head of training the army, and is very thorough and officious, prizing efficiency and common sense, as well as tried-and-tested methodology.


Chen Wei - The best fighter, he is the prime choice for leading the frontal forces in battle. He's scarred, but otherwise a good warrior and has a decent head for basic strategy. He knows when to attack and retreat, when things seem suspicious, etc, but may fall for more complex ruses. Can tend towards some degree of pride.


Qiao Ming - the wisest in army strategy, though not a great fighter or skilled at managing troops. He's also not much of a scholar, but simply seems to have a natural knack for coming up with unexpected battle plans, or noticing the hallmarks of others' such plans. His lack of skill at managing troops leads to much dissatisfaction from those under him, such that his orders may end up not always being obeyed, or in dire situations he may even be mutinied against. Maybe he's too young and self-absorbed, or maybe he's older and is just callous and harsh on soldiers (think Bligh xD).


Tong Rong & Du Ru - two more unremarkable generals to fill the number. Maybe they can have memorable quirks, or notable dragons. Perhaps their dragons are more skilled than they are. For that matter, the other generals' dragons (or even lack thereof) is to be considered too.




Governor of Yanmen and Taiyuan - will perhaps be a target of Yuan Shao upon his growth, and seek to ally with us.



Governor of Shang and Xihe - will desire to topple us and take control of Bingzhou for themselves.



Governor of Shangdang - has the provinces closest to the capital, so likely has the most populous and developed province. We can say he has a strong fortified city, so him only having one province does not make him an easier target than the other two. We can also perhaps make him an imperial relative or someone prominent, such that dealing with him will be tricky.








On the provinces map, we shall start with Shuofang, Wuyuan, Yunzhong, and Dingxiang. The rest of Bingzhou can be occupied by other lords.




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Alas, one can tell at a glance the difference between a canon dragon breed and my inventions. XD


Anyway, I've found the names of my characters!


Ma Yan (Yonghuan) + Lung Mu Xue


Their names provide an interesting fire-and-ice combination. Yan means Blaze, and Yonghuan means Courage Lit Up. On the other hand, Xue means Snow, probably cuz she was born on a snowy day.

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