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Dear Sir/Madam,


            We are very happy to inform you that the Student Admission Committee has approved your application to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Introductory orientation and dorm registration will be on August 23th. Classes for the fall semester begin August 25th. Tuition and fees will be paid for you, but should you need transport, please ring ahead of time. On behalf of all the staff and students at the school, let me be the first to welcome you. I hope you will find a home with us.


Professor Charles Francis Xavier






2014. Humans and mutants have lived together for decades, rarely harmoniously and often times in full conflict with one another. Mutants are feared and hated by regular humans as they are thought to be dangerous because of their powers, or because a small minority choose to use their gifts violently, for personal gain or to commit crimes. Mutants fear the masses of humankind for the sheer numbers of people who hate them without cause or through ignorance. It is difficult to balance this tragic divide, as both sides have committed terrible acts and been in receipt of the same. Yet there are places where a mutant can feel safety.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is one such place. It is a haven in a world that carries deep-seated prejudice about mutantkind. Where young mutants can go to grow and study in a safe environment, where they can learn about their abilities, take control of them, and harness them for the good of all - human and mutant alike. It is many things to the different mutants there, both student and teacher. For some it is a sanctuary, a home more accepting of them than their own. For others, it is a safe place to get an education. Many choose to attend the school in order to gain control of abilities that they are only now understanding. Whatever the reason for being asked to join, or seeking them out, you are a student of the school.





The basic premise of this RP is set in the canon world of Marvel's X-Men, but with a few differences. Consider this an 'alternate earth' if you like, where although many of the canon characters exist as they have done in the comics/films, etc. They are not necessarily the same age or status as they would have been in said media. This is so that whether the participants of the RP are extremely familiar with the universe, or just mildly interested in it but know little about it, can still RP comfortably and create their own stories without worrying about stepping on canon material.


You can play any kind of mutant you wish, but there are a few things i'd like to make you aware of. Firstly, while there are canon characters in the story, they are NPC's, either as students or teachers. If you would like to control one of them specifically because you're a fan of the character, that's fine, but they would not be a/your main character. However, if say for example, you are a fan of Cyclops, you could still play as someone from a similar background or abilities, as such in his case, laser-beam vision - or if you wished you could even be related to him, ie. A son or daughter.


You should take into account a number of things when making your character. As a mutant, your powers awakened in a moment of high stress or emotion. That could be anything, but just bear that in mind for what you might wish to do with your character. The story will have a number of elements to it. Firstly the 'human' side of things, the teen drama if you like. Things like our personal lives, our relationship with our families, with the other students and teachers, the stresses of school, like bullies and social cliques, etc. all still exist in this school, and of course, when people have powers, these situations can be all the more volatile.


Then we have the mutant factor - what is your power? How does it affect you? Is it a gift, do you see it as a gift, do you see it as a curse even if its not? Are you afraid of it? Does it affect you physically, etc. Your powers are key in how they should affect your character. There is the human/mutant war side of things in the story, which we will focus more and more on as the story expands from smaller self-contained situations to a great war between humans and mutants, and how we get caught up in it. And lastly there is what I consider the 'hero' aspect. Some, not all, but some of the students (like many of us in real life) have at some point in their lives, wanted to be heroes. This means that either selected by the teaching staff and trained, or doing it against their wishes and knowledge (or perhaps one after the other) some or all of our characters may choose to if you wish, pursue a heroic career, shall we say. But this will not be an ideal situation, we're not going to be the Avengers, all loved by the people and whatnot, this will be a dangerous thing to do where often the people we save will still hate us and make us question ourselves. 


And naturally, we will have a lot of small stories, episodic in nature, in which normal situations will go completely out of control. Maybe one of our powers is going haywire for some reason and we have to band together to help that person (or put up with them. lol) - maybe a situation arises where a person gets injured and we have to take them to hospital where we encounter a nasty mutant we have to stop, maybe we go on a field trip and we get attacked by a mob of humans that we have to try and diffuse the situation, whatever it might be, there will be plenty of smaller stories throughout the course of the RP.


Ultimately, there's a lot of different things i'd like to approach with this RP, but if you're still reading after all this and interested in joining, let me know. If you have questions, ask away. All I would say is this is probably my last RP i'm participating in, then i'm booked - i'm not accepting people who will vanish or who can't commit and equally it would be nice if you were on Skype so I can create a group discussion for us to discuss the RP, exchange dialogue, and so on. Thanks for reading, here's a profile template for you, and i'll post mine below as well. A spot is reserved for Kyo, but as long as people can post at least once a week, i'll be happy to move this at a slower pace, even if I accept five people in all.





A list of the canon characters used in the story thus far, more will be added as time goes on and i'll also add our characters so we have a quick reference of our names and aliases, etc.




* Professor X (Charles Xavier) - Headmaster. Teaches Ethics.
Storm (Ororo Munroe) - Deputy Headmistress. Teaches Geography and Mutant/Human Rights
* Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) - Teaches Chemistry, Biology and Physics. School counsellor.
Iceman (Bobby Drake) - Teaches Mathematics, Finance and Accounting.
Rogue (Anna Marie) - Teaches Art and Media.
Archangel (Warren Worthington III) - Performing Arts
Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) - Teaches Computer Science.
Gambit (Remy LeBeau) - Teaches Foreign Languages and Target Practice.
Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) - Teaches Physical Education
* Wolverine (Logan) - Teaches Self-Defence and Danger Room Training for prospective X-Men.
Spirit (Alan Darkholme)
Enchantress (Crystal Mondess)
Maelstrom (Nathan Bellamy)
Belladonna (Melanthe Heartstrom)
??? (Alexis Moore)
* Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)
White Queen (Emma Grace Frost)
* Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)
* Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Havok (Alexander Summers)
Sabretooth (Victor Creed)
Husk (Paige Guthrie)
Juggernaut (Cain Marko)
Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)
Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)
Pixie (Megan Gwynn)
Angel (Angel Salvadore)

Spyke (Evan Daniels)

Blob (Frederick J. Dukes)

Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)

Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)

Avalanche (Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis)





Name: Alan Darkholme

Alias: Spirit

Age: 16


Appearance: Alan is an average height for his age, athletically built but unlike his father, he was born with regular hands and feet. His skin is a deep blue in colour, though it is actually a very short fur that feels like soft velvet to the touch. His eyes glow a brilliant yellow, he has a long prehensile tail with a triangle-shaped tip and prominent canine teeth. His hair is a shaggy jet black mane that comes down to his shoulders. Alan tends to dress for comfort and ease of movement but tends to walk barefoot.


Personality: Despite his lack of formal education, Alan is an intelligent boy. He can be shy, quiet and nervous around others because of his appearance and finds it difficult to trust people, but once he gets to know someone he is a fierce friend who strongly believes in justice. When he's out of his shell, he can be impatient, short-tempered and a trickster at times, but he is a good person at heart who often fails to see his own value.

Bio: Grandson to Azazel and Mystique (Also known as Raven Darkholme), son to Marie and Kurt Wagner (Also known as Nightcrawler). Alan doesn't know his family lineage, his father died before he was born and his mother died in child birth. He was told that his grandmother was present at his birth and prior to handing him to social services, named him. However, she did not accept the responsibility of raising him and so lacking another option, he was put in an orphanage. He had a difficult childhood growing up, as the owners of the orphanage disliked him and the other children were either wary of him or outright frightened of his appearance.


He had to watch as prospective parents came and choose other children, but he was rarely shown any interest, besides morbid curiosity. He had one friend at the orphanage, Kate Simmons, who he had a childhood crush on and was the reason for the activation of his power. Unlike most mutants, he was unusual from birth, physically, but he did not gain his 'power' much like other mutants until later in life, for him it was when he was fourteen. His first kiss. Alan has a secret he finds embarrassing - though he should have been taught at the orphanage, nobody bothered to help him learn to read, and as such he is unable to at the start of the story.


Abilities: Alan has a number of physical abilities including enhanced night vision, superhuman agility, a prehensile tail, ability to stick to walls and to blend into shadows, but his main ability is teleportation. However, he is bound by things that limit his use of it. Firstly, he can only teleport as far as he can see - otherwise he could teleport into a wall, object or even a person. The further or more often he teleports in a short span of time the more tiring it becomes. He can teleport extra mass such as another person but this is severely tiring for him and teleporting anything heavier than that is far behind his abilities at this stage. He has an innate sixth sense of spatial awareness that stops him from teleporting into solid objects but this diminishes the further the distance he wishes to teleport, which is another reason he prefers to teleport in multiple short bursts rather than from 'A' to 'B'.

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Name:  Melanthe Heartstrom

Alias:  Belladonna

Age:  17

Appearance:  Thick black hair with soft curls fluffing to her lower back and springs up around her face, framing high cheek bones and an adorable face, thick deep red lips, and large doe like violet eyes. She has a very doll-like look to her facial features. Her body seems petite and frail and she seems a lot smaller than she actually is, though she's not tall to begin with standing at only 5'4". She is pale to an almost ghostly degree. Her hands and feet are small and slender, with perfect nails that shine as if polished recently. She is pleasantly curved, her endowment fits her small frame, she’s a pear shape so her bottom is a bit wider than her upper half. She dresses like a gothic lolita, usually in blacks and purples with hints of red to mimic her favored plant: Deadly Nightshade. 



Personality:  She is soft spoken, rarely speaking out. She appears harmless and delicate, but just as her Nightshade she is as beautiful as she is deadly. Don’t mistake her, she is nice, and she is a sweetie, but when she wants something she will have it one way or another. She’s a masochist and a sadist, but she doesn't like violence in the conventional means, she prefers subtlety and stealth. She also enjoys causing emotional turmoil: playing with people’s heads and hearts. For the most part she's very introverted, finding the best company within herself. Occasionally she branches out but generally it's for the amusement of watching peoples emotions dance, she's a borderline sociopath. She is extremely intelligent, mostly home schooled from extremely strict care takers and she prides herself on her knowledge.


Bio:  She was originally an orphan, but whoever her parents were had a lot of money and though they didn't 'want' her they still seemed to feel responsible for her and threw loads of money at her orphanage as well as made sure she was highly educated. She believed her parents knew of her condition before she did, always wondering if this had been active since birth or if they just somehow knew it would come about. She was in third grade when she discovered her unique traits, a mishap with a pair of scissors and her arm was bleeding quite badly, teachers never touched blood, it was just policy in a school but the student who had accidentally cut her had panicked and grabbed her arm. The student died less than ten minutes later; immediately he was convulsing and began bleeding from his mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. It was pretty traumatic for most of the students but she just sat staring at the child as he died. Later she found out that the boy had had a small cut on his palm that had sucked her blood right in; she doesn't believe her blood would have had such a vicious reaction otherwise. After this event she had become an outcast in the orphanage, even if nothing could prove how the boy had died they were leery of her.


The story hit the papers and less than a week later she was adopted by a couple of mutants who had less than pleasant ideals on normal humans. It was two women, they dressed her like a doll and coddled her like she was still a baby, she'd never admit she liked the attention. Teaching her that humans were vile and that she had done well in killing the normal human boy who would surely grow to shun her, just like all the other kids in the orphanage had done. The idea always struck her as odd, the boy, while not a friend, had been kind to her. At 16 her two stand-in mothers disappeared, she wasn't sure if they died, if they were put in jail, or if they just left her; one day they went to a rally and then they just never came home. She stayed in their apartment, the influx of money from her birth parents had never stopped and with a forged letter she was able to get the checks converted to her name to survive off of and found solo living suited her. Until it was discovered that a 16 year old girl had been living on her own for almost ten months. She was put back in the system but only remained there for two weeks as she began lashing out, it seemed like harmless flirting but a kiss from her was taking out other kids and putting them in bed for days, sometimes into the hospital. By the end of two weeks no one knew what to do with her and that was when Xavier's influence came into play, snatching her out of the system and landing her in his school with other mutants.


Abilities:  She is poisonous like the Deadly Nightshade, her blood is deadly to the touch, reacting like acid. Her saliva and bodily fluids can cause the same symptoms of the plant itself, though it would take a lot to become lethal. She is immune to the effects of the plant, thus she is often seen with the flower in her hair or the vine wrapped around her body, she can sustain the plant with her own energy so it actually moves and grows while it's wrapped around her. However, she has a theory that she may have a connection with more than just the deadly versions of nightshade, but she has never spoken of this and never intends to admit it.

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Great! One more and we'll have our 5 people, but if nobody else wants to join, then 4 will be fine.

Once all the profiles are up and finished, and either a 5th joins us in a day or two (or not) then i'll get the RP up.

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Called it! Unless my math is wrong and I'm not number 5.




Name: Crystal Mondess
Alias: Enchantress
Age: 16
Appearance: Straight honey blonde hair hangs down to about her shoulders with side swept bangs that covers one of her bright blue eyes and ends just above bubblegum pink lips.  Athletic build with a slight hourglass figure she likes to show off her toned tanned body in neon flare skirts and off the shoulder tops, almost always sporting grey slouchy legwarmers, sparkly black high-tops and large pink over the ear headphones.
Personality: Crystal is the adorably bubbly type and a regular chatterbox. Always with a smile on her face she makes friends with anyone and everyone she meets and has never known anyone to be an enemy of hers. However the extreme outgoing personality is simple a façade to mask the onslaught of emotions that she constantly feels she’s been cursed with.
Bio: Crystal grew up as an only child and was given the opportunity to do many things such as cheerleading, dancing, singing, acting; your run of the mill triple threat and more. Both her mother and father always told her they wanted to give her the best that she could have. Satisfied living a dream life Crystal never imagined things would turn for the worst until her powers were revealed. She had just turned fourteen and was out on her very first date when her abilities kicked in. They had honed in on the darkest desires that her first boyfriend had.
After that night her parents decided to homeschool in attempts to conceal her and her powers. Many days were spent at doctors’ offices, shrinks; her parents tried anything really. As a last ditch effort her parents enrolled Crystal at a new school hoping that perhaps they would be able to train Crystal to hide her gift.
Abilities: Able to cast three-dimensional illusions based on the emotions of others Crystal is only at the state that she can conjure up a person’s darkest desire or their greatest fears. Otherwise all other emotions and images are only in Crystal’s head most times representing themselves as hallucinations. Not to be confused with a telepath Crystal cannot read a person’s mind, she is only capable of reading a person’s heart and their emotions and the strongest of those emotions are the ones that are capable to manifest themselves into a sudo-reality.

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Nope, the space is yours.   :3

Okay, that's it everyone, assuming we can get everyone's profiles sorted, that's the RP closed for business. Once all profiles are complete i'll stick this up.

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Name: Alexis Moore

Alias: No idea yet.


Age: 17


Appearance: She stands at 5'5" tall, with blonde dreadlocks which fall halfway down her back. Due to having hetereochromia, she has one blue eye, whilst the other is green. This is a completely 'human' condition, and has nothing to do with her being a mutant. A small scar lies over her left eyebrow from a fight when she was younger, leaving a small gap where the hair didn't grow back. Her face is reasonably pretty, but nothing particularly special, and while she has a slender figure, it is often hidden beneath jeans and hooded sweatshirts, or tank tops.


Personality: Alexis is like marmite, you either love her or hate her. She can be aloof, obnoxious and arrogant, as well as kind, caring and considerate, depending on who she's talking to. She's not very good at being tactful, preferring to just say things as they are, and for this reason, situations can become heated. However, due to her ability, she'll try and solve issues verbally, instead of physically, although that isn't always the case. 

Bio: Coming from a broken home, Alexis doesn't really understand what family means. She's never met her father, and her mother was much more interested in other guys, drugs and doing as little as she could for money, rather than her daughter. She eventually got thrown out not that long before her 17th birthday, and had to try and scrap enough money together to pay the rent for a shitty apartment on the shitty side of town. It was only then that she really noticed her powers. Having seriously hurt some people when fights had broken out, she heard about Xavier's school, and applied.

Abilities: Superhuman strength

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Okay, so everyone but Kyo's profiles are up and sorted in full now. We have a teleporter, a poison ivy, an illusionist and a she-hulk. A great mix.  :3  I might stick the RP up shortly so we can all get our initial posts up, but we shouldn't press ahead to any extent beyond that until Martin is back on and has his profile up.

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Better late than never! XD


Civilian Name: Damien Hapheston
Hero Name: Silverflame
Age: 18
Affiliations: None
Powers: Pyro & Photokinesis (Fire & Light manipulation)
Weapons: Mag-lite flashlight
Weaknesses: Darkness. 
Personality: Confident, calm, precise, aloof at times. Knows how to get what he wants. Can be seen as arrogant by those outside his allies and friends. Chivalry is a big thing with him. Courage comes easy for him. Fear causes an interesting reaction in him, his instinctual response being one of hot anger rather than one of blind terror, striking out at whatever it was that threatened him.
Short Bio: His powers flared into being because he fell victim to a villain whose powers were to cause deep shadows to coalesce around whatever they wished. This happened while he and his mother were at a bank near where they lived, the entire bank being held hostage while the villain went about their business of pillage and terror. Damien was terrified of the creeping darkness that he saw manifest around his neighbors, this terror only increasing as the darkness enfolded him next. He was barely covered for more than a few minutes before he felt something inside him...Ignite. It was like the sun had manifested in his chest, filling his world once more with warmth and light, his power bursting forth and driving away the villains shadows long enough for people to flee and the X-men to arrive, the heroes making short work of the villain. He was 14 at the time. Over the next four years, he trained extensively in secret, doing his best to cope with his new-found powers. Until his parents finally caught him practicing one night. That's when everything got thrown out of whack. His parents, of course, flipped out and immediately called Xavier's. For his own good, they told him. "It's better this way," his father said. Damien couldn't help but wonder if it truly was.
Other Notes: The flashlight, with just a little help from his photokinesis, easily becomes a focused blade of searing light and heat. Also, the color of his fire is silver. He has no idea why its such an odd color. Being in a dark place for too long will start to make Damien fidget and sweat, soon followed by hugging himself as if cold. He will make his own light/fire if the need is great enough, but it takes a bit out of him. Its easier for him to use pre-existing sources of fire and light.

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Okay that character is fine, just Kyo's to go up and then we're done. This RP is seriously closed now. Seriously. Not taking any more. That would be too much. lol. I might try to get this up sooner than I thought, but either way, we need Kyo's profile before we go beyond initial introductions, etc.

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Name: Nathan Bellamy

Alias: Maelstrom

Age: 17


Appearance: Nathan is a tall drink of water at 6' 4''. He is skinny but toned. Nathan has shoulder length hair that is jet black with dyed, red flashes. He often ties his hair back in a ponytail. An assortment of rings, studs decorate his ears and face, most notably the black plug in his right earlobe and the two spiked stud "snakebite" piercings on his lower lip, and three bars along his left eyebrow. Nathan often wears light eye-liner and paints his fingernails black. His clothes usually consist of black skinny jeans, denim shorts, band t-shirts, chains, spiked belts, buckles, straps and various clothing associated with alternative and heavy metal fashion. 


Personality: Quiet. Introspective. Intelligent, but rarely shows desire to express it. Prone to outbursts of anger. Lacks confidence in himself, shows little compassion for others. Apathetic, unmotivated and can occasionally be intentionally disruptive. Finds himself attracted to people who have suffered, like him. 

Bio: Nathan does not have information about his biological parents. He was brought up in a foster home until the age of 5, where he was sent to live with a foster family. He spent the rest of his childhood suffering physical abuse from his foster father, a violent drunk, while his foster mother constantly turned the other cheek. It became clear to Nathan that he was only being "cared for" by these people because he was a source of income for them. He spent his childhood and early teens in this environment, until at the age of 13, during a particularly violent outburst from his foster father, Nathan's dormant power awakened. Finally deciding he had suffered enough, Nathan flew into a rage, resulting in a chaotic eruption of telekinetic energy. 


The sudden surge of power was terrifying, and resulted in the death of his foster parents. In fact by the time the authorities arrived, they found the house in ruins, with only Nathan left alive, passed out among the rubble. After a careful investigation the police concluded that the house had been destroyed by a gas leak in a pipeline under the house. Nathan was told he was lucky to be alive, and spent time in a facility designed to provide shelter for youths who had been left alone due to tragedy. He consistently blamed himself, and officials believed this was a result of the trauma from the accident. Nathan spent the next 4 years visiting a psychiatrist and being given various medications to help with his depression. Yet he was never able to truly believe that what had happened was a delusion. 


At few days after turning 17 another of Nathan's latent powers awakened, the power of telepathy. The sudden ability to hear people's thoughts began to frighten him, and almost sent him into relapse. However just as he felt his latent power bubbling to the surface, something suppressed it. A man named Charles Xavier entered his life. Xavier was a man who could communicate to Nathan within his mind, a man just like Nathan. He explained that the events he remembered were real, and that he had altered the minds of the investigators so that Nathan could walk free, as the outburst was not his fault. Xavier invited Nathan to a school where he would be with people like him, where he could learn to control his power. Nathan, begrudgingly, accepted. He had nowhere else to go. 


Abilities: Nathan is an exceptionally powerful mutant with psionic abilities such as telekinesis and telepathy. His telepathy has not matured too greatly and he lacks control. As such he is not able to speak into people's minds, nor is he able to manipulate people's minds, he can only hear thoughts of those in close proximity to him. While he does not desire to hear other people's thoughts, it often happens unintentionally, which can sometimes spark disagreements between him and others. His solution has been to stay away from other people and avoid interaction. 


His telekinetic powers are far stronger, yet he has even less control over them. He lacks to confidence to perform basic examples of telekinetic control, due mostly to his crippling fear that he will hurt people. His telekinesis only tends to manifest during intense flashes of emotion, and the result is normally destructive. When Nathan loses control of his telekinesis he can summon powerful shockwaves and create violent gusts of psionic wind that is capable of destroying the area around him. Due to his power's unpredictable and devastating nature Nathan decided to call himself "Maelstrom".


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I've added a list of the school's faculty and students that are canon in nature, along with their aliases and if a teacher, their department. Consider the list a work in progress as i'll be adding more staff and students from the canon roster as time goes on. I've also included our characters in that list for an easy reference to our names and aliases if you need to look them up quickly.

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