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Livius's head drooped down, shaking with the occasional involuntary twitch, pained breaths reopening repeatedly closed wounds on his back, stopping the healing process, hanging in the air was torture to his arms, if he lost his mind enough perhaps he could convince himself to gnaw his arms to release himself that way... Even though it was the most ridiculously idea or thought he just wanted his arms to not feel like they would break any moment now.


Once Saoria was gone Russel, the courier, looked to Livius. Using his key to unlock his cell and step into it, starting to collect the tears as instructed and putting them in a leather pouch before calling for servants to assist him in giving Livius medical treatment. He also had a guard at the door just to be sure of no escape could be possible if Livius could stand and that was unlikely due to his condition.


So, Russel watched as the servants - As instructed, slowly un-cuffed Livius from the ceiling as others worked to  move him without touching his back and Livius screamed at the touch and movement in much pain especially his arms, finally given the rest back in natural placement, blood rushing back into his hands making them sting. Once he was supported sitting up servants worked to wash his back of impurities then bandage it, the same for his ankles. He just hung his head back, he was completely exhausted, out of it and just thankful from being removed from the hanging entrapment.


Other servants worked to wash away the pooled blood then Russel stepped forward. Looking at his rusting restraints and shaking his head at them before he looked at the wall and stone slab that worked as a bed and he worked with guards to make a new contraption so that his ankles were weighed down by cuffs and a chain that shortened when a lever was pulled. 


Once this was done they slowly moved Livius to his 'bed' and in his semi-conscious state he could not fight them as they locked the cuffs onto his ankles. He felt the weight instantly but it was a blessing not to be hanging from above and he was far to weak to complain. The servants left as their duties were completely and Russel went to Livius, Livius shifted his eyes to the man slowly as he looked at him for a moment before having a servant before he left to give him a pair of trousers, un-cuffing a leg to pull it up then re cuff it and do the same before pulling them completely. Russel looked at the man for another moment before running a hand down the man's chest and naval, circling it before standing and walking out. The Guard returned to her business and he locked the cell, leaving the battered Spriggan in his cell to watch his eyes close over as he went to sleep before returning to his duties to his Queen.

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Raion had finally managed to get a reaction of more than just a sly smile at his words. He recognised the steps she took as she seemed to realise she had lost her composure slightly; it seemed somewhat similar to Raion’s own steps, although on a much less extreme scale. So she knows that she is the reason this has gone on as long as it has, she knows she is the only one who can lead them. He thought as Sayerna recovered and invited Raion and Ráijá to a meal, as she had done to the angel. Angel? Raion thought before two figures appeared out of the cave entrance; a Human and a Satyr. Clearly they were the guard relief as the bowed to Seyerna respectively, acting shocked when she returned the favour, before allowing Seyerna to escort the new arrivals into the base.


Raion was about to move forward to follow the rebel queen but felt the small hand in his grip slightly tighter around his fingers. He glanced down at Ráijá to see her looking at the entrance like it was the mouth of some kind of monster. Before he could reassure her, the Angel walked in front of them and Raion couldn’t help but look at her; with her graceful step and air of lightness. However, he couldn’t miss the singed wings and general raggedness of her clothes and body. “A fallen Angel…†he mused quietly, figuring that she was the reason the mountain top had exploded not long before.


Ráijá’s grip tightened again but this time with focus as she started forward after the Angel; slowly, but determined.  The two of them followed Seyerna into the cave system and Raion got to see first-hand what he had only heard about before. How the people of the rebellion acted towards their leader and how she reacted to them. Even as she walked along, people were appearing out of the stone houses cleverly built into the caves and came up to her with their problems. At present, they all seemed to be about the logistics of the rebellion itself; weapons, armour, rations, and the like. Raion paid close attention to these conversations; they would no doubt come in handy in the near future.


As he listened, he also made sure to take in the surroundings and the people drawn here due to the nature of Saori. Raion noted that the one called Vesta, who had shown a tenseness when he had commented on taking the rebellion apart if he needed to, disappear before the small group entered the dining hall.


Raion couldn’t help but be impressed with the size and scope of the cave; he didn’t know if it had been carved or if it was just naturally impressive but he nodded his approval all the same. He scanned along each of the tables, mismatched as they were, taking in who was sitting there and who looked like they might come in at a later date; he clocked 3 or 4 individuals he planned to talk to at some point.


It was as he was doing this that Ráijá pulled forward out of his grip, causing him to glance down at the look of wonder on her face, and step a couple of paces into the hall on her own. She was clearly awed by it all and started to wander around, dodging in between the people milling about.  Raion didn’t try to stop or follow her, instead sticking with Seyerna as she spoke to a girl clad in robe of impressive white, considering the location she was in, and then led them to an open section of one of the tables. He didn’t sit immediately, watching as Seyerna took a seat with the blue haired child on her lap and the Angel taking a seat further down with a clear intent of trying to stay separate from the others.


As Raion took his seat, halfway between the Angel and Seyerna on the Angels side, a pot of broth was brought to them and set on to the table. Raion elected not to eat and instead placed his elbows with his fingers laced in front of his mouth, his chin resting on outstretched thumbs. He had a number of things he wished to talk to Seyerna about but decided that this moment was not the right time. Instead, he angled his body slightly so he was looking at the demon and let his eyes settle on her with a calculating look. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ráijá approach and speak, apparently to the child on Seyerna’s lap.

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Both Seyerna and the child of crystal blue eyes looked down at Raija, Seyerna didn't dare speak, fearing the curious child might run off is she spoke to rashly, fully away of her attention on the child in her lap. Moments passed the child gazed back at Raija but said nothing, her hands were limp in her lap, but her body seemed rather tense, pressed tightly, almost awkwardly against Seyerna's chest, but the demoness did not speak out or maneuver the child into a more comfortable position, instead she merely waited and watched, wondering if the shy child would dare speak to another one so similar in appearance. 


Just when it seemed certain the child would not speak Seyerna raised a hand and gently combed through her shining blue hair, though the child didn't appear startled she was drawn out of her stare with Raija and turned to glance at Seyerna who merely smiled down at her. An unspoken conversation passed between their eyes, a few moments more passed but the child finally turned to face Raija again, "h... he....hel...lo...." Her voice was quiet, wispy like a cold breeze barely chilling one's neck. Seyerna beamed like a mother watching her child take their first steps. 


The satyr from the entrance came clopping into the room at a rough walk jerking to a stop before the trio and easily breaking the spell that had drawn out the little girl’s words as she immediately turned and buried her face into Seyerna’s chest. Seyerna merely sighed and stroked her blue hair while the satyr began rambling on. “Someone else here to see you, said her name was Yvanes…†Her red eyes lit up at that as a spark recalled a memory long passed.


Before she hurried out she willed herself to be patient with the nervous child in her lap and tilted her head up so their eyes met, “Runiko, it’s alright, you can talk with the little nymph. Look…†Seyerna pointed out across the room where a figure loomed in the dark recesses of the cave, he had no aura that could be noted, it didn’t even look like he was breathing, “Sage is close, he’ll watch over you.†The child called Runiko just looked away, obviously nervous and unsettled, “I have to go see to a new guest. It’ll be alright, I promise….†She cooed in that motherly tone reserved for the few. Runiko still didn’t seem pleased with this, gripping Seyerna’s clothes with a death grip. Seyerna sighed and ran a hand through her hair, brushing back the massive mane of inky blackness, “Do you want me to call Ai over or Vesta?â€


A moment passed before Runiko whispered out, “Both…â€


Seyerna chuckled gently, but did as the child requested of course she’d barely lifted her head before Ai reappeared. “Ai, love, could you find Vesta too and bring her here?†Ai nodded, a few minutes passed but before long both of the girls walked out from the recesses of the cave and went to Seyerna and Runiko.


Vesta smiled at the little girl who looked like ice where she looked more like fire, kneeling down and holding out her arms, “How are you, sweetie?†She cooed and Runiko ran to her arms, trading the comfort of Seyerna for Vesta and soon Ai as the elf kneeled down as well and stroked the child’s hair with a gloved hand.


Vesta’s dark eyes moved to the nymph standing patiently and whispered down to Runiko, “Won’t you introduce me to your friend?â€


Runiko nodded slowly obviously nervous but turned to face the nymph. “I am… Runiko…. This Vestah…†She was barely above a whisper but reached back and touched Vesta’s cheek as she remarked her; “and… Ai….†She did a similar act but avoided touching Ai’s skin instead she pulled on the pristine white robe Ai wore. “Who… you?†Runiko was reaching her limit of bravery and had shuffled back into the safety of the two girls’ arms.


Seyerna had already escaped; quickly excusing herself from the other’s but as she left the figure from the shadows stepped forward. Of all of him his eyes seemed to stand out, they were a stormy gray that pierced through the dark confines of the shadows, but perhaps it was more because of the angry arch to his brow, or the overall viciousness to his expression. His hair was flat and black, hanging down to his waist; all of his body shrouded beneath a black cloak save for the one hand that split the silky fabric to wield the massive halberd, its blades shining with a perfect polish and sharp edge even in the minimal light from the wall scones. He did not move to the group of newcomers, more he seemed to linger back, watching, observing, as if he expected someone to act out and would be ready to pounce. Sage was technically Seyerna’s mate but this was not common knowledge and they certainly didn’t act the part of lovers, at least not openly; only a select few knew of their affections and only by a fluke. Ai would tell people they’re madly in love but Vesta would argue they’re arch nemesis who got along for reasons beyond her knowledge.


Seyerna bound to the entrance of the cave, slipping past the many people who sought her knowledge and advice. Breaching the mouth of the cave she jumped to greet her old friend, pouncing the elf as if to attack but instead Seyerna’s arms reached out wrapping around her friend and taking them both to a tumbling mass on the ground. The ever careful Seyerna making sure she hit the ground and Yvanes ended up on top of her though they continued to roll several times before Seyerna shoved her foot into the ground to end the tumbling. Yvanes still ended up partially on top of her, but Seyerna just laughed, her head thrown back, her white teeth bared with her mirth.


“Oh, Yvanes! It has been a good while!†Seyerna sat up, leaves in her hair, the mass somehow mostly not tangled as she began picking the twigs and leaves from it. There was a childness to Seyerna that never went away with some people and considering Yvanes was essentially her only childhood friends, that pretty much meant Seyerna never intended to forsake their childhood joys. Yvanes was one of the few memories Seyerna enjoyed thinking back on from her childhood.

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The air was almost stagnate in the room as she listened to the conversations nearby.  Breathing in and out slowly she tried to concentrate on finding a familiar aura. She looked around the room slowly taking the scene that played out before her. She watched as the young looking girl moved about the room with ease. She knew she was not a child, but was unsure exactly of her species. She heard her speak her name to the small child on Seyrena’s lap. Luna couldn’t help but smile as she watched the childlike reactions of the small creature.


Her concentration was broken as the bowl was placed in front of her with the simple broth in it.  She looked at her hand and flexed them slowly, still sore from her fall. She grabbed the spoon close by and placed it between her fingers, plunging it into the warm broth. She blew on it lightly before placing it into her mouth delicately. She saw the gentleman sit at the table, and noticed he had decided not to eat. His aura was very interesting to her, she couldn’t help but stair, feeling the different curves and waves as it flowed through him. 


As Seyrena moved to leave the room she felt, more predominantly, the gentleman she assumed as “Sage†entering the room.  This was another aura that pulled her interest. She moved her attention back to her broth taking in another few spoonfuls.  There was a soft voice that rang clear over her shoulder  “Excuse me , I have been sent to help you with your injuriesâ€


A small elf stood behind Luna as she turned. She was young in her years and projected a very pure aura that Luna soaked in. “My name is Medlineth, I shall escort you to the pools to clean your wounds then we will…..bandage what we can.†As she spoke of bandaging she looked at Luna’s wings. Luna knew there was no salvaging the burned pieces, but they have the potential to heal and re-grow. Sadly Luna was unsure sense she now had fallen if this was possible.


Luna stood up slowly, speaking softly “if you would lead the way. Thank you for your hospitalityâ€. Medlineth lead her past sage as they wandered down the hall. She noticed his stair as she passed. It was almost as though he was staring straight into her. It brought chills to her skin as she continued along her way. Medlienth lead her into the pools area and said softly “if you would please†gesturing toward the pool for Luna to step in.

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Raion watched with interest as Seyerna sat with the nervous, shy child on her lap. It had been a couple of long seconds and the blue haired girl had still not answered Raija’s greeting. After a little prompting by Seyerna’s touch, the girl finally answered with a stuttered reply but her interaction was cut short when the Satyr who had relieved Seyerna of guard duty trotted into the hall, making a bee line for his leader. Raion’s gaze moved from Seyerna to the Satyr, reading in his face and body whether the news he held was good or bad. Even before he spoke, Raion had guessed it was nothing of too much consequence and he was proven correct when the Satyr spoke of another visitor to see Seyerna.


So many people coming to the rebellion on one day…is this fate telling me that Seyerna is the one? Raion thought to himself as he raised an eyebrow in surprise at the look in Seyerna’s eyes that told Raion she knew this new visitor and was glad that they had come. Even as he watched Seyerna negotiate with the blue haired girl in order to allow her to meet with this new arrival, Raion felt something tickle the back of his neck and he glanced over his shoulder to see the Angel glancing at him while she ate from a bowl of the broth that had been provided.


The Angel was someone that Raion wanted to talk to, but before he had decided to strike up a conversation at the table, a figure appeared at the Angel’s shoulder and explained she was there to assist her with her wounds. The Angel stood up and followed the elf out of the chamber. Raion glance back at Raija, noting she was still with the blue haired girl and company and would be occupied for a while no doubt, before standing up and following in the wake of the winged creature.


The man Seyerna had called Sage casually looked at Raion as he passed; the somewhat angry look on his face likely intimidating to some. Raion paid no heed, he had used a similar stare on many occasions himself. He followed the Angel’s singed wings until he came across a room with what appeared to be pools of water running along the edges. Raion could not tell whether they were natural springs, or whether there was some sort of system in place to get the water in and replaced. He entered the room behind the Angel just as the Elf was gesturing at the pool for her to enter.


“I have not met an Angel before, only heard of their kind.†Raion said from the doorway, deciding not to proceed any further into the room. “Although going by the state of you, I would guess that your exit from your realm was not a smooth one? Perhaps not even voluntarily on your part?†he leant against the frame of the entryway and slipped his thumbs into his belt to give off an air of relaxedness despite his actual air of rapt attention. An Angel on their side when fighting with Saori would be a likely needed boost and Raion needed to know what her allegiance and plan was now she had fallen from her own home.

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Yvanes had not prepared herself for the tackle from the demon. Within seconds her world had been spun on its head and continued to swirl as the two tumbled down. Laughter bubbled from within her, her fear of being forgotten wiped from her mind. By the time they had finally stopped tumbling the elf found herself on top of Seyerna while her demon friend laughed at their antics. They were no better than children just as Yvanes had always remembered and she was more than happy for that. It meant the world to her that Seyerna remembered the old days. Picking a few leaves and twigs from her own fiery hair Yvanes looked down at Seyerna listening to her patiently.


“It has been awhile. Of course a good chunk of that time was out of my control. That monstrosity of a woman had me exiled when I refused to aid her. It had been decades as I remained in exile. I had all but thought that I was forgotten. I always hoped though you would challenge her for what was rightfully yours.†Noticing those red eyes starting to roll Yvanes shook her head, removing the few leaves Seyerna had missed while she continued. “I know you do not believe it but I do. You know very well that I can read the ancient ruins. Our ancestors foresaw you coming into power. Even when we were no bigger than saplings I knew.† She knew Seyerna did not like to discuss this subject so rather than push the point any more Yvanes stood reaching out to help Sey up glancing around her as she did. Her mind had begun to question how she was called by name by one so young in the first place. Satisfied that there was no one listening to carefully to the two of them Yvanes whispered under her breath so that only Seyerna could hear her.


“I must say I’m actually very surprised someone is keeping up with the old teachings. I had figured since my exiling the elves found a new priestess yet you have a young soldier who called me by name. I do not wish to raise any suspicion but how do your younger soldiers know of me?†Listening carefully the red-head scanned the refugee and rebel camp. There was a mass variety of species residing here, not that she was honestly surprised. The wretched creature who dared to call herself queen had terrorized so many souls that peopled fled in fear for their lives. However here, under her childhood friend, the people lived peacefully among one another. Her thoughts were then brought to the matter of how she found this location. Waiting until Seyerna was silent Yvanes spoke up again concern coloring her voice.

“Oh I almost forgot; you may need to look into ways to hide your trail. I was able to find this place based on your aura trail. If you’re not careful, our enemies may get in and attack. But now that I am here I guess the correct matter at hand is how can I help? We both know I can heal but over the years I’ve learned how to harm as well. Being exiled and ridiculed by her has changed me somehow.†As she spoke her fingers began to smoke, a darkness creeping over her skin. “I’m still working on controlling that, my apologies. Anyway, I’m going to cease babbling and allow you to show me around and we can catch up on lost years.â€

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Ráijá watched with certain stillness, staring unblinking back at the child. Though her countenance seemed unwavering, she could do nothing to stop the slow sink of her hopes that she might coax a conversation out of the creature that had won the battle for her intentions. But then, just when the nymph had almost resigned her attempt, the child moved. There were no words initially, but this reaction, however dismissive brought renewed interest back into Ráijá. Her own eyes didn’t bounce between Seyerna and the youth, but remained trained on her subject, determined not to miss a thing.


The creature came around and held her gaze, and then Ráijá was rewarded for her patience.


“h… he… hel… lo…â€


Softly a smile blossomed on Ráijá’s face, like the dawning of the morning sun it washed over her child-like features and warmed them. Ráijá glowed with delight at her voice revealed. So regaled with the reward she felt she’d earned, Ráijá paid no attention to the words of the Satyr. It wasn’t until the child’s name, Runiko, spilled out of Seyerna’s voice that she bothered to concern herself.


Ráijá glanced at Seyerna once as she communed with Runiko, all the while still as a statue, so as not to disturb the fragility of the child’s apparent temperament. Ráijá had lived lifetimes taking her queues from the life around her - she knew how to adapt to her surroundings, and everyone seemed to tip-toe around Runiko. Ever aware, Ráijá would tip-toe too.


Ráijá understood the name she’d overheard was not yet her’s to use, and so Ráijá kept her silence - but never felt the warm triumph of having coaxed the child’s voice out into the open fade away. So, her smile flowed freely in the curves of her face as she watched the exchange continue between Runiko and those she was familiar and friendly with.


Ráijá grinned at Vesta as she stooped to their level, “Won’t you introduce me to your friend?†She asked, and Ráijá looked to Runiko on the queue.


“I am… Runiko…. This Vestah… and… Ai….â€


Ráijá’s smile widened.


“Who… you?â€


Runiko had an endearingly peculiar pattern of speech, and Ráijá knotted her fingers together as she pressed her hands in close to her chest again, in that child-like way of amusement. She considered all the forms her own introduction could take, and then settled on one very simple presentation. Her fingers untied themselves and spread open-palmed over her heart, with one hand over the other. A sort of gesture to herself, but small, since her hands had already been balled up there. Her eyes danced as her mouth opened, and she said with a ‘matter-of-fact’ sort of pride in her own name, “Ráijá.†


She seemed to hang on the silence that followed her name, her mouth still open as she clung to it. Her chin had dipped on the second syllable, so Ráijá had to look up at Runiko through her own lashes, but her proud glee had not wavered in the slightest. She blinked as she dropped her hands away from her chest and moved on seamlessly to her next curiosity.


“Do you live here?†she asked simply, letting her eyes take a brief tour of the heights of the cavern before looking back at Runiko. He debated letting her gaze wander over the two caretakers the child had asked for - but decided against it. Ráijá didn’t have the capacity at the moment to concern herself with them - her interests rested solely with the child before her.

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